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Project on T-shirt

Project on T-shirt

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Published by Prashant Borborah

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Published by: Prashant Borborah on Sep 19, 2010
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Our T-shirt very proudly represents the youth of International Management Centre. We believe that T-shirts are a powerful medium of Self expression where consumers wear what they stand for. Therefore we have made our T-shirt in such a way that the attitude of the students as well as the Institute gets expressed with the T-shirt.

.The OCTOMEROUS Group Meaning. VISION: € Establishing the Brand Name in the market. € Satisfying the customer as according to their wants. € Supplying Best quality products at affordable prices.³Pertaining to Eight´ as we are a group of eight members.

The OCTOMEROUS Group Mission: € Run the business in profits in order to expand the business for establishing the Brand Name Octomerous . . € Capturing the target markets and providing them with quality products. Objectives: € Providing customers with quality customized products as per their need at affordable prices.

€ Product € Price € Place € Promotion .e.The 4 P¶s of Marketing The strategy for the production and selling of our T-Shirt has been designed as according to the 4 P s of Marketing i.

The Indian Cult T-Shirt Brand.PRODUCT Our product is a T-shirt for the Bschool. . International Management Centre which will be produced by TANTRA. as per the order placed by our group on behalf of the Institute.

present and future. . The content and theme under the Tantra label thus revolve around ideas and things that are native to this land.€ Tantra is µIndia-on-a-t-shirt¶. It¶s past. The brand captures exclusively the essence of our 5000 year old culture. In a sense it represents the life µn¶ times of this subcontinent. the µbrown¶ race. or.

€ .The quality of the cotton (µsuper combed¶ cotton ) € Concentrates on the weight or thickness of the fabric. € Closely monitors the knitting and dyeing. € All Tantra merchandise is made exclusively in 100% cotton .

compacting. steam calendering. Steam Calendering.€ € Men's / Adults Basic crew neck T-shirts. single jersey. Single Jersey. Balloon Padding. Plastisol chest printing. Women Basic round neck (with piping). 100% cotton . balloon padding. overall flat lock stitching. plastisol chest printing. 25s super combed yarn. . 100% cotton. Peroxide white bleaching. peroxide white bleaching. 20s super combed yarn. Compacting. Overall flat lock stitching.



349 only which is quite reasonable for an IMC student. . € The Pricing of our product is done in such a way that although it is a branded product.PRICING € We believe Quality at Affordable Prices . € The price of our T-Shirt is Rs. the price is quite reasonable.

Budget of the T-Shirt (per Unit) PARTICULARS (Per Unit) T-Shirt Cost AMOUNT (Rs.45 47.34 Advertising Cost 8.00 Transportation Cost 3.) 290.11 Total Cost Profit Selling Price 301.55 349.00 .

Budget of the T-Shirt (Total) PARTICULARS (TOTAL) T-Shirt Cost Transportation Cost AMOUNT (Rs.) 130500 1500 Advertising Cost 3650 Total Cost Profit Selling Price 135650 21400 157050 .

Place TARGET CUSTOMERS € Students of International Management Centre. The product has been designed keeping in mind the taste and preferences of the Target Customers and also the Institute. . € The Faculty Members of International Management Centre.

Promotion The Brand TANTRA which is used for the IMC T-Shirt is an established and reputed brand which is very popular especially among the Youth. So an extensive promotion campaign is not required regarding the brand name. . But for the customized T-Shirt which would be introduced in the Institute. the following promotional methods are used.

€ Free SMS from Ways to SMS.Advertisement of T-shirt € Pamphlets. . € Free distribution of Wrist Bands. € Handouts. € Through IMC community in Orkut.

09899876934.For the first time ºº Exclusively for IMC students Contact us @ 09654016561. 09015690760 .

€ It will be provided by: Shop no.Free distribution of Wrist Bands Wrist Band € The wrist band which would be distributed is The LIVESTRONG rubber band with the words International Management Centre imprinted on it.110001 .P. € The cost of the band is Rs. New Delhi. C.5 each. 105 Gold star Wholesalers and Suppliers Palika Bazaar .

10 * 20ps 200 Hand-outs Re.) Pamphlets Rs.5 * 450ps 2250 TOTAL EXPENSES 3650 .700 * 1ps 700 Wrist Bands Rs.1 * 500ps 500 Banner Rs.ADVERTISEMENT EXPENSES PARTICULARS UNIT TOTAL (Rs.

Why e thi that c s ers refer r rand? duct l € Branded Pr €C f rt € Superi r Quality Material € Suits the taste f y uth € Reas nable Price .

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