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On Reading a Poem That I Don’t Understand

By Elton Camp

Those lines that an author has penned

I would like very much to commend.
I read it carefully twice more,
But remain confused as before.

The words chosen are those I’ve seen,

But the sentences, what do they mean?
Maybe the poem is just too profound
For a simple man like me to expound.

Does the poet speak of himself or another man?

In his writing of it, just what may be his plan?
I can’t see coherent thought,
To me, it expresses naught.

That doesn’t mean the poem is no good,

Only that by me it isn’t being understood.
Comments that others post
Say that it is just “the most.”

I am sure that true that must be,

It’s just too hard for one like me.
I have to seek an easier verse
With its author I may converse.