SMB-04 SMB-05

Walking Stick with heart attack detector Diagnosis of Neonatal Jaundice using Reflectance spectroscopy

INSTRUMENTATION SMI-01 SMI-02 SMI-03 SMI-05 SMI-06 SMI-07 SMI-08 SMI-09 SMI-10 SMI-11 Wireless Weather station Process automation using IR Environmental monitoring system using I2C protocolSMI-04 ocean border detection LabVIEW based realtime train tracking system Passenger manifesto system using LabVIEW Schedule Intimator for college Campus using LabVIEW Fleet of vehicle management GPS & GSM & LabVIEW Industrial Management system GPS based accident zone identification system with LabVIEW Control of process parameter in industries using CAN

SVA-11 SVA-12 SVA-13 SVA-14 SVA-15 SVA-16 SVA-17 SVA-18 SVA-19 SVA-20 SVA-21 SVA-22 SVA-23 SVA-24 SVA-25 SVA-26

RFID tracking of individuals Advanced information annouciator in bus terminals Advanced automatic crash notification using GPS technology Hyper tech TOLL collection in toll gates Accident investigation and information system Speed measurement using CAN protocol Real time library management using RFID Intelligent voice decoder notice board annouciator Wireless Robotic controller Industrial automation using CAN protocol Obstacle detection using Ultrasonic Smart card based device control Wireless LANE monitoring and controlling through RF Remote control of Home appliances Digital bus ticketing system Speed measurement of DC motor using Quadrature decoder DSP ALGORITHM IMPLEMENTATION PROJECTS

Final Year Projects
B.E / B.Tech / M.E / M.Tech / M.Sc Students

VLSI (FPGA Spartan II / III)
IEEE PROJECTS SIMULATION AND SYNTHESIS SVI-01 SVI-02 SVI-03 SVI-04 SVI-05 SVI-06 Efficient uses of FPGA for implementation of DES Implementation of RJINDAEL Algorithm Implementation of Phase Shift Keying(BPSK, QPSK) Implementation of Twofish Algorithm Forward error correction technique using VITERBI Algorithm Implementation of Frequency Shift Keying(BFSK , MFSK) SVD-01 SVD-02 SVD-03 SVD-04 SVD-05 SVD-06

SIMULATION AND SYNTHESIS Implementation of Booth algorithm Implementation of multi rated FIR Implementation of electronic cochlea Direct Digital Frequency Synthesizer Implementation of Interpolator Implementation of single error correction and double error detection

SIMULATION SVI-07 SVI-08 Invisible image water marking technique Implementation of RSA Algorithm

SIMULATION SVD-07 SVD-08 Discrete wavelet transform Implementation of Huffman encoding ARCHITECTURE IMPLEMENTATION SIMULATION AND SYNTHESIS SVR-01 SVR-02 SVR-03 SVR-04 Implementation of RISC processor Implementation of MAC unit Peripheral design of picoblaze controller Optimized embedding technology of AVR(AT90S1200) controller architecture in FPGA

COMMUNICATION PROJECTS SIMULATION AND SYNTHESIS SVC-01 SVC-02 SVC-03 SVC-04 SVC-05 SVC-06 SVC-07 SVC-08 SVC-09 SVC-10 SVC-11 SVC-12 SVC-13 Master Slave communication for SPI protocol Interfacing stand alone CAN controller Interfacing RTC using I2C protocol Implementation of Frequency hopping spread spectrum Implementation of Quadrature amplitude modulation Master Slave communication for I2C protocol Interfacing of HDLC controller Interfacing PS/2 keyboard with VGA monitor Implementation of I2S Protocol Implementation of SONET scrambler and De scrambler Implementation of M-ary Phase shift keying Implementation of Direct sequence spread spectrum Implementation of 12 bit ADC and DAC using I2C protocol APPLICATION ORIENTED PROJECTSS SIMULATION AND SYNTHESIS SVA-01 SVA-02 SVA-03 SVA-04 SVA-05 SVA-06 SVA-07 SVA-08 SVA-09 SVA-10 Advanced traffic monitoring and switching system using LABVIEW Speed Control of DC Motor Using PWM FPGA based inverter Remote object controller through RF Home automation through LAN Prepaid Energy meter Automatic intimation of wireless E billing using I2C protocol Revolutionized polling system Vehicle monitoring system using GPS and LABVIEW technology Hospital management system using LABVIEW

GSM BASED PROJECTS SVG-01 SVG-02 SVG-03 GSM based automation for Home Appliances Industrial Automation LANE Supervisory Control

Note : Innovative ideas are welcome from B.E. Students. M.E. Projects based on IEEE papers are also welcome. They can implement their own ideas within the stipulated period.

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Certified Third Party Developers

motor using DSPIC VF 3 phase Induction Motor control Sliding mode Buck converter Variable frequency Inverter DSPIC BLDC motor control. Implementation of Airbag System through CAN IEEE WIRELESS NETWORK PROJECTS SDW-01 SDW-02 SDW-03 SDW-04 SDW-05 SDW-06 SDW-07 SDW-08 SDW-09 IEEE 802.SCI) SDAE-01 SDAE-02 SDAE-03 SDAE-04 SDAE-05 SDAE-06 CAN based Industrial Automation CAN based CAR Security System Automatic Vehicle Speed Management System CAN based Speedometer Implementation Automatic Vehicle Parking System.16d Protocol Implementation for WIMAX Physical Layer Transceiver Module Implementation of Physical Layer Transceiver Module for Beyond 3rd Generation Time Division Duplex System Implementation of Physical Layer Transceiver Module for WCDMA System Implementation of Physical Layer Transceiver Module for Software Defined Radio Implementation of Physical Layer Transceiver Module for EDGE System Luby Transform Coding Aided Bit-Interleaved Coded Modulation for the Wireless Internet DEVICE CONTROL PROJECTS SMD-01 SMD-02 SMD-03 SMD-04 SMD-05 SMD-06 SMD-07 SMD-08 SMD-09 SMD-10 SMD-11 SMD-12 Battle field sound detection Portable documentation Audio / GLCD Smart card ticketing for Railways Voice based wireless device control Automatic car parking system Remote order booking for e-hotels Intelligent Railway management system Universal Ticket vending machines Intelligent information system for police ATM for visually impaired Adaptive technology for Blind Public bus tracking system MICROCONTROLLERS (89V51.24.4 Protocol Implementation for ZIGBEE Physical Layer Transceiver Module IEEE 802.48.wavelet transform in image compression Lost pixel recovery in wavelet coding domain Image water marking using wavelets Finger printing-secured technique for Internet applications Color to gray and back:color embedding in to texture gray images Pre \ Post filtering for DCT-based block coding systems Cocktail water marking for secure data hiding Lossless compression for color mosaic images Number plate recognition SMC-02 SMC-03 SMC-04 SMC-05 SMC-06 SMC-07 SMC-08 SMC-09 SMC-10 SMC-11 SMC-12 SMC-13 SMC-14 SMC-15 AUDIO PROJECTS SDA-01 SDA-02 SDA-03 SDA-04 SDA-05 SDA-06 SDA-07 SDA-08 SDA-09 SDA-10 Adaptive Equalizer for digital System LMS based Echo Cancellation System Karaoke Wavelet Decomposition for audio compression MPEG 4 ALS Audio Compression Using Psychoacoustic Modeling LSB Audio Steganography Audio Compression using MDCT Audio signal Processing for Multi effects Audio watermarking for Copyright protection of Digital audio data SMC-16 SMC-17 SMC-18 SMC-19 SMC-20 SMC-21 SMC-22 SMC-23 SMC-24 SMC-25 BIOMEDICAL PROJECTS SDB-01 SDB-02 SDB-03 SDB-04 SDB-05 Wavelet analysis of human respiratory system DSP based time domain ECG wave analysis ECG data analysis to diagnosis cardiovascular diseases Encephalon based disease diagnosis Wavelet shrinkage based sinusoidal power line interference noise removal in ECG ELECTRICAL PROJECTS SDE-01 SDE-02 SDE-03 SDE-04 SDE-05 SDE-06 Multilevel inverter design Power flow monitoring in distribution transformer Variable Frequency Inverter Online Monitoring and Control of AC Induction Motor Line Follower Robot Control PC based Energy Monitoring System COMMUNICATION PROJECTS SDC-01 SDC-02 SDC-03 SDC-04 SDC-05 SDC-06 Secured Communication using Spread Spectrum Space Time coded OFDM Systems Multi Carrier DS CDMA System Time Frequency Spread OFDM/FHMA System Coded Data Transmission System using Iterative Decoding Technique Implementation of FFH System for increasing Frequency Diversity SMC-26 SMC-27 Industrial Container CARGO monitoring and management using RFID RFID based proximity security system Product life cycle tracking system Intelligent library management system Centralized Data Base management for voting system Automated Toll Debiting Bus identification for blind using RFID CAN Intellect speed breaker system using CAN CAN implimentaion for Vehicle security system GPS GSM Car theft tracking using GPS and GSM Vehicle Tracking system with GLCD GSM Information system implementation in Remote and Rural areas using GSM SMS based train information system SMS acknowledgment system for student attendance to parents TELEPHONE Processing files using DTMF Voice call annunciation ROBOT PC Controlled Metal detection Robot Semi Autonomous mine detection vehicle Motion detection Robot IVRS IVRS based device control IVRS based voting machine IVRS based student information system IVRS Based auto Receptionist for educational Institution RF Distance Display system with common RTC using RF communication GPS Block Box Investigation (GPS) Guidance system for visually impaired using GPS AUTOMOTIVE PROJECTS SMA-01 SMA-02 SMA-03 SMA-04 Accident investigation system Effective electronic vehicle management system Secure system for Automobile CAN Based Vehicle monitoring AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRONICS PROJECTS (Using communication protocols CAN. Protocol Implementation for BLUETOOTH Physical Layer Transceiver Module IEEE 802. dsPIC & ARM) ELECTRICAL PROJECTS SME-01 SME-02 SME-03 SME-04 SME-05 SME-06 SME-07 SME-08 SME-09 PID control of DC.sensor less back EMF method Transformer Monitoring system Sensored BLDC motor control with PID Real Time DC Motor Control Battery Management system for solar power Generation BIO MEDICAL PROJECTS SMB-01 SMB-02 SMB-03 Wireless ECG Monitoring System Vital Science Monitoring system GPS GSM based patient monitoring COMMUNICATION PROJECTS SMC-01 RFID RFID personal object tracking device .11a Protocol Implementation for WLAN Physical Layer Transceiver Module (6.12.SPI.54) Mbps (Any two data rates) IEEE 802.36.15. PIC.List of Projects DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING (ADSP & TEXAS) SPEECH PROJECTS SDS-01 SDS-02 SDS-03 SDS-04 SDS-05 SDS-06 SDS-07 SDS-08 SDS-09 SDS-10 SDS-11 Speech Recognition Using Cepstral Coefficients Adaptive Pulse Code Modulation Based Speech Coding Robotic Control through speech using LPCC Robust Speech Recognition Using GMM Wavelet Based Speech compression and Decompression Voice activated Printer Control System using MFCC Noise cancellation system using Wavelet Frequency transformation based secured speech transmission system Speech Coding Using Linear Predictive Coding Speed Control Through Speech Using HMM Principle Component Analysis based Speech Recognition IMAGE PROCESSING PROJECTS SDI-01 SDI-02 SDI-03 SDI-04 SDI-05 SDI-06 SDI-07 SDI-08 SDI-09 SDI-10 SDI-11 SDI-12 SDI-13 SDI-14 SDI-15 SDI-16 SDI-17 SDI-18 Voting system using fingerprint Performance analysis of Haar wavelet based image compression Data hide and seek technique-Steg analysis Implementation of jpeg2000 standard Data compression coder and decoder using transform coding DCT based content security system using additive algorithm Visual half toning-mini project DWT based scene adaptive color quantization Human identification system using iris 2D D4 .

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