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STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT Presentation On Nestlé (India


Presented By : Ashita Flora (28) Archana Goyal (09) Neha Virmani (02) Sankalp Tyagi (18) Aditiya Sharma (11) Gurpreet Saini (38)

History € Introduction € Mission & Vision € SBUs of Nestle India - Milk & Dairy Products

- Chocolates & Confectionaries - Beverages - Prepared dishes & Cooking aids

SWOT Analysis € BCG Matrix € Conclusion




His first product was lactogen formula for infants by the name ´Farine Lacteéµ.  9/20/2010 STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT 3 .History  Henri Nestlé established Nestlé in 1867 in Switzerland.

GOOD FOOD Taste. Variety. 2 million 31 thousand people employed from all over the world. 5th largest company of the world according to its turn over.Introduction  ´Nestléµ is a Swiss-German word which means ´Little Nestµ which is its trademark. Over 700 products renovated or innovated in the past five years. Equilibrium Body and Mind     Strategy and Objectives 9/20/2010 STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT 4 . Quality for all HEALTH & WELLNESS Perceived Nutritional Value GOOD LIFE Feel Good Factor. Nestlé is the worlds· number one food company.

9/20/2010 STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT 5 . Nestle contributes to your well being and enhances your quality of lifeµ . Vision : ´Our Vision is to be the leading Food & Beverage companies in the world providing customers with healthy food at affordable pricesµ. With our unique experience of anticipating consumer needs and creating solutions.Mission & Vision Mission : ´Nestle is dedicated to providing the best food to people throughout the day. throughout their lives throughout the world.

Strategic Business Units (SBU·s) of Nestlé India Milk Products & Baby Food C ocolates & Confectionary Nestlé India Beverages Pre ared is es & Cooking ids 9/20/2010 STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT 6 .

‡9/20/2010 ‡STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT ‡7 . It was the world·s first infant formula. when a local pharmacist named Henri Nestlé saved the life of a neighbour·s child. The baby thrived on a special nourishing mixture Henri created. one baby at a time. together have made an unwavering commitment to a healthier generation.Milk Products and Baby Food Start Healthy Stay Healthy Nestlé·s infant nutrition rooted in 1867 at Switzerland. In 1927 Nestle and Gerber.

´An innovative approach to fostering baby·s healthy growth and development. from birth to preschool. Giving baby nutrition designed for every stage and very smileµ    Children will remain a key area of business Powders have high perceived nutritional value Affordability is an opportunity for growth ‡STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT ‡8 ‡9/20/2010 .

The culture of innovation.    9/20/2010 STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT 9 .Dairy Products  Milk products and nutrition account for around 45 %of Nestlé India·s total revenues. Improving product availability and visibility and initiated efforts to make its products more relevant to the consumers. Provide wide variety of high quality and safe food products at affordable price. renovation continuous improvement and the thrust on value for money.

it has grown into a nation-wide network.Chocolates and Confectionaries  In view of the impressive potential for confectionery sales in the country. NESTLÉ BAR-ONE NESTLÉ KIT KAT POLO NESTLÉ Eclairs NESTLÉ MUNCH NESTLÉ MILKYBAR NESTLÉ MILKYBAR Eclairs STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT 10  € € € € € € € 9/20/2010 . Nestle established an independent sales and distribution network for confectionery products. From three main cities in 1996.

Key Strategies«  All the prices are totally based on quality. Nestlé regularly uses both forms of research to gain a clear idea of consumer opinions and trends. gender is the target customer of Nestlé. Nestlé target its customers by know its customer needs & demands. of any age. It determines the sales of its products against those of its competitors with the help of research. Every person.     9/20/2010 STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT 11 . services and organization makes sure that prices should be affordable by all the customers.

KITKAT It has a unique finger format with a breaking ritual attached to it. With less than 80 calories per serve and affordable price. It is unique in the category ² ¶The Mint with the hole'. MILKY BAR Delicious Milky treat with a Calcium Rich recipe.    9/20/2010 STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT 12 . MUNCH It is the largest selling SKU in the category. POLO It is popularly described as a ¶Refreshment'.

Beverages Global coffee market segmented into² € Instant € Roast and Ground € Chicory Nes means miracle and café means coffee € € € € Market leader of instant coffee with 1st mover advantage Believes in innovation. improvement and thrust on value for money 22% of company·s total revenue PLC on maturity stage (Nescafe) & growth stage ( Nestea) PRODUCT PORTFOLIO Which one is your favourite ? 9/20/2010 STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT 13 .

relax and reward oneself Product specialization from nescafe classic to nescafe premium to refreshingly good Nestea ( Undifferentiated to differentiated market) Positioned its self as the leader of coffee market setting high entry barrier for competitors. 9/20/2010 STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT 14 .Key Strategies « Nescafe has targeted every segment of the market. € € € € € € Low income group Middle income group High income group Youth ( 16-30) ~ want to experience life & mature Family Builder (30-45) ~ social bonding. Outlets positioned on lines of theme ´ Taste that gets you started µ. focus No time to dream (46-60) ~ mental renewal. brings confidence.

Perks you up . Vending machines where footfalls are high.Cont« sells the best drinking moment € Quality product at reasonable price « « Smaller SKUs as a move to improve visibility and availability. Invasion through Penetration strategy in rural areas. Discounts 1st Brand Endorser ~ Deepika Padukone STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT 15 € € € 9/20/2010 . Placing products in metros especially in South India .Share a moment together Sales and Promotion using Bundling. Nescafe Coffee corners.Chance to relax & reflect .Wakes you up . Evolving portrayal of Nescafe as a Brand ..Brings clarity to your senses .

aiming at improving the nutritional intake of worker families. MAGGI comes with "no added preservativesµ. which was followed by Ready-made Soup. Health Bhiµ. Nestlé became a pioneer of industrial food production.   9/20/2010 STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT 16 .Prepared Dishes and Cooking Aids  Standing strong on its promise of ´Taste Bhi. Atta Noodles and the newly launched ´Multi Grain Noodlesµ. It was the first to bring protein-rich legume meal to the market.

g. E.: Maggi Bhuna Masala The dishes retain that ´special touchµ of the housewife.g. 9/20/2010 STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT 17 .: Maggi Cuppa Mania It is an ideal offering for the new generation pressed hard for time trying to juggle multiple roles all at once. MAGGI is revolutionizing the Indian kitchen with its latest offering based on intensive research and in depth understanding of Indian food habits and cooking practices. E.

Strengthen distribution channel of rural areas between 100 km of all metros. TV. small towns with population more then 10.Key Strategies«  Focus on creating distinctive image based on twin benefit of ´INSTANTµ and ´HEALTHYµ with the emphasis on health conscious and rural market. Conducting advertisement and promotional campaigns in schools.    9/20/2010 STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT 18 . Launch new advertisement campaigns (Radio. Print media commercials) with brand ambassador.000.

Strengths: Value added products Brand name Unique features and technologies Weakness: Less consumer research in few areas SWOT Analysis Threats: Opportunity: Market expansion by using bio-technology Baby milk action New and indirect competitors Product acceptance 9/20/2010 STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT 19 .

STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT 20 . They have high market growth but low market DOGS : The pharmaceutical products are nestle Dog. because it has low-share business with low growth market.e. because with the high quality and new designs which comes every now and then makes them more popular among the customers. are somewhat the stars in their business. 9/20/2010 BCG Matrix QUESTION MARKS : The question marks are the breakfast cereals.STARS : Nestle beverages i. CASH COWS : The cash cows are their baby food items i.e. nestle cerelac and other baby food products. Company has to take measures to make these products as stars.

We can easily find Nestle from any retailer shop. Nestle attracts more customers & has very prosperous future if it continues to promote its products and bring all the possible innovational aspects using different product line strategies.    9/20/2010 STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT 21 . Due to its advertisement.Conclusion Nestle is a market leader due to different reasons :  Its price is high against its competitors but it matches its quality with its competitors. Its packaging is good.


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