SAPH LEADERS NEEDED!!! Important to keep the UWF MPH program accredited!!

Hi MPHers, I have been discussing with some of you the possibility of having a SAPH meeting at some point this semester. We are hoping for a date in early October (October 4-8). The purpose of the meeting would be to discuss the election or appointment on an interim basis of a core group that would serve as Student Leaders in the association. This core would assume the responsibilities previously carried out by Pamela Perrich, and Leauna Stone, who have now graduated. Roles needed: President Vice President Secretary Treasurer The Student Association of Public Health plays a critical role in providing opportunities for service and that cannot happen unless you have an active organization. Also, having an active organization will allow you as a student body to request funds from the University for public health related events that you may be interested in pursuing such as community service events. We already have some funds in our checking account for SAPH activities. I would like all of you to consider attending the meeting on whatever day the ones who can attend will be meeting. We will set up an Elluminate Session so that you can participate from wherever you are if you leave outside Pensacola. Please let me know if you are interested in serving as an Officer for SAPH. Dr. Mbizo

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