Please Note: Dissertation must bear the Candidate’s own original efforts. Where Dissertation bears resembles to each other, wither in content, text or material, they are liable to be rejected and such Candidates would face penal action. For Dissertation a Candidate may select from any topic in the list given below (No approval require), Or choose any other topic relevant to the course, approval for which may be taken from the coordinator either through e-mail (ded@nls.ac.in) or through post.

Suggested Topics for Dissertation
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. Global Environmental Negotiations World Trade Organization and Environment Biodiversity Protection-International and Domestic Law Management of Hazardous substances Analysis of Laws on Climate Change and Ozone Protection Environmental Concerns of International Economic Institutions International Protection of Environmental Rights Judicial Activism in Environment: Issues Principles of Environmental Governance and their application Environmental Movements and Voluntary Groups – Their Role and Contributions in Environmental Management. Indigenous peoples & Environmental Protection Popular participation in Natural Resources Management Human Rights and Environmental Concerns in Development Projects

Assessment of enforcement mechanism 18. 20 21. Significance of Education and Information in Environmental Governance Conservation for natural resources: Strategies and initiatives Privatization of water: Legal Issues and challenges Corporate Social Responsibility Decentralization of Environment Management Role of International NGOs in environmental protection Environmentalism and Religion. Eco-tourism Rain Water Harvesting Pollution Challenges in Indian Cities . 19. 23 24. 28.14. 25. 26. Issues of protection of Intellectual property and Traditional Rights under Biodiversity Law. Environment Impact Assessment Law – A critical Evaluation. Wildlife Protection Law. 27. 17. 1986 – An Assessment of Notifications issued and its impact. 29. 22. Pollution Control Administration – A performance Audit. 30. Environment Protection Act. 15. Clean Development Mechanism Electronic Wastes – An emerging threat to environment. 16.

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