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Consumer Behaviour

Consumer Behaviour

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Published by: Mummy Kevin on Sep 20, 2010
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Presented by Dip Pyne

Thus any behavior is caused by motive or needs. Needs we can say is a feeling or desire for something which is lacking and through performing various activities to get the feeling of lacking removal and thus become satisfied. What is need?? .y Need is a cause for all the activities of human being and each activity is backed by a particular need or motive .

Psychogenics a. Physical characteristics of individual Weather and climate y Topography y .Determines of customer needs Personal characteristics of individual Genetics b. Biogenesis c.

. moods and emotion.e. gender and race.g.e.Genetics:-The branch of Genetics:science dealing with heredity and chemical or biological characteristics Biogenics:-Characteristics that individual possess at birth. Psychogenics:-Individual states and traits induced by a person brain functioning.g.

e.g. .attitude.Weather:-climate including Weather:temparature. winter versus summer clothing Topography:-refers to the physical condition of the location.and rainfall.

y Determines customer wants . teen clothing styles.g. y Cultural context:-the influence of a customers culture and culture values.luxury versus budget cars. y Institutional context:-the group and organization that a person belongs.g.e.personal worth or financial resources available to the individual.Personal context:.ethnic foods.e.g.e.


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