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Ron Young Refuses to Take Position on Key Issue

Ron Young Refuses to Take Position on Key Issue

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Published by: Senator Alex X. Mooney on Sep 20, 2010
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Contact: Senator Alex X.

Mooney Phone: (301) 620-0200 *** PRESS RELEASE *** 20 September 2010

Career Politician Young Says Trust me , Dodges Question about Taxes
FREDERICK, MD Ron Young dodged questions from Frederick News-Post reporter Meg Tully last week when she asked him about the issue of taxes. Tully asked Young about concerns from Senator Alex X. Mooney, who twice challenged Young to state his position on O Malley s 20% sales tax increase and a possible gas tax hike. In the Friday, September 17 edition of Political Notes, Tully writes: Mooney said he wants to know more about his opponent's position on issues, including whether he would support an increase in the gas tax. Young said he is not taking positions on raising taxes at this point -- he wants to get down to Annapolis and take a look at what's there and how it's going to be used, he said. Young is asking voters to trust him, but he isn t willing to take a position on the issue of taxation, said Senator Mooney. It is hard to believe my opponent, who has spent three decades in government, has no position on the issue of taxation. Voters have a right to know what a candidate will do if elected. People may disagree with my positions, but they know where I stand. Since Ron Young won t take a position other than his commitment to keep the Tax-and-Spend crowd in power, Frederick voters can conclude that Young will be a rubber stamp for Senate President Mike Miller and the liberal Democrats, Moony continued. In the next six weeks, Miller will pour more than $100,000 into campaign advertising for Young, so he can go to Annapolis to vote yes to higher taxes and bigger government. Senate President Miller asked Frederick business leaders last year to send a Senator to Annapolis who will vote to raise taxes. (Cliff Cumber. Frederick News-Post, June 24, 2009.) ###

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