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23% Tax Increase on Everything

paid for by the New york State democratic Committee. HaL10018

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“i’m also willing to talk about the flat tax or the fair tax, because i think those are ideas that may well be worth considering.”1
— dr. NaN HaywortH

Nan Hayworth wants you to
a new 23% sales tax on everything we buy.2 a 23% sales Tax on Everything
Hayworth’s tax plan includes a 23% national sales tax on everything—it will cost 23% more to pay your credit card bill, 23% more for health insurance, 23% more to buy groceries, and 23% more to fill up your gas tank.3

nan hayworth calls herself a fiscal conservative—but she wants to devastate middle-class families with
$250 Billion in new Taxes for the Middle class
in the face of a recession, we need tax cuts for the middle class. But Hayworth’s tax triples the middle-class tax burden—and hands a $250 billion giveaway to the richest americans.4

Eliminates home Mortgage deductions
Hayworth’s tax plan includes a 23% national sales tax on our mortgage payments—it will eliminate our mortgage payment deductions so we’ll be paying even more.5
chEcK ThE facTs:

seniors will suffer
Seniors who are on a fixed income simply can’t afford to pay Hayworth’s massive tax. prescription drugs and hospital bills are already skyrocketing—imagine adding a 23% price hike.6

voTE no on dr. nan hayworTh • tHiS doCtor wiLL Hurt you

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