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Excellent Youth Football Drill Book

Excellent Youth Football Drill Book

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Published by: floridastate_2010 on Sep 20, 2010
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To teach the basic three-
point stance.

Coaching Pointers:

Progress slowly and start
from the beginning before
each new progression.

Players should be able to
pick up their hand without
standing up or falling.


Set-up and Instructions:

Line the kids up straight across from you and walk them through the
progression of getting in a proper three-point stance. First have them
get into a good hit position and check to make sure they have their feet
shoulder width apart, toes and knees pointed straight ahead, a slight
bend in the waist, flat back, and chin out. From here, lower the center of
gravity by bending at the knees and sitting. The players rest their
elbows on the thighs. The knees should be at an angle slightly greater
than 90 degrees. Make any correction then have the players lower their
dominant hand to the ground to complete the three-point stance. The
hand is positioned so that if the player’s eyeball fell out, it would land
on his thumb. There is just enough weight on the hand so that the
player’s fingertips turn white. Make sure the toes and knees have
remained pointed straight ahead, that the back is flat, and the head is
still up so that the boys can see what they are going to hit.


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