Battery Replacement Guide

T.sonicTM 610/612

( Version 1.0 )

Product Type: Battery

Warranty Period: 6 Months

Transcend Rechargeable Battery Warranty Statement
Your Transcend device is powered using a rechargeable battery. Before using the battery, please read these instructions carefully.

Rechargeable Battery Facts
A rechargeable battery has the capacity to be charged and used hundreds of times, but it will eventually wear out. When the battery’s performance in the device becomes noticeably diminished and operation times fall well short of the device’s specifications, then it is time to change the rechargeable battery and buy a new one.

Purchasing a Rechargeable Battery
When purchasing a replacement, or spare rechargeable battery for your device, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you choose the correct battery and that you only use Transcend approved batteries and chargers. Always follow your device’s manual or appropriate reference material instructions for replacing the new battery.

General Safety Precautions
● ● ● ● ● ● ●

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Only use rechargeable batteries with the specified Transcend equipment. Only use the specified Transcend charger for recharging batteries. Do NOT heat, or attempt to incinerate batteries. Use a battery only for its intended purpose. Never use a battery, or charger that is damaged. Do NOT attempt to open, dissemble, modify, or short-circuit a battery. Accidental short-circuiting may occur if a metallic object causes a direct connection between the battery’s + and – terminals. Do NOT expose a battery to strong mechanical shocks, such as a drop. Do NOT expose a battery to temperature extremes; this will affect the battery’s performance.

Battery Usage Requirements
Always refer to your Transcend User’s Manual or appropriate reference material for instructions on how to replace a battery. ● Always charge a battery fully before using it for the first time. ● Try and charge a battery in an ambient temperature, preferably room temperature. Please take Note of the battery’s min/max temperature range of operation. ● Leaving a battery in hot or cold places for extended periods of time will affect the capacity and lifetime of the battery. ● A device with a hot or cold battery may not operate temporarily, even if the battery is fully charged. ● If you intend storing the device for an extended period of time, it is advisable to remove the battery and store in a cool, dry place. A battery can deteriorate and eventually become unusable if it is not charged and discharged at regular intervals.

What do I do with the old battery?
Dispose of the old battery promptly. Keep it away from children. Do NOT dispose of batteries in fire, or water. ● Always dispose of batteries in accordance with the local laws, regulations and ordinances. ● Where possible, please recycle. ● Do NOT dispose of batteries as general household waste.
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All Transcend approved batteries are built to the highest standards and are designed specially for your Transcend device to ensure maximum performance and the safest operation. Use of any battery other than that intended for your device may present a risk of fire, or explosion.

T.sonicTM 610/612
Always ensure that the power is turned OFF before opening any electrical device.

Basic Operation
1. Ensure the T.sonic has been turned off. 2. Using a screwdriver remove the 2 screws from the unit’s case. 3. Gently prise open the case beginning at the bottom. Gripping the back of the case push the silver middle frame down to unclip and remove the back cover from the case. 4. With the case fully unclipped, you can now lift the back cover of the case off of the T.sonic. 5. Lift up the old battery from the green electronics board, *PLEASE* pay close attention to the alignment of the battery on the board as you will need to position the new battery into this space. Gently pull out the battery cable power connector from the T.sonic’s power socket. 6. Plug the new battery’s connector into the unit’s power socket. Having paid close attention to the original battery orientation, place the new battery into the same position as was occupied by the old battery on the green electronics board. 7. Snap the cover back on the unit and reattach the 2 screws. 8. The replacement battery installation is complete. Your new battery will need a minimum of 3 hours in order to completely charge. 2 3 PUSH 3 PUSH 5

Typical Capacity Charging Voltage Dimensions Life Cycle Temperature range of operation Standard Charge Discharged Temperature range for storage 400mA 4.2V 36.5x 20.5x 6.3 mm ≧300 cycles, more than 80% at 0.5CmA discharge -10℃ to 45℃ -10℃ to 60℃ 0℃ to 45℃

P/N:88-4550 2005.05.1000

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