Our T-shirt very proudly represents the youth of International Management Centre. We believe that T-shirts are a powerful medium of Self expression where consumers wear what they stand for. Therefore we have made our T-shirt in such a way that the attitude of the students as well as the Institute gets expressed with the T-shirt.

VISION: € Establishing the Brand Name in the market. € Supplying Best quality products at affordable prices.³Pertaining to Eight´ as we are a group of eight members. .The OCTOMEROUS Group Meaning. € Satisfying the customer as according to their wants.

.The OCTOMEROUS Group Mission: € Run the business in profits in order to expand the business for establishing the Brand Name Octomerous . € Capturing the target markets and providing them with quality products. Objectives: € Providing customers with quality customized products as per their need at affordable prices.

The 4 P¶s of Marketing The strategy for the production and selling of our T-Shirt has been designed as according to the 4 P s of Marketing i.e. € Product € Price € Place € Promotion .

The Indian Cult T-Shirt Brand.PRODUCT Our product is a T-shirt for the Bschool. International Management Centre which will be produced by TANTRA. . as per the order placed by our group on behalf of the Institute.

.€ Tantra is µIndia-on-a-t-shirt¶. or. The brand captures exclusively the essence of our 5000 year old culture. present and future. The content and theme under the Tantra label thus revolve around ideas and things that are native to this land. In a sense it represents the life µn¶ times of this subcontinent. It¶s past. the µbrown¶ race.

€ .The quality of the cotton (µsuper combed¶ cotton ) € Concentrates on the weight or thickness of the fabric. € Closely monitors the knitting and dyeing. € All Tantra merchandise is made exclusively in 100% cotton .

balloon padding.€ € Men's / Adults Basic crew neck T-shirts. Compacting. plastisol chest printing. Single Jersey. Overall flat lock stitching. overall flat lock stitching. Steam Calendering. compacting. steam calendering. 25s super combed yarn. single jersey. Peroxide white bleaching. 20s super combed yarn. 100% cotton . . Balloon Padding. Women Basic round neck (with piping). peroxide white bleaching. Plastisol chest printing. 100% cotton.



the price is quite reasonable. € The price of our T-Shirt is Rs.349 only which is quite reasonable for an IMC student. . € The Pricing of our product is done in such a way that although it is a branded product.PRICING € We believe Quality at Affordable Prices .

00 .34 Advertising Cost 8.11 Total Cost Profit Selling Price 301.45 47.00 Transportation Cost 3.55 349.) 290.Budget of the T-Shirt (per Unit) PARTICULARS (Per Unit) T-Shirt Cost AMOUNT (Rs.

) 130500 1500 Advertising Cost 3650 Total Cost Profit Selling Price 135650 21400 157050 .Budget of the T-Shirt (Total) PARTICULARS (TOTAL) T-Shirt Cost Transportation Cost AMOUNT (Rs.

€ The Faculty Members of International Management Centre. .Place TARGET CUSTOMERS € Students of International Management Centre. The product has been designed keeping in mind the taste and preferences of the Target Customers and also the Institute.

So an extensive promotion campaign is not required regarding the brand name.Promotion The Brand TANTRA which is used for the IMC T-Shirt is an established and reputed brand which is very popular especially among the Youth. the following promotional methods are used. . But for the customized T-Shirt which would be introduced in the Institute.

€ Handouts. € Free SMS from Ways to SMS. € Through IMC community in Orkut.Advertisement of T-shirt € Pamphlets. . € Free distribution of Wrist Bands.

09899876934.For the first time ºº Exclusively for IMC students Contact us @ 09654016561. 09015690760 .

P.Free distribution of Wrist Bands Wrist Band € The wrist band which would be distributed is The LIVESTRONG rubber band with the words International Management Centre imprinted on it.110001 . 105 Gold star Wholesalers and Suppliers Palika Bazaar . € The cost of the band is Rs. € It will be provided by: Shop no. New Delhi.5 each. C.

1 * 500ps 500 Banner Rs.) Pamphlets Rs.10 * 20ps 200 Hand-outs Re.ADVERTISEMENT EXPENSES PARTICULARS UNIT TOTAL (Rs.700 * 1ps 700 Wrist Bands Rs.5 * 450ps 2250 TOTAL EXPENSES 3650 .

Why e thi that c s ers refer r rand? duct l € Branded Pr €C f rt € Superi r Quality Material € Suits the taste f y uth € Reas nable Price .

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