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Background: Lead in the city air comes from using of fuel that contain lead so
that it releases oxyde lead particles that can be absorb by the human. Yogyakarta,
like the other big city grow vwey fast on civilization sector, transportation and
industry, and also increasing on motor vehicle production that make the road
became more crowded. Gondomanan is the main economic place in Yogyakarta,
that have the famous Malioboro area and Beringharjo market.
Many people work in trading, this fact can be see by a lot of store along the main
road. Motorcycle workshop is a need for Yogyakarta’s people, that lived in the
main city or in the small village. Becauce of the air pollution that so high from
motor vehicle emission from the motorcycle itself or from the other pollution
source so that in make the emplyoee’s contact with the lead on blood that can
effect the helath of them. The purposes of this research is to know characterictic
of lead exposition on employee’s blood that work on motorcycle workshop and
relationship between work time, knowledge and application about protection tools
with lead value on employee’s blood in Godomanan, Yogyakarta.
Method: This research properly is a survey with “study cross sectional” approach.
The subject of this research is employee’s of the motorcycle workshop in
Godomanan, Yogyakarta. Bond variable is lead value on blood, while the free
variable is work time, knowledge, protection tools application. The analysis is
using chi-square with SPSS program with sense level p < 0.005 to see the
relationship between free variable based on cells distribution that exist. Increasing
or decreasing risk on population can be see in Relative Risk (RR) with Confident
Interval (CI) 95 %.
Result: Lead value on blood from 35 research respondent show that 27
respondent (77.1 %) have lead value on blood that still alowed and 8 respondent
(22.9 %) have normal level
Conclusion:There is relationship betweeen work time, protection tools
application and knowledge level with lead value on blood, but statistically there is
no significant relationship showed with P value each 0.051; 0.021 and 0.166.

Keyword: lead value, motorcycle employee, protection tools