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CRM Inventory Procurement & LDistribution
/C & POS Manufacturing General LedgerHuman Resource
Asset Management

Intelligent Customer Care
ustomer Management
Multichannel retailing
Supplier Management
Product & Promotion Managemnt
Production Scheduling
Daily Transaction Tracking
Organ gram Asset Register

Category management
Tracking & Retailer Management
Line Management Voucher Tracking HR Asset
PolicyInsurance & Maintenance

esource and brand management

Price managementAcquisition
Physical Inventory Reconciliation
Production Progress Petty Cash Employee Register
Asset Addition & Deposal

omplain Management
Sales order management
L / C Tracking Production Quality Handling Attendance Depreciation
R/A & P/A
Sales with cash , check , credit - debit card and M - Commerce tender

ampaign management
Transportation management Income Statement
Overtime & Leave

Fund & Project Managemen
Gift Cards / Certificates
Department Sale
tion and list
management Return with Refund Cash Flow Statement Payroll
Item exchange
Loyalty points
Cashier Statistics
time offer management
Bar - code management Balance Sheet Statement
Provident Fund

Perform End of Day
oyalty management Portfolio Employee Loan

Price revision & Barcode relabeling

Arena Accounting & QMS QMS Fund Collection Procurement Sales General Ledger Asset Management Beneficiary Register Recovery Schedule Supplier RegisterCustomer Register Daily Transaction TrackingBudgeting Asset Register Fund Category Rental CollectionQuotation Tracking Sales Invoicing Voucher Tracking Income Statement Asset Insurance & Maintena Application Legal Action Acquisition Petty Cash Cash Flow Statement Asset Addition & Deposal Approval Closing Bank & Cheque Books Balance Sheet StatementDepreciation Recovery Account Sanction Ledger Book Lease Asset Management Status R/A & P/A Disbursement Execution .