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Aesop's Fables for Children

A Council of Mice

The mice, frustrated by the constant dangers of the cat, meet in council to
determine a solution to their tiring challenge. They discussed, and equally
rejected, plan after plan. Eventually, a very young mouse raised up on his hind
legs, and proposed that a bell should be hung around the cat's neck.
"What a splendid idea!" they cried.
"Excellent suggestion!"
"Oh yes, that would very well warn of the cat's presence in time to escape!"
They were accepting the proposal with great enthusiasm and applause, until
a quiet old mouse stood up to speak.
"This is, indeed, a very good suggestion and would no doubt solve our
problems," he said, "Now, which one of us will put the bell around the cat's

It's one thing to propose. It's something else to carry it out.