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Quiz 3

Quiz 3

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Published by: Urvashee Bhangale on Sep 19, 2010
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BMGT531-1900-Business IntelligenceWI10-Lee

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Quiz #3
Question 1 Marks: 5 Firms adopt knowledge management systems: Choose one answer. A. to increase productivity B. all of the above C. to improve customer service D. to help deal with employee turnover Question 2 Marks: 5 Which of the following is a gateway to a corporate Web site that enables communication, collaboration, and access to company information? Choose one answer. A. Corporate gateway B. Enterprise doorway C. Enterprise portal D. Web portal Question 3 Marks: 5
Which of the following are visual displays used to chart progress against strategic and tactical goals and targets?

Choose one answer. revenue and cost Question 7 Marks: 5 Which of the following refers to in a meeting. Internet based groupware D. continual reinforcement of an idea by group members? Choose one answer. A. dynamic D. Multi-use facility C. Performance interfaces D. A. cost and productivity D. Performance dashboards Question 4 Marks: 5 Which of the following is not an option for deploying GDSS/GSS technology? Choose one answer. all of the above C. A. Decision room B. quality and value C. Multiple users functions Question 5 Marks: 5 Knowledge is: Choose one answer.Choose one answer. Performance comparisons charts C. . information in action B. Performance scoreboards B. contextual Question 6 Marks: 5 Effectiveness is measured by __________. A. cost and quality B.

SWAT B. government. You need large investments in technology to make it work D. Grouping reinforcement Question 8 Marks: 5 Which of the following identifies and prioritizes the key customer. demographic. A. Member hub . market. Group talking B. A. A. Customers B. All of the above C. competitor. Successful managers have always been performing knowledge management Question 11 Marks: 5 Which of the following is used for the members of a supply chain to help improve effectiveness between manufacturing companies? Choose one answer. SWOG D. SWOT C. Group think C. The benefits are always clear at the start of the effort B. Internal business process C. Business rules Question 10 Marks: 5 Which of the following is true about knowledge management? Choose one answer. or actually impacting the company? Choose one answer.A. Which of the following is not a nonfinancial objective? Choose one answer. SWOP Question 9 Marks: 5 BSC translates an organization’s vision and strategy into a set of interrelated financial and non-financial objectives. Group idea D. A. Learning and growth D.

Supplier hub C. Integration D. A. Collaboration C. Collaboration hub Question 12 Marks: 5 Which of the following is not a technology component of a knowledge management system? Choose one answer. Supply chain hub D. Storage and retrieval B.B. Communication .

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