The purpose of the book is to enlighten a reader about the principles of vaastu and the benefits one can expect from it. The present book is not based on any ancient treatises or school of thought. It is a summary of observations and conclusions arrived at by the author after doing reesearch in this field over 15 years. Every statement made here is verified innumerable times before recording in this book. So that the book can be read quickly I have written the book summarising the contents. WHAT IS VAASTU? 1.Vaastu is a science of strucrures.It deals with the impact of various directional energies on a building when it is built and completed.The building which comes in the way of a free flow of directional forces creates an atmosphere inside it which is different from what prevails outside. 2.Further every building is a synonym for stress. Each brick loads the other and the roof loads the walls.In effect every brick used in construction represents stress. Thus a locking up of a stressful atmosphere inside the four walls always happens when a construction comes up. 3.Vaastu has nothing to with religion, one’s beliefs in God,rituals or astrology.. 4.How to use the stress locked up in the building to interact with the directional forces so as to create an unusually beneficial atmosphere inside the building is the science of vaastu. BRIEF HISTORY Vaastu is a part of Yajurveda, the sacred text of Hindus and is believed to be around 4 to 5 thousand years old. There are thirty two books in Sanskrit language starting from Vishwakarama’s Vaastu Shastra. Mayamata is another great book which also is believed to be from Vedic times.In the modern times innumerable books have been published in various languages. However we need to look at it afresh in view of the total and summary chages that have taken place in the construction industry be it a home,office,industry or condo.

HOW VAASTU WORKS? When a building is constructed the impact of the various directional forces creates typical forces at the corners. By joining the Northwest and Southeast corners by a straight line you get two triangles.But I will give you some one liners and you can verify the truth yourself as we go along. Here not much importance is given to the cardinal directions but only to the four corner directions. .financial misfortune etc ever takes place.It is this effort that has made the author visit more than 5000 buildings both in India and abroad and arrive at unfailing conclusions which can be verified by any one interested.chareteristicvs and the role they play.Northwest and Southwest you have a more or less rectangular sketch. The reaction of the two fields can be made to create a high energy bio force which can bring health to the occupants in an effortless manner. While one can do nothing about the crteation of building stress by manipulating the directional forces one can effectively neutralise the stressful field present in the structure. IS VAASTU TRUE? An obvious question especially when a claim that a building can influence one’s health and fortunes are made.IF THE Northeast field has a surplus it creates a protective shield for every occupant so that no untimely death.chronic diseases. These terminals get created because of the impact of directional forces with the stressfield inside the building. The triangle with Northeast apex can be considered as a positive terminal and the triangle with Suthwest corner as apex can be considered as negative terminal. EVEN AFTER NEUTRALISING THE STRESS . Vaastu is all about the importance.Southeast.accidents.sounds preposterous. THE ASSURANCE OF VAASTU Vishwakarma the founder of Vaastu shastra enumerates the benefits of vaastu as under. If you take a building plan and designate the corners as Northeast.

THEY ARE HAPPINESS IN MONEY MATTERS. Staircase in Southeast or Northwest corner 11. Water body in Northeast 6. BY A KNOWLEDGE OF THIS SCIENCE MAN BECOMES DIVINE. PRINCIPLES OF VAASTU The entire basis of vaastu is based on creating a very strong positive field and a weak negative field so that the complete neutralisation of the negative field takes place inside the building. Another door can come in any other direction but must be in the positive half of that direction. 2. When viewed the weight of the strucrure should be uniform every where or the West & South portions should be heavy compared to North or East half.FULFILLMENT OF ALL WORLDLY DESIRES AND CAN BESTOW BLISSFUL STATE. Sloped roofs should be towards North or East 14. A door in Northeast is mandatory 12. Further the excessive positive forces occupy the structure to form a protective shield. Level in North & East to be lower 4.’ VAASTU IN ANCIENT INDIA Although the science is several centuaries old there is nothing to support it was widely practiced in the olden days. Less open area in South & West 3. Master Bed Room in southwest 9.IT CAN BRING HAPPINESS TO EVERY ONE ON EARTH. . Bed rooms in West & South 8.‘THIS SCIENCE IS WHOLE AND COMPLETE. Attached toilets in Southeast or Northwest of each room 10. Kitchen in Southeast 7. Still there are some temples which stand testimony to the claims of vaastu in India. IT CAN BESTOW ON EVERY HUMAN BEING THE FOURTYPES OF HAPPINESS WHICH EVERY ONE ASPIRES FOR. IT CAN GIVE EVERY ONE GREATEST HAPPINESS AND THIS IS THE DICTATE OF GODS. Probably the lack of proper instruments to spread the knowledge could be one of the reasons. More open area in North & East. Levels in South & West to be higher than floor level 5. One such temple is the Sri Thirupati Venkataramanaswamy Temple which is having perfect vaastu and rakes in millions of rupees every year and an astounding number of devotees throng the temple round the year. 13.RIGHTFUL LIVING. GUIDE LINES 1.

1. Fire accidents. Here I will enumerate the problems that arise when defects are present in a building. Master Bed Room in Southeast with Toilet in Northeast – BREAST CANCER 2.One should follow these principles to get the best benefits. Master Bed Room in Northeast with toilet in Northeast . We are aware that the world’s two largest killers are CANCER & HEART ATTACKS. Surely you will have come across a few families who had the misfortune of losing a loved ones for one of these diseases. Level of Northeast higher in the floor. Master Bed Room in Northwest with toilet in Northeast.MONEY PROBLEMS/HEART PROBLEMS 4. Vaastu is being practiced in more than 80% of the buildings in modern India. All you need to do is to check whether the statements are true. PROOF VAASTU WORKS. Inspite of the giant strides of modern medical sciences these two diseases continue to haunt the populace.The purpose of use is not important. The effect always follows. STOMACH CANCER OTHER EFFECTS WHICH YOU CAN VERIFY 1. I have not come across a single instance where the owners have failed to reap the benefits of vaastu. Projected Southeast in a building towards East. The defects in a building which can result in the above problems are given below. Master Bed Room in South with Toilet in Northeast. Just check it yourself. VERIFY YOURSELF But my statement would not be enough. Financial loss/divorce/litigation .I myself have been associated in the planning of countless buildings all over Insdia and USA. LUNG CANCER 6. Unlike other para normal matters where hard proof or verification is difficult one can easily verify the principles of vaastu easily. BRAIN CANCER 2. Master Bed Room in Southwest with Toilet in Southwest-HEARET PROBLEMS/DEATH 3. Projected Northwest in North.You need solid proof.

Missing Northeast. 8. 9. If you would like to gain comprehensive knowledge about the subject visit www. financial drain Level of North high .Premature death of husband Projected South of Southwest.No progeny Projected Southwest towards West .death of wife Toilet in Northeast. All you have to do is to verify such defective buildings and check the incidents to convince yourself that we are dealing with a science which has much to contribute to human welfare. 6. 5.Send an email to sales@ vaastubook. If you are USA resident then download the book ‘INDIAN VAASTU FOR AMERICAN HOMES’ You can also get a vaastu report of your residence / business place. Any questions you have on the subject will be answered.See the details in our . efforts fail Level of East high. 4. education of kids and down load the book ‘AMAZING SCIENCE OF VAASTU’.3. That should be enough to start with. No progress.never ending financial problems Toilet in Southwest. 7.

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