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  • MGT. OF CASH & BANK & 72% OF


(1) Co·s Profile


Name & Address of Unit. AJANTA INDIA LTD Ajanta Industrial Estate, Morbi ² Rajkot Highway, Morbi ² 363641 (Gujarat) India


Registered Office Ajanta Industrial Estate Morbi ² Rajkot Highway, Morbi ² 363641 (Gujarat) India


Fast Media communication Ph:- 91-2822-226200-227200 Fax:- 91-2822-234000 Web:- www.ajantaindialimited.com E-Mail:info@ajantaIndialimited.com


Founder Odhavji Raghavjibhai Patel


Form of organization Private organization



Size of the unit Large Scale.


Slogan A smile of India Health care more light, Life & Saving CFL Davison


No of Products Toothpaste, toothpowder, brush, talcum powder, Soap, shampoo, hair oil, Aryurvedic cream, apple sarul, diabetic powder, CFL lights


Main products Toothpaste & Toothpowder


Raw material Raw material is obtained from allover India especially sodium, sulphite, glycerin, calcium

carbonate etc.


Year of establishment & No of workers 2001 3000


Board of Directors Dr. Ashok O Patel Mrs. B.A. Patel Mr. Narendra Shaha. Mr. Mulibhai Multilevel mktg & South zone.

1) 2) 3)

Managing Director Finance director Technical Director Taking care of


Bankers HDFC, state bank of Saurashtra, Industrial Bank,



Working Hours Office Staff Factory staff Saturday Sunday 8:30 am to 6:00 pm 7:30 am to 6:00pm up till 4:00 in the evening weekly off.


Capacity to produce 1500 pieces of every product per day. Plant Location Ajanta India Ltd. Being a giant corporate org. is located


over 2 lacks sq feet, using all the latest technically devised machines, occupying, totally labour power not fully

automated & strengthen the women & empowering them.


In 1971, Shri O.R. Patel who as a science teacher in the V.C. Technical High School, Morbi & had started business in textiles & oil engines, established a unit for mfg mechanical clocks under the name of AJANTA Transistor clock mfg. co making pendulum clocks with the latest technology of that time transistorized clocks, with success when the revolutionary quartz technology come on the same by the end of the foes AJANTA promptly took over to making quartz clocks under the brand AJANTA & soon O.R. Patel was joined by his son & nephew who put in hard work & imaginative methods to dramatically expand the activities of the co which soon established AJANTA quartz clocks as the leader in the Indian market. After occupying a special position in the Indian market through AJANTA quartz the director of co decided to jump out in the different field. A new firm was set up named as AJANTA India Ltd. Which was a set up as a AJANTA Health care division with the Brand name Orson in 2001. The managing Director of AJANTA HEALTH Mr. Ashok O. Patel son of Mr. O.R. Patel started handling this division who has a vast experience of 20 years in mktg. he is a whole & soul of AJANTA Health care Division & his wife Mrs. Bhavana A Patel the finance director.


Alarming level of pollution & Stress at work have made people health conscious resulting in a increase in customer base more & more people feel in need of quality products at affordable price. After the success of AJANTA as the world·s No.1 brand in quartz clocks the new co. AJANTA INDIA LIMITED was established in 2001-2002 to cosmetic & Health care products. Mr. Ashok O Patel with a rich experience of mfg & mktg is the director of ajanta India limited under his leadership the new venture has got off to a flying start. The company consists of apex 140 super

starchiest & over 2500 distributors all over India. The AJANTA industrial Estate housing the group·s mfg activities has a built up area of 2, 00,000 esq. Providing employment of over 600 workers 80% of whom are female employees.


Product.R Patel started handling this division who has a vast experience of 20 years in mfg & mktg. The social aim associated with us is to provide a close assistance to our society by providing a great women empowerment as is benefits to society in long run. Bhavana A.OBJECTIVE OF THE UNIT With a corporate philosophy to provide benefits to associates Ajanta Quartz aim is to be establish it & with abiding faith in human value as a highly professional co with a great image associated with consumer satisfaction by mktg quality product at affordable & lucrative price. he is a whole & soul of Ajanta health care & CFL division & his wife Mrs. To achieve high scale of consumer satisfaction & quality with affordable price co aims both at trading & mfg the (son of Mr. Patel the finance director). O. 7 .

MISSION & VALUES The main vision of Ajanta Is that which ever product is produced should be right qualitative & of economic price. The main motto of Ajanta is to secure the society & win customers satisfaction. to stand in a cut throat competition. Their important mission is to only contribute the society & spread humanity maintaining good relation and the contribution starts from the Ajanta group & co it self by employing all the girls staff. This was the great revolution in the history of whole Ajanta group. The good quality product & economic prices of Ajanta Health are made other FMCG sectors companies to being down their prices.VISION. 8 . they are giving wonderful opportunity of empowering the women strength & bringing out their talents.

ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE B.D Directors Managers Officers Executives (Back Officers) 9 .O.

LANDMARKS & ACHIEVEMENT ´AJANTAµ has always been at the back of the people·s need. 10 . Ajanta Health seems to be on the verge of changing. To day they are the 4th largest tooth paste manufactures in all over India. Ajanta India limited successfully achieved a record production of 1000 tons. The new venture has got off to a flying starts with its oral & personal care products. The face of FMCG sector in India. its energy in FMCG field. Within a short span of time.

y Women empowerment.OTHER ASPECTS Business Goal y Benefits to Associates over employees over parties. y Marketing quality product & lucrative price. y Abiding faith in human value. the great image with customer·s 11 . y Associating satisfaction. customers etc.

One important thing is that Ajanta has never done advertising expense.GROWTH RATE OF UNIT Growth rate of unit generally depends on the market of product & demand. Ajanta has never found problem in achieving the mktg of health are product. While CFL contain 40% of market & therefore it is globalizing at 40% CFL lamp is a 80% energy saver. 12 . Its market depends on the Co·s drim showing.

They are giving special training to ladies staff & educating them for improving their knowledge. Ajanta has always contributed to the society in the form of their good quality product & secondly by hiring women power they are bringing out women talent & helping many families for developing a good society. Ajanta health care has the applied facility of schools.CONTRIBUTION OF UNIT TO THE COUNTRY & SOCIETY. 13 . training campus & offers text books like you can win to improve their English & for that weekly test are also arranged.

maintain good relation with customers & seller & also wit other pasty & to launch any product at economic price.SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY For Ajanta main social responsibility is that to give good quality product. 14 .

15 .TIME KEEPING SYSTEM The time keeping system of Ajanta health care & CFL division goes this way:Office staff ² 8:30 am to 6:00 pm Factory staff ² 7:00 am to 6:00pm Saturday ² working hours are up till 4:pm in evening for both office & factory staff Sunday ² weekly off. For production department the weekly off is generally on Thursday due to staggering of power but not compulsory due to market demand.

General organization chart Director Types of Dept Marketing Production Accounts Purchase Quality Control 16 .

17 .

7.PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT INDEX NO. 2. 12. 10. 9. 4. 19 20 21 27 29 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 18 . planning & control Quality control Machines & equipment details Storage facility Quality policy Pollution control Suppliers detail Production details Pg No. 5. Contents Introduction Organization chart Production process & raw material Types of products Production. 8. 11. 1. 6. 3.

e. Deals in two types of production i. health care products & CFL tubes i. 19 .INTRODUCTION For any firm whether it is large or small dealing in the manufacturing of costly items or cheap products it has to pass through one basic process which holds the almost importance of the existence of a firm & that is called production. has repartee dept for production of its product where step by step procedure is done on semi finished good & then at last one final product comes out. compact fluorescent lamp. Ajanta India Ltd.e. A co.

ORGANIZATION CHART Production Department Health care divi CFL division Prod in charge Prod in charge Supervisor Supervisor Workers Workers Ajanta does not have fully hierarchy system but matrix system because one dept is related with many sub dept·s If we take the example of workers group then if assembly line is there than one worker group is controlling & looking only after that group 20 .

1 TOOTH PASTE Stage 1 Raw material comes in (R.M) gel (Mixing it with required items) Stage 2 Gel is transferred into main contra mixer.PRODUCTION PROCESS & RAW MATERIAL The production process basically starts with the in coming of raw material & ends up by out going of finished product between this two words place is called production process. Paste are shifted to storage tank after passing through micro filter 21 . Gel is mixed with the powder Stage 3 Flavoring is done Final derision Sample is send to qc laboratory after getting or result from lab batch are dropped in drop tank. In Ajanta India Ltd. There is two type of production process for health care products for CFL lamps production process Let us see the process for Health care products.

Danto white brand is equipment to the best available brand. More fresheners.) It composition contain glycerin features provides like calcium glycerin & better monitoring antimicrobial property. sodium large soleplate is better foaming agent 100% natural flavors. 100% vegetarian. Tooth powder p All the powder material is shifted into main machine i. p Then powder is failed into the containers of 50. no florid. foaming toothpaste. The cum powder the cheapest available brand is 22 . p After getting result from lab batch are brought into hopper by passing through micro sleet. price lesser than common popular brands. After mixing powder material properly samples are send to Q-C lab.100 & 200 gms.Final packing (Then pastes are filled in sogm 100 Gms & 200 Gms packing. ribbon blander p p That powder is mixed for 2 ½ hours. 2. p Same procedure is done for preparing talcum powder.e.

Which is a kind of credit latter in a ready format form is send in bank The LC letter is send to party Feed back suggestions Bank (for this bank Changes 1 or 2% ) 23 .Indian market two variants lily & jasmine fragrance 100gm. p p Now let us see the production process of CFL lamps. First all the components are order. Then LC format is formed. p Then surfactant is added for homogeneous effect for 30 mines p Sample is send to QC lab after getting or result batches are shifted into related storage tank & then automatic filling of shampoo is done for 125ml 250ml & for popular of 4&7 ml. 3 Shampoos p All liquid material is brought into main mixer. p Soaps & Toothbrush are mfg in china & ordered directly from china as per the demand. After uniformly mixing of all liquid material solid material is mixed.

Now prod is started Shipment Us an s/c original document is Received Quality control Testing of component Cutting (According to size) Components fitting Shouldering Lag cutting is done Jig testing of lamp Finally send in QC Production starts 24 .

FINAL PRODUCTION Tube gluing Centre ring (PCB) Top holder Aluminum cap is attached Wire shouldering Aging Final packing CFL is a unique product with lots of features & so Ajanta has the separate R&D dept with best qualified engineers for CFL. 25 .

26 . Raw material Ajanta always takes care about its purchasing of row material. It helps the heats to get evaporated which in turn increase the life of CFL.Features The length of table 1. The co.5 times more for more light due to long light tube the depreciation amount gets reduces with electronic blast. The RM contains 50% to 70% of cost in all the products. Raw material like calcium carbonate & glycerin are purchased in major quantity in total so different types of RM is purchased in overall division including CFL. on / off switching more for 6000 times etc. It has 3 way cooling system with GRB coating.M only & it is purchased according to FIFO method because some r m is not affected in any climate. has a system of purchasing the required R.

TYPES OF PRODUCTS Ajanta India Ltd is dealing in to kinds of products at present i.e. 7 14 28 26 29 18 45 10 32 5 15 7 30 10 16 9 1 Ajanta Dento White 50 100 200 2 Dento Care 125 200 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Cool Hair Oil Silk Shampoo Fresh Talcum Powder Fair & Fair Boro & Boro Soap Ajanta Turmeric Dento Strong 125ml 250ml 70gm 60 20 100 30 125 50 11 Dento Fresh 100 50 27 . Health care & CFL Health care products Tooth paste is the main product Sr No Product Weight in Gms Amt Rs.

180 & Rs.220 Rs.260 28 .240 Rs.CFL Lamp CFL lamp is available in many different sizes & range with lumen light 5 watt 10 watt 15 watt 20 watt 25 watt 30 watt - Rs. 115 Rs. 100 Rs.125 Rs.160 & Rs.

PRODUCTION. PLANNING & CONTROL Purchase Dept Purchase manager Purchase staff Coordinator Assistants Other staff 29 .

30 . So. Sometimes production is planned not only on the demand but also on the estimation basis as the co. in Ajanta the production dept work accordingly what mktg dept says & their planning depends on market demand.Planning is one of the best way for deciding how to produce. whole process is a controlled process. when bunches new product 1st it gives the product in market & then surveys over it & according to its demand starts further production. Here. what to produce & hour much to produce.

31 .QUALITY CONTROL Ajanta never compromise in case of quality because its main aim is to provide good quality products & services & if sometimes any product is found of low quality. It is immediately replaced by doing proper testing.

Also the use of good indigenous technologically machinery is used which is based on both i.5 lacks The filling machine can fill 15000 units of every product on each machine the rate of depreciation is 13.39% & in 1st year it always remains more say 50% . There are mainly four machines like Machine Ribbon blandee Shiver Shifter Container filling - Cost Rs 15 lacks Rs 5 lacks Rs 3 lacks Rs 2.e. The process of automation degree is only up to when the machinery process stops like Ribbon blander -> shiver -> shifter-> container & then the manual work is starts. labour intensive power capital intensive power. In Ajanta India Ltd.MACHINES & EQUIPMENTS DETAILS Mainly the efficient production of any co is based up on the technology which they are using for production that is the best use of machines. 32 .

takes the list of raw material & what is needed after that comes B dept & then C dept Whatever material is bought is stared for one month & as the factory is located into 200000 sq mts co. Here in Ajanta the storage dept takes care of both raw material & finished goods. The dept is distributed in three groups A. & C in which dept A is most important which contains all the required information. It expands the storing area as & when it is required. 33 .STORAGE FACILITY Storage facility in each co should be up to a mark which can help in storing a huge bulk of raw material & can maintain the quality of RM. B. has never measured its storing capacity.


35 . So company has not laid any pollution control standards & legal restrictions. Even in CFL lamps the gaseous organ is used which does not cause much pollution & gases are control process & it does not even have any need to burn.POLLUTION CONTROL The company has ISO certification & don·t have any need of getting pollution control claims as it uses all hydrated machineries & as it is not heavy machinery & chemical industry so population is not created much by the health care products.

SESSEL Propack Ltd. Transportation has never been a problem for Ajanta because even if there will be any delay in supply still the other party will get within 2 days & as that party already holds advance one months stocks so no difficulty arise. For their purchase partners there is credit system of 20 to 30 days but for sales parties there is no credit syste m they directly goals with advance Dd. Ahmedabad it is one of the largest tube mfg co of India.SUPPLIERS¶ DETAIL Ajanta has many supplies. Galaxy surfactants Mumbai Ajanta maintains good relations with purchase party by making payments in proper time. Gujarat print pack publications Ltd. 36 . Mehsana purchasing inner outer boxes for packing & cartons. ISPET & CANS & Plastic industries supplies tin of toothpowder.

PRODUCTION DETAILS Ajanta holds a good production capacity per day of every product like  Toothpaste per day producing capacity is 50 tons. Quality control General Manager Head Scientist 37 . Its batch size 2 ton per batch  Shampoo 20 tons mfg per day Its watch size 5 tons  Tooth powder 8 to 10 tons per day batch size 750kg  Tooth brush & soap are ordered directly from china as per the order & demand  The production process is an intermitted basis. British dental Health Association. Ajanta has international certificate like ISO. Quality control (continue) Quality control dept is repeatedly run in Ajanta. ISI.

38 .

40 41 42 45 47 49 50 51 52 53 PF/ 54 Detail of workers working hours & 58 decision making 16. 15. 10. 1. 13. Job analysis Industrial relation & dissipates Job rotation 55 56 57 of ESI scheme / Pg No. 4. 9. Contents Introduction Org Chart Recruitment & Selection Training & Development Promotion & Transfer policy Wages & Salary Grievance Handling system Employees benefits Personnel records Performance appraised Working Gratuity 12. 7.H R D DEPT / PERSONNEL DEPT INDEX NO. 5. 3. 2. 14. 6. 11. Collective bargaining 59 39 . 8.

The main responsibility lies on the H. He undertakes all the activities & goes through all the bases of org solving out all the internal & external problems of the personnel staff & rest of the org. So we can also say that PM is obtained & maintaining satisfied & satisfactory work face and that is why it helps in developing the intrinsic abilities of the employees in such a manner so that organizational goals are achieved & simultaneously individual goals are also gained. he also acts as a representative of every dept as he is well known with the every dept & task carried out in the org. 40 . motivating them to high level of performance & ensuring that they continue to maintain their commitment to the org. Like wise HRM is also concern with people dimension in any mgt related org since every org is made up of people acquiring their services developing their skills.D of the personnel department.O.INTRODUCTION OF P M / HRM With the advent of industrialization & large scale org the personnel mgt also has gained the importance & slowly & gradually the personnel is moving from inactive part towards the most active asset of the org earlier the personnel was simply considered as one of the resources of production but now it is through whom we achieve our organizational targets. being a head of personnel dept.

ORG CHART Personnel Department Personnel manager (Director) Departmental Manager (Executives) Supervisors Workers (Employee) 41 .

(2) External method The external method of recruitment a person is that approaching outsides after giving news paper. Thus. concentrates more i.e. It aims at conductive work environment for their skilled personnel 42 . adds. the spouse of the relatives or any other when the vacancies arise they are told first & then others are given chances. media pamphlets etc. 15% on knowledge & skill. prints. i. Recruitment can also be turned an activities that brings the job seeker & goal gives face to face one another. 85% on attitude & less i. recruitment is process of discovering the right human resources because unless the right type of people are hired even the best plans org chest & control system would fall.RECRUITMENT & SELECTION  Recruitment Recruitment is searching of prospective candidates from various sources & then attracting them to apply to the org.e. But Ajanta India Ltd. There are two method of recruitment (1) Internal method Internal method include the person whose relatives are already working in this co.e.

Recruitment is a positive process while selection is called a negative process because in selection the process of weeding out the unsuitable candidates & giving opportunity to the favorable one. The structured interview guide of Ajanta is based on following question pattern - Work experience Education Do less well in? Cancer plans Development of your career interest 43 . E. It is a process where no of selection stops are undertaken to welt the candidate.g.  Selection Selection means selecting the most suitable candidate from the no of applicants who have show their interest in joining the org.? What frustrates you most? Etc. that are your greatest strength & weakness in detail Where do a hope to be in 5 years Why should I hire you? What can you give to this org.when candidates are recruitment they have to pans through written best & the question will be according to the testing of their attitude the skill & their growing capacity.

- Position Reflect your ability You & why Demonstrated your analytical skills etc Reference checking Physical examination Selection Training Placement 44 .

Development is a related process which covers not only those activities which improve job performance many but also growth of personality. There are two method of training (1) On the job training (2) Off the job training Ajanta follows on the job training method Training period i. His appointment is confirmed on the basis of work provided to him in this 3 months. If that level is not so good than he is selected. 45 .TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT Training is providing a knowledge of a job. style.e. skill required & development awareness of rules & regulation behavior & knowledge of an employee for the purpose of skill development for a particular job. During probation period after first is days the work is allotted & then peer pressure is given to person & at that time his performance is checked. How he handles the work. probation period is of 3 months before appointments of any person. performance etc. helps individual in the progress towards maturity & actualization of their potential capacities so that they become not only good employs bit better individual.

Books like you can win.Some of the development programs are undertaken by Ajanta too. 46 . Influencing books etc. Weekly test arranged for every staff member so that their intelligence level will increase. are provided to every staff member at 50% price & all the manual cost of training is based by the co.

performance. 47 .PROMOTION & TRANSFER POLICY Promotion:Promotion is a kind of reward given to the person for his well performance in his particular job. For Ajanta promotion is not just on the seniority basis or experience basis but depends also on work & mentality basis. working level if any person is appoint ant any work by his head then how he behaves & his handling method. A confidential report is prepared by the supervisor from the records file of every staff member according to which promotion procedure is done supervisor fulfills this confidential report about staff on the basis of their obedience level to his head.

48 . If we take the e. Of mktg dept then they can be transferred & promoted anywhere in India or state depending on their equivalency. So promotion is on yearly basis & transfer is permanent this decision is taken by chairman or by director. If marketing executive post is given area sales manager post then ASM is transferred to the city or state where mktg team is weak.g.Transfer:Transfer system in Ajanta is for permanent basis only generally transfer for any office staff is done unless his work is good & needs to transfer. strong efforts had working & talent.

WAGES & SALARY Wages & salary generally depends upon the performance progress of workers & other employees. 49 . staff than salary & increment for them depends on their completion of sales target. Here Ajanta follows govt policy deducts P. Of mktg. Payment is directly done in the account of person & if we take the age. Production dept also has incentive system in less time.F as per govt rules workers are given regular salary of 100 to 150 Rs per day. Otherwise there is no fix salary for any employee·s increment for workers depends on rules of govt.

But up till know in Ajanta no such problems has arise because of good relation within the staff sometimes even if such disputes take place then also it takes place due to communication gap. If such problem arise than immediate supervisor solves such problem or any other supervisor.GRIEVANCE HANDLING SYSTEM Grievance Handling system means solving out any kind of internal problem which takes place between workers or between office staff by finding satisfactory solution for all member in the org. 50 . But a strike has also not taken place up till now in the history of Ajanta.

Ajanta has never led to the dissatisfaction of their employees. uniform. Study facility is also provided to the girl·s staff & for this separate school is run which helps girls to improve their communicating skill & help in bringing out their talent. medicines etc are provided to the all staff member.EMPLOYEES¶ BENEFITS For any org. Hostel accommodations up & down facility transfer facility. insurance policies. can lead to the high target & fulfill its objectives. So. 51 . Fooding. if these two relations are strong then the org. the relation between the chief heads & other staff is the most important relation in the whole org.

52 . performance level. to employees. no of aslant. his date of joining the co. For workers different absent present cards are given & working sheets are maintained which comes under the staff departmental record file.R is used to allot responsibilities etc. Everything is maintained. In Ajanta personnel records are kept for the general office staff known as departmental record file under which the information includes like person·s date of joining the co. caste. performance level. medical card. phone no. his working record. height. P. blood group. This information kept by every personnel dept is called personnel records which include the name of an employee. his family background. At the end of year his/her record file is checked & sometimes even performance appraisal report is prepared.PERSONNEL RECORDS It is duty of every org personnel dept to know everything about their staff. his/her address original place.

From this report only sometimes promotion & transfer orders are also given.PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL In simple terms performance appraisal means a kind of report which shows the progress of the employees. 53 . The self appraisal report contains the report by subordinate for his supervisor under whom subordinate works from this report at can be make out that how much knowledge is gained by the subordinate from his senior his growth level so from this level & report suggestions & devices are given to every employee on time to time regarding their progress.

(1) workers on daily basis (2) workers on salary basis The fixed salary crater is Rs. Ajanta follows govt. For daily basis workers it depends on their completion of training period from HRD dept then they are converted into salary basis.e. Under non skilled workers group there are two groups i.F & gratuity.e. 54 . non skilled semi skilled & skilled.WORKING OF ESI SCHEME / PROVIDENT FUND & GRATUITY Ajanta provides the facility of ESI scheme medicines & group insurance to all types of workers i.3000 & for rest as per hierchy & productivity basis salary structured is maintained. rules only in providing P.

55 .JOB ANALYSIS Job analysis means to analyses the job in qualification & degree trams. If marketing manager is applying then he should be familiar with market & should have ability to interpret the parties should have efficiency skills well managing power leadership etc.

56 . Has always believed in good & friendly relations with every person in whose contact they come with. sending sweets & if disputes takes place between the competitors then co.INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS & DISPUTES Ajanta India Ltd. tries to solve up t some level. industrial relations are maintained very well by sending greetings having get to gather meets. So.

about the appraisals of the semiskilled or skilled employees.JOB ROTATION Ajanta has the pattern for job appraised & set pattern for workers. Set pattern Unskilled Semi skilled Skilled The immediate supervisor informs to mgt. Both are tallied & then one appraisal form is raised looking after his skills. Then responsibilities are declared & incentives are provided. 57 . efficiency & progress. It depends on their previous year report & daily reports.

Has in total 3000 workers out of which 80% are skilled semiskilled while 20% are professional & skilled.DETAILS OF WORKERS WORKING HOURS & DECISION MAKING Ajanta India Ltd. Working hours are as under: Office staff Factory staff 8:30 am to 6:00 pm 7:30 am to 6:00 pm Saturday up to 4 pm for both staff & Sunday is weekly off. Decision making differs from every dept if supervisor is not able to solve the problem then his head is given the problem & likewise a ultimately goes to final head. 58 .

Otherwise Ajanta does not have any such collective bargaining system as the atmosphere between whole staff & head is friendly.. 59 .COLLECTIVE BARGAINING When ever employees are recruited company clears all the rules & regulations.

60 .

3. publicity) 6. 62 63 64 65 sales 67 & selling 61 . Research Competitors Market Sales details Customers complain record Customers satisfaction tracking International market Market segmentation/positioning Market strategy 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 (Advertising personnel Pg No. 7. 14. 10. 2. 13. 1. 4. Contents Introduction Org chart Product Price & other unique offerings Promotion promotion. 8. 5. 15. Place (Distribution) Mktg. 11. 12.MARKETING DEPARTMENT INDEX NO. 9.

INTRODUCTION We always say that finance is the heart of the business activities & its existence. production is the heart of business due to which business runs in the same way marketing is the heart of business which helps it in earning profits Marketing means human activity taking place I relation to market to actualize potential exchanges for the purpose of satisfying human needs & wants. ´Marketing is a social & managerial process by which individual & groups obtain what they need & want through creating offering & exchanging products of value with others 62 .

D Mktg. executive Sales representative 63 . manager National Coordinator East West North South Area sales manager Mktg.ORGANIZATION CHART M.

Is related in the manufacturing of many products like Toothpaste. 64 . Talcum powder. now within few months only they are going to launch LCD monitors. DVD players & yet pending & is going to come in market at any time.PRODUCT Ajanta India Ltd. Toothbrush. Hair oil.. CFL lamps & lights etc. Shampoo. Soap.

They provide greater life to their product with high result by continuous innovation in mgf.  Other unique offering done by Ajanta India Ltd are as under. Designing There designing to their product provide an aesthetically appealing to product as well as with the support of innovation technological support the durability of product increases. Packaging Ajanta·s packaging act is a pioneering base of the organization & the same is inventive to prevent any type of damages which then that happened during the transmission 65 . Process with a highly professionally skilled team of research & development dept we introduce GRB coating technology which protects the eyes of ours as it filtered the harmful & unfiltered rays generated from the CFL in a summarize way they create quality. Quality Ajanta quality bench makes is global.PRICE & OTHER UNIQUE OFFERING Ajanta quartz & Health care products has always provided products with a premium quality & more efficiency with such a upgraded innovation technology & reasonable prices.

66 .of goods frame one point to customers in a very safe & sound manner no one in India offer such a unique designing of packing. They used powder for coating the product which is generated by their own highly skilled technical person & as a result the depreciation percentage effects to the life of their product decrease reach to consumers. Can. A wide strong reliable network of SSI ´Super stockiestµ & distributors is established to provide easy & fast reach of product & services is established that no other Co·s. Technology Ajanta·s product is technically sound as the components uses are having more efficiency to resist work load & life. Life span For the first time in India three layers cooling system is used which plays the role to coolant the electronic components for the very long time during use & hance the components runs in a cooling way the life span increases respectively.

displays & hoardings. electronic media. 67 . wall paintings. print media.SALES PROMOTION Sales promotion is done mainly by sales representative who directly contact each party & gets the order & otherwise publicity is done by advertising media.

It is no wonder that all the products within a very short span of their launch have made their presence felt in an extremely competitive market due to their pristine quality & are emerging as a household popular brand. REDEFINED) Ajanta was the first to initiate & implement a practical customer·s relationship management package. The mgt. adopts a proactive role to determine the level of customers· satisfaction. seminars & press meetings to publish & promote the products. The co. 68 . The group occupies a unique position in industry propagating the concept of economic production. team worked to create a strong bond between the company. Today Ajanta is a big corporate giant.PLACE (DISTRIBUTION MKTG. its sales depots & retailers by way of holding get to gather.

research one survey vigilance team is prepared continuously watch the market & surveys on it & then report is send to co.MARKETING RESEARCH For mktg. improvement to be done if any etc. on this basis co works. can decide of giving new scheme. 69 . due to which co.

70 . mfg. & also CFL mfg light like Samay.COMPETITORS Mostly all the Co·s mfg. toothpaste like Colgate Babool. Anchor. oreva & others. Pepsodent. electronic items & watches clocks are the competitors & all the FMCG products Co.

Is the 4th largest toothpaste mfg. 71 . in India & it contains 4% of the market share Ajanta has gritted the cost leadership position in India·s consumer market due to its successful business in India & abroad & with such a pioneering spirit Ajanta quartz is first to provide good quality products at affordable price. Co.MARKET Ajanta India Ltd.

g. Karnataka. Banglore.SALES DETAILS Ajanta has got brand distribution network of selling their products around India & abroad it sales its products more where the literacy ratio is high for e. 72 . Maharashtra etc. kerala.

CUSTOMERS COMPLAIN RECORD Ajanta always tries to see that the satisfaction level of their customers does not go down. So they always maintain the file & record of customers complain & suggestion & for this they directly contact to their parties. 73 .

by asking door-to-door about their products or else going for surveys to whole seller·s consignee·s etc. record. but according to Ajanta India Ltd.CUSTOMERS¶ SATISFACTION TRACKING Ajanta does customers satisfaction tracking through survey. 74 . A particular ISO Co.T. holds this C.S.

INTERNATIONAL MARKET Accept India Ajanta has its market in foreign countries also. Thailand. It deals with Dubai. South Africa & many other countries 75 .

Is indulged in offering electrical & electronics segment they aim at sensitive consumers whose base is expanding day by day they positive their products as an aesthetically appealing. premium quality offering with innovation technological up grades to provide higher efficiency with a greater lend to preserve health & comfort. 76 .MARKET SEGMENTATION / POSITIONING Mostly Ajanta India Ltd.

MARKET STRATEGY Ajanta India Ltd. 77 . Has adopted only one marketing strategy that to provide quality products at reasonable price by believing in strong network of distribution.

78 .

Contents Introduction Organizational Chart Management of Cash & bank Pg No. 5. 7.FINANCE DEPARTMENT INDEX NO. 9. Financial Planning Working capital Calculation of ratios Sources of finance Leverage analysis Quality policy 83 85 86 88 89 95 Future plans & Customer base & 93 Strengths 11. Social Responsibility/Unit Control 94 79 . 2. 6. 1. 3. 80 81 & 82 percentage of depreciation 4. 8. 10.

the requirement & availability of finance is easily satisfied. John J.INTRODUCTION Finance is a life blood which establishes healthy business economy. 80 . of the flows of money through an organization whether it will be a corporation. It is a lubricant thing in life & a starting thing in life & a starting base for any org to achieve its organizational targets in a sound org. bank or govt. agencyµ. school. Hampton Thus. ´The term finance can be defined as the mgt. finance dept is the life of company & provides ´Bassµ for the co.

ORGANIZATION CHART Managing Director General Manager (finance) Assistant Manager Cash Bank officer Chief Accountant Computer officer Assistant Assistant Assistant Accountant Programmer Clerk Clerk Cash Cashier Operators Peon 81 .


Cash is one of the important medium of exchange through which the daily transactions take place & so we can also term it as the daily working capital. While bank is an important source of providing the cash so now a days even small traders & prospectus deal with their customers & parties through bank

transactions. So, the proper distance maintains & arrangement of cash & bank can result good business transactions without developing any chance of liquidity by Ajanta has never found any problem of cash whenever it has required it has got it immediately dye to its goodwill in market. So, Ajanta India Ltd. Deals with the banks like state bank of saurashtra bank of Baroda, H.D.F.C, I.D.B.I & industrial banks. Ajanta provides depreciation on the basis of straight line method some rations of department are plant & machinery 4.75% fixed assets 3.34% there are different depreciation ratios being given on machines.


Finance is like lubricating oil to any firm & planning is the key to the success of financial managers. Proper planning of finance requires proper

decision making power. A Co according to its different requirement needs finance but it takes long time in the requirement of finance. Whenever any huge order is to be placed or new contract is signed a Co. needs to do proper arrangement of finance keeping the fixed assets in mind financial manager takes this important decision. In brief deciding future financial needs & accordingly making preparations for it is financial planning. ´Financial planning pertains only to the function of finance & includes the determination of the firms financial objectives financial policies & finance proceduresµ. Walker & Baugh

for the smooth running of Co. the financial manager of Ajanta India Ltd. Does financial planning in two ways according to their requirement i.e.. (1) Long term planning (2) Short term planning


Long term financial planning is mostly done for more than ten years which is related with assets like land & bldg furniture, purchase of machine etc. While short term planning is mostly done for at least 5 years which is related with regular payment daily expenses administrative changes etc.


119 1. 22. 75. 30. 25. 22. Is as under Particulars Share capital Resume & Surplus Secured loans Un secured loan Net current assets Fixed Assets Grows profit Administrative expenses Mfg. 41.340 22.WORKING CAPITAL The financial position of Ajanta India Ltd.908 48. They decide their working capital on the basis of total yearly budget plan financial information of Ajanta India Ltd.858 43. 29. 17. 96.248 1. 90. 75. 32. Is quite sound. 03. 90. 50. It keeps perfect distance with its assets & loquacity credits. 54. 41.731 42. & operating expenses Sales Amt.000 1.695 81. 00. 51.901 85 . 08. (Rs) 4.720 28.

9% 86 .673 *100 48.29. = 16.90.90 = 27% (B) Net profit ratio = Net profit ratio *100 Sales = 8. 30.CALCULATION OF RATIOS (A) Gross profit ratio = Gross profit *100 Sales = 1. 19. 14.000*100 48.

29.9090 = 32% 87 . 75. 54.340 * 100 48.(c) Administrative Ratio = Administrative Ratio *100 Sales = 1.

Has the source of finance as directors owned capital borrowed capital & earning of the past years business profit. They procure finance from the bank such as state bank of saurashtra B. industrial.O.SOURCE OF FINANCE It is quite natural & important for every Co. Short term sources:.Advance from commercial banks public deposit/ trade credits etc. to handle their sources of finance with at most care just like a new born because if it goes out of mgt·s control then it result into high risk & burden for the business financial position so financial resources can be classified into two different ways Long Bern sources :.equity share debenture/ long term loan etc. 88 .B. Ajanta India Ltd. HDFC & IDBI etc.

Leverage analysis is a very imp dimension of F. is to maximize returns or earnings by optimum financial decision making. is characterized by risk & once salinity. Financial leverage The leverage associated with investment activities is referred to operating leverage while leverage associated with financial activities is called financial leverage. There are two types of leverage which are as under 1. Hence all aspects concerning risk should evaluated & analyzed properly so that calculation risk can be taken uncertainties can be handled & earning can be ensured.M.M which is concerned with analyzing degrees of leverage associated with decision making of finance namely investment decision & financing decision. Operating leverage 2.LEVERAGE ANALYSIS The word financial mgt. It is an essentially integral part of all financial decision another very important thing is risk & return always go to gather & the goal of F. 89 .

(Earning per share) 90 . is concerned with the effect of change in EBIT on the earning available to equity shareholders. can magnify impact of sales on exit. All can be calculated as follows Degrees Operating Leverage % change in EBIT % change in sales = 2. In other words with the use of OL the Co. They have to be paid regardless of amount of EBIT available to pay debt after paying them the operating profit belongs to the ordinary shares. Financial leverage Financial leverage results from the presence of fixed financial charges in the firms sources of finance. There fixed charges do not very with EBIT or operating profit. Operating leverage O L results from the existence of fixed operating expense in the firm·s incomes stream.1. It may be defined as firms ability to use fixed operating cost to indignity effects of difference in sales on earning before interest & tax (EBIT) We employee assets with fixed cost in the hope that sales will produce resource more then sufficient to cover all fixed & variable cost. L. F. It is defined as ´The ability of a firm to use fixed financial charges to magnify the effects of changes in EBIT on the firms EPSµ.

combined leverage can be the mixture of bath leverage & reflect total risk. F. Thus.L is measured by change in EPS due to change in EBIT. Combined leverage operating leverage & finance leverage together cause wide fluctuation in EPS for a given change in sales if a Co.Thus. financial leverage can be measured by the following formula DFL = % change in EPS % change in EBIT 3. employees high level of OL & FL ever small change in sales will have drastic impact on EPS O.L or risk is measured by degree of change in EBIT due to change in sales. DOL = % in EBIT % in sales = % in EPS % in EBIT = % in EPS % in sales 91 .


FUTURE PLANS & CUSTOMER BASE & STRENGTHS In future Ajanta India Ltd. Wants to introduce only that kind of products who will be having there market & domain in electronic or health care 93 .

94 .SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY/UNITS CONTRIBUTION The social aim associated with Ajanta India Ltd. Is to provide a close assistance to the society by providing a great women empowerment as it benefits to society in long run.

95 .

96 . can easily achieve its target.SUGGESTIONS Through being a well developed company there is nothing such which I have to say about but I would just like to draw the attention of Co. which can be possible by hiring professionals & exports so that Co. towards one thing that is Co should have powerful mgt.

97 .

has provided me After completing the project report I have found that Ajanta India Ltd.CONCLUSION As I have prepared this report on the firm & taken all the required information which Co. 98 . Has bright future & I wish them all the best for their coming future. Is one of the best Co leading in the production of electronic & health care products & within their short duration they have shown excellent progress in their market & in such a short span they have been capable of achieving customers satisfaction. So from the report we can candidate that Ajanta India Ltd.

99 .

Opportunities: Before there was MRP segment introduced but now they will be introducing low MRP & higher quality segment Threats FMCG related problem like designing 100 . is the only weakness of Ajanta.SWOT ANALYSIS SWOT Strength Weakness Opportunity Threats Strength Machine: uses all the latest technology machines Money: Ajanta has never found problem in arranging capital Material: Ajanta purchase raw material from different parties Management: Lacks highly profession & relationship oriented mgt Weakness Lack ness of highly professional mgt.

101 .

BIBLIOGRAPHY Website of Ajanta India Ltd. Finance Dept khan & Jain 102 .

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