³If you think advertising doesn¶t pay, there are 25 mountains in Colorado higher than Pikes Peak. Name one.´
The American Salesman

color a monologue not a dialogue increase long-term awareness or short-term response .Promotion Communications Mix Advertising paid. sound. allows repetition allows amplifications by print. non-personal. sponsor identified public presentation offers legitimacy but suggests standardization pervasive.

most powerful form of communication develops relationships forces buyer response very expensive longer term strategy than advertising .Promotion Communications Mix Personal Selling personal. sponsor identified immediate feedback oldest. paid.

salesforce insistent presence. can change behavior directly can be demeaning . not advertising or personal selling.Promotion Communications Mix Sales Promotion other paid. sponsor identified consumer trade.

Promotion Communications Publicity not paid. good and bad difficult to control . sponsor not identified high credibility very dramatic.

. fax. internet supposedly highly focused target markets «. email. is this just a channel of distribution«? .or.Promotion Communications Direct Marketing Paid Sponsor may or may not be identified Personal or Impersonal Telephone.

Promotion Communications Model sender-encoding-message-decoding-receiver promotion is a form of communication «an information flow down the channel of distribution .

Promotion Promotion Process Who is the target audience? What do you want them to do? When do you want them to do it? How do they seek and acquire information? What information do they seek? How do they use the information? «all from the buyer behavior model .

Promotion Target audience must be specific potential buyers current users Influencers by segment .

Promotion What response is sought? Specific response from buyer behavior model awareness perception attitude preference behavior .

Promotion Message Development message content rational versus emotional hard versus soft sell fear appeals humor .

Promotion Message Development (cont.) message structure conclusion drawing conflicting evidence one versus two sided one if audience already favorable two if audience opposed or more educated .

Promotion Message Development (cont.) message format headline copy color speech rate articulation .

or high ego involvement . expensive.Promotion Media Selection «from the communications mix advocate experts social channels experts personal selling if product risky. infrequent purchase.

qualitative value of exposure R x F x I = Gross Ratings Points timing continuous intermittent .number of times exposed impact .) reach .Promotion Media Selection (cont.number of exposures frequency .

friends. natural source incongruity opposite attitude between source and message both move toward congruent position «can use up a good source . family likeability . professor trustworthiness .Promotion Source Effects source credibility expertise .physician. scientist.humor.

Promotion Measuring Results Must take a pretest on the desired factor If you don¶t. how will you know if the promotion actually changed anything? Exposure Did you see the ad? Recall of message content Brand/store awareness Attitudinal change .

Church¶s Chicken Video Marketing Communications Strategy Marketing Communications Mix Target Audiences Sales Promotion Advertising .

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