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S.Mahammad Rasool
Moulana Azad Street-3,
Gandhi Road,
Kadapa(Dist),A.P,INDIA. Contact no: +91-


Looking forward for opportunities to work in new areas using the cutting edge tools and the new
software development technologies in an environment that gives scope to apply my knowledge,
assumed responsibility and strive for collective growth and development.


Qualifications School/College Board/University Year of % of
passing marks

Siddharth Institute Of
Engineering And
M.C.A Technology, Puttur JNTU, Anantapur 2010 77.3%

Lepakshi Degree
B.Sc (M.P.C) College, Proddatur S.V.University, 2007 83.7%
Deepthi Junior College, Board of
Intermediate Proddatur Intermediate 2004 89.8%
Education, A.P.
Gautam High School,
Proddatur Board of 2002 78.8%
S.S.C Secondary
Education, A.P.


 Operating System : Windows XP
 Packages : M.S-Office, DOTNET
 Database : Sql server - 2005

 Making Friends ACADEMIC PROJECT:  Project: Voyage Management  Platform: DOTNET OBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT:  The Main Objective of the project is to design a system which maintains the considerable information on the employees. SRENGTHS: Determination Creative Thinking Commitment Ability to Work Under Pressure INTERESTS AND ACTIVITIES:  Updating myself with Latest Knowledge & News. the company is assisted by one of its departments. . the Visa/Work- Permit related information for working employees in any corporate office.  Reading Magazines & Books. ticket information etc.the TRAVEL DESK.. their passports.  In this. staying information. This system maintains the considerable information on the employees like travelling information.

Place : Proddatur Date : (S.PERSONAL PROFILE: Name : S. Mahammad Rasool) . Proddatur-516360. Kadapa(Dist). S/o: S. Hindi and Telugu Permanent Address : S.Mahammad Rasool. India. Gandhi Road. Moulana Azad Street – 3.Mahammad Rasool Father’s Name : S. Andhra Pradesh. Basha Date of Birth :13-07-1987 Martial Status :Single Languages Known : English. DECLARATION: I here by declare that all the above mentioned information regarding my personal and academics is true to my knowledge. D.NO. Basha.:22/282.