Accelerated learning meets ICT (m/s 19) 1. Stress kills (or severely reduces) learning opportunities 2.

students need to see, hear and feel the big picture 3. we need to connect learning to make it memorable 4. music can change learning environments for the better; and increase students’ predisposition to learn 5. we each learn in a unique variety of ways through our senses Using ICT in the accelerated learning process m/s 20 ICT can help to: 1. lower threat and can provide second and third chance learning 2. provide different points of access for learners with different learning styles 3. allow teachers to create, store and deploy multimedia resources and activities to work with different visual, auditory and kinaesthetic modalities 4. provide new ways of making connections – allows students to present their understanding in a media over which they have some mastery, for example, a sound file, a scanned picture, animation and hypertext – a tool to make connection and say ‘this links with that’ 5. provide support and scaffolding, safe within the cradle of the ‘undo command’, giving opportunities for second and third chance learning without fear of failure or the stress of others seeing that ‘you haven’t got it yet’. “Too often, it has been assumed that ICT will transform learning. It won’t if it is being incorporated into a traditional teaching structure but its effects are maximized if it goes hand in hand with changes in teaching and learning” – Derek Wise, headteacher, Cramlington Community High School m/s 21

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