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ASSIGNMENT GUIDELINES 7012- Human resource planning

Introduction • Defining the topic o Human resource planning is the process for ensuring that the human resource requirements of an organization are identified and plans are made for satisfying those requirements. • Global overview on HRP o Human Resource Planning determines the human resources required by the organization to achieve its strategic goals • Introduce the organization e.g. o The organization that I have chosen for this assignment is organization X. Organization X is a retails giant that..... o HRP at organization X is a much emphasized area and... • Develop a structure e.g. o In this assignment first I would try to explore how HR plan supports organization X’s strategic objectives. Then I will discuss.... Finally I will conclude my work by summarizing.... 1.1 Assess the strategic importance of current, future and anticipated HR requirements • Organization’s strategic capability e.g. the ability of the organization X to achieve long term goals o Resource capability i.e. financial resources, material resources and human resources o Organization’s mission, values, image as a resource o Human resources i.e. people’s skills and competence as a main strategic capability • Putting together an HR strategy

o The meaning and scope of a business strategy e.g. Business strategy is concerned with achieving competitive advantage o Strategic integration/alignment/fit, i.e. linking HR and business strategies e.g. business strategy is cost cutting and subsequent HR strategy is redundancy. • Strategic importance of HR requirements o Current HR requirements and its importance e.g. number and type of people required to meet current targets o Future and anticipated requirements and its importance e.g. number and type of people required to achieve future goals 1.2 Analyse how HR planning impacts on the strategic plan • • Organization’s strategic plan o The strategic plan of organization X is.......... The process of HR planning o Analyzing information for HR planning, demand forecasting, supply forecasting, analysis of internal movements, succession planning etc. • Components of HR plan o Organization and structure plan, employee utilization plans, learning and development plans, performance management and motivation plans, reward plans, employee retention plans and communication plans. • Impact of HR plan on strategic plan o How an organization’s strategic plan is influenced by HR plan e.g. if HR plan is timely and effectively prepared it helps the organization to achieve its long term goals 2.1 Evaluate the current legal requirements influencing a HR plan • Fairness in recruitment and selection o Unlawful discrimination in , for example, writing job descriptions and personal specifications, advertising,

devising an application form, short listing, interviewing , testing and final selection • Fairness and protection during employment

Employee rights, for example, maternity rights, adoption rights, parental leave, paternity leave and pay, emergency leave, right to request flexible working etc.

Leaving the organization o Fair and unfair reasons for dismissal o Dismissal and reasonableness o Constructive dismissal

2.2 Describe a process for recruitment and selection of new staff (external candidates) that complies with current legislation and organisation requirements • Legal and organizational requirements for recruitment and selection e.g. legal requirements are fairness equal opportunity etc. in recruitment process whereas organizational requirements are demands for replacements or for new jobs, shortage of staff etc. Recruitment process o Planning how to find and attract candidates o Defining requirements o Writing job descriptions and personal specifications o Advertising the vacancy o Reviewing the effectiveness of recruitment • Selection process o Sifting applications o Short listing candidates o Selection, interviewing and testing o Contract of employment o Inducting new employees

3.1 Discuss how organisational culture affects recruitment and retention of staff • Organizational culture o According to Shein (2004), Organization culture is “ basic assumptions and beliefs that are shared by members of an organization, that operate unconsciously and define in a basic taken for granted fashion.” • Effect of organizational culture on recruitment o For example power culture in an organization will breed use of power in recruitment process • Effect of organizational culture on retention o For example person culture may have an adverse effect on the retention of less privileged group of employees 3.2 Assess work life balance issues and the changing patterns of work practices

Work life balance issues

What is work life balance and its importance e.g. work life balance is the equilibrium between the amount of time and effort a person devotes to work and that given to other aspects of life Benefits of better work life balance arrangements e.g. Higher productivity, competiveness etc. Problems with work life balance arrangements e.g. additional cost, take up gap etc. Setting up work life balance arrangements e.g. Flexible working hours, Career breaks etc.




Changing work practices


what are changing work practices and their importance e.g. new and flexible ways of working to make the best use of
staff and other resources


Causes to changes to working patterns e.g. Demographics, Diversity issues etc. Impact of changes to working practices e.g. Increased retention, Improved recruitment etc. Problems with flexible work practices e.g. line manager’s resistance




Identify the process to be followed in a grievance situation • • • • • Employee informing you of the grievance Calling him/her to a meeting Investigating the grievance Making a decision Offering the right to appeal

4.2 Describe the stages of a discipline issue that results in dismissal • Defining dismissal o Employer terminating employees job with for a particular reason • • • • • Investigating the matter thoroughly Sending out a letter to employee to come to a meeting Holding a meeting Making a decision including any sanctions- first written warning, final written warning and dismissal Offering the right of appeal

4.3 Explain the role of ACAS, Employment Tribunals and other external agencies that could be involved in grievance, discipline and dismissal processes

Role of ACAS in grievance, discipline and dismissal process

ACAS (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service ) is an agency that provides advice and guidance , mediation , conciliation etc. on employment issues

Role of employment tribunals in grievance, discipline and dismissal process

Employment tribunals are independent judicial bodies which resolve disputes between employers and employees

Role of other external agencies in grievance, discipline and dismissal process
• o

Equality and human rights commission that deals with all aspects of equality and discrimination Information commissioner’s office is the UK’s independent authority set up to promote access to official information and to protect personal information Health and safety executive has a mission to prevent death, injury and ill health in the UK




Summary of the assignment e.g. o In this assignment I have tried to explain how HR plan at organization X supports its strategic objectives. I have also made an effort to.....

Final impression with a tinge of exploring new avenues e.g.

Though Human resource planning at organization X is an important activity that supports the strategic objectives of the organization, yet in the wake of global economic, demographic, social, and technological changes there is a dire need to inculcate some strategic changes in some of the above discussed areas that form the basis of HRP.

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