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Ipsysctl Tutorial

Ipsysctl Tutorial

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Published by: nvlongjvc on Sep 20, 2010
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The following conventions are used in this document when it comes to commands, files and
other specific information.

• Code excerpts and commandoutputs are printed like this, with all output in fixed width font
and userwritten commands in bold typeface:

[blueflux@work1 neigh]$ ls
default eth0 lo
[blueflux@work1 neigh]$

• All commands and program names in the tutorial are shown in bold typeface.

• All system items such as hardware, and also kernel internals or abstract system items such
as the loopback interface are all shown in an italic typeface.

• computeroutput is formatted in this way in the text.

• filenames and paths in the filesystem are shown like /proc/sys/net.

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