Becoming soul mates addresses the importance of placing Christ at the center of your marriage relationship and the

value of shared Christian service. How would you emphasize this importance scripturally and what would you do to encourage couples to make a lasting commitmenshow t to serving the Lord together?

Marriage, in and of itself, is much like a mystery. Even when a couple has conquered the gist of solving conflicts and has learned how to effectively appreciate one another, there is somehow an emptiness that only a practical relationship with God, and the pursuit thereof, can be filled. Spiritual intimacy provides for the marriage a way to physically demonstrate our love for God with an outward display of how we love and serve each other. I am reminded of a quote from a famous writer who once said ³those who love Christ the most, serve Christ the best.´ When the couple places Christ in the center of their marriage relationship, it fills empty voids because of their faith in God and spiritual commitment. According to 2 Timothy 3:3-5, we are urged to love God more than we love ourselves to avoid being unloving and unforgiving, slanderous and lack self-control. This is important for the couple to know and understand since having a relationship with Christ causes us to be more Godfocused and less self-focused. Serving and loving God helps us to serve each other, and by doing so, we eliminate the possibility for empty mysticism. On page 143 of Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts, it states that ³through marriage, God shows himself in two important ways: first, by revealing his faithfulness, and second, by revealing his forgiveness.´ These are key components in the couples who are soul mates because the marriage relationship through Christ is exemplified within the marriage relationship as regard to Christ¶s love for his bride, the church. Once it is understood how deeply we are loved by Christ, and how he fully commits to us, we see embrace actuality full commitment in our marriage.

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