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Welcome to FRAGE 09

THE FINAL QUIZ OF FRAGE’09 IS DIFFERENT. KINDLY READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. THE TIME FOR THE QUIZ HAS BEEN INCREASED FROM 1 hour to 1 hour 15 min . DEADLINE 11:15:00 PM Special Instructions for Quiz4: • There are 4 rounds, each round with a different theme. • There are 5 questions in each round, carrying 2 marks each. • Decoding the theme of each round carries 5 marks. • All the four themes are linked in some way, which will give the Grand Theme. Getting the grand theme right carries 20 marks. Instructions for FRAGE 2009: • • Team can be a maximum of two members from the same B-school. In case of a tie between two teams, the one sending the answers earlier would be selected. The deadline for receiving the answers of this quiz is 11:15:00 PM. LATE ENTRIES WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED FOR EVALUATION. The decision of the organizers would be final and binding on all participants The answers should be submitted in word document with the file name being: “Frage09_Team name_Institute name” Email your answers to marketing@scmhrd.edu with subject: Frage09_Team name_Institute Name


1 across: This Company was named so that the logo of the company which consisted of first two letters of the name. (Last name) 2 down: Compatibility & Quality 4 down: This management style stresses hands on approach by the managers involving active information gathering. 4 1 2 3 Theme of Round 1? . IT Czar & now Realty.Round 1 Crossword: 3 across: The founder of this company has worn many hats – Banker. 1 Down: This gentleman forbade his male “cast members” to sport a moustache though he himself sported one. when reversed will look exactly like the parent company’s logo.

This creative organization was found in 1988 and is involved in creating concerts and theatrical shows involving music.Round 2 Q1. The design of their product packaging was inspired by a skirt which restricted the movement of the wearer. This brand of the company sponsors a reading motivation program which hands over free X to students for reading books. the rights of these products were bought by their current owners to be sold in the US. Theme of Round 2? . The name of the organization is based on the color that they sport. Q2 One of the Brands of this company is known to offer its product free to everyone in the US in case of some events.Each performance has three performers who don’t speak but mainly communicate through eye contacts and simple gestures.The name of the product is derived from the Russian for "Capital”. Q4.This Company has tied up with X to place their products in their virtual online community. In 2008. The company has just entered into milk based products category. The logo of the product has a façade of a Moscow Landmark. multimedia and comedy . Q5. Q3 First produced in Japan. the parent company was involved in a famous copyright case in India. where people can redeem their digital coupons in the real world. To support the sales of these products animated series and comics were created. This product was instrumental in opening of the USSR market for western products. The founder of another brand of this company was given the honorary title of colonel. though he never attained this rank in the army.

this company rewrote the rules of commercial sports sponsorship by becoming the first company to have its name printed on the shirts of the players.Round 3 1) Starting as an electrical repair shop in the early 1900s. 3) The answer is 42 4) This company received a lot of bad press recently because of the print ad (shown below) it ran in Europe. of uses of the product. The flagship product of the company was named so to highlight the no. 2) This company was named after a Yoga Asana by one of its co founder who was a yoga teacher. 5) Identify the logo Theme of round 3? .

Round 4 Connect 1: .

Connect 2: .

Connect 3: Which Technology? .

Connect 4: Think Lateral. . We are looking for the child.

Connect 5: Theme of round 4? Grand Theme? .

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