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Help people enjoy life – through healthy snacking
Make enjoyable food, healthy & accessible to all people, any time, anywhere - everyday

Britannia has a robust business built on great products anchored in a consistently top ranked Food brand 2008 …. For the 5th Successive Year



…. # 2 in Food Category in 2008 & # 1 in 2007




Britannia brands and products enjoy unparalleled consumer penetration and reach!! Britannia brands reach more than 300 Million homes across India More than 40% of Britannia consumption happens in Rural India Britannia sells about 6 Billion packs of biscuits products every year Britannia products are available through more than 3 Million stores across the country Britannia has a leader presence in very frequently consumed Bakery & Dairy categories .

Cakes and Rusk Dairy one Cream cracker to be added here .Britannia products span multiple product categories in Bakery and Dairy with strong health targeted entries Biscuits Kids Nutrition Indulgence Snacking Adult Health Bread.

Britannia approach to Health & Nutrition Targeted Health entries. specialized products Fortification of Popular products Fortified products made accessible & affordable Source: Mckinsey .

.H&N initiatives: Britannia leads through product and thought leadership in India Product Leadership.. NUTRITION ALLIANCES @ the CLINTON GLOBAL INITIATIVE CREATING KNOWLEDGE . FORTIFICATION ZERO TRANS FAT HEALTH ENTRIES Thought Leadership.

Our commitment: Taking Nutrition to a Billion .

800 urban centers 627. Languages and Media 7 Mn Retail outlets 3.1 Bn No of Households : 200 Mn Setting new benchmarks on Diversity. Cultures .000 villages Malnutrition: 47% of < 5 years old malnourished 38% of the world’s malnourished children 9 . Channels. economic strata and health levels Population : 1. food behaviors.India: A complex inter-network of cultures.

proteins. calcium required by average adult 10 .0 Billion USD •1. Glucose biscuits provide 20% of energy.2 Mn tonnes Touching 90% Urban & Rural households •50% consumption in Rural •35% consumption from income groups < 25 USD/ month •Largest Stomach Share •Next only to Main meals •16% in Urban. 12% in Rural One of the most hygienically packaged categories 100 gm.Bakery (biscuits) is now the most salient and widely The Biscuit Categorycategory (also the Largest!!) consumed processed food •2.

Solving the Nutrition conundrum through the Fortification approach anchored in affordability & accessibility Brand Fortification Iron & Folic Acid Vitamins B1. B12. Minerals & Proteins 50% of total volumes fortified 7 Active Brain Nutrients 3. Iron .5 Billion packs sold annually 10 Vitamins and Minerals . D. Iodine 10 Vitamins. B6.

Our commitment: Removing the Bad Britannia is the First food company in India to become a Zero Trans Fat company .

The initiative had inception in the corporate view on the removal or minimization of ingredients that may be potentially harmful to health Despite manufacturing challenges. Britanni a has successfully been able to stabilize vegetable oils in the bakery format without adversely impacting the taste • Removed around 8.000 tonnes of HVO to vegetable oil usage .500 tonnes of TF from its products • Moved around 56.

which target adults Britannia will continue to focus its efforts on consumer education through declaration on product labels and through media • We reach 90 million households with just two brands • Well positioned to educate the Indian consumer through health messages on the packaging . Britannia has initiated basic TF education through brands like Marie Gold & NutriChoice.Realizing the need for consumer education.

Helping health seekers make better snacking choices that are ‘Good for them’ .

competition …Performance is key Erratic lifestyles Intent to buy international products Growing consciousness about health and diet Worried about family’s nutrition in-take .Britannia NutriChoice: Creating healthier snacking Indian Context .drivers of Health & Wellness choices for changing adult lifestyles Increasing affluence ‘Go getter’ attitude...

Deeper. Faster .Building networks for impact: Wider.

Britannia Nutrition Foundation: Building Knowledge creation and awareness through partnerships .



out of which 151 were suffering from anemia (Hb level ranging from 5 gm% to 11 gm%).48 gm% Sharing the learning from the initiative at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) . • The other 132 children had normal Hb levels but their Serum Ferritin and Total Iron Binding capacity was low.Britannia .Navjyoti India Foundation case study: Executive Summary Taking Nutrition to Slum schools • A meeting was held with the parents to tell them the importance of Iron and to take their consent on the intervention • A test was conducted on 282 children. • Fortified biscuits were given to these children regularly for 90 days • Final test was conducted on 139 children – Hb levels raised from 9 gm% to 12.

Navjyoti India Foundation: About • Education • Women Empowerment • Drug treatment • Healthcare • Family Counseling • RTI • HIV/ AIDS • Panchayti Raj Training • Vocational Training • Environment • Community Mobilization • 29 projects • 220 employees • 12.000 beneficiaries everyday • Urban slums of Delhi • Rural areas of Gurgaon • Karala Majri in Delhi • Environment Program in Pune • School for the children of drug addicts in Amritsar .

CAUSES • • • • • • Inadequate intake of iron containing foods Inadequate absorption of iron from cereal based diet Inadequate consumption of Green Leafy Vegetables & citrus fruits High prevalence of infections & infestation Lack of dietary diversification . folic acid & other nutrients by this group is high Prevalence – 60% to 90% in different age groups & in 6 to 11 years in Delhi 66.Iron deficiency in India: scenario • • • • Anemia – Major health problem Who are at risk? – Infants. scholastic achievement. physical performance and increased morbidity and mortality from infectious diseases. young children. adolescents and pregnant women Why? Demand for iron.Impaired cognitive performance.4% (Study conducted by Sethi et al – 2002) What is the effect in children? . behavioral and language development.

Big gains from ‘Iron deficiency’ eradication Strategies to overcome Micronutrient deficiencies • Iron improves • Cognitive skills & education • Future income of poor children ++ ++ Dietary diversification ++ Food fortification ++ • Iron improves • Productivity of manual labor • Income of the poor Supplement with minerals & vitamins Global public health & disease control measures ++ ++ .

Big gains from ‘Iron deficiency’ eradication Strategies to overcome Micronutrient deficiencies Food fortification proven to be the most effective intervention approach Benefit ratio = 1 : 176-200 Dietary diversification Food fortification Why Biscuits? Ready to eat Convenient Hygienic Tastier option Low cost / affordable Good fortification vehicle Supplement with minerals & vitamins Global public health & disease control measures .

Study: Introduction Assessment of impact of intervention with iron fortified biscuits in anemic children • Study centre: schools sponsored by Navjyoti India Foundation. a resettlement colony in Delhi Study protocol – approved by institutional ethical committee of Navjyoti India Foundation Parents were given a presentation on importance of iron for children to enable them to decide on their child’s participation in study Informed consent form was obtained from the parents • • • • . Delhi Location: Bawana.

50% % RDA 50-70% >70%<90% Intake of dietary iron Wheat: More than rice Vegetables: daily Non-Vegetarian: fortnightly Fruits: fortnightly Milk: Tea or coffee only % of children Protein & energy intake: deficient by 50% Iron: 50% RDA met through diet .0%) completed the study 4 biscuits capable of meeting >75% RDA for iron Diet intake of the children 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 <30% 30 .3%) met the inclusion criteria 12 children dropped from the study – parents moved out 139 (92.Mechanics of the exercise 300 children screened 151 (50.

mass product • Fortified with iron • Source of iron – Ferrous Fumarate An iron salt recommended by WHO for cereal based products (after reviewing various studies on toxicology.0 2. absorption & bio-availability) Nutrition composition Energy (Kcal) Carbohydrates (g) Proteins (g) Fat (g) Calcium (mg) Iron (mg) Folic acid (mcg) 100g of biscuits 431.0 7.60 4.0 25.Product & intervention details • Britannia biscuit – low cost.0 102.0 76.0 25. Dietary intake record through 24 hour recall method Intervention details .0 11.0 15.25 • Children received biscuits fortified with iron 5mg/ biscuit ~ 20mg elemental iron per child per day • Intervention period – 90days • Age group: 7 to 9 years.30 3. 300 children were screened • 3ml of blood was drawn from each child by an expert clinician and analyzed for Hb.0 33g of biscuits or 4 biscuits 142. TIBC & serum ferritin • Children were selected basis analysis of Hb level & inclusion criteria of the study protocol  Hemoglobin level < 11g/dl: Described as moderate anemia by ICMR & WHO standards  151 out of 300 children met this criteria • De-worming: a 400mg single dosage of Albendazole given at start and after 15days • Blood parameters & other data –  Hemoglobin – a direct indicator of anemia  Total iron binding capacity measures the extent to which iron-binding sites in the serum are saturated  Serum ferritin – an indicator of iron stored in body  Height & weight measurements • These parameters were analyzed at start & completion of study.0 8.95 20. Socio-economic status: Low • Gender: Both male & female children.

Study: Key conclusions* • Prevalence of anemia in the study group was 52% • Dietary intake of iron was found to be less than RDA Intervention with iron fortified biscuits (at 20 mg/ day) for a period of 90 days • Significant improvement in the status of hemoglobin • Significant improvement in storage iron *To assess the impact of iron fortified biscuits on growth and cognitive functions. a longer period of intervention along with control group is required .

7 10.7+/-0.4+/-1.03 12.52 12.6+/-1.96 .57+/-0.09g 09 .38 9.Impact of intervention: Hb levels increased from 9.11g Level of Hb in g/dl Initial g/dl (Mean/SD) Final g/dl (Mean/SD) * No change was observed in school attendance during the intervention period 08 .48 Hemoglobin levels 12.9g 9 .4 12.10g 10 .6 9.00 to 12.11g 8.20 10.7 8 .22 12.74+/-0.74 8.7+/-0.57 12.10g Initial Final 10 .


Britannia – Naandi Foundation + GAIN case study: Focused Nutrition initiative through partnerships Taking Nutrition to Midday meals Launch of the ‘Fortified Tiger Biscuits School Feeding Public Private Partnership’ . 2009 . May 2008 Sharing actions on the Nutrition commitment: CGI conference. Mar 2007 Case study published in the GAIN .World Bank Institute series.

Other Britannia tie ups for supply of fortified biscuits World Food Programme (UNWFP) Midday meal program: Pondicherry Midday meal program: Chennai .

Possible areas of collaboration .

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