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The choice of the word view or viewpoint is largely semantic. Neither word means
something specific, except in the context of the methodology which contains it.

As an example, consider the security view. Where is it in each of these

For the 4+1 view of RUP, the answer is simply wherever you want it to be.

In Zachman, it would be divided up into relevant sections within the grid. There
would be more than one, but less than thirty aspects to the security view.

In RM-ODP, security is not a view, but a function. The four functions of ODP are
Management, Coordination, Repository and Security.

So we find that the apparent simplicity of expecting a view for all architecturally
significant aspects is not delivered by any of these methods. Neither are they
wrong not to contain a security view, for Security may be offered partly by
software, partly by hardware technologies, and partly by business procedures. If
locking the door at night is part of the security of your software system, you
would contain that information in your hybrid security view in any of the

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