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Reading Words

Reading Words


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english words
english words

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Published by: telvin01 on Sep 19, 2010
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Although most countries employ spies/ few will ever admit
that they do. Therefore it is only on the rare occasion of a spy
being caught by an enemy country that the public becomes
aware of what goes on behind the political scenes. Even the
exchange of a captured enemy spy for one gf the country's
own master-spies who had been caught by an enemy country
is done as secretly as possible. Early one cold December
morning last year, three men dressed in heavy black overcoats
got out of a small blue car that had stopped on a lonely bridge
in Northern Germany. They stood on the bridge for fifteen
minutes waiting and watching until they saw a motorboat
draw up and stop below the bridge. Seeing three men stepped
out of the boat and glanced up at the bridge, they quickly
made their way down to the riverbank and the boat. No
words were spoken when the six men met. A short time later
the boat pulled away and three men, too in black, and one in
dark gray, returned to the waiting car.


To employ: To use, to hire
Spy: Secret agent
Exchange: Giving/receiving one thing in place of another,
To capture: To arrest
Enemy: Foe, rival
To draw up: To come to a stop
To step out: To go out of
To glance at: to take a quick look at
To make one's way: To go
To pull away: To leave


Complete the sentences with a suitable form of the words
defined above
1. I think that once chefs have the chance .... views and work
together, it's very easy to adapt to a new style of cooking.
2. The Khmer Rouge had no mercy for'any Vietnamese they
took prisoner and many Vietnamese soldiers preferred to
kill themselves rather than be.....
3. Both Pen and Ferdinando rushed in immediately the
carriage .... at the door and wonderful was the reunion.'
4. He .... up and found the cool blue eyes on him.
5. The doors swished shut behind me and the bus.........from
the curb.


1. Although most countries use spies.........

A) nobody is interested in the politics.
B) almost all of them refuse that they do such a thing.
C) enemies always capture them easily
D) they are usually dressed in black.
E) they are not aware what they are doing

2. It is only the government officials.............

A) can act as master spies.
B) who inform the public of all the political matters.
C) that admit the spies are used for national interests.
D) who know the political side of the matter in an act of spying.
E) appearing on the political scenes in order to arrange spies.

'3. The event on the riverbank, most probably shows ............

A) a group of people taking precautions to catch a spy
B) a chase which ended in failure'

C) a spy exchange between two countries.
D) an argument among spies trained in different countries.
E) a press conference to give information to public.

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