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Robin - this used to be my "thing" - my husband was in med school (Dr.

Kennell was one of his

teachers), and I was a brand new doula. Happy times!

First off - they will LOVE you and the topic - 'cause med students are totally into wanting to be
caring careproviders.

Secondly, they feel like they are totally skut people with no clue when they are on L and D so are
happy to get tips from you.

I would usually start with:

"10 things a busy med student can do to care for a laboring woman in 1-2 minutes"
I'd start with
- SIT DOWN when talking to her (and point out that research shows that you feel like you have
actually spent more time with your careprovider when they do sit)
and then I'd cover simple things like
- Hold a hand - and why this makes a difference (Merkel's disks etc)
- or just a simple touch on the shoulder in between a contraction with a word of praise before you
- tell her what she just did that was very good (like take a deep breath, or paced perfectly etc) -
and now we have the 3Rs DVD that you could show a part of - which they will love and you can
normalize normal behavior for them
And since they are often there more during pushing time...
Caregivers Behavior during Pushing including:
Be Quiet - and remember that the quiestest person in the room is often the one who is most
cool washcloth to the forehead
sip in between pushes
etc etc

I got to do this for 4 years at Case Western Reserve U. with residents and med students. It was
always appreciated. I certainly appreciate having been given that time.

You will go home feeling good!

Heck - you can just bring in a birth ball and they will be impressed!