Summary: Written in Tagalog, Jose Rizal wrote this letter – upon the request of Marcelo H.

del Pilar – on 17 February 1889 in London while annotating Morga's book. The letter praises the young women of Malolos for their perseverance to pursue the establishment of a “night school” where they can study Spanish. Based on accounts, on 12 December 1888, 20 young women from Malolos petitioned Governor-General Weyler for the establishment of a “night school” to study Spanish under Teodoro Sandiko, a professor of Latin. However, Fr. Felipe Garcia, the Spanish parish priest, objected to the petition, prompting the governor-general to dismiss the petition. Unperturbed, the young women continued with their clamor (for the establishment of the school) and eventually succeeded. Señora Guadalupe Reyes became the teacher of the women. The school remained open for three months. In his letter to the young women of Malolos, Jose Rizal pays homage to the 20 courageous women of the town for their desire to educate themselves, truly, a liberating action at that time. Rizal sees in these women a ray of hope in restoring the Filipino woman's dignity and worth, which are being denigrated at that time; that women are not only an accessory to a family following her mother’s decisions and whims, that women are not just mere followers and are only capable to be fragile and silent not even trying to voice out their ideas, and that women now have finally awakened that they too can react and struggle for freedom and what is right. He also emphasized the importance of the Filipino mothers, as it is in their nurturing hands where the children's future lies – whether they be free or enslaved. In this respect, Rizal compares the Filipino woman vis-a-vis the European women and using the Spartan women as model, he cites examples of the way the Spartan women see themselves. Rizal compared the Filipino women and the foreign women, which entails his huge respect to the Filipino women on their vital roles as mothers and wives. Being the foundation of principles and values in ensuring the progress of the nation, a mother should nourish her children with proper values, desired knowledge and shape them to become God-fearing and responsible citizens. As a wife, a Filipina must support her husband in every problem, inspire him, encourage him, take a part with him all obstacles and dangers and to sympathize. Rizal advices the Filipino women to use reason, to know what a good mother is, and how to become one. He reiterates that a good mother teaches honor, honesty, love of fellowmen, and respect for God. He urges them to ponder on his words and use reason to determine what is just from unjust. Rizal ends his letter exhorting the women to "open your children's eyes so they may jealously guard their honor, love their fellowmen and their native land and do their duty". As for final words, it is indeed essential to know that Jose Rizal wrote a letter to the young women of Malolos not only because M. H. del Pilar personally

he compared the Filipino women to the Spartan women as role model. He also emphasized the obligations and roles of the Filipino mothers to their children. let us consider our situation and see how we stand….because god gave us reason and will of our own to distinguish the just from unjust. The soldier said they were victorious and the mother just went to the temple to thank God. nor in endless prayers. Jose Rizal gave his views. intellect to know their right as individual. That the women were very passive to what the church teaches them but he had been proven wrong when the news of what had happened in Malolos reached him. Rizal compared the women in Malolos are like flowers without perfurme and fruits without sap. And the friars can no longer assert that they alone are responsible for their unjust order. Philippine National hero Dr. Rizal praised and honored the twenty brave women of the town for their victorious battle for their just demand to education and their battle to stop slavery to the friars. handed the shield to her son who said nothing but to return triumph or return dead. but a god who is the father of us all. Rizal accentuate women in Malolos must be reasonable and open their eyes because they are the first to influence the consciousness of man. In addition. the scenario is a bit heartbreaking and ironic when the other Spartan mother was told by a soldier that her three sons had died and replied that she was not asking about her sons but only wants to know whether they won or not. judged by . because she is quickened by hope in the future. Rizal concluded his letter by encouraging the Filipino women to "Let us. This mean that they are women which lack freedom to do what they want in their life. Rizal made mention of a situation to one of the mothers of Sparta. nor spending on her knees. More so. and practicing "awits" from the church. Message: In his letter "To the Young Women of Malolos (188).requested him to but because he might also feel the need to express his appreciation and great pride in the abrupt change of heart of these said Filipinas. not a blackmailing being God. therefore. and they strong will to fight if they are being abused. not like the friars. The fact is women are ignorant and slaves. That nobody has the right to subjugate one another. May your desire to educate yourself be crowned with success”. To always put in their mind that it is better to die with honor that living with dishonor. Prepared the will of their children towards what is honorable. That's why as the baby formed in their lap they must be able to bring up their child to be the image of the true God. reflect. ed. reading novenas.

and respect for God. to all that is sincere and firm of purpose. love for fellowmen. and see how they can stand and crown theirselves with success and knowledge. the women must reflect. see the situation of the country.standards. and they native land. From above mention. love to their fellowmen. . This is what should the women in Malolos teach their children. No longer will the mother contribute to keeping her daughter in darkness. With Rizal's letter to the young women of Malolos want to say is that. Jose Rizal desire from the young women of Malolos. Rizal what that the women in Malolos should be the one to open the eyes of their children so that they may guard their honor.

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