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'Based on the original DUNG'!i.ONS & DRAGONS'" rules Iii. G:u:y Gygax and Dave.Arneson, and the new DUNGEONS & DR.l<G_ONS game designed by JOllathan Tweet, Monte Cook, Skip wi!liaJllS, Richard Baker, and Peter Adkison.

This WI7 .... RD. OF nn!. CQAS~ game product contains no Open Game Content. No por:tiou of this work may be reproduced in any form withou t written pet ill ission. TO' learn more abou t rhe Op en Gaming License and the d 20 System Li CCIlSC, please visit www. wizards,com/dlO.

EUROPEANHEADQY.ARTERS Hasbro UK LId uuwell W~J Newport. G" nr NP9 om GRi.AT BIUTAIN 62.0-9rnS720-Qol-EN' Tho se L:.<p ,,,,,odd!' ... for your_",

9 8 7 6 f 4 J 1. 1

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Lncreducrion, ~.4

cbapre,r t:Discipl~ riftEi_eSwoaL •.••.. , •• 1-

Crusader, ..... ~ .. _ .. _~ .. _ ....... ,.,. " ...... 8

S\Vortbage . - ~ ~ __ . ,0', ••• , •• _ .•• , •.••• " •..•• is

Human SwotasageSrarfi:ng 1!acknge ' , .. lB

Warblnde _~~ __ , ' , .. 20

chap rer 2.: kills anclFeal:S. __ . ' . , , :17

'ew Skills andVses 27

lnumidl!.re . __ ' •. '."., 27

Kno\Yledge(1';o",,~ 28

Marl ial Lore _ .28

Nllw Feats, , . ' __ ' , , ' , , , ' ,.28

Adapdvesryle., , .. , .. , .. ' .' 28

AVi!lIgtng strilt'e ",'" .. , , .. 28

Blade Meditation ...•... , ....•.• ' . , •.• , ,:2&

Des-en Hre." ....... , .. ,",.,."., .•... 29

Desert WIDd D0~,g" __ ,' ,. _ .... ' , , ,.29

Devered Bulwark , , .. , .. , , 29

DivineSpiri(_ , " •.. 19

livasive R..£I"""s. ., __ , .. , .. 30

Bxrra Cranred Maneuver .•.•.... , ..•..• 30 Exrrn Readied Maneuver .........•..... 3Q

Falli11g Sun Arrack , , , . _ •. 31

Instanr dari[)' , . _ .. 31

Ironhearr AUll! ,_ .31

Manial Slance .. _ 31

Manial Srudy ,. ., - ••.. , 31

Psychic Renewal __ 32

Rapid Assaul] , , , . , .. 32

Scribe MarrlalScript . , , . , , . ,_ , . _ " , __ .32

Shadow Blade . , ,., _., ......• , , ,_32

hadow Trickster.. , ' .• , ." 32

Song of the While Raven , , , .. 32

lIap IGd: , 32

tone Power .• _ , . .. . . .. . .32

u dden Recovery 33

Superior Unarmed Strike , .33

Tiger Blooded, .. , , , 33

Unnerving-Culm, .. '''''''''''. _ .• , 3-3

Vital Recovery . , , .. , , ,., .. , ... , ... , .33-

White Raven Defense, " , , , , " .• , , . , .. ,.33

Ulcricoll'enr5.. __ ".,", .... , ... ,' .. 34

Clarion Command= __ . _ .. , ., ....• ' _. _ ,34

DistanrHorizon, , _ .. , ........• , , . , .34-

Faith Unswerving _ _ .3"4

Gloom Razor- .• _ .. " , .35

P.:dec[ClarftyofMiDdaDil llody 35

Reaping Talons , ' 35

Scorching Sirocco- '.. ", , .. , ~5

Sha-r{lgofC,r.nnlre." .. " ..... ,.,., .. " .. 36. Sto~mg~'nlld WaIL!ru:", ".,.,.,',."., ,36

Chapter 3: .Blode ~1!Lgk .. ." _ , _, _ ., __ _ .37

Mutialpo\Vers .. _ .. , ... , , ,37

Re.atlyingM"anem--er:;; 38

Ini1iating Maneuvers-and Stances. _ 03&

Concentmrien 39

Tnitlarcr Level , , , 39

Resolving a Manem'er or.Stance ,., , .39

Recover; ng Expended ManeLlVe1:s .•. ,. , .40 Martial Powers andMagtc , _ .. _, _, ..• ' .40

Maneuver and Srance-Desertprlans • • .•.• -!-U

Nam.e. , ••.••. _ .. , ._ .. _, .••.....•.•. , ,-1-<1

Milrtial DI sciF line _ • .. ,40

(Type). , " _ , ,42

[Descriptor] .. '." ,+4-

Level "."'" _ , , -1-1

Prerequisite _~._ ' .. , , ,.;.,.~

Initilldon Actien .. -- , .'H

Range " ,' A .. 5

Targeting n M'lIieuvet _........ . .•.. • .. -!-5

Duration , .. , _ +5

S""tngTbww , 46

Spell Resistance , ,-+6

Descriptive Text '... , . .46

4aming: Ma'llelwena.-ul.stlltlces. , , ,,!-6

Chapter 4: Maneuvers and S_tances , , ' , , , .. 47 Maneuver and Stanre Llsts • . ......•••.. _ .48

Desert Wind ,.' , .. , " , .52

Devoted Spirit , - .. 57

Diamond Mind , .62

Iron Hean .. , .. " . .. .. . .. .. .. .66

S"£[ingSun, _ , __ .70

Shadnw Hand , .. , ,' ,,, 7;;

Stone Dragon, __ , •.. __ .. _ .81

Tiger Claw ., , , , , , , ' .. , , ".' ' •. , .... , .•• ,. ,-M

While Raven, ' ,," , , , • .90

Chapter 5': l'resdge Classes , _" .. __ , , , , . , .9"5 AdV:Ulci-ng M~n:iil Progression .••.. , .. , ... 96 M:3rri~1 Adeprs .; '.. '.... ..,.... .. .. 9l;

1 onmarrial Adepts " , .96

Bloodclaw Master ..• _ 96

Bloodstcrm Blade _ , 100

Deepsrnne Sentinel "., , 105

EternalBlade _ .. ' .. 109

Jade Phoenix M~ge ' , ... __ .. 11!1

M~~ter{)fNine ... , ',"""'''''''''''' ,l'l~

Ruby Kni_ghrVilldkal:or. , ,", .. , .122

Shadow Sun Ninja. , ' ' l2b

Chapter 6: The inc Swords • . 131

Wcllponso(Legacy •.. " .. _ ,_~~ Bt

Desert Wind (DeserrWlnd) ,132

EUihfu l.Avenger (Devoted Spirir) , .•.. B-1-

Supemal C~arhy (OlamondMintI) .. , , 136

Kamate (1[011 Heart)" .. , .. - ~ .. ' ... " , 137

.Eye:tltide's Edge (Setting-Sun) .. , ,., ' •.. ,' 139 umbralAwn (Shadow Hand) ., ...... ' , • ' .~40 Unferrered (Stone Dragon) .•• __ .. __ . __ ., .14-2 'l'iRer :Fang (Tiger Claw) ...... _ - . - - ..... " ! 44 "Bi;d" ofrbe Last Cieadel (White Raven) , , ,1+5

Ch..pter 7: },ofagk Items, _ , . , , . , , , .147

M;[ttialSctlpJ:S, .... , .. , ,' ' .147

NeW Weap-on specra I Abilities, , .•.. , .. ~ 4 8

ApliTude Weapon. - , . - . , , .H

Mantia I D I soipline Weapon , .. , , .1+8

New Wondrnl-ls hems", , ,149

CrOWD of White Ravens 1451

chapter 8: Nine words Monsters lSI

~ir-yan_Rak5h3sa .. , , _ • __ .. lS1

Reth Dekala , _ _ ', , 151-

Vall,'-YJ:ie , .. ' . , , ' ' , , , ,. 156


Behmd the Curtain: BlendingGenres , 6

The '1ne Dr ciplines.: .. _ ....... __ . 8

Keeping Track of Readied

and Bxpended Maneuvers. , " ..... 38

Incorporeal Subrype . , , ., _., _ , , _ .. 79

Shifters.and I he BloodclowMasret, , , .• , , , .~7

~w Any~hjng ..... , ....... ", ... ,' ,lOt

Hmpping'il ReturnIng. We~pon", ... "." ,102 },fugiGltern. "nd lnrroduetng

Manial Maneuvers. .. __ .... _ .. __ .... __ , 150

Nairylll1"Rll kshasa Lore .. , .. , , .. ,. 152

Another Rak hasa? - __ 153

Rerh Dekala lore _ _. 156

Valkvrie Lore , , .. , IS8

tlfl1 Hanlin Turfyeshor, fhe 5wordsnge some-

times called the Iron Dra,go11. It.' wasT who defeated'tlw High In 1liNtto r of Tfa.J11 M in the Dj~(lgOl1 shunTempl~.ltwfi51 who. slew the.demolt Vn.rrasl1.-KraHl1theEhorj Town. Ana 'itwas Tn}' comrarler and t wlio excised,

the min ii flayerinfestrrtroYi frorn DrI~kvate tJwe yean ago, tl1 ough two ofltl)' fl'ieads died JWliribly

in the P1"QCESS. SLid, are my dee(k .

I have "va ndBred tn e world for twen ty years, dud yi 11 gtl1 e Sub Ii /1'1 i Wny and swnhLngfor my own tYUel11eflmrc 115·(1. waniiJl' nl'ld ,,5 rio EC'I'5OtLlliketo thinkthatI am n little wise')" rlOW tl101'1 when I 5[m'red, bLLt I must leave that judg1'l'Ie.n.t 10 othen. I spend my dllysJeaching ;;lOW, that Lma.y. 110 110r the path I have followed my 1.lIhoi,e Ufo,

Some afmystudentsfallfmi1i the WJlynnrl tUrI'ltiiothcl'pul'SLJits, Some becomediirmpiollS ofgaea tll1dJustice. Ol'hers 1 isrrmytead7ings to wreak blh'i6le wrongS' In th.e world. But aIL who seel<. the Way mu.\T~e raugHt.,·!Jew.use it i5 not for 1 ~le sWQ)"dsrnith to ~aJ' wl'll!h er hi§blaaeswill spilI tILl' blaoa oJ rhe wicked Q1"theimroce.nt. _Li,k~ all fittirwiedge, tT1e $1-(hlime W,iy -wn be usd for good or ilL

Atte nd now, ),o-ung,ones, and I l-Villendea.vor to teach you S01m SI11r1Jl part of thetntt.h:o{i'he sword.

The world of rbe DUNCioNS & :PRAC;QNS gameis.!Wed with -Characters who _puJ:slle dle. ways ofbatde, Barbarians destroy their roes in Gersedd;-enZies, andrangers.are masters of the.hunt, paladins rely on theirvirtue ~:ti~ courage to_s;LlStain theru againsr their opponents, Figh"tersinastet an array ofspecial maneuvers ana attacks to overcome the monsters ,and villains ch¢y encounter; But.thehighestofa warriors arts-is-the Sublime Way-me: secret Iore that teaches a fighdng-cbiltac:ter how to-meld- his inner strength, training, ana discipline-intothe perfect-weapon.

The Snblime Way:is nor.magical-c-ar least, a normal senseIt i s.a fighting system that harrresses a- students disci" pline.and determination through how ~age, practice, and study, Amast:eJ: bfthe s.U:biune Wa.y. can perform martial ezplorts that are nearly superhuman-and, in fact, some of them ac:tl!ally tnp},scend rhe.natural,

Like -l1ghters, St11-9ents ofthe Sublime Waymasteranumber of special manenvers.andstrlkes to defeat their foes. Bur, while-

a'Rgbteis lisrGrfea re!lll:ex~:e:!;:its valribus'combatreclmiquesth;it he ~aalise fQ[' aftl}cic.0t de[ense"tne' mCaneltVe1-S oh S.uBl.i.ine WIJ;fDllisrer;repre.sei'ItSlllaJiLmo:Jnents'ofclarity,selFknowled'ge, piety,0rpeifediou, ,f..:fighterilSesl'o erAttatkto Strikehru;dh, P'fu-a student of the Sul:ilin-leWayw.ho waiitSoto accomplish the ~e gbalperfon~ls li-v.ery ~'ePficmental and ph.ysical exercise rhat tesBlrsin a:rhignty blovi;t-I,Fii:lS.s executed just right.

Some believe th.lltap.rnWtiona]' o-Ethe Su blime Way creates fu€" power for his nianeu:v.ers by invok::ing a. ocsmfcprtnctple 0fp@ection Thts.theory holds that ilthestudeni movesirra precis~pattem while:callirigta..nilnMlie very specificmenral images:or 3.Ilaiogie£correspondin,gm tllarmnneuver, he forges II brief connection-with a source.of'pewer [hat lends strength abd.precision to his strike. Others believerhatfollowers of t1ie Sublime Way draw the necessary power fromrheirown souls bybamessrng Iii-the energy oflife. But whatever the truth of me matter, the results are.spectacular. Few can match the agility, strength, and Skill8f a master ofrhe·'SublimeWay.


YQu.need.rhethree D&b core rule book.s-:Pla.yer's Handbook (PB), Dtmgton Mastc.r'r Gu.iile fDMG), and ,Monster Mrl.l1l.1ILl (MM) the best-use [JErome afEa.tHe: Th""Book of NilleSivart!s. This book occaslomilly mentiotis material from a few D&TI Monster Manu ell III, Complete Advent-UTe}", and COmrIet!? WaYl"ior, "but none cfthese supple, metlfs are necessary to get the most out of Tome of Battle~.


TOI'IU!ufBattl.e: The ]pokofNil'1cSwordsaescribes a sysrem.ofspecial romhar"spells"knqWlJ as the ~'uh!iJp:e Way, theNine Disdpl::lf1~ or blade magic. Here §lIe-soD;teo£the· salient terms and [ll.Cts'y,ou \w~eed to beIa:q:l"iliarwitli~s you pel use this book

-Martial Adept: A character'with one or more levels in the crusader, swordsage, Of warblade class is known as a martial adept.

¥aneuver: A maneuver is a spt;!.ciE.~.Elne..,-shor effect that a martial adept initiates. In til is way, p·lllali(mVer is funcrionally similar toa spell. However, a martial adept-usually doeSif't use up or-expend-maneuvers during the course -of a <;1-a1"o£ adventuring thewaya spelleasrer does. He begins eaclJ. ne:ti.> encounter with all the maneuvers he readied forthe day availaql.e rg him. Whep a martial.adept iniriates.a maneuver, it is temporarilyeJl..'pended unttl. he chooses ro perform a special action required to recover his expended.maneuvers. The ~ype rof a~tion necessary varies for each martial adept class.

The-three basic:types ofmaneuvei5 are.hoosrs, countets, -atlrl srrikes, In aC\dition, mal:rial'adepts can learn special ~bihties known as stances (which are cJ:~.~~ribed Later in '{his Introduction).

BOQrt: A boost.augments a user's, abibties.usuallyarracks, in some manner. Porexample, a marrial adept whosrudies the Desert W'ilJcL~l-scipilllecan wreathe hisweapon.inflame 1;0 deal extra 6Te damage oil a successful rut,

Gowrt~: A counter is all Immediate acri.on that lows a martial-adepe ro foil an opponenr's.attacks. For example, the

S~gSUt:f discipline teaches its aOherents :l:o-av:oid<a foe's chat:~bysteppin-g aside.

Sfrike:Astrikeis a special attackrhatdrawson adisctplirres teachings.toinvoke a-special effect The Stone Dragon di'Scipllne, for example; teac-hes'its adherents-to slammfo·their enemies with crushing blows.

Martial DisdpJiHe: Amarrial discipline isa family orcscl1mil orrmineuvers thar Share some. common philosophy or-illfect Nine. martial, disciplines exist, each consisting offifteen to twenty manelreers'andstances. The nine disciplines-are called Desert Willd, Devoted Spitit,Diamond1Vfind, Iron Hean; Serring.Sua, ShadowHand, Stone Dragon, TigeiClaw, and White Raven. Mos'tmartial adepts don'c have access [Q all.the disciplines.

Maneuvers Known: The' collection ofmanerroers arnartial adept has learned. You can think of this as the martial adepfls spellbcok or spelll isr. A martial adeprs class and level determine the number.and level of maneuvers she knows.

Maneuvers Readied: M0srma.ttlal adepts cannot keep ~1 maneuvers they know ready arall times. At thebeginning of each day, a martial adepr chooses some.ofthe maneuvers-she knows asher "readied" maneuvers (the determined by her class and level), These-are the-maneuvers she can .iriitiale. A rnarrial.adepr can change herreadied maneuvers at-al:!Y time. but doing this requires 5 m imutes of rest, .m:~ditatiolll prayer, or the performance of various practice routines. The specific details depend on the martialailepts class.

Stance: Astance is a.special type of l:rum~l1vet . Each Stanceel;; aparticular fighringpose rhat.granrs ~tma:rtial ,a_dept specialbeneflts androptions, For example-the Tiger Clawdisciplineteaches stancesthat allowthe user to unlock bel' £enil.janimaIistiG.t13tUl.,"fr. Unlike other maneuvers, mOSI stances can.remain irte.ffectfor an indefinite time, Alistances a character kn~ws ~available to her arall times. A character can adopt a· stance, or changeftcm one stance to another-as a swift-actio!o1.

Key skill: Every martial mane:q_ve_Ei~ tied to a.skill, such as Balance; Concentration; or JUlIl;P. Sometimes key skills come into.pleytn the initiation ofaiffia neuver, bur m.o$tl.Ythey represent rhe ideals-afound V'lmch rheir.respecnve·dis.cip11nes are centered,

Lnitiate.A martial adept uses amar~aJ maneuver bytru;tl.a"ti ng it. So Insread of casting a spell or man ife.sring·a; a character initiates a maneuver.

Inrtiator Level: Some m ~ neuvers have effec ts that v:ary with the level 9fthe character inittatirrg-them. 4l1tiatoj:

Level is.functicnally equivalent to caster level or manriester level-it's simply the relevant class [evel of the.rnartia] adept who Initiates the power,

Crusader: The crusader i§ one of the three martialadepc standard classes described in Cbapter 1. Crusaders are.warricts wbo 'use their devotion and zeal.ropower matrialman:e\tvers.

Swords age: The swordsage is unorher of [he .mar tia] adept standard classes from Chapter 1. Swordsages are "b1a(:le wizards"-mysric swerdfighrers who can aecompltsh.asrontshingfeats of rnart ia] prowess. T]-ley know more-ma.rttal maneuvers than other martial adepts, and.they .have ,lco_tess to the IUOSt martial disciplines.

Warblade: The t.h ird of me martial adept standard cia9,_ses described in Chapter 1 is the warblade, These-pure wa.q:i0rs

are aseeric champions who use martial maneuvers in place df me feats or rage that a fighter or barbarian would employ.

Now I will speak of Hie NineSwonk They are 110 mer~l~gen.ds, yOUI'Lg orlll-J have seen two of 1;], em ill my ITallc/.s, This is N1e

begirw inK of th.1Ji I' 5 to r y. .

Three ago, a yO~fI1~ 111l11lal1 Galled Res/my cm:nerd rtutiYTftthe I~obgoblfn mOfHl.ltety ()f Ur-Th aldaal'. The 110bgobUh .>tlfordrtlarrers acinlimstercd Cl'uc1 te5t~ lind c1l11lIenge:t, bl~t, (:o'tl1e!1" SlIl'prise, Reshal' survived. They StlH1 that he must be taught, aild. so they permi.ftecil1i1ll to remain.

From them, Rl1shar Iranted 1,/-1e ecrets of the lron Heart, the marrjierce alld difficult dlool of bladc1.IIork ill the world. whel1 he had mastered the Tnm Heart Reshar too'k his leave and went nc.rlto the Great G-olrlet1 Desel'~ where lie presented l1imselfto the WInd DenJish es of A lulraItlII. When he Iwd l1lastcr~d the Desert Wllld >chool, hewcllilo rhe islands beyo:nd fhe dawn,nnd sit!died the WAyS of tire Setting 51111,111 the space OfOllLy three years, Reshay did what no Ol1e else lUIS' ever been able to ao: He mllst81'eil all nitle of the martial disciplmcs,

In tll!~ days oj Resflflr" the individual schaab, philosopllies, and bmfitians thai we 'mow II - the ublime Way were scattered haP"' hazardly ncrnss tJ1C world, Adherents ofth.e variam disciplines were tnefien:erl o/dunlso each ceking to prove fhe superiority afhis,own 5chool aver all the ofh~l'S.

But having '/ ~~tered (Ill ~une disciplines) ResllClY sri Q~!tto"etJcJ_ thisrivatry. He rehlmed to each p1.a.ce where he had sl:4cH~d and toolzits 5i !lgle mos!':womising s tw,d en t ash 11 OlVn qR,Pnlnfice. ['herr; fu led his nfl',1l" ap:prmtjces to ti1C Sump[re MOlmt11.11'lS, whc1'e he founded the TCl'l1Ipl.e uf tfle Nine Swords. For m.ClJ1Y years, , Reslwy Ilt1d his Nine Mq'fters sOllgh! the pnt:l1 to pClfectiotl, wal/~il1gJarthrr down the l'O'a'(l of the Sublim.e Way thall anyone )'Ifl;dbefOl'e-ar sillce. Hundreds ofsturlents Cjl1!7e 10' t:l1cm lind lea1'11ed much IYotrf their femple.

After a,.cmlllry of shjrly lind t'cnching; Resnar called his masters top-ther lftld told them he l{la, leaving rn travel the world again. Age 11m! neverto1.uhed him, oth el' than to' whiten lus hail' and linc hkface. The mnste rs begged hi III to rtny. hilt Rl15h an1.:fwied,Before he left, though, h~ gave eadl mastel' A gift-a sword thai embodud

the pn)olciples, skiTls, an d ph ilosp pllY Qttl1 c rectpitltl ri first iliscip1ine. ",(Islongasthesesworcimnnain loge:th r, the Temple wilL neue fa1l," he-~rM tile Nin~ M11.Stars. "N(tur;l.~o:' AHa he set affa/om, Ol~ Joot mid '.l1terrl'l'le'd, oe(atlse he/cared Ilofhing-fn the world, No one,ever sri.'w H1.n:1 again.

AIJt~I,'ilna'Pcis:sed, (11'1,~ 011 e by, 0 i1'S Resh r:j,l,IS oj",igltwl,di'sclpl-e5 aiE1t1 ,ol'1'etlil'l1ed to,th ui l' OHi 11 Ii:l11'ds. rh e S!Ur!1i1J1:rS th II y left beli1' fl tf becam.e 11'1ri'steh il1 thei;i' awn I'fgl1,l-l tll1d I'hel' gI.anled tntJ Ilii~esword!'with great care. j3j.ji' (me l'I.ig/1t, the m/zshltsil lord Kaziir-Thet came w the Temple !If the Ni11e Swords. Be ad.optcd the gufs~of a wear)' tralleler ana WIlS gillell welGome a1' the l'cl:tlple. Knziir-Thet stow Supernal Cl.ariTy, the 5WDl'd of Dla11l01'Id Mind, lllld fled witl1 it into the wrlstelrmds. The masters pursued, butthey wilid not Gatch the dever m11s1mm pI'fl1m.

From ihat day 011, fhe temple began to foil. Slowly at first; the SllUie!1t5 of the vrlrious disclplines fell to bickering, conrumed 11y the .qaestion ofwhich pAth was best. Boast> and argumcnfs became ill h;gues and deadly dlleLs. In time, the rem oin111gmasten exiled the Tiger Lord alld the Stm d 0111 Masfel'--wJ10 had plotl.ed to murder the rest-from the hmrple to restorl;' order arid harmony.

Erlraged by their ext!c, !'lIB !:wo outcast masters aUied with eaOl othlrr, and toggther they rn:i etl atl army of manners intfle wild mountaim. A year after their exile, they returned a.t fhe htfad uf a fea'rsome horde and destroyed the tel1l'ple. It is mid thllt all nille mastel'S dicdtl1at night. According to l~gendJ the Spirit Seeker slew the shadow Master I1nd was therl torn apart by de-mom. 'rJle Windlord Ill'ld the lronmnncl' defelltlui the Tiger lard but afterward fd.! ;'.11 batHe '! lhe gim1ts all r! drogons of the eviL army. MallY IlI'easu,l'e~ ofth.e tel11pi,e, indu ding the ~igh~ 1'Cr1'ln:inil1g swords, LIIere 5cctJfl!oted '1:0 thliJaur winds. Most wm "(Hied offbYI'l1.011stenjl'Dn1 theShadol,v'Tigel' hOl'de, bU.I, lit leasl- tLVO were rescued by temple stude'lfts who l1wnagea. 1'0 C!i(.t1pC,

You 11owlmow the beginning of the story of till? Nine Swords.

BHt as you will sec, ea,eli of the blades has its own sto~y, alld those ~tori 5 are 110tji,l1isffed. 11 is said r'Hll o11leda,yth!1Nine Swords will be brought togetlJ 1)1' again) Reslmr willl'etl~nl fTom his wandering, (utd harmony will be resJOl'ed to the world. I do not 'mow if an)' pad of the tale J h aue told is t1'lle, bu t it is a guod story, is it lIot?

-Harran Tudyeshor, swordsage



Is Tome afBattle martial arts for the DUNCEONS & DRACONS Game? Is it good only For an Oriental Adventurfls-style game? Does it challenge your conception of a Western European Fantasy world? III short: Sort of. no, and we certainly hope so.

If you've ever p:la,yeda nill/a or samurai-c-or for that matter, a monk-amid a group of "standard" D&D heroes, then this book is for you, Thanks to the influence of Japanese ahirne, Hong Kong action movies, and popular video games, the notion of a fantasy setting has grown very broad in the last ~ew years-. Fantasy gaming isn't justabout knights and castles and dragons anymore. Ninjas and samurai, renin and shugen]a, Y<I.!<uza and monks-all these and more have gradually filtered into people's expectations for a fantasy world. Games such as Final Fal1ta~y and Soul CaJibUI", as well <IS movies such as Kill Bill arid -rIle Matrix, are excellent examples of how martial arts have become

________ ~ ~ ~~~~ 77')

"Westernized" in film and electronic garnlng-e-and how eagerly Western audiences have accepted martial arts idioms in their action stories and games.

Tome of Bottle: Book of the Nine Swords deliberately blends the genres of Far East action games and the "typlca!" D&D game world, Portions of this material resemble a martial-arts supplement suitable for an Oriental Adventures game. Other parts, however, deliberately fa ntastlclze and generlclze martial arts idioms (such as fighting schools and special combat maneuvers) and import th~m into the default D&D campaign. More than any other, tpis book represents "culture-blind' D&D: fantasy gaming in a world wh'e,re silent ninjas and wandering kung-fu masters live side by side with noble paladins artd fearsome monsters. Tome of Battle isn't your parents' D&D-it's bigger, bolder, and even more fantastic than ever before.

f' = .....-.. ....... -....._ __ -.-._~ _

t the hellyt of the SI,.bliil1C WilY, youl1g ~tu d 611 is, lies ol~t! simpl~ p rae ept; Th e OI/I'lYrim' who l~now,himsaJfpetfedJycamwt be prff!tlte-n, You mmwtpl'ed,i~l, where yo·t:! will figl~,41Jnuha:hvMpol'IS you will fr !'Id dose at J1and, or hou! YOUT enem renlltll .Lrikeatyou. :Btit¥8t1 ({.III prepare YOllrseif fur that »101111)111 HWOHgh constant pm dice, study, alltll'l!f!Bcf[rH~. Cnnqueryoll1'otlm boiLy, minl/:,rm-J spitit.ami you ratlnot help but b VIctOriOUS over YOllr etltltlics.

From !IllS basir premise stem distilUl roads. 5J,e who em/mrks:on tlz.e prj th ofpllJ'Sica[ JIlrrsleory beconw.I (I Wt1 rblnclo}---OtlC afHIl' mosl skillfUl afui devhwtellwI1n1ors m the worM. Fieru lIlId ~lIICi'll1lprom15il1g, tJ1e lI!(l1·blacl~kJT.ClWS 116 [en!'.

The cnmHler is 11 W<1Triar who seills victory J'hrOU.grl the ~j~ Llf1lrnc afIke spirit. lfl~vufion,. ~ety, an.a "Z,t!(tl Me her Wi'lTpm,.;, -A r,!'lIsadi'rbcwmes IT 1'lt)fn8IlesiiIiOjJlt!ra;~ily's Ivt{1-t111 flul rwnant n jll51IfC or vengellYLte wilaCll>I:J-ovel'Come the rlaMI IIImp~ralJlC"!~f o"~I!UJcs WIth enly Vhe sh.eerpOtIlI!T Of}lI!T filith (m,l 11,<, ,trmglh (1} III r Mnl.

rIle third ro~ d IS t118 path of the slilordstlge-~h e rtlll,d r hlwe follolVed for most of my Hfe. the "vor4~[~ge,5eeJ~t(;llmol\l hi5 OWl'! mind, nnd, to pef,efvc rmJ IT"l with per/uri d.arity. It is d~llrly the berr ofine bJ1 tee riRP rOllcht5~but 1'hen) I a.m' 11 sword!!lge. What else WQuLd you c~ped me to my?

=--Harran Turiyesho[

Those who devote I heir lives to mrdytng 8Om<- aspecr of the sublime Way are known 3S martial a~rs-.All are skilled in pecsoaalcombrn, but they rely on perception, learning, and wil1pl;lwer, In addlr Lon to pure phy~ical1lP.ti:t<l(le for bal de. :Marrial adepts seek to fllSt! tan~re pnYs1!Oal prowess with urmoss conteol of the mind llJm

The three martial ad ep l classes are; the crusader, swerdsage, and: warblad~. These three standard ruasSClj {1:re summartzed

below. .

Crusader: TIllS h Iy (orunJwly) wru:r:IDr is 9,l'voTeci to tlw service of a deit 'or prinCiple. rhrotlgh-e"etdse~ offailb und mne ~I enarb he gains rhe o1biJrry [U execute spectacular

mania! maneuvers and confranr those foesi:har ~Il! anme1h"l;! r her cause.

wordsage: Also known as a blade wizard, a,SI,.,i0ri[sllgt'c is a ma rttaln NisI wbo has lea rned how to i,nvo!(€:4: un rque form of magic; (0 accompl is h truly superhiun an (~lids ~l,pet~ narnral) eJJGploits.

WarbladeJ !\.wa,rbladels lin exemplar of pl1-reJ:nar.tiilikDl, Though he lac:ks The supernatural power of the crusader-or swottlsage,Jle is fuBy equivalerrr to the ba-rbarianot,nghter in rerms ofcomba~ skills, relying On martial maneuvers instead of rage or feats.


Mllke ymfY psaee wfth whatever 1I11~ deity YOtt worshIp, momt~r, fur I am HIe sword of Pe!ori cmd I willnotfail in my strihel" -Dare sa, crusader of Pelor

Devored knigbt, a ivine agent, insrrumentof vengea,nc~ peerless fighting machine-rhe crusader is a warriordedicated TO good, evil, law; chaos, Of some other cause. She seeks om and de troys the enemies ofher chosen faith. Strengthened by prayer or absclur devotion to a principle, armored by unshakable fl1Jrh, and driven by her convictions, a good crusader is a mighty weapon against injustice and :ul1tce. An evil crusader, on the other hand, is a cruel and fe;tr~ome warrior of da-rkness.

A crusade:' who embraces a religion 0;( holy faith is slrnilar TO a paladin i n that she comma nds a number of holy (rJ"r Imholy) powers, However, a crusader has no skill with"di~ille spallcasring, she is a martin 1 adept whose mane-uvers ate unpredictable gifts of divine power. Trustrngtn.the power ofher chosen deity. she allows faith and int-uition to guide her through banle. Iany crusaders receive tbe call to their cause early in life, bur never srudy formally at a temple 01: monastery. These warriors are gifted with. a natural ability

I, chMlnell'he divine en rgies of rhetr cause, bur in a raw, ~lrJ[med mannco A crusader has absolute fairh j n her-abtll-ry ttl Q.,ta\V on ~b.e source of bet power, but she never <!J-uite kUQWS haw 'tA'tt! power wi It mani fest.


A Cdl saHe:d-s ,pl'imllxily a front-line melee battler, much like" tlle .fighter at _paJaclin. Her martial maneuvers giv:e her mate ta-Gticaiilexib:ilityThan the fighter and make her a dyrtamiL and well-rounded combatant. Most crusaders also make-good leaders, since they are both charismatic and dedicared.-

Abilities! Strength and Constitution are viral ill a crn-. sader, since she is often in harm's way. Intelligence is useful for gaining plenry of skill points, which a crusader needs to purchase the ranks in Diplomacy, Intimidate, and Balance, The key skills for her m artia I disciplines, Dexterity is useful for any character in combat, bur a crusader's abiliry [Q wear heavy armor me-ans that she is not as dependent: tID a high Dexterity scor-e as other characters.

Races; Most crusaders are humans, balf-elves, or-dwarves. becattserne ideals of dedication, service, zeal, and.cnurage are important in both dwarf and human cultures. Elves, guam , and halfIings generally lack [be seriousness, single-minded devotion, and moderate fanaticism required to succeed as ernsaders.Half-orcs rarely become crusaders, bur those who dl1l follow this path often excel at it. MAny half-crcsspendrbeir lives searching for an ideal to believe in or a community-TO whkh they,can belong, and th e way of the crusader appeals 'to such souls.

Alignment: A crusader ca n choose any alignment neutral-s-she must stand far some ideal, whether chaos, good, evil, law, or a combination of principles. To he a crusader is to devote oneself wholeheartedly to a cause or deity, and this way ofIjfe leaves no room for indecisioo or unwillingness TO commit A crusader's allgnmenr-reflecrs


=t~6%r~tJ., ,A~tE


I will speak now of the Nine Disciplines that comprise the-Sublime Way. Atr-end carefully, young one.

Desert Wind is the discipline of movement. Speed is the weapon of ~he warrior who fo(fows tflis path. He strikes and resreat« constantly, never standing still in bat-tle. He is a leapingflame-a burning sirocco of the wastes.

Devoted Spirit is the discipline of self knowledge and spifitualitp, and those who follow this path arm themselvBs with purity and faith. No other warrior is betler sl,Ilted to confron~ the minions of epi/-put bewar~i becouse some choose to pervert :thl,,'pJ$"ey,Jine by worshiping pOWB'rs a/darkness il15iead ofpower-s-ofllght.

To practice Diamond Mind is to learn the secret 'oJ qtrtioM with-ollt volition., A Diamond Mil'ld Ildepi GilI'! mgke the raindrops stond.stili if he wishes. He undernonds that 'o:ny !iaftlil is a contest a/Wills. anri 'hllt victory is inevitabll}for the wart/or who w;ns thai contest

fran Heart is tl18 quest for ski " pure and simple. A wi:lrrfo); Who. follows this pat!? studies ever more camp/ex and difficult mli/net<, ",us batt;Ic-. "Ii/111 deep communion he shares. with f,H'e 51Jil'if rJf '{.flJses a swofa to becoml! a living t/1ing in his hands~

The way of the Setting Sun d1tlnges weakness into rlrength and folly into wisdom. A practitioner ofthi5 5(;hool studies the art of permitting an adversary to defeat himself

Afal/ower-ofthe Shadow Hand treads a lonely and dangerous path. His;s the road of stealth, of deceit, of blows struck wil/tbut answer, and of deqth in the dark. A Shadow Hand master kills before hisadver.sary even knows he isin peril.

Stone Qragan is the discipline of strength, qf endurance, of pure pny;ical and splrituo! power. A warrior of the Stone Dragon is a br;rrily fOefvitli tfie str~ng1h ofthe mount/:fin its-elfin hi, grasp.

PIe who S'tLldJ~s the Tiger Claw seeks -to unlBosh his hiddfm sapagery~the_foral fmtinc;ts and blind animal fage taatlurk wi',thin. Th1s warrior {s'$t(ol1g, q.,ick., and unpredictable, capable oftrearing Irlos,t opponems apart with his barll hands.

/l,nd.finally, we come. to th~ di~'iplin~ lfthe White Rtiven-t.he pdt.h olthe great,cqptPin, t:he leader ofwar:riors, and the crusader II White Rave-n discipfl.l studies the art tiffigh-tl-ng in OfJJl'lrert with his qlli(!s, G/nd uses his fie~ce war cries to grea~ effect in battle.

,flies-e aret'hG Nine Disciplines, Some whisperofa s.ecret Tenth iPatn,bw, I think slAch Gumors are no mate :frr,jn bard's 10/8S. Poy them 1'10 abtBl:!tiol'l, m~ stlJdenti

her cho en cause, and in some ca e molds the maneuvers UpOD ~ea.cblng 4rb level, and at every even-numbered

she C4tU use. €rnsader l~\'el.afte:r rhar (6th, srh, 10th, and So on), you

Good and lawfulcrusadets are more (Ool1lly)oll'than€ba~tic can.th61i1~!\' to learn II new maneuver in place of one }'/Otl

or evil ones, since obedience and sendee tome more easily alteady K,nOW. In effect, you los.e the old maneuver l n

to characters of the fbrmc'l' allgnrnerirs. 1:-19weve-r, the 1:-\11;C exchange.foI the new one. You can choos 1I new m-llnel:t~€Ir

evil crusader is a .force to be reckoned with. She is a cruel otany leveL you like, as long as you observe yo~n; J;es'ttIt-

andfearcsometeaver-ascoua'ge whopl'eys on the we;ll{ !!'nBt "rioDon t'He highest-level maneuvers YOlL know; you'nEled

detenseless ro honor her dark patrons, unt replal::e the old maneuver With a tna rreuver of tlie sanre

Starting GoM: 6d4xlD gp (150 gp), level. ita' example, "Upon teaching inrh level, you could

Starting Age: As paladin (PH 109). trade in a singletsr-, 2nd-, 3rd- or 4t:h-leve1 maneuver for a

maneuver of 5ehlevel or lower, as long as yeu

CLASS FEATURES meet the prerequisite-of the new maneuver.

Firsr and foremost, a crusader is a competent com- You can swap only a Single maneuver at

baranr, She fights as skillfully as a fighrer, paladin, any given level.

€Ir ranger does, relying on heavy armor Maneuvers Reamed: Youcan ready

and a good selection of weapons [0 all five maneuvers you know at 151

gain me edge over her opponents. level, bunts you advance j Illevel a ad

To this basic fighting prowess, learn more maneuvers, Yo!J must

she adGs several abilities derived choose which maneuvers rn ready,

from her absolute faith and devotion You ready maneuvers by praying

to her chosen. ideal. When fighting for for 5 minutes. The maneuvers yow

her cause, a crusader becomes an un top- chao e remain readied until you

pableforce on The battlefield. Terrible injuries decide to pray again and change

unghr sendless dedicared warriors running from them. You need not sleep or res tfor

fhetighr,but a crusader trans- -any long period of lime in ord.eno

-ftfrm:s such setbacks Into ready yourmaneuvers; anytime you

m3r1l31 fury that enables spend 5 mlnures in prayer, you can

her to fight on long after change your readied maneuvers,

ether warriors would have You begin an encounter with aU

been overwhelmed, your readied maneuvers unexpend-

Acrusadermasrers a small number ed, regs rd less of bow many times you

of martial maneuvers as she gains lev Is. Derived might have already u ad them since you

from her extraordinary self-discipline, Ghose them. When YOLL initiate a maneu-

these maneuvers include catechisms of ver, you expend it for the currenrencounrer,

fairh. spiritual devotions, and The abil- so each of your readied maneuvers can be

tty to strike spectacular blows in used once per encounter (unless YOUTecover

the service of her patron or cause. them, as described below).

Al:rned with the power of her faith, Cru saders are unique a m0ng mat-

she can shatter boulders, shrug off enemy tia 1 adepts, relying on flashes of divine

arracks, or rally an army with a single act inspiration to use their rnarcial rnaneu-

of bravery. vets, As such, you do not control aceess to

Weapon and Armor Pro1iciency: As a crusader, you your readied maneuvers. Before you take

are proficient with simple weapons, martial weapons, your first action in an encounter, rwe

light,medium. and heavy armor, and all sbjelds. of your readied maneuvers (randomly

Maneuvers: You begin your career with knowledge determined) are granred to you. The rest

of frve martial maneuvers. The disciplines available of your readied maneuvers ate withheld,

[6 you are Devoted Spirit, Stone Dragon, and currently Inaccessible. At the end of each

White Raven. 1)aresa. turn, one previously withheld maneuver

Once you know a maneuver, you must ready ir crusader tJ['Pelar (:tg;ain, randomly determined) is granted to YOl:l, q-

b~fm:eyoucanuse it (see Maneuvers Readied, below). and thus becomes accessible for your next nun h

A maneuver usable by cr usaders is considered an extraordi- '3J1d subsequent turns, You can freely choose TO initiate IlI)Y

nary ability unlessotherwise noted in its description. Your maneuver that is currently granted when your turn begins,

maneuvers are not affecred by spell resistance, and you do Dot bur you cannoTintdah~ a withheld maneuver. If you choose

provoke attacks.of opportunity when you initiare'one. not to employ a maneuver in agfven Found, your currently

'lou learn addition 11.1 man euvers a r higher levels, as shown granted manenverseemal n ItvaiJable, a nd a: I?l'evi01.1s1ywi t h-

Em Table 1-1. You must meet a maneuver's Jlrereq.uiSite to he:td-JnaBeuveris granted, as described above. In orherweeds, See Tahle 3-1, page 39, to determi ne the Mghesr-Je.;el it doesrrJ .m arrer iT von use your ma neuvers or nor-e-er [he

maneuvers yon can.lear 11, end o;f·.eacll of yom.-n.uns, ons withheld mil neu ver from yeur

Base ,Forij; Ref Will Maneuvers, Maneuvers Staru:e:s
L-evel Attac;k Bonus Save Save Know!n Readied Known
Tst +1 ~·2 +0 .5 .5 t2J 1
2nd -r2 ~-3 +0 .5 5 (2) 2
3rq +3 ,j.3 +1 6 5 (2) 2!i
1th +~ ·H +1 5 Sg) 2
5th +5 'I~ +1 7- s (2) 2
6th +61+1 +5 +2 7 F{z) 2
hh +7j+Z +5 +2 8 .5 (2) i2.
8th +8/+3 +6 +1 8 .5 (2) J
9th -t9i+4 +6 +3 9 .5 (2) l
10th -+10/+5 ~ +3 9 60 ,3
11th +l1j+6j+1 +7 +3 10 6 31 3
12th +12j+7/+2 f8 +4 10 6 ~3j 3
13lh -.-13/-+8L+3 +8 +4 +4 II 6 3
14th +14}+9/+4 +9 +4 +4 11 6 (3)
15th r: 15/+10/+5 +9 .. 5 +5 12 6 3
16th +161+11/+6/-t1 +10 +-5 +S Steely resolve 25 12 60
17th +17 +12/+7/+2 +10 -..5 +5 11 6 3 4
18th +18j+ 1'S/+8/+3 +11 +6 +6 13 6(3) 4
19th of' ~+14/+9/+4 +11 +6 +6 14 6 (l) 4
20th +20/+15/+10/+5 +12 +6 +6 Steely resolve-~,O 14 7 (4) 4
Class Skills (4 tint modifier per level, x4 at 'lst level): Balanee, Concentratiorr, Craft,, Intimidate, Jump.
Knowledge (history), Knowledge (rf!ligion). Marti81L.bre"'" .. Ride.
"'New skltldsscrlbed on page 28. sslerrton of re~died maneuvers is granred to you. (D:ver the conrse of a few eounds, all you r maneuvers wilLeventually b€- granted.

If, 'lITIne end of your tum, you canno t be grantedc:it;manelf' ver because YGrU have no withheld ruanetrvers rem~inihg, you recover-all expended maneuvers, and a new pak.o'f r:eailierl maneuvers is granted to you, Ra:ndomlydetermlne of YOllr rna neuvers are gra nted and which me ,with· held, A t the end of your next turn, a withheld maneuver is granred to you, and tbe who le p:rocess of dIvine lnspirarlon begins lI~ain.

YOll begin anencounrerwith 3D additional granted manenverar 10th level (bringing. your total to three), and. again at ~Omll!vcl (bringing yOUT total to fOUI).

Stances Known: You begin play with knowledge of one tst-level srance ftom r.he Devoted Spirit, Stone Dragon, or White Raven discipline. At 2nd, 8'th, and 14th level, you can choose an additional stance, Unhke maneuvers, stances are nor expended, and you do not have TO ready them. All the srances you know are available to you arall times,and you can change rhe STance you currently use as Ii s\rvift action. A STance is an exrraordiaary ability unless otherwise stared in rhe seance descri;pdon.

Unlike'W!m rna neuvers, you ca n not learn a new-stance at higher Ievels in place or one you already know.

Steely Resolve CSx): Your supreme dedication and I !'tte:nre meus allowyou to rempofQri,ly setaride the pain flm:l11'inae);" i-ngeffecrs ofJnjuries. When an opponent srrik'esyou, th€ injury does no'~ im mediately af£l"cryou,

"'luu have a: uell1yed damag1l!"pool thar allows you to fd,restliH tlre effects of l1l1llny i njurlcs. This pool begins <ito with aRch encounter, Wb.e);] you are arracked, any hit point damage·tlte blow deals IS added to your d eIayed damage pooL ktili~en\:l of nexi t1.1'rll., you take damage equal to the towst0lie,$fL

your delayed iI am age pool, which men. resets. to O. Any benlIDff you receive can either-increase your current hit total as -nb\~lliaLOl:: reduce the total damage in your delayed damage pooL Whel'i 'You receive heali ng, you chcose whether It affects ')i.0urda'mage pool, YOll1' hit poirrts, or both (you!>anspii't me amOullt·6fhealing as you wish). Most crusaders-ops tol{ee;p a's.nmch damage ill their delayed damage pool as poss:ihLl;; to maximize the benefit: of their furious countersrrike abJl1-ry (see below).

Special effects tied to an attack, such as energy drain, stun, and so forth, still a ffeel you as normal, and Iheir,effect<s are 118t delayed by this abillty. For example, if you are birte-n by a venomous spider, you. must scill attempt a For:i:itudo.'l save against rhepaison immediarelyeven rhougl; the lihe da mage sh iEts imo your delayed damage pool. .By the same token) any other special attack that imposes a condition. such as '11 rnedu sa's perrifyinggaze, rakes immediate effeo. on you,

At 1st level, your delayed damage pool can hold "Up te 5 points of damage. Any damage beyond that comes off your hit psi:nts as normal, The maximum damage your pool holds increases by 5 at 4th, Bth, 12th, rsth, and zorh level.

Furious Counterstrike lEx): You can channel the pain of your il¥ tnto a boiling rage that lets you lash out at. yom enemies with renewed vigor and power. Each attack fllat strtkes yeuonly pushes you onward to greater g_101Y.

Bu:ri:n~ tnrn, you gain a bonu 5 on attack rellsend damage rolls equal to the enerenr "alLle of your del'll:yed damage pool (see steely r.esolve, above) divided by E,'a:nd r'8Un(n~g d ew 11 (rn in iltl UlTl ':1). ¥O.LIc:all only g.ti.n a maxilnnlU borrns on arraekeoils and damage rolls fj{+6from fulioUs ~oul11'ersrrjke, Use the tab]e below to ~JJiCkly uete1:):Din¢ the attacI(oon'Us D>i)d da~l13ge bonus.ftom furldus'!':.cit:l;tlttlrl1tl;ij,e, based on the allibunt of damage rnyo-ur

ddayed damage.paol. Thls ability's benefits Iasr tiltfie end of Y{)UT turn.

Delayerl Damage Pool Points







Furious Counterstrike

Bonus +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6

Indomitable.S oul (Ex): Beginnlng arznd level, yen draw upon the power of your unwavering faiTh to sTeel yoursel£ against the enemies you face. Your personality. energy, ana dedication to your faith make it possfble.for yOUTa shrug off auacks mat target YOUI willpower.

YOll'add your Charisma bonus (if any) 3S a bonus on will saves. This bonlls does not stack with that from a paladin's diVine grace ability.

zealous Surge (Ex): Your boundless energy and dedication to your cause allow you to throw off the effecr of a special attack spell, or other arrack rharwould otherwise hinder or -harm you. Once per day, from 3rd level on, you cannpt te cerell a stngle saving throw. You must abide by the result of the new, econd saving throw, even if it is Lower than rhe first This ability does not require an action. You simply decide fa USe1t after seeing the result of yom: saving throw roll but befilre-rhe DM tells you if it fails or succeeds.

Smite (Ex): Driven by the courage of YOll.[ convictions and the ironclad strength of your beliefs, you can strike backat rhosewho dare stu nd against your cause. Starting at 6th levcl, once per day; you can concan tra re all your anger, hatred, and determination into a single attack. 011 thenextmelee attack -y0umake. yougama bonus-on your attack.roll.equal royour Charisma bonus (i£any) and a bonus on damage equal ta yen!: crusader level.

A& 18m level, yOll gain an add irional use of smite peT day. Die Hard (Ex): At lO[h level, you gain me Hard as a hcrras Iear,

~1ettl~ {Ex}: You can resist magical attacks wirh greater effectiveness than other warriors. Beginning at 13th level, by drawing on yom: boundless energy and dedication to yaurC2USe, you can shrug off effects That would hinder even the rough.eslwarrior_ If you succeed an a Fortitude or Will save against an arrack that would normally produce a lesser effecron a successful save (such as a spell with a saving throw enrry of will half or Fortitude partial), you instead negate rheeffect. You do not gain the benefit' of mettle when you <ore uncenseieus or sleeping.


Wilen fog chills the battlefield, and Y01.11' frost-rimed mail weighs on yam stiffening muscles, yourIairh warms you. It is the fir~ that burns inside, i lluminattng your liEe with the ideals of your patton or cause. Alms or arms fbJ; the impoverished, a hand or: a lash for the downtrodden, mercy or crualey=-ycu decide according to your fairh.As .1 liVing Instrument of ymu' cause, you 11~ve worked for

years fa become a weapon worthy of your ideal Wbert' othe];s hesiline, -you press on with certa int.y, unshaks ble in your belIefs.

As- 11 crusader, you undertake adventures accwrdu1g to tne- dictates' of yont cause, yottr temple, or your conscience. '(-au might lind yourself in a swampy mausoleum slayrng iiff{cfe1 crli!llS with cas'word In on e hand and 9. flask cifadcl in i"he.6ther, o'r bouncing across sahnagindnfested waves 00 a haJfl.ingstoop because you owe a friend safe paSSllge acrnss the straits, You might evenEnd yourself on the cold, muddy fieJ€! ofbattle, charging shoulder to shoulder with peasants and.soldiers, raising pitchforks and shields against rhe peking ire. :SfOn1tS of me enemy. The only constant is the depth l"Ifyourdevotion to your cause-the nigh [ wi nds will !muff am the stars before your fidelity ever wavers.


Your choice of deity is paramount, since religion is an obvious target for the devotion and zeal embod ied by mis class. 1£ you are good. you might serve PelOT or St. Cuthbert. or perhaps join The beleaguered crusader of Helroneous, who are famous for their tenacious defense of many a lost cause, Alrernarively, if you are a dwarf, Motadi n is a OSTIlIal choice fotpatron. Younnghtjoin the Ruby Knights of Wee [as, who -arereputed to be tainted by the necromancy of their Witch Goddess. Chaotic crusaders are rare, but those who worship KDr:d are often paragons of the Stone Dragon discipline, and Ehlonnals11.IDbushing crusaders rend to be,adepr aT raking and holding forestlaud. If you are evil, yQ1.j mtghr rake IIp the caus~ofN erull or Ery[ hn ul the MallYI w110se crusaders are-plagues upon


Y<lUt power stems from yotlr devotion [a your cause, and you value martial prowess, dedication, and self-discipline. YOll generally get.along well with p3 lad i ns, clerics, fighters, and warolacfes, as long as rheir a lignments are comparible with y.ours. You might scorn those of antitherical :llignmen~ as heathens or target them with your proselyri zing, depending on rheevangelism inherent in your own rellglon. Monks and swordsages are also worthy companions for you, although rhetr relianoe on Rl and skill, rather than failh and armor. is 5llspecL The subterfuge ofrogues, the superficiallry of 'bards, and the susceptibility of mo t arcane casters to a single grearaxe blow forcemem bers of those classes to prove themselves befom ~rn'ing your esteem.


Ypur specific racsics i.p banle depend on the discipline you choseand the maneuvers YOll have learned.However, certain tactics are common to-all crusaders.

As a zealous pr:op'Olaenr of your cause, you are genera ltY-3,t the {oreEnont of any hattie. 1i'rght!ng em rhe frontline fUOWS y{)U to maximize th~bene:firs you ga~~ from your class alDill~ ties) 1lnd alse to protesr a weaken illly by abserbing an enemy's blows fllunel£ Doing so benefits both YOlillmd your parry in41aliOtlS ways, Fi.rSJ;, YOUI steely resolve abillry makes any '3tt11ckJ;ymuaeliver after taking damage both more accurate

:lnd mort' powerful rhan rh y were before you weteinjmea Furrhermere, if opponents fOC\lS on Y04, theycruino ." Jllr-~ YC:Jl.).r allies. Th:LIs, taki ng d amage each round shQUld De ybiill' goal. The saoner you can engage the rnugJies't 0l?ponent~n melee, ehe f~Stet' you co n bo lster you r attacks. Asa cJ:nsaeet', you're at ¥[JI.I.r. best when you can take on the monster oj: opponenr that deals the mast damage.

other tactics vary according [Q yOUT chosen discipline.

rone Dragon, crusaders favor head-on charges, boulderrolllng into opponents and mountain-hammering anyone left standing. If you have a high Strength score, you should cOnslderfeats rharrake advantage ofthatabilify ifyou choose thi path (such as Power Attack, Cleave, Improved Bull Rush, Improved Overrun, and Improved Sunder), As a Devoted Spirir crusader, some of your maneuvers function only against creatures wirb opposed alignments. Devoted Spirit crusaders are ofren bunters on the battlefield, dedicated to chasing down The most dangerous foes. if you are a Whire Raven crusader, you are more group-oriented [ha:n other crusaders. Fighting shoulder to shoulder with allies) directingflanks, coordinating charges, and covering a cleric while he heals the wounded are among the specialties of a White Raven crusader.

Af high levels, yO~1 r mettle abi I ity It ffords you an eXIT? measure of confidence when you COnftODt enemies that use spells or spell-llke ab.ilities. Many demons, (Ievils, and other outsiders have spell-like abt lities, ,BJcl t.hese are precrselyrlie foes rhat you are trnined to vanquish (pai-. ticnlarly if 'f.0tl're a Devoted Spirlr crusader). Combi'llea with me indomlrable SOld ability, mettle canpmve to be surpassingly powerful.


Ever since the pirit eeker was tOTIl apan by demons during the catasrrcphic battle that ended in the destruction and dispersal ('lEthe hadowTiger horde, master crusaders have sough! [0 IITIa in his perfect harmony of spirit, body, ana weapon ma~rery, In three warring stone citadels, the combar masters of rhe Vix Tholm, [he Ruby Knights of Wee Ins, and rhe rerh dekala (see page 154) each reach pile grims me three precepts of combat: skill, self'diseipline, and knowledge.

To rake rraining ar a citadel. you must maintain maximum rank in. your most Imporranr kills. Rare is II crusader who does not bave maximum ranks in the.skill mosteppropriare to her path (Balance for tone Dragcn.Intuntdarefor Devote-d Spirit, and Diplomacy for White Raven). In addi'tiol},")'OlI live and die by your dtsclpllne. If you hope to achieve true mastery, you mast choose Y011f dfscipline'wiseiy,and devore yourseLf to kcomple rely, r f you're physically weak, you, WOlUq be ill-arlvise~1 to pursue rhe parh of the Stone Dragon, but YOllrscreng:t:'i~ of will might serve you well on the paJ'h of the DeVOTed SpIrit.

rJ YOll'l:e.naVa.llcing a~ a Stone Dragon adept, y..ou· seel{ to acquire irerns, learn feats, and develop maneuver cOInbinarlons rhar emphasize trengrh and direct CQUIr01:"rtattO.t1, I r v ours iSlib~ parh of the 'Vt7hit-e Raven, yell rG~lts.iJ'a your

leadership abjl ities and .he tactical details fl{CO,mhm:_ If yoU:

embrnCt"" lhe Devored plrir di cipline, you turn Inward. OlldV'lltt'l\g;wisdom and devour fairh.


J\.rn1C'll:iSCa le mail (+4AG.fH-mol.checkpenaity-4-.b.Pt.eel 20 ft., B1) 11.0.),

Heavy wooden shield (+ AC, armor check penalty -2, ttl Ib.).

Weapons: Longsword (tos, edt 19~20!x2, 4l.h, one-handed

slashing). .

Shortbow (ids, crit x3, range inc. 60 ft., 2Ib., piercing). Skill Selection: pick a number of skills equal to 4-t Int modifier.

Skill Ranks Ability
Balllnce -4 De-x
4- Con
4 Cha
4 Cha
4- Str
4 tnt
4 Dex
2 Wis Armor Check Penalty


Feat; Weapon Focus (longsword). Borras Feat: Iron wilL

Gear: Backpack wirh warerskin, one day's nail rations, bedroll, sad(",Bint and steel, 3 torches, quiver wirh 20 arrows, tent, traveler's audit, cold. wea ther outfit, holy symbol.



"Howling over t.hc tlumdc)", H11? Hnticrccl neillol1s lcapt downfyom tl1e pea/to TI1e demon blades IAICl'C.a. numerous as Lhe-dll'ivil~ £Pl/;e, oJ sleid, bllt the Vi>: T/1olm mjsadcjr~ 11eld their gl'l)Hrfd.Ibeg.Jll tll bali va j·/1attJ1I!mow1ta·in would slide Ollt from l!1ulerthe fyu:mders' fcetbe.fore they yielded (In inch."

-D;u·hNas'u.rb, dwarf pilgrim of Heir on eo us

Crusaders bring clashing steel, stlrring speeches. and intense fervor ro [be campaign. The fi tst sign of a crusader's presence ro.lgbr be a ]mjghr-berald riding alone down the Processional to the King's Fane. where he tacks a scrol] ro the door and promprly gallops off. his helmered visage revea Ii ng nothing.

Crusaders can launch grand crusades. each of which can serve. as The foundation [or It thousand adveneures. Crusaders wbo suppon less than popular causes might b:old clandestine meeri.ngs in [he night, 6l!ed with whispered negotiations. Alternnrively, ii war has already broken DIU, the campaign might feature batrles along ramparts studded with h.JLlme and bombarded with fJ.amtngpilch. Acmsad!: migbt be l\ one-time occurrence when a passing army moves' througl; the 1~i.Jl8clom's hLmerlollds·, or it mtghr serve a'S the entine Focus of the campaign, with the pes mowing up. through the ranks of II holy army Co lead the charge en the infidels'stronghold.

Cmsaders ell n al 0 !nQlVe th rot gh a campaign \:vorkt inQ1V'id'u.alliy.1?erhaps Jl PC crusader is the 1'35t adhersm Qf llel' aa\lse, "aestin,ed to m(ljte a glOl'iIDi1s £i aa l stand agmnsl

an evil thar has GQJ1SUllled her herhage, 11 migln join withotber advenruters, seeking strength in thetr company. A 1?C crusader Gould also be 1111 e\~lJgelistfr~1'lJ alar land >\,1'10 has comero .he G,FUnpalg\l area t@ spread tbe word ofJle); cause-and perhaps even to recrt~lr sdvennirers whElm ~he: dmlake l1ack to her hccielsnd to fight alo'ilgside ne,t;.l:?r:\thaps aJ:'C crusader is falseLy accused ofhen;:sy and forced to tr1lve1alon!!, dodging bounry hun~e:r$ and nssasstns.all wfule upholding bel: ideals without the support or respect o her ets[\vhile colleagues,


A crusaderviews the world through the twinlenses offaith andbanle.a fru:mer seeding the furrows, a merchaarhawkurg oranges and pottery, an apprentice toasting his frugers ,'Vtth at! ironically misfired burn i ng hands-to the crusader, these everyday sights are not random occurrences, bl.ft building blocks in the bat ell" between good and evil, law and chaos. Furwhom does the farmer toil, and to whom does ne pay rnxes-agood baron, an evil count? Is me merchanrtrading wirh.prtests of erull or changing monies with dark emissariesfrom the rerh dekala? If the apprentice learns his spells, to what.end will he use. them? In every faceroflife, tbe crusader sees some embodiment of her principles.


OVer the cerrrurres since tbe great battle that resulted in the d~ctton of the Shadow Tiger horde, rna ny ctuaaders.have sougntro emulate the Spi tit Seeker. This enigmatic crusader s:i:ew the Shadow Master a nd was subsequently LOrn apart bv demons, butiew facts about his life are known. Ma'.ny, In-fact. argue that the Spirit Seeker was a female, and mallY more argue over the exact fairh that this mysterious figure embraced. The Vix Tholrn believe that the Seeker was a devotee of Heir on eons, but rhe Chapeaux and Stars Q1$t. Cuthbetr claim him as rbeir own, The Ruby Knighrs of Wee Jas claim that he sought the spirits of [be dead and was thns fu::mLr in rhe jasite camp.


Afrer me Temple ofN ine Swords collapsed, many crusadersf.ounded martial orders allied with their religions. These nev organizations placed The deiry before the sword-a reversal-of roe temple's priorities. The mosr powerful and secretive of these orders survive today, Many, however, perisbed as aresulr of ecclesiastic a 1 in fighting. The established chnreh hierarchies did not rrusr rhese new "sword orders," many of which had recovered enough treasure from the faUenTempleofNine Swordsto make their members very wealthy. Purges and pogroms were com mon as the churches ssserred cnntrclover the orders and seized rheir wealth. The-church of St. Cuthbert subsumed its crusader order, b~lt many other churches exterminated their crusaders 1n the night. Tb:e church of Heironeous ros above such petty tyt:a.nn:iesJ and it still maintains a cordtal.relanonshtp wdlli Ern crusader order, the Vix Tholrn, though the relllTiousnJp i sometimes strained by I'ivalry. ,From che start, rhe Rp,by KllIgbt~orWee [as swore ~i binding covemur.-a darkpadj

.n:rnraing to some-to serve the high priests and pril5fc esses-lIcs1lie:milit~arm of rhe Witch Goddess's templeli, and They sorrtinue co do so .. Crusader orders dedicate-d to _-Pe!ar, liIeXj:-or, Ehlenna, and Nerull also ex-fst, and f]1-mC!lrs a'b_lilund 'Qfhidden temples ;l;hat house crusaders WhO'l~a:r"!-,ow1y esc_~ped the pirrges.

In 3. arge and >openly aclnl owledged crusader order, pre-motiOnci.s based on battlefield performance. The battLef-reJ(T, defined.It could be a poltrical biltt'1~.field on whiCh victory consists of the grant of the we!rteJ;fl "illey's taxation rights from the Exchequer. It might also be a ~eeific barrleheld, such !IS the h dge prison of a demon priucEm-au ancient dungeon, where victory can be arrai ned by-t.hwarting die captive's attempts at escape. The battlefield could even be a spiritua lone, where vlctory is the delivery of pilg:rims. to a holy site char will inspire them to new heighrs ofre1igious fervor.

Ina persecuted crusader order, promotion is often halOed simply on survival, Ne~r blood is viral and special, so a crusader who successfully recruits a reliable new rnernber is accorded great honor. Many persecuted orders develop pyramidalhierarchies in which a memb r's recruits allrank below her in seniority.


Many laypeoplecar1l1ot tell a crusader hom a paladin until the.lauer ,nails his horse from the sky or ~ys bands on the ~aimed . Like pahtdjl1s, crusaders of good alignment ofteJR become-heroes to peasants, laborers, and others to whom gold. is a dream and silver all always f1 eting reality, Most nobles distrust crusaders because their bel tefs cake a higher priority in their lives than wealrh and status. Paradoxically; most established clerics also distrust crusaders-not onl}' because of faith-based rivalrtes bat also because of the implicit acknowledgment that e crusad er order cO:1I1d weakenthej:nl1uence of nonaffiJ tared churches in a region's polizical laudseape.


CllaracterswiclLranks in Knowledge (religion) can research crusanel"S to learn more about them. When a characrer makes a skill check, read orparaphrase the following. including the iriformarionfrom lower Des.

DG 10: Crusaders are hot-blooded 7.ea101s whose fervor is unrelieved by wisdom,

DC t5: Crusaders follow the ublime Way, seeking to pel"fectrheir com bar skill to better serve their deity. They're DOt Iikeclerics, and they don't heal the sick or exorcise undead, Crusaders possess verr little overt magic, unless you consIder what they can do with their swords as maglcal,

DC 2Q:CrUs.llders can stand up to punishment that no other individual can endure, shrugging off even rhe most powerful pf attacks,


Degending {lll_ meir alignment and dispoaition, ctU'sacl€LS can appear-as allies-er enemies, ~rronll or tyrants. YOLl can ese III ~ge CTI1$f1cier args n izar 10 ns to .:Iffll!' [he PC~ work


'O_ne way to adapt crusa:¢&t¥ts to remove the. reHgtQ1Js flavQI" 1Wm-ihe _d~S's--and.r7!plaMi)itwit1l_regional o.rfii.ctll :e!lem,elifs. fnlsuCh an Q'firangemeWJ,·wci'14Sa4e:rwoulrit QPPo:~f:c,feai.U[l;}s· 1l::0m enimy'teJt.citm:y Qt'ofa q.i£fere.nrtac:e. r,J;liJ.flt~,.i:ii~fjnetj, ':b.e;r;m,aIli-aI]]Tan~us't!IS Wtii,jld l.'ep!eS'enr: iJ_O:f}~¢l.l'lp!aJ~J'tl'i di

M,IR,OS·,x,AVT, CRUSADER 0': ERY,TtfNUL M'~hJ.l}1!rtl al1 ~qy~ll der 4

NE~eCli!;lm hum;woid

I ~if +:4; -Senses spot +1, Li sten +'

La.n~u)IgeS~Qmmo_h _


AC19, touch io. flat-fcoted 19 (+\7 armm, +2 shield)

np,29 (4 HD)

Fbrt+6, Ref+1, will +3; z:e.aioH$ surge

Speed '1tJ ft, (~squares), base.speed 30 ft. MeJeemwk-t1j,orningstar +9 (1d8-i-3) Ranged lighLtcos.sbow +~ (ldS/'9-20)

Base Atk ;'1"Grp +7 .

Atk Optionsfurious ccurtterstrike, steely resolve. 10 Combat Gear Z potfijh.S oIC;~lre lightWDlAhds

Maneuvers and'StancesKnown tiL 4th}:

-;es"--1ma.r_t.jalspi:rit (1 st), stonefoot stance (l~"tt!

Sf~lke~cha rg! ng m I nota u rt (1 st), crusader's-stnke'l (1.'§th douse the flames (l stj, leading the at:t'll~kf (i s1j,_ mountain hamme.rl~· (2nd), stone b_pne-;;-t

(1 st), va ngu ard stri ke (1 st]

DisCiplines: Devoted Spirit, Stone Dragon, White f{~ve)1. t BJ!Jtdie,q rnaneDve:r

Ahil'ifi'es SIr is. D'e:x 10, (on 14; Int 8, Wis 12, Cha13 I1El9't'S, Imp roved Bull Ru sh ,Power Athick, Wea[i!o ri F01H:1S

. (m:qti'ii il'igstfj r-) _

Sldns8~lan.ce +6 (-1 in armor), Bi_p_lomae.y +7, Intimidate *,7, J~):f\p+9 (;-~ i~ armor)

,P6s'sessi~ns &emb:at-g~aT tjl-gs +l splfn:t mail, h:e'9vy sre~1 -!i~ l~)d, r'I'il'9sterworlt'g,stf)r with blt:mtsj:eei

11 ea d ~a irtte' a 'to ie"sefu Dle~Pel\:it'~-s:h filing viSfa-ge, Ijg~t

cr.ossD'G/W:With :20_ G:olt~ -


"]ind. Ifrlllonndfcat~5 u Icrckafsllill. If yo II lndHhe-immlllgto tItiord your eneillus' b1ow5iper/Iaps ),011 ,lIould IEIW~ tire jigirhl1g to !!lV." -@hen, swordssge

A master of mnEd?;l maneuvers, the swordS-fig!.$. is a ph ysical adept-a blade wizard who se knowted,ge of the Sublime \'(/'ay lets him unloc"k[ abiliries, many of which are overtly supernaruralor msgieal in nature. Depending on which disclplineshe chooses 10 study, a s wordsage might be capable of wa Iking th rough walls, leaping do_zens-ofFeer 'into the air, shattering boulders with a single tOUGh, 0l'»even mastering the elements oHne or shadow. Whatever his specmccrain.Lng, a. swordsage blurs the line betweenmarrialproweas and magical skill


Despite his spectacular combat moves.u swordsage is nor a rypicalfrom~hne melee combats nt, Alfh9~gh a :fighter, barbarian, or war blade might swing a sword more-accurarely; or with greater force.n swordsage depen.ds on his repertoi re of rsarrial mikes and stances. This character is also not intended to be II tlWIacemenr for an.arcane spelleaster, even rheugh.he can create a number of short-range.area effecIS. A 5 W01:d s age's role within an adcennrring perry Isn'teasily defined, but his eombinarion of maneuverability, supernatural power, and martial arts almost a:nyencoUDrer.

Abilities: Dexterity and '\l1isdom are crucial to a swordsage. Since be wears only light a rrnor, he must rely on agility and sh' tacks, and as such his AIm or Class is augmented by his Wisdom modifier as well as his DexterItv modifieL A -swordsage can get along with an average Wisdom score.but to excel, he waIltSa good Wisdom bonus. Smce a s:wm:dsage ofren engages in melee, Strength is a] 50 importanr-altlIo:ugh he can use the WeaponFinesse feat to overcome a low-Strength score, and his array ofmartialstrikes can rna ke 'Up foca:ny lack of damage potential. Inte lligence helps a sWOfdsage master the skills necessary to continue progressing along the path of the Nine Swords, and Constirrrrien is as important ro him as if is ro anychar-acter.

Races: lvlosfswordsages are humans. Ids not uncommon for membersof other races to take up the path, t.bough dwarves and gnomes .rarely do. Dwarves are too firmly grounded to adapteas:ily to the ascetic lifestyle swordsages often favor, and me-few dwarf swordsages viho do exist typically focus 0):1 the/Stone Dragon discipline. Gnomes findmost swordsages singularly humorless, although members of this race occasionally take up the discipline of the Setting SUD, because they understand better than mOSI how weakness on be rurned to strength. Half-orcs account for a surprlsing Humber ofswerdsages, especially in [he more warlike di.sdpl ines of Srone Dragon and Tiger Claw. Members of chis , race a re well suited to endure the d iLfictilt physical regimen

of sludy !Inn practtce that these disdplines_teqw'i:c.

Alignment: A swordsage can choose anY;'aligPmen:r. TJie Hrndr of me $ubJiIDe Way is irs own end, atid whether wy pa rricu lar srudenr chooses to e.mploy whar .he hilS lesmed til the service d£good. evil, Jaw, or c;b-ao5 is nor considli\,-red

sjgtl-ifkanr by mest wha follow this path. Acco:rdialgly, !l rypkalswordsage hasar lea:g.r one nearral compnn:eut in his alignment, represeJ11;ing_"a.ocenain detaclrmenr £rpm \Y0 ldl y matters, Good swordsages [_eI}d to befree-TOij~'piollS or the we~k and downrreddea, The less commonplace evil swo:rdsages believe th_artheil:>mastery of the martial ;tr_ts has made rhem superior to everyone around them,

Starling Gold: 4d4<dO (IOU gp). Starting Age: Asmonk.


Ofall three manial auep! classes, swordsages learn and. cm_;re.ady the In.oS'tm~n~!Jv.ers, 1j~sadvQllta~_ give~schrun uaparalleled versafiliry-in ~~gi:ven encourrter. Ia one hattIe, a swQ'rdsage mtgln, fulfin the [Ole of the rogue, hriking in shadows a nd striking whepfoesare1easr prepared. Irutnotber, hemighr be scorching enemies, with area arracks, muchllke a wizard. In srill another fighr, hemighr rear an "€'nemy apa rt with his bare hands, matcliing a ba rbati3l;l.'S ferocit:ywith his own dtstincrive Sty le DfbloodthUs~J)-ess. Wh:nev~h:e: OC.Cl'lsion, a swordsage is able-tocQn:r;rii,)ute, otten in£ODlplete.~ unexpected ways.

WeapDn and Armor l'roficieuJ:Y: As. a swordsage, }'O~I are peohclent with simple weapnns, marct~i melee weapons (includingrbose that can be used as thrown weapons), and light armor, bur nor with,shields.

]>,o[aneuvel1S: Yeu b~ilJ YOut career with knowledge Df six martini maneuvers. The disciplines available to YQ1.! are Desert '97ind, Diamond Mind, Setting S\W, Shadow Hand, Stone Dragon, and Tiger Claw.

dD.c~you know a maneuver, you must ready irbefore YOIl can use it (see Manellvers Reamed, below). A maneuver-usabl.e by swordssges is consi&er;~d an exrraord in:aryllbiliry unless otherwise noted in irs desc.ription_ Your maneuvers -al'e not iffened by spell resistance, and you de not provoke attacks ofoppommrry when you initiate one,

You [earn additional rnaneueers at higher levels , aS~'5hOl¥n on l'able 1-1. You rnus; meet a maneuvel!'~ prerequisite to learn it. See Table 3-1, page 3'9; ill determine the]]ighest~level maneuvers you can Iearn.

Upon reaching 4m level, and at every even-numbered swordsage ievel mer ma1:(6tb, 8th, 10th, andso on], you can clioose to learn a new maneuverin place of one youalread.y know. Tn effect, yen] Iose the old maneuver in exChange £Or the .new one. You can choose II new maneuver o_Eany level you like, as tong as you observe ymu restriction on the hig;h. es;:-level maneuvers you know; you need not replace the old maaeuver with a maneuver of me same level fo_r example, uponre.aching 10rh level, you eouldrrade in a single _Lst-, znd-, 3'Id~ or 4th-l,evel rnaneuverfor a maneuver of 5-m level or lower, as long as y0ll meet the prerequisite of rhe-new.manenver, You €ian swap only a' single.m-anetlYecr at a:ny given leve]. Reactied.:. 'Y"QU cam ready [Gut' pf yo.m: :;i;.:; manellVets known zt tst lthtel, and as you·adVlUl.,",e ill level and ieaLll more maneuv.ers, you are able ro ready ~flre, bu t you mast still choose which maneuvers to ready.-YQ:u;read y }'!lur maneuvers by medita-tingand exercisingfor _5" minutes. The maneuvers you Ghoo-se;rem_aln readied I.mru vall-decide

Speda.1 Quick:to ad +1,

iL~ci~llrre-f9.ew!ic (W!!BPO.11 Fet?uj;j

2nd +1 +0 ~) +3 ACbenJ:-Ls 1- 2

3 rd +,2 +1 +3 +3 11 2

4th -l'J +1 +4 H 9 2

Sih +-3 +1 j-4 +4 10 3

6th -+4 +2 ,-5 +5 1'1 3

7th +S +2 -*5 +5 12 3

8th +~1+1 +2 +~ +6 13 3

9th +iltl +3 +6 +6 14 4

10th +1/t2 +3 +1 +7 15 4

lH +JJ.j.J ·,,3,}-7 +7 15 4

12th +!3_1'+-~ +4 +8 +8 17 4

13th +1 OJ+~ +4 +S 0/8 ,8 4

14th +1~L+5 +4 _,_9 +9 19 5

15th ~11}+6L+l +5 ~9 +9 20 5

16th +12J+7j+2 +5 -t-10 +10 21 5

17th +1 ~ +8/T3 +5 -tlO +10 22 5

18th +13j"t8/+3 -1;-6 +11 +-11 23 5

19th +1+L±9L+4 +6 +11 +11 24 5

20th +15/+10/+5 +6 -+12 +12 D!'I:~T b@0_;3;d;;lY, ·quicho act +5 25 126

Class Skills [6 + Int modifier per lI~vel, x6 at 1stle\ieJ): Biilh1tjt3e, Cllmb, Coneentr ation, Craft, Heal, Hide,1 ntimidate, Jump, I(nowle.(;lg,~ (~i$tory). Knowledge (local), Knowledge (nature), Knowledge .(nobility and royalt}!), listen. Martial Lore'll, Move Silently. ProfessioA. Ride. Sense Motive, Swim, Tumble,

ifNewskiH described on page 2&.


Base Fort Ref Will

Level Attack Bonus Save Save Save

15 t ,*0 +0 ...,2 ,+2

to medir.a~ again and change [hem. You need nor sleep or resr fOE 3nyJopg period of Time ro _;readyyounna nenvers; auy time-you spei:td S minutes in medirnrion, you canchunge your readied maneuvers,

You begin -a!l·encoumer with all yom readied maneuvers unexpended, regardless oIhowmanyrimes you n:d,ght have already used them since you choserhem, When you initiate a maneuver, you expend it for the current encou nter, so eaeh of your readied maneuvers can be used once per encounter (unless you recover them, as described below}

You can-recover all expended maneuver by using unci!" wu.od'olcticrnta gUiddy meditate. Doing this does norprevcke artacks of GP_pprnmiry. If you complete your medItatiol'! I you can choose oneexpended maneuver to tefresh. 1t is now svailablefor use in Ii subsequent round,

Srances Kno""vn: You begin phy with knowledge of one isr-level stance from any discipline open to you. At 2nd, 5th, 9th, 14[h, and 20m level, you can choose additional stances. Unlike maneuvers, stances are nor expended! and YOll do nOT have to ready memo Allrhe.semces you knew are avai'la ble to you;at aB times, and you ~ change the stance y81.j cuTl'ently use as a swift action. Asrance is an: exrraord:tnary ability unless mherwise Stared: incthe stance description. .

Galike w'ir.h maneuvers, you cannot learn a new stance at higherlevclsin place of ODe you already know.

AC SOllus.:-Sraning at- znd level, you can add YOl.trWisd6.m modifier as a BODt!5 to Armor-Class, so long as you weal: ugllta rID.OJ'J.. are-tlJ1le ncumberea, a na·,uo UG t use ~ shield. TMs· bonus mAG':' app,.llcseven against toUch attacks or Whe:ii 'you' are ..fJ ar-foofud. Et-owever, you lose this bonus when: yPJ-1- .aie im mobilized OJ: belpless,

Discipline Pocus (Ex'):. As 11. 5:Wol'dsage, you em [f)"CUS yuunrnimng to rake advantage efeach discipline's n~

Maneuvers Ma.neuvers-

Known Readied

6 4

Known 1

style. Bach rime you gain the. discipline focus a bi lit}', select one: a f the six swordsage dtsciplines to which that focus ~ppl .. You can select a eli ffcrent dLscipline-each rime yon gain diScipline focus, but you .must lonowat least one .rna rna1 tnaneuver from the selected diSCipline . Even if you select a different discipline at higher levels, your discipline choice for earl ier abilities does not change,

Th is focus rnanifesrs in the followiug ways.

\'Q:eapml Focl~S: At 1ST level, you gain the benefit of the Weapon Focus feat for weapons associated with the chosen drsdpline, See the discipline-descriptions in Chapter 4.

Insrghtflll Stl'.i.kes: At 4th level! you OU! add your Wisdom modifieras a· bonus 011 damage rolls whenever you execute a strike from rhe chosen discipline. At level, you can choose a second disdplin.e to which this ability applies.

Daflln5iuo stance: Arsth level. you gain a +1 bonus on sav ing throws whenever you adopt a stance from.the chosen discipline, At 16th level, you call choose a second discipline 10 which this ability applies.

:tOll gain i 42, honuS' On Martial Lore ch·ec-ks made regarding a rnaneuvet tri. a discipline in which 101.1 bav~ d'isdpllne focus,

Quick to Act (:E.X'): You gain a +1 bonus on initiarlve c.hecks. This benas.Increases by t at 5th, teth, L5th, and 2orhievd.

Sense M-.rglc. (Su): Beginning at 7th leyel, yQU can spend 10 mimttes foeus1ngupon 11 weapeJlqr suit o£'!IJlDor.l£you succeed b.tlllJeV'elGhed, (DC 10 + the ~ex level of the 'I:veapoll or armor), you ca n td en dry tlIef;propel'ties of [hat item, iucludirig_;ifS-e'.llhance1rtentl:i'onulS'and special abtUties. l'h is llbilitY de-csnot reveal the propenie.s.of arti£,crs or legacy weapg:fi~ ,though it does indicate- "thatslIch irems are. significantly powerful,

Evasion CEx:)~ 'At 9 th lev~, you ean.avcid even IDlfgica Lana unusua l attacks wirh grear ngi Li:ry. IF von make 3 successful Reflex aving rhrow agamst an attack that Jilormally deals damage on a.successful save, you instead take no damage. EV3sioncan be used only if you are wearing hghr armor 0.J:

De armor: II you are belpless, YO,\l do not gain me benefit afevnsion.

ImpTov~d .Evasion (Ex): From 17th level on, you ~ ,he benefit Df Improved evasion. You stiJl take 110 damage if you make asuccessful Reflexsave again ran arrack.and even if yeu fail !he Reflex save, you take only half damage fl'€!.Hl the attack. If you are helpless. yon do nor gain the benefit of imp.roved evasion.

Dual Boost (Ex): When you reach 2Qth level, you can use TWO bOOM maneuvers simultaneously. Wi heneeer you iniziate a boos r m aneuver, you can also initia re any other boostmam!,uver that you know asa free action. Both. boosts you initiate are expended no:onaUy. You can use this ability I hree times per day.


To you, a sword is not simply a sharpened length of steel It is the wi§dlml of the smith. the fixe ohhe: farge, and the-shouts and ringtngblowsofyour barrles, It is yourreacher and yoursrudent. y0UI lue. and your death. '\ hen our mind is tempered like the blade, nofearofcombar_pn:l\"e~is beyond yp~ You tan run

on the weapons

of your foes, strike iUlene.rny unseen, and 'flIp insouciam1y aV,13Y from rne frustrated riposte. Throngh i! all, you seek to understand the secret 1n1.0\~'ledge Q£ combat. Every blow is a revelarion, and every wound an apocalypse. III The end, you and yom sword are norhing witbour each other.

Y<JU a nd yourfellow swordsages advenrure for a plethora of reason . Neither [he religious fervor of the crusader nor [he honor quest of tbe warblade causes you to travel the world, More rhan.fatrlr, more than glory, you seek truth, Whether you find that truth in the burbling acid swamps SOUID of rbe Deluge Jungle. in a screeching jungle harpy roOST, or in the gullet of a -purple worm, you are driven TO uncover it, learn j,t. and master it,


Religion mighr be enth"elyinuna.e:r±al to you) or ynumigbJ lind:comfonin theexisren:ce of the Upper (OF Loweq Pin nes, I C you are among the mi norlfY of swordsages who revere a

deity, yorrworshrp one whe:is remote a.ud._generally refuiw. from meddling in the lives of mortals. Boccob the Uncaring 15 a a yorke anrongryour fell GlW swordsages. A few, bQwevm:, choose til worship the Shalm, Obad-Ha i, because.his neutrali~ aligns well with the -swordsage notion thar the truth -of steel is norwhar ym:J want it to be11m simply wha:r.itis.


Yen have learned to look pasr the professi:on and see the individual, linding more truth in a persons deem tha.nJ1J her abilities. Once you hID7e ascerratned th.e measure Of Iter soul, you constderher profesSion and skills. You-prize ocher martia I adeprs-e:>-pecially other swordsages-asIriends and allies. bath for their combat prowess and fortheu.- ability ID play to each omer'"s strengths. Blanking rogues are al so valuable a the", in barile. Clerics and arcane casters are invalLl:a'l$le compa nions, bur yuu resent spellcasters who casr area spills, HlaT[ spells, or sl milar dweomers mat alter rae barrlefield ana limit your mobility and options.


Rather than l'LIShing into combat Wifu the mindle S Iage of a barbu:ian or the foolhardy courage or a I\rarblade, you assess your opponents and rrym achieve taettcal.supremacy through position and marrial maneuvers.

YO\H lack of armor proficiency means thar%u Sl.lj:r;.

edro asktrmtsh-sryle arrack-onein which yOlLcan use YOllT 'b.igl1. mobil iry TO funk art enemy and strlk-e hard and fast. However, you are ~y capable of standing roe ro talon w till

vroclcs and wyverns when necessary, parrying fang With blade and using your martial maneuvers to cut a path througb your enemy's front ranks,

You have.access to an amaztng atray of powerful martiel maneuvers, You have exclusive access ro the Desert Wind, Shadow Ha:11d, and Setting Sun disctpltnes.nnd yonwould do weU to learn ar least some mane from these. You hn'le the greatest 1'3 nge ofrnaneuvers ofany martia] adept, so YOIl should hav:e mulriple Strikes, counters, stances, and boos1;S available after just a few levels in me class.


Yournaining began when you won an apw:entlccihip wi:rn a menror-eilherc3.cD. llldivlctuaIhenni1 swordsage or a!U insrruc terat all auctenr swordsage tern pie dating back ro the Bartle of the Shaduw "Tiger Horde. YOLI knew that win rnng

a iOW rdsage apprennceshtp would not be-easy-1iiat ill fad, hl WO\11.d be an erdeal designed LO rest your worth in some unusl.Ia1way.

The masters oftlre Harad Devin Temple are known to.meke me y0t:mg boys ami gi riswishtag'm undertake rrainingwait in me c0uttj"ard.orseasQns on end, through raill,Slldw, M:ia dse acid cloud storms ofreth dekafa auacks. Occasionally rhe maSlerS'fIitgh:,t seuo -a PQ'~ of porridge to the cOLL[·tyatd fat rhe aspirams, and even moreoccasl 0 oaHy-never more than once per season-theyselecr one child to enrecthrough the Ivory and Horn Gll res. Til Eighlo/'E mpresses have a d tfferect selecrion process for their proreges. The masters bring each young lady separarely inro the Dressing Room ofOpala I, whose walls, mirrors, incense lamps, pots of rouge, andscngbird cages are draped wTth.l,OSO shimmering gold, red, pink, orange, and fuchsia silk ribbons. The girl is 8 Uawed to stay a~ Iong as.sbe likes in [he dressing room; she has bur to give a signal when she is rea.~yto lease. Afrer'She is led away, one rlhbon ls:remtlVed from the room, Then she is b:wughr back. ushe can name the color of the ribbon. that was removed, she is accepted; otherwise, sbeisutrned away for~ver.

As a swordsage, your selection of d isciplines and matfral maneuvers is psramount to yow: 5UCCesS:You mighr choose to focuson maneuvers born a singl:e disciplinE1; B;ut learning II few maneu vers from the other schools is a1m.ast alwa}ts oovisable, True success in combat requires a wiele va rierrdf

marrial maneuvers, '


Armor: Studded leather (+3 AC, armor checlr'penalry-a, speed 30 ft.) 20 lb.).

Weapons: Lengsword (1ds, criri.9- 20/><'2. 4lb .• ene-ohal1d-ed slashing),

Light crossbow (IdS, Grit 19-20, range inc. 8'0 ft., 41Q., piercing).

Skill Selection: Pick anum ber of ski Us equa I co 6 + Irrr modifier.

Skill Ranks
Balanc.e 4
Concentration 4
Heal 4
Hide 4
Intimidate 4
Jump 4
Knowledge (locaJ) 4
MartIal Lore 4
MOlle S1lentfy 4
Ride 4
Sense Mntive 4
Sp.0t tee) 2
Tumble 4 Abillt~ Del!

Armor Check Penalty

-1 '

Int De); Del( Wis Wis Del(

Feat: Dodge,

.BOflU5 Feat: Improved Initiative.

Geru::: Backpack wirh waterskin, one day's rrail rations, bedroll, sack £lint and steel, 3 torches, quiver with 20 arrows, rent, rravelsr's otrrfir, cold weather-ourfir,

Gold: 2q·+ gp:.


"J COl~ld ml.~lIllw jtlSllllllt>'perjulllc Hflgel'i!l,g,fnfflt~ tonl,lls"f. LIIl' ~ig'hry lBfltpms(lS '~acl ~Ij~eyed Ihe castle ~1e,J'e, through [his d091~ T~lLl sCJ1t1tle~ rrumpled on fhe pal'apal, was sti1ls1nilhlg,"

-Kali:nSwneneLn, easrellan of Orlep'Ior

The pcnrlficatingrecluse, the waadenng.mysnc, me martial scholar-c-all ~hese and more are.swordsagss. "T.hl;lse marrial adepts bring a combination of mental acumen aM physi~ I prowess to the world. With aporennal ro advance'in anumber of d i fferenr directions-offensive, defensive, support, and qutclc-smke-c-rhey make excellent additions to adventuring parties. When the campaign action veersout ofthe dungeon and into the royal courts, darkened chambers, and-drplomanc halls of the kingdom, a swords age's inclination toward Imelleciua] pursults and his .na rural role as.a scholar-e-snartial and otherwise-allow him to remaina strong EOnrriburar JO the party,


A swordsage spends (he majority of his "time perfecrlng his art. The mental and spiritual demands of rhe Sttblime Way reguire consranr arrention, so he can spare Iicrle time frot ltlarq14lii!l1g.

Art in all its founs is often a passion for swcrdsages . .Many find re£r.eshmetJ:t and a wellspring of str-ength in the 3J:TIi of 'SG1.dptitig, paini;Wg, poetry, calligraphy; rock-s~acki,ng, Gil: illusory patterns,

f,. swords age with an apprentice spends much of his time tra i ning his s tuden t, A swords age without an apprentice might or mtglrr nor spend time seeking one OUF, accotding to b is whi,ms.


Opala I, the Empress Incamatline and founder oftheElghty Empresses, Was aswordsage, Known as much farher wisdom, her dance, and .her ribbons as for her swords, she-is regarded by 111 any is the]lrDtotypical swordsage=-serene, poi sed, and deadly. Modem notable swordsages i nclude Lbe Sage of SllOW and Shad¢lW; who lives at the peak of one of the Sunspires neat Koshrra Amnorn, and Skurrgh, a half-ore pariah who is his native tribe for question ing [he. unmitigared war freilZY dictated by the shamans ofRe Who Wati:hes. Skurrgh is presently looking for an apprentice bur has yerro fu,d one.he considers suitable. Many of the more dedicated aspirants prefer to wait in the raln and snow outside the Hand Bevin Templerarber than risk rheir training on n rogue ba.l£"Dtc.


The Hal'a'd Devin Temple bas l:eru'l1iteo-and h:ain-eO swordsages forcenruries.Many ofitsaIumni wearintrfcalc tartoos or brands on me inside of their forearms that, record hagments of the order's history. It is sald that if all'tbe sages of me Harad Devin Temple-were ro line up, one could read the en t i r·e.hi~t0r}' ofrhe Snnspire Mall mains and Deluge Jungle re_gionsfi:om their tartocs, and that their brands are sigi Is mlll can UJ'l.krck 3" spell of epic "prop cirti ons.

MOST authority figures and government of-ficiah-da nor appreciate swordsages. Like crusaders, these martial adepts are often dedicated re a higher ca use [han th e inretesrs of the local earl or lord,and unlikewarbiades, swordsages are not easHy bought. Thus, governments, churches, andother civic and religious

organizations generally treat swordsages with

a greacdeal of caution. Crimsan MaIl<,

,"leIma-nts. on the other hand, embrace ch.o.rtlf'ion of (bt d01lmIrodtkll sworlhages. Who else an ancient

cain, we chipped comb of a long-dead princess, or a perrified dragon claw? In addition to purchasing curiosities and. arr supplies pa rricular TO his interests, a swordsage also provides business for smiths, carpenrers, and srablers as he practices hrs martial maneuvers in an effort to maintain a constant soJteef patient readiness.

The women of the Eighty Empresses aJ?o carry rhe.Il\lllrks of their order, wllii& in [bit; ease arc riij"!!J:rrps. "Eam,yQ\.I.llg lady who \\'UJ.s acceptance 10 me order i1tdopts. the n"bhol:! from her induction-ceremony as her personal symbol. Unlike the markings :l!lSoci"llted with me Hata:d.Pevin Temp_le, 110 le~;etfd c@lmectstheribbeDs of the Eighty BtnpresseSi with an.y greater epic. In fact, rhese decorations appearroh1lve no meanmg ar alt. Nooolor, braidwork, or.frmge:si_gniliesnmk wirhi:n.ilie order, and no parrfoular manneto£diw1ay-hhl [!bow, choker, or wtistba!'lii-.has any meaning beyonn .the preference of the individ ual member.

}..iany other swordsage organizations

exist as well. The rypical order i$ a small, well-organized, organlc unit that exists for a single purpose. One swordsage organization might focus on the history of a particular combat style, while another is swernroproeeerrhe ruler of a local population. Ar leas! one swordsage organization has devoted lrselftc sludying [be combat techniques, migr,;trory parretns, and warren culeure of the Sunspire Mounfain umber hulks, presumably with all eye towardevemually exterminating them. Such daunting tasks are

L fare for swordsages, whose patleace and oalznness onep lead them to consider plans that might 1:lIke decades or even centuries ro execute,



Elves and swords ages of tell. get along fal"l'l(Hlsiy beclIu.s:e of rheirsirmlar long-term viewpointsand-tbeir appreeralion for history. Dwarves'eci.ate tIi~ serious fu(ture Dr swords-ages andJt.he ape sculpture diatl113ny of iO~lll produce. Gnomes nave 1l1o~e~hawTelatl"onship Wi-dlo rhese

.mssrers of JJ1l!Etial knowledge: They iIllpreciare rhe s:wordsages' seJ;].se of history and love of bardi c a rts but dis Illre their te"ode.n:cy [0 ra ke life serionsly. Hall-elves often dis.illite. swcrdsages, seeing in theirseIective apprentices hlp process ~I), echo of the exclusionary attiruae thai chase ef m.ixed blood SOlUe rimesexpertence.


Swotdsage<i tend to have mdre in common wim de-des and wizards man with the melee fighting.classes. Batbariansm parncalar-are "apt to be annoyed by a .sworosllge's-prodivi[f!"O analyze or at Ieasr contemplate a cambar hefore, during, and afrer the a.$ai1ightiJlg. OJ] questions was, '"Hfiw does a sworrl mean?' It is said [har ('he orc barbadan.. herde-klng.Blech Porkrongue slew twenry subchieftains in a ftlge while trying to discover the meaning .of rharqnesrion.


Characters with ranksin Gather lli.furmation or Knmvledge (hisrory) can research .w;.'O£d.s ages lO learn more about them. When a cha-rnGte:rmai{-(!s a skill check, read or val,""3phrase thefollowfng, i.ncluding (he information from lower Des.

DG10: Asworcisagei.s a fancy'sword-swinger who thinks he kllo.vs more abour swordplay than anyone else.

DC 15: LU~e warhlades and crusaders, sword sages walk the Sublime Way. BUT they don'r just walk i:t-they srudy it, rheysearch It, the ythinkth ere's a meaning in it. They lnok fOl" the wisdom of their swords, the StoPy of each swing, and th.e Iustory of each foe.

DC 20:' Swordsages-ere patiem, calm, and lethal They gain the most mystical of 1111 those wha walk the Slll:llime Way.


W hen Characters need to know lhettnename of a rein

deka1a prophet, the testing place u£ the last lieutena Dr of the Shadow Tiger Horde, or {he secrets of rhePerfect-Smke, chey are.Iikely to seek O"IH a swordsage, Sueh moments-pravids excellent opportunities to Itrrroduce.swordsages into an ongoing campaign that has not previously included martial ad eprs, If a player wants to play a.swordsage in such a campaign/ the character might be songhr out hy an ancient SWQrd S age-the lost pracritiouer ofhisk:i.nd-and eaugh t the secrets of dIe. Sublime Way_If you are using Dungeon Master', G1!ide fl, a pg could 8cql!li:re 11 spiritcompa.l'lion.~ilie spirtt of an ancient swoIdsage who bas selected her to be the .fi;t;SI Uia;new ~t;$ation of martial scholars.

When developing a swordsage cha1:3cre~,consid~hisfocus.

DOes he define liimselfby his martial.maneueers, his an, ap.d his t;elati.Qfiships With.mCs? P'r'Glvide a sW0rdsage wil b di~gbs roallfaCttfS ofms d:1B(~J(:ter,His In igh sldll poi Drs,

£x{; .. 11 nlCOllilll1~abililies,-tt:l'la ml1gicalflaln ::'1.111' thnl' t~e'i!i €qJ.Lally at home in II dl.lngeon,in the halls ofu palac ,ano-in 1I wtza rds tower. A good enemy for a swordssge is one against whom he must use all his skills, all his maneuvers, and aU nis knowledge;


The narue "swordssge" no runilly im plies a eharacter who carties il sword et weapon of sbmekind. HQwever, a swordsage work ve.ry well as a supernatural martial arttsr of almost any school org_11igin 1'0 create a rnonklike character with a rremendous- anay of fantastic moves and --5:trikes, glve the swordsage the monk's unarmed srrike progression and remove his light armor prcifieitmcy. If yeg wefe~, you could instead emphasize the magical talents of'ille'$wot, b,y. giving che.swerdsage the a:hilityTO iearnJrrcanespells it! place cl maneuvers.ofequ ivalent lev.eL In general, spells ftom the schools of abjur~tion, evocaticom,mld transmutation are mest appropriate [fn; a swordsage of this type, especially spells willi 1I range or or touch. 'fhe arcane spell is '~t~S!'1 tjdf it were II martial maneuver. In [his case, yau@ould remove the class's.ltght armer proficiency and redu€e rhe swerdsage's BirDie to db.


Sworcisages 1Cq;Fl be encounrered anywhei'e:fu la;;ge citFes; 1m 'the wi lderness, orou the read to nowhere,

Bl. 6: The.h1~,hwllym3nk:nown as rhe Grimsrnn MilSk plagues the ];0110-5 and pathways nea r the EBe City. By draw· ing on the po~er of his martial maneuvers, be swoops ill se surprise his enemies, lights them to the brink of defeat, demands a ransom to cea e his attack, rhen disappears back inro The forest. Crimson MaSk is. ill trurh, a worshrper of Olidanrmara whe seeks to steal from ricb aallelrWt'ets aHa distribute [0 thelieedy. He c:ares-Jittl.e Nhetherbe steals from a heroic paladin or a heartless mersenary because he ~els ilia [neither is likely to do anythingnseful with [he money. Thus, he has no eompuncrions abotrt taking it.


Male half-elf swordsage 6

CG Medium humanoid (elf)

Init +8; Senses low-light vision; Listen +5. Spot +5 Languages Common, Elven

AC 1&. touch 13, flat-footed 16

(Dex +2, Wis+1, armor+5) hp 49 (6 HDJ

Immune slesp

Fort +5, ReftS', Will +7 (+9 against enchanlments),

Speed 30 ft.

Melee mwkscimitar +7 (ld6+2f18-20) Ranged longbow +6 (ld8/x3)

Sase Atk +4; C:;;rp +6

Atk Options dIscipline focus (insightful str<ike-Dese'rt Wind)

Gombat Gear 2 potions of(;j.ue light wounds

Maneuvers and Stances Known (IL 6th):

5tflnt:e5-~hHd or shadow [Ist], flame's blt;ssir.g (15'1;), holoc;t,!:J..St-cJoak (3ro)

S~rj~- H~tel'''ngflolJflsb1' (h ). Charging ml.notaurt Pst). cdea~h ll1a-rkt (3rd), shadOW blade tachniql.l€ (lst), stcne boees (1st)

Boo$-burnlng blade (1st), burning brandt ,2nd),

di'S}ractil1g ember (' st), Wine S:t'rrde (1 stl CQU'nt"llrs-fi reo r i p:ostet (2nd), ze,phyr da ncet" (~rci) lD'isQipJllles:Desert Wfnd, SJudow Hand., Stone Dragon t Readied maneuver

Abilities Str 14, Dex 15, Can 14. lrrt 10, Wis 12. Cha 8

SQ able to notice secret or concealed doors FeatsA:lertness, Dodge, Improved I rrltianve, We~PQn Focus

(scimitar. light mace, light pick, spear, faJchiQI'l)a

Skills Balance +13, DipTomacy +3, Gather Information +1, Hicfe +1', Jump +13, Listen +5, Move Silerrtly+ll. Search +2, Sense Motive +10, Spot +5, Tumble +13

Possessions 'combat gear plus +2 'Studded leather, masterwork scimitar, cloak o/resistance +i, longbow with 201lnows


"1 W(l:$1iO)'l'lfor WilT. I 11I'll1e t:11~ heart Dfu lion, the w,/JfrnBSS oj all engJe, antI the sl,rengtll ofq dragon! 111 battle J [im1 purpose, m conf/ict per/ecHol1, and il1 victory e)(lllt-atioll. The goils them dt,·~ r.nvy ItW hour of glory.H

-A.rzi.mon~ a warblade

'IheWi:Jt'l;ilane was borafor coalliet.·Swift, strong, enduring, aLldmterly conlidelltin his martial skills, he seeks IO [est b lmselfag-ainst worthy [Des. Battle-is beautiful roJriru-u 'Pe:fe~nl.Qrt1:ellt in whtch life hangs ~U~p~l1aed 0.L1 the Bnght edge of II sword. Sheer combat skill 1S unpe-nant to II ",rarblade, so he trains intensely with his chosen we~s. Btl! even rntl1:eimportant are his athleticism, endurance, daring, recklessness, and joy-in rhe hour ofdanger, Warblades, ofren !tal1"e'd~s:w:~;rd princes, Iive for the chance ro rear-themselves in battie-the stronger the foe, the greater the glor:y once an enemy is defeated.


A warhluds l-li II frOll t-Iine ill ele e com bara nt, much Itke .1 barbaEtan or.fighrer, He engages his enemies TOe to me and defeatsmeJD rhrongh sldll ar arms.

Abilities; Pure physical perfection is a warblaue's id a I, so Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution are all viral (0 Mm. BeCll1,.ISe mastering II bewildering variety efrnarria] man envers Is d iffi c ulr, In relligence is II Iso important to II warblade, because he appreciates [he bonus drill poiurs, and many of his class features reward a high Intelligence bomrs. Glveil the choice be'twe:enWlsdom and Chartsrnn, ~ Vor'ltrm;ld'e .L\; m ol'hliktely to bccsrthe lel wear die mantle of glory he hopes to win wi:thhis dee-ds on the oan:le£ieJd.

Races: The warrim; Cll1!:1.1reS that_give rise to Vi'arblades are l.Il.Qst often found in human • .el( and hobgoblin lands. Ad IT)i~:ati0n for athlencprowe , tlte.manilll ideal, and sheer physical daring is common amcng tlreae.races. 'Ihe.girhyankt al a take great pride- in their martial skill, and a nnmber of warblad!1$!!:at'l be foun<lanlongtlilii race, Dwarves appraciare n \>,!~~cl;e's m,,1t1,ia,lpr weS~ bU'lrJIJ.ighrshy away from over-

Special _

Battle clarity (Reflex saves}, weapon aptitu!le

2nd +2 +3 +0 ~.Q UnGan.QY~b,jae , J 1

Jrd +3 -*1 +1 Battle ardor te:rit1cal confJ)1matlon) .1 1

4th +4 +1 +1 4, 2

5th +5 +1 +1 Bonus feat 4 :2

6th +6/+1 +1 +2 Improved uncanny dodge 2

7th 7} 2 -t- 2 +2 Battle CUl'1nlng {damage) 2

~ ~ ~ 2

9th 9f 4 +3 Bonus feat 2

10th ..-10 +5 +3 3

Tlth 11/ 6/+1 +3 +3 Battle skill (0 esed ch.ecks) 3

12th +12)+7),;·2 +8 +4 +-4 3

Hth +13j .. 8j+3 108 +4 +4 Bonus feat 3

14th + 111+91!.~ +9 +4 +4 3

15th +m+ 1 Cli+S +9 +S +5 3

16th +161+l1J~+1 +S 4

17th +1?J+12Z7{/+2 "*5, 4

18th +18j13Lt§l.+3 +6 4

1IJth +19)+ 1jLf9 +4 6 4

20th 20/ 15/+10/+5 +6 +6 Stance mastery 4

Class Skills (4 + Int modifier per level, x4 at Ist level): Balance, Climb, Concentranon, Craft. Diplomacy, Intimidate, Jump, Knowledge (history), Knowledge (Ioeal), Martial lore, Swim, Tumble.

=New skill described on page2S.


HIT DIE: 012 Ref Will


Attack Bonus

Save Save Save

+2 +"0 ... 0


level 1st


weening pm Ise. Halilings geoerallyadmire at hlerie prowess, but most lind the striugent requirements of this class TOO challenging. Half-orcs-and sava,ge humanoid races generally do nOI appreciate beauty tn.motfon in quite the same way thaT their more clvilized counrerparts do; they fight ro des'tcxoy thelc enemies, notto cover themselves in glory. Gnomes reel no pa rricu lar need to try themselves in battle; they arc btl'2PYwirh their normal pursuits.

Alignment: A warblads can choose any alrgnmenr, thougb many prefer ch a uric-over lawful. After 11 II, a warbled e seeks to win glery rhrough individual deeds of prowess. so he i. unlikely to adopt a personal code emphasizing ebedience over freedom toimptovi e. Good warblac1es are champions of rhe weak and downrrcdden; evil ones are vlnious warlords who exnlt in the defeat and humliiadon of their Iees,

StllIting Gold: 5d4x10 (125 gp), Starting Age: As barbarian.


When lighting, you rely on an ever-increasing repertoire of spectacular martial maneuvers. Depending on which disciplines you choose ro study, you might be a rnongoose-swifr skirm isher who uses speed as your sword and shield, a fierce master of blades, 01: a bold commander who leads your allies Inro baule, our maneuvers are the signature moves thaL serve to define your character,

Regardless of the path you choose, you acquire a modest number of bOD-uS feats that make you quicker, mere a.gileo a nd mote arb lettc than mast other warriors.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency. You a:reprofiden[w~th simple-and martial mele~weapons (including those tharcan be: used as thrown weap0.i1V,ngnt and mediurn armor, and all shields exceprrowersh21ds.

Maneuvers Maneuver's

Known 'Readied

3 :3


Known 1

Maneuvers: You begin your caJ:ecrwiIh knowledge of Three martial maneuvers. Thedlsdplines available to you a~e Di ainond Mind, Iron Heart, StoneD1::agon, Tiger Claw, and White Raven,

Once YO\I know a maneuver, you must .ready it before ,you cannse i:t~see Manewvers Readied. below). A maneuver usable Oywarblades is considered an extraordtnary ability unless otherwise nored in its description. Your maneuvers a .e not .affected by spell resisranee, and you do not provoke attack otopportuniry when you tniriare one.

Yalllearn additional maneuvers at.hlgher levels, as shown on Table 1-3. You musr meet a maneuver's prerequisite to learn it. See Table- 3-1, page 39, to deteimlee the highestclevel maneuvers yon can learn.

Upon reaching 4th levell and air every even-numbered warblade.level after tbat (~th, Sili, 10th, and so on), yO·l.\, elm >eb:Qose ~Qlearn a nell'! maneuver.truplace ru one you a lrea.dy kirow.ln eI-fect, yov lose the old maneuver in exchange for rhe new'one. You can choose anew maneuver: of any level you like, as long as you ohs.erlfC your rastricrion on the highest-level maneuvers yOll knowj yon-need not replace rile old.maneuver wirh a maneuver of the same level. For example, upon reaching 10th level, you couid trade in a single 1S[", 2nd-, ltd· or -I-m-level maneuver for a maneuver :Of 5th level or lower, as: long-as you .meer me pJ-erequ i sire or ilie new monel! ver, You can swap only a single maneuver at any given level.

Maneuvers Readied: Y01.l caU;aTeaGiy all three of the .maneuvets yon knowar tst level, Dutas YQtl.advaml:e in level andleatllmore maneuvers, you must cho,Qse which maneuvers 1:0 .refl;dy. You tready 'fOlD" maneuvers by exercising f0r 5 minutes, The mllne1.1V6ts¥OlL choase;temain readied until you (leade- fa exercise again and change them. -Yon need not sleep er resrfor anv long period of Time 100J'ea-ay vmrr maneuvers,

anv time you spend 5 minutes in pracuce, y0L1 c\! vmrr readIed maneuvers.

YOLI begiq II n encounter witl1 all YOUI readled m.anetl\1erp unexpended, ,:egardless of how n:tany rimes yptl mighLhave already used tb em since you chase them. When yo_u.inltrate a manen vet) YO);I expend it EaJ' the current encounter, so:.i;l<+~h ofymu: readied maneuvers ean be used 0 nee per enr;(jU'r:!tet (until yOQ recover them, as described below).

Y.ou can TI~COVeT a 11 expended maneuvers with a single swift action, wh ich must be immediarely followed in the same round with a melee 31'rack or using asrandard action ro do nothing elsejn the round (such as executing a quick, harmless flotrrish with your weapon), You cannot initiate a maneuver OT change yOUT stance while you ,He recovering your expended maneuvers, bur you can remain in a stance in which you began YOlUtum.

Stances Known:

You begin pbywith knowledge of ane 1 stlevel stance £r0n,1 any discipli ne open to warblades. At 4th, 10th, and tsrh level, you can Choose addirionalsranees. unlike maneuvers, stances are not expended, andyou do not have to ready them, All the STances you know are available [Q you at 1111 limes, and you can change rbe stance you are cnrreurly using as a swift: action. Astance is an exrraordinary ability unless otherwise stated in rhe. stance description.

Unlike with maneuvers, you cannot learn a new stance at higher Levels in place of one you already know.

Dattle Clarity (;ex): You call enter a state of almosruiystical awareness oft:he battlefield around YOli. As long. as you are not Uar,footed" you gain all insight bonusequal to your Intelligence pOllL1S (maximum equals you:t wf!rblade:Jeve1} on you [ Reflex saves.

Weapon Aptitude (Ex): ':lOll I' lTluningwlth.awide:'i,a_n_ge of Weaponry anq tactics g i v s you gres t skill with particular weapons. You qualify for fellt'S that usually require. a mlnimnm number of fighter levels (such as Weapon Speeia-4za::t~Ol.l) :1$ if you.had a fi.gltterlevel eq1.J0 I to your warblade level=z, EQr example, as a ~tb-Ievel warblade, you could [a ke WeapOEl

Sp,eci:UizmlI!Jl1, since you're t reared a bi!inga4rh-le'\teifig;lltt'I fGr t,bJspl!lor~s.e. Tbelie e[fecllve fighl'e): le\te.!sstaclnvtrhany !l.l!'tim1jl:&ghtBl! le,vels you have, T~LIS, a fighter 2/wa:rbhtile -+ wl'Juld also qualify for Weapon Speci~1fzation.

Y(')u also l\ll~t:e the flexib.i.livy tell ~d!j,tlSt your weapon training. Eac:6~ l'llbtilfug, you can spend i hcur-in weapon pracrice "to t;hange the designllted Weapon for any feat you have tbaf applies only to a single weapon (such-as Weapon Eocus). YOlJ musthave the newly designated weapon available during your practice session to make this change. For exampls, if you wish to change the

designated weapon for your Weapon Focus feat from grearsword ill longsword, you must have a longsword available-ra pracricewirh duringyour practice session.

You can adjust any number of YOUl: feats in this \'"ay, and you don't have LO adjust them all in the same way. However, you can't change the weapon choices in SLlCh a way th_ar ym.lllO longe r meet the prerequisite £01' som 'Qthettfem ycm possess. FQr iJ:Jsta)'lce, if yOLI have both Weapon Focus (longsword) and Weapon Specialtzatien (longsword), you CUll change rhe designated weapon fOI \Weapon Focus unless you also change the weapon for Weapon Specialization in the same. way.

Uncanny Dodge (Ex): AI 2nd level, you gain theabilityUlr~ctTO dangerbe60reyoltTsenses would normally allow YOLI to do so. You retain your Dextertry bonus TO AC (if any) even if you are caught flat-footed or struck by an invisible attacker. However, you srill lose your Dexterity bonus to AC if you are Immobilized,

J:f you already have uncs nny dodge from adlEferentdass (barbarian or Tog LIe, for example), you automadc:illy gain .Improved uncanny dodge (see below) instead.

Battle.Ardor (,Ex): The sheet love ofba rrle lends :j.lDcanny strength to your blows. Starting at 3rd level, you gain.aa illsfghcQ!ln'Us eqnalto ,your I n tell igence bonus onnolls.rnade to CO~Lf1tm crittcal lrlrs.

Bonus Feat: A['Srh Ievel, YOLi gain a bonus (e~t fr9',TI tile listgiven below, YQlI must meet the prerequistte for the I~t yqu,selecr. BV(wy fo\l'f levels thereafter (at9th, l3rh, Uta tzrh level), y011 eJ;?,(')ose another balms feat from the list.

Arz#mJl1 the 7t1arblade

Btlml~ felll Us!; Acrobaric, Agile, Athie ric, BladeMedita ..

.tion", Blind-Fight, Com IJat Refifl'_!es, Diehard. .EndurallC'er Gr~ar Forrirude.lmprovedIm):ia,tive, Iron Will, lronbe<1:r:tlf, J.lghtnjng1te~es, QukkJ)r-awfll'Un, StOJ;1e Powez", TiWlt .Blooded<>-, UnnervingCahn*-, Whit\?- Rllv.el1Defense*.

*New fears described ill Gh~Rler:Q.

Battle Cunning (Ex")': Yom rUsti:cst for seizing ·di~ moraenr gives Y01.] a signifkaftt~d~tlftrage over foes UOPJ:Bpare d for your arrack. Ar 7thlev~, you gain an ipsighr honns <equal to yOUL Inrelligent!e' npnus on melee damage rolls agalns[ flarfoored or flaoked 9Ppommts.

Battle skill (Ex): You anticipate yow: enemies' ploys and tacncs.A111th level, yougaium insight bonus equal to your Inrelhgence bonus on any check made [Q oppose 3.11 enemy's bull rush, disarm, feint, overrun, sunder, or [rip anempt.

Rattle Mastery (Ex):. You notice the most subtle openings andcues offered by your opponents. At 15tb level, you gain ail insight bonus equal ro your lntelhgence bonus on melee atrackrolls and melee damage rolls made whenever you make an attack of opporrunirv,

rtnp:roved Uncanny Dodge (Bx): At 6th level and higher) you can no longer be flanked; you can react to opponents OU opposite sides of you as.ea:sily as you can teactto a single attacker. See rhe barbarian class.Ieamre (PH 26) for more information.

Stance Mastery (Ex): Arzurh level, you can b ave two stances acrlve simultaneously. When you use a swifr action to initiate or change your stance, you can initiate or change one or both stances.


Mll5tering the techniques of blade and shield is importam [0 yon, but even more impom~~·rne sense of daring, recklessness, and even joyrhat mmsPOnsYUI.\ID rhe hour: of danger. You figlufur glory, the thrill ofcomhal', and personal honor. ThuS:. you approach e.achencounter as if rhe bards will sing ofi'tfor ages. Ellery raging bu1ene: rhar breaks through me cobblestones in the bazaar, every drsgonsnarlmgen its pile of coin, and every rem dekala champiorr still carrying a sword of the Shadow Tig(ll Irerde is an oppormnity fm_you to test your skill, prove your betoi£m~ and shlne ever btigh~~, Gold and magicare pleasnnr tnkens,. bur the te,almeasure ofyour success is the heighT of the obelisk cemruemorating yom triumphs.

As a warblade, you find adventure wherever an opporruniry for glory exists, A m are mercenary character might ignore an impecunious burgomasrer'spleafor aid, but you are quick to step in, raking the accolades of the villagers and the rapture of combar as pay along with a small bit of gold. Diplomatic rmssions have a II the appeal of wea k tea far you, bur nearly a fly figl:n wil 1 do, Even a hunt through the sewers for a rabid oryugh CaD become a suitable adventure, as long 115 the otyugh isa worthy opponent and some townsfolk are present ro honor you when you emerge, slime-covered bur vtctorious.


If YOLl are good-aligned, you ];lwbahly worship Kord. His i ndepe ndeni 3 nn amiably helligerem naru te reI1ecls 'lour

mash approach to life. Orher good wgrblades favor Pelor, Heironeous, and, in rare cases, donr St. Cuthberr.Jfvou are ~YQupmbablych3mpion the cause of~a[ Hexror, Arnmoreci secret seer of..,va.\"bl:ade.s.{oJ]pws Vecna, cktmi:ng LO be the descendants of the loyd army that \~atched horrified '<IS its cemmander, Kas, commfrred.his fam~us betrayal.


lle~use you appreciate "the .!nng y~an; ots:tudy and practice necessaxy to become a master of eombat, you have great respect fur fighters and paladins-though. yau some rimes fed a rivalry with. them, as well, You oon'tget aiang roe well 'With. barbarians because they seem incapable of properly 'OOstO\vmgor recelvtng bonor, Barris l!re among your favortre q:lll'p.anioTlS as long ,15 they stay out of the way and leave the glory of the fight ro you-and sing of yonr SI.~CCeS5 Inter in ravernand hall Both divine and arcane spelloastersare [sreign to your pursuit of physical perf~c~on,sl;) you see [hem as lircle more than a means of suppordorYQUJ: own endeavors, For [hat matter, you rarely werk well with,oilierwubIades, since [hey are as compedrive aSyOl{ aze, 1tlld you're always suspicious rhar one of [hem might try ro, steal yom glary.


YOti revel ill melee, Your place is hattling face to face with "rocks and umber hulks, where you can neal maximum damage while keeping such monsters away from The softer eargers inyour OWIl party. You make good use of your va rious barrie-k-cYed abHides to give,portaot edge I'll com~at. A)t40ugh these abilities mlghtn0t be as physica Uy impressiVe as a barbarian's rage, they tan grant a significant beast ro defense, as well as situational Dor:lUses on attack and damagemlls. Unlike rage, YOll'tclassJeamces canynoIatigue penalty, YOllE lack of profidencywit!1heavy azmer is botn~ ~le~g ana a curse-it allows ymHo enren combat quickly bud eaves yotl 'Iu]ne.rab1e TO [he en~my. Consider taking fears ~tH;h as Improved Toughness (seeCtmwlefe \WI1i"rior) to increase your ability to soak tip damage and pal1ial1y offset yom lack of heavyarmor, Choose bonus fe:ns th~t.enhimce yow: capabi 1 jti~ (such as .BHm:l-fight'Or ImprovedJmtl::arive) OJ" bolster yourwea&:1J.el!ses (S1.lcb 3S Iran Will).

You consider SWOrdplay to be high,arr, and.a marttaimaneuvet to be the artist's signature on his. masterpiece, Learning many maneuvers In 011e discipline; genenllymakes yon more lethal in combat rha n a warbtade who learns a few maneu... ers from each of several disci'plin,es, This phenomellon stems from thefacrtharrakingmanymanemrers from one dtscipJ ine while largely ignuring the test lets you master higher-level maneuvers SOODer. You gain only thirteen maneuvers over rhe course of twenty levels, so make you r choices ca:ref~ly.


Warbul(!e.s come from all walks oLllfe; J?erhaps }rou were a peol" yo u~h who la:clted the l1esp.eet".of me upper class nnd new seeks ro redress this inequity'aud 1vin the praise o£o11 through your ring. Perhaps yOllT drive eo succeed was inborn. like the innate power ofa sercerer,

our race mauers lu de; anyone with the drive co. wing).0.lf rhrough combarts a goo I Gac.clLdareforwarblm.tea-ilining. TbE [US! warblades to embark 011 rhe peth.ef the llonli:el1):t WlU'e hobgoblins, They were the ,firsT to teach Reshar, and their disclpltnewas thefirst mar he mssrered.In [he,C~l~~J' b:ave followet11 .hebgoblins ~ave not forgo.rt~n this;faetr and tbar race sTlil produces mere warblades than many others,

Elves and half-elves often take up Lbis class because chey spprecia re the warblade's view ofbsnle as a glcticus.arr, ;J nd the martial dwarves favor it as well. Outsiders often wonder at a \ arblade academy in which synchronized bes ofyoung' would-be warblades practice theirweapon forms, especially when they notice rhar rhese ordered ranks Include elves, hobgoblins, and dwarves. But as a warblade, you know that il: is the art of the sword 'that makes a trtre warrior, nor a coincidence of race.

As you become marc skilled, your mostimpertanr decisions arewhich maneuversto learn. Wnenselecri:agruaoeltvets, try nor to choose any in isolation, Instead, pick two or three that: work well in synergy so that one maneuver can set up an or her.

HUMAN WARBL.ADE STARTING PACKAGE Armor: Scale mail (+4 ACj armor check penalry-w, speed 20 fr., 30 lb.),

Heavy wooden shield (+2 AC, armor check penalJzy-2, 10 lb,),

Weapons:,Longsword (td 8, cdr 19-20/>:2, 41h., one-handed s las hi n g).

Shorrbow (id6, eric x3j range inc. 60 fr., z Ib., pi~tcing). skill Selection; Pick a number of skills equal IO 4+ Inr !nodiner.

Skifl Ranks Ability Armor Check Pefla!!i
Concentration 4 Con
Jump 4 Str
Balance >\ Delt
Dielomacy 4 Cha
Intimidate 4 Cha
Martial Lore 4 Int
Climb 4 51r
Knowledge (local 4 Int
Spot (ee 2 Wis ..Eeat: Weapon Focus (Iougsword), Banns Feat: Improved Initiative.

Gear. Backpack wtrh waters kin, one day's trail rations, bedroll, sack, llin.! and steel, 3 rorches, quiver wtth 20 arrows, rem, rrnveler's O~ltfit, cold weather om-fit.

Gold: M4 gp,


"The cCicb (In rl ~0'llpC5 echoed off ~l1e II mestQt1e blocks, Hlar l'ling)UJ of danger aheqd, The dwarf and .I' wl~i pered, debttti'l'lE t1. r~tre!lJ, hat our t/lird I,lItlS 11 f!i1'J:rtl/ade IIlId n shr~tcl1j oftht' .BnghJ Annis, Heilia,l'ged, s/tring the Irmb r hulk'HItIHlrlibles afi. llml stril~lng it seven ti111cS more bcforn 1!1e "I'eatllre' Jaw held dattered to the f/.oOr-:1

-DoITom Veshrhazrell, swordsage of Ute Murlenr'lenrple

:lJ?h1ades live by muscle Ol1J [eel, bur their irueracti 11 wil;b .~ c;fltl'plUgn world IS nor limtted to rratting sword sla.;h~s tbt ralon ra lres, These characters are keenly aware.of '4:ileiIcS0ci,1l,1 ~t~d ing, and for them, glory sud honor are ~i 1'ensr,as inn,!Ol'~~l'lt ~s gold and gems. Because these pll?oious iJ.~t1l1]gil)lesttmmm be.wen by strength cfblsde alone, \¥at'blades 13Bn'Snmgv find themselves li'<l:lsons.wjth generals, .klngs, prlncesses, archprehrtes, and uth:grs who can confer the honor of an entire society upon a victorious hero. The whispers of courtesans, the badinage of bards, and the wit of aristocrats call be as signi Ecane to a warblade's career 3S the gia n ts and phase spiders of the Sunspire Moumains-r-and even more ferocious.

Warblades in advenruring parries must strike a balance between group and individual goals. Ideally, [he parry'sparh guarantees the warblade both the thrill of combar and the laurels of an acclaimed hero. In cases where only one-or the other is possible (such as a srealrh mission ill extirpate[b. dekala cell operating in embarrassingly high governmem circles, 01: a crucial escort missionln which me danger comes not from flashing swords bur from rhe wayward nature of a dauphin), the war blade must hide hi time and accept the need ro sacrifice one objecrive for another. Never for long. however, does a prince of the sword allow bllnself to forgo raselng The heady rush of com bar and the sweet adulation of the.multtrudes.


A warGh de must [TO ill COllS raj, uy to maintain hi_s pl.1 issanee. Thus, 'ruuch of his day is spent working-through fm:msJ,illbbingar wooden effigie~, und swlngl ng weighted swords. Many warblades are a£Eljated with sword temples or dojos mat allow rhern space to practice. WhiJe out adventuring, a prince of swords often spends his time at nlghton warch praceicing his 'breathing exercises and stretches. The character wdng the next warch is Iikely to wake and find his predecessor tn the trees, mediraringwtrh measured breaths and supperred only by ,3 branch under each fat-flung ankle.

Once he has reached a respectable level of accomplishment, a warhlad e m ighr ra ke the Leadership feat and begin reashing his own pupils ar a school-either his previous academy Or one he has founded. Teaching allows a wsrblade to prove his worth [0 many students all a druly basis-ana the more prestigious they are, the better, Nobles' daugheers and sons are highly sougbr-afrer rudents, A positive won:! £rom them , placed in the rigbr ear, can-earn a warblade honor, a :royal audience, or even an bono! guard ana a rlUp for his nextjourney


Farnous.warblades farUmo two categories: those who.recrnit lollowers- to found a sword temple or [arm an advenrn ring band, and these who operate independently. Among the warblades who have Iounded their own schools. the one ltnQwn as the Btigbt Annis is famous for her merciless trail1illgtecbniques. Fewer rhar, one in tenffibersUli:lent5 In anage to! eompler be)' ru te lage, Many perlsh while Sparring wtrlr fheir; Instructcr cr are lost in Bcighl Annis:s

furopou~ quest fe.r the hellds of draw, whom she blames. for the cl~.lI[h of a layer long ago. Among the warblades whe refuse.!:O tie themselves to \l paericular .school OT demesne are AlleRTJlTUt1 an outcast cfrhe hobgobl:i:n masters of'fhe Irpn Heart scnool. He is k Down lU trade his .former sci1neL't: secrets for brigJ1t· gold. The charcea l-sktcned dwa rf sw.lcll'd ptince MatdiLhtthor PWIl I' na, the scourge oftp.-e Seekers of Reshar (3 group that hopes to !"Ile Nhle Sworns and hasten Reshar's rerum). Whether M:udHkuilioI.:'s motive is.fear, jealousy, or an agenda. he has .mallllgecl ro cenceal eVeJ1£[om the Sage of Snow and Shadow. me·qwari [epQII~9-Ty hu:n ts down tnartial adeprs who seek TO U!Ul}lte the NIne. Swords.


Because of their independent and sometimes dowrrrtghr chaotic natures, many warblades refuse eo join rradtrienal, hierarchical organizariens, though they are nor averse to tb.e greater glory offounding one. Thus, some warbladecreated. organizarions have one or more warblades in a Leaaership posicion, while the rank and me consists ·q.f -ii_ght:ers, Tanger:'>, and bards, who can recordthe deeds of the organization's leaders.

Mardtlkw.hor Pwarna has built up II network of spies, assassins, and r<lngers across the Sunspi re Moun rains-and the Deluge Jungle. These inaividtl als meet in concealed safe houses, rree blinds, and mountainside caves in rhepeaks garhered at the skirts of the Mother Mountain, Kosht:~a .A..nmorn. Mem hers of this orga niznrion can advancethmugh the rapture of any adepts seeking the Nine Swords, bm M:ar.illIku.clmrmaintains nu iron grip OIl command.

The Blight Annis welcomes a II princes of the sword to hec open-air dojo In me southern fens of the Deluge Jungle, A consnmmaee teacher, she lS harsh.even bywarblade standards, Her students are regularly required ro make fo~Qrs Into the dark places beneath rheearrh to hum darn .elve.s, Any warblade who slays large numbers of draw lsgnaran[eeJI advancement.

Countless other warblade organizations rise and fall re the mercurial fortunes ofindividualswora p~e£ . .Mmit of these movements are dedicated to the grearer glory of their founders, 3 hhough a fair number JlIt!, o5Iensibl}, at least, focused all. amassing' coin or-arcane power. Because the wa rlike natures of their leaders guaranree a high casualty rate, most such organizations are a lways eager for newblood,


Covernments, churches, and spy rings love to employ warblades. Easily motivated by promises of gold, glory, andJa.Iid \whiclieverthe employers possess a surplus ofa t the moment), warblades can lend excellent, ·efflcienr muscle to anymissi,on. A wise parron sends companions of other Classes along wkh a warbladej though, to keep him all track, jl;.IallY kings and high priesrs have been left cursing in their chambers when wOTd reaclaed them of meir hired muscle's fickle decision ro abandon the job, seize the goal for his own, or even €hauge sides to gain greater glory.


The S!oi~ racirurn, dan-oriented mindset of dwarves Is :marnt;!'Dli'! to the free-lhio,lting, brash, and indivtdualls! wa:tb1adfl. But:eve.n 5.8,;lI ::rurp~ising:lmmbeI of dwarves (orren OttT€asESJr:orn their clans) choose to-rake-up path. CGll~V8l";'.Warblades areofren acJmirec1 by the more g:regal'iGlts races, including humans, halflings, and .gn.omes, for rhe'il' life-on--dwe-dge, devil-may-care ncr.firude.


Fighters, p~ladlns, and other front-line fighters welcome warbladf;s ~s brothers in steel. Mages, however, ate Illften ~i<:i.(;)usm warblades -and tend 'to give roem a wide benh, Rogues-ufren see wa.tblades as useful muscle, so eager fur ~!yarnil goUthat iliey can easily be duped. In 'the abs-el1Ce. .of other mgtWes, most classes and races regard warblades with II cautious and. hesitant eye. The chaotic and rndtvtdnalisr nature of warblades means char they sometimes make unreliable companion-s, and Doone wants to be caught: in the Sunspires while the party's warblede pours in his rem" unsatisfied "vim his split of the last barrie's 1001 ..


Churactel1S wit!! ranks in G8.rner llif'ormatioll or Knowledge (1IObility'and royalty,) ean resea reb warbladss and abQnr rihe1n:, When a character makes a skill check, tead OJ' p~p~ the fucUowing, rneludirigthe hlformarion .Q:om 19w~rne5.

be i.O: 1\ w~rbl~de Is II figbte.r with deluslons of imrnorrality. glo1y-hottlldsl"4ink they can Jive {orevet i.n a bard's ~o~g!

DC 1<5.": Wa:rblad~ wa Lk the Sublime Way, and few can llIatG:h their skill with weapons.A warblade c<I'lllearn com.b~t m1U1~ers from many dJJ{erent disdplines, so ),OLl can', gp~s:s_"Ehe-,m,eDgrhsor weaknesses-of aAY warblsde you Iaee .in' battle.:Be might move wirhrhe speed of thnu_ghr, rumble like-a houlder through yfilur ranks, ct arrack with the SllVllgeory ofabeasr-.

.DC 2:0 ~ a warblad e tends to be a chaotic creerute, His> downfilll is his pride-he cannot abide an affrontto his prestige. Thepimmise. of honor and the laurels of.a dry are'()fren !!TIougp. ttieru:ice a warblade ro risk hls life. An enterprise's ~'Si1i1e "Eeward-beit glory or gold-is much more importam to a wa[hlacie than me potential risks, whtch he otten dtsrega,r~ eompletely.


Comoat is. the .na-ru:.t"ll campaign entry point for warblades, Wirhthe snu, lheir pdlished armor, these characters litepilly combar, The first warblad esiri Y01+li !2ampaigB might be a brother and sister seeking: [Q restore meirfami.1.y I;1.atne bydefeariIDg r.he"I)Josr lCfID.owned figiltetin :r4e·arJ.a ( of the RCs). Tl:ts$r rnRl'rial nra~euve[s have pee.Ll pas~ed~Qw:n in seqre~ for gerera dops, and' a.t last these two bave.~l'I-sifn..~oIeveal themstl:Jve5 tn the mll\le .of rederppti!!l:f! 'l!Dl reenvered hnnor, Al rerna,t1velYl. if a PC ls hhe Jimt w.arbl:icie ill y'oor .I:am.paign world, be ralgbr experience an epipbany In barrie, foreshadowed bv the soothsayings 0·£ II mysteriOus

sage, sG tnafhls ill-Si'tIS'fwfa martial maneuver becomes the fulfillment of a prophecy:

Once warblades have 13e!Some anesi:ablisheCLpart ,(ita campaign wOFld, they ffud,lbeir niches on the "b:n,deJiieltl, in ·r.b:e'wyaI col1tt, anQ-in r.he-twinarenas of pubH£_'6piitioh and publice:rHerta:i:nment. With their crowd-pleasing marttal maneuvei's, warbladesrnake excellent gladiators, an-a Their thirst fm' glory often leads them ro.i:He.lilibllc,:g<i<riles.


However, warbladesare equally likely to become eume'shw

in the webs of court intrigue, 'playing cardinals off dukes aad infantas offdauphius In theyfindnearlY;ls rewa.rdin:g.amj:' exciting as.swordplay. Whereas arog'\le might lamen r the loses of his riches and a cleric Iris loss' offai1!h, a warbla:defeel'l ID.ode£ci:encrmol'e keenzycthan the.loss dE the pUblic's adilllrutiOI'f.



~arblad~s ~tay in onell1<}ce only as long-as r;h~y:J;'eceive _constanr adulation. Once thelr.fame hegins to 9-i~ gpwn, :rlhay are on.the road again,

EL 5: The warblade Vardalakazebearer wander,nhela.llltin search of a master who can lead 11im to glory. He.~halJeqg~ anywi!-.rrior who seems skilled to a nonlethal duel. I£helosa51 lie ~~~;fi;;s~CI,serve the victor for a week. Onfonil1liuely;:his service is a :mlxegb]esslng. Vardalak i§. tough a:n9 trsefuI:rn .1!)lgh(, belt his shorr-ternper, impetuosity, an'ti;ritlden.a~tre make hirn .a lmrden outside ofbattle. His last rwe masters '~r9,ke.~:~arly, ;e~ing l~~no;'ing loudly at:Jhe s{d.~ of

fbI; f_oa~. ,. .


Mcale'dwarlwarblade S

(1;~Me8iwm hlHn.anoid ,

Inif +4; Sense~ Li.sten +1, S,pot +1 ~.datkvrstol1 Mit. l.ang!,!'ages GDt;l1mOn, D,warveA

AC;,'18.; tduch'] 1 ,flat:fbotea 18i +A A~ agir6stgt.ant;s;

(bex +1: .arrnor +S,shieJd +~) hp'53 (~ H0)

Resist's t,a:b i I ii:y

Fbrt+7 (+9 .a,g~inst poison), Ref+3, Will +1; +2 on-saves agait;lstc'iReils and spell-llke-effects

.speed 20 ft,

Melf:!e +l dIfG'YVe.n wargxe -ro (1d10+4/X3) Rang~dj;'PJelir.l +6 (lq6't:3l

AtlcOptiBns +1 on attacks,against orcs and goblirroids: ba:ttIe-'ardG,r'(t'J fbc,drifirm critical hits)

BaseA:tk +-5j <::iiI' +8

Cgf!1~bat'Gear 3 'potions· of cure light wounds

'M,1I1eUVers and stances Known (I L 5th): , 5't(;mf"es-absolut~ steel stance (3rd). punishing stance. (15t)

Strikes-exorcism of steel] (3rd), rabid wolfstriket

('2nd), steel windt (lst) steely strike (lst) Boi#ts-sL;I.E1den leap (Ist)

C~LH'ltt[s;_w<l1l of bl~des.i" (2nd)

j)jsc;iplil'ies: I ron Heart, Tige r Claw

t Re~'Pi EQ T1i"a rieuve r '

Abil1t,ies$t[]'6; Dex13, Con 16, IntYZ,'Wis 10, Cha 6 S~~sto.r:fe(llrJb'.ng (P};l15)~ w~·a'R0"'6 aptitude

F~ats Qi¢J:tfltd, ce.l.!l¢k Draw,H, We'ifri:tm Fe,leu5 fcjwafv,en-; w~.ra"~e)

Skills Balance +8, Coneentra:tr0n +11, Iritimig-ate4G. ]urt:1j3 +J 0; M;artial Lo.fe.:+9

Possessions co~at geil:r 81U,S4'1 rnit'h,ra/cSn;rt, ma~efwbrk la~avy .. sh.ieJq" +7 dwawen w(Jroxe,2 ;:avelins


You can use this skill to parricipate in a duel of wills before a fig}u b~,gins.

buelofWills: Youelln con Front a potential enemy-in me .raomenrs befOre a fight breaks out and artempr ro crush his will, while he dtles the same-to you.

Imme_diarely before j nirtanve i rolled [or either side, you can inSt1giUe. a duel of wills by electing a single ~em.y yeu are aware of within 30 feet. Only characters wl-tn lntelligenGI? scores of 3 or higher cane ngage in a duel of wilis, a~ rhe parlilf:iB;lnts must be Able to see one anerher. You e:an'tau:em'pl to insngmte InCITe chan 0fte duel of wills _Pe!' f'ncou.ntel".

Wnel1 y~'tllns[igllw rlre duel (uslla-Uy by ftxll1g ,1 cold, steely sure on yumr oppocenr), youri1dvel'!p~ry can respond of three WilY; •

Sulll'lll~ t1w oppenem rakes" 2 pennlry OTt U8 inlti-.,uive cheekandu--t pemlhyonatw lu·ollsng~lmll you on the Ii!'lil, round of comhar

he stances, strikes, COlLn rers, and other options rhne a martial adepr.learns from her various disciplines help ae-

fine her, bur she bas aceess ro other tools as well. TIljS chapter focuses on skills and .feats rhar augment, im prove, and modify a mareal adept's 1ISe ef maneavers, Ln addition, some of the fears and options presented here make tr possible for characters OTher rhan martial adepts, such as clerics and figbteu-, [Q gain -af:{;.ess to maneuvers.


The foiIov>'ing new uses fot two exisrins ski Us, as well as.:rlie new MartiIIllore skill, showcase the abillties end ral-e1IDl commonly cultivated by 1lI111'riaL a~:i'eprs In particular; The new use a£lntimidare--a duel of w:ills--is a aarnenf.oueof

.. Devored SplriC adept's taerics, .



"¥"~U ean, rfse,dli:s:skill tOoid~'nti:£Y .martia] m;i~1e~'VJ;lt9'<\'S:'~!l0l1 as 4~ey ,a_~m1t~ated.

Gheck~ X9J:1. ;G:a1l'lden';l:fy'u\~n~uvers;and,;disdpJ,i i(eJi;;l1$eg oY~H:ombar~l1to TneJJQj for M~Tfial I;ote ch~tks :t~Iatil1g-tQ v:t_i:i1ilQS :t.~Sl{lla£e:~l~1'Iri.Z¢~ Qe-[ow.


1Q + fI'lIrneul.(er level

:t\ctio.w. '« as noted ll~O!¢, ThyAgam: See ahove.

S_pechl~ A swordsage g,a,iru; :a--P1:bonuson"a..Martia,l Jsore check involvl<hg,a mlineUV€1"ID a disdp1ibe in whi0h.he h~s dillcipline Jiifl(c,is,


Wi~hjW;t a:shOFtpe}lo.c:L of~.edi.J'atf6:ri_, V61J ~atuai.ang.e Y9W lTiaJ,lel1Ver~)Ui~ t"i\Gtics t_12. me;~tthe'threatYQu ~c}ll'~ently'fate.

Pre!tCfIUfsit,e; Crusader, s:lV:ortts,tg%· (j'nvarbl~qe levt41si;. Benefit: )\m"ar;' l:hangeyqur l',e:a';J.ied mane:,llve1?il'tjfb¥ time·by t,~.ld'l),g afu,lhgw1d llot1Qll.IE.Y9'11'.<:'e a €crusader; YOUL C-u~fe,nt:gtl!n te.d~alleuversarelost a'll~ youg<Pn<1,eW'gr;am~ tnali~tl,¥e}'5:}\-S if ybu·l~a!1- j).!st·n;adied yow m_?la:~uv~f-QJ' rhe qaY'

Norll1_al: YQH gaFl'0h:l!gge-.Ij1an_euv\'!.t~ on1y §Y'.!jBen~gs n;i'iputes ro;,d6i"SO.



_..!- -. -

~1-i.l1a'<'e lea:r:ned a meditatio? ,_that grants YOll:in:5igp.t rnw r.h~liia tti~J tLi;sCJ.plines. YO).I 4a:ve .srudied.

P~eteqWsite: CP1ir:ii:dtt!lti'P!l1 raw" base atta)l:kbpr,lJl~+4)

Olle_:-iriij;i:leLlVer limn ·aJ;lY 'd,l.'stipline. .

B¢_il.eii-!::: Wh~ '}tou ta lee this fe.-a r, ch oose if ,q-rseiR1ir!~.

You:.g:f)Jr:r a -f1.b't:>.p.g1i endamage rolls with aU thep'.r¢:f~:rred weBJ!db,s 'Of'Y0l~Tchosen discipline when using a .$tjjjke i';O,mba1fJ!'lanl;\uyer, as, well as a +~bpl1US on ched~s' inV~J'Villil\ Ehe,d:fl!;qf,pHhe'~ !{ey skill, The:.s~e._nCs'of any ll)a~leuvro;s that ybUp·e,.·{btnj [wm the chosen discipline are increased. 'by L" if t h~y·hoye\l,$a!ie 1?-C, .

'th'fr:'We·~R"g,n$ ail,a<S1{,iJJ~:assp,,;.:J,ated With each .;it.scip1tl;\e are

'glV¢11 ,[)t:10M'. .

-D"~$etj W~1#: Stimit?t, lig,ht tqjlcej ltght p;itk, sl'lea}', £licl;tiuni;,Tl:trtible-.

ri~,y~~~:SPjr{t~ Ealc_h{Dp_",g-t;~a}clu:~! maul",.lgrtg§-Wli)rd; l<,l~t,flniaate:

Diaf~O(1:d .Bind: R:a_pielj,,shortspem, t:l'i!:1ent, haiS_tard sword

tkatnna);,(iol;Gen-tration:, ,

Jrcon H:iUN',(,' B.a5t"il'rd sW0;rd, dwa'~",en wjl_Tax~"lGngswo[d, rwo-b1aded,sword.; BaWll£-e.

Sdt~n~ S'l!'IJ: short s~ordt uunchik1.l, unarmed s]!liike, t;_[t1a:r:,el'st ~1Ii...£rlllse- Moti"ife.

Shad,ow Mutl.d.i:riag;gel, sui, siangtHlitnr-shorT swo:rJ, sj::t'lked &aliI!.111Tuliuned sudke.; mde.

tom Drng(lII: GJ;eatswoT;d. greataxe, heavy mace, unarmed tftrike; Ba lance,

Tiger Claw: Kama, kukri, handaxe, claw, greataxe, unarmed srrike; Jump.

Whfte RQ.vetl: Lengsword, battleaxe, wathammer, greatsword, halberd; Dlplomacy,

Special: A fighter can select Blade Mediration <IS a bOB us feat.

~eS'o;ibed in me Complete WarriQr supplement.


The power of the Desert Wind su rges rhrough you, and you Jiru:l powerrn rhamorion of the horwinds and shifrtngsands thnl you can channel into your De en: Wind strikes.

Prerequisite: One Desert Wind trike.

Benefit: Ifyoumove at least 10 feet away from your original position before using a Desert Wi nd strike in rhe same round, mat s rike deals a11 extra ldG points of damage.


'lWtFt rraining in the Desert Wind discipline allows you to darree across the battlefield like ,I blisrering sirocco.

Prereqntsite: Dex 13, one Desert \'qind maneuver . .Bt;ne6.t: If YOli move at least 10 feet from your orlgci:l1ai po~riDn. you gain a +1 dodge bonus to AC :nrq deal an extra 1 pm nt effue{l;Jmage with any auack you tn~~e with a seimW<\l:, lighT filIce.light pick, spear, or falchion. This benefit 11lSfS until rhe sta rt of )'Dur next rurn.

A $'l/Jlfrd~lIf.i! me~ Veser( lPi,1t1 :Dod1.~ to avoid an elf;tl! bf0111S

SpecIal.: Desert WindDo~lge elm be used in place of Dodge toqqilly fOT a feat. prestige class, or o!he~r special ahUity. lfygl1 al:r;eady have fledge when you select Desert W~nd Dotlge, you ean choose [Q lose the Dodge fear and gain 11 aew feat to its place. You must meet the prerequistte Ior -ilie new feat.


.BeolIlse of your staunch devotion to your Cause and yOUT Devoted Spirit rrainiIJg. YOLl can stand your ground even itt me face ofan enemy's resounding attack.

Prereq_uisite: One Devoted Spirit maneuver.

Benefit: If an enelnY deals damage to you with a melee anack, you gain ~ +1 morale bonus to you r AC until the end of your .next rum.


The fervor and dedication of the Devoted Spirit discipline, combined" \virh your fanatic~ 1 adherence to a divtne powe-r, 'turns you Into a font of spiritual eneTgy, With only i"l moment's foclls" Yt<Ju can channel power to enhance yout fighting talents.

Prerelttl.l.isite; Ab,iHty- to t"llTl~ OJ: rebuke undead, one Devo'Ef!d Spirir stance.

Benent:WhileirtaDevoted plrit srance, you can expend U!m o.rreb1Jketmdea!d aLlem-pt a an irnmedlate acrtonro heal yotn;sdfa number ofjUl points equal to:l +YOtlf Charlsnl$ mpdtliet, if'any (minirnurn [POint),

TABLE 2-1; NjWF~ATS General Feats Adapi'ive st'~i~

Rr.eregujsites 0rl;jsader, swo'rdsaJ!e., 0f w~rblade levell,~~ Any go03 alTg~rne~t

-Sbaclow 7fri&st~f

gorm of,tl:ie White Ra~el'l Snap Kihk

TIger Brooded .unnElfVfl'lf'(~lrn

1 :Afigl'-ltercans€ledth:ls feat as one of his fighter bonus feats.


_When an_oIlponent gives you an opening in combat, you mw exactly whatto do: slip away, Dex:13.

Benefit: Wilen an opl'Ol~ent-gives you a t;haL1ce~td .rilakl! an arurt!eti£'-0j?porru:n.if:y, -you can iiistead fi':ume'tliately talee

;:"[ 5"ro6t srep. _ _

Spel;;i.a1: EI{:!!s,tve'Reilexes €anhe:used irr._placie<d_1C@J;l'J,ll~t ellexeP''>(o,guaii£y fQ! a fei'(t, ,prestige clas~;ot~btltet:spe¢l;~.j: aniliTy. You (;:jn:;t?ke both ibis fe~t a nd_Ctiinbl).t ]:ef;J,ex;e~,

Sill;letit, ,@~am e f,e.aJr'eclrrn8n·euv:~s with a tull.rGu!i1l3a£iion

Bfltlf~B:tl You begin each encounter with one add:iti'QIllll read;ied' ma-neuver granted. This feat.also applies when Y01+ determine a newser-of granted maneuvers after r:ecoveting exp,e)1d?d manjeuye-l:S. For example, if you area 5th-lev ern$aQifi~ j10.ti ~j_bhilall7 begin an'erfcounter or 1in:ish:r~LOvering) ~ehaealn'a.D.euverswiili_twoof1our1ive teactiedtuaneuveus g~mte'iib ruiQ.the I1llnii;0:iin.g tmeemanj'!tlverswithhe1d..Witl,J i11jE feiit,t$-ueet'liyqrtrfive:.re1)ill.r,EJ ma~e:wiersw:e ,g@Dtea!;and €\.111}'tW:o~fe.wi;tJilield. Natu!\l_lly, th\s"henelir RH'lvides y:ou Wit~:a h~rte}', a,tl'?-y~u£mane)(IVer opti;Q)1S ~aT1yll13: baule,

special':·':$G_l..1 can-take thi~ fea't'0:t;i}y once,


Ygu a):!!.an.~lnlJ$UaU¥ pel's]?icaO:O"llli ~t't!cl.ent ohlie$]Jlillime Way! .~}g yQ~4iieas-y m:kejep ~lat~:nnmbel' Q£maneuvers Eeadt\,!1;,t use .

. ~_I.:J/i&.';, ''/r-,

P$el1efLwsite; Swouclsage 113vd 1S1:.


Divine Feat Prerequisites Benart

Divine Spirit Abi[lty to turn or rebuke Instantly heal yourself while in a Devote,@ Spirit stance undead, one Devoted Spirit stance

Item creation Feat Scrlbe Martial Scrlp!

Prere.q u i site s Qr'l1saC;ler or .svvgrds~ge level 1st

Psionic Feats Instant Clarity

Psyc te Renewal

___ ....... P""'terequisites Concentration 7 ranks

Tactical Feats Clarion Comman""'d;;.;;:er;.;.. __ ---:~,;' Distant Horizon Farth Unswerving Gloom Razor Perfect Cia rity

of Mind and Bod Reaping TaTohs;;"';;;";""---....,,-

Scorching Slroc~c:;;;o;._ .~

Shards of Granite


Stormguard Warrior_. __ ~

Benefit: Increase the numberofmaneuvers you can ready for your swordsage levels byone . For example, a 51:h-level swords-age can normally ready srxmaneuvers, With this fear, sru: can ready seven.

Special: You C3n take this feat only once.


The disctpltne of the Setting Sun teaches you how to rum an opponent's strengrhs.inro weaknesses. You can identify preci ely rhe correct spot on your opponent's body 10 deliver Q runni ng attack.

Prerequisite: Stunning Fist, one Setting Sun strike. Benefit: You can declare myS-etring Sun strike delivered with an unarmed strike to be astunningattack.ln addition, add 1 TO the save DC of your SruDnll1g Fist attacks and 1 to the save DC of you r SertingSun strikes. Using this feat expends a use of YOUT stu nning -attack for the day.


You have sharpened yourccncenrration to the point that you can focus your psionic abilities·withjust an ins ram's thought.

Prerequi ite: Concentration 7 ranks.

Beneli.t: You can take a swifr action to become psionicaliy focused after successfullyinitiating a mania 1 srrike. You can use rhis ability three times per day.

N ermal: A character without this feat must rake a fullround action to become psiontcally focused.

~ecial: Instane used inplace ofrhePsionic Meditation feat (see Expanded PsiOJ'liC5 HandbDok) to qualify furafenc, prestige class. or other special abHity. You can Jijlll:e both this feat and Psionic Meditation.


Your strength of spirir anfhnanial training Insptres those around vou,

Be ne:fl t

Crearle martial scripts


Use swift action to gain psloruc focus aFter il'1itfating a suecessful martial strike

I':xpe:nd psionic focus and power points to recover a maneuver

Prerequisite: One ITOn Heart stance.

Benefit: whi:I.e you are in any lion Heart Stance, adjacent allies gain a +2 morale bonus oDS3Ving_IDl'OIVS.


Y.ouhave mastered the fund-amentals ofa martial dtsctpllne, and you are now able to master nae oBIS stancesercreql:J.isitel One rnartial maneuver,

Benefit: When you gain this fe_at, you any stance from a discipline in which yorraJr-eady know at least one maneuver. You must meet the.normal prerequlsire of the stance. Your rna trial adept levelfm: using rills maneuver is equal to your levels in martial a_de,pl: classes (if any) + 1(2 your levels in other classes.

Special: You can choose rhi-sfeaLmOIe than once. When YOll take this feat ag-ain, y,ou gain .knowle.dge of a new stance. You do not have co choose.!l stance-from the same drscjpline YOll selected the first time, lnrr you rnust know at least OB.e martial maneuver from the discipllne of ehe stance you choose.

Special: A fighte-r can select Marrial Stance as a bonus feat:.


By studying me basics of a martial Cliscipline" you [earn to focus-your hi and perfecrrhe-fOrmne-eded [0 use II maneuver, As a result, you gain the use oLI combat maneuver.

Benefit: When you gain this feat, you must choose a discipline of martlal maneuvers, maO: as Desert Wind. 1'J,e key skill £0.[ the chG~en disc;lpll.rre llie~omes a class skill for all 1°\;11' classes (cllIJ!cnt autifuuu.:.eJ.

beleC~Jl,y maneu Il'C[ fr:omthe die-sell dis_(;ipline [Qt· wh ith yonmee1: the prerequlsire, IfyOll hllvam1lTtial adept levels. This man,.euver becomes one of yOm- maneuvets known. If you do not have marrialsadepr levels. you can USe this

maneuver ;:)[u;epl!h~teuhrc:r aS:I mania! adept w1:1h m inlll;)lar le vel equal tRIp' Yli!llLtharacrerleveL If you dijn~t have rnarrial adyptlevel> whim VOLI [~ke this realj, anY9J).. Later gain 31eve1 iT! a-t1ass t-hat grantS ma'ReUyeFs·l,t:;n:()~l these new rnnp.EltrYers can be used only ortce per eJ\{;'qt@~¥ and have M t:ec~very mett Q'd. If yOrJ la~er gam l~vels"i$_ ~ manial adep't dasl\i (crus;rder:, swcrdsage, or warbl(!dlj)" yeq use the recovery~erhDd for rna neuvers lea rl'led as a result of those class leveh> , l;!:u.yo_urprevious maneuvers (gain"ep through thi.s feal' or rhrougjJ. prestige class levels) do .noJ ga in II recO\'ery:JIU>ihod.

A maneuver learned Through rhts feat cannot be exchanged for a differ~nt maneuver if you are a crusader, swerdsage, Or warblll_d~ (see theclas"S desenpuens rrrChaprer 1 for details on, SW8pping_011:t maneuvers as y0'4- gain levels) Once you choG'se amane,:"ye'[ With this feat, Y8U cannot changetr,

Special: You, can !.ake t!l:ls,fear up to three, times: E1).d:t rime yotl1akei[~fref me il.Fst, you gain one of cWO b!l_l1~ eflrs. YCLl can choose a new'qisdpline, gainlng:one: ofits maneuvers and irs key skill as-a class skill, IlS descrihed above. ALTernatively, you can choose a maneuver from a dtsctpline '[Q which yo-\'! have already g,>ined access by means of fea£. Ln eimer case, you must meet !:h.e rna neuver's pl'e-re'tuis:tre.

Special: A 6'ighreF can selecr Martial-Brudy as a bonus [-eat.


You, manua] strengTh and psionic abilities allow you to foeus your mind on combatand use your mostdevastating maneuvers morafrequemly;

Benefit: As a swift-arnon, you can reCOVI::[ any expende€! maneuver by expendmg YOLlI psionic focus and spendingpower polnrs equal EO me maneuver's level.


VOlLr .6g:hting:style=p'h~sizes t;lking foes down with quick, powerful blows.

Prer:cquisite: Base attack b011US +L

Benefit: 111 the :first round of combat, yotl r melee' deal an extrll1d6 points of damage.


You know rhe secret of cr-eating martial scriprs-e-smal] slips, of paper inro which you infuse yuur own martial power-and skill. The user of a scciPt_YOlL have created gai ns the ability 10 use a maneuver you know

Prerequisite: Crusader ot swordsage Level. 1.5['.

Benefit: YQ~cani:rlfuse-the knowledge of anY' maiWl.I\!M you knQW'intl;nl.marnabtJ:ipr{see Martial SC1"ipts, Rag_e':M-1J. The market price of a_:¢ufhlLscript is equal to the- ~uitp.l(toi level )( m:tneu,rru'-Jiwcix 5Qgp. You must spend 1/25 of t1~i!§ market pr-iceJ;iJXP-arub:ise materials costing 1/2 the_Jliatke:t price. SCl'ibing 11 s~l'ipt ~a lees one day for e'il.Gb t, en,s gp or irs market price.

Like a POtiOIl orsctollrl!."scdpr can be used only ones;


In the eou 1'5e of you t rraiaillgJn the Shadow Hand ci.lsciplLne, Y;OJI. ~or!..l to l\lle your D9tlU(al ng.iliPI and speed to augment 'fe'U'T ~ttac:ks With certafuwe~p.orts.

P.J.'eretl'1.ds~te; One Shadew_li;olid $x~nce.

BeneEi,l1: While 1'i;J1J al'~fu .aSh-llcio:w Hand SCance 3'lld ~Ttad~ w.i~h ODI3 of rhe disGfpHne's p,refet!red weapons, 10<1 can add )lOLIt Dexterity modilier ~-il bonus on melee dartiMe toranacks made \'~ith the weapon.

Special: Shadow Blade-can be used in place O[W'eIlPOD Finesse to qualify fur a ka~ prestige class, or ether special ability. If this subsnrurion allows you togain a benefit that norma lly applies to all finesse weapons (rhose described in the Weapon Finesse feat descrtprion), Ir insread applies onlyro the Shadow Hand discipline'S preferred weapons.


Your mastery of the'ShadewHand discipline lets you augrnenr your illusion speHswuh lliesruffbf shadow.

Brerequisfte: Gaster: level tst, one Shadow Hand suike. .Bene:f1t; While you are in a Shadow Handstance, the SEB'e DC for any illusion spell you GIst increases by 2 .

YOll also gain. 11 +2 damage. rol1swhen making II sneak arrack, a sudden strike (see "the ninja class descrtpriou, pnge 8 of Co rtIplete Arillt'llhllIT), urwh.en yOl.l flank your largC"L


The White Raven discipline shows you now [Q rouse dedkai:lo,m ~ nd fervor within your all:fes'be~xts. Such reachings can augmeet 311d Improveyour.rmrsical abiLiry.

Prerequieite: Bardic musie'(inspire courage), one while Raven maneuver.

II endit: Wbil e you are in any wh ire Raven stance, you can activate your bardic music-ability to inspire Gourage as a sw!ir action. Your crusader-and warblade levels Slack WM your bard levels to derermine the bonus granted by your inspire coura ge a hi !ity:.


Ym1 have contlrrued to bone yO!ll' unarmed combat skills, and youd eal mere damage with your unarmed stri kes,

. Prereqtlisite: Improved -Unann ed Srtike, ])tl5C a tt-nck

bonus-es. '

Benefit: \i(1hen you make a 'melee attack \'iTitb one or more: melee weapons (including a standard attack, full arrack, or even a strike maneuver), }1lJU dn make an addirional snack ar your highesratrack bonus. This arrack is an unarmed attack [hat deals damage equal to),om baserJnarme-d attack damage + 1/2 YOL1r SIT bonus. You cake 1.1-2 penalty on all onoek rolls YQU make this round.


rLal(i! px111cip.les of t he'>Stotr~ 'B_l';>gO,l.-l d::lsdplim~ reach you liew to gll'thel' arrd fo'Cu.s'yl,ml' raw;, physical S~l,'~llgt.h inte aJ~ attack.

Pl:ereqt.1isi~e: Srr 131 1'l1lE Stone DragcOO- maneu ver . .Bem~fjt: WJlBll you qs_.eAl.n attack action or a [uil ru-tac.k acticn, or you initiate a $WUf' .Dragon srri ke in melee

combat, you can rake a penalry of as nmrb as -5 011 you r arrack roll . This number cannot-exc-eed YOUf base artaclc bonus. '{ou gain rempora:,ryhitpoinrs equal ro twice rhenutnbeuthar you ~"UbrracrfE-om your armck rolls (to a maxim lim Qf +:10). These temporary hrtpoints last until the begi]11):itJg of yaur next turn,

pecial: S-tone Power Call be used iti place of Power Attack to qualify for a feat, prestige class, or other specia t ability. You can take bothth is feat and POWer Attack.

_Prel'eq'¢sir.e; Abil:tty P- TItg , shift(such.as1:he sbifrer ability _ftom Jhe B'BER RON ell m pajgn setting Qt' the bloodclaw master prestige class rea-

ture, see page 96), or-Wi ld_sbapei-QFle

Tiger Claw maneuver. .

Benefit: While you at:~ in a rage, shlfred, orwildsh<lped into an animal fOIm, yoy can auernpr to knock back 5 feet II crearur of your size cat~oq or smaller-that you hit ~":ith. 'lI Tiger Claw strike unless iL succeeds on a fortitLldesave

(DC 10 + 1/2 your characterlevel + YOLlf Str modifier). This movemenr does nor provoke attacks of opportunity.


You cantnsranrlyrecover your focus, balance, and personal energy after usiuga martial maneuver.

Prereqrrisite: 0 ne martial maneuver.

Bendit: Once pet day as a swift action, you ce II insrmtiy recover an expended maneuver.It is now ready again.

tf you are <l crusader, the maneuver i also granted immediarely.



Yonrunermed strikes have becomeincreasiogly deadly, eF!ablingyou to strike your fGes in tbcirmos!vumera'ble areas.

Prerequisite: Improved Unarmed Strike, ba e arrack bonus +3.

Benefit: YOll.dea l more damage with your unarmed srrikes; as shown on the table below,

You know that the secret ro

defeatIng your enemies lies within the still center of your O\V!I mind, When your enemies meet your eyes; they-see only calm and certain death awaiting them.

Prerequisite: Concentration 1 rank, one Diamond M lnd strike.

Berrefif: You can use YOllr Concentrarton skill instead of your Intimidate skill when you engage ill a due'l JJf wins (see page 17). You gain a +4 bonus on sklll.ehecks mndeao resolve a duel of wills. If your enemychooses to The blood of a pre.dal.or runs tlmmy;hignore your ~h~llenge, in.a -+ 2 morale

the '!1~i"s #" Tiger Claw adept bonus en arrsek rolls aga.i.llsrthar-opponenc fer I ~Qund.

Normal: ResOlving:a duel of wills-requires an Imi.midate check You g~in!1 + 1 mora le bonus on arrack rolls against an oppenenr who ignores your challenge.

Character Level lrd 4th-7th Sth-llth 12th-15th 15th-20th

Unarmed Damage lei4

ld6 1(18

ldlO 2d6



Preparing you rself to e~ecure more ofyourznanerrvers gives you the chance to catch a quick second wind and recover from damage you have sustained in the flght.

Prerequisite: Two martlalmaneuvers.

Benefit: When you recover one or more expended maneuvers, you heal 3 ,points. 0fdamage + 1. poi 1) t per character level. You can _gain this benrual' only once per encounter;

ci-al: If you are a monk, you instead deal unarmed daraage as a monk four levels higher,


l'he Tiger Claw discipline teaches students to mimic the rampant, feralqualitie~qfa wild anhnaL Wbett you assume ;10 anlmalferm.or at least de!i~~dJD.1JO a Wildt besrial.stare, you strike wit h s,tlperior strength and acetfmcy.


The Withe Raven discipline ba taught you U? shine as a gle-aming beacon of b:Qpe and endurance amid the chaos of battle. NOI only do vou aid your allies, bliLt you also dIpw st renglh and' sUPFlorr fJ:QID clt~11.

Prerequisite: One Whll"e Raven stance.

B ne£it: When vou are in a wrore Raven stance and adlacenr [0 at lel1st one ally, you gain a t1 bonus wAG, F1:n'rhcrmore, when you are wielding one of the while RaWl' di$ctpl1:ne's gJ;'e:fen:ed weapons, eaeh ~y adjacent to you gains a +1 bDPUS to AC. These bcnnses don't apply when you're Elar~foated .


Feats with the eacrical.descriptor allow characte s to perform a number of powerful maneuvers.

If }tou're -playing a cbaracterwho.has a racticalfeat, i t's your responsibilicy to keep track oftheacrions you're performing as you set up the abiliry that the fear enables you to perform. It's also a geod idea to briefly mention to the DM that you're workIng roward performing a tactical a bllilY·

Some of theractical feats refer to the !irsr round, second round, and so on. These terms referro the riming of the abiliry, OOT The battle as a whole, For example, yOLl don't have to use Com bat Expertise in the Iirst round of combat to begin a tactical ability that uses that feat. The round in which you LISe Combat Expertise t(i) complete an abIlity is considered me mSHound of the ability's U5e.


On the battlefield, you are a nsrural leader. You Issue orders and eoordinateyour allies.bnt-ycu also le.arn to talreadvamage of their actions and maximize the Emits of tea mwork. Wbe n YOll attack a f06 'With your allies, me combined reS11lL of ),otl r efforts can be devastating.

Prerequisite; White Raven Defense, base arrack bonus +6, two White Raven maneuvers.

Benefir; The Clarion Commander fear enables the use of tb.ree tactlcal options.

EollnwillgUp: To use this option, you must make a success£tIl BC 20 Diplomacy check as a move action after hintngyour rargerwirh a-melee arrack, I£you hit that farge t again on YOLlr nexr tnrn.the targer provokes an attack of cpporrun iry from an ally 0 f yOUI choice (assumlng at least one j s l.JJ position to make such an a'ttack).

PerpdlHl.J Fl(.ll'll1~To 'Use this option, ypll make a ,DC 20 Intimidate check against an opponent as a standard acnon.If rhis check succeeds and you makea successful melee arrack against rhe same foe on your nexr rurn, you and your allies can trear rhar enemy as flanked for 1 minute.

Pi/,e 011; Touse this option, yournust use the aid another action (PH 154) to grant an ally a bonus on hisnext attack roll against an opponen t borh of you threaten. If ):'0 UJ: ally attacks and hits that el1eluy, you can make an imrnediate auack of opportunity ngainsr that target. You gain This bemilif if ,. o:ur ally-hits rhe foe before the start of your next turn. You gain the attack of opporruniry only on the first successlul.attack.


An ihiriate of rhe Serring un sometimes learns a set of combar maneuvers-mar cembiae to create rhe Dtstant.Hori- 1.011 ~gbll).lg.·ful1'm. This Corm tc:l'1"~tQg·JJlze:l)l

r.yp·l1'(l1l1,emt'g W~Knmlses in the cumeni mnmenr, as well as LD the Iunrre. A. bmw snuck now ruinsan opponent's defenses ag;l'tl(IS~'Y~ut!\tlext voll~y of attacks.

Pretequisite:lmB, Fallmg Sun Attacktbaseauack bonus

+6, twtJ.Setting.s1.1U maneuvers.

Benefit: 'the Distant Hcrizon Ieat-enables th..e' of three tacrlcal oprions.

COI1.[-'il1lHJRr.Hi1: To use this option, yon rotls! move an opponenr a t leasr 5 feer with a hull rush attack ora erttag Sun strike. On YOU! next turn, you gain a 44 bonus on my Strength, Dexterity, or grapple checks you make against that foe.

1"111'11 the Tabb:To use this option, afoe must charge y0uand either miss youwtth his charge attack or be unable ro artempi the attack (perhaps because of your use of a maneuver), On your .next turn, you call make a cha rge attack against that foe even if you CHUno, move more.thanS feer, You can also make a ch a rge attack against that enemy even if yeu cannot charge in a straight line.

L",tfng Weak Spa!: 1'0 use this option, youmust hie a foe rh~t yOLl flank with ar leasr.rwo melee attacks on your UII:l1 .. all your next turn, as a standard action, you can make a single melee al'tack against your foe with a -2 peillllty.lf this attack Mrs, yom; foe Takes an extra i point of damage from every melee attack tbat hits Iiim for the next minute.


Theiniriate of the Devoted Spirirknows mat his fanatidsm and devotion to a cause are enough co carry him through almost anything.This tactical feat allows you ro draworrthi reservoir of energy. As your foes injure you, you becom a more daunting foe,

Prereqrdsite; Devoted Bulwark, base arrack bonus +6, two Devoted Spirit maneuvers,

Benefit: The Faith Unswerving fear enables the use or til ree ractical oprions,

Keep Up The J.'l'eSSIJ1·e: To use rills option, )fotl must mue a charge arrack agajnsr a foe. If you hir, at any Time before the starr of YOLl! next turn you-can take an immediate ~Clrj0n ro move lip to your speed immediately after that foe: moves. a long as YOllel1d your movement adjacent to thar tsrget.

Take One for the Team: To use this option, you must hit an opponent with 11 melee arrack. At any time beforethe start of your next turn, you can take an immediate action [0 block a melee arrack made bythatopponemifbe!llIgets one of your aHies. You rnust be adjacent ro the a Uy !O use this ahilitYI and you InU5t decide to use this ability befure you know the result of the enemy's arrack IOU, If thearrack hits ymnraily, 1:011 tdzo and add your AC m the result. lithe result of this mil is greater chan the opponerrt's.atrack resulr, he hits you instead, even if "he attack.roll's nestrlr wouldn't normally be high-enough ro hlryou,

One LasE Stdkc! To use [his option, YOUIDust be the suliject of an attack, spell, or abiliiy that reduces you to 0 or fewer hit p~oinrs. As an immediate action. yon ean mevc up. TEl 5 Ieerand l11i1ke a Single melee attack with '<1-1'5 nanus on the attack roll. You gain a bonus on your damage. roll equal to YClLW _ehsraEte.r level, 1"his artacle [s considered a S~L"enUJ:llll~

acuon, RegardlESS_of rhe resu Ir of your arraek, you still rake the damage from me attack thar triggered this ability. You complete thismnnediare action befOTe dropping ro a or [ewer kit points.


The teachings cf the Shadow Hand discipline allow you to confuse -your: enemies, Yom attacks andparries are Infused with rhe sruff Qf shadow. Through careful rraining and di dpI ine, you learn to use your hi to inhibit a foe's ngh ting sbiltry wirh your-shadowy nature.

Prerequisite: Hide 9 ranks, Shadow Blade, base arrack bonus +6, rwo Shadow Hand maneuvers.

Benefit: The Gloom Razor feat enables the use of ('hree tactical options.

LlIIgcringG1aom: To use this option, yOUT opponenr must miss you due rn concealment. On your next tum, you can make a Hide check opposed by your foe's Spot check as a swifr action. I:f this check succeeds, you gain the benefit of an illvi5ibr!ity spell againsrrhar foe until the end of your turn.

loving Shadows: To use this option, you must deal damage to an enemy with a melee arrack and move at least 10 feet during your rum. On your next rum, you can treat rhar enemyasflar-foored against the first meleeartackyou make In rhar round.

11IldDW Sfip: To use this option, you must make a successful melee anackllgain5t an opponent you-flank. On youI' next ru tn, you can make a DC 20 Tum bIe check if you are adjacent to your foe.Jf this check succeeds, as a free action you can move to -any square adjacent to your opponent wi hour provoki ng attacks af opportun iry from any apponen .


Your mssrery ofrhe Diamond wld discipline allows you to lap into reserves-of spiritual and physical strength that other warriors cannot imagine using, Through focus, dedicatiQl1, and a heightened awareness of your inner talents, you push yourself beyond -your lim its.

Pr requfsfreUrmerving Calm, baseartaclebonus +6, '[WO DiamondMind maneuvers.

Benefit: The perfect Clarity of Mind and Body fear enables [he use ofrhrea tactical options.

CO-iled Spring:-To use this oprton, you must use rhe total defense action ana move no more than s'feer on your rum. On your nexr-turn, you gain a +30-fo01 bonus to your land speed and a +2 bonus toAC as you burst across the battlefield. You can make a Single arrack after moving in this round, if 'lOU don't move more man double your modified speed.

u1'cT!.Mind: To use this option, you musr first defear an enemy in a duel of wills (see page 27). On your next turn, you gain a +4 morale bonus on any roll you make to disarm, [c i nt, or trip 'thatenem y.

Press Ihe Aduantage:To use this option, you:must damage, disarm, or trip an opponent. On your next turn, you can make a DC 20 Intimidate check against. your opponent as a free action. Iftliis_checkstlcceed • yourfoetakes a-2 penalty on auackrolls for 1 rennd,


When fighting with Tbe Tiger Claw discipline's preferred weapons, you C3.11 use a variety of combat o'ptionln:har maximize the benefits of wielding tWO weapons,

Prerequisire: Two.:w~ap.oD EigL,dng, base arrackbenus +6, n¥o Tiger Claw m;meuvers ..

B~ne:fit; The Reaping Talons fear enablesmeolJSe of three -metical options.

Formed AmJ[~rt: To use this option, you tn:ustfighr defenSively, use the total defense action, or USE me Combat Expertise fea: to gain a. -B bonus to AC in rerum fora -3 penalty on at rack rolls, YOU}11ust also wield any two preferred weapons of the Tiger Claw disdpline and rneze 'th.l1l'l. 5 feet. Keap track of each opponent tbatattacksyou:af1:e,ryou rake that action. On yOULDextITITll, ,IS afulI-roundactibn, you can-make a single melee attack against each ofthe opponents tharartacked you on the previous round at your highest attack bonu . You mUST STill threaten the en em ies you arrack with this option.

Cornel'ad Predator: To use this option, you must hitl'our foe with tWO attacks that each use one oE the one-banded or lighrpreferred weapons of the Tiger Claw discipline (kukrl, kama. handaxe, unarmed strike, or claw). On YOUI:next turn, you gain a +2 bonus on attack rolls against this foe for each opponent that rhrestensyou,

Th Ion sh i~Jd: To use.rlris option, you must Iiirthe your fee wnh TWO attacks that each use ODe of the preferred ODehanded or light weapons of the Tiger Claw discipline (kukri, kama, liandaxe, unarmed strike, or claw). On your next turn, if you fight defens~vely or use rhe total defense action, you gain a +2 shield bonus to AC against t bat foe (in addition to me normal AC bonus granted by that action).


As a student of the Desert WIllci, the burmng fury of the desert sirocco is at your command.Tn battle, you call UPOl' its powex to burn yem enemy ami Lend you speed,

_Ft;e:teqtlisite: Desert Wind Dodge, base attack bonus +&, "two Desert Wind-maneuvBTIi.

Benefit: The SCC:J:I:~g Sirocco feat enables the use of three tactics t options.

Em ale Flames: To use rhis option I you mustdealfire.damage to a foe. On your nex-t turn, you can attempt ;tDC 20 TUII!bl check as a move action. You must be adjacent (0 the target to use this abiHry. If Y9l-l succeed, your opponent catches fire (DMG3~3).

1vlark ofFiye; To use This option, you must deal me damage ro a foe wirh 3 Desert Wind strike. On your next turn, you must deal lire damage- [0 that foe aga i n and make a DC 20 Spellcraft check. try-au succeed, the 11am es spread across your target, granting your allies a +2 bonus on attack rolls against her for 1 round.

Dnnec of-lames: To usezhls option, you musrmovest least 1() feet and iniriate a Desert Wind stance. On yo~nextturn. you gain a +2 borms (}II Tumble check . L£ yousua:eed on a Tumble check to aVOID an attack of opporruniry, the opponeru ",hose attack you avoided rakes ldG poinrs of Ere damage as my tical flames rwlrl armand YOll.

Like Ihe gtElI[ STOne Dragon, Y01LUammet through your opponenrs' defenses using raw, brutal strength. Ea!!h blow sunders steel, sharters bone, :l{nd cleaves 1 [-11:011g1

Flesh. Wirk_ea:~h successive atrack you maJ.c;e, )(OU hit with greater force;

Prezeqtrisfte: Stone Power. baseanack bonus +6, rwo STOne Dragon maneuvers.

Benefit: The. Shards of Ctanite feat ~ntlbles the use of three. tactical oprions.

Bllttering Smllsh: To use this option, you must make a successful melee a mack wing one of rhe preferred weapons of rhe

tone Dragcn discipline (greatsword, grearaxe, beavy mace, QJ; unarmed strike) and rake a -5 penalryon the artack ron using your Stone'1.>'ower fear. If YOl.[ hit, YD:~U ign;Q[e the target's hardness (if an)f).

.Eviscerating Sn"iJ:c: To l1SC this option, youmusthirthe same creature acleasttwo times in the same round usin_g one. of rhe preferred weapons of the Stene Dragon disci" pline (~ord, grearsxe, heavy mace, or unarmed strike),

011 yom next turn, YOll ignore any penalty you take on your attack roll From yPUI Stone "PO\'\'eI: fear when making :l roll [0 confirm a critical rut.

Unstoppable OllSlallght: To use chis option, you musr make a successful raelee attack using one of the Iireferred weapons oftheSt~D1!3gon discipline (g:rearsword,grearaxe, heavy mace, or nnarmed strike),

and take a -5 penalry on the attack roll using your Stone Power feat. If you hit, your melee attacks againsr rhat creature on your next rurnovercomes its damage reduction (if any).


The to rmgum:d Warrior feat encompasses-a number of the

more advanced racrins and tech, niques YOLL wculduse-as a studem of the 1 ron Heart school,

Prerequisite: Proficiency with anImn Heart preferred weapon (bastard sword, dwarven waraxe.Iongsword or rwobladed sword), Ironheart Aura, base arrack bonus +6. rwo Iron Heart maneuvers.

Benefrt: The-Srormguard Warrior feat enables the use of three tscttcal cptions.

Cl1annel n~e Storm; To use rhis eprlon, )Iou must choose ro reIra i 11 from making one or more available arracks of opporrrrniry against a single. opponent, On your next turn, you gain a +4 bonus on attack 1:011 and damage rolls for each ar-

rack rharyeu refrsined from making against the arne opponent.. You gain this bonus only again!>r an opponent thar YaH refrained hom rnaktag an: at tack of opportunity againsr 1Ft Lile

previous round .

Combat Rhyl-hm: To u e this option, you can cheo e ro make melee touch artacks in place of norma L melee

attacks againsr an opponent, These touch attacks dea j 110 damage. For each melee touch attack that hits, you gai n a 5

bonus on melee d-amage rolls against that same. foe on your next turn.

Fight the Horde: To use rb.i option, you.must deal damage to ar least t\NO di.ffetem foes on your turn with .rnelee attack

or han Heart strikes. On ;yatrr next turn, if you light Jefensively or take a-4 penalryon your.arrack rolls with your

Combat EXpertise feat (if YOll have iLl, you gain a +2 bomts on attack rolls

againstauy foeYlilti damaged with a mhleeartaclt or Iron Heart strike during the- prevIous turn,


Not !Well all iron goJ(!.m can 11,iihsltlud the omlfl1.<ght if a s7vo,.dsage armed witb tbe S/J;n'd, oj Gttlllite/eot

he uncanny powerohbeBublime Way sprin-gs from <I blend ufphysicaLskilJ. mental--self-dt:scfpline, and adherence

ttl, distint! martial plrilosophies. Many

o the maneuvers of the various- martia I disciplines aren't magic at all-they are simply demonsrrarinns of near-sup'eIhuman skill and r-raihing. Alm01,Lgb many of the marreusers a.n4 methods ralrg1i:t"by the Sublime Wayare mundane in execution and effect, their resulrs ean

ometinres rival §Pells. The warriors who srudy the.IDne schesls -are ca:pabi!l;.;Qf bartle£€ld feacs heyond those that !I traditionally sdiocled and trained watdor can bOlle to

~·compl1sh The;;tY] might display great.sldll.In .1 weapon's basiceurs; thrusts, and parries, bm a s~uden:t _of rhe 'nblirne Way Imlieves that inasterin_g a,~apon re£IVil'es .d f-discipllnc an-d spirlt1.lahu:sted~y in adtWion 10 !CaJ;inh)g [u,.. correct physiealposmres and movements.

Lhis chaprer coeers all the ia;;sic guidelines 31,,1 rules j~Jr iI~mg...fhe maneuver sysrem described In thL~ h ok Think !If ihls matena I ql! t111alqgllus to- IhUt 111 C "!lIP' 'r 10 01 the

Jl!lIVtr'S Fill flcl-beok. It covets the basics ot-rhe diffe.renrrypes of stances andmaneuvers-c-srrikes, cmmrers, and bo:_osrs-llnd piesf'ms informarion-on hew rhe maneuver sysrera Interacts with otheu game elemsnts, such as..sI1elll'esi.staDce.


Martial powers fall into rwo broad ,pnegortes: stances and maneuvers (which Llldude.b00StS, counrers, and-strikes). A martial maneuver is 11 discrete extraoedtaary orsupernarural ilB"ect that is rempornruy expended I!fteBlSe. AstanGe:is never expend ell and is al wIlys avai1-able te )lOu.

'ifou can use a particular sranee (ll'r maneuver as manY' times as you like in a single day, bucr each rime yot) use a maneuver. you remporartly expend h-you !Ds,_e.a lrrtle of ynurment!ll fot:us, you exltatlSI some small portten of you~ persona I ~j,Qr eae"gy, or YOU simply finish rhe move 0.,[ oE p sine 11 ant! ran I immedwely Iaunclrrhe same arrack agllin

tuJ UUI I suming rhe proper p , I ire-and mental stare fi rst. r n milel \VL'rEf. you cllnlf I'ir- an t''''-neudt:cl maneuver ugain unrtl ydu ,'elit rill' it lwlaf nme or perform II specilk UCTlOn

In eombm d:tIDi allows YOll fer r,·e-e.over one e<t!lBQ:I'eexpe,l;lQicl. man euvers. The rype of ::n::tion necessary ite;pencls lim wblt: qrpl' of martial adept you lite; see Chaprer.L fbI deta lls on eaC'n class's msneuver recovery mechanism. As a result, yoo can normltUyuse each ofyeur:re-adiedmanenvers o:riC"~ p~ en(co!Jnter~ But some ~iiiiesyQu can recciveJ: <' or IUDt/;! maneuvers you used ea rlier m the encounser and u se th~ID ,IlgifJJ1. You nelY~r expend oruse-ep your stenoes, so I.hey ale always available.


You do not need_to ready your.sraaces ahead of time. Every stance you know is always available ro YOIL However, maneuveTS require preparation in rlre form of exercise, prayer, memt.arion, or simple mcnthLIeheatsaI. I'here.fOl;e, )fall IDLlSt moose n se.ieGti0n of readied 'fu·allIll.IYers fntril a:11 the maucuvers you know. Only your readied maneuvers are svailable for tmmediate use.

The number of maneuvers you can relidy at one time depends on Y01:lTc.lassani:l le~cli-If you do nothave any l¢veli; in a.raarrial ad-apT class (for example, you leamed a maneuver by means of the Marti:! l Study fear), YOll-ca Ii relldy each maneuver you lmuw. For example, 'if you nave chosen the Martial Study feat two times .. and know twa:martial rnaneu= veis. you :nnm~:r·atjc:any .ready both those IDHD'e1..lVer.s, and "you can use ea~h of [hose man!!uve:rs Ollar-per eflco.lJ'lf;er;~ YQU can rake the Martial Study feata rnaxtnrum of tliTe-e times. If YOll are a rna [rial adepc and you have the Murial Srudy feat, you do nor gain any bonus to your ability to ready .m .. meuvers~~le maneuver you learned with the feat isJlist oneraore maneuver known hom which you. can salect yolir readied maneuvens,

IfyOll advance in a prestige class that granrs f0u additional maneuvers, that class deraikbow many ad(HtloTI~1 maneavers you can :ready. These extra maneuvers readied add DO yau:r maximnm rrumbet ofmaneuvers readied, whether-you determine rhar number due to your class level in crusader, SWfJ"felS11ge, or: warblade, or by the nu mberof times you have niken me 11'.1'11 ttial study feat.

Irfs possible for acha racter TO gain the Martial Study fear before entering a class rhatgrants a progression fat powers

Il'ltll[J,e{i, -h~ tb~s' C,I5;(", n(e [he da~) numbe! of maneuvcr~ reilil[!J:ed, Add U)1Y InedilierdrQjjl pres1ti:ge elassesro th~ d~S'5 Ilulttbel;ofmaneuvers readJed.

To ready maneuvess, you require-a brief periud_ of pracrice, ete);c,Jse, metllta:t1Qll,O[ prayer. Tile eX3'Ct nature of tli'e ex~j;%j.S"ei 91" 1"httd'it~tl,D'n depenlis 'oil. yOll_r Ill:!l:n:ial {l.~!.ept d~s's, bnt"eat:h class 1;-equtres 5 mtnures of preparatiQIl ttme Since each, nlartial maneuver requires a precise eemhinalion of-te.chniques for gathering inner energy, rraini ng muscle memory, speakingprayers or catechismsl~d e-ven fOCl.lshlgthe mind on" concepts or analogies, mosr rnartia] adepts can't keep every maneuver rhey kaow at rhe forefron t of their minds. You do nor need 10 be well restedto ready your maneuvers, bin youdo need t_cO-be 'Bble to stand.and lU ave without restra inr. As long as y_o!J.are not physicq1ly disturbed during YOllI exercise and medit:a ricm, you can exchange your previously chosen set o·heildied maneuvers for a new set of readied maneuvers. Unlike a Wizard preparing her spells, you cannot choose to leave a l·e.adicA m aneu vet slot:'llltfi1led.


To tn i;:I;l:t:e'a Jl:1,il neu vel or a stance, you must be a bJe:TO rnove, Yo'tl li6.JJQ'b1eeq. ta be_' able to speak '(pu ilJi riare :"\,mana!,"vel' by [~ingtbespec:Lfi_edinitiatiol1 fllOUpn. kmane;uyer-mlgnl requirean immediate, swift, move, standard, or .fu11.rou nd action to initiate. The process o£inJtiatin:g a ma:neuYer is sim ilatto thQt of cas ring aspen o:i:" man ifesting a p.sionic power, -iltbough there are some key cli£fet~n.c:es (see below). You can only choose to initiate a maneuver is cu rreirdy readied and unexpended, In addition, if you a re a crusader, the maneuver you choose must he gra rued to you-you can't choose to initiate a rnaneuzer that Is C ut ten:tly wi tnheld ..

You initiate a stance 2S 1l swift action. A stance remains in effecnndefintrelyandta nor exp ended .. You enjoy the benefit your stance confers until you change co another stance you a SWift action. You can a stanceoutslde of cornua r si11.12 ticns, and you can en] oy irs benefir wh i Ie explOIin~ at traveling.


ttl' ~~_

KEEPING TRACK OF READIED Keep your cards face down. To determine which maneuvers are

AND EXPENDED MANEUVERS granted to you, all YQU have to do Is deal yourself a card. The

You might find i,t-useful to manage your cUHe_ntlyavaila.ble {a"ce-up,fOaras in fl'on~ of you r:epresent<>yourgranted m,arreI:jVCCfS; maneuvers by ll.s~ing phystca I ob iects to repres ent the rJil'a.hefl· th e fa c.e"o:(jwnGa rds .<1 re rea."di'ed rna ne:uvers that are CU(n:Hl tJy vers you It a ve te'adied. A set of index cards or pJ ay1 n g, ca rd:s; w1th held. Y_o"u recover ynu f expended-maneuvers when YOLl go labeled With the names of your maneuvers works very well. to draw <icard and there are none left faee down. Atthat peiru. As you ell;pend your read red maneuvers, sim ply Iu rn thecard shu me all your maneuver cards tpgetl1.envrd draw new granted

face-down or stglrt a "discard Rile" of expended maneuvers. maneuvers for the next 'round. .

When you recroveran expendea maneuver, return i·t~o yolO· I r you knpw mere tf<,a 11 one stance, consider doing the

"nand" of 3vaJlifbie maneuvers. You could also use tokens same thing for your stancesand keep ,acs·m:all hand ef'stances

such as poker chtps In the s arne way. as long as you can label a_l 0 ngsi d e yo u r ha n d of maneuvers; 1 ndicoate wht'Ch sta nee

them d.ea.r!y. you are currently using. by keeping that stance on top of the

I{you'~e a crUlia'der, you als~ need to track yaw g~anteq ma· others .. WheFl you chanwyour stance, rearrange yeur stack or

neuvers Label e:ach card with the name of a r~a:tIh=d maM);l~e.r, st~ n ces ~,c~1'l rill Ililgl y.

________ _" eft ""'1Il._. ..... _


Unlike with spells pr psionic powers, you-need.norceneentrace to initiate,a:tQarreuver or sea nee. Furthermere, ifyOtL:m~ illjurH! 0X affeeted by hostile spells, powers, er maneuvers wmle initiating a maneuver or aSSlV~')1ing a stance, you don't lose the maneuver ·01' srsrrce.

Suemy inrerference might make tertaifl manel!1ve;rs impossible to complete, For example, if an enemy whoa readied an action to trip yOll when you started your t11J:b kn{)CKS you prone, you weuld not he able to use a maneuver 'oorrequited you [0 charge. SimJlarly, if Y0U begin your rurn grappled or pinned, you might End that most ef the maneuvers available [0 you simply won't be 0 any use until you ger free.

If you initiate a maneuver and subsequently can't use it duringyOLLrtuID, the maneuver is still considered expended. You are considered to have used its ininarion action for the purpose of deterrn ining what actions remain.available to you on your nun,

Youdo nor provoke artacks of opportunrty when you initi.are a maneuver or stance unless irs description eJ<.-plict1:1y says otherwise. Some maneuvers allow you to move, charge, and take oilier actions rhar could provoke attacks of opportunity. Unless dre maneuver description specifically says rhat such actions do nor provoke attacks of cpporruniry, rhey db. For example, if you use a maneuver to charge a foe, and during rnal: cbarge you move in.a way tharprovokes attacks of opportuil.i'ty, you prevoke them 35 nom) a 1 unless tb e maneuver description explicitly says or herw lse.


Some maneuvers and stances have variable effects (such as durarien) that depend on iniriator level However, maneuvers are not impacted as suongly by a user's level as spells are. This diffel'ellce in effecL is primarily a balance and game play issue. Since you can use maneuvers re_peatedly, rhey send to scale poorly. As yml attain higher levels, you usually LIse your low-level maneuvers less often (ifyou haven'talr-eady traded them our for b igher-level stances, as described.In the martial adept class descriptionsin chapter 1). Many stances, boosts, and cOLIn t ers, however, remain useful aero s all Levels.

If you are a single-class character, your initiaror level equals Y0LLr levelin [be class rhar provides access ro martial maneuvers (crusader; swordsage, or warblade), If you lack any rnsrnal adepr levels, yellf initiator level is equal to 1/2 your character level.


Even, when you gain levels in a class chat does not grant martial maneuvers, your understanding of the martral discip.linesstirt~ll.creases. A highly skilled fighter has the basie combat training and experience needed to Ui"ster

,j!dvanced maneuvers, If you are a mulriclass martial adept .. and you learn a new maneuver by arraining a new level in a marnaladepr class, derermaie your initiator level by adding your level in That class + 112. YOUT levels in all.other

-cla es. Look up the result OIl rhe Table below to determine:

du:highe slevel ma.lleuversyou can rake. '(OU Still have (0 .meeHllDarreuver's prerequisite ro learn ir,

Forexample, a 7th~level crusader/stb-Ievel swordsage fias Ill:! Inftiaror level of9th for determining the htghestl~'t'el maneuvers he ca n rake as a CtU sader, As a result) he can mke 5th-level crusader maneuvers. As a swordsage, his ifutiat0! level is 8th) allowing him LO rake 4th-level Bwt'rrdsage.maneu verso

Tlns-process applies to all of \1 character's levels, whetb:eT rheyare.ln martial adept classes or other classes.

Prestige classes work a little diffetenrly. In mosrcases.vou add the.full prestige class level ro your martial adept level [0 determine your initiator level. See the prestige class descripdons in ChaprerS for derails.


Much like spells, martial rnaneuversa re organized by level. Higher-level maneuvers are more powerful chan Iowerlevel ones. As you gain levels, you have me option to select Iugher-level maneuvers. Your level in a martial adept class determines the highest-Level maneuvers you can select, .Por example. a 5th-level warblade can select maneuvers of 3rd level or lower.

Maneuver Level l'.it










Onc-e you have chosen a maneuver [0 initiate, you mUST resolve iLseffect:s.

Artack Rolls: Many maneuvers include an attack of some kind. :All. offensive combat actions, even those that den'tdarnage opp0nenrs (such as disarm and bullr:ush), are coustdered a tracks. All maneuvers that opponents can resist wirh saving throws, mar deal damage, or that otherwise harm or hamper subjects are considered attacks .

Borrus Types: Some maneuvers and stances grant bonuses [Q abililY scores or Armor C lass, on attacks or damage. on saves, or on a number eforher variables. Each 'bonus bas a type rhar indicates why or how tr is granted, \'(fith the exception of dodge bonuses, TWO bonuses of [he same rype generally don't Stack.

If a.maneuver or stance does not identify the type ofbonus c-onferred, its effects stack wlrh aJ.l other ffeCts modifying-rhesame chantctetisti.€ or attribute. Untyped bonuses alWa.y..s. S'taGk.

ActiousauringaManeuver: The Initiation Action line €j{a~uver des cripricn provides 1 he action required ro use rhar maneuver, Ear example, the initiation action Jilf


Yon begin e{I)';4 e:m;:ft"\lA~ With -<lJ1your F!'!'adiecl rna lieuvets UIlf!:},,_TH~na'~d. Wheli..: YOJl ini..tlate a .nraneuver, it _is}}--')Id1kiCa;l:lJiqt:l .. ~ei it ·Main until you recoverir. Hi~bV:i:r ~xpetJ;:de.d'ti'll!peuvers inIW6·ways:thro ugh sJtecial a~t&oilS or artb_:e el1Q of an, <t.i(~Cil.lriter. You never e~end a Sta:rn,()~,

~H~~h!.l A<i.119n: ¥ost m:1dilil~d~~ ca.t1tI?£t'"esU:spni_ecil; §Ill Q.f.their .~¥P!lnaed-m<!DeCLver;S":i:n t1e~~r"\Se9fil bat-d.e· h "t_ahlng~spedaraction ,tods ~0. The typ~o,f $'peqtat~ctiQil tequired,d<?pl:;ri'tl~on a J1lilIt'i:alauept's c}ass-(Qdeat)'::teJ.!Octtj:la, as 5Ulll:IIlarize.~btlow.

Cm5jltler:,h!;;l":tJ¥i'de~ r(€9Y$ exp~ded -maI'hewi~rs:w,h.eJic 'eVe.Ei-110 more l;9ithheHf lll'ittleuverS Can hegninted:tp rli~T)., (rhe [O!.liltl. in wltithhiili1:sf Withheld mai::te:l1ver,.fs,g:i'«rit~d

doesn't count), _


vex of)iis-€4oTG,e,as afrill·ioiirid·a,trlon. -.

Wqrblttde:-A_tw;a;1'5hHle \>an l'elObverall of 11fSe;i¥;:p!~H"J'd~a man~n:vciWa~'I; s\:viIr- acttb);l,follqwe,d_ht J?1-iki1).~)."ll"j:;Q,'e).~!: ilftadkor ustfi~'·a<Sl'llndiirdiu::qon to do ndthi$.g'eli;e.hlc:r:ite. l'odnd, IflJ:eIDitiates'amaneuve):o[ changes hisiStan(e, eluring a round, -lie (it;t:irt..J..~covet ills· expended m~F!tluv&s.

Mt,Itidass Mniti~ l Adept: ,A character with tV.7:p ,or nrose mar tial adepH:hrsses·xeeps tr.ack ofhis reilOie'd;mane;q.vets1 e._~endedmatreuvitroS, and'recovery-Ofexp.erid~d.m:;J_:~i~uveliS

'se;p~nitelyf0i"ea(;J1 ciass, .

CnrlT.adecl'"LIfr:th thtlMnrtilllS,t-I.ldjl feat: A charaeter Who: lhrotvs o.tre or; .m,orEi>')11.aJ'tt;ilm"<lnenye;rsthtOllgn-thh'Mat."t±al Stndy fea-rDut do-e.s bot-otherwise have a level in -~- ti:HlJ:t~aJ adept 'tIIlS.S t'.nmO_1:~re't1ive); eJl.T.eIl:ied,1D.aneU versthrough auysbrt of ~et,;~-al :rttiGn, E[ .. can'ori_l;y;ieoover expended. maneuvers atthe ena ofaQ\encounter (see 15clow).

-End ~o£ the Bncomrrer: when· an encounter eiid-s, 'iJ'_ ma'rtlill adept aurom atitally recovers allexlJe:[la:~d mimettc 'vezs: Even a few,m.Oille11tS out of cornbat ts sufftcterrr to I:efiesli~ll rn a;tl.e:uvers expended in the previous hal'tle. In the c-ase_'o{il6hg, drawn-out.series offights, Q.i_·ifit·J,\,~.aep't is Oltt dPGQm1iat~enttre"ly, aS~llme that if. a'chllta,i1ter lnaies E1il attadS;, of any- kin.d, .i11id\ltes n.o neWin,~l;tht¥'¢l'S) a,rid' iSlJ;ot tp'tg~'te-q,p.1i\PyehemVartac.ks fot 1 full min:ht(l,.15-$C (;4l,h.EeC!;r.:rer,:all.t$pendeIl1.i:raneUVers,. IBn cil:a-d c't.C;r, .. taJ,tt 3-\.'oid ar-(ai$~g: 9I,1?~~g; d"'t'tXlckedjo-r;1 1]jtnlJ-te; Jfe:'~ililt't arrtbmjlti~a-ll¥l·tecRveT lits,Ji"taneuy-ers-'aJ:!:_q. m"l!-9t-use_'sp,~~lal, "aC:ti9DS to dp sg i'll~eaa_~



The various martial maneuvers available to p~al<itiitionel.'S of tl1e 5t) ~tme Way ared~scribedin Chapter 4; Maneuvers ami ,sta~aes, 'ThedesGription of each power follows a st-a.niihrrd fopuatl whi:chi:sex:-pl!l,in~d below.


This en!'l.y1s.tilename by which the maneuver lB"ge'!J.elJ'aliy kno~n.,Howeverr iris fairlycommon for various .schuols er tradlHo!1s ofthe Sublime Way to bestow their own names 0l1~maoJ1e.uveIS. For. example, the swooping d:r;_agou strih m;neUiver l):llght b~ blOwn as the dragon's poi:mce;(;rhe j"entle, Ji_@minttfl-r, QJ; something as esoreric as L1'[lm fa'1i.TIng down the-mountatn.


or sr;yW.:.;l'fl.r e¥a:mpJe, ~~eseifW1nd d.!~,q,,Rlitll!firtrg;1r be amw];! iti~0medeea:'S"as tEl) (}Fcerl"J"fllg.a,st'yl€ erahe w-i~L

~amerpltilosbphi ,

'Eau-~ rusciplm:eis-1ied tsa skill11larmrgh!:tUJEusecl Rl~e execution oi seJ1IIe. Elf it$, J:iJ:an-e'i! vera.In a trutieu) v:ati'91.iS wespons lentlrnemsel;yeStto ihe:p11ilosop11}! 'Oi'lI1aneUy.!OEsof

ififferent d-isciplili.cs: .

The nine disciplines $clfide die :follow.i'Ag;


speed and Jl10biliry .are t11c hallmarks ohhe Desert W1lll,d discijilin~ DesedWind Jhanet):yers often,ip.volv~ bli;trdipg Hurries of blows, .quick charges,apa agilelo.ot'\vork. $qme maneuvers .f.rpmtbis school, however, draw pOWe!: Ir:o:Q:J. the .supernaturalessence of the desert andsallow aI,1 ag'~pt _practitioner to scour hisIces with .lire,

The key skill for Deserr-wind'maneuversas Tumble. Weiip'- 9n5 associated ,;vith Desert Wind il,1c!ude t'1e scirnitar,1ight mace,llghtpiclt, falchion, and.spear,


.Haith, piety, and purity of body ana mind are the wellsprings e£awarrior's true power, Devoted Spirit maneuvers fral'J~ess ,a,ptactitioner's spiritual strength and her zealous deverion to p cause, TJris discipline includes-energies baneful to a ~ieature oppased. to rhe.Devoted Spirit student's cause, abihnes mat'canKeep an f!depdighting long after a more mu:ndu.l,l.e warti.orwould fall TO his.enemies, and strikes infused with vengeful, [anatiGalpm'vei ..

lnfiIfi:idate1:5 the key skill for Devoted Spirit. Devoted Sl?iili:associaf~d weapons include the falchion, grearclnb, ngsword, a'Bd maul


Ttue.ctlUickrrescs lle.s).h ili(i,mind,tlot the bo·dy. A srude:o,tbf ilieDijfu'f~nd 'Milid disGiiJ.l.iileseeks to hone his.perceptiQn,s and discipline hts rlioughrs so-That he call act ill shve~s ,of dm~p nSIIQwtt:h'at ot!±ers calinpt even perceive them. A co:rtllla::ry ofthiS_SReed ofthoughr and action is the of th-e mind as:the' battleground. An enemy def~ate8 in ills mind must'inevirably be defeated in tin: zealm r:lf \:he pn1si~ a~well ..

ConC{!lltnrfio.n. is the key sk:iltfoT .Diainond Mind. The rapier, ~liortspear, bastard sword (katana), andtrident are the assodaJe:d weapons for Diamond Mind


.AbS-olntePlast~ry of rhe sword is the goal of the Iron Heart disqpune. Through unending practice and study, the .Iron B'~ ade:pt achieves superhuman skil] With her weap.;:ms iron Hearrman~:ll.v.ers are demonstrations of patterns of steel thatdizzy, confuse, and ulrimately kill.:Wi:th no recourse.

T.heJtey skillJor. Iron Heart .is Balancev since a RC:l:'£ect und~sta'Ild:f'ng· of motion is essential to man-euV~1!S ill ~i1isc_i:pline. ~e~g~ta!ld swo),:d., dw!U',yen ~ft,j9ng-S\vonl, and~0:-b1:ad·~<iswoJ1L_amelhe,;rsst;l.tiat_~.Q "W€<\" o:u,:s fo!: Iran Bean.


Strength is an ilh~sion. Adhereuts of me Sertotng Eh:m~11.1~ losophy understand thaL n~ wan-lor can hope to be sl;i:r!lDgep. qtlillir, mruuare sldllful tbaI~ every one oflier ~lemies. The:ce" more, clTIs dis_c1pliIlC lncludes·l.!-lflneUVerS d:mtuse iU-'! _agY!Ofl'S"Ml's power; ands:pee:d a_gainschitn. Setting Sun ;rnaUeHve:t:,~ i:n,dpd,e throws and i1'lliti[tive srrtkes, TLlehighestfot'' o_fthe ,Settuig 'Sun require a:L1 adept ro ernpry Jjerself,ofpr~concelltiol1 mel impulse to beoome a hollow vessel unhlndeted bv want.

Sense Motive is the key skill for rhe Setnng Stm discipline.

The associated weapons for Setting Sun a re the short sword, qu:anernaff, nunchaku, and unarmed strike.


Never show an adversary what he expects [0 see. '!he Shadow Hand discipline emphsslzes deception. mlsdit-ecJlo11, and surprise. Tbe most effective blow is one srruck ag~t an enemy who does nOI even know he is in danger. Because the stUdy of deceit as a philosophy often leads into darker ;practices, some Shadow Hand maneuvers employ the supeF namralcold nnd darknl!S~ of pure shadow:

The key skill for vhf' Shadow Hand discipline IsHide, Shadd">." Hand associated weapons include Eb:e dagge.rf shprrsword, sai, siangham, unarmed stoke. and -spiked-¢Q_llm.


The strength !J.I)d endurance of rhe mountains llpttq-rtti_.~e the Stone Dtagq'll d Isctpllne, The methodical anchG;l'enr1,l"s5 applkmionbf'fo,rte allows a, student of thisphil6sophytp defea.t any fbe. Strikes of superhuman powerand manifestations of p'et£ect, Idealized force make uptheSrone Dragon maneu vers.

Balance Is rIle key- skill for the Srone- Dragon iUstipline, The associa t.ed weapons for Stone Dragon are greatiworu, great axe, heavy mace, and unarmed strike,


Consciousness is the!;lly ofinstinct The Tiger Claw ptseiplnre reaches that martial superiority can be achieved by discarding the veneer of civilization, along with the higher iliotrghts that fetter a warrior's actions. Tiger claw malleUV~Ri emulate the strikes, leaps, and pounces ofaninials, When infused wrth It! power, some Tiger Claw maneuvers also :allow a martial adept to rake on animalistic characteristics, speed, and bloodlust.

Tiger Claw emphasizes strength andspeed, sGJUJ;np iSlhe keyskj II for thrs a Iscipline.The kukrl, kama, claw, han._daxe, greamxe, and una-tmed strike are theasseciated weapans fot Tiger CiU",7.


No warrior :fights in isola.tiOl~. Cooperation, team,:v;q-<d~i, and le~dershi:P' g~ve tWO warriors the strength of~ve" ~1;J.a_ fwe warriors the s,rreJlgth of nventy, The student 0 f tJ;ie White Raven mll'stets· 11.1 a neuvers roar combine the. &'cre);Lgri;u; ofrwo at more allies agninsta common ['Oe. Shou~$ and bsnlecnes ionIsed \vitl1 Iti Ate the sigllatwe rnaneuvers o£tli;e Wl\1te l~ven d lscipl ine.

m~lQJEi-licy l!i1'he key skill for,Vhire: Raven. Thisdls-cipti,[J'~'-s fls~Qd!l ted weapons ate 1 be longsw01:d, banleal\'f:, ¥.;ili:"ha:t;run~ grea.tsworti,ltlld h~JbelJd..


;Mrb~1; j;n.Il-tt:tli! powers £all LoCQ·One of fo'tlx caregceies: be:oSl'; COl.1ntt;r, Sfft~lte, or 5~tjl<:e. Some lliamlllVeJ;S don't fall Wire n,:h.y of these caregouies, but rhese ate exceprtens to the.. rule, The maneuver caregories below refer to 's,tvJir jUld immediate actions, a concept presented in luu:lier books such as Expll-nded Psial'rits .E!nnd~oQh and Complete if you are U llfatnilillr with them, see the [nidation Action section below:

Boost: This category covers maneuvers tbat allO,wa warrior to focus himself, summon his hi energy I'll; orher souree.of power, and unleash It through his melee- artacks, A crusader WIlD draws a deep breath, shouts an invocation to bis god or cause, and then unleashes a mighry attac'kis using a boost.

A boost isa maneuver thac granTS a bonus, o-fren CUi artack rolls or damage rolls, for the duration of yo IILlU 01. t>,. boost always requires a swift action, usually allowing you to in] ria te it before unleash i ng a s rand.ara-ac.don or a full attack Some boosts impart tiddJ.tional effects, such as Stull !1riatigue, to your attacks, and others proVidce some addjtJ:oual effect on all enemy yqu have jusi.successfnlly Sfrudt,in battle, If a boost affects yom atracks, it applies to aJ.l bfy~L11" attacks fa)" t 11 erou I1Q in which it Was in"i_riafed, but' its effect ends ar the end of your turIl;. A bQ!i1~t'seffect applies fOl' its duration, no l)latttn: wbicb w,~aponyau mtghr wield in rna t round. Even if you switch weapbns in bue middle of your turn, tbe.cffec t of the boo~r,-a.pphes to YOUT HeW weapon as readily as the previous wea'Pan. Bach.muneuyer's descripttaa gives YOIl the details of each boost's effect.

A boost doesn'T have ro modi fy a rnelea' could provide abonus on a skill check, TO you'[ speed, and sa:Pn. but such maneuvers are '[ela rive ly rare,

Counter: A counter is a fast, usually defensive maJlfruver that you use to foil your opponent's actions. A swordsagewho dodges tojnst beyond a rampaging minoraur's reacla.ts ustng a counter.

The Setting Sun schoolfeaeures many coumers, becau~e ir focuses on teaching students to tum an opponent'sstrength _againSt .him, Counters are immediate actions mar you arrempr durmg a foe's turn. UsuaUyj your cppcnenr musr.make.a -specific action, such asan attack against you, for you ro use <J_Colmtet.

Strike: A strike is a maneuver char allows a special arrack.

A warb1ade who de-livers a .!;iJlgle blow rlrat slays 'au ogJ:e is ils~g a $trjJ(e.1).. stdke impartssome advantage OJ: b~m1S1!I\I"~ a.standardartack.such a~ extra dalt\ag~1 all addirir;mal effeCt such as blludi l1g a Ioe, a nd so forth,

S t-rikell '!JlmosT a lways regu4rll 11 s ~'<l\l d~'[d or f~tU-_[0U1.1d action 'tJ!) cemplere, Most of iliell1 in volve -a melee.attacI~:as pal1! of'COinplering the ma neuver, If rim arrack hltts, your q:p'j?onenr typiciil~y rakes normal melee- damage, as wel~ as ,a.tfferi:El;g ~he e,£fec[ of the strike. When making a strike,

Stance: A stance is nor a maneuver, but a spe:a£icnghring method that you .rnaintai 11Lom round ro rocnd. So.long as yeurnaintain a stance,

you gailTsomebeIiefit from it. Aswordsage initiate l3fthe Shadow 1-1 a rid schoolwho creates 'it .con-cealing ~ruouck0f shadow energy, while 'be IllOVi;!5 is using a st;j,p,ee.

You canitritiaiea stance as a swift action. When you ep_ter a stance, you unmediately gain its benefit. You GJ)nti.nne ro gain the benefit of a typical stance as long a5 Y0uIerfutfu in-it Some-St_imces give you a benefitonly when Y0U meet certain toQuaitions. For exalnple, ,a ,sr-anee mighT gTIi'nfil btmus.,'rI!ben yoiunove, when you remai:nJn the samespori,omYGuattackastt!.1nned

01" flat:fOQU!d. opponel) r.

Ycm'I~~UTuse a single s,wi£[cztt.ion to end one stanreancl,hegi::n,an,dther,- or you.eari'cho sse to

y end '}lout currerrtstance wffhoutentei'ing a

erenr one. Yon tQfltinue'tQ gain a stance's benefits unrfl you switch to anew stance or end yout cnrrenr i'.lJle,Atthe'sJatto£your,tu:rn, yournighr bema stance nhargrn1itsyoya lroJ.1Usonaftackrolls, You could make ,ourartaeks-gairiing;thestance's bonus-then use !I.sWift acti0'I;I 1:QiS:Witch to a.stance that gives you a J®miStQAC.

Yiiiur stance ends if YOlL are rendered helpless for t1-fly reason, If you.later recover, you must use another Wlfttionro iri itiate your.stance once again,

,Sumce"sate'cbnsiciered maneuvers far me purpose .of FI1Ifillihg:prereR~isites Jor learning higher-level maneuveES, m:-qua1fying for prestige classes or fears, F€ir example.; ifa Stone D_ragon maneuver requires you rgJmew _on_eB!Q,rf~ Dragon maneuver, and )1Oldmaw me'"Statlefoo]: stal!pe (::!-is,t-level Stone Dragon stance), you qn;~ t~e lli~ h~gher-level1llane1;J\'lXi"J::.


This entry gives themattial adept class or classes that.have access tathianianeuver: crusader.swordsage, orwarhla.c1e, TIle Irne.alsogrves the maneuver's level Within mat dass.

)3"t!.u,can learn any maneuver you like by clioosilfg clie N;ill.'ti,~aJSt~tdy·feat, regardless of class. However; you mgn stilt' in,e'et 14e'1?tet!~guisite~ of the maneuver,


.111. 'add trion tomeetiugthe dassand leveJreqTIiieri):'ehtslietO:re 'you c'ullilearn .a malle"u,vet, YOll must meet a certam set!)f ~requiie1nents to Be ablel'oJ::l10bse that..maneuye];'{1$ ODtfYG1.1 kn:'ow: S :a~lC(\S 'ate considefedunaneuvers £orlliepul:pa'de~g[ .m&etW~~i1 p1:'el:eqttisite to l{('arna'1).e.w,maneuver.

Yb.t((;~;!Wf l1fa:r~iaJDaneliver lli1J:es,s Y911 gain.<a·kyd in: a ma'l:tiii.Lji~·ept class:; a"leveUna p.nt'~,tige (Olass, :ITatgtrarus maneuve:rikRh'owi), 6.r,yo.U; fake r,h,(l.,MartfaI Sfitdy.Jell;f.

Mftp:e:u:ierSKn'o,rn: Some 0fcl:re(:more poWeE£U~il.'i;l-gU~ MiHi t~q~1'ireYQu rol ell rn 6n:etlr'mbre 'oilier mane-a;.,tem if! tb:e same discfpifiie before they can be sdected_


-swift action, l'tng C0U.I'lrSJl5 your s,wtfiaGfifUlll £=~t'he tl;lom. You G,aJUI9T use another i.-m.mediate· acrion OF a swili .l.~.i:rnn umil after your '.next turn if Ba),T6 ns~~~ i!mmerua:tli actiqn whenJt ios' not' curreBt!r¥01u mrn (lMecively. uslIJ.iI' am: immediar-e action bafore }rQUJ <I![trn is e~t'Jil,val(mt II') ;uslfig your swiflactiom.forcfue cOIld:ngttn::n). .

You cannot use a.nin:uDed±ate actiotl ify('lU are cun;ei::Itly

ilar£eorecl .


A maneaver's mDg~ iudica'teslIow farfromyouitcah J'ea:(ilii. Many maneuvers are trea~ted as 'Petsona:1·range e£teGfs, 'because you inltiate.the- maneuver to give ycnlXsel£ aspemfi

orms or eapaBthtyfor the round:

Standard ranges include (but are no hmited to? the following:

Personal: The maneuver affects only-you (bUT might give YOl1:an unusual power or abilirythaeaffecrs others for the rest ofyeu! rum).

TOuch: You must touch a creature-or object to affectit. A much maneuver that deals damage can score a critical hit a weapon'can, alrhough you do nor mulriplyrhe extra damsge-from a maneuver on a successful ctirical hit.

Melee Attack: The maneuver affects'3uy creature you wake a successful.melee attack against.

AajaGellt: The maneuver ~£fects creatures within t square of you. Sometimes you only aHect adjacent creatures at fhe be~ing ofyOlu tum or at the end of your turn.Eut other mane avers mighfaffe~t any creature you move adjacent to duriOg:meGOllIse.ofymlr turn. See the specific maneuver descriptions for detalLs_

Range"EXpressed in Eeet: Some maneuvers have no standard 1:a:nge category! just a Lange expressed in feet ..


'£<:Iu migh'E aave to make some ehoice about whom f.QlN ma:neuVl$ii to~a£feC:r orwher~tt will originate. This,enil!Y 6esErlbesthe miinenv~it's target<.o:r;-targets, its effect,.oi its lima, a!fap15ffiP':Dlat~.

'Yargeto01"Tru;gets:Mast maneuvers affecta specificcreafirreQ[ Ghjeat (or.m ore t1lan one creature or objec~ that:ymxdesignate aSY0urtargetor targets. You must be able. to seeortom:l'i ttre target, and you .inust specifically choose that target.

Some maneuvers Gao be initiated only on wil1iiIgtargets.

You ean oedare yourself a. Willing target at any time (even iI:yoU'te:flat-footed or h isn't your turn). Unconscious chatarter..s lH'e.a]waysconsidered Willing, but,a character who 1'5" Oll8dous:but.lmmobilized or-helpless is not automati!!ally willing.

$'ruaelllaneuvers target you (but they luight confer-an ttuttSaahlDility to affect other creatures for the rest of YOlU turn:J.lfwetar:gei of a' maneuver is "You,"you do not receive rl:'$zying Wdw':_you receive the benefit. of the maneUVlilili aUtomatically as long as you meet.any other;nt far succeSsfully.

Other lJ'lam~uvh's amm. a creaurre OJ: ereatlttES' tMn: . mt SUl';cess€lll1¥J$tw!ltfCaniele~)lttaGk,.ant'l sdm.,fif(eP:llefe;au1!fe )'0'1 s!lcc£ssfuIly ~tw,tb itrnele_e PIraoge~t ;r;hiOi attMtJ}.

ATea: Som~maneliv.ets_can e(t!'lil:aar.e.m Y'<;}1'lmiglit beiibk to ampse,fil~ point where tJie man.euv:e:f's ef'fectbri~ate:s. lnrr o"t'lieEwi:se-youusually .dOll'LCe5f1:ttohWlittill. treatiw.e:s ']; obje-ttS~,atea manetl'\1etiaffeds.

:BufiS't:"A bursr.aHktswhaTeyci; it; catdres :ll.llts·ar.ea, llit:Jttding creatures y6uj:nrt't see, Tt'caIiMnfec[ bJieanrres ·i:!Mt,]:iavll total cover f,rom itS .pcint of origin. The'ifef.a.ttl.t. Shap~£SG a

burstfs a;Sphere. . '.

Elt1a.naliion: Atl erru:imitiOEli1Unctiolls-liIte 11 nrrr,gtj exeepf iliat tile' e::ffl':<:t wntinues to raahlte frourilieifGllrr:grmrfgk (c;{ten ~'.Qu) forthe Cluratfonof1:hemaneuver.

:primil: 'Aspread-e'ffent s.prea:B&out1i:ke abursr, buttan~fu.lID cot:nets. You-select th'e pomtoili.rigin, a-nCLthe e£feotspreaas OlH a -glven-distaBGe in all ditettibn:s.

Effect:.:Bome maneuvers' create sometEing tatherrhlitJ3. affeeti:ngrhfugs" already present. YOUJJlust desiguare the location wliere these'thlngs are to' appear,..either by'seoog, ir or defining it. Range derermmes howfiIr away aneti:ect am appear,

Line of Effect: Maneu,",e'rs'tha'l' affect a ra_net otnel' than you require line of effect. Al e of eE(e_~t is.asuarglIt'; unblocked path that indicates an etleGt can.a£fect. A solid barrier cancels a line '0£ effe:cr,J:ltJt Ii fie of ef(eot is nor blCil' by fog~ darkness, ancLQfher.J:aqprs-'that lj,mtr normal ~ighr.

Ygu must hav~ _~ Clear-line: ofef{ecno ;I'lw<targeI th<tt J,eJ_ initiate a maneuver against10r to any: ~ac~in y.ihidJ. you wisl to create ~lleIfeGt'1lIiow~thar). A burst or emanation affects only an area, erea.mre, or obJecr to whichJtthas a line of-effect from its Ol-igin. .

An othlnwi:se solid barrier-wtrh.a.hole- Q£atleasr 1 sSluat:.e· foot through Ir does not b!ocJum'allaUve:i.sJ:i:ne oh~ffeet.



S'ometitti:esl 'lllmant!IWerwi'tHa spe:ciM effect Gr:srip_ei-b.atural Jlugment,a:_tr6ii £:&a1' f'a'r:geM a'h enemy hll(iws the i:;;rl'lamre·or o'&rect'fu make a!:sa\11ngru3;owroJiVQia s0me!3fr-alL6Hhe-&ffed. :Cae saving;i'_h'r-0wlin~ >11tl. -~ maneuve.r description .c1idines whlGh -lYIn~' 6ftavmg_ fut6w ~ maneuver allows,

Nega'tes; ,the mancuvel' 'h'a_s no additional effec;_t 011 a SHhjeCl'i: 1:h~t make,sa slitc:eiiiffiil S-1f~_gthroW

'Partial': l'n:e.;maneuvet causes an effect. On its S'l~~ct, men -a.S'de>'itl1. A.suc~essfuLsavillg throw IDeins:t1\.~ t" S01n'l;! lesser-effelSt Gccurs{-sm:n asbeing.i.leal(aamage iather'tha'r\ heing kille-d~.

lIalf:The maneuver dewls aamagel and ~rs"Uccessft\l sai.di;Jg

thmw h:al],es the damage.t~ (round dQwn). --

None: In a case whem ,no S?_V:~'ng throw is ·a+J_6_wedl'_f}re sa¥ingtltmwclme is omH-te4,

- - - ~. - - - - - - ;d. _.

S:avin:g Throw DiHi;cwli-y, Class: The: fwrmuli;l fbv der~rmining_a savi<ngthr-OW-]JO;a,gpfnst a maneuver's ~l?;®;al;eFt1!et is ,P!OV id (nlw. :~emaneuver's.descxipci:ou.


Urt1ik-e-~pen descrIptions or-power desG.rl-,Ptiom, m!l-rtl~l mRDe-uv~';rs dO;;l'\ have-a spell resistance or-power lleS-Isla,nce eDITy. SlIlCe-;ll).!lol!~UVers are, extraordma!_Yl?rsu:R~rI!atl\raJ abilities, opt spells orspell-likeabiliries, SR~ll rest~pat:!ce,does

umJIHect a_ Dl~I:j_~ll"er, -


This portion.ef the.maneu ver description explailis what the maneUV(}F does andlmwit:works_ ft begtnswtrh a senrence ot: hw of italidz~d "reatP'aloagiJ rexuhar gives,plaver,s an.image of haw fh~e mal;euver dGes what it does. J1 one of rbe:'preVlot;s lines in the maneuver descl1~J?-tipn included "see texc;"'this ~e'Ctiou is wn-ere.y.ou End rhe eJq11anation,


~edir'at~! 1il'!\~:2' M_lii-='ni-<1J n.dep[s 4o,nf)thaV€'~o I:ead~ I:heil'· sf&n!':esfaj~. s:tRiFlt:'.es ltIBOWJlo:;lf§:\!vatlUJ:Jle at nr times.


~ant&d a.leW '1ff-suaH}lle:aJ:~' new m~c'u_veliS and srnn~e.~ -wlii(l;n ~1i'ey'at,~-i'fn-rrn1l>wle"et Not -CV'Cl'¥ .disdptneisava.ihb_k· it .eveEf,d,ara0ter.

Maneuvers and Stances Gained-at a NewTievel Mllnia.J adepts f:ra:wj m.edititte; and pradice.lietWceen,aQVeln trres {lnd while resting, Wnen,.a:ffiar-tial adept learns ane-W lruil:ii1iaver or: staiKe'bec~use: she gained aJeve\, you-can sssumethar this newknowledge represents rhe'-elfe~ts of practice and I>rudy over thecourse of days; weeks.or.even menrhs.

Independent Study: Amartial adeproan atteml'_tt{)'.tI~vi:se a new m~1l euver or staJJC€ independently, a_ddlng-t0 an existibg disdpllne. A DM decides ifit's possible fOf a ckracteI W develop. a new maneuver,

lEa DM permits .fhe·",reation of a new maneuverroM-serw' the fo llowihg,gtt-i:Cle1mes.

J?'hst" the lJJ~rtial@_dept requires a safe place to mediiate and' practice. This-effort will take a number Qfdays (':GL.U1!'1 ro 3,~ tbe-maFleuver's level,-sojlth.e adeptiS'dev:ishl~a7ilI-lev€! klDaBe1:1V~r! theTeStlarch \ • .>:illre9.ulr{O:21'·days. The;adepr P\}'s 50 XJi·;perdiJY· ofsfumy;,whirn.repJ:.e,e:rfts:an inteBSe'I~e:n- @f meifii"t-\itinfl-! fa~JingiaB.d practice aesi-gned 10 fa(!hl~the 'Illind ;~n9 sR_il:U on, the tas'kathand.

~'illm;tia1 adept can't CIeate~a··new·manenver·0f a h~gher

level tha·J.'I the adept is capn ble~o'£1fiar:i1ing. .~

:At the end of the re quisite-tI:lu12 f6:t study and j::l'uacti£li!, rhe martial adep'"'~tteIDp!S a MartiaILo:reclieck(DC 25 +(2' x the maneu":el"§ level).

If the check succeeds, the-character Ie arns!h_eilllaE€>Ullel' the -next tim e she bas aJJ Oppolltunity to learn a-new l1l'flneuverth .. t:otlghlevel advanceraem or feat selection, ffthe check £\ ilSi the.:new maneuver-is.noj'yet perfected, and.she must go thtoltgh the study-and pracnce.time againlf_:sh~want-s fohep frying.{although she regains tEe XPshe-hmi spent-

thll{far). .. .

ADM should w0tk with the player before- the -attempt;ro d(lvel~_a new maneuver begins, and ~ive hergindanee on the pa'l.'ameters under which a new maneuver dj; distipll'Dl:li fuig_ht be accepta ble. (see-treatih~ New Spells, DMG'38).


ou Jmoll' by rlOW fllatfJ,g Dt,eFi Willd mtlsters it lid Y sccret~ of air I'trId fire. From the steel of their srimitnn they brmgJorth

flame to blind 01' ':iII fhl.'il' enemies. Yet the fire docs 1101 reside III the steel, m}' student; it resides in fbe master, alld the stt'd IS simplv II conduit through I.vJlich tl~£ fire is guided to Ihe n1l1stds purpose. [0 call fimh 1he flame. tlu: Desmi Wllld master creMes ill his SOld II bllrYell alld bl~sted plare, tL deseli JAltlrtdal1d wHh 11 SlUI o[kiUingstren_gjh "lISa IT! hllnd. In his rninJ hel'ecnUs theJocasing dltlnts Dr Il!ordg taught to hUlIlll1!mrin_gtMllt11 i1t his mvn ~f.['rs evel1 if he does not sy~tlr2 Ihem «IOI,ld; ill his bod)' !tr eXJ&,utes n prcr:1~e pl1)'5i,al movel1l ent, IT qUiciz pnss of the ~worCf -(n jmi the rig"':! til" ami atjl<sllhc rigilt1'peed. For 1m rTlsull'Itl rbe Itlll. b~hveen nllndl body, £lml.spirit \5 p!!rJe~r-.lIId the fir6S{)fH1:e gt'UI"LSHti SIWgC ftlf'H~ allm rGl11l1mna. So itisfOr'Caull of tilttMi1M DisriplillCS, I'UH'I1g 011t. NbW, Ivlun' sltnllwr b"$f'lr

-H<1ITtIn Ttui}'£S'lJor

Each ofthe nine disciplines of me Sublime Way is composed o£a number of specific sta nces II nd rna 111m vers-namely, strikes, boosts, and counters. Much like a soreerer's spells. each STance or maneuver is a specific ability rhar a character might know. Bur while a sorcerer's spells Telf on arcane power ihar is deplered b~ continuous use, ~ martial adept's abilities are always available to him, as long as he has a few minutes (0 prepare the maneuvers lie wishes [0 use.

The table below provides a sum mary of which disciplines are avl.l'i.lltblc ro essh of the three martial adept s\mld~rcl dasses. The' liSIS of maneuvers 1l1:1d srartees rhar begin I'm the next page are orynized by level in ascending order.jmd alpmbeibHy by discipline in each level's I is! In these 1im-s, the disqpline names are truncated or recluced re one word tl!l5aVt'. iaG.e.

Crusader Sword sage Warblade
Desert Wrnd No Yes No
Oevoteg .spirit' Yes No No Srone
91amand Mind No Yes Yes
Iron Heart No No Yes
Settln Sun No Yes No
Shadow Hand No Yes No
Stone Dragon Yes ires Yes
Tiger Claw No Yes Yes Tiger


Desert :Blistering Flourish: rrike~nazzle erearures

arOl1~l.d YOlL

Burning B1ade: BooSt-Dealld6£re + 1/initiat6t


Distracting.Emhe.r: BooS"t-F1recie:tnentru.appears,

flanks enemy.

Fla.JJi~'S Blesstngr Stance-Gain tire :H'isistance

based on Tumble ranks.

WihCl Stride: B00St-+1O-rr. bonhs to sp,ee¢J_.

Devo Cr''s Strike: trtke-SuccessfUl n r rack a UQ~yoll ro hea] 1n6 + l/initiamnleve:L.

bon Gllard's: Glare: Stll:l1ce-Enemtes take -4 pena:Jty on attacks againsryour allies.

Martial Spirit Stance-Heal 2 hit points with each successful attack.

VVl.guaxd Strtlce: Strike--AlLies.gain +.4 bonus on attacks -againSt target.

lJiam Mo~ent of Perfect Mind: Counter-e-Use Goncentra:rion check In place of will save. sapphire Nightmare Blade: Srrike-e-Opponenr flat-footed, +1d6 damage with COl1centr,ltiQll check.

St~¢·e_o£ Clarity: Stance-Gain +2 AC again:st

oueIoe, -2 againS-I all others.

Iron Punishing Stance: Srance-A[[acks deal +ld6 damage, burvou have-2 wAC.

Steel Wtnd: Srrike-Artack two opponents. Steely Strike: Strike-+4 bonus O.L1 one arrack, enemies gain ++ bonus onartacks against you.

Set Counter Charge: Counter-Rulp charge Qr[\l~, force. cbarging foe to move away-from you. Mighty l'hmw: Strike~Grabfoe. throw him up to 1Qft'.

Step of the Will.d: Srance-lgnOte, difficult ren;all), gain-boquSBg1! in st foes in such-tertatn;

sh-adow child of Shadow: Stance-You gain connealmear

as lo.-Qg as you move. ,

Clinging Shadow strike: S:ttike-"Foe suffers 20%.miss chance on -arracks,

1:s1ami' o£Blades: Stance-"'lOJ.t and allies U<"I1;lk all adjacenr foes.

Sh{).d·ow 1.11ade Tethnique! Srrike-R.oll rwo attacks use lower result [0 deal bonus cold ttl. a l"ll<r.gel

Ch-ugingMinotanr: Strike-Charging bull rush deals da mll~ ignores attacks of opporrunlry, Stope Bones: StriKe-Gain DR s/ad a manti aa, StonefootStance: Sta nce-+2 bonus on Srre!lgrh Ghecl{s, +2 bonus to AC agamsrluger foes.

Blood. in the Water: tance-Gain.+l bonus on attack;.; and daruage£or each critical hit.

Hunter's Sense: Stance-Crun.scent.

Sudden Leap: Boost-Jump as a swirl action. Wolf Fang Strike: Strike-Attack with, ~wo weapons.

White Bolstering Voice: $tapce-A1Jies gain -+2 bonus on Will saves, +4 against fear.

Douse the Flames: Srrike- Target ell rmot make attacks of opportunity for 1 rounri. LeadingtheAttack: Strike-Allies gain·;-4 banns on attacks against foe you strike.

Leading the Charge: Stance-Allies deal +1 damllge/hlitiatorleve10n charge attacks,


Desert Bw.'n:iJlg Brand: Boost-Gain +5cn. reach, deal

lire damage.

Hlle:R:fposte: Ceunter-e-C ounrer foe'g aHa-de With

fiery touch that deals 4d6 damage.

Flashing Sun: Strike-Gain extra <I tta ck. Hatchling's Flame: Strike-Cone deals 2d6 flIe damage.

Devo Foeha.m.mer: Strlke-Ovel."come foels UR, deal

+2d6 damage.

Sh~eld Block: Cotmte.r-Gtanr shiel-d bonus + 4-

as AC bonus ro ally.-

Diam .Action Before Thought: Counter-Use Concenrration check in place ofRe£lex save, .Emerald Razor: Strlke- Tum melee strike imo touoL'rattack.

[ron Disarming Strike: St:rike-Wirh successfulan-ack,

attempt to disarm foe.

will of Blades: Counrer-ReplaceAC with atraa

roll resulr,

Set Baffling Defense: Counter-Use Sense'Motive

check ro dodge attack.

Clever Positaontng: Snl1ce-SwapposirionswUb targe[('Jf artaok,

Shadow Cloakof.Deception: Boost-Tum invisthle uutil the. end of yOIlt rum,

D):ain Vitality: Scrike:...-AttIlck deals 2.points of

G:bMtitu:tioll da m age,

Shadow Jaunt: Teleport 50 ft. rh:rough shadows

as standard-action. .

Stone Mountain.Hammer: triKe-Deal +2d6 damage, overcome DR and hardness.

S~one Vise: Strike-Deal Hd6 d.arna~J auaek Immobilizes creatare.

TIger Claw at the Moon.: S1:rike-Nlal~-e Jump check, <tea] +2d6 damage,

:Rabid Wolf Strike: Strike-+4 bonus on arrack, deal +2d6 damage, -4 AC [or 1 tQund.

White Hattle Leader's Chaxge: Strik!!-No- attacks of' opportmury whileci3arging, deal + 1,0 danrage, Tactrcal Strike: Stdke-Deai +2d6 damage, adjacent a llies nrove s feet.


Desert Death Mark: Strike-Enemy rakesextra qre damage and explodes in a fiery spread.

Fan the Flames: Strike-Ra aged touch arrack deals 6d6 nre damage.

Holocaust cloak: Srance=-Arrackers rake 5 fire. damage.

Zephyr Dance: CouDter-+4 AC against stngle attack.

Devo Defensive Rebu"ke:'Boost-Foes you strike must arrack you or provoke artack of opporrnniry. Revitalizi g St:rike: Strike-Successful attack allows you to heal 3d6 + l/in itia tor level Thicket of Blades: Sta:nce-5-ft. sreps provoke attacks from you.

Diam Insightful Strtke: Strike-Use Concenrrarion check to dcrermine.damage.

Mind Over Body_Caumer-Use Concenrration check in place of Fortitude save, PeatlofBlackDoubt: Stance-Gain+2AC each time foe misses you.

Iron Absolute Steel Stance: Stance---+10-n. bonus TO speed, +2 AC wtrh.mcvernenr,

Exorcism. of Steel: Strike-Strike opponent's weapon.It deals_-4 damage.

fiOA Heart Stuge: Remove effect, gain +2 mora le b_ol.'lUS on attacks.

·ct Devastsring Throw: trike-Grab foe, throw him using leverage.srreagth.

Eeigned Opening: Coumer-As an imnrediare action, provoke an arrack, [hen cctrnret, GiantKilling Style: Stance-+2 bonus on attacks and +4 bonus on damage against larger foes.

hadow Assassin's Stance: Stance-Cain sneak at lack +ld6.

Dance of "the Spider: Stance-You climb walls like a spider.

ShadQw Garrote: Strike-Ranged touch attack deals 5d6 points of damage.

Strength Draining Strike: Srrike-Your arrack deals 4POint5 of Srrengrb damage.

Sroae .Bonecrusher: Strike-Deal +4-d6 damage, + 10 bonus on attacks ro confirm critical hits. Crushing Weight of the Mountain: Sta nceConstricrfor 2d6+.1-1/2 rimes tr when grappling. Roots of the Mountain: tanc~.1f) bonus on eheeks against bull rush, mp, and orlrers, ana gain UR2/-

tone DJ:agoil's Fury: Strike-Deal +4d6 rl~ against objects constructs.

Tiger leshRipper: Strike-Foe's arracks and Achave

-4 penaltsy.

Leaping Dragon Stance: Stance-+10 I'm.}"uU1P checks, always ronsideted l"UnniL:J.g for jumps. Soaring-Raptor Strike: Strike-Amcklargenfo0 from above with +4 bonus, deal +6d6 damage. Wolverine Stance: Srance-Use any weapons while gra'ppled.

White Lion's Roar: Boost-c-Defear enemy, allies neal ·1-5 damage. TacticsoftheWoU:Stance-Youandalliesdeal41 damage/2 initiator levels against flanked TaFger. WhtteRaven Tactics: Boosr-Ally"s initfarive changes, be can act again.


Desert Firesnake: Strike-c-Stream.of fire twists around corners.

Searing Blade: Boost-Attacks deal +2d6 fire damage + 1!initia tor level

Searing Charge: Strike-Fly while charging) deal +5d6 fire damage.

Devo Drvirre.Surge: Strike-Deal -sds damage.

Entangling Blade: Strike-Deal +2d6 damage, r,lrget has-20-ft. penalty to speed.

Diam BounCling.A.sslitl]t; Sttike-Double move and attack.

Mind Strike: Strike-Arrack deals td4 Wisdom damage,

Ruby Nightmare Blade: Strike-Atrack deals double damage with succe ful Concentration check.

Iren, Lightning Recovery: Couurer-e-Reroll an attaek thar.misses wtrh +2 bonus.

1vIithral Tornado: Srri ke-Make attacks against adjacenr foe, +2 on each attack.

Set CometIhrow: Srrih--Grab foe, throw him using leverage, strength.

trike of the Broken Shield: Srrike=-Attack deaJs -t4-di5 damage, makes Target flat-footed.

Shadow Hand of Death: Strike-c-Touch renders foe paralyze:dfar ld3 rounds.

Obscuring Shadow Veil: damage and foe has 50% miss chance on attacks fOi1 round.

STOne Bonespurting Strike: Strike-Attack deals 2 Constitution damage.

BotJider Roll: Boosr-G-ain ++ bonus on overrun attemprs.

Overwhelming Mounrain.Stzike: Stcike- Deal ·"laG damage, tal"get loses move action.

Ti_get Death FrGIn Ab eve: Strike-Leap into. the: air, attack reI" from above. deal c+4d6 damage. Fountain of'Blood: Boost-Defeat foe, cause.fear In enemies

\Vhlrc overing Strike: Boo (-Every opp(menryotl

srtike cannot make anaGks-of opporruniry lor 3 rounds.

White Raven Strike; Strike-Dea I +4q6 damflge, tat@:erbeC0mes,Bat-footed.


De5CEr Dragon's Flame: Strike-Cone deals 6d6 he damage.

Leaping Flame: Couurer-e-Ieleporr adjacent to foe ~\lho artacks you.

Lingering Inferno: Strike-Deal +2d6 fire damage, and targer takes 2d6 fire damage per round for 3 rounds.

Devo Daunting Strike: rrike-Ta-rget of arrack becomes shaken.

Doom Charg~: S1;ri lee-Charge attack deals extra damage against good, you gaillDR 10/-.

Law Bearer: Strike-Dea 1 +4-116 damage, tB arrack against chaotic-enemy, gain +5 on saves and AC. .Radiant Cnarge: trike-Deal +6d6 damage against evil foes, gain DR 10/-.

Tide of Chaos; Strike-Charge attack deals exroa damage against law; grants youet;lnceablle'll:t.

Dfam Disrupting Blow: uike-SuccessfL1.l attacK causes foe TO be tillable to acrfor L round. HearingtheAiI:: Stance-Gain blindsease 30ft., +5 bonus on Listen checks,

RaJ?~d Counter: Counrer-r-Srrike opponent wh.o provokes attack from you.

Iron Dancing Blade Form: Stance-+5-fr. reach durtng your-rnrn,

Dazing Srrike: 'rTike___:1vfe.lee arrack dazes opponenL

Iron Heart.Focus: Ccunter-e-Remll ~iIVO.

SeT Minored "Pursuit: Counrer-c-Ycu match opponent's movement.

Shifting Defense: Stance-5-ft. srep with each missed arrack against you.

Soaring Throw: StrUce-Grab foe, dHOW him using leverage, strength.

Stalking Shadow: Counrer-e-Move Into foe's space as he tries to move away from you.

bsdow Bloodletting Strike: BOOst-Strike deals 4 Consrtrurion damage.

Shadow Stride: Teleport 50£[. through shadows as move action.

Step of the Dancing Moth: Stance-e-Ignore rerraln, \VlIIk over I i qu tel.

Stene .Elder Mountain Srrike-Deal +6ci6' dam age, overcome DR a nd hardness.

Gialjt's Stance: Stance-De;rl damage as if Y01.1 ate one size ca:tegoty larger.

Motm,tain Avalanche: trike---Gain ability to trample foes,

Tiger Da.n.cingMongoose: Boo t-Makeoneex.n:aattack with each weapon (max of two extra artacks),

Penrnctng arge: 'trike-WheE you cbar <-, make mult!pleal'mJ:ks.

White :FlankingManeuver: atrike-Hidknked target, allies gai 11 free attack

I$ the A.c}:van ag¢: Stmlcl;l~Move,+S f-eeli with, 54t.stef,l, moveinll;l d1ffitult terrain


Desert Desert Tempest; Srrike=-Arteck foes as you JTlO\'e by them.

Fiery Assault: Stance-Melee arracks deal +ld6 Ere damage.

Ring of Eire: Strike-Surround foes withbuming Harne.

Devo Aura of Chaos: Stance-Rerollandadd maximum damage dice.

A\trao£ Perfect Order: 5 tnnce->- Tre.a.tU20 ICSU l.-t as 11..

Aura ofTtiumph: Stance-You and allies heal 4 points with each attack against evil

Aura of Tyranny: Stance-Drain hiTpoiDtsfrom allies.

Rallying Stdke.: Stri1ce-Sucoessful: aL~ack allows you to hea13d6 + l/initiator level In 30- ft. bur-st.

Diam GJ'!!ater InsightfulSn:ike: Strike-UEe doubleConcentraricn.check.m determine damage. Moment of Alacrity: Boost-Gain +26bonu s On initiative during battle,

.Iron Iron.Heart Endurance: Boost-Heal hit points equal to two times your level.

Manricore Parry: Counter-e-Deflecr attack and redirect ic against opponent.

Set Ballfsta Throw; Strike-Th row foe~n 6(}-fl1. Iine, dflg16d6 damage to all ill area.

Scorpion Parry; Counter-Parry attack Inro second opponent.

Shadow Chost Blade: Str+ke=-Targer becomes flat-looted.

Shadow Noose: Strike-Ranged ~ollch attack de.els Bd6 damage and mighr STUn flat-footed target.

Stalker in the Night: Strike-Move and attack while remaining hidden.

Stone Crushtrig Vise: Strike-Deal +4& damage, -artack immobilizes creature.

~.t~nBolles: Stril<e-Gai:n DR 10/11damand+'1e, Irneslsrdble Mountain Strike: Strih-Deal +4a6 damage, rargetlcses STandard action.

Tiger Rabid Bear Strike: Strike-Gam +4 on amek, deal +lod6 damage, -4AC with arrack,

WoIf Clin1bs the Mountain: Srri-'ke-Emer la,r:gerfo 's space, neal +5d6.dllJ-nage,gain covel' fromIoe.

White Oider Forged from chaos; Allies move up 10 their speed dtrrtng your turn.

War Leader's Charge: Strike-h"Io<anatks or 0J2]mrluni1iy wbile Ghaxgin'g, deal +35:~mage.


De err Inferno Blade: Boosr-> [dee anacks deal + do fire damage + l(witiato[ level.

Salamander Charge: sn:ike-charge and create rrail of 61"e.

Devo Castigating Strike: Strike-v-Deal +8d6 damage and trtgger-area blast.

shield Counter: Coumer-Shield bash cancels foe~ arrack.

Diam Avalanche of Blades: Strike-With each attack rhar hlts, make another attack with increasing penalty.

Qukksil er Motion: Boo l-UseswihactionTo complete move action.

Iron Finishing Move: Strike-Gain eXIT3 damage against weakened foe.

S'cything Blade: Bocsr-e-Strike one foe, free arrack against another one.

et Hydra Slaying strike: Strike-Foe is unable to use fu II arrack action.

hadow Death in the Dark: Strike-Deal+15d6 damage TO surprised target.

Shadow Blink: Teleport 0 ft. through shadows as swifr acrion.

rone Ancient Mountain Hammer: Strike-Deal H2d6 damage, overcome DR and hardness. Colossus Strike: Strike-Strike deals +6d6 damage, knocks opponent backward.

Tiger Hamstring Attack: Strike-e-Attack deals ids Dexterity damage, foe's speed has -10 penal ty. Prey on the Weak: Stance-Attackof opporruniry with each foe that drops.

Swooping Dragon Strike: Srrike-Jump over foe, deal +10d6 damage, stun.

White Clarron Call: Boost-e-lf you drop a foe, a llies withill 60 ft. can make free attack or Take move 'acrton. Assault: Strike-Allies make fTee attacks against a.foe you strike.


Desert Rising Phoenix: Stance-Hover on column of super-heated air.

Wynn's Elame: Srrike-Cone of fire deals 10d6 fire damage.

Devo Greater Divine Surge: Srrike-s-Deal +6d8 damage, also gain +1 on attacks and deal +2d8 damage per point of Con damage you voluntarily rake. .Immortal Fortitude: Stance-You cannot die

due to hit palm damage.

Diamond Defense: Counter-e-Cain save bonus eq ual TO level.

Diamond Nightmare Blade: Strike-c-Ansck deals quadruple damage with successful Concenrrarion check


ranee of Alacrity: ranee-s-Cain extra counter each round.

Iron Adamantine Hurricane: rrike-c-Iwo artacks against each adjacent foe, +4 bonus on each attack.

Light:nin.gTn"tow: Strike-Use melee attadt'as a line arrack,

Supreme Blade Parry: Stance-s-Cain DR 51-.

Ser Fool's Strike: Counter-Reflect foe's arrack.

Ghostly Defense: tance-Enemies hit target of your choice whll.e you have concealmenr,

Shadow Balance on the sky: Stance-Walk on.air, Enervatin.g Shadow Strike: Strike-Target of strike- gains 1M negative levels.

One With Shadow: Counrer->- Become fncorporealfor 1 round,

STOne Adamantine Bones: Strike-Gain DR 10/adamamine.

Barthsrrike Quake: Strike-Local quake knocks enemies prone.

Strength of Stone: Stance-Gain immunity to critical hits.

Tiger Girallon Windmill Flesh Rip: Boost-Gain ability to rend Will, successful attacks,

Raging Mongoose: Boost-Make two extra attacks with each weapon carried (max four extra attacks).

WolIPackTactics: Stance-Free 5-ft. step wirh each successful attack.

White Swarm Tactics: Stance-Allies gain +5 on attacks against enemy adjacent to you.

White Raven Hammer: Strike-Deal +6d6 damage, srun opponent.


Desert Inferno Blast: Strike-e-Burs: of fire deals 100 points of damage-

Devo Strike of Righteous Vitality: Strike-Successful attack grants heal spell

Diam lime Stands still: rrike- Talte full attack action. two times.

Iron strike of Perfect Clarity: Strike-Deal +100 damage on single arrack.

er Tornado Throw: Trike-Move and throw foes repeatedly.

Shadow Five-Shadow Creeping Ice Enervation Strike:

Srrike-s-Channel shadow into target, causing hp damage, ability damage, other effects.

Stone Mount;lin Tombstone Strike: Srrike-Attack deals 2d6 Consrtrurion damage.

Tiger Feral Death Blow: Strike-Leap upon.foe, slay him with a single strike.

White War Master's Charge: Strike-You and allte charge, no auacks of opportunity, deal extra damage, SIUn.


Desert ind maneucersfocus on quick mov~entand sw~H;un:ing strikes. The scimitru;, 1:1g11-[ mace, Iigh; pick, spea-r, and falchi.0i1 are the preferred weapons oftbe Desert Wind discipline. l'he'CQIDPlex sptnntng tlnd slashing of rhe rnrved blade Ineorporated into many Desert Wind. maneuvers are in fact Garefull.y honed gestures thar

evoke rhe power pf:lire; -if _p rformed correctly and with rhe proper focus. Tumble is. the key skillfoillesert Wind, previdingrhe Inlnarorwirh agi1ity and maneuverebiliry, DeseErWind maneuvers are usable only by 1l swordssge, unless you rake the Martial Study feat (see page 3L).


Level; Swordsage 1

Initiation Action: 1 Standard action Range: 30 It.

Mea: 3u-fr.-rndius bunt centered on you

Duratioru 1 minute

Saving Throw: Fortitude negates

YOtiYLl!eapOn bLIt'St5 il1tojlames as you hllirl it OlleJ- yow-1read. With a flom-ish t )'olullIHe the fire to explode IIIitlt n blinding flasJl,

When you use this strike, YOLl generare a burst of brilliant light. Any crearnre other than you caught In this manenvers area must makea Forrirude save (DC 11 + YOUT Wismodlfier) or be dezzledfot 1 minute.

This maneuver is a supernatural ability.


Desert Wind (Bcosr) [Fire]

Le el: Swordsage 1 lnit1ationAction; 1swifr action Range: Persona I

Target: You

Duration; End of turn

Your blade !mrsls into flame as it lHleep5 tawny!! yOUY fDa 111 ff11 elegn.ttL nrc.

Ii subtle ye.t precise rwisting of YOUT blade unlocks me power of flame. \; hen you i nitiate this maneuver, fire trails-from VOltr melee weapon. For [he re I of your r 1I rn, yOI.l-C melee lutacks

deal an extra ld6points of fhre damage + 1 poinr per mitiatlilr level.

This maneuver is a sLlpeFna'tlil't'al ability.


Desert Wind (Boost) [Fire] Level: Swordsage 2 lnitiationAction: 1 swift action Range: Personal

Target: You

Duration; End of turn

-'lou!' weapoll tr~fIlfanm III 10 a roaling gout qffi,rntw. As YOH swing)'oLII' bMrnfl1gv!ade, it srretd1es out' beyo I1d yow' tlOl'l11r.lll'etIGh to sea ren yo 111' foes.

when you initiare rhis maneuver, your weapon turns into a burning brand for the rest of your tum, The p.rand increases yonr reach by 5 £i et, a ll€l your -melee attacks ronde with the brand deal me damage equal to you r normal melee damage. You still gain all the normal benefits from a high Strength score, feats, and other effects that increase your melee damage; For example, an attack witb s longsword that normally deals ldS+4 points of slashing damage would tnsread cte.al1dS+4 points offue damage, You otherwise auack with yeur weapon as normal,

This In~\.neLl\iet is a supernatural ability.


Desert Wind (Strike) [FiIe] Level: Swordsage 3

Initiation Acti~n: :1 standard action Range: Melee attack

Target: One creature

Area: Variable spread; see texr Duration: Instantaneous

Saving Thl'ow:'Reflex half; see text

As your wea.pan -strikM your/De, hi" body c(lnVI~lses as wllufsaffllJ,mc run am,lm yonI' bIll-de 11110 his body, TI11f fin' '~mcs him to briefly gloW-wftJi r1. b,iUirrnl' illten'laJ jh'e hefo~ r he .n.rH'J'Ie.s mt}1j- [1'oin h t5 bony 1,H a ten"ib!e ell:'p!bsi.on:

When you use the strike, you channel overwhelmrng .fiery energy inti:) die hody of your foe. In adtliLlbn to dealing JlorJ?l~1 11l,liIlee da:mnge wi~b '¥.glUt

arrack, you cause Ii re to erupT £rum your enemy's body in a spread. T1e radius or the spread is determined by the size of rhe Tllrgetctef)tt,lre, as inlilk@,ted Ol~ rhe table below. All creatures in the area includingyour enemy; Wee 6d6 points o[ damage, with a RcllexsQve DC J.; + your Wismodilier) for hal£Tms rad III is centered on rue creature's'posirion.

You have immunityto rhefiredarnage ftom your own death mark.

This maneuver is a supemarural abillry.

Sf,IT,ead Radil!5

Sfeer 10 feet 20 fe·e:t 30 feet

DESERT TEMPEST Desert Wind ( tIlke) Level; Swordsage 6

Prerequisite: Two Desert Wind


Initiation Action; 1 full-ronnd action Range: Personal

Target: YQu

You move 111 a bllll, leavIlIgroJYllh mark II! your wnk-e as yOT! hlJ;r1 around !.he' blIfJl,,field, s/rcitlginto yow' foes asro~, mov!!.

As part of this maneuver, you move up to your speed. Each rime-yon eedr a square adjacent to an enemy; you can first make a single melee. arrack against that Ioe. You cannot attack a single enemy more than once with l,hi maneuver; Your movement provoke attacks ofopportuniry, as normal.


Level: Swords age t InitiationAction: 1 swill action Range: 30 ft.

Effect: OIR'! summoned 1Ire"e1ememo! Duration: End of ttl rn

A Welve oj heat sweeps o.I,JC'YtIui rl.YBlI,!orm n sma!Ldustfwllte!, and igm1lrs Into _ntl~tle ncrt to ynurfoll,

This boosCnllows you t9 CQ~ea Sma!l fire elfY.mhrtfa! (M:f..,r 9Sl) to threaten

)IOJ.lF eB~ N0VidiaS.Y0U QI an :tHy with'tlre betreEu..taflanIcingpositron. Yllll sanmse ihiS'ib.ility re place the eih-lmental ~)%spaGe witrun. .raIdg!!. The e.leme.n.tat'rern:arns untfl the end .a£rour curreat turn.Jr th-cea'Eenscall ereanrrea within its r:~' ft~aJl~es .no aetiorrs or attacks oti!l=pl?Oli:uniry dtuing yoirrtur.u,

This maneuver is asupemafural abilhy_

DRAGON'S FLAME :Elese.rt Wind (8 trike) (Fire] :Level Swordsage 5

"Prereqnrstre: Two Desert \l\riJid


InitiationAction: 1 standard action Range~ 30 ft_

Area: Cone

Duration: Instantaneous Saving Threw: Reflex half

Wrt11 a cfijiant rual; YOU5Hmmon your kt ana unleash if, ignitinglt with.,. combillC1f[on of your meditative foulS Ilud·seethingfury.

As a masterofthe.Desert Wind. advances in his Studies, he Iearns ro stoke raging 6:r-es with lUs' Ri. 'This maneuver allows you to generate a gout oBite-similar to a dragon's burning bream. Wirh this maneuver, you b1asr forth a.cone.of fire that aeals 6d6 points of fiie- damage to every:rhingin the area~·t:reaturesin he area can arrempt 'Reflex saves. (DCilS + your Wis modffiet) for half damage;

th:is maneuver is a supernatural

.ability. .

FAN THE FLAME.S Desert Wind (Strike) [Fini] Level: Swordsage 3

Prerequisite: One. Desert Wind maneuver:

InitiationAction: 1 standard action Range: 30 ft_

arget: Qne creature

I"hilw:dtlgfill1rlE d.nnas (Ina,s you.r blade, f'II~ll springs tawa1·d ]lour 1.llrget as you !itllecJl yom·~tvord;il1rough t11~ air.

&sklli6d:Desert Wind'adeptcan garher flame within his weapon and hurl it rfuOugh Chemr.Wben thiSmaneuver, YQJ11a'Wlcka B.,sf:§ize:il ball f>f;t:e ah Si,n~te 0B1tQ~w


maneca:ver-S;' 1nitimonAc:tion: 1 S\Vi£:t action J.tange: PeF.sonal

'Tar_get: You

Dmatib;ri: .8mn·ce

Piie dnffc:mtl(ingyouy arms 11 n d ncrossYl.lur wei1l1on, 18rilJ~t(g"bum1f1g energy ll1 evCl'Y attacJi yO"1L maize.

While you are ill this stance, every melee attack you make deals an extra 1d6 point5~(}ffue d.aID'<lge_

This starice'ts 'a supernatural.a biury,


Desert Wind (Counter) []

Level: Swordsige 2 ' Prerequisite: One -Deserl Wind


InitiationActio:n: 1 inrmediaie action Range; Personal

Target: You

Duration'; Iristantane.ous

You focus the ,p.ain from a WOUl1 d )'0 U. h~llv(, just suffered into afJery 11t-lll1ife:statio 11 of yevwg,ec

When a creature successfully strikes you with a melee or nat!lUid wa.1pon, YOll can use. this maneuver m ghre yourself the ability-to make an immeOi~fe melee touch attack. If your mack ruts, your target takes 4·d6 points offue damage,

This maneuver is a supernarural ability.


Desert Wind (Strike) [Fire] Level:Swoi:dsage 4

Prerequ:fsite: Two Desert Wind


lnitiatioIi!o-ction.: 1 stand:ita a€;tmli Range: 6.1): ft.

Atea: SJiffciM

IJm>atiOn: :Ii1ls:t~l'tretlj,;ous Saving ~ow: :;RelIex:lllilf

~u dllfvt' y.o i~r weapon fI~tq tMt,..,g1:lluI'fd, C4-Using Il giiuf je.tfnro l1le 'at: The ~l'e fiihw bl1£1~ tdJlle wa~rtrd an.cLcr~~ ajt!l~! !ike. a serpl>'l"J.t s.weep'i:ng Qver yO~J.r hi en-fies Clna.1·o,lJ.sti:J1gtlj~m wwe':r.e{hey shnj£l.

wheil;:}\otl lnitlate t.b.ts,mane.uV'eb~U 61uSe a line 0f-nre tp: twi!i~acro!if:._ ~11 area to burll ~OUI: e.n:.f'\-1i:l.@s. ThlsJ.iJ.ieClS 60 feedong) wnlik_i;Jri standard lLnf.!, a fiIegn~ke.can bend alia twisttphi~t~ f(}es: A fuesntike. starts iri an'il,4j"a.dqr square. 'It can move up to 60 feer~3-Ga iou-rid. It can move out of yo;u,r 1Lne of :;fgl;lt or.line of e:ff'ec.t, b.:ut. '/9l'riigltin no spe.cial knowledge 01 the areas it moves.into,

lia,firesnah.movesinrb a 0resttureiJ>; that creature takes.6d6·PQlll.ts,er fire dan:ra_£;e;wifu a Reflex save CD@ H + your Wkmo.di£ef}foT. half damage; A creature eil only rake damagd&im thefiresaake eflcejn4 single tOU)ld.. It-makesthe saviog:throw and Ht.kes damage-the urst ti.I:tremai: the fitesnaI<e tbucHesit. Aftehhatr,~esn~(ehas tl.0 effkron thatcreirmre.

A fiiesna"ke imrst .nrove 'along fh'e ground. It cannot fly, and it pays the 'Smndard_ movement penalties for di£. fisult terrain and other: effects.

This maneuver: is a supemarufal ability.

FLAME'S BLESSING DesertWlno (StanGe) [Fire} Level: Swordsaget

lnitiatioh Action: j swift action Range: Persona 1

TaJ'get: You

Duration: Stance

Fire -is not your enemy all a. it d.oes not harm you_

You-gain some-resistance to ure·as Jong :Eyeu remain in this stance. The atDOUDt of resistance is determined by your ranks m 'Inrnble. I£you have 19.QI more ranksm Tumble, you gainimmunity to .ruew,hi!e: yo~u are in this stance,

Thies stance 1$ a supernatural abllit;j.

Tumble Ranks 4--E




Fi~e Resistance S


~@ Imrmunity

FLASHING SUN Desert W ind (Strike) Level: Swords age 2

Prerequisite: One Desert Wind


InitiationAction: 1 full-round action 1tallge:Personal

Target: You

Almlljt fl. bItt!" oj )'lwe!imliioll, yPW' sl1ini ng bLitle 'ffashenlos you atfadl wftl1 impo~sible speeJ.

~1ashing sun allows you to make an additional melee attack during this :ro~d. A~ part of this maneuver, you take aiull attack action and make your narmaLmeieeattacks. However, you.can make one.addinonal.anack this round ar Y0urhigh(fst. attack bonus" .till me arraooyoumake this rcund, including the extra arrack granted by th is maneuver, are made with a-2 penalty.

HATCHLING'S FLAME Desert Wind (Srrike) [Fuel Level: Swordsage 2

Prerequisite: One Desert Wind maneuver

InitiationMtion: 1 'Stans,ilt:d aGtlon

Range: so n. Area; Cone

Duraticn: 1 nsta ntaneous SaVing Throw: Reflex half

YOHjoW,.i 'cr t1ilnl1ng f/,u)"a of energy at the eJld iJJyow' bl,ade. It fOY1'J'tS!1 see'thf.!'!g sphere that, trfter Ll tl',IJ; bUYjt., into a to i"1'e 11 t ofenergy.

The DesenWind discipline reaches its students how ro 1.1111eash their Itf as burning ',energy, This maneuver allows you to create a wave offire that sweeps overyour enemies, When you initiate this maneuver, YOq. blasrforth 2" cone of flame tha t deals 2ci6 points of fin; damage.

This .maneuver is a supernatural ability.

HOLOC;Ausr CLOAK Deset"rWi11d (STance) [Fire] Level: Swordsage 3

Prerequistter Ope Desert Wipd


InitiationAction: L swift action Range: Personal


Dur~tion: Stam,e

Fire frai1s fro,'1 j'Oll1" blade as y~m sprl'l if about, doakingyoH inflames j'~,at teap Q .t to blUIJ thosa who [Jtta~h you.

The 11ame from your weap0:f1l1:aitgs in midair, providing you with;'! liery defense against yom a trackers. Ail adjacent opponentthat hits yom,virh a melee attack \Cvbile you an! inth1~~a»ce_ takes 5 points offire damage, Yourhglw canst cloak does nor.harm 11 crea 1'lJ: using a reach weapon [Q aItaqky~u,

This.stance isa supernamralabmw.

INFERNO BLADE Desert Wind (Boost) [FiLe] Level: Swordsage 7

Initiation Acti,011: 1 swifr action Range: Personal

'I'argetr You

Durarron.End of turn

:A blind ing lightila,~h~s from YPU1' wcapqn, a.nd for II sl11it ,econd, it hmiifonll~ itlto bllming I1HlgmCl.

You couvert YOm:J<'l into. fiery en&!iWo allowing it to flGW down.your arm and across your weaE0n.. Until ili€mm ,(jf}'our arrn, your melee attacks deal

niJ"FEltNo -SLASr D_esert-Wmd (S1;r~e) [Fi:J;,el L~ve1: Swotdsage9

P:E1.'!reguisite: l?i-ve D!'fs~rt W~ld


:!ni:#a1ion'AmOl.l'i ·1 ftuhDllna actign IDmge; -60 ft.

~!!a{60-ft.-raaj.llS burst centered pBYOU

~l;lration: Instantaneous :S,1Lv'ing'throw: Reflex half

Hat J,!!hrds >wir! aboUj yO~f, rmd If jq~nt ~nm1!l ofbrimstonesweep5 Oller tlJ!!ilrrea. A pkkc)'ing rello'lA! aura sWTQunds' ¥OLL IUIe!. grows in intensity, sheddingir~menqp~I~JIl;llltllJ1d light. Crelltures~41'!HIn:4 yQU jt~lmbl~ blic/tfrom theheai. Wi,th rrhaw,Ung tq!Uj '):0.11 unleash aJul.lish hlll§tl)ffirethilt m'eU;sstelll and waTP~ stone.

QnlyttUe.JT.Ii!stets, of the De;§<lTl Win_d _s~hQol are capable of ll.!J_1~as4ing an ittfexntiblast. You focus your internal I~i int'o -l!- bimdi~g' hot -burst of Iire tharifeals:l00 POll}t:S offrre-damage to allcrea-mres in the area. You -arenct l1armeifbyy0u,J;~\..'n rnfeE~9 blast. --

~ malietlNer j.s aSl:1J?ernnt~lta1 aruit'y.


Desert Wmd (C9lfnter) [Teleport] Level.£\votd§age 5

~re-requisite; Two Desert Wind


~.ti.QnAtti:on: 1 immediate-action '1i;a,ng~ ~er'lonal

Target. You

DlU"ation: Instantaneous

1M yDIiF foe attarks you, you disnppelll' in a b~lr)t offtame and smoke, ont y to nmppwr ~'If aulm tJ1i'tl air next to him,

Yon Instarrrly appear in a square adja·o:m;,to acreature that attacks you with a..nidee oiianged arrack, after resolv~ The enemy's,attacic You cannot rilO:ve into a: space' that is occupted. b.y a ca::eatuie oi--obj.ect.:tou can in:oy;et;rp to lOU £eet":liffli-i'S m",ber.lf"irEu carmot mr,fV.ei a'lljifGMt te clitxl$.'gE!lllltJlis

::t;aJ;get_: One o,.ea.tuite Dm;ation: '5:'l;0~i.l.ll'o1s; sea text

A blu~, ~t1ndllg 111111te G]1PC(lf"$')Jl""JlflUI"

- _. ~

~~etll"0n. As Yol-I strilw yourIpe_, this flume sliaes, off yo ur 1-1!f.a!10f! fmd co ven )follr Im;emy in mgingjire_

You make a single melee attack That deals an aura '2d6',points ofnte damage; I)] ~ddjtioIl" if your strike hits, 'the flames UpOll:yolu:Weapgn hind ~o the target, whichtakesan !lXIT~ 2d6,pgoLnts of fire -daznage ea'~h;r!lund att11e,St~1"tof its rum.for .5 rounds.

This maneuver is -a s:upe1'l1arm:al a b:fliry::


.oesert Wing (Stt:ike) Q:ire1 Leveh SW"lr.dsa:g'e;}i

-P~el'eHui~i,.t~:_ T~ol?es~Jn; Wind


'Initia_titmAction:4 full-round' anion Range; Spe_ci:a1i ~i:!~-tex1

Area: Specia1i'_,!eectext

Saving Throw; :tte£!ex·half

-YDtI."t!oll~-in ¢:! bJUl', X[lllYfi1:¢'tVl'~~the~ in fln:m il1g enArgr,. ,Aq-;rm ntl'l, Y!'lH Jeav:e n hall of fin-behil1d YOll. ¥O;IL en.hale (,l.;foll, and the 1'il1g:of-fi-re lrou len,lIe behi:ntl bu¥sfs into an injel'TIothat engulfs Y9urencJ:I'1-Y fwd eve-ryth ing else in the_II'mL

115 part of this .maneuver; you can move up to tWO times your speed along the ground. All OTYOl,lI -movement rnusr be along continuous, solid ground. You leave a tear! o£flames in Y0U'li Wake. Theseflames Myenoruecnirues&the,y fQiJna,.c1eiSe(ij_'illie~FIilXh'is_O!ls.i"l"; a- ~~gilltern:o ettfpt5'W1ilnn that:ate<i~iillcrea,~m'es wit1::fft±.:tI'!.~tea take t2a6"l!~D:ns- Of £We 4attlage,Wifu:a~ve{{)C_ 16-+X:O.!lll· W:m,-.mi!~ fu~danrage,

Th~i;rr(eFn9'eJ'uptso t~'fu:st firde-yo([O form a:-@l.oSI;t;ta:r_e,a. YQ:1-1 c-ann¢;t'1et~'h_!e millt1pt?'ate":as b:i o_p~'m(we.

Th~snhl,_D:.e1tver I§. Ii a"9iliw:

RTSlNC PHOENIX 'bes~r,~ Winq .6(.Sianc~J ~r~ Level~ Swords,a~ a_

Rre_r:_e'qJ.ti;si't~: Tlrr~~ De-sert Wind


lni!ia_ti® Aftion: 1.swift :attipI;l Range: Personal

l'¥ge~: You..

Duration: .Stance

Hot wind 5wirlsaroutyourftiet, lijtingygtl skyward_ ~flames begin to_flicker b?tow.

A column ~f -swptrheaI!,,-_d -air .li:hs;YOl! imo the air, WJnIe you are-in ~is stance, yOl},_ <Z;.l!Il bove): up ro 10 _f~~t ab9Ve'ltlY solt~Qr 1i_quJd s;urlac:e. ¥-gu gain a fly sp~ed_ €9_llal to your lan~ ~p~e_d, iwith p€lfeC!'_ 'icl1aneuverabwW but you mustremain 'within ;!-O feet-gf

the ground when YPJ;lJ1y- -

If you hover in _plaee and make a full artack.rhe COiUID1). of air becomes superheated, dealing 3d6 points of fj_te da'U'!iJ.ger9ere,!lt111::,~ adjacenr te.or wi fl_rftr~he-coll\P~_n,. ~!f~di:ng ~rea)itrces ari!.j_acenJ to Y01;u-",s::q_1Jfll'e. Y01.1:- are nO,t

harmei'Jby th~~effeCt: .

YOUiqm Dl9yeaq-QSseshallow pies 8'I' other such vatiati9~ mrerrain without losin,g:rurit!£c[e/i'S'o_lqlIg as ygu,r movement<wq_u-rdn't take you more than -10 feet a-pt"lVe a s~ti.d Of ljqlJ:i_q surf~ce, tf )'l?u sre.ever m_qre_t~al!1ofeet~bo\'e,tb~ gro:n:nd (sJ-lihJ.'S if t1t~_-£loor dropf our fromu!ld~t y01,1: ()ryo~_ move OV!!t th,e edge or-'aalf cliff), dJt rising ph_oenix_ stance 1mmed:urtely ends ana you fall to the ground.

thi.s~,anoo isa supernanrral ;"tbilicy,

SALAMANDER CHARGE J5ess:rrWmd"(Strike) [:Fire]

.Level: Swords age 7 -

P,rere~utsite: Three Desert Wind


Iriidation- ActiOn: 1· £till-:round actiOD -Ra~e:,gpedi'a;l

Area~ ,Que ,sAt <>quaiEe pel' ;5: 'ct. of

A ba!flillg ~7./Joi"dl"g(f uses ,fIJIl salamonder ch'4rge maneuver to zigzag past fl.1I .ogre b_lldjgllarli

YOI-l lpm emn t.umble about i1u battlecJield, (f wan ofmgmgflame marl~Jng your rte:pSc:

YGJtl ifuti;tt'e -t.lllo· maneuver ,il s~ part of a charge attack. As· with a charge, you can.move up to rioubla yo ur speeJ and make a singJe,.il.ttaik,gaiiri ag a +2 bon'tfs'.en.the'att{i&roll and,a ~2,penal:ty co your 8l:Pler while ,yOUIDove and un-liil yOLl -·Mrtmtn. ITi1li,)ce a ]lOI"'" mal chat{l:t',,_lTI_.'o.:wevel;, JUll' al - der

SEARING BLADE' l!esenWin~:C~QOst) [Eite]

, Level: S-WOliCls;tge: + J?,rereq1,lisite: IwoTIeser,JWina maneuvers

InitiatiOll.Actio:q, t stal')~[;Hd action

Range: ge;n;ouilJ

Target: You· .

Duratiom End ofrurn

Your wwpon 'LrfHI.sforn?.5- iuJo a mging torrent 4 f1:amc" cO'using- Hi.ose al·oLHl.d JfOtt to moD sltglrtilJ' from tTle hemei'!' dOllS i1ent

You oonvert YOLliki ibm :!ie11' eriergy; allowing it·ttii How, Giibvvll. yOllra,On$ and,acioss"youi."Weap6n. trii.fiJ. the:,€rid of your J"U:tll yam; melee ahackstleal n.n-extX:a2d'6 points effrre damage +- 1 pO-int'per i11~bnioJ: level.

Tni$ maneuver i.s a sllpetl.'l.aim)l abllity~'



lnit1lltion Attipn: 1 fglj, tbUE.d Ra:ng-e~:F<trscifial

r~:rge.t: ~ou

Duration: Instantaneous

Ym,r rush through the nirt!iwwd Y01f1'fOC1 sf1'cal11iltg-il1 yot/r WIlJU.

As .part of "this maneuver, yOl:! must charge an opfJonenr You gain me ability ro fly at your base land sJ.;)eed with perfect man~uvera}ihtY'w\;I.illi' qlHxging. Resolve you!' Chfl'r~...atE3"clt npr!ilaUy, Onasuccessful'hit, YOlld.eru 1111 extra Sd6 points of fire d,amage;tQ the target of your charge.

Tbi$ maneuver is a 'i'!~pe'rnattrraJ ability.


DesertWind l~oOS[)

Level: SWQI~ge 1 Initial=ion.Action: 1. S'>vil1"arnq:rn Range: PerSETIa+

Target: You

Duration: :En!i of turn

A warm bre.eze sw[y!s about you as YOH 11'IQve SJ'ecdily awa.y.

The desert wind envelops y~!] and.carT}es "yOll 8 cross the battlefield, g;vlng yOl1'8 burst ofspeed to movePto.!l~am:1 rhroughvourerremies. DnrD.-rhe emd i:lf your turn, you gain a +1 o-fo.ot enhynceruent bonus ro your land speed.

WYRM'S FLAME DesertWind (Strike) [Fire] Level: Swordsage 8

Prerequisite: Three Deserr Willd


InitiationAction: 1 standard aerien Range: 30 fro

Area:- 'Cone, D.ura't:lon:',In"StlIntanemlS; SaviUg::rlri:ow: Refiex:1ial;E

Yotdp.i1l'yourbl,adeii'l a wlrirhng a.J'~. Wf#! ell ci11'evohl tion ,seething fl~m.ris·bt~ildlj1POli its l.e:ngtA. With a j1.ili!rish. )loti ,hri1!fl'o/{)Ul' !:tIn de io n htlJt)11iof-n't it a.j )'our f.o~l gild


Masters of rhe Desert Wmd pm-rwirland spin rhei r blades wiililill€h p.owel' that the~' can evoke a grearbursro~ wh<;n you execute this;m,aDe1lVer;_yo~plastfunh a cene offu-e rhl1.t deals 1086,poi:ntspEfm damage to all b,1 its area. G:.reatu"t"es.iLHhe area can atrempta Reflex;;;ave{DC 16 +yQUI Wis modLfier) tor haU;_d;tlDage,

This maneuver is a s¥p-elCrfatu.tal ability.

ZEPHYR DANCE Desert Wind (Coomer) Level: Swordsage '3

1?.l'er.eq uisite; One Desert Wind


InitiationAoticm: 1 imm~diate·actien Range: PetS"Gn:al

Target: YOL(

Dumtfon: Lnsraaraneeus; see text

)'DI{ S11J11:gmr,~~11yal\llt)'frolllll foe's aH<ldl, wI! Irlill.g like th~tlgserLzepllyr mcillg f!rross tlu~ sandi.. YoHf;.e,ttetl1j"sb/adttblirely t.otlciTes yom' dO(lk as }'OU Ilim bly dodge 1l51d~.

YO\l gain a +4 dodge bonus to AC agail1st:asinilearta0K. YOllcan choose CO use this n:i-_aJJ.euvet ~£rer an 1D{!p-tJnt:fn"t resolves his. attack but-before he deft! rmines dam'l"!g~.


Devoted Spirit maneuvers focus. 011 [-oughness, endurance, ripostes, and abilities designed to defeat a specific alignment. Those who follow the DeVQred Spirit discipline seek TO support a cause bydefending it, nurturtngfr, and destroying its enemies. ThefaJI.chion, grearclab, longsword, and maul are the Devoted Spirit discipline's prclened \veapons, though many who fQllowth:is. school of barrle embrace weapons tied to [be causes they follow.lntknfdate is the key skill for Devoted Spirit,


Devored Splrir (Seance) [Chaos] Level: Crus~de:t 6

Prerequisite': Two Devoted Spirit


Wltiation Action: 1 swi:fjr acnon Range: Personal

Target: You

Duration: Stance

A (-DTlI:SCll! m g /I II nt of plltp Ie ell e rgJ' :>11 roo rru~!u:h you as dma) nms mmpcmt 111 flw rlrC(I 1m media tel y Ill"otmd you.

\'Vhile you aT!;; i.~l this stance, your llIlacks have thepotential to be unerly devastartng. When rolling damage for a melee attack, '1011 gain a special benefi-t from any damage die rhar rolls irs maximum amount (such as a result of (; an a d6). When one or more of your dsraage dice show a maxirnurn possible resulr, rerelleach such die and add irs result [0 rhe origi nal damage [Oral. You tiln continue to rerol] as long as a die shows its maximum possible result, adding each new "l1umb er to the damage mral unrtl each die has shown less than 9 msximum result.

AURA OF PERFECT ORDER Devoted Spi1;it (S-ranf:~(LawJ level: Crusader 6.

Prerequisite': Two Devoted Spirit


Initiation Action: 1 swift action Range: Personal

Target: You

Duration: S ranee

A perfect, hazy square af;gvlt_1el1 gnergy surrounds )'OUI!51"OU el1ter this starlit;!,_. Drdu retgns slIpre11le,dl'ivlng ilWlly the whmrs of chl!.os .

This stance allowsyoum treata "j:lo_l:ential d.20 cesu tens an 11. Youmost cled8e to lise this abHiryimmediately bctote rolling the d20. You can uS~ this abilityonce per round. Using-th:is.abillty does nortake anacrion. You:simply.ueclde -0 invoke It before rolling -3- d20 for any.reason, such as for an attack, ~'e, or check.

AURA OF TRJUMPH Devoted Spi.lit (Stance) fGood] Level Crusader-s

Prerequtsite: Tw.o De:\lote.d Spirit


Irritiatton Acrion, 1-S\viffaccton Range: Personal

Targets: You and oneallywitltm 10 fro Duration: Stance

You tlrrmnd Ihe power DfgOOd Il1mugh J'I)ur body (lilt! 501 II, infusingtJle nrefi al~lmd yo II HI ill! 0- 50ft. gala eu radianre. Witl1 ell [11 blDw you sl rflle n"g~imt evil, yon feel illvigtWlllen a.nd driv~n onwo.rq,

While you are in rhis SUInG.!:, -y:ol)_ ~d al1Y ally witMa 10 fee-t.ofypu borh heal 4 poinrs of damage w:kh each successFu I melee attaclr: eliher of you makes agllillsl an evil target;

AURA OF TYRANNY Devoted.Spirit (S-~an:ce) [Evil] Level: Crusader 6

Prerequtstte: Two Devoted Spirit


Initiation Aetion: 1 swift action Range: Per,'lopal

Target: YOLl

Duration: Sfalice

A Sickly gmy l"IilIialice 5UlTIlII nds you, SliPpillgtn.esfl-engtl-wf-yoU"raJHes and /umleHng itfaY°!J·

While you are in tbls stance, you drain hit points from your allies. At the end of your tum, you:canchotlse to deal 2 points of damageto eachwill1ng_allr within 10 feer, For each ·allywhe~takes this damage, you heal1 pomt of -damage.

CASTIGATING -STRIKE Devoted Sp'iriI: (Strike) Level: Crusade:r.7

Pre.req_uisi"te: Two Devoted Spirit


Initilrtion Action: 'L sranda rd action Range: Melee attack

Ta!get: One creature

Area; 30-Jt.'raruus_bi..J:rsr; see text Dmation: 1 minute

Saving Throw: Fnrrirude partial; see text

\'(fnh I! houlluig battle cry, your w!'IlPOll (filCHes !,vith energy. As you strike your foe, tl10t eNergy dclOl11l les ill !l b lIn I that 5cythru rhr:(Utgl'O-tho~e WJIO stand again,l yom' "IUS!:.

When, you tme,rlns s:5dk~ make a sil:lgie melee. arrack.lfyQu l:ittyollIapPcl.11eol and his ali~eo"t has at Lens" one componenr clIfferenr from YOutli, II blast of dlvsne en~yurigjnates from your

arrack ''1 polntoflmpacr. The tit rget orthls

rn ke rakesaa exera ad6 points Qfdamage and must succeed on a Portitrrde save (DC 17+ }'Otlt Cha modifier) or take a -z penalty 011 "ttack rolls fat 'I .mi nure,

All of YOl1t'e;pponents wlt'h1l1 a 3UfOOH::ldius btu;stt.J£ the targer creature must also succejd on B fortitude save. Those who fail take Sd6 points of damage and rake a -2penalty cn arraek rolls for 1 minute, A successful save results in half damage and nega res the attack penalty;

eRJ SADER'S STRTKE Devoted Spirtr (Strike) Level: Crusader 1

Initiation Action: 1 standard action Range: Melee arrack

Target One creature

DivillUflETgY Slltr1lumls )'OilY llIeapOtilU )lOll strike. Tl1i5 pOHler waslli's over you ,15 your wetlllOn Jin~its tt1Mn, Inllflrfltlg your wou"ds and giVitlgYDlt the streltgth 10 fighi 011.

As parr of initiating rhis strike, you must mike a successful melee attack against an en'~j1ly whose a lignmenr has at Ieast one component different from yours. This foe must pose a threat to you oryonr aliiesineome direct, immediate way. If your arrack lnrs, you or an ally wirhin 10 feet of-you heals 1d6 points of damage + 1 pOUlT pet initiator level (maximum +5).

equalrothe d9-tp:a~ y£l~ de-a! pl' ~eoome shaken F§t ':L1tt1 n'lttli!,

DEFENSTVE R.EBIJKE DevotedS:p;lrit oro,cst) Level: Crusader 3

Prerequisite: One Devoted SlJitiL'


.Irrittarion Action: 1 swift action Range: Personal

Target: You

Duration: 1 round

You sweep Y01!r wealJol1 ill (I wide, duad!y nrc. whrll your blows sh'i1~e hom e, ycw send your fo~ t~l.n1 blingbac.k on the de,kll5ive. He mmt deal witlt jnu jil'St, or LeIWe himself open to )lour denilly wlmter:

Defensive rebuke allows you to excel at controlling the battlefield around you. Your enemies .must pay heed to the threat you pose. If they ignore you in favor ohttaclcingothel' targets, you take advantag~' of their lapses wlrh a punishing coumerattack,

Bach enemy you strike sfier yOll tniriate this maneuver becomes vulnerable to yom' fur met ll.ttaci{s .lfsucb all opponent attacks ariyone other "han you in melee for the duration qf tile maneuver, that attack provokes an attack of opportunity from you (each separate arrack atarget makes provo res an attack of opportunity, 'rnaklng this boost especially lethal if yap have Combat Reflexes). Enemies you strike become aware of theconsequences of the maneuver,

DAUNTING STRITCE Devoted Spirit (Strike) Level: Crusader 5

Prere quisite: One Devoted Spirit DIVINE SURGE


Initiation Action: 1 standard action Range: Melee attack

Target: One. creature

Saving Throw: will negates Duration: t minute

'to,1 attilck your Joe WtJ~l "n OVcywllelming rttif~e, Ilm}II1lG~illg through "~t, sl1!~ld nnd nrmorto clenve i'11(O 11 is jlesh. This d'ispln),of ratVpOWt'l'CI~USC$ hm to stumble uncln.t/ayd, fea r It! flis eyes.

As pan of this maneuver, you make a melee arrack again t an opponent you threaten. If this attack hits, your [0.(' must make a Will save wlth a DC

Devoted Spirir (Strike) Level: Crusader 4

Prerequisite: One Devored Spirit


Initi.a:tionAc.tion: 1 standard action Range: Mele_e attack

Inger: Que creature

Your body shahes(].nci<spasn1s as 'U1feU~I;c~ divineel'l.ergy C{lUYSeS tnror,g'h it. This pplA{e r S p'arit5 ,offyp I.f.Y WPIJ-PO 1'1 (111 d (Olmes Into yO~lr fo~, deVll~-hTtil~gyoLlI' b,d leaui11g you draineq.

As pan 9frhis maneuver, y0tl make a single melee arrack that deals all extra sds poinrs of damage.

URGE,CREATE Devoted pit-it (Srrike)

Level: Gwsader 8

Prerequisite: Two Devoted SJl;rn.


Initd.ation Action: L full-rOlUlg acri(;m Range: Melee arrack

Target: 011e creature

Dnrarion: 1 round; see text

A torr 'nl of diviJle energy rnurses thl' yOH, wmh Ulll' ml!ffJrccofwi'~yull,hannel Ihe energy itlto a clevastatftlg altack even as if SI1Jl your mDrtal form.

As part of this maneuver, you make-a single melee attack that deals an extra 6dB points of damage. In addi.titiln. before making this melee attack, you can also decide to take a number of points of Constitution damage equal to your initiator level or lower. For each point of Consrirurion damageyou rake, YOtI gain a +1 bonus on y'OQT attack roll and deal an extra 2d_8 points of damage. Arter using this maneuver, YOll are considered f1at-footecL-uncil the beginning oEyour next tum,

DOOM CHARGE Devoted Spirit (Strike) [Evil] Class: Crusader 5

Prerequisite: One Devoted piTh

maneuver, evil aligmnerrt Initiation Action: 1 full-round action Range: Melee attack

Target: One creature

Duration: 1 round

You cloak yo II I' elf i 11 (l black, terrible aura of COli tempt fll1d spite.

You must make a charge arrack as part of this maneuver. !fyom rarget is goedaligned, your attack deals an extra 6d6 POinTS of damage. 1n addition, if your charge mack hits. and the target is good-aligned, yOLl become wreathed in unholy ellerg)'. You gain damage reducdcn 10/- until the beginning of yow- next rum,

ENTANGLING BLADE Devoted Spirit (Strike) Level: Crusader 4-

Prerequisite: One Devoted Spirit maneuver

Irrifianion Acnion: l srandua scticn

o loagas Y0UIemain in this stance, you cannot be-killed OI incapadt.ared by effecrs or attack that reduce YQU [0 o or fewer hie.points. If you eake.sueh damage, you caamakea Forrrrudesave with a DC equal 1.0 your negathfe bit pcinr total, If you fail this save, you.die or fallu11conscious (as:appropriafe), If

"Ibis successful, you ill alive and conscious, with :6 bit point remaining,

This stance pJ;Qvides no protection against effects that.slay you wirhour.dea]ing hit point damage, at other effects that petrify, paralyze, and so forth. You can still be slain by a.coup

de grace if a spell or effect renders ):ou helpless.

Afteryou arremptthree saving throws to avoid death or unconsciousness, this stance autornatical 11' ends. You can acrivare it again on your turn as normal, Even the toughest

crusader can endure only so much punishment.

Initiation Action: 1 swtfr action Range: Pe{sotln~

Target: Yeu

Duration: Stance

Range: Melee atta:ck Targets One crearare Duzarion: See text

You had~inl(lyrJl{rfoe's !egs.fim:itlghi)mov(!'" tllel!1 to slow andh-is l'csaluriol'l to falter.

As pan of this maneuver, you make a melee attack against an opponent. YOU[ attack deals an ~ 2d6 points of damage.

In addition, i£ yOUt attack hits, yourtaJ:get's speed is reduced by 20 feen1l1til the end ofits next turn, whichmighr prevent it f.rom moving entirely.

'!'b is penalty applies to

all movemenr modes.

A flying creature wi th a fly speed ofofeetfalls ro the ground (and takes IaLlingdamage appropriarely)ifit is subject TO this e:ffectwhile in me air.

FOEHAMMER Devoted Spirit (Strike) Level: Crusader 2 Initiation Action: 1

standard .acrion Range: Melee attack Target One creature


Devoted 8Eirit (Stance) "Level Crusader 1 Initiation Action: 1 swifr aerten

Range: "Personal Target: You Duration: Stance.

Ynur fflYOUl ),ounelf '}Chind YllUrllffa"~, lendingyou!" blow such gnat weight and force ihat J'&U lealle il1jl~l'ies that even magiml de/roses mml(llmend.

Your devotion to your cau se gives vou boundless energy that allows you eo smash through supernatural defenses. Wben you Iand an attack, '1011 hir with such force that damage .reducricn offers little resistance against YOll.

W.hen you use this maneuver, you makea melee attack against a sing le foe. This arrack automatically overcomes the e:llPonem' damage reduction and deals an extra 2d6 points of damage.

WIth a quick SHarI amI.aglare !flat WOHla stop 11 .ha.rgillgbll.r1mritm ill ~IS tmtb, yoUspoil tl.Jl opponent's att~k. Rathed~lan strike. hh on'g:i1'!!l! target, yow' enemy ttl l'rH his altention toward you.

Using tbe fiehsm1nef rntJITt!W/)/f1i a crnsuder if MOl"fu.irtlll'lll!:l'crJ1l1e. n roks-haso', 71ntHr,,1 difemeI

Despite the horrific wou11ds you 511ffal; fhe flash of sea:yi1'lg spells, Ulld the ~rash of n foe'S mighty attachs, )'011 stand resolute 011 the field. So tonga> the potential for vlcrory exrsts, YOli fight an.

While you are in rhisstance, any opponenr that you threaten rakes a -4 penalry on artackrolls agamst your allies. This-penalty-does nor appl}l to anacksrnade against' you.Enemies you rhrearen become aware ofthe consequences of the stance.

Death has little meaning 10 you in ligh t 0 f the cause you .figh t for. 0 long as the miss-ion stands before you uncompleted, or a barrie remains in doubt. you £ignl on, Srcries abound of crusaders who, while in (he grips of this stance, fought for days on end to 1u:lld a mounrai n pass again...« orcs, rroils, and otherfiends,

IMMORTAL FORTITUDE Devoted Spirit (Stance)

Level: Crusader 8

Prerequrstre: Three Devoted S-pIrit maneuvers


Devoted Spirir( [La\v] Class: Crusader 5

Prerequisite~ One Devoted Spiril manerrver, lawful augnmenl

LniTiatiol1Aofion: 1 fuli-r.oUJ1(J action Range: lYWee attack

Target: One creature

Duration: t round

The till" MOI.wd yon 11l1m,s wuh wmlir ell.J.'rgy CI~ HH! p[lWBr of pun law ,HUgfS thT'lmgh yall. Hl)'.l nfOmCl1t, you luke 011 the. a-splict 0[11 parfid b~'lng 05 you dmrge fllnl'ard fo ,mire yo!!r jars.

'{?u must make a charge attack as part of this maneuver. If the target is chaotic-aligned, yon gain a +8 bonus on your arrack (in additiOll [0 the charge bonus) and your arrack deals an extra 4dii points of damage, In additian, if your char!le:attaclrhits andrhe t:Hger is chaotic-a ligned, you become-wreathed in axiomatic energy. You gain a +5 bonus on saves and to AC until rhe beginning of your next rurn.


Devoted Spirit (Stance)

Level: Crusader i In:itiationActiou: I swift action Range; Personal

Taeget: You

Duration: Stance

As you cleave tlIrou,gh your foes, each ferocious nl!ack you nwke Itmds vigor imd trength 10 )'on find )'our ,tilles.

While you are in rlns stance, you or a I] ally witniIl 30 feet heals 2 points of damage each time Y-Oll make II successful melee attack. This healing Tepresenl~ the vigor, drive, and toughness you inspire in others. You r connecrion to the divine causes such inspiration to have a real, tangible effect on YOllI allies' health.

Each time you hit an opponent in melee, you can choo e a different recipiene wtthin range [0 receive this healing.

RADIANT CHARGE DeVOTed Spirit (Sttike) [Goo,d] Class: Crusader 5

Prereqtrisfte: One Devoted Spirit

maneuver, good ilignmenr InitiationAction; lfu1l-mund action Range: Melee attack

Target: One- cteature

1 urarton: 1 found

Yot! gat~,a' powor oj }'IlIII fnit~1 mltl dhTIpfiTie. sI41"rL'undllllo'oUlWff m all !ll~rll .ofl11INdingglrl1'Y·

You must make.a c huge arrack as pan of th~s 11) aneuver, If rhe target is 'evilaligned, your attack deals an.exrra 6d6 points of damage. In addition, if your charge attack hit's and the target is evil-aligned, you become wreathed in holy energy. You gain damage reduction 10/- until the beginning of your next turn.

RALLYING SrRlKE Devoted Spirft(SlrJke) level: Crusader 6

Prerequisite: Two Devoted Spirit


.Inrriarion Action: 1 standard action Range: Melee attack

Target: One creature

Yow' 1,lIl!dJ)on !rl,'ZES wUft dillil,lG e1Jergy ii. yOI~ smitt yot/I· erwllly. The mergy disrnr1r~5 il111 gl'illI [pllhc, sWMpmg oller ),our a Ui (!S al1..1 m 611 diHg; I'll ~i r w01,m cis.

As pan of initiating this strike, you must make a successful melee attack against an eneroywhose.alignrnent has ar least one component different from yoUrs. This foe must pose a tb rear to you or your allies in some direct, immediate way.lfyo1.1r att'nck nits, you and oil allies within 30 feet of -you heal 3d6 points of damage + 1 polnrper initiator leve I (maximum +'15),

REVITALTZING STRIKE Devoted (5 trike) Level: Crusader 3

Prerequisite: One Devoted Spirit


Initiation Action: 1 standard action Range: Melee attack

Target: One crearute

As YOII Y~UI· bnc~ to s!ri!~ youI' foe, atl ft!{l'fl of divine Cling} SIlITt!!llIIis l'im. As Y01:II· Illtn:d,. slmm hOllie, 1M, O~rl'll dissipatc. il1 n JllHh, kl1itflllg yOllr WOUllds as it dl:ichnrgcs.

As pan ofiniti<ttil1gthis strike, you must make a suecessful melee. attack againsr anenemjeereature whose aJigumenr h~s at least one component different .Irern

vours, Thr Ii; mustpese a thzear T \'Otl ol'yeuralli€SlnSOmeaiTecT".imm >diarc WilY. If your attack hits, you. or an a:Ily within !Oleet of you. heals 3d6 points or damage T t point per inltiator level (maximum +10).

SHIELD BLOCK Devoted Spirit (Counter) Level: Crusader 1

Initiation Action: 1 immediare action Range: Personal


Duration: Instantaneous

With II heroic b~ll·st of effort, yO~1 Ihw51 your shield between your defenseless (Jlh' Il urI your ell em)'.

As an immediate action, you can grallT-an AC bonus to an adjacent 11 lly equal co YOUt shield's AC bonus -+--4- You apply this bonus in respon e to a single melee 0[" ranged attack that targets your ally. You can initiate this maneuver after an opponenrrnekes.his <1 track roll, but yOll must 00 so beIQH~ you 'know whether the attack was II success or 11 failu re.

SHTELD COUNTER Devoted, pirir (Counter) Level: Crusader 7

Prerequisite: Two Devoted pim


Initiation Action: 1 immediate action Range: Melee attack.

Target: One creature

AS ),ollr opponc 11 t prepares to Il'h1hc hi:s attack, yo II ba5h 111m WWl )'ow· shield n/r!;! disrupt !lis nttcmpl.

A an im mediare action, you can attempt 11 shield bash against-an opponent you threaten. This artacltis made with a -2 penalry. If your shield mack llilS, your rargers.nexr attack automatically.misses.

You call use this maneuver irnmedim:dy afrer an opponent declares-an attacle, btu you must ao 50 before the attack's result has been determined.


Devoted pirir (Strike) Level; Crusader 9

A f"TtiJader of Kord relies (JII her fbU:k1!"1 of b'lZd~s stance To guard a(l';;H/ a 1'",,:1: 0/ shndou: demons

Prerequisite: Three Devoted Spirit


InitiarianAction: 1 standard action Range: Melee attack

Target; One creature

A j'IlJlrenemyrecl.sj1·om yOMYlnighLy blow, 1111 flU)' lII:a.rby is simlllttlllw!!sIy l1ealrd lind cleansed of ils wilt/rids by the 'p0lVer of '!lur [affIr.

When you make rhis strike, YOll or one ally within "to feet of you gains rhe benefic ofa hWI spell cast as a cleric of your character level, To gain me benefi r of 1his maneuver, you rnusr strike an enemy creature whose alignment ha at least one component different .rom yours. Tb is foe must pose a threat to you or Yoln" allies in some direct, immediate way.

TH CKET OF BLADES Devoted Spirit (Stance)

Level: Crusader 3

Prereqnistre: One Devoted Spirit


Initiation Action.: 1 swift action Range: Personal

Target: YQlI

Duration; Stance

YOII mamtam a careful gllard 115 yOll srarch forarl}' gaps ill your opponent's c1Iva reness, Even the ;;ligl,tesl nWlIepratiohes a sflllging wt!lltcr fron! yOIl.

While you are in chis stance, any opponent you threaten that takes any son of movement; including a s-foor step, provokes an arrack ofopporruniry from you. YoUrfueSPIOVOke t.his attack before leaving the area you threaten. Your opponents also cannot use the withdraw acrion (,PH143 10 treat the squar.etheystanma no lcnger rhrearened by yo Ll.


Devoted Spirir (Stri ke) [Chaos] class; Crusader 5

Prereqntstte: One Devoted Spirit

maneuver, chaotic aljgnmenrInitiationAction: :t fu ll-round action Range: 1vIelee attack

Target: One creature

Duration; 1 round

Tlle potlierofcha4lS5wirJs arolmd YOH} !ending strength to},allr rrJladlS as yot! cart yOHr fate to I h C 1Vrlirm O{hlcJf.

YOlI must make a charge attack as part of this maneuver, if the tatger is lawful-a ligned, YOli ga ina +8 ben:us on YOUl: attack (in addinon to [he- cbaTge bomlS) and your..aJtack deals an extra 4d6 points of damage. In addition, i you.r charge arrack hi and me rarger is lawf ul-aligned, you become wreathed in anarchic, energy. You gain roral concedmell'ragaiflSt all artacks rhat

targ~t you "'l1~~I't1re begiJl.njl1lliiGfyour next rnrn.

VANGUARD STRIKE Devoted Spirit(SlTike} Level: Cl;"usaa~er 1

Initiation Action: 1 standard action

[Range: Melee iJt~adt Target: One creature

Yoo b1iUer !1sid~ y.our [o.cs d,cfem~ with rI lIidOllS,I) ller;whdming (I fl.:n ~lh}~~ViJ1.g /1111"1 vulnerable tayouT r.r1i'i.e/ blow s.

M parr of bhiS_~l3i.allellver, you n melee atcackiigainsr an opponent you rhrearen. rr tills: attack bit!l, all your alli,es gain a +4 l:rOllUS on ranged and melee att~c1{s·agairu;.[ that' rm-ger unnl the start of your nex rr 'turn.


Diamond Mi'l1d manenvets allow a warrior to usener cunning, intellect, and feel for the hattlefi.eld a~t her enemies. Tlme seems to -flow slower TO aL>iamolld Mi.nd initiate. Tlle bastard sword (OL' kalan'll), rapier, siloTtspear, ;rnd trident are 'this discipline's favored weapons. Concenrradon is the Diamond Mind discipline's key skill.

AGJ'fON BEFORE THOUGHT Diamond },IImd (Caumer)

I.eve.l: Swordsage 2, watblade :2 InitiationActi:011; 1 immedi:ate action Range: Personal

TIU:get: YOll

Yo liT Slipteme jf!'I:f,~ uf Hw 1rattj,efield, IIIl1nat,hed mamlfl training, !l.nd simple, inhtftille S'e!H~ oj dangl!1' 11 110 W you rond fasterttlflllthe f!leed Ilftll0~lght. When 11 5pellllf other attack 5h'ikes you, you moveit split second beJDrc)'01i al't even aware of the-lima I.

'Your mind is a keenly honed weapon. Other warriors rely on ,their physical talents. You know that a mix of mental acuity and marrial trliining,alo:ngwith a srrong sword arm) is-an un beata'ble combination. This-maneuver epitomizes your approach. Yom: mind, rather than your 1:2W reflexes, dictates YOUt defenses.

You can use this maneuver any time you would be required to make a Reflex save. Roll a CEmcentrariontheclcinstead oEthe Reflex save and use the result of iliau:heck to determine the save's success. You rnust.use this mnneuveibefute yml 'I:oli the Re1le·J>: save. A result of a namrnlt on your Cbneenttation check is Dot au automatic Iailure.

A\TALANCHE OF BLADES Diamond Mind (Sn-rke)

Ievel: SwarMage 7, warblade7 Prerequistte: Three Diamond Mind


Initiation-Aetip»: 1 fulb-round:action

Range: Melee attack 'Target: One creature

Ill' a Jl{l~lljllg hili), of slut, you unlcash 11- devasi:al11lg volley of ri~ndl y ~tt{!dHaga irist YOW"!lne'my, .b:iI~il1g 11 a,g~j,in G1'1'lJ_'l.

Yon lash at an.qRponent. 1f your armck hits, yOLl repear the same arrack again and again at ne,arly superhuman speed, allowing youroscore.rnulrrple.hirs in iI blur of actiVity:. Unforrunsrely, as soon as an arrack misses, your tempo breaks, and this deliciue maneuver crumbles into a fh,r:rty of wllsted mot\9B,

J\~ p~.rl Glf l#J:s mane u, yo u.rnake ~ attack against an opponent. If thararrack.hi!ll, resolve your damage as_normal. Ycucan the)l mt\ke another attack ilgah~st.that fo:e wi tb a -+pe!l~llty on YOUl:' attack toll. If t hntartask _h its, youClllImake another attack against that opponent with_,! -8 penalry. You continue to make addttione] attacks, each one-with ~nac1diticinal-4 penaHy;ul1til you miss or yOU1' cpponenr is reduced to -1 hit potars orfewer. You must direct all these attacks at a single foe.

BOUNDING ASSAULT Diamond Mind (S trike)

Level: Swordssge 4, warblade 4 Prerequisite; Two Diamond Mh,d


Initiation Action: 1. [LIU-rOLUle! acrion Range: Melee arrack

Target: One creature

Yo H S P I'fng a no,ss a, ~ b.!.I,-f/ ,~fi dd." 1I;~1.j1.gY9 u r for;I~' Iml1 abilIty t:o (j,st q.lIiddy t~ m~he lin lIttad~ tVhtle moving.

You combine.speed power into a deadly Gam bU1afion. W itil this maneuve-r; you move, across the. battle-field in a blur, pausing only 'to deliver II Ierocicus attack.

As pen of thts ma J1.CU \(e_1;, m-ake a dOuble meve, ~!'t€1' you fll0ll'e1 yO'll G~ 11

alscmake a melee arrack, You-.gairl a +2 bonus on this attack. This maneuver is considered a.charge arrack when determining iffeatsand ocher abilities apply to your attack.


Diarnond Mind (Counter)

Level: Swerdsage 8, ,,-vnrblad:e 8 Initiation Action: '1 immeollire action Range: Personal

Target: You

You sI t;e/ YlllirSelf againsl- Il'II ,~ponellf's 5IleU, draWing 011,.,10111' fvws .-ma /'fainirig f.o_,wercome itslifItc;!:,

Youcan initiate thismane1.wera-ny time you would be required TO make a sa ving throw. YOLI gain a bonus 0.0' that save equal to your-initiator level. Ym:UIIllST use [his maneuver before yOLl roll the saving throw.


Diamond Mind (Strike)

L.evel: Swordsage a, warhrade & Prerequisite: Three Diamond Mfnd


Initiation Action: 1 standard action Range: Melee attack

Target: One creature

YO .. I spot 11 single fM!11 fl!1lt1 In )If.l.tlr otlPOnent's defenses. With !I ,iuglc atituk, yOIl pur aU If1eforce of your ililo Il sing) e, ",ip Eli 11gb lim'.

You must rnake a Cnncenrraribn check as _part of this maneuver, TheDCof this check is the .target creature's AC, You dien .ma ke a sirJgJe melee au.aCkagamst your target, ~I~b·.as±,arr of the 11'HLBeu"er. If your Concentration check sacr::eeds, this attack deakfbuT times ymu:r normal .melee damage. IfYOlU check fillk, your ll'!;tack is rnadewirh a -2 pewilry and d.besn:rdea1aliY"inilaitioxraldamage.

IfvoursrrikeisacrincalhiI,youstnck EMERALD RAZOR

[he mulnplk.s as normal (PH304). Diamond Mind (Strike)

Level: Swordssge 2, WllrMade 2 Prerequisrte: One Diamond Mind


Initiation Action: 1 standard action Ranger Melee attaCk

DrSRUPTlNG -SLOW Dtamond Mind (Srrilce)

Level: Sworasage 5, wal{,lade5 Prerequisite: Two Diemcnd.Mlnd


Initiation Action: 1 standard action Range: tlelee attack

Target: One creature

Saving Throw: will negates Duration: 1 round

WIth a wmbi1wtion of brute fom, Jlelm tirllTrlg, find cxuctiltg aim, yOIl force YOII" OPPOl1etlj- fnto aI~ nwhWllrd positiol'l I'hat ruins his next adioll.

As pan: of this maneuver, you make a melee arrack. If (his attack hirs, your target rakes normal melee damage and musr make a will save (DC 15 + your

tr modifier) or be unable to rake any actions for 1 round. The target does not stiffer any ocher d rawbacks or penalties. He can still make attacks of oppor ttlnity but is unable to take immediate actionsunril his next turn,

Target: One creature

Yotutare u r yow· C IWrl}~ ~t1fdYlllg 1115 ellery' move. ¥O[,J. l'1'umt'ally probe illS rle.jel,ses in ~aarCh of a weanness. A lesser warrior could sperttlong mirwtespolldermg thts prob!ml. but Jml see 1lI1 opemllg rum seize !IPOII ibn (Ill 11l5tant

Yourunderstanding of combat, your keenly honed mind, and your capability to read your opponents make you a deadly combatant. When you focus you.rmind, even the most elusive opponent becomes an easy target.

As part of this maneuver, make a single melee attack against an opponent. This is it touch arrack rather than a standard melee anack.If ynu hit, you deal normal melee damage.


Diamond Mimi ranee)

Level: Swordsage 5, warblade5 Prerequtsrte: Two Diamond Mind


Initiation Action; 'l s\vifr ;lctil2QJ; Range: Personal

Target: You

Duration: tanee

YOIwpc1'Ceptio/t becomes so fine tha. yo II rau hear the finrest flutter of moving past you. Irw!5ible foes tlml otl1f!T b,idde-n tl1l'P.a:ts become as pla.1I'1 as da.)· III tIre ATell of}'ol~r helghtel1ed senses.

Drawing 011 your combat rraiIfiJtgJ 5 harp en ed sens es, and ca pa ibiliryro predier-your enemy's moves, you become a nmlrless sentinel 011 the battlefield.Even rhe smallest detail or stealthiest enemy cannot hope to evade your notice.

While YOll are in this stance', YOLl gain bl indsense out to 30 feet and a +5 insighr bonus on Listen checks.

INSIGHTFUL STRIKE Diamond Mind (Stole)

Level: Swordsage 3, warblade 3

lnitintion Action: 1 standard acnea Range: Melee anack

Tm:g~r: One creature

\'aL~ study yotlr,op'pD11.fCl'lt,p:na sp~.l a L1Jfllk pl'llntl'll he r It Pll'l Ilf, l"l(1lth a qM til/!; dccisi ve ,h;}..e, ),ou tallf advllntage oftkls wMlmes5 wilkn ile!ltlstatmg l'l-t'hrd~,

YOIll' .:mind rsrlier, man Y9~ll' physical power dlQWS yeuro Jealgrievous injuries ,0 yOlll' foes. WJiel1 you arrack, your rrainingand raemal focus allow you.w score 11 re:lling blow.

As psrrofrhlsmaneuvea makea melee attack.If rhtsartackhirs, YOt! do not deal normal damage, Instead, Y;O:l:.~ make 11 Coneentrarion check and deal damage equB1.w the check result, Your Strength modifier, YoUJ:weapon'smagtcal. properties (ifany), and any omer:el{rt'll. damage yon norma I! y deal 0.'0 rult: modify this check ( eE'Ha dernage from clas!MIbiJities, fe.ats, or spells),


Diamond Mind (Suike)

Level: Swords!l_ge 6, warblade G Prerequrstte: Two Diamond Mind


Initiation Action.:.1 standard action Range; Melee :attaf:k

Target: One creature

1'l:IudU\lJ I ~ ye 'pfd1S" mdibe-sFi ghlest il1'ym'~'hOii »1 you!' OpPDlwnt's &efE! Your weapon bewlIurs 1'1 tool flfyrmrmiJ1d.

Tms:rnaneuvec iIlsigprful strike" esceprthat you deal damage equal to 2", yOlLt Concennadon check result,


Diamoad .lY.fjnd (Counrer)

.I.evel; Swurosage:3, warblade 3 InttiJ:lQionl\o:t'ion: 1 immedlare action Range: Personal

TSI:'get: 'lou

YII1I1;imm;l1g Il11d meJItal tOllghlless allow you to use yl:)nrftl(l,IS laotJtl'6oma physimI tbnmls. By foc'1<lsil1gYOlln;rjnd, Ji01,1 ignof"CI h \l effac t of D, dcn diy POi50 11 01' rl ab i litfl.tIIlg rirbl~ss.

YOlffdiligenr n:aiDlllg:anlifntetlse mental tOcl.1scambh,e to aUow-yclU t6 overcame

physical r h rear'S Wlth L be I1lW pO\'W"I'" ne yourmilld.

You can l!sfl'rh1s maneuver an)' time you would mel'eg.uired 1["0 make a\Rorrirude save. Maha Goncel1tlil)tdcmdaeck iruread of the Fortitude save 3).1d: use t:h~ resulr of thatched: to determine thesave's success. You must use this maneuver before you anempr the Fortirude save. A resnlrofa natural '1 on your Concenrranon check is' automatic fafIure,

MIND STRTKE Diamond Mind (Strike)

Level: Swords-age 4-, warblade 4- Prerequisite: Two Diamond Mtnd

1U am; uvers

Initia-tionAction: 1 standard action '"Range: Melee attack

Target: One creature

Saving Throw: will negates

tOll 5j'yt/w l'Qtl.K o!-,pOJH:n'~'.l11 sati"n:ittlt1.l.g /1i. Slmses nm:1jj~.irs1:i'![lii,m fa lose for;ll~.

AI; a warrior who fights with yow: mind as we! I as YOUl: brawn, you know thar attacld ng a foe's senses is jus t as valuable as sllppi.nghis strengtlr, With this attack, you opponent befuddled and vulnerable.

As part oftlns maneuver, make a melee arrack. rf this 3WlCk hits, your nll'get must mfrlm a wlll save (DC 14- + YOlI1- Str 111Qdifrer) or take 1c1.4 points of Wisdom da,mage;1Jhe target ignores the Wisdom damageon a successful save bu.t still takes weapon damage normally,

MOMENT OF ALACRITY Diamond ~d,(Boosr)

class: Swordsage G, warblades Prerequisite; Two Diamond Mind


Initiation Action: 1 swift action RU1,ge: l?e18"Ql¥l1

Ta.rget: YOtl'

Durrrtion: Instantaneous

You ~!ep lrli-O. U SP(l ce bel weell heartbeats -ami net Llgllil1 while yDllt cllem.ic5 aTe.-~m Yenttin,glo yoi,i- Ids! sf.tikc.

tOtl cal) improlie your inltiative "dum for the next round and all subsequent rounds of tile carrear encounter. When yOll1nitiau~·r.hismnl:1euve:r, yourilli,tiAuve. COl.j.llr i1Tlp.rov~l5y:20, lI):lel yon r pl,;i,,1'I' ill

the initiarive ord~r t:han_ge$'ll"cc.ordi ngh ThIS merlilJer applies aIUle'E'nd of rhe round.l"Olllplace in theiniliative order changeS'T:G rdlec~ momeat%f alaerltv's effeo["S'l:'<lfting With the J]ex;jiround,

MOM~ OF PERFECT MIND Diamond'Mind (Counrez;) Leveh.Swordsage 1, warblade I Initiation Action: 1 i:m.mediate action Range:' Personal

Target: You

Your mmtal fOtU5 and n1a-rtial study Jl!W~ relldered yow' will iulo I1n 'Unbl'ealwbk irOriwaiL \Vllm 5O.f'I1fOne tay~~sl'oll ~\!iHl Il 5 pc n f hITI: se e ks to c1'od e yaw til ilI),lO we I , ytm steel Y0IoI,I"elf agllillll the {1.itllrk.

Between your devoted srudy, iron \11'1 II, and supreme focus, you have. learned to resisrarternpts to subvert your wfLI· power;w1iell you feel suM. an effect try to cloud y.ourmlnd, you am d'nlw OIl unrapped :resepvesofenergytfl counter the atrempr.

You can-use this taaneuver any rime yOll would be required to :make 11 will save. Make a Concenrratlon check instead oftbe Will save andusetheresulr of that cheek to deter:m:ineufesave's SlICcess. Youmusr use this maneuver before you attempt the Will save.A result of a narural t o-n your Concentration check is'DoOran 31:1 romaric failure.

PEARL 'OF BLACK DOUBT Diamond Mind (Stance)

Level: Swords age 3, warblade 3 Prerequisite: Que Dill_mond Mind


Initiation Action: 1 swift action Range: Personal

Target: You

Duration; STance

\J/[i.fIl-ellerY11"1i>5',yol,tropporlerrf~ hU9!u'e !lIm"!! 1.j1lQ11iain; ll11til' .fall b.l· [l'UWillg ./ilte.a n i ITIJn t· ingpuarfill flle mouth Oftl hcljlJe5iD)'thrr.

You prey au yonr opponents' fear and lack -of confidence. Each filled arrack a Ifciin Sf yoO tI f€l'trind s rh em thal the lr skill 'ttaruiQt hope ro match,

-When YOll enter rhissrance, you become-more difficult tfl hit with each succ:~sh'e attack Uu.n misses you.. Eat h tjme an 'i:JFlROI1ent misses'"(you wirh 11

melee mack. you gaina .... 2 dodge bonus to AC. Tills bonus hlsrs until the stan: of you r nexnurn and is cnmularive for the round. The bonus spplles ro any attacks made by an opponents unnl

the beginning,ofyour next turn.


Level: werdsage, 7, warblade 7 Prerequisite: Three Diamond Mind


Initiation Action: 1 swift action Range: Personal

Target: You

It! the blink of an eye, you make your move. YOllr speed, refWxes, amI boul1dless confidence (ombflle to allow you to make n fart, boId move !hal catGhes yOUT}O~S olf guard.

with a burst of energy, you move forward to press an -artack, draw 3D item from vour backpack, or ta ke some other move action. Your training, mental acuity, and drive allow you to move with grearerspeed and confidence [han other warriors,

This maneuver requires a swift action to Ininere, You can take a n:ee move action after yotl initiate this maneuver. You can use any of the options available for a move action. You can then use the rest of yow'aetianS3sDormal For example. you could use rhls maneuverto move nexrto a foe, then take a fullartack action. You could move! then make a charge attack, and so forth. 'Ihe move action you ge in from (his maneuverprovokes attacks of cpponuntry as normal.


Diamond Mind (Counter)

Level: wordsages, warblade 5 Initiation Action; 1 immediate action Range; Personal

Target: You

Yon [(1$11 out, yater weapon a blur, hammerIlig III the 5ligJlrest gnp thatappelTTS in )fan)" Ivr's rlllflmSi's.

Ihis maneuver allows YOll to make a free arrack against.a reckless ensmy. When 3 foe provokes an arrack of opportumry from you, you can initiate rhi maneuver . .Asp;ttr of this rnaneuver: you make an immediate melee

attack against the foe that provoked me mack of opporn:miry. This attack does .nor replace the normal arrack of opponuniLY you receive. "{pu can also yse this rnanen Vel' be£oremaking YOlIr nornral attack ofoppornmi:ty when an opponent provokes (or viCe versa),

The atrsck granred byrh.emalleuveris not an exrrs attack of oppcrumiry. You can initiare this maneuver bernre, after, In addition ro, orinstead of making an attack of ap'P0lTuniry~t an opponent (thus possibly saving your attack of opportunity to use againsitl..Uorber enemy later in the round),

RUBY NIGHTMARE BLADE Diamond Mind (Strike)

Level: Swordsage4, warblade 4 Prerequisite: Two Diamond Mind


Initiation Action: 1 standard action RangerMelee attack

Target: One creature

\vifh a momertl'~ tlwuglJt, )'Oll instantly perceive the d enrHfestpJru:e to shil,e yo-u1' enemy as YOll study her defemes, note gaps il~ henmnoT, {lild I'Bad.subtle but llnpor!aJ'lt elms in how she mYl'icsllefseiformahll(lItn her fighting st(mre.

The ruby wglumare blade is 3 favored _finishing move of warrior who study the Diamond Mind discipline. By intently analyztng your foe's stance and moves, YOLI iihd the precise spot char you must srr r ke to end the fight wtrh a decisive blow.

You attempt a Corrcenrrarion check as pan of this maneuver, using the Larger creature's AC as- the DC of the check You then make a single melee attack against yourtaTger. This arrack is also made as part of this maneuver, If your Concentration check succeeds, this melee attack deals double normal melee damage. If your:dteckiails. your arrack is made with a -2 penalty and deals only normal melee damage.

1£ your a critical hit. you Slack the multipliers as normal (PH 304-).


Diamond lvfind (Srrike)

I.evel Swordsage 1, warblade J J:ni1i.arion Action: 1 standard action

Range: Melee arrack Targ~t: One creature

Your stL:uiy),o tlr el1emy tOl' a.briefm smel)i, ).Iltttdtillg his defensivlJ UlaneHve1'S L'l:mtl making fl. strike rimed 10 take alll1a~th;gG rtf a lull in 1m viglfance.

The sapphiren ighrmare_lil:nieis-one of the most basic, bur imporrant.maneuversthara Diamond.Mind adept studies. Irillusjrares that a keen mind can pieree even rhe toughest defenses.

You attempt a COl1centratiguch-ed<as parl of this U1 ane uver, using rhe target crearure'sACas the DC of me meek. Yon then make a single melee arrack:agaiwit Yol.lrrarget. The artack is alsoparrofrhis maneuver. rfyour Concentrarion.check succeeds, the rargeris flatdoorea <J~51 your attack, and you deal an extra .~ 115 POllIS of damage. If your check tails. your attack is made with a -2 penalty and deals normal damage.

STANCE OF ALACRITY Diamend Mind ( ranee) Level:Swordsage 8, warb1adeB Prerequisite: Three Diamond Mind


Irritiarton Acticn: 1 swift action Range: Personal

Target: You

Duration: ranee

YOUI' 1"nind ami body meld, granting- y011 a11 eage ""I comhrm,. YOll move5lig/.rtIY'.f~r tltat. n_;\lrrnl1/ dwl. to £l CD I 1'1 b IItlltitln· 0/'0 1'1- finl'rta',,:n-i1illing.l1ua darit}'ufmi:ml.. TIm ,fight ed:ge adds LIP wtth each IldiOl1-.

Your mental swiftness rranslares 10 physical action on [he battlefield, You are constantly on eage,allo'Ving you to react to multiple attacks and threats. Most warriors ca L1 on Ly manage asingle counter move each round,

WhUe you are in this s-tapce, you amuse one counrer perreund wirhour taking-an immediate action. Youcannot use the same maneuver two times in tl round-In.essence, one counter yml use al!lring the round does nor .cequ];[ an irrrmediare action. If you have a.LrellG Y raken an immcdiare acrion wirhtn the past.round, such as casting afeill'he~jall spell, yeu can still use this stance to i niriate 4t co un te 1".

STA CE OF CLARITY DitunOnd Mind (Stance)

Level: Swordsage 1, w:a-rblede 1 Initiation Action; 1 swift action Range: Persu:qaJ

Tuge1: You

Drrrarion: Stance

You focus your efforts all a ~IJlgl~ oppomnt. stmLymg- hIS moves and pl'epa,ring a.n attack. YmJ1"otheJ'oppone.nts.ffldefrofl1 )lght lIS YDHTl'lJinrll.()cl~s onto youI' i'f.I'rgeL

This stance It Haws you ro fOOlS on a s~le: opponent [0 me exclusion of all others, Yeu read your foe's fighting stance, his fnvored stracles, and rue methods he used to train. By combiniug-tbese factoIli int_O<l single analysis of his abilities, you see b0W to foil his arracks,

While you 'e In dHS 'it:ln.ce, you must choose.a single OPllonem as your target a.t rlre starr of your ru-m. You gain 11 +2 insighe bOn\IS to AC.~ char foe until ,¥"Ol'ldn (l..J'Ige [he t!lYget of thi~ stance. Youlo]ee a -,2 penalty roA(; against all other-opponents wlilie'using stance of clarity.

TIME STANDS ST LL Diamond Mind (Strike)

Level: Swordsage 9, warblade 9 Prerequisite: Four Diamond Mind


Initiation Action: 1 full-round action Range: Personal

Target: You

The.I'Clina1'opsthemse/ves stann still as YOli ad at Ihe sp~cd of thought. YOtl move like a blur, catching your enemies by mrprisl!

llIdh 11 CiJt11plex nctiol1 CIll1'}t?d 0111 III 11 till)' [ramon oj fhe IifTl£ Iltlrtl1ally rll~edt'd lu complete if.

1n an unmatched burst 8:fspeed, agility, aiJ.d decisive action, fOlllllove more quicklyihan the eye mil! follow. You can lash our wlrh )'Out blade, srriking your op_ponenr 50 tapidlythat observers can't keep Track OfyOUE moves.

As parr ofthis maneuver, you can use a full attack action two rimes j n succession. Take your firstfull.artack as normal. Once you Mve resolved those attacks, you can then rake another fl.l U arrack action. You musr resolve these actions-separately. You cannot combine the attacks provided by both acrions as you wish, Instead, youmust rake them separately and in order as norma I for a full attack.


The. Iron Hearl discipline focuses on plJIe weapon skill. Irs students Jearn £0 complete 6gbting:manenvers that border On tke supernatural. The Iron Heart'spIefurred weapons-are the bastard sword.dwarven waraxe, longsword, and two-bladed sword. Its key skill is Balance, because body control. good fooring, and fmpeccabla timingareimporram ro cam-p1etingIron Hearrmaneuvers,

ABSOLUTE STEEL Iron Heart (Stance) Level: warblade 3

Pr:erequisite: One Iron Heart


Initiation Action: 1 swift action Range: Personal

Target: You

Dul-a:tion: Stance

Yt1l1 sI1!I~JI!lHnV~!1;J1ito the lwelt otYQur feel aNd hold rouI'blade CIlYeflII l)' {orti./(rfd ~j'il1e ready. Yonr muscles IwHeh sligJ1tly ~Isymi til dorigr: the next (1.1 t,,'~ yotda:ce.

The absolute st~el stance allows you to enhance your mobility and speed. You move quicldy, keep Q sharp eye on your enemies; and are ready to Instan dy sidestep any incoming attacks.

WhiJe you are 111 this star,JC,~> you gabl a +ie-fo'.Cit enhancetnerrtbomrs TO your speed.Ifyou move at least-tofeer

during-your UU·JJ, YOll g"¢n a +1 dodge bonus to AC until [he bJ!ginning of ycur.nezt rum.


Level: Warblacle 8

Prerequisite: Three Iron Heart


Irritiarion.Acricn: 1 standard action,felee attack

Targets: One or more adjncent ereatures you threaten

A _7wn:lrladl1 rt,.i!:u ;"1 tbe /J/i,,!; if (fli lIY.e mill& time rf~n;t~ em

In a biter of motiofl, you I'lUlke a short, tWIsting Irap rn Un: mr, A YOII turrr, YOlir lI'eapDn flashes thrvugl1 the enel11tcs rll'olUul you lih tl _b-llUil'lg WlMct. Ac5 you cij'op bluk to the ground in your ji.gldiJ1g nance, YOHl' el1~m'i~scrutilple' to the ar(twln you.

You weep your weapon in a circle around you, srrikiag out at nearby enemies. You strike with the speed and ferocity ofa lightning bolr, forcing your enemies to re1y on their refleses for protection rather than their armor and shields.

You make rwo melee attacks against each naja-cenT oppone.nt you threaten when you iniriate.this maneuver. You receive a +4- bonus on each of these attacks, which are otherwise made with your highest attack bonus.

DA eTNG BLADE FORM Iron Heart (Stance)

Level: Warblade 5

Ererequisi1:e: Two Lrcn Hean:


InltiadonAction: i. swift action Range: Personal

Target: You

Dtrrarion: STance

You trike jorullI'(d liJre {l slitherll1g snnke, c.dl'ndmg YOlmelf almost beyond your abiJily 10 nurintaij:1 yOUT balllf1tc. You,r foe stwl1bles backward) ~uryri5fd 1-/101 you couln youeh ~ljm ,fI'Ol'I1- IlI{d1. a .grcrct distnllOe,

By carefully disu±buting your weight and establishing a steady, rugged po rure, you can reach out and strike opponents with your melee attacks ar a greater than n_onnal distance. A wardor wlrh Jess gaining and expertise would fall flat on his face attempting this: maneuver. You, on the other ha nd, have the grace, focus, and skill needed to complete this complex move.

\'(Ib ile you are in this stance, you gain 11 bonus to your reach during YOtH turn. \Vbe-Ll you make a melee auack, your reach increases by 5 feer, Your reach is not Un_proved when it is ner you r rum, such as when you make all arrack of opportunity, You cannot improve your _reaCh by more than 5 feet by using rills ability in conjunction with other maneuvers.

BAZING STRIKE .Irtm Hean (Strike) -Level: Watblade 5

Pser equi.sfte: T'"'G l:To~1 .Heart


JIiri,ti-ation Aotion: 1 standard action Range: Melee anaa

Target One creature-

Duraticn: I round

S:av:ing Thro : Fortitude partial

'T11rough ]fum, raw pDwer, iJna il-xpcrl aim, rG1~ 111 II he (I mlgh.tYJlJtnd1I1gni:nst YDw/oe, leavir1g lum te.!1'lpOl'arltJ'lwodU!d:·sCJ1;sel~ss ,by JlO!l-r a ttfl.d~.

The proper applicatien of force to JUSt the righr part ofa foe'-sanammy allows you TO disrupt his actions. While he stumbles back, senseless, you press the advantage.

You make a single melee attack as part of rhis strike. J__f this attack bits, the rargerrskes meleedama-ge normally and must make 1I Fordmde save (DC 15 + your Sa motlifieI") or be dazed for 1 round.

DTSARMTNG STRIKE Iron Heart (Strike) Level: Warblade2

Initiation Action: 1 standard action Range: Melee attack

Target: One creature

You chop at you r foc's lw.nd., [,al., sing II g:rieuoU! inju.ry rmll for@:!'1£ him f:o drop hi,s weapon.

This maneuver allows=yen to combine a disartn.arremptwita a normal arrack. You make a stngle melee attack as part of this strike. If-t:his attack hits and deals damage, you can also attempt to disarm your opponent (PH 155). This disarm attempt does not provoke attacks of opportunity, nor is there a DY risk thatyour-foe can disarm you,

EXORCTSM OF STEEL Iron Heart (Sh'ilre)

Level: Warblade 3

Prerequisite: One Iron Heart


I.nitiari.on Acrion; Standard -acrion Range: Melee arrack

Target: One sreartrre

Dnr._ation: 1 mi nure Saving Throw: will half

You I1ttqd~, stl'ihiltg l1o:tyo.ur foe, bT{1 111$ we-apoli> 5el1ding II shophwl1;ve-u,p hts 4111'1 tlw:t ItftlllC5 him 1m r;rb J e til !itr{!te WU~I full JorGe.

Yam mastery of the Iron Heart sryle has taughr you much abour the power wrrhin a blade; and you can use rhls knowledge to J10r only enhance your own abiliry but de_pdve ethers efthar power.

When you initiate this maneuver, you attack your opponent's weapon (~FU5B). This attack does nor provoke attacks of opportunity. If you succeed, your foe takes a -4 penalty on melee damage rolls for 1 minure. The Wielder of the weapon can attempt a Will save (DC 13 + yOtit Str modifier) to halve this pe_nalty.

You can use rhismaneuva:ordy against manufactured weapons. You cannot use ir-againsr narural weapons.

FTNTSHTNG MOVE Imp- Heart (Strike) Level: Warblade 7

Brerequiaire: Three Iron Heart


Initiation c tion; 1 standard. action Range: Melee arrack

T--arget: One erearute

Yelll ciei,illll'l' a d,svIIstath'lg ,hike lJg1I,itlst Il WOU-nll.iltl foe, ((11111 tlgiO fit1 1~l-J jHm off 01lCIl' ana for all

Iron Heart teaches mat it is: best: to fmish off a foe with as little effon as-pe.s_sihle, the better to save your strength for you r rem aining, enemies. When you else thiS, maneuver, you throw you.rseU on the offensive with 1irtle, thought to yOU!; defenses. if this attackstnkes home, i:r mighr'ellddight several crucial seconds eady:

As part of rhi s maneuver, youmake a melee attack aga inst II creature. Ihis anat;k dea is an extra 4d6 pcints of dam:ag:~, If the target's current hit point~ are less than its full norma l hW';Points, the attack instead deals an. extra 6d6 points of damsge.Jf it hit fJ01nts are equal to or less than one-helf its full normal hit poi n ts,

rhe arrack instead deal' an extra Hdti points ofCtarnage.

Target: You Duration: See tex:


Level; Warblade 6

Prereqn,i,site: Two 11'0D HeaIT


Initia:tionAction: ! swift action Range: Pe1:sopal

Target: Yo'

YOII pt_lShasidetMepa;/1 of your il~Nrresto fig:hf-'Ol'I,p,~~t mortnl Hnm:r,s.

If you navel_ hill or fewer of your full normal hit points remsming, you can initiate thismanenm:ro h eal hit points equalro 2): Ylilu;r level,


iron .Heare (Counter)

L vel: Wm-blade 5 Erereqtrisire: Two Iron Hecrr

manenvers lnitiationc.A,ction: I immediate action


Target: Ybu

With (j lust-second burs! of speed, you :summon reserves of mental ami physlCltI Ivill alld throw offf:he effecn of ,\'ollr en{'my's aU(!:c/t.

gat n ing a ,2 mora IE bonus 00 arra )( rolls unnl the end Dfyoul: next [Urn

UGHTNTNGRECOVERY Iron Heart (CWlll1('er)

.Level: Warl'llade 4-

"Prere.quisite: Two Irtrn Near! maneuvers

Irdriation.Action. 1 iTIllIleiliare act ion Range: Personal


By cll'aw,il'l,g 'P.11 Y~IJ'r nlt:lIllll sj I'el'lgjh CI 'H7 ph ysic(t~ fo rt£tjiJ gVI .vp II ill'~1l1i rl"l18 '0/ it debilHr,r.jjn.g: S'tate thQr m igh.1 olherw'l.>"!l def~!lt you.

.A 1;nlf~r~ 1lMrblrJil~ ini,iatlfI rl jilJi;M"1; r,lW'fIe' and. rids the 'lVI1r1d rtf a jlu, /ot!


Iron Heart Level:Waiblade 3

Prereqnisite: One Iron Heart maneuver

lniriationAction: 1 standar-d action Range; l'ersonal

Your j'jgbrillg spirit, dedicarion, and rraini rig-allow you to overcome almost any chingto aefeatyoUl'enemies. w.hen youuse ('bis maneuver, select one spell, effect, or other condition currently affecting you and with a durarton of 1 or mote LOUnaS. Thateffecr ends immediately. You a150 surge with confidence and vengeance·againsr your enemies,

Your trailihi.g in the Iron Heart discipline gums you excellent reflexes, mental toughness, and srarm na. You can drawupon your training

a nd focus [0 overcome a variety ofdeadlyeffem. immediate action, you can-re'l:01l aisaving throw YOLL have just 'made. You must accept the result of this secend .rcll, even if rherrew result is lower than jOur inirlal roll.

Youyfot! twists OLlt offhe. way of your it1ftllll a!:tClcl1, bl<t yaut"WeapOll b~comes,n,blur I'IS),OIJ I'evel'se direc:tianamlsfrikelll11ll1l agllin with liglttningl]Rlut.lI1 the hlm)1

of n n eye, yau contplrte yo Ill' II tla,l! (111 d resume your dqensillepashm:.

This maneuver embodies (he erbos of speed and energy rhar the Iron Heart rradjtion teaches, If one of yow: melee attacks mi Se5, you can initiate this maneuver to reroll that arrack roll with a +2 bonus.

LIGHTNTNG TIiROW Iron Heart (Strike)

Level: Warblade B Prerequisite: Two Iron Heart maneuvers

Initiation Ac:tion: 1 STandard action

Range: 30 ft.

Area: 30-ft. line

Duration: Insrantaneous Saving Throw: Refle.K balI

You tl1Yotv youTweapon tlll't.lllgh tl1e lIil', 5i.m.ditlg it flrms .n.1 over end to smhe with Wl£annyo.ccumcyatld ten-ihl.:jtJYcc. fI !elwes In I'ts Wilke It trail of b1l1-

le,'cd I!r1c'IJ1.ies.

The Iron Hearr rradirinn's mora esoteric reach iugs allow II student TO rran form any maee weapon into a thrown projectile. By focusing your concentration 'IUld attuning your se uses to your we:lpon's balance, you can tbrow almost 811ythillg.

When you use 'illis srril{f!, yml ma k a singl mel e arrack (even rhough you are throwing your weapon). You deal damage to eaeh creature in rhe maneuver's area equal "to yQur normal

melee daroage ~ilduaiBgd~ge:b~ll'l

~,I:. c~ ~~ lll'aOCl'cal

VQurStt~ngth mOlllHer, [eft.." .. -

abilities (lin yO'!;lJ: Weapon, ,and so fO,L:..rh), -ptus >111 extra L2ti6 'PointS of damage.. Eaeh cre.amre in the wack's ar~ can tn.1ke B Refl~ save w:i[h II IJG equal to me result of-yout arrack rolLA suseess[n;! save halves the. damage deale,

'Yom weapon amomatically returns lID vmrr hand at the end of [he reu.nd_

MAN11CORE PARRY Iron Heart (Gounrer) Level: Wa.I:hlnde6

Prerequisite: Two Iron Heart


InitfutionAction: 1 immediate .action Range: Personal

Target: You

You black ,tin el1emy's llti:acit.luii:Jl IT Itghtmug-quic/;: .plll'ry; then deflect il townmn differ&n! target. Your foe UIII bardycotltroi its lIwI11~rrhl'fI'I '~.s HI' n tt~ ek now ~lnms into 11.11 {Illy.

When you irritiate this maneuver; you can artempt to n10ck an enemy's melee arrack rhat cargHs YOLl and redirect Ir to another wge;t adjacent ro you. Make a meleeattack roll. If youl; resulris greater dIan yoU! foe's arrack roll, yeu Dafrundemelittike and direcnir against :lT1lrge:t Ofy:OUTJ~bo:i~e [hal' stands adjacent TO yell. You must decide whether 1:0 Initlate I:":l:iis maneuver aFter the enemy attacks, bU1 before you know wheilierot nor [he attack you an'! caue:mp ring toe deflect actually h its. If The aU'llclbl] isses, you can "rill attempt to de1l.ecrii,

If rOLL succeed in deflecting the auack, u$e1:1'le resuk9f your opponent's arrack rcll to derermine if ir strikes the new target.

This maneuver functions only agains I armed melee attacks. You can nor use it against unjunredarracks, na rura] weapons, or roucb spells.

MITIiRALrORNADO 1 rcrr Hearr (Strike)

Leva: Warblade 4

Preceqrdaire: Two Iron Heart


lniti arion Action: 1 standard action Range: N&eLee ar:tack

Tllrget: Allll.djacent ottpone.nts

W:nenYOlt i.l!litiate thIs Strike, ynu:make a. melee at(ackifg~insI every opponent acljac_em to, Y0l). Resolve each attack sepa::Gl'rely. Yon,-gaiml -..1 bonus on ea~h of these atfacks. which are Dtnen"lfl_se your liighest attack bonus.

PUNlSHlNG STANGE Iron Heart (Stance)

Level: Warbla:de 1

.Initiation Action; 1 swift action Range: Personal

Target: YOl\

Duration: Stance

You d1ap dawtTli i17!ently wrlh YlHir lUeap<lrJ, lending iJldra force I'll l'DtlT bluws. T'hesc tlttll~ks rome at 11 cast as YQl.Il'r.nel1li5.s1ns/J /I t y01lr [til d e fen ded leg; !lmi J1 a 111<$'.

You hold yourweapcn overhead, allowing you to chop down whb superior force. However, this Iig~Iing stance leaves you vulnerable to all opponent's attacks. Gllly all truriate of The Iron Heart rrsdirinn cap. manage tlte peri 1- OWl balance between trading attack power for &.feme. A lesse:J; \varriOI: would leave mmseU ne:lJ;ly llejpl~s ro resist a:nopp.onenfs at:tack~.

\Vbile you are in [his stance, yoq deal ali extra '1.ci6 points of damage with all melee attacks. Youaho rake a -2 penalryto AC,because tb.isfighnngstaru:e emphasizes power over a de-fenm)Je posture,

SCYTHTNG BLADE Iron Heart (Boos_t) Level: Warblade 7

'Prerequisite: Three [roo Henrt


Initiation Action: Lswtft acrion Range: Persona]

Target: You

YOll5b'ike fit 1m e foe LIlith" long. JligJl brlch, /land CIrrI /11enmll~!!n.quic'k tum 10 COJ[ti~I!.(e th,e ,1'l11lw Clgaim r u tilll J IE[ mlrrJ"b}, e nen1l'.

YmLS\ving your weapon in a wide. deadlr arc. WiElih yoursurn:emesJdlland mail~t:illl rra in mg, yon 3 Im -yo ur at lack so rh a t :lS"

you scr.tlte o;n:e 0£ponent, yoase~utse\f up perfectly ttJmake a second #ttlldt against a dtttere:EJ:t foe. ~yo1..': wea"l?:on strikes one 0-PPPDent, It CUlS Into him, then r'koCbe~s IIl)1OIJr4lecond taIge(,

If the Erst melee attack you make during y€lU.T turn ltit~. youcani.m:mediately .make a h;s"'e attack at $~ur higheST au B,Ck bonus agains:r 11 dllierente'llemy ~IYOU threQten.YQu:t!lll. only gain ope fre~ arrack eachtime you initiate this manel1vex, regardless of how .maily successfuL attacks you make in thiHollnd.


Iron H~ rt (Srr1k~)

Level: warblade 1 1Iiitiatiol)..ActiQn: t sta ndarcl action Range Melee attack

Target:' Two creatures

YOII swing ),ou1· well]_lOtl hi rt brand, dell dry arc, stril~ip~g twajiJes tltith II shtg1f, mighty blow.

Tb rough a eombinanon of sheer power and unmatched talent, you make an attack that injuresmulnple opponents. As you initiate -rhts strike, you make two melee attacks, each against a dJi. rerentJ"oe rhat yeu rhrearen. Resolve MG,h an~~k sep'ar;1 telr.

STEELY S~RfKE Iron Heart (Strike) Level: '\Waiblade 1

Initiation Actj:on.: j_ standa rd action Range: Melee at.t:ack

1fa:rget: One Ci'eatute

Duration; 1 round; 'see text

'tOil fOCrls yourself for 0 ~ing!e, tlmtr-atl' oi:fu',k~5hruggin.goffJ'uuropplJllent'5 blows and ignoring t!j;e II Cf4 fo ,. def-ensB Il~ YOil 11:1 oRe Y011t ilssliult.

The.Iron Heart disdp1neteachesfocus, allowing you to engage and defeat one oppqnentat a time. Your other .euemias mean. nodnng to yo-u: as-you press: you.r fll"Ulck

Y~u. make a single melee anllrrk as ;part of\.hig STrike, You gam a +-4 bonos on [he ,Quack rolL All oPR_onents orlrer than the one you attacked gain a +4- bonus on artaelc rolls again,s;r YOlJ._fur 1 round.


Le el. War"hllacle 9

Prerequisite: Eoru Iron Heart


loitiation Action: 1 sra ndard aeti on Range: 1v(eJee attack

Tar.get: One creature

'{our supreme' focus IIlIa perfect fighting fOltm allow l/Or< to 'meJee II single, d~vastrIfing attack. YOTlexer:.uic II flawLe55 ~tyike to drop YOltrfoe wit)! it siflgle a~tack.

The ultimate Iron Heart maneuver teaches The precise, perfect cut necesSlUty to slay al.DlOsr·any creature; Only the mightrest foes can Withstand this arrack. Adep~.of the J ron Heart rradinon seek rouse this arrack (0 end lights as quickly as possible, ou might open a ngbrwith a quickflurryofartacks, bur once a [oelli injured,.youseek:to end the batde wi-th this decisive strike.

You make a sihg'lemeleealtackllspa:rt: tif this strike. IfY01.·II"1lJtack hits) It deals an extra 1QO paints of damage (in addition. to YOUI normal.melee damage).


Lev~l: \X!llL"h1.ldtt 8

Prerequisi ~: Tbtee ["7"011, .I!:1e~n


lnitiatiotl'Aot~o:o: 1. $1' i:£r.lldiion Range: Personal

Target: You

Duration: Stance

You drop into (l rela.xeel pose, allowil1gyour defenses to flow nf1Jurnlly and easily. Your blade laslJes out /0 absorb or deflect ellch nHacl~ you face, blunting the force of your ~mmies' blows.

As a student of the Iron Hearl discipline, you learn that a simple flick of rbe wrist or turn of the blade cal' transfonn a deadly strike into a wild miss. In battle, you enter a steady rhythm that makes you frustratingly di£1icult to fight. You disrupt each attack with a perfectly rimed counter.Ieaetng you r foes' srrikes weak and 1ne.ffectltal.

While you are in this stance, you gain damage reducttou 5/- against :;ny qpponennhalrdqes.l~ot catch you flar,fo_ored. To gnin this benefit, you must be ptofidelltwith the weapon you carry. YOl~ gair, this benefit while unarmed only ilyou..have the Improved Unarmed Srrn~ feat.

WAl.L OF BLAD S Lpcml;fean (toUJ"lrer) Level: Watblacdel2 Initi .

atton Action: 1 fnn:nediare Beden

Ral}ge: Personal

Tar_get: You

Ylmy wl1qppn sways bad~ (md jlJ"rih In }'OI~r hand, ready to block iilcomillg-blow~. With the speed of a thullaer"ol~. you. dllSi, yow' weapon againstyollf foe', blade as Ite al tempts to at-tack.

Your weapon mastery rransforms your blade into an extension of your ann, allowing you to wield irwirh the speed and cilning needed 1'0 make a precise block.

When an enemy makes a melee or.

Longed attack against you, you can ipitiate this counter to oppose that attack by making an attack roll wirh 3:Oy melee weapon you-are hoMing. Use [he higher of your AC er YOU! attack rollas your e'f£ectwe Ae agsins r the incomtngartack. You l1ll"t,'[ use this rnaneu ver jf you are de uie d you.! Dexrertry bonus mAc against yOlJ [ attacker, You call decide. to use [his abiliry after you Learn the "Xesulr of your opponent's attack


The Setting Sun .dtscipline teaches irs Initiates to rura their opponents' strength againsr rhem. With a quick shirt in stance and 11 carefully aimed attack, II Setting Still warrior sends a charging enemy tumbling ta a new direction. Setting Sluis preferred weapons are the quarterstaff, short sword, nunchaku, andu narrned trike. The discipline's key skill is Sense Motive.

8AFFLTNG DEFENSE Setting un (Counter) Leve_l; Swordsage 2

PI'.ereq'l1lsitc:- One Serting Sun


Initi.ationActiom i immediate action Range; Personal

Target: Yon

YUH (yollch bahIllced 011 olle lout, hnmls he-lei J~igh ()i.Ier yOl!r It,ll/ld. Yollr foe 1'1 es 1- trrte , unsure of 1wU' ~"Q aU (Ui'~ YOli itl tTns Iltllikd) stantil

If your opponent s:t:t'.[kes you on hls mrn, you can replace your AC with me result df a Sense Motive check as an Immediate action. You TIlUSt decide whether 1'0 initiate this maneuver before you know the result of your opponent's attack (bl.rt "fte.r [lie attack is declared), Your ense Motive check applies ttl only one attack. You must be aware of the attack to which you will apply the effect of. this maneuver, If you are.£ agalnst the incoming attack, you ca nnor use this maneuver.

BALLlSTA J'FJ.ROW Setting Sun (Sn:ike) Level: Swords age 6

Prerequisite: TWl;l Setting Sc]JJ


Initiation Acrion: 1 standard action Range Touch and 6Q ft.; see text Target~ Creature: touched

Area: 6u-ft.line

You grab YOLlroppoHcntand spitr It~"tl.tDr. swinging him around .. before throwing him at your opponents lilm 11 boltfrofna ba[Jirnt.

This maneuver functions like_migluy throw (page 73), except as noted here.

As _parr orchis maneuver, you 1'!11.ISL succeed on.a melee much arrackagamst your foe. You can then make a trip attempt against your enemy. YOu gain a +4 bonus on [he ability check.

If you succeed in trippmg your fse, you throw him i.J1 a GO-toar line. The carget and all creatures in this area take Gd6'pointS-o£ damage, ID.e thrown creature lands prone at the end ot rbis line. You mUSI place the target lIT an empty space. If the space at The and of the line is occupied, your opponent falls prone in the open splice closessro rhe line's endpoint.

CLEVER POSTJ'TON1NG SeTting un (Strike) Le'Ve1: Swordsage 2

With this counter, you can attempt" te redirecr a creature'thacinrends ro make a charge attack against you.. Irnmediarely before the creature makes Its charge attack, make yOU! choice of an opposed Strength Or Bexterity check against it. The target makes iu; check using the same a:hility you chose 'for your check.

If you are of a larger size categcny than the arracking creature, yog use your superior bulk ro redirecryour foe and gain a +4 bonus on your Strength check (If you optfor a Strength checK). If you are ofasmaller size.category, )'QU use leverage, misdirection.and trickery to gain a +4 bonus 0]] your Dexterity check (if you use that option).

If you succeed on. the Strengtb 'Or Dexter! ty check. the.ctearure does nor get [Q attack 'Y0ll. You carrthen move-it up to 2 squares in a direcrion of yOlU choice away from you.

If you fail me Strength or Dexterity check, the creature -gains a +2 bonus on. its charge attack, in addition to the normal +2 bonus &om Taking the charge arrack acncn,

As parr of this maneu-ver, you must succeed 011 a melee touch arrackagamsr ymrr foe. Yeu can rhea make a trip artempr againsr your enemy. You gain a:+4 banns on the ability check.

If yOll succeed in nipping your foe, you 'throw him up to 10 feet away from 'lPLI in a direction of yout choice. You selecr youe enemy's desrinationsquare. The target falls prone in that space and takes 4d6 pctnts of damage. or evel-Y 5 POinTS by which you win the opposed ch eck, yon gain an addiriona] £ feer of throw rnngt:."Fol'examp]e, if youwin by .10, you can place your foe in any space within 20 feet of you. You can throw your opponent into a space occupied by~ second foe. In [his case, the opponent in me target square a lso takes 4d6 points of damage and is knocked prone. A Reflex save (DC 14 + you r Str modifier) halves tb is damage and allows the second target to remain standing. Therhrown creature then falls prone in a clear space of your choice adjacent to the second target.

I nrtiaricn crion: 1 standard action Range: Ielee attack

Target; One crearure SavtngTmow: Re.fIex paTti,al

Witll 11 swift flUTl')' afnllltion,J:ou 'knocll YaH foe. ojjlmlancr, 5j:l11 inJo his space, rmd Jom' hilll ~Jltothe spotyolJ

You make a melee arrack, and while your opponent is slightly offbalance from your blow, you lind the leverage needed TO pull him into your space while moving into his space.

As parr of this maneuver, you make 11 single nrelee artack against a target. If your artack hits, the target rakes damage normally and must make a Reflex save (DC 12 + your Dex modifier). If this save ffiils,youswap positions with the ta rget If the target is Large or larger, you can occupy any of the squares that: make up its space. The targer. must in turn occupy the sg_l.13re, or one of the squares, you previously occupied. You cannot use t:hi.s maneuver if you. or the target would end up sharing the same space as ;momer crearure or an impassable terrain feature, such as a wall. If your target occupies a larger space than you do, he chooses hisfinal posirinn according to die guidelines given above.


Serring Sun (Counrer)

Level: Swordsage 1 Initi.ationAction: 1 immediate action Range: Malee attack

Target: One creature

DEVASTATING THROW Setting Sun (Strike)

Level: Swordsage 3

P.rerequisite: One Seuing 81m maneuver:

Initiation Action: 1 standard


erring Sun (Strike) Level: SWorosage 4 Prereqaisire: One

Set cing Sun

maneuver InitiationAction: 1 Standard. sc lion Range: Touch

Target: Ctearuretouched; see text Throw: Reflex parcial, see text

With a gl~idl sidestep, )'1111 send II eJ1IJTjlmg 0Pl,onent SPl"aI.II!iflg,

1011 lise YOtty fOI!'s IflOmentltln against him, fhrowing him through tli C IlIT to CYllsh lnto 11 sec- 0nd CI'Lemy.

This maneuver fnncI ions like m.ightythrow (page 73), except as noted here,

Range: Toutm

Target: Crearnreroucbed

aWiNg your fuauytile ann, you spin in It !find.: hnlf~itdil and hurl hiltl hendlolfg ai'll"'}, from rIm,

This milne.uye:r funcrionsllke mighty throw (page 75), eNcept as- not<td here.

To set up a t!c\Tastiltingc,thmwi you rnllSl.move ax least 15 feet.

As pan of this maneuver, you musr succeed orra IlIeiee,touc:h attack againsr Y01IT foe. YOlt"Ciln then make 11 trip attempt against your enemy. 'You gain a +4 booDs on the ability check.

II you succeed in your:fue, yon throw bim. up to toieet away from you. The target falls prone it) the desrinarien space and. takes la~ points of damage. You choose where Ile lands. For every 5 points by which you win the opposed check/ you gilin an additional 5 feet of throw distance, For el.'lulll;lle, if you "trio by to, you can place your foe in any spal;!ewi'tbill 10 feet of you. You must place the targer in an empry space. If you lack thedist<lDce to throw your earger into a clear space, he fa Us prone in his cu [Tent space.

fiEJGNHD OPENING Setting Sun (Counter) Level: Swordsage 3

Prerequisite: One> SeTting Sun


lnitiation.Action: 1 swift ac lion Range: Personal

Target:. You

Yon SiT01'lf YO'llf OpPIlJltlllt IT seem i I'Lgly frrtaJ mrtlake TI1 your defenses, !mt easily avoid the enSllfrlg nnad! and SillHl/;!LUUO'W;/y drnw yOIll" fae O'lIere:dellding: Mshc fights.tO' regailr her Ira/ante, )10'11 mIl/U. II sWijtwlultemth1ih.

You can use this maneuver when an opponent arte mpu. all attack of opporumirytLgai!:fst yilill. AB you provoke the arrack of oppor,tumty, you peaition ytJ1.l1:selfin 5uch'3 way as t(l force YOlll eppcnearro dlXOW heIself~aWnce m strike yQU. Even ,ff.$lJ;e sueceeds in.strik~ i:ng you, yOlU: roe might regret helviinack as you rallies le'!P in to.furish. her.

\Vhen yom ene1uy makes an .attaek of opperrurriry t\gaoll'illt you, hut befete

you knew tile resulr ut fhl' attack, yon ca·niJ1litfrtt{! this n~Htll<tbi/(l't, I [hN: ~ttl'1dt :rl,l~ssegi' she 1:"'J::tWolws, amnt1'ack of opportunlrp from YOll. Ii bm; 3ttm:k of oppornmlry hits. you, she pJ;ovokes <Ill attack of opportunity Erotfl aflyof your allies who threaten her.

FOOL'S STRIKE Setting Sun (Counter) Level: Sword sage 8

Prerequisite: Three Setting Sun


I1titiatioll.Action: i :ilnmediateac'lion Range: Melee atcnck

Ts.ugct: One creature

A creati'~I'C :It:i'ike~, bill yO'1I t'III"i'I the blolV siraigh ~ bn.c h fl.1' It.

When ail enenwartacks YOlt on its turn, you 'call. atre'illpuGI blockthe blow and baclcat tbnt creature You step into the a:tttc~ancll1ldjIectir. Thtsmanenver pits your skill agaf.nst that ofyoU"t foe,

I£4tn qppouen:tac.mcks YBU, you can initiate this-tn~'-lellVer to make an opposed attack rell as an immediate action. If your-foe's result is ltjgper, he attacks you as nor:mal.1fyoll'l" resu [tis higher; your foe rolls damage as normn] for theartnck and takes that muehdamage.

GHOSTLY DEFENSE Seruing Sun fStance) Level: Swords age B

Prerequisite: Three Serti ng Sun


InitiationAction: 1 swift anion Range: Personal

];al:ge~; You

Duration: Stance

You lurJI wit.l~il1· (OHeM !11lg mistl / .• II'il1,R YOlir IIppO'nentinto ul tq,kil1g y~J,I,. oilly to dodge OJltDf t'H1l1XIIlY and r/ited )'lllir emmy's blO'w at rIll'!IIl wNttng iJny.

You are a ghost in the mist, capalileof turllitJ.g afoe'agnllu;, her allles. By gauging YOLTl::QPl'wttent's :fighting stallce, tim itig yot,lr dodge t'orrecdY1' and pla.cLng ¥Ot![seI'f ill the «ght position, you CiID lead ltet'into attacking oneof her aWes 1'?arhel' chan you, When your foe srrikes, yQtld:.:1.1Ckqurof rhe wa~. As she foUow,s throughwirb her lltrack;, she inadveJ.·rl!ndy arfacl(s <lin illy.

You gam thIS sraace's beneSI \\ ben an oppnneul"s 'arrack ag:'Iins[ you has a miss eb fll1ae, sljIrb 3S 1:rom nHltfllll. mem, \Vheneyeran Ilpponern's melee 01' ranged amck misse9'you.oecause of dll;; .m iss chance, you can choose m change the target of the atrack from you to '8, norherehgible target (othsr-than your attacker)' For a melee attack, [he new [~arget must be your oppoaeru's rench and~dja.cent to you. Eor a ranged attack, The new target must be .aajmoem to you, and yotu; opponent must have line of effect to him.. Use the result of the original arrackto deremnine ifit hits the new target, You r roe does .ner cb eel again fo~ a miss chance, as you guide [De attack directly to the Dew target. This ability eppl ies only once per.ani'clc If you use ghostly defense to. feci mer an attack against a foe using this stance, he does riot have the option to. redireLt the attack again.

You must be aw:rre of an epponent's attack to gainjhe bene£t of tliis stance, You cannot use it against attacks that catch yon ihl'E-footed.

GIANT KTLLTNG STYLE Setting Sun (~tallce)

Level: Swordsage 3

Prerequisit-e: One Sening Sun


Initiation Action: 1 swift'1ldion Range, Personal


DUration: Stance

You dart bei'wecl'l a gil1tl I's l<'lgs. Illshi11jf fit his inner anhJes n ndotll'er vu!nenibltHJ.)'oa. l.vhile sf (I yi 11 g ilHi d chi, rt"l.cil lAth el'~ h ~ ell ntlOt.h ope to pll rry yo fA r aHa cks.

The Belting SUD sell 001 teaches II fi.ghr~ in,g sryle rharernpha sizes nsi Ilg an opponent's strength and mmneftWID against him. The giant killing srrike epitomizes [his approach. By Sizing uJ? a lar:ger opponenr and srudylnghil> fighting sranceand, tendencies, you aim.. your strikes at vulnerable pSifms on his lewes bod yt,hal he canner defend effectLvely. YOll.sUce arrendons on W~lt fde's feet, smash his.kneeS"._and (Out into 1m hamStrings.

Wheu YOll4\IaiJn tJlissta:nce, yl!l\.1g1l i11l U +2 bonus!lll attack;oolho and a +4 bQDu.s on damllge rolls against oppoaems of

a larger tze caregoryLhm _ymlI"ll. "TIhis bonus applies to all atracks you make far the re l of yom- rum,


'Level: Swordsage '7

Ererequisite: Three Se.tring Sun


Inrriarion Action: 1 standard action Range: Melee attack

Target: One creature

YOII tah~ stock oj an OPfJOI1Imt'sjighfi71g-si)'Je Clud make 11 single, carefully aimed attacil ! hut Leaves the ma/,HI'f unable to make aU of III attar/H.

?(m take careful aim at an enemy-crearure, striking it with the precise amount of force needed to off _guard and leave it unable [Q bring all ofrrsartacks to bear. You r opponent must spend triricalseconds adjusting .its guard and ree aluanng irs surroundings.

As part of this maneuver, make a single melee attack. Ifthis attack mrs, your rarge: takes normal damage and ClIDnOt ma ke :t Full attack on its next rum, Otherwise, ir can act normally.

MTGHTY THROW -~eITing un ( trike) Level: Swordsage 1

Initiation Action: t srandard acrion Range: Touch

Target: Creature touched

Y.ou me snperio ~ ie Llemge arid your SeUing .lIm Irnimttg to selld all apponcn [t~l'I'l'tbling to Hie gromld.

As part of Ihis maneuver, you; must succeed on a melee touch attack against your foe. Resolve the mrow as a trip attempt (PH 158), but you do nor proYOke attacks of opportunity, and your opponent cannot try to trip you if YOll lose the opposed check. You can use your Dexreriry or Strength modi£er, whichever is higher. You gain a +4 bonus on the ability check.

If you succeed in tripping your foe, you throw it up to 10 feet away from you. The Ulrget falls prone in 'the desTination pace. You choose where. uland . You must place the -mr:get emprv space, If you Iack the_dis~ance

co throe your targez.mro a cleat space. i l Ialls prone in its currenrspaee,

An enemy 'fou throw wLth this maneuver does nor provoke arrscks sf ppportunity for passing rhrcugh enem tes' tmeate.ped areas as P'lxt of the throw, and YQU csn t:h:tow all enemy duough occupied squares.

MIRRORED PURSUIT Semng Su n {Cpunreq eve!: Swordsage 5

Prerequisite: Two SeTting un


Init:i atian Adtiqn:: 1 immediate action Range: Personal

Target; You

Yo Ilr 111 0 VC 111 ehts p~rfect[y mllten yOIl!" fue's, nJ!ow;ltgyou to mnue us she does. Try au-he might to esmpe, )rou remain at her ,itle.

Your ability [0 smdy a foe and march her motions allows you to remain wirhin arm's reach at all rimes. Your opponenr cannot hope [Q escape you.

When an opponent adjacent 10 you moves, you can initi2£~ this maneuver [0 j mmedlately move to any square adjacent ro her as'soon asshe stops mOVing, as Long as the distance you cover is Jess rhan 01: equal to your-speed. This movement does nO-1 provoke attacks of opportuniry.

SCORPTON PARRY Setting Sun (Counter} Level: Swordsage 6

Prerequisite; Twa Setting Suo


lnitiation~et:ien: i.:itnJ:iiedii\:te action Range, Personal

Target: You

'Oil !mock )/(1111" OPPOl1tnt's attach Ilside, gwdi11g his wel1pJJJ1 Into one o_(hi, rlllies.

Your keen eye and ability to discern a foe's motives and intentions allow you [0 deflect an Incoming attack into a different ta [get.

Ifanopponenranacksyou, you I;:anlnitia re this maneuver to-make aJ:1 apposed attack roll as an immedlateaccten. If YOUT foe's result Is higher, lie~rtae s you as nonuaJ.lfydIJHesultl:s-Mghe:r, YOlu:an choose a creature :adjaa:ncm you and wrrb In your opponerrt"s threatened ar a.

The chosen creature is me new target OfyOllx foe's arrack. Use your enemy' original.artsclcroll resulr m determin e ifhe strikes the-new target.

SHTFJ11NG DEFENSE Setting Sun (S13ncej Level: SWQ[_dsa~;)

Prereqnisite; Two Serring Sun


Initiation Action: iswift action .Range: Personal


Duration; Stance

YO~I d1,{d~ find move as you rlodgeYOIlr OppoI1CI?J'S-attad~s. S!oiM1y bUI mrdy, each 111 tack, gives yOI'!~ the Oppill·ttmfty to m 0: vr across 'fhe. battl efrelil.

Your abiliry zo read your epponents' moves and use their strength against them allows you: W sbifryour position during a barrle.Bach failed arrack gives you the split-second you need to move without drawing'stracks.

While yon are in this stance, YOLl can make an immediate S,foo[ step each time an oppcnenrartacks you, Moving in this manner consumes one of your attacks of opportnntry in me currrent round. You ~rum6tmove in rhis manner IT you have 110 attacks of opportunity remaining. This movement does not provoke-attacks of opportunity,

SOARING THROW Serring Sun (SErike) Level: Swordsa:ge 5

Prerequisite; "Ewo SeTting SUL1


InitiationAction: j_~andard action Range: Touch

Target: Creature touched

With tI gnat Sl1out,j01HCnd }'OilY OppD1lelll soari ttg rhratlgh the 11.11' in n high nrc. He slams undl to the ground with tI homer!! sh j ngfh tid.

AJ; part of ·clfis maneuver, yeumust succeed on amelee !:Ouch aTtaCK against ytRl;t.foe. Resolve the throw a-s a 'trip attempt (PH 158), bu'! yoo do not provoke llttacks"Of oJ?portunl;ryj and your opponent C:ll1ll0rrry to trip you if you Jose the :opposed check, You can \1Se your Dex--reruy Ol' Strength modifier,

\ 'bidrever i better. You glUM 1-4 bOllLL'1 on me abiliry check.

If you succeed in rrippi ng your Ioe, yrn:I throw b im up to 20 feer away from you. The rargcr.ialls prone in rhc a.esrin.a ticrm. space ana en kes Bd6 pernrs of damage. You ihaose where be lands. For ever), 5 Pf;rints by which you WID the opposed check, you gain an adrurionalS feet ofrlrrow distance. For example, if you win hy '~Qf you can place your foe in ,my §palZc w~thil1 30 feetofyou. You mustpk<:-t! the targerin an empry space. rfyoulaGk me distance IO throw your targer tnm a clear space, he falls pmne in h is current space.

.An enemy you ilimw this maneuver doe.% ~}OI Ijr.(}vdke attacks of op:poIttlnity for passing tbxougb enemies' threatened areas as part ofrbe throw, and you can -drrow an enemy rhreegh occupied squares.

STALKING Sf:l..ADOW erring Sun (Counter)

level Swortisage 5 Prerequisite: Two Setting Sun maneuvers

Initiation A.ction: L .imrrrediate action

Range: 1l' l"!H.)hai Tnget: '{ou

Wlum !·he GrCrrtuTt!yoU m"e !U1I.f/ing[-nes ttl hilGh IlWIl)'iYDtl-step 11 eX r: tI:;J It (11 FHn bl.ilt~Gf rtll,.eye,fo"I'Cil'lg .it#lsb:r)'1c1,f/,l'Idliighl. 01" sJ1.Irfel' th e. CDnscq"l/e 11 ces tifwith'dt'~'WIl!.

Using your W3TChfuJ eye and your ability ro judge an opponent's actions, you P1Qve at precisely the same timeyour enemy begins to move,

If an opponent in a sqllare adjacent to you moves, you can inltiate ch is maneuver to make a 5-1oo.r step into [he space (or one of me squares) it occupred, This movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity

STEP OF J1HE WTND Setting Sun (Stance) Level: Swords age 1

Initiatioll Action: 1 swift action Range: Pe.rcSOilal

Tal'get: 'ldl~

Duration: Stance

¥Oll Wlllk rlCi!lSS nlbble·~ n4 other b1'lJ- 1~~rl. term i;/"I. 1A1iti1. d ei,,~e, rr.ll.owi'1g you to t(ike IIdv(mtage OfyO~lt opponent'.> 115 they struggle lomove (;It full speed.

YOLI clo elyamrned t~ your 0\"1 ronmenstharyeu easily pick OUl STeady spars Ln rough. terrain, While_ others snuggle to move over brokengrotlnd you slip across trwrrh.ease. When yGll light on ~011gh ground, yO.u, turn the ullevenfootmg 1.11[0 all ad.lfantage. By gauging how an opponenr disrribu tes his weight, you strike at just the righ I moment and in the prectsespctrreeded to send him tumbling 10 'rhe ground.

While you are in tills stance, Y0U ignore penalties to speed, movern nt, or skill checks associated with rnovement(such as Tumble, Jump; and Climb checks) incurred by moving rbreugh difficult terrain. If you attadt an 01'ponen t standing on d Lffi. culr.terrafn wb ile yeu lire in-this stance, anduf that foe rakes a 'movement penalryfonnoving through difficult terrain, you gain a +2 bonus on attack rolls and :aA4 bcnu On Strength or Dexteritychecl<s made as part ofa. bull rush or tti,p attempt againstrhatenemy, YOllgain' bonus on checksmade to either sccemplish or resist a bull rush or trip,


Sernng Sun (Strike) evel: Swordsage 4

rereqnisrte: Two Setting Sun maneuvers

InitiarionAction: 1 standard anion Range: Melee attack

Target: One creature;

aving Throw: Reflii'x partial

'{tnt sfl tdy yo u r 01' po Ite111 and cfelj1J~ I' a rr lttin& pre6sely aimed -to ruin ltis defensG5 (IIuI force him to scmmble for h15 ba11l'!1Ce'. \Vhile he sITU. W ·rBady MnHelf,11e becO/ 11M tlwr-e l'ulnerable to yourattach.

As part of this m aneuser, make a single melee attack. This arrack deals an extra 4d6 poims of damage. In addition, the target must make a Reflex save (pC 14 + your SIT modifier) or become flatrooted until The starr of his next turn. Therarger takes damage (normal melee damage phis the extra damage) even if his save succeeds. If the mrger cannot be caught Ilar-footed (he has uncanny dodge, fur example), he still rakes the extra damage from The srrike but rherwise suffers no ill effect.

TORNADO THROW Setting Sun (Strike) Level: Swerdsage 9

Prerequisite: Five erring Sun


Initiation AGtion; 1 full-round action Range: Melee 111 rack

Target:: One er mere creatures

L11w II wltiy) wind, yDtI twist a 11 d spi 11 (lCfO!iS the battLefield, wssillgJnes away Left (.lond ri.IDlt

As parrofinitiating rhismaneuver, yon move up to yom opponenr, throw her aside, and move again. You must.move at least LO Ieer before making yenr throw. Tills movemenrand you:r movemenr after your throw provoke arrack s of opportunity as normal. You can move up [0 double your speed as part of this maneuver. If you fail in your th row attempt, yOll can still.move afterward. After every 10 feer you mOVE, you can a trempt another th rowagainsrthe same opponent or a different foe.

To make your throw attempt, you mUST succeed on a melee rouch arrack. Resolve the throw as a Trip artempT(Pff 158), but youdo nor provoke attacks of opportunity! and your opponent cannot try to nip you if you lose [he opposed

check. You can use your De&tedry or Strength modifier on This aheck, whichever is better. :YQU gp.ina +2 bQ~US o.n this check for every sfeer mar you havemo:ved during your:rum.

If y01.l succeed iJ,1 ttipping :your foe, you throw him up to 10 feet.away from you. Tbe targer falls prone in the destination space and takes d6 points of damage, You choose where he lands. For every 5 points by which you win the opposed check, you gain an additional 5 feet of throw distance and the target takes an addtrienal ids poi nts of damage. For example, j'£ you win by 10, you can place your £o.e in any space within 20 feet of you,.and he takes II total of 4d6 points of damage, You must place the rarget.In an empty space. Jf you lackthe distance to throw your targer U1ftl a clear space, heEllls prone in his current space.

An enemy yo\.!. throw with. tht maneuver does not 'pIovoke attacks of opporru.niry for passing rhtough enemies' threatened areas as partofthe throw, and yOll call throw an er1e+L1¥ rbrough occupied squares.


The Shadow Hand discipline teaches the an of stealth, deception, and ltIfibu:sh. In;: maneuvers allow 3 warrior to take fln a shadowy aspect or to channel datkenergyro sap an enemy's suenglh. Ihis discipline's preferred weapons arethe dagger; sal, short.sword, spiked chain, siangham, and unarmed strike. ItS key skill is Hide.

'\SSASSTN'S STANCE Shadow Hand (SranCl~) Level: wordsage 3

E.rereqtrisite: One. Shadow Band


lnitiatiQn Action: 1 swift action Range~ Personal

Ta.rget: You

Duration: Stance

)'Olir /oHtruggLes to regain his aefell~ive p<!shtre, yml line Hp eU1. exactil'lgstrike ti1at hm I\lull supenlJl" ace1 muy and deadly force.

A shadow c-ast by a gap be£weeJ.J rwe armored plates or a.crease in a creature's rhick bide calli to yomWellpon, allowing

yotrtcstrikewith deadlyaccurao,Y'against an unprepared opponent.

While you.:are ill this stance, y_ou gain the sneak ;1rta:ck abmTI', ify:~u an not already have it; which deals .an extra 2d6points tilf d~mll~ If you already have the s~e~k attack e:111SS f€ature, your exis·sneak anack abiliry deals an extra 2d6 points ofdamage, See the rogue class feature (P!I 50) fcor a-complete-description of sneak attack.

BALANCE ON THE SKY Shadow Hand (Stance)

level: Swordsage S

Prerequisite: Three Shadow Hand


Initiation Action: 1 swtfr action Range: Persona I

Target: You

Duration: Stance

With arms 5prMd WIde, }till st4J onw tilllllil:

Y0ugWl th,e~bil1ry-rouse nrrLl/illh (P};L 196) on yourself only. 1'0\1 must.keep at least one bflDl'l empty while using this

stance, Moving -npward requires you IO spend I 0 fe.ew moveme.nt for each 5 feet of elevation you gain,

1'O:\l gain (he benefit of air walk only while you tusintaiu chis stanceIf [0r some reason your stance ends while yQU are in midair, you fall to the gron;nd.

Tb is stanceisa supernanrral abiliTy.


level: Swordsage 5

Prereqursite. Two Shadow Hand


InitiatiOll Action: 1 standard action Range: Melee arrack

Tuget: One creature SavingTh:rQW: Fortitude partial,

Spi1tr11ng}'llIil· blade in a butterflylilte _Pllttmr, ygu administer 11 doftn precise alts irt nneyebli111t. Hlooi!fiawsfrom y,oL!rfoe's Gpened lit 111 •

As pan of tJ1is rna uenver, you.:m~ ke a single melee: atLaek. If this mack hus, yOlll" oppenenr Lakes 4· point~

f Cnnsmutien darnage in addition [ our 3ILSck'S normal damage, Ii successful FOrt\llfb1cie save (DO 15 + your Wi modifierhedllces thts Constirution damage to 1 peinrs, alzbeugh rhefoe srill takes full mn:mal me1e!;drtmpage.


hadow Ha~a. (Stance)

level: Swordsage L InitiationActio.n: 1 swift action Range: Personal

Tm:ge-t: You

Duration: Stance

As yflTt 1110Ve, shadow, flutter twa swami flrtlUUd )'OU. Evf:l,llmdf'rthebright.deseri 51111. ymt lire d'lffiCilll to

spot {J5 long tl.I ),011 l~lmril1 itlllWI;iOI1,

As lin mjtia-~e af (he Shadow HaneL school, you learn

[0 channel and conrrol d:u1q shadowy errergies. This energy flows around you like a concealmg robe, hiding you from your oppenents 1I5 rheyarrempttc strike YOLL,

1E you move at

J east.tO Ieerdming YOUT rum, you gaincbnceahnent

again51: all melee and ranged attacks nnril the start of yom next rum. You also gain me standard benefirs of concealment, bUE you cannot use this stance to hide in plain sigilli you must STill use Some ether terrain fearure rbartrosmallyallows you to lise the Hide skill, 'the flutferi,ng shadows m,keitdi.fficalrfo speeifically target you, bin yom enemiesare aware of YOUI postrion,

This maneever is a supeinatural abiliTy.

CLJNGfNQ.- Sf1ADOW SJ1BJKE Shadow Hand (Strike)

Le el: wordsagc 1

Lnirfarior, Ac,tion: T standard acrinn Range: Melee attack

Target: One creature SavingThtow-: EOI nrude parris]

YOILr weapoll tra.nsfo1"m~ ihtv soli-d darllness. Whetl It 5~rikGs home, It dlSGhrwge5 In II 'HJJ't:'~l.illg OID of si1.aJsw (Il!t~ ~11gl,llfs yo II r foe'); eye!.

As pari of this maneuver, you make a single melee attack. 1f it hits, you deal an extra ld6 points of damage, lind your opponent must rna ke a successful Fortitude save (DC 11 + yourW-is modifier) o_rsuHe-ra 20% miss chance on all melee and ranged attacks for i round. A suecessful save negates the miss chance, but nor [he extra ds mage.

This -mnneuver is II supernatural ability,

An"o1lls 71Ii~£ 4 lia!Jling ;7I1o,.dstlge "sing the cblld of sbadoies stance

CLOAK OR DECEPTION Shadow Hand (Boost)

Level: Swol'dsage 2

Inifiatioll Action: I swift actton Range: Persona]


Duration: 'Bnd of tu rn

TheslmdiJws a1'ound rOl/Seem, to ~HrgclO1'Lliflrd (lnd tll1gH/fyl}1l, tOY tI- b.rief 1'l'lOlnBnt, llley reniler YOIl invisible.

When youlniliiate this nraneuver, you rurn Invisible, as the grer'd~r itlvisihllity

spell (PH 2'~ ). 'lOu remain invtsrble unnl the end of your CIlIT€nt rurn. l'h is maneuver is a su pernar urn I abiliry,

D)\NCE OF THE SPIDER ShadowHand (Stance)

Level: Sworasl1ge 3

Initiation Action: 1 swife~eti0n Range: Personal

Target: YOtl

Duration: Stance

Rinck, shadow}' E11ergy rouers y011'1" Jlaml' Ilnd feet, aHOIvil'lg you to sruft1e ncros5 thl' wal15 and iug Uke a Irlrking S'pitillt:.

Wbile you are in th is stance, you gain a bene fi t similar to the spidm:limb spell (PH 283).-YoLl gain II dimb speed of 10 feet. You: do not need to malIe a Cllmb check to traverse a verrical or horizontal surface, even if you attempt £-0 move <'lG'fSSS a .ceiling, Youretain Y0ul" Dexteriry bonus to AC while climbing and you must have at Ieast ene hand

free to support yourself while YOll climb. You do not take any penalties, nor do your opponent -guin ally bonus when attacking you, while you climb.

You cannot take a Hill action while I::limb· ing in -rIDS manner:

OKAT'HIN THE DARK Shadow H a .nd


Level; Swordsage 7 Initiation Action: 1 staa-

dard action Range: Melee attack Target: One creature

Saving Throw: Forti rude partial

Yilu '111[:11 yourfDc unrr.W(.ITe, nUowirlgYOll to delll a ~i.1Igle, cleadly str-ike that '!firs Her inrlantly.

This maneuver functions only against a flat-footed opponent. As pan of this mall uver, make asmglemeree arrack. If this attack hits, you deal normal damage and the target must make a ForUttldesave (DC::: 17 -I- yow;-Wis mmnlier). U [he ta rget.Iails thtS"S3ve, she Takes an --e:;,.o-trn 15d6 pOIIl'fS ef damage.

iller save succeeds, she .-akes::m_extra 5d6 point of damage. This maneuver function only agains[ opponents who II re vnlnera Me to crincal hits.

DRAfN VITALITV .shadow Hand (Suike) Level words age '2

Prerequisite: One Shadow H-and


Initiation Actiou: 1 srandard.action Range: ielee atrack

Target One creature

Saving Throw: Fortitude negates

A ji1il1t t1imblll oj siddy gray"shadow surr6u mls your weapotl. Wilen you a!:tach/il11s shadowy aura flows into the woullll )11111 HlJl.:id, 5appmgyour DppOnel'lt'~ltiength, vitality, "nd energy.

As pan of lhis maneuver.make a single melee arrack. I£ rhis atrark hits, you deal normal melee damage anti rhe rarget must make a successful Fortitude save (,DC 11 + your Wis modtfier) or- take 2 pointS of Constitutien damage. A successful save negates the Gonstirution damage but not the normal melee damage.


Shadow Hand (Strike) Level: wordsage 8

Prerequistte: Three Shaoow Hand


Irdtiation Action: 1 standard action Range: Melee attack

1'a·rget: One creature

Saving Throw: Fcrtitude negares

Your weapon bl.'Gdmes cIoalmLilran fnl~y, bL,uk 11Imbll . A~yO'Ll mike your opprnlel1~ tltatel1~rgy /loUJs jnrDthe wound a,uilettlJc, 111m Pille, weak, and shaking.

As part of [his maneuver, you make a srngle melee attack If rhisarrack hits, I he target must make a successful Forrirude save (DC 18 t yow· Wis modifier) or g;!ID ld·~ negan ve levels. You gain 5 tempera ry h it poi 111S for each negative Ievelyour enemy gains. Temporary hit points gained in this manner last-until the end of !be encounter. The effe~ts of any D ganve levels bestowed by this strike disappear in 24 hours.

1 tb.e tlll.-get: has at least as many negauve levels as Hit Dice, it dies. Each negartve level gtves a creature a-J "penalty on attackroils,Sllving fhrCi)ws, sltiU checks,-abUhy checks, and effective level (for aetet:m.i.niug the l?ower) dunn ion, DC and other details 0"fspell.s er special abilities). Additionally, a spellcasrer loses oDe.Ji_FJell or spell slot from her highest ItvaiJihte-revel.. Negative levels stack.

In addition to the negative levels, your arrack deals .nermal. damage, even if the target succeeds en the saving throw.

This maneuver is ~ supernatural ability.


Level; Swotdsage.9

Prerequistte, Five Shadow Hand


Inirtatlon Action: 1 standard action Range: Melee attack

Target: One creature

D'uration: t minute

Saving Throw: Fordtude partial; see text

With II single lunge,yott pierce }'OU1' etle!'tIY to the. cor~. A shmww of utnma:w rold falls aver his heIt1·fqmihe.giR5ID W01'nJ l!trough his tlCi.1S to nle five POUlts ofl11sbody.

As pan oJ rh"is.m.aneuver. you make :l single melee arrack, r£yoohit, yeudea1 normal melee damage phiS- an exrra 1Sd6 polnts ofdamage,llnd a shadow spreads omil·Om y8U:r etllillly',.:; hearl, "[he ~loQd in his veins. Roll a dzo and refer to the1nllirmatic)n below to d ererroine toward which point ofhls bod y the freezing shadow spread . This effect functions eventf YOuIoppOnent is not humanotdt cnce you have struck your foe's hea rr, the s:-haGow produces the same effects even.m a creature with a d i fferem anatomy.

Resulr of 1-7: Spreads out 1'0 legs.

AbO i I"y damage! 2d6 Dex. pedal effect:

Speed is reduced to O.feet.

Result oEs-i4: Spreads out~o arms.

Ability damage, 2d6:Su-.Spedci effeCt: -6 penalty on 3rtackr~lIsand G011Ct!Ilrrarion checks.

Result of 1S-2{): Struck in the heart.

Ability damage: 2d6 Dex, 2d6 Str, Special. effect: 206 points of c:; on suruti(!)n damage ..

.AIoe·struddjy'ilttack must make a SIlcc~ssfnllibFt.itudll; save (ne 19 ... your Wis medf.fier~ to resist irs effects . On a sl1ccessfilhaVE, the target ignores any special efi'ea:from me arrack and rakes half the incllcated ability damage (but still Takes normal melee damage as well as the extra lsd6 points of damage) . .Each of the special effects lasts fo"! ld6 rounds.

This maneuver is a supernatural ability.

GHOST BLADE Shadow Hand (Strike) Level: Swords age 6

Prerequisite: Three Shadow Hand


Initiation A,"tion: 1 standard acrioa Range: Melee attack

Target: One creature

A Ht1i!e brigf1.tem Y01.IY [out> eyes; he has dodged )'DUl' blow. But -that WCl~ ltler~Ly tile ghost blade. T11e real blade i5 WtUl1g swift! y from underneath, ami yet he still smiles ....

As part of this maneuver, you make a melee attack, As you strike at your opponenr: younearean illusory double oryoUIweapc:m. This double-slashes ar your oppanenr, melting him into mistaking-it for yorn: attack In truth) the Illusion cloaks you:r 11e31 attack. YOl1I opponentis eaught flat-footed against ~b is stnike, as clJe hidden attack from a new direction ruins ,h_js defenses.

ThIs maneaver is 2 supernatural abiHry.

HAND OF DEATH Shadow Hand (Strike) Le:vel: Sw[[)rcisage4

Initiation ACtion: 'l standard. action Range: ToUch

Target: Cteature.rouched DUl:i}t~on: lci3, rottnds

S;:lVing. Thre. : Fortl'hldenegates

YOH I'MG/1 o,~t tl1!tfmp 19urfoe LVQ!l a slllg1~ pt1grLHer rodk ofpIl2'Zlemenl LUn1~ 10 {eflr a~ hlfld~ lfJ1ergy spreads I1CTOSS ltv!' bariy, mlllmng he.' hcJp!t,~.

You draw lfPlilO the power ofshadow m render a smgl.efoe helpless . Byrouchlng specific nerve center 1I nd ehanneling yo~u hi, you leave your enemy's muscles cold, loGked, and useless.

This maneuver ftLl1.cflo:trs only against flat-footed opponents. As part 01 chis maneuver; you make a melee touch artack.againsr YOUl' opponent. If This attack hits, your opponent must make a successful Forttnide save (DC H + your Wis modifier) or b paralyzed for 103 rounds.


badow Hand (Srance)

Level: Swordsage 1 Initiation.Action: 1 swift action Range: Personal

Target: You

Duration: Stance

You doa/, ycltH'self iII (l sWlrlillgnimbus of dmdrm'll"ne-rgy, Thesl? shadows, fpil1 and /Iowarollud you, pre'u~tltillgal1ycrBatu're lloor Ylrel frail'! being able to l1.11hciplltc }'ll1l"1' atia &ks.

Your turn YOllr enemies' strengths against Them, improving your combat abiliry as well as that of an ally. When you and 3 comrade move to attack an opponent, you time your st acks -and. position yourself [0 frustrate your opponeru's defenses.

Ifbam you and an ally are adjacentro the same cream re, rhe two of YOll gain the benefit for flanking ilia topponenr, You can gain this benefit againsr mu lrip]e opponents at the same lime, as can your allies. I£bom you and an ally are adjacent [0 the same [WO creatures, [he two of you gai n the benefit of flanking againsrboth creatures.


Level: Swordsage 4

l;'re:requisite: Two Shadow Hand ma.neuver~

Initiation Action: 1 seanda I'd action .Range: lvielee attack

arget: Qne, creature

Duratton: ll:01-111d

aVing :r:Iu:ew: Forttrude l)~ rtia]

A$ }rOli s !nlle yOl~r opponent, you SHnlJnOtl Ih,' MJ I'tl~rgi~s of!h. Iladow I:;;i:rltld school

tfJ "ob yOtL~ fef>,'iJ(hi"t' .it-g It. 11111)'. bJ.,'ld emrgybt~lwows'i11.tQ 11ereyes, mm:li?l'fng her bLiltd fa ~ aie ~Ii (r,,}:I1rlml. 11'lo'lll unJi;.

As [I: s,taridm:a action,. y,oU,Gbl:). 'make a slDgle me'leealtaclC. :r.t: it hits, ~oLlr opponent takes norrnai melee d'&tnage plus an extra Sd6points 8£ damage. She must also make asuccessful Portitude save (DC 14 + your Wis modifier) or suffer a 50% miss chance on all melee and ranged attacks for 1 round. A successful save negates the miss chance, but not the extra damage.

This-maneuver is it supernatural ability:

ONE WITH SHADOW Shadow Hllld (Counter) Level: Swotdsage B

Prerequisite: Three Shadow Hand


lnifiafio"hActfon: 1 immediate action R-ange: "BersoB.a_[

Ta'tget: YOtl

DUration: 'See text

Yiltl Ji;t~ffl; iJjto !,,1'ti:t1i c5sen~e oj 511 a,d.ow, -turnil~I'lf{rahsliarerjl', th,en "i,'nsubstdi1.tln./,

As an Immediate action, you become Incenposeal. You' gain all the bellefits uf theincorForehl~u btype, along wjth the-drawbacks, as outlined in the Incorporeal Subtype sidebar. All of your gear becomes ineorporeal, although you cannot grant this state ro a living creature that you touch or cany. You remain incorporeal until the beginning of your next turn.


Shadow Hand (Strike)

Level; Swordsage i InitiationAction: 1 standard action Range: 1'Lelee attack

Target: One.erearnre

Ylnl w~a\le yaLlr w~a'Pll fl in. Itl'l e/ 'p'att~ r-n" ~rel:lfing' a'lri11u,5o roy dOf~bte t11r:1t gi,(lW5 w#h "l!h.jtc' ~Jtwrgy, As you malw yotW ai-j,afh, 1iMh yOl~l' tnw. w_ctl:PCln rlml. the iJ!usiofT si.!lsi1.a( ygli,rfoe.

"Ihis tnal;,_e'UV~r allows YOu; co create a m.ystic,J -dauble cd£ yo:w., weap0n, As you"att~(';~ Y-0uribe must d~oid:e which

weapon to de-fend against. In most CasE'S, the iHtLS01'Y weapon distract-s your foe and ai'10'Ws your tnte-atcaclno hit III some GaSeS, borh atta:cks strike borne, JJl ilMs case, the slradow hlad~ distibatges its magic ana imbces yom attack with cold energy.

As parr of this maneuver, you make a single melee attack agai:nst; 3]) opponent. Unlike on a normal auack, you roll 2d20 and selecr which of the two die results to use. If you use the higher die result, resolve your attack as normal (Your mystic double misses, but your true arrack might hit) If you use the lower die result, or ifbofh die results are me same, your aU' an extra 1d6 points 01 cold. damage as both the mystic double's artack and your true weapon strike home.

This maneuver is a supernatural ability.


Shadow Hand [TelepQrtation] Level: Swordsage 7 Initiatio:nAction: 1 swift action Range: 50ft.

Target: YOli:

In I,hl! blinh of I.Ij1 eye, ),011 di~tlppetl1' tllld emerge from f), mote ofshadOiAl t'lIfltgyatl'&S$ I'll e bat 11 fieLd.

Tbis maneuver functions as the shadow [aum maneuver, except thar it- can be initiated as a swift action.

SHADOW GARROTE Shadow Hand (Strike) Level: Sword sage 3

Initi.ation Action: 1 standard action Range: 60ft

Target: One living creature Duration: ee text

Saving Throw: Fortitude partial

Wltl1 a sllbr1e gllS'rure, )'011 wrve a slice of shadow]l'Dlll the tlil' amuftd YBl~ and cast il towfl-rd YOtif foe. It t-Vmp, IlYOW1.1 tlu cracr.(lm's 11eck and 5q_l(mesthe li}jtfrom n.

As part of this maneuve 'j you create 11, serand of shadow [bar yoq hurl in an oppon 11e. The strand wraps J1cJ:OUllq rhe target's throat and ch0kesi[. As parr of rbis maneuver you mak-e a nugeCL ronch attack against a crearure within

nngc.lfvourattllci{ is successful, yom oFponem takes 5d6 points nfi:l.amage. In addition, tt znusr ma!!':e a successful Fortitude save (DC 1;3 rl- yom Wis modifier) or hecome Ral'-fobten until the start of its next turn. This stnkehas no effecr against nonliving creatures, such as constructs and nn:dead.

This maneuver is a supernatural ability.

As part sf rhis-mllneyv€f. you disappear in II cloud ofdarknessandteleportup £0 sa feerawaY:Y0u mwrrliave line ofsight and Iine of effect to your destination. r.f you anempt to USe this maneueer o(p move into an 0~f:npleti space, you do nor move,llud the maneuver is expended hut 113s neceffecr.

SHADOW JAUNT Shadow 11and [Teleportation] Level: wordsage 2

Initiation Action: 1 standard action Range: 50 ft.

Target: You

SHADOW NOOSi Shadow Rand (Srrike) Level: Swordsage 6

Initiation Actiom 1 standard action Range: 60 ft.

Target: O:ne-flat-feotedhving erearute Duration: !I. round

.Saving Throw: Fortirude par dal

A cloud of sh ado W 611 et-gy en g>i!fs _yo HI S'ftl115 mto II tiny mote, ane! dtsrtppears. A man1ent Laler; this shadoluy dOHd ap-pearsacrossihe battlefield and expels- ynu from it

As yo II foe stll(gg!es to ready his defenses, you makt!1l subtlegestuT6n the air. A noose formed of shadow d1'01'5 from above hllll, VVl'llpS (militia his thmil~ iind hoisfs hml

flloft His limbs flailll~ he struggles to f r~.: him.elf from the sfrang}ingHoose,

As paJ;t of this maneuver, you form 1'1 noose of sbacl:ow that wra-ps arourul your ratget and strangles him. 'This maneuver works only against a flatfooted target'. Aspartof this maneuver, you nrakea rangedrouch attack against a aar-fomed cteamre within rangeLl' ir hirs, youwpponent [a kes Sd6 points of damage. In addilion, be must make a successfnl Fortrmde save (DC 16 + your Wis modmet) 01' be surnned for 1 rmmd. A successful save negates the stun, but Dot the extra damage. This strike has no effect against nonLiving-creatures; such-as constructs andundeaif.

This manetrcer is a supernatural ability.

INCORPOREAL SUBTYPE rt is fired and can affect a corporeal target normally lno miss The incorporeal 5U otype was updatedin Monster Manual/I / for Ghanc::e). M agic items po S5 essed by an in co r p-o rea I creatu re darity. Reference this version pf the subtype when you usethe work normiall~ With respect to thelr effects on the creature or on one with shadow maneuver. another target. Similarly, spells cast by an incorporeal creature

Incorporeal Subtype: Some creatures are incorporeal by affect corporeal creatures normally.

nature" wl'tile others (such as-those 'that become ghosts) can An incorporeal creature has no natural.armor bonus but has.

aGluire the incorporeal subzype. An incorporeal creature has a deflection bonus equal to, its Charisma bonus (always at least

no physical body, It can be harmed only by other Incorporeal +1, even If the creature's Charisma score does net nermally

creatures, magic weapons or creatures that strike as magic provide a bonus).

weapons, and spells, spell-like abihtles, or supernatural abilities. An incorporeal creature GIn enter or pass through solid obIt is Immune to all non magical attack forms. Even when hit by jects, hut must remain adjacent to tbe o-Oject's exterior, and so, spells, indudi ng to uch spells, or magic wea po ns, it has a 50% cannot-pass. entirely through a n object whose space is larger than chance to ignore any damage from a corporeal source {except its own. lt can sense the presence oft!reafu(es or objects Within for pesl tive energy, n en erg}" force effects such as mC<,gic a ?quBre aailae-ent to its current location, but enemies have rota I

r'tlissife, or attacks made with ghost touch weapons). Nondarriag- conceairtrent (50% miss chance) frelii n incorporeal creature

ing spell eFfects affect incorporeal creatures normally unless that lslnslde an object. In order-to s~e farther from the object it

they require corporeal targets to function (such as implosion) is in and attack normally, the incorporeal creature must emerge.

or they create a corporeal effect that Incorporeal crealru~es An iAcerp0real creature inside anobject hasrotal cover, butwheh

Quid normally be unaffected by (such as a web or wail afstane it.a"fiacksa creature outside the object it only has cover, so, a ereasfIell). Altheugh rt is not a magical attack, holy water can affect ture eutside with a readied action could stri((e at it as ft attacks. incorporeal undead, buta hitwrth holy water has a 50% chance An i~orp9real creature cannot pass thr6ugh a force effect.

of net affecting an incorporeal creature. Incorporeal creatures pass thraugh and operate in water

An mccrporeal creature's attacks pass through (ignore) as !!asily as they do in air. Incorporeal creatures cannot fall or

natural armor, armor, and shields, although deflection bonuses take faJling damage. Incerpereal creatures cannot make trip or and force effects (such as mage oTmor) work normally against grapple attacks, nor can they be tripped or grappled. In fact, It. N onrna gical attae ks rna de by ani ncorpo rea I c rearu re with they GIn rror take any physical actiorr'that would move or rnaa melee weapen have no effect on corporeal targets, and nipulate an opponent or its equipment, nor are they subject to, any melee attack an incorporeal creature makes with a magic. sueh actions. lncorporeal creatures have no weight and do net

weapon against a corporeal target has a 50% miss chance, set off traps that are triggered by;weigbt.

except for attacks it makes with a ghost touch weapon, which An irtccrporeal sreature m2Ves 51Ien~1~ anIJ cannot be heard

are made normally (110 miss chance). with Listen checks if it soesn',r wish tp be. It has no, Strength

Any equipment worn or carried by all incorporeal creature is SCOff., so its Dexterity, medifi,er applies to both its melee at-

also Incorporeal as long as it remains In the creature's posses- taeks and its ranged attacks. N'GlnvisUal sens~s, such as scent slon. An object that the creature relinquishes loses its incerpo. and blindsight, are either ineffective or nnly partly effective with real quality (and the creature leses_the ability to manipulate tU-re r~rg to incerporeal creatures, Im;orporeal creatures have an

object]. If an Incorporeal creature uses a thrown weapon or a innate sense of'olrectlen and can move at full speed even when

ranged weapon, the projectile b.ocomes corporeal as soon as they cannot see,

-- ~~ _ ~ C' lRr~~- __ .. ~ __ ~

SHADOW STRIDE Shadow Hand LTefepbnaIloDJ Level: Swoclsa_ge:5

In i.:tiatioD Action: i mo,\"e action Range: SO ft.

Target! Yon

1'011 di~~pI! to ii'l to a p1iff af BJ.a:ck snadow. A motneu! Inter! .tlxMhII dt:rw cca!,esces, al1l1 ),(m appear jifty ferrallla)'.

This maneuver fUnctions as the shadow jaunt maneuver, .a:t.ept tiJ,arit can be initiated as n move action.

STALKER IN THE. NrC-HT Shadow Hand (<SttiKe)

Level: Swordsag~6

Initiation ActiOn: i frill-TOuna action Melee attack

Target: One ereanrre

You slide tILrouglJ fhe- d«FR: !ike a bird of pre}" CltlCrgl rIg OI1W ta strike down )'ourfll~ bL10 re s Irdlllg b[!d~ inlu sluwo LU~ we Ito mmgembmce.

As part of tm;is maneuver, you move up to yOllr sj:ie-eo and make a single melee attackat any pain r au rmg your movement. If you were hidden before initiating this maneuver, you can keep rhe results of your previ-

ous Hide and Move. Silently

check seven

though yw m.Ove and nttar k As kmg ~ you end you...mrn fn a spot th,1t a! lows you to hide. ,t0Ui! foe's tn LiS~ make Spot and Listen dB€:e1~s as ,lijotfun! t8 discC:U1 YOlttpl'ese'i1ce, rQitt·fuo~tr'l.lli!lta.nd 'this ma.tlellvet~ana.dt have FlO eJflil::c on YOUT Hide ~ni.dMbve Silently tesu1t~.


Shadow Hand (Stance) level: Swordsage 5

Prerequisite: Two Shadow Hand


In'i.'ti.ationAction: 1 s'wutactio)'1 Range: llersoffill


D.Ul'atiion: St:i.ilCe

~'ou ftCI i51'O Uf l11l'rt.1· n~ Se.1' 1>'« of ki energy to genertl'tc jfolt.(il1g shJ1QOWS tha.t lift yOIl oJf the gTOltl1d. You walk across the roughest grolmd, even u;akr, wllh arise.

While you are in this stance, you ca 11 walk up. to 5 feet above the ground. Yom speedbecomes.2Q'.fe:etwhile you ate in this sta'Dcc! ant! you cannot run. Yon ignore any mrrMn featur«

that fails ill project more than 5 f,,~ r aoov.e.rhe grmmd, such as difficlllt. t~ rain, n=fng liLva, water, and so fortb.. lfi-addiffM, YOIl ignore rhe standa:rd pen;lJt(i'essn Hide and Move Silendy cne€lrs fOI: In'O\ilng quickly,


Shadow Hand (Suike) Level: Swordsage 3

Prezequisfre: One Shadow Hand


Initiation Action: f standard actian Range: Meie.eattack

Target: One creature

Saving Tlirow: Fortitud e half

:t1'quidJ blaEk energy covers YQlir H/Cn.PDI1. AsyolHl'fike yam' opponent, this ll1il1;1!rlai flows into the, spnmds aJong hts vei us, -IlJld lea lieS him wea nenca.

Iv> pm of this maneuver, yOll rna ke- a single melee attack againsr an opponent. In add1ti"on [0 dealing normal melee.damagewtth the attack yOll deal 4 points of·Bti-ength damage. A successful Fortitude save (DC 13 + yom Wis'Ve.s this Strength damage, but has no effect on the nOl'mal melee

damage-yoll deal with [he strike. -'TIilli maneuver is a supernatural ability.


The rene Dragon dtseipllne focuses on strength, gower, and toughness. lIS teachings grant a martial adept the abtltry ro splmter.steel with a sLugle, focused blow.Strrne Dragon's defensive abilities focus on tapping into the enduring power of stone to turn aside attacks. discipline's fa\70red weapons are the greatsword, greataxe, heavy mace, and unarmed strike. Its key skill is Balance,

Unlike wlth other disci pJ_i nes, ad epts o£this school rely on an external force[he power of me earth and srone-[O help power their maneuvers. As a result, tone Dragon maneuvers can be initiated only if you are III ccmaer w1rh the ground.

ADAMANTINE BONES Stone Dragon (Strike)

Level: Crusader 8, swordsage 8, warblade

Prerequisite: Three Srone Dragon


lnitiation-Actio.n: 1 smndatd action Range: Personal

Target: Y01.l

Duration: 1 round

\'011 m·t! atllltlpilletmblewweTofdefirmce 011 the baltJejield.Attackingyou isns frUitless as sh,hmg It moum!lil111Jrlh a lAIrllJlrllgstick.

The upreme fo:cu.s,mentalloughness, lind physical durability taught by the Stone Dragon fusJ:ipfine culminate in thi jlowerlul combat maneuver. When you make a successful attack, your mind focuses your body Inro the equivalem of II living shard of rock. Even the mo [ferodousattacks bounce off yOt1 wirhour harm.

A partofrhis maneuver, you make a single melee attack. If this attack hits, you ~in damagereduction 2o/adamantine for 1 round,


StOJ1e Dragon (Strike)

Level: Crusader 7, swordsage 7, WQrblade 7

Prerequisite: Three Stone Dragon maneuvers

InitiationAction: 1 standard action Rang . Melee acrack

'Iarget: One creature or unattended object

Ym.l pHI Ina weIght at IT gruat I1'IOM1'llam hdritld yew' nHt1L:R, pumu£inli f/'{rollgh 1lr!I1DT alll!. bQ~I~.

Ai, pan of rhis maneuver, YOli make a singlemelee arrack, Thisarrsck deals an extra 12d6 points of damage and auto.maucally overcomes damage-reduction and hardness.

BONESPL TTING STRrKE Stone Dragon (Srrike)

Level: Crusader +, swordsagl." 4, warblade 4

Prerequisite: Two Stone Dragon


Initiation Actiou: 1 standard action .Range: Melee attack

Target: One creature

YOllr attack slam, home=lIllth a feroClolis cmck of SJlO! Imd bones ana pulped jlesh_ YOtlY target reels 1lI1clw.II.rd, still a!ive bllt severely rripp!ed.

A Stone Dragon adept is an.implacable foe, Your attacks smash through armor and Will bone inro dust. By focusing yoursrrengrh Inma single; devastating attack, you smash an opponent to core.His very heslrhand endurance are left wrecked by your attack.

As pan of [his rn arreuver, you.make a sing Ie melee attack. Ifyollr attack hits, the target takes normaldaraage as well as 2 points of ConstituIirm damage.

BONECRlJSHER Stone Dragon (Strike)

Level: Crusader 3, swordsage 3, war-

blade 3

.Initiation Action: 1 standard action Range: Melee a track

Target One creature

Duration: See rexr

5a"e: Forti rude partial; see TeXT

You. del,ver your attack, and your enemy's eres jerk wine open in panic as IllS sJwl,eton begim to frrluture 1)1 humlreds of place

As pan of this maneuver, rOll make a melee arrack.Ifyourarrack hits, it deals an extra -ki6 poinrs of damage. The

crearnre srrnck musrsucceooona Fortitudesave (DC 13 + your-Srr modifier) or-irs skeletal structure becomes massively weakened, and.all rclls mil-de to confunl a critics 1 h[( against the 'target gailla +10 bonus, A successfulsave does not negate the extra damage.

This effect laSTS until The target's hit points ate restored tn their Iu Il normal total, whether bymagrcal or norm al healing.

Creatures without a dtseernlhle anatomy orthat are imrnurre to critical hitsate Immune to rhis maneUVer's special effect. The extra damage still applies against such targets.


Stone Dragon (.Boost)

Level; Crusacl r 4, s\No.rdsage 4-, war-

blade 4

Initiation Action: l full-round action Range: Personal

Ta....-get: You

Dtaration: Instantaneous

Li!W"tj.DOU IdeI' tumblingdaum l11TIountnil1- .side, yo u, ,)(1111 1·/'1 your enemies.

Yonare an implacable foe once you gain enough momentum, AsYGIlIDove across the banlefield, your fuesmnstsmnd aside or be crushed beneath yourfeet,

If you make an overrun attack (f1H 157), you c.a:ni,uiliare rbiS boosr.Yongain 3 +4 bonus on your Strength dleckniade to overrun, and if you fail your check, your target can't kncckyca prone. You simply stop moving in the last legal spate_you occupied. You donbrprovoke arracks of opporruniry fortbemovement or the overrun attempts.

CHARGING MTNOTAUR Stone.Dragon (Strike)

Level: Crusader I., swordsage 1, war-

budei -

InitjationAction: 1 full·mund action Range: Melee attack

Target; One creature

lau Chllrge (!t your foej ~1.f.liSting hhl'l WHl1 such pOMle1' that he ShU7lbliJS back.

A3 Y0lL:TOaracros rhe bamdie-Id. 'lour posirisn yourself to deliver? devastattng charge auack When Y!;Hl slam

into an e-pponem, you crush. him wrth eaaeussive force and send him snunbLmg backward.

/vi; pm ofthis maneuver, you mlike a buU rush attack (PH 154) as pan: of n chaI~ Neither the movement nor the btill tush attack provolses attacks of opperrnairy, Resolve the bull:rush aUeJnpr ngrmaUy. If your Strength check exceeds the opponent's result, you deal bludgeoning damage equal ro 2d6 + your -Str modifier in addition [0 pushing' rhe rarger back as 00=a1 Assuming ygur Strength check Is-high enough; you can push yOU]; targer back more than 5 feet (as nOfJuaIIQJ":;_ bull rush, but wtrhout having to follow).

COl.OSSUS STRrKE Stone Dragon (Srrike)

Level; Crusader 7, swcrdsage 7, warblade?

Prereqtriaife: Two. Storie Dragon


Initiation Action: 1 standard ncrien Range; Melee arrack

Target: One creature SavingJ:Iuow: Fortlrude partial

FOCilsilig your strmtgt11 with n deell, rumbling ~ho LIt,. YOl.~xl1cJ_di1 I'm attach til!! t 5end5 ytlllropponent flying through the air.

As pan of this maneuver, you make 11 melee artack against your foe. This attllCK deals an extra GdG points of damage; andthe creature struck UlUS[ succeed on a Fortitude save (DC 17 + YOUt Srr_modmer) or be hurled ld4- squares away from you, falling prone irr rhar square. A crearure of a smaller size category-than yoors gers a -2 penalty on this save; a creature of 11 larger size category than yours gets a +2 bonus On the save. The enemy's movement doesn't provoke.artacks ofopportunity. If an obsracle blocks the creature's movement, -rtins~ead stops in the first unecenpied square.

CRUSHING VISE Stone Llrngon (Strike)

Level: Crusader 6, swordsage 6" war-

blade 6

InitiatlonAction: 1 stat:Hi'ard action Range; Melee attack

TaI'ge-c One erearure

Durarkin: i !'i;lund

Ttw ovsnIiJul!1lI111g_POwel' h.'lalrd },flJlf'llt111cR 1e-ll1l • .'syouroppotlSl1t1mnble If! I 'lllW.TIw JIUlh ish ing drmll frmes -jUo wast~ j1 few !rWmmt, sJ11"'!!gging off the .effCGts of Y01:! r nUtlck,

By lTIq king a _poweIfel,l" focused blow, you leave your opponent ~i1ll:1bletom(')ve. The crushing weighr of your attack forces it to waste a precious moment regaining its footing.

As part of this maneuver, you make a melee attack. This attack dea Is a n extra 4d6 poi nts of damage. If the creature YOLI hi t is standing on the ground, your attack also drops the target's speed toO feet (for alimovementtypes) for 1 round. Ie call act normally in all other ways.

This maneuver functions Dnly against opponents standing on che ground. A flyfng creature or a levitating targe t is i mrnu ne to the, speed reducing effect, butnor to rhee'Xna damage:


Stone Dragon (Stance)

Level: Crusader 31 swordsage 3, warblnde.3

Prerequ.isrte: One Storie Dragon


InitiatIon Action: 1 swlft' action Range: Personal

Target: You

Duration: Stsnce

You crusl1 your opponent fiel'lea,th you, sq_ !,wezing/itc lIf"i! out,ofhill1 a s yo LI, pil1'him to lhe gyoLmd,

Engaging in close combat agaiasryouis, at best, a fooliili pmspec[, Drawing on your unds rs tanding of the Stone Dragon discipline, yousqu.eeze afoe within your grasp and force mellie from him.

WhHe.yolraL'e in this-s1:ance, you gd:in the abiHty ttl. constrictfo!" 206 pOirMo:£ damage +1"1/2 times yoor Stt" bonus (rr any). You Call cQllstdct ~Il opponent chat -you grapple by making a successful grapple checit

EARTHSTRTKE QUAKE Stone Drago:t:t{Str.ilm)

Level: 8hlsa_c\er 8,swq:rdsage a,war" blade 8

Prerequralte: TWQ Stone Dragpn rnarreuvers

Initiationadion: 1 standard aGrioiU

Range: 20 fro

Area: 2'O-ft.-radlus bursr, centered on you

Duration: Instantaneous Savingl1luow: Reflex negates

YOli SUli'l1,!: your l.t!eapan in il wild art', >lrU!lming it info du gl,t.l!Il1d ,tI:'yom' feet. E!lf.TID' ruJge~ol.!t front you, caUSIng thf grollnd 10 slmdiler lllitJl IT S}lilrp tremor.

You channel hI into the earth with Y01U migbry strike, causing-the ground to rumble and shake briefly. Anyone srandiag on the ground in this maneuver's area must make-a successful Reflex save (DC 18 + your SIT modrnp'r) or be knocked prone. Any creature-srand ing on the ground in this area 'that is cuerenrly casting a spell must succeed on a Cencenrration check (DC '20 + speH level) or lose the spell

You are immune 1o-the effect df the earthsrrike quake maneuver. Your allies must still save as- norms] against its-effect.

Walls and similar barriers don't block the line of effect of an earthstrike que ke.


Stone Dragon (Strike)

LeveL Crusader 5, swordsage 5, warblade 5

Prerequisite: Two Stone Dragon


Lnitiatfon Action: 1 standard ae60Jl Range: Melee attack

Target: One creature or unartended objecr

¥Ol4 draw strength from the earth benelltJJ your feetCllld transfe, it Il1to ruinllus po wc I'. ¥QliX nex.t aHac:k {hops li[.e an (,I.vC!! upor! yo-r,lI"joe, J1arnmerillg hm! i.nfo 5!lllmissiol1.

The students: of rhe Stone D.ragon discipline learn to tap infO the power of the earth, channel Its endless strength, aDd use it to grant thetr arracks Tremendous force. Astru('e dMivexed bya Stone Il1-agon a.dept can shai~!ll: a warrior's ~hieM, [mil a, wooden do 0): toto: €plinre:s, or slay an ogre with a single j;llo\V.

Whett you use this maneuver, you make a single-melee arrack, That ~ttack

This maneuver is an evolution Gf the techniques and abilities-covered by ~he stone bones maneuver. Your meditative focus, ki, and rrainingaljow your mind to evereorne marrer.

Weapons bounce from you sldn and barely injure you.

When you use this maneuver, you makea single melee attack, If this arrack hits, you gain damage reduction to/adamantine fur t round,

deals an extra 6d6 peinrs gf damage and auromadcally overccmesdaarage reduction and h a!id ness.

GIANT'S STANCE Stone Dragon (Stance)

Level: Crusader 5, swordsage 5, warblade 5

Prerequisite: Two Stone Dragon


Initiation Action.: 1 swift action Range: Personal

Target: You

.Durarion: Stance


Level: Crusader 6, swordsage 6, warblade-e .Iniriation.Action: 1 standard action

Range: Melee attack Target: One crearu re

Duration: 1 round Saving Throw: Fortitude p~tial

YOII swing yom' weapOtl il1 a IV,ide, deadly fm j'ha( sJams into yrrul' foe with il1Cred'i ble _force. Only your mastery of the Stone Dragon tedmiq[lfS allows yO!!

to make such re,~dm blows WIthout losmg your footing:

Tapping into the power of the rone Dragon, you stm wirh resolute, i rresistible force. You learn to ser the full weight of your body into each of your attach,

A warrior with less skill would lose his balance and fall to the ground when using this lighting style.

\; h ile you are in [his s-tance, you deal damage as if yOLl were

ant; size larger than normal, to a maximum

of Large. This benefir improves your weapon and unarmed trike damage, It

does nor confer any of the other benefits or drawbacks of a change in size, such as a modifier ro abiliry scores orAC, or an improved reach.

Thi Stance immediately ends if you move more than 5 feet for any reason, such as from a bull rush attack, a leleIdnrsrs spell, and so form.

You slam your weapon into your foe wilJ1 irresfstibJe forre. H~ can ba rely rneve as hestl1lggles to marsh"., his defenses agairisl YO'll.

A mummy fr:d~ the terrible migl;1 of the elder mountam hammer

Your mighty attack causes your opponenr TO stagger aimlessly feI a few key rno-

-menrs, Iesving him unable to act fully on his UeA'1 turn.

As part of this maneuver, you make a single melee attack.

This attack deals an extra 4d6 points of damage. }._ creature bit by rhls strike

must also make a successful Fortitude save (DC 16 + your Srr modifier) or be unable to rake a standard action for 1 round. It can otherwise act as normal A crearurethar successfully saves still rakes the extra damage.

This maneuver £uncrions on Iy against opponents standing on the ground. A £-lying creature or a levitat;ng targer need not save against the action loss e£IeQ1;; bUT still rakes [he exrra-damage,

Initiation Action: 1. standard action Range: Personal

Target: You

Duration: 1 round

fftONBONES Stone Dragon (Strike)

Level: Crusader 6, swords age 6, warblade 6

Prerequisite: Two Stene Dragon maneuver

As-yall make a s1.!ccessfulllltatk, YC?,H ~l1ter It meditative ~tate that leaves yOll i1.1.nlDd i I'lVlIi'rterable 10 I-Ul1'Ul- Fll'T 'I ft1w brief momentr. armws boum;:eoff-yoltr S!~iI1, I1ntl s~\lortl blow5 ba;rety draw «my bloorl.

tOl - AIN AVALANCHE ron .. Dragon (Srrike)

Level: Crusader 5, swordsage 5, warblade 5

Prerequisite: Two Stone Dragon


lnitiutionActio.n: l.fuI1mQnd action Range: Personal

Target: You

avingThrow: Reflex half. see (ext


Stolle Dragon (Strike)

Level: el'L1Sader 9, ,swo~dsa~e 9, war-

blade 9

InitiatilmAc-Upn: 1 sbmd£l1d jlcdolJ Range: Melee attack

Target: One creature

Level: Crusader s. swordsage • war-

blade '3

InitiatienAction: 1 swi:f[ action Range: Persona l

target: You

Duratton, Etanee

You Grouel1 llm! set: your fet't Ji.IrL ott rhe gJUllnd, rootingyourselfto the SPOfYOH stmlll. Nothingall1 mnveyollfrom thi>pl~ce.

YOH slam into )'0 11 r foe, hl171il1g bones into dash:md muscle into bloody pilIp. YOIll'joe's body Islef! (I crippled, (wIstI'd ItIOc!1CI'Y-

You llIudc throrrglI your enemres like II stoPie glatlt rampaging through a mob of orcs. You crusJ, them underfoot nnd drrve t~lem before ym,[,letllling{l..rraiJ of tl1e dend fl1 YOllr war,£.

Like a living mountain, you choose your posirion on we battlefield and sink your roots into we earth. Wirn your spot chosen on the field. you canner be shiItedfrom your position.

While you are in this stance, you gain a +10 bonus on checks toresist bulL. rush, overrun, and nip artacks, as well as on grapple checks mace to resist an opponears grapple anempt, Any crearure thatatrempts to move through your threatened area or the space you occupv takes a -10 penalry on any Tumble checks irraakes, This stance also gram you damage reducrton 2/-.

Tbis sranse Immedtarely ends if you move more than 5 feet for any reasen, such ,asJ:rom i1 bull rush arrack, a ['elL,hi 11e$is spell, and so forth.

Yom attack causes damage to the strucrure of your foe's body. ru pa r t of this maneuver, you make a Single melee,attack hits, you deal 206 pcinrs '0£ Cons rirution da mage in ,add idon ro your-normal damage.

As parr of this maneuver, yO\l can move up to double your-speed and trample yom opponents. You can enter the space of any creature of your size caregory or smaller. If you enter and occupy all of The space occupied by

uch 11 creature, it rakes damage equal [0 2d6 + 1-1/2 times your IT bonus (iIa ny).

You can deal nampling damage ro a creature O)VY once-per round, no matter how many-times you move into or through its space. You must move into. ellery square-a creature occupies to trample it. If you move over. only parr of the space a creature occupies (for example, you are-a Large creature moving over half r1e space. of a Large opponent), it can either. arrempr an attack of opportuniry against you or it can artempr 11 Reflex save (DC l5 + your Str modifier) to avoid half of your trampling damage.


Level: Crusader-t, swordsage 4, war-

blade 4

Iniriation_4,.ction: 1 srandard action Range: Me.lee attack

Target: Ope crearure

Durattom.I round

Saving Throw: Forttrude partial

STONE BONES Stone Dragon (Strike)

Level: Crusader 1, swordsage 1, WlIT-

blade 1

Initiation Action: 1 standard action Range: Personal

Target: You

Duration: t round

YOI., l'l'll~ghjy stJ'the temporarily disorients yourvppd;lmt. costing him Pl'criOIl5 seconds 115 he shakes off the attack.

You slam your foewi[h a mighty strike, almost knocktng him from his feet and forcing him tofind hts footing and steady himselfbefore he can react.

As part of this maneuver, Y.Oll mil ke :l melee attack. 'this~atlack deals an extra 2d6 points of damage, If the ere a ture you hit is standing on the ground, your arrack also causes the target to lose irs abil try to take a move action for 1 round. Ircan otherwise act normally. A successfu 1 Fortitude save (DC 14- + your SrI' modifier) by the creature snruck negares the loss::ofitsmove action, but nor the extra damage.

This maneuver.fnnctiol1s 0111y against OPP0J1Cl1ts-sta11dIng 011 the ground, A flyit;\gcrea~l~i:~or'a levttating'target need notsave'againsHhe acrion-loss effect, but still takes tile extra damage,

You focus your el1frgy to enhance' ytmr d,efrmses, drawillg 011 the power of yoH1' weapon's impact tvifh a foe to toughen )rourself aga.imt (I. CDwltera:Hnck.

MOUNTAIN HAMMER none Dragon (Strike)

Level: Crusader 2, swordsage 2, war-

blade 2

Initiation Action: 1 standard action Range: Melee arrack

Target: One creature or unattended object

The Stone Dragon tradition reaches-its disciples ro shrug off attacks through a eombinationofmcll[aLfoClls,pure' ness, and£es:ilience. When you make-a successfnlmelee arrack, you attune yout mind and. boch" to such an, incredible extentthar oniythe sharpest weapons £an.injuie-Y0lt.,Lesserannaments cause mere bl-ui.~e:S allcl mihor eu ts,

Whetll'OU use this maneuver, }IOU male a Single melee snack. if tlu attack hirs, you gain damage reduction 5/adam:al1i:i'i:le for b round.

Like afalll!1,g-a!.lflkmche.}'tI1LStril~1' tvitll the weIght (lrlri fHI'¥ of the JJtD1.mtfr';n.

As part of dill maneuver, you make a single melee attaCk. This attack deals an e. ura 2d6 polntsofdamage and aurornartcallv OVetGQID5 damage reducrion and hardness.

ROOTS OF rHE MOUNTAIN Stone Dragon (Stance)

STONE DRAGON'S F RY rene Dragon ~ I!)_i_ke}

Level: Crusader 3, swordsage 3, warblade 3

Prerequistte: One Stoi:J,e D ragan


bitiation Action: r stanrlsrd actio], .Range: Melee attack

TaI;gef: Creature or object struck

\Vltli (l mighty war cry, YOIl slnm your weapon into II sligh! crtlckorotherfllltli in atl object. The objeGf shudders [or II momelll bqorf it eoUapses info broken shards,

Your arrunemenr to Stone Dragon's earth nature allows you to spar flaws In objects with uncanny precision. You use this knowledge [0 your adv3llfage. allow Ing you [0 make devastaring attacks against objects and consrrucrs,

As pan of this maneuver, you make a single melee artack.Jf your auack .hirs a construct or an object, }'01l deal an extra 4ci6 points of damage. You can use this srulke in conjunction with the sunder special arrack (PH 15S) aad arterupr to damage held or earrisd objects. ,Against other targets, "¥tlU gaiJino special benefi.t from rhi maneuver.


tone Dragon (Strike)

Level: Crusader 2, swcrdsage 2, War-

blade 2

IniliationAction: 1 standard action Range: Melee attack

Target Creature struck

Duration.: 1 round

Saving Throw: Fortitude parrial

Yan ItlI1I e a crll5hlllg blow 11111f naggers YElUr OpFOllcnt, leaVing it unable 10 move.

By making a powerful, focused blow, you leave yOU!; opponenr unable to move. The c rus hi ng welgh [ of you r blow forces it to waste a precious moment regaining its footing.

As-part of this maneuver, you make a single melee attack This nrtackdeals an enr.a Id6 points of damage. If the creature hit i srandlng on theground, your attack also drops the target's speed to 0 feffl (for all movemem capE'bi I ides) for 1 rotmd. lr-can otherwise !tet normallv,

A 5t1ccessCul FQrtiIudl' save (DC 12 + your STr modifieE}by rhe q-eamre struck negqtes~im:J.nubilizarlon, but 11 Q t th e extra damage,

This m~rreuver funC'tim\l~ Qnly :a.gainst QPponen:t£ sran€ling on the .gtOlUtd.A flyi.llg creature or a levita't~ng rarger peed DOt save against the speed l"eductt.m eff~ct, but- st(l1 takes the extra eaJaJll;ge.


Stone Dragon. C ranee)

Level: Crusader 8, swordsaga 8., warblade 8

Prerequistte: Three Stone D\;.agQl'I

mal) euve rs

Initiation Action: 1 swift action Range: Personal

Target: You

Duration: Stance

STONEFOOr STANCE Stone Dragon (Stance)

Levee Crusader 1, S'\'.'O:rdsage ·1, war

blade 1

Initiation Action: j sMfr ac.tion Range: Personal

Target: You

Duration: Stance

You t'l'Iterali ifnpCllefmbled"icmrlllnfmlCe, ma/mlg it ahP'lO$llltIpossible for an qUatk to strike you in alllllnera61r anti.

While you are in this stance, you rocus your efforts on preventing any devastating attacks from penetrating your defenses. 'fou are immune TO critical hies while you are in this stance.

Thisstance immediatelyendsifyou move more than 5 feel [or any reason, such as from a bull tush attack. a te!e'zillesis spell, and so fortb .

¥orl CruUrll fmd set yeur fret flat on the ground, dmwil1g tlll! resilience of the earth Into you.r body.

The students of the STone Dragon IDScipline model their defenses afrer the earth itself. T.hewiml111igbt hatter.the mountain, rhe rive:r;migbtcutt:hi:ough the plains, but inrhe epa the storre and wck shrug off such. assaults,

wIllie yop are in this stance, YOLI g;ri,n a +"2 bonus on Strength checks nuda +2 bOPlIS roAC againsrcrearures of a size category larger chan YOUts,

"this stance imme-

diately endsifyou move morethan

5 feet for any reason, such

as from a bull rush arrack, a teleillll£5l5"spell, and so furth.

A tlwn-tj' c1'fJffl4er gains the Wta,j{tl, I!f$trl/llt

The Tiger C~tlW discipline embrac sa feral rage mat luJ,'ks wirhin the hearrof i init;iates. In l'i!ltr\e, such WaJ,1"iOl~ growl Like: wild animals, artsck wlth a fmy slmilar to that of a ba rbarla 11, cud rely on. overwhelrmng.vtetous assaults fo defeat therrenemies.l'he Tiger Claw discipu nes favored weapons are the kukri kama, handaxe, claw, grearaxe, and unarmed strike. ItS key skill i Jump.

BLOOD fN THE WATER TIger claw (Stance)

Level: Swordsage 1, warblade 1 Prerequisite; One Tiger Claw


InitiationAction: l swift action Range: Personal

Target You

Duration: Srance

The 5men of blood drives )'011 into n fury. AI 10tl slash itlto your foe, t!lI(fJfrr5h lVOI I I'ld Yll1Lillfiid spW'S y!mOtlWl;1ra.

While you are, in this srance, you whip yourself in to a terrible rage, When you score a critical hit against an opponent, you entera near frenzied stare from the sight and smell of blood, You gain a +1 bemus on attack rollsanddsmage rolls, Because rhis is an untyped bonus, it stacks with each successful crirical hit you score.

If yeu 'go more than L minute without achieving a crlticalhit. you no longer gai n the bene fir of [he stance.

CLAW AT THE MOON Tiger: Claw (Strike)

Level: wordsage 2, wa r· blade 2 In;itiatio.nActioll: 1 5[0 ndard action

Range: Mele,e',attack Target: Due creature

'tent leap into the ail', cnf'ching yanr foe off gHaia I"t$ yOIl slice .IOWtl into I! 'I'll.

You learn [0 leap inro the nil' and

tibet.: 31 a foels vulnerable points. Like a

grearcat, you ~ril1g iOm1;be aitM.a ,~thtck your foe fm.J:1'1 all :unexp,etftllq dfre.I;;tiai:l.

As part bftlili.tnii.n,eu\'C1t, YQuatt<m'l;pta JU:inp checkto leap intothe,ail: andtn:ake ame]<!e'attacktbll.t'target:syoll(fo'ebippe.r body, face.and.neck. Tbe J[Ln'1p clieck's DC is equal to ycur target's AC. If tbi s check succeeds, your attack deals an extra 2dG points of damage. If this atrack threatens a criricalhir, you gain a +4 bonus on your roll to confirm the critical hit,

If your check fails, you can still attack, but you do nor deal extra damage or gain a bonus on a roll to confirm a critical hit. The maneuver is still considered expended.

DANCTNG MONGOOSE Tige-r: Claw (Boost)

LI w""blitde 'makes n di:l'IJh frpj1l 4f;~1Je "uaik "gaimt", djspltl'cer beast

Level: Swordsage 5, warblade s: l'l:ete q1.ti site: Two Ti~er eiaw


lnitiation Action: 1 swifLltCtio Rll:n,&e: Personal

Target: You

Durarion: End of tLLTn

YOll rwil1g YOU1' wcnpan5 about yaw, in a hlul' Of speed, mahillgn series IJfdl!lIastating- 1l1tllchs il'l III space of n ringle lmath.

You make a flurry of deadly attacks. After i nltiaring (his boost. you can make one additional arrack with each weapon YOll wield (to a maximum. of two extra attacks if you wield [WQ, (1[ more weapons). These extra attacks are made aryour bighesr arrack bonus fOr

each ofyour respecrtveweapcns, AU of these attacks must be directed against the same opponent;

DEATH FROM ABOVE Tiger Claw (Strike)

Level: Swordsage 4, warblide-4 Prerequisire: One Tiger Claw mane-Over

Inttiaticn Actiom 1 standarll action

Range: Melee attack Target: One creature

With n WIlI'Cry, J'01~ l.tap-ittlll the air Ilna lift your We(lpOH Migl1 over· head, A; you rm dolVII wnrd. yOllr IlIfigl-itnlld momentum lendbonccrushi! Ig force III }'C1l!" attcuk.

Like a thunderbolt, you slam into you r foe from above. Yon leap upon your enemy aru.l drive him. uno the ground. The Uopacrofyourartack~vesyou extra force, allowing you te score II deadly hit.

To use rhis maneuver, you must be adjacenrto a foe-As pal'!' of this maneuver, you al~etnpt a DC 20 Jump check, If this check succeeds, Jeu ca n make it single melee attack llgaint all opponent" rhat you were adiac:ent to when ¥OU

began th~s.maneuver. This3ttack OCCU1"S ill the airas yOll soar OWlr your oppotlem, also as PilXt of the maneuver,

Your arrack deals an extra 41:16 poi~lS of damage, and your opponent is considered fla.-feered against this attack. 1'01.1 then Land in any square il.pjacem to the rarger o( this arrack, though no morethan 20 feet nwayIrom jour stnliB..u~ position.

lfyourJLUnp checkIails, you remain ta the ast square you occupied before !:he Jump €neck and can rna ke a single attack normally, The manenver is still considered expended,

FERAL DEATH BLOW Tiger Claw (Strike)

Level: Swordsage 9, warblade 9 Prerequisite: Four Tiger Claw


Initiation Action, 1 full-round action Range:Melee attack

Target: One creature

Savtng Throw: Fortitude partial

With a primal rlOwl, yOIl lenp info the ail' Ii}Td land on YOHr oppanellt, IUICRil1g and dawmg at hi5 l1ed~.

Youleapl.lpon your OPPOIll'!iU, rending and tearing with your weapons ill on auernprrukill hirn witha brucally overwhelming assault. You grab onto yom foe as you slash and hack at his neck, face, and other: vul nerable areas.

To use this maneuver, you must b adjacent to your intended target. As pan of this maneuver, make a [ump check with a DC equal to your opponent'sAC. rf the check succeeds, you mn then make a single melee arrack against your foe, also as pan of chis maneuver. The target: is considered m.aI-fOOred against this attack. If your artack deals damage, your target must artempt a Fortitude save (DC 19 + your Srr m0difrer). If this save fails, your rargecis Instantly slain (his hir poinrs drop to -10). If the save is successful, yeti deal an extra 20d6 points of damage tathe targerjn addition to your normal weapon damage, Creatures immune to critical hits are immune to the death effect of chis strike ..

I£YOllI Jump-checldails, you ca n make a single attack normally. The.maneuver ~s still constdered expended.

FLESH RTPPER Tiger elaw (Strike)

LeveL Swordsage 3, warblnde :I

"Pr.erequisi:te~ Two Tiger Claw


Ini,tiation Act:iDn; 1 srandard action 'Range: Melee atrack

Target:: One creature

Durarion: 1 mund 01; more; see.texr Saving Throw.: Fortitude negates

Wilh a mixtr,m of care;frtl preCision arlO. animal S(wrrger~ YOll tear .i'lIto: a foe. tu produce jogged-wouna> tlurt overwh-elm 11fm wiln pain.

As parr of this maneuver, you-make a melee anackagainsr asingle If this attack hits, me targermustrnake a successful Fortitude save (DC 13 + your Srr modifier) or take a -4 penalty on attacks and TO AC for 1 round. If your arrack is acriticalhir, these penalties last for a number of munds equal to your weapon's critical. multiplier. Your target takes normal damage from your arrack regardless of-rhe resnlr of the save.

This maneuver functions only against creatures that are vulnerable to cri tic al hits.

FOUNTAIN OF BLOOD Tiger Claw (Boost)

Level: Swordsage 4, warblade 4 Prerequisite: Two Trger Claw


Initiation Action: t, s.,m-action Range: se ft.

Area: 30-ft.-l.:aruus burst centered on yon

Duration: 1 mirmre

Saving Throw: Will_partiaii-see text

As your Joe dies on )'OUT blade, you twj'5f and t llrtl yo ur wea pOri to sefllll1Lood spraying ncress fhe baHLefield. Your enemies shliek in fear at their ally's

If you reduce a living opponent 10-1 or fewer hit points during your rum, YOll can. initiate this maneuver. YOur weapon rips into your fiJe as she drops, dealing an extra ldG points of damage and forcing-ali your enemies within a 30-foor radius to rriake successful Will saves (DC 14 4 YGur=Strmoa-mer) or be sb aken for i minute, The f0e faLL drop most be wirhilil your arened area when yotl ittttlnte ttds mane.J1.yer. For each foe yeu drop -during yt:lru rum

prior re minuting this maneuver, the save DC increases by 1.


Tiger Claw (Boost)

Level: Swordsage 8, war blade 8 Prerequisite: Three Tiger Claw


Initiation Action: l swift: action Range: Melee attack

Target: One or more creatures Duration: End of turn

Wifldrni1!-ing your arms in a fuyfatU blur, YOII rlri~e )'D1ll' perplexed enemy fr011f tUiO dinctiollS al once, rending ~m flesh lilith each slriRe.

Each of your attacks is precisely timed to maximize 1 be carnage it inflicts. You mu t be Wielding two or more weapons to initiate this maneuver, As you hack into your opponem, you use your weapons together TO murderous effect. Wj th a cruel tWiST of yo tIT hi ade, you widen the wound's you cause with each successlve strike,

YOLl mUST iuitiate This maneuver before making any <lF3Cks in the cur.renr round. If you strike an opponent multiple times during yom rurn, yO'4 also deal rend. damage. This damage is based on the number of times you strike your opponent during your turn (se:e rhe table below). Derermine rhe Tend damage dealt immediately after you make your last arrack for your rum,

if you attack multiple opponents during your turn, you gain This exrra damage against each ofrhem. A creature rakes rend damage based on the number of attacks that hit it, nor the number of succes ful arracks yotl make. For-example, i you hita rue giant three times and an evil cleric twice during yOUT turn, the nre giant rakes rend damage for three macks and the cleric. takes rend damage for rwo attacks.

Successful Attacks








Rend Damag.;

&de 10ci6 12ci6 14d6 1606 18d6 20d6

HAMSTRING ATTACK Tiger claw (St:Ei:ke)

Level: SW(;Jrctsnge 7, warblade 7 'Prerequ:i:sil~l Thr:e-e t1ge:r Claw


lni:t:iatirm,AGtinn~ 1 Sl;<lna:ard action Jla~g~ Mele~ !fttiiCK

TlU:g~t:: Q-n:e' 0t'eJ!i_.P;e

8:a¥i:ng Iht'?w; .:ForIimde half Duration: i.mlnut~

YOI! 5ffce "into yOUl" appOlletrt15,1eg" 1 eavillg him hnlibLed acnd stunrbling:ab.out

As part of t4is,maneu:ver;,;You ~-e,_a ~gleemclee,attack. If this attack hits, it Ge~,dam:agl}a5'::normaL .b1ll,dditien, the target tak~.$' ids points QfDex'terity dam~geanda -':W40otpenalty to speed fa!' 'l n:lln1Jt{'., 4 su~essfu "F0£ti'mde save COC 1'7 + YQtl1;.SnmQ(H1iet) halves both the Oex;reptY damage and me speed p~alrv.

HUNTER'S S'ENSE ng_~r claw(s;gnce)

I:e\Tel: S\;"Qtds::6t"ge 1, warblade 1 Pr.:er_e9:~istt.e: One Tiger Oaw


Initiation Action: 1 swift action Range: Personal

Target You

Duration: Stance

~Oll 5tliffattJte air 7lka a n1mtillg animal After you fo~us yom' mhlCl, an army of 5(errts=th at nOl:ma lIyelud es-YO\t1"IWJarencss be,ome: dearto you.

YOllE mastery ofi:he Tiger cl aw discipline allows you to become attuned to the fen1 side of your personality. On a fundamenral level, you begin to think more likea~il~ beasr and less like a civilized creature. Your €'11emies are p~eyt(} b_eh_llIl1ed down and slain. Your aIliJ!:s axe'J;mclunanw This sbift:ill VIew spreads ro yow.:",})liysica] senses.

As long as yon are in ibis ,granGe, you gain. rheSoon1l~l?ecial aoility{MM 314).

LEAPING DRAGON STANCE Tiger claw (£ttm:e.)

Level: Swon1sage-3, warblade 3 PreT-e-qu:lsi'te: aIie 1I.i_ger Claw


l:niti:atioiiAGti6.n: 1 sWift a'a:~Qn R'lffig'e; l'etS,oital

':(arg_e'b ~ou DU!ltatiB:Q; S:!lUtlee

E-[fefl1Alhe'l~ )'oJ1.a'~e i;ra:!JrPei! irJ!qigj·Lt.l!f~arle1f5 a.1~d' sBe~'ll1"·Y'I:,na~le 'ro I'll.all!!, r 'I~a:V 'llr.m SO'l'lil:),OI,! Jlyi1tg:;grrli:~fut!rtrrI'Q'MgJ1 ~hj:!"N)r.

J'4e Tiger Claw dlscipBne_te~ch.esYQll ro.assurne a sta nee i:har allows-you to sail tln"Qughthe airwhenjurnping, You spring from the-ground with an-unmatched burst-of speed and strength

"While you are in this seance, you g¥na,+16loote~lhanGement bonus on Jtttttp-e-he'Gks. In ~ddition,",;l1ly jumps Y:BllmaJte. wQ'fle 'ill tit is s,a:ti.G:e':iLt~ con-

~i:d:e[ed !'l\ Ql1ingj umps. ..

POUNCING CHARGE l'i,gerclp.w (spike)

Level: Swotdsag~$, warblade.5 Prerequisiti!: Two Tiger Claw


Initia'tiqnActiQn: 1.fitll;t01ln~ Berton ~,,8e;~l~ts~Olla,J


Wifh i'J'I'II' roar 4 CI wild beast, you: thl'OW ypumJj into' HlO fra:y ,;tOll,)" B!e~:pDI1,5 axe Uttle I~Ol'e fhrHi a. blill' as you hackaiyouy

fa~ tv ith fe.ra,) speed. .

Wftha-f@roGioushowl, you tlrtowyourself into combat. YOl.] move with .such speedand.ferocity that when you teach your enemy, you llRlel)sll a 'blrsrertng flurry'Ofslasbes, cuts, and hacks,

As part of initiatiug this maneuver, you make a charge- attack. Instead of making accsingleattiHili, at-the -end of YOll1: charge, you can make. a·full attack The bonus on your anack roll for making a charge arrack applies to all your attack roils,

PREY ON THE WEiAK Tigerffiaw (Stance)

Level: Swmdsage f" warblade 7 1'1,"el'e_qllisit(!;1 T1,,,,,Gi ll'iger ',Gla.w

mnn~u,vets -,

Initlatifun·Actiol1:o:.1,swift actloiI Ran,ge:~PeJisbhal

Tru;g~t: You

Ihit:ation: Stance

-)':otl scythe through w.fu/r~,d6i~ !'iliea /i .. ign:ty !.~f~\1ffl:Dr htl~liiUI, !oo.s MMfi,g il l'I:al'ik~rI!Y.

Witl1 each {Of!., y[lU,$trik~, your blewdll't~tlrl'ld ba:rrl~Fm"Y i!ses ever higheT_ Afte±a15riefmQmtmTQl~losivenlge, "he i'0eS' \\:tElung: you are -lett bloo&ed. tern, '&rut .maanlng,

Wh@never'~n opponent within 10 fe61' O£.Y011 dJ:Ojl~ to ~.Lt:1lJ ,few.e~: hlt: )R:pints; wh!Ofuer _fro.m Y9UL a14i1ck. an ally's stdke,-or spmf;.'l: cause, youcan imrnedtately -make an an-ack_ of opporturrity agamsr any op!,onem within your threatened area.

RABrD BEAR STRfK.=E Tiger Claw (Strike)

Level: Swords age 6, warbI\l,de-(; P:rerequisite: Two rig~r claw


IJlitiation Actiori: t.standazd a~n Range: Melee attack

Target: One creature

With-a jeFociou5 raali YOllleap 1:[£011 yl'WY el1emy 1f1~e (I wfl,a. beast, slan'l'ming yiJUJ: we(.pol1 info lwfl~vith a. mad~IHm's tu),¥.

You focus Y0uE-;prlmalfuxy,imo ~ single attack, l'll.yiIJ,g_ an opponenrtlow with a mighty blow, tharsplinters bones ana: shatters steel,cAs part of-this maneuver; YOll make a single melee attack You gain a +4 bonus on this arrack.rell and deal an exira iod6 points of damage, After completing this ma!'l.euv:et', yon take a -4- penalty to AC IDltH me stan of your next tum.

RABID WOLF STRrKE Tiger Claw (Strike)

Level: Swordsagez, warblade02 Initiation.Action: 1 stali.daid aciron RangerMelee attack:

Target: One creature

Youfoall1 atth,e-mouthamhcretIm m rage a,yol! 111alu~ apowerfHI attu.,h,agulnStyonr' enemy, You set ,iside all tlwl .. glifS ufilefonse

(,IS YDU Iun~e IO¥WUl'd. .

Eot a~l1,l:'seGOilcl"you unleash dl:~ bCaIcly conttci1led;j)rimi!1tage trutrSUl:g~tlm't YOll. As parto£tl1Jsmaneuye:i:rY0u.nlakea smgJ,amelee al:t;'_Gk.¥oti~rn:.:.a M cUQ11l.lS ali,this attadtiolTand deal a~~·1dt; pOi:litS o£damage. 'l1ilU t~a -4 p t:jI. to AC until me-sHirt ofyPu:t;-:nexl.\i,nrrn, a ~'WUd.stt1l.{e,.s!mds YQlL0lfbatiace an~d,e1"s'~~'i!r&~f~s,

!lACING MONTGOOSE T~r Cla\V@oal'i~

Level: SWOl:dsage 8s warblaqe 8 1:'.re~t:-e~uj_ru;e~ Ih'[~e TJ;g~ Claw


InitiatitmA~tiQn; cLsw:i£taction Range~: Personal

!_arg~t.: You

Drtration: End of tThm

You u111em;h a terada_us Veney of n:ti:lrcks, Se.tlillg ctside .lH thguglm~oj CIlutiDn [mJ seLf-control-

Yon.make a flurry of deadly artacks, Aner iniriarfng this bocsr, you can make twa a dditional attacks with each weppgn you- wield (to a maximum of fGluIexI:ra attacks if you wield IW€l or mQIe weapons). These extraarracks are made at yOLlJ'- highest arrack bonus for each of yom respective weapons. You can spread these artacks OUT among as many foes

as you wish,


Tiger claw (5mke)

Level: Swordsage 3, war-

bladl!'3 -

Prerequlsite: One TigerClsw maneuver

],niti~rlon Action: 1 standard action

Rang-e: M-elee attack Target: O.lle--creature

YaH l-e.lp rnto the rill; catcmng a larger tippO! wnt by.surprise a5:yau jim1_P aver its rll1fetlSIl5 to pLunge ),OMT weapon inw fheocrawlwfifshead.

With-ac3Iefullytrmedleap, youjuinp over "he target's defense~ and attack it from an unexpected angle. You can nse this maneuver only against a foe oPii larger size category than yours. As,Parc of this maneuver, you make a Jump check with a DC equal TO youfioes AG. IfthlS check succeeds, ~ou alS0 make a melee attack as part of r:J:rismaneuv:er; If the check fails, y.ou catlfiot"make this attack aria the manenseris still.considered expended, You gain a +4 bEirtusbn the attack roll and-dea1an e.xtTIlJ,6a6 p_eiiti s.s{diitifage

If'ytlut iItt;Jd h'ts, ~


Tiger tlaw (Dunst)

Level:Swords-age 1, wl1l'blade 1 Prerequ.i-si:te; One Tiger Ciaw


Initiation Action: 1 swl£t action ltange: PetS(jma1:

Tail2get~ ¥@L\

JiJnxatio-n: rnst4l:I!taneous

'You iea_Rig R-11ilWl'0sitfon fn tin: btirt1iofan !l)'t, tetlvifTg¥()_ur~i'lppom~1l1s .fjaJjl,~d.

A g;ith),tmki ,,,,,,,blade nifm·iare-s:

;, mumfrOlis'sp lder 7/1iih the !~UJ;)Qpil1g

d.-agqu Strike mo.llr;tHJer _

You can make a Jump eheek as 11 swift: action and move the distance determined byy~u1: ,Check result. You pI'Qvok~ attacks. of ap-pormmty wirh, !ill-s_m_oveIne1lRj,ang you must:m11Jv:e in '(j.-stta1gh:tJlne, AllWiih ~y :o~~em, ~Qu carr !I-~.P1i a T1II1lhl~ elieik to -tL'O>\'lid.any llt!$irs-YOll provJ;-'Willli.+:lili _s~den IEJ!.p,Yeu gm'rms\te ~Ol!gh


L~vru:: &wora_sage:~, wat]Jlad~ 7 P'rereg_uisite': Th'llle Tiger. tla~


-lniti~Fi:Qn ~ction:_1-stanQarcl.aqIeJ-L _Range! 1y[ele~'arrack

Iarge~t: One- creature SavingThrow: FOrJcl;uile patriaf

LiJUl (l a,~('lj_}'[Ju5woDlrd_91"-'1'1 ~n Y()Ltrf,o~ rmd1etlDose with a deva5tatif!g a-tta9.~. YOll Jeap over h~r altd, q5,,),Oll SOW' through t!1C ail;. J.mIeash q devastt1t~ng VJlJI(i'j

aj-.1.ttaiks _ . . ~

You leap over an opppuent and chop Clown a.t·her; nllning::1wt _uefenses and stu1ringwttb.a


:As_pa:rF!J'fJhU; maneuver,

you at;tem~E:1l. Jump chefJ tEl' leap over ynJlLT~rg~t. Ther~su1t of [his Jll1;II:P check lllU% be ~nffidentto ;tilowyou to:movt; through an opponent'S spaee

andover her.lFyqufaihhet~ check needed tQ>jump-ovli'J: Y.9u-!: foe, YOtljJJ:ovoke:attac:ks of'pl?Ppri ttmity fOr- The distance YOlfjmn .. , if appliG~l@; If'Your~:fl waMoo

short to clear YOUT oppop_ent PT;J'J; far enough r~a1; you wQuldJand.:i:n a sllBce sh~ occupies, y_ou Jaqd ca6j-a:~enH0l:'QUT: gpp'~llemin mesq~ar~T cl(]Jses:T to yo ur-starrmg squatre-.

If yoW che<ili:1sinsuffid~DI'o )tLmp over your tp"get; you can also: make a single auackagainst-yourfae with no special beneB:~ DE penalties, as your ta:rgetis wirhin reach.

If the.checle succeeds, you ct9-.nQt pm-

voke a hacks Of"OPRortunity fo~r,lel.lvtng threatenedsquares durillg yOUt;jnlJ'l'1? YOUT foe loses her DeXle:ctrr~bruws ;[0' AC againsryotlJ; meleeaUack.Jhi:s_il.t:w_~.k deals a:J;1 extra 1-0d6 points of damage, lind the iaI'ger must meceeaICorr a Fortitude save-(BCequal to your [ump checkresu:&) ed:ie stunned fod round;


TJgeli ®law ($k;{k-e) teveI:,swol1d'§ag_e B, WUhla:dll 6

E't:e~equ±5ite~ TWQ. Ti;~orr claw

rna n eueees

InitiatioaActi(m: 1 £ul.1,rol.'lIl.aactIDn ~e: Melee attaCk

Tar_get~ Oire.cnearure

YOu sUp;blltwmm q lm~rf~~leg5 .. !<·nd: sil'lioe its' ~?~ed ~ifl'e: ~o~ then :find,~ve.r i.n til? shan!llV gf1',o'!~r il<lJlJ.JnY'~ ~I(*.

"'lQu Gall llSet.llls.iIIlane,_uvO'E 01:UY againsr an 0P:PPll~~0f a ~~e ca!ego;-y Iarger than 'i''()W;~. A.s,pap: ~f this ~na-l1euv<;r, you ~e;r y01~t: ~a~gefs ~quar:~wiriliO!:lt l?I:Qvo;kingw.:r,_ll.tta¥,kof o.ppOl}:upity. You can wen attackyo:ur tatget,asi}:i(irtoftb is manellV~.Ypllr~ttaCck?ealsan,~ma5cl6 :p_omts oJ, "i;Oll r€!m~111_ within yOl,tr.oppopaot:s:\>.pace:~e$y,.qll~pmplettthis IDaneqye~:J(01,! gWn cov_eHa"gatnsr::all :arrn$s;a~llillJ.g;llS~YO_l:l.remain lllIDs space, in.cluding'~bse_mad~'b.y-th~ .target. If 'theI'3.I'g,!!!-_IDove!" it-leaveryop; hehind b:gI p_r_ov;to;KeS}]lL1l:tP:ck9f epporruniry ho.m you rot leA17,ing yoqr_spR~e.


Level: Sword:sage 1,. warblade 1 filltiation Aetion: 1 standard action Range: Melee arrack

Target: One creature

You lash out in a bIul-ojmoliement with ttliD weapons, haching1Hto_),Dul'foe-witJ1 a cotn'b~lIntion. otfem1 str:ettgl-h.and spew.

You tap into the speed ana strength embodiedwithin}'ouI feral s:phit You

WOLF PACK TACTICS 1)gf}T Cla~ ~Stm,ce)

:.Level $t'vQl"tlsage ~, wa.t~lad~ ~ P~erflq'll,_isite; Two T'iger claw

Initi;'l.tipllActipn: 1_BW ift 3 ction Range: J?eDsp.B-?]

T_arget: YPH

Duration: 1it~llCe

You pro:wLthe;ba rrlefield like-a mighty hunter. You pick your spots to attack; strikingfoeswhen they are.mostvulneraHe batbreIDo_vii~g on to atrack e1sev,'here. :Each a,ttaa·-lliows you to move-forward and press your adv(l~fage.

while you areIn this"st,H1ce,eaGh succe?s'l.l.d srnikeallews you toswwly work your.wav aronndan opponent, Each time you make a successful melee.a ttack, YOti can move 5 feet. This

WOJNERINE STANCE Tigerqaw ($taJ;.l.ISE'D leveE$wordSag~;3, \"arbl~"(;Ja-3 PrereqJl;i_site:_ O!\,et:tgeJO QJaw


.Initrarion ActiQn.: 1 swi£~ aq.l0n Range: Personal

Target: You

Duration: Stance

L-iI~~(l. c9l'11,e rGd ~vDt1!erit!e, yQiJ frght wfHt!:atdted f~Y9r-ity and Y!Jgc' Wh~l ya111· Oppffl1Bnts fOYCE you ir!to:d!ls~ ~unrt~t,.

When an tlpponem has.von in hi'S gr~s-p;yQU rransforrn irrrc a s-na,r1ins:; frothing, T'llgin,g~east,-Yol1 hac'k!;with yeur weap,u,n at your f0_e!S al'itns: G1" -1e,made.s4 your; w:tlg fr~n·zi ailowing 'You '£Ofi.g~J;:eYe.ll with aJ.a];geJ aw]~wa«l weapoll_When you:u-ein the:'g1'aspo£" -alarger fQc;YQUI frenzy ignites' into call inferno as you ,desperBtely.a,ttem.pT.w break free.

Whi.1e you are in this stance, yOlJ~l attack afoegrappling you with aD? anehanded w~a-pon. You do not rake the ~+ penalty £01' fighting ,1/~' graEpled, If your foe is of a larger she -category than yours, yourferalrage-ignite; and grants you a +4 bonus on d,amageJ:oIl s against that.creature whileitcont1n!lel3 to grapple you.


The WhiteR'avendisdpJine reaches that the combined effort of several warrtors working.togetber far exceeds the effons of those same warriors working individually. Adherents ofthts tradition sexve-aslea'del1nmd inspiringngures on thebattlclield,. 'this discipl;I~e's favored ~.ap(lns are the Ieagsword, batrleaxe, greatswQ,rd, ha!lbeI.d, and'wamammeI_ ItS key skill, isffiiplomacy,

BArrLE LEAD~S CHARGE White Raven ($tti-l(e)

.,I.:evgl !STusad'er 2, warnlade 20 Pter:equisi1'e': One_ Wliite Ril.v:e,1'l 1nianeuw

I.nitia'tiQ~tiPru_-1 iiill-rCll,.1ili;ihrC!jon

Range.: Meleeatrack Target: One.creature

Ya.dead,fl'rnniliefi'OIli; dlargingyourenamie5 so that ),'01.,1' ames ~anJolJow i!!:your wn!~e;

The WhiH~R'aven discipline teaches that he whoseises the iJ:litiatiVe 'also sei'Z6s'>iictQf,),; ¥i:m,-huQelea.thea,tBJeau an, a~t8Gk Wl.!'h ,1 mighty cna'Igjf, tae bet-1erto diSl::ttpt the en:em:y'and-ihspite'in:;bilttle,

BOLSTltRING VOTCE White Raven (S:tance)

Level: crusader 1, warblade 1 Ipitiation Actton: 1 S'--vj£t'1tctloU Range: 60 ft. _ Atea:~60-£t,!.4tlp. c~n;:~!e-cl

_on yell;l _DuJ;atipll: S~anG~

The itisci~.!l~_Qf -tne White R\avell sue:5sesch,iit m annyis &crive only;

when its members are motivated to ught.ln the face at adaunrmg' enetn), or ,llnexpecred hardshrp; [he mosr skilled warrior isworrhless lihe lacks strength Gf will When you adopt thebo}steL1iJ'tg voice stance, you sheut eneourageruent 10 your ailies, disparage yOUT foes, find lend much-needed supporrtc raise yOU! .allies'spirtts. Bydrawing on. the example you set, your allies harden their will to ~b:rand barrie on despite your enemie ' arrempts ro turn them aside.

while 1011 are in this stance, all allies wi:thinrangewho can hear you gain a +2 morale bonus on will saves, or a +4 morale bomrs on Will saves against: fear effects.

GLARrON CALL Whit:eRaven (Boos t)

Level: Crusader 7, warblade 7 "Prerequisite: Three Whire Raven


InitiationAction: 1 swifL action Range: 60 &.

Area: 6o·ft.-radillS burst cenrered on you

.'\.5 yon defeat an opponent, yOIl 5hOlll: 11 hattle (iTY that irtspir,es one ofyqur tliUc.I to rettelll his effo)'t~.

You are an inspiring figure OJ) The battlefield. Yourpersonal victories are shared byyaur allies, allowing them to draw courage and vigor from your acrions,

If during your turn a melee attack you make opponent to fewer ~ 0 hh polnts, you can initiate this maaeueer, Once it is iniriared, all allies wiI:hin range can immediately either make one melee attack at their highest arrack bonus or take a single move acrioa, These allies musr be able to see and hear you. These extra snacks ate acrsnacks of opportuniry,

COVERING STRTKE White Raven (Boost)

Level: Crusader 4, warblade 4 Prerequisite: One Whi.te Raven


1nitiationAction: 1 swift action Range: Personal

Target: You

Duration: 3 rounds

¥au IIW~fl jrl'Dclf)U5 S~yi:e>ofrr/;taclls nt Jour tllll1l11e£, {ouing tile 11'1 011 tlTe d-e[msiw 1111 d

buy ing ylH~r Ilmes €ritical $f'-l'oll.ds n 6il!led to sllppasttfu111 tmhamrea.

Ey ~rawi:ng"tJn your remhar expedenc_e an~ lmowledge o{hoW<3 warrior must carry hersel£,in batrle, you make an att'Hckthar d~!ltll.P'tSYOllXO:PPOlien.ts and keeps rhem D'om taIpng:adV8\ltage of your allies'lapses.

_Aner:Y01J initiate this boost, YOLLcan make your: attacks as normal In addition ro taking normal melee damage from your blows, II foe--you srrike afier intriaring'rhis maneuver cannot make attacks of opportunity [or 3 rounds. The target still thnearens its normal area; it simply cannot make attacks of opporruntty.

A creature can. be afI:~C{ed by only one covering strike per encounter.

DOUSE THE FLAMES White Raven (Strike)

Level: Crusader 1, warblade 1 Initiation Action: 1 standard\lction Range: Melee arrack

Target: One-creature;

Duration: 1 round

Y(lU rt,.ike raUl' ej"lftl1Y wil-h a l'esQunclitlg blow, ~flpt!L't-in,g his Iltf.enfion. As lu tn,.~ to look, YOLllrll:005c withJt ,tr~irtgofoatrnJ chal1enges, cm# tarmt5 t1lat force hjn1 to foC11S Jnnrttential1 Ol'Lyou..

As a White Raven adept, you are as much a tactician as you are a war leader. You learn [0 Create openlngs fm: your allie.s ro maximize me teamwork and esptit de corps that YOll foster. You know that for a gr,oup [0 succeed. it musrwcrktogerher, and fuatindi vidual glory musr be ser aside so rharthe group can achieve victory.

As part of this maneuver, l'0uma:ke a melee attack against a, singletarget you threaten. If your attack hits, you deal normal melee damage, and [he rarget creature can't make attacks of opportunity for t. round.The opponent s till threatens its normal area; it simply cannot make attacks ofopportl:U1ity.


I:evel; Crusa_d~ 5, 5 P,rereq1.risite:. Two Wl,he Raven


InitiatibnAetion: ) standard aztion Range: Melee attack

Target: One creature

Your ke~11 ICCldmhip gl'11,11ts IrQTI a.nd yalH' ~ !lies: IlslJddel1qdvllnlagl! i) I camb!lL W,I uft! yo u flanlt 11 It 0liP 0 110 t#, YOH ilftac/i ~H Str d'i a way as-fo mi:l.~imize YOll1' aWes' Operlll1gi, By the same token, yOHr friends' forOI'iIOm, a[Cllmta Cl t!adts give yrH~ 1Il1~IHpleOPJ'ol'hlnifies (0 pierce your fve'~ defemes.

When you flank an enemy with an ally who can see and hear your directions, the two of you form a potent combination. Your attacks complement. each othe.r, leaving the flanked opponent in a tenuous position.

You can use th is strike when youand any nUlllherof alJiesflank an opponent you designare, As part of this maneuver, you make a melee attack. against the flanked opponent. If your arrack. hits, any ally Ilanktng your foe can immediately make a melee attack against that creature. These extra arracks are not attacks of opportunity.

Your allies 111US[ be able [0 see yOlJ to gail, this benefit. 1be coordination needed between yOtl lind your cornpanlons demands tbatyou watch-each other's attacks, though you do not.need to heal: each other.

LEAD1NG THE ATTACK White Raven (Strike)

Level: Crusader L, warblade 1 Ini'tiation Action: 1 standard action Range: Melee arrack

Target: One crearute

Duration: 1 round

You boldly sfrtllc at YOI.)" era'ttI}'. As you attach, )'011 sHoul !l lVar CIT to demOtlstrate ihnt vICtor), I-S fll hrmd. This attlll:k inspires I~ellrby illites 10 joil1 1I1efraJ"Ulith renewed VI_gOl·.

'When you make an attack, your allies rake hean in your example and. fight With renewed purpose. By stoking the rue of battle in your allies' hearts, you inspire ehern to greater heroics.

ASP<lirt ofrhfs maneuver, YO'ljmek~ a singlemelee attack. If your ana~ l!i successful, your allies gain a ++ mOI'<!-le b01lU&Q11 attack rolls [or 1 round ll{¢illST the creature yQU htr,

LEADING THE CHARGE Whfte Raven (Stance)

Level: Crusader 1, warblade 1 Initiation Action: 1 swift act ion Range: 60 ft.

Area: 60-£r.-radius emanation centered on au

Duration: Stance

You firr the cDl1fidrnrc and /IIarfifll SI,irif .at your alla's, gilling fhew the eni!rgy alld brllvery mrclcd to ",a'll' It de'Vrlstatillgcllln-ge fl,!!!ll/tSt yo-t1 V cn~ nues,

The Whi~ Raven cllscipl i ne teaches that tacncs, leadership, and planning C311 overcome 1111 oppOl1ent's superior Indivtdual abilities. Thtssranceembodles tha1 reaching; II Ilewt ng you to spur.yo LI r allies on to greater feats 0£ martial skill.

While yO'LII1:r:e i n th is stance, ail allies who bear YOlo. and make a charge arrack IU me area gahl'<l bonus on clamage rolls equal to your initiator level

LlON'S ROAR White Raven (Boost)

Level: Crusader 3, warblade 3 Prerequisite: One Whire Raven


Initiation Action: i swift.acrion Range: 60 ft.

Tru::gets: You and allied crea rures w i:thin 60 ft.

Duration: 1 round

You unleash a-wdchm btrlt111 ranr 1~5 yom mighty Maw fe,lrs yo II r .1.)t8my.ll E!ipi rs:d by ¥(mrexnctnpLe,youralHesfig1i.1 witM renewed ene rgy al1d- ~#tmni'l'lClJiol'l,

Whetl vou 'defeat an eniW1Y, you call out to YPUJ' allies to press cbe attack. They tell,poll.a.-by putting rtemendous pressureon ,the enemy as their al!Tac.ks strike with grearer Iorce.

As a swift action, you initiate this boost afreryou have reduced an opponenrtofewt'!:rrfuan 0 lrrt pofnrs. YOli and

allies within range gain a +5 mOnUe bonus on damage TOlls for 1 round.


Whire Raven

Level: Crusader 6, warblade 6 Prerequisite: Two Whire Raven


Lnitiarion Action: 1 move action Range: Personal

argets: Allied creatures within 3{) fro

Yo II Llarh n serras of s/e'rn o-yae rs, di-rertmg yo 111' C01rl rfltks to sl-! ift fo rmat(on. The pow~r(1fYQllrprest"ce Is ruth thllttluyobel' lVit11011i ClnUGlOl,,;'/y thfnkitJ.gil-bDU1 it.

You excel at wring your commandiag presence to dlrect your allies en The barrlefleld. After a few short, aarked orders from YOUI YOUl: allies switch posirions and assume a tacticallyadvaJr rageous position.

when yOY initi1!:le this maneuver, all allies within ;30 fee! of )tOU call immediately take a single move action to move up TO their speed. This movezaeat provokes- attacks of 0 pponu nhy, and it does not count toward fll] fi II il1g themlnlranm.movement requiremen rs of any special abilities or fears, such as a scour's skinnishabi liry.

PRESS mi: ADVANTAGE White Raven (Stance)

Level: Czusader S, warblade - ]h;ereqnisite: Two Whirl" Raven


InitiarionAction: 1 swift action Range: Personal

Target: You

Uurarion: Stance

You shiftacros5 the bllillefield, tilllingyour 1t101ISmf1tts precisely to 11lIoid all)' attack fTom YOllT foes.

Yoursense of the battlefield and intuitive understanding of the ebb and Ilow of combat allow ypu [0 move without diropping your defenses. While others rousrslowlywork through a melee, you seize gaps in a foe's defenses and move with grear speed and confidence.

Whileyou are in this stance, you can rake a second. 5-foot step immediately after you take one tor the round. This second movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity. You can make a single5"foOI step into difficult terrain, bur if you do, you cannot make the second s-footstep.


White Raven (Stance)

L-evel: Crusader 8, warblade Prerequisite: One White Raven


Initiation Action: 1 swift action Range: fjQ fr,

Area: 60·ft.~radills emanation centered on ynn

Durazion: Stance

YOlll''l.llidi direriions enable d05C tClHl1lvorh bdwll'lm }'Oltrselfand anilIty. M YOllrurgillg, youraltips seizethe ini ['iahve and work it! dose (olmlinaHon with yOIJ I:I.J defcat m'l l'11Wt r.

While yeu:ue in this stance, you use vour tactical knowledgeend mastery to

improve your alI.Ees' teamwork. If1'eu Ilre 3djatreIlf 1:0 ,oRe or.moIe1'lPRonems, YOur alfiesgmn a +5 bOD1IS onarraskrolls made against any of those opponents.

SWARMING ASSAULT White Raven (Strike)

Level: Crusader ~ war1ilade 7 Prerequisite: Ih.ree-Whire Raven


fuitiation Al':rion: 1 standard action Range: Melee arrack

.arget: One creature

YOl! IIttmil, tl/10PPOlJe1lt with bmtal Jilrce, ruining his dr:femBs.As }'!lIHl'nke, yo'UcuTl outsllarp comm.andsio }'llllY aUte>; spu rrillg tllm1 to action and IlUOWitlg them to lake advantage oJfhe opmmg.

You inspire your allies with <I rousing speech, a war cry. 1I challenge to the enemy, or some other defianr gesrure. Combining this sbom with a_ canny attack, you snip away-a foe's aefenses_, allowing your a1liE!S1:omakepore-1;Jcially devastating attacks,

As parr ofthis.maneuver, yon make a single melee arrack againstanoppanent If tills attack hits, you deal normal melee damage, and any ally whorhrearens your target can.immediarely make an arrack against him. You choose the orderin which your allies' attacks resolve.

TACTICAL STRIKE White Raven (Strike)

Level: Crusader 2, warhfade 2:

Prerequisite: One Whiie Raven


Initiation ActiOIL 1 standard action Range: Melee attack

Target; One creature

YOllr dull at arms and {It'erwhelmirzg potlJcrfom' yow' OPPDl1ellt 10 Illiterat« fatal moment. As tJ1e foe attemplstvTewver from your d!'Vllstnting stTihe., your a7!ies rush iii 1,0 ji II ish what yo.u ha VI' st'tr.ted.

You make a mighty attack that knocks YOllI opponent into a defenseless position, grarrring your allies a moment to move into a berrerposition.Ifyoueatraek lands true, it leaves -yIDur: enemy momenrarlJy shaken by itstrememl:ousimpacn.

As parr of Ih:iS:~lwr. youmake a single melee llttack If -yDllE anack

hits; yot! dea I an extra 2d6 points: of damage.In add Irion, ach ally adjacent to the target can take all immediate 5· fgot.Srep that does net.provoke attacks of opporjuniry.

TACTICS Off THE WOLF White Raven (Seance)

Level: Crusader 3, warblade 3 Prerequisite: One WhiTe Raven


lnitiatcionAcrion: L .wifr action Range: Personal

Target: You

Duration: Stance

Yon .dW!!! orders thai 11 clp coo n:h11 t1te you f allies' efforts. They hllmsS theiren';.I1Ie5,sllieM each other from Clliachs,and othenvlSl! n11l.\'imrze lha suppotl 1l1~V lelld 10 each ather.

This stance a1 low you and your allies to gain additional benefies against a flanked opponent. Under YOUT direction, your allies ccordiaate their actions to a much grea rer degree than normal, Your advice and shouted orders make them an unstoppable ream. Like a wolf pack, your allies fighrrogether to devasta ring effect.

When YOll flank a foe, you and allies who Ilank the enemy with you gain a bonus O.Il damage LUlls againsrrhar oPBonent equal w1/2 yout inlrlaror level.

WAR LEADER'S CHARGE White Raven (Strike)

Level; Crusader 6, warblade 6 Prerequisite: Two White Raven


Initiation . erion: 1 full· round action Range: Melee attack

Target: One creature

You SlUl1l110Jla grL'at fill'}' 11'1flun yOllr IHn~, Yc1easingit",rth II iltanic shout IlS}'QU d111rge fonllaiil.. Your recl:JelS move sl~rtles ),cl!lrfoes alld puJsgmrter fllrc~ behillti yuur aittle!!.

Ai; a sruderu of the Whirl' Raven, you le3.D1 LO focus rhe energy wirhtn }'0tJ into an overwhelming charge. In banle, YOll must lead from rhe ft'onr_

As}JIU·t of this maneuver, yOll charge anopponem. Y01.1 do nor provoke a tracks ofoppomnury (or movlng asparrofrhls charge.lf your charge !In-au h irs, it deals an ana 35 points of damage.

AR MAS1'ER'S CHARGE Whir Raven (Strike)

Level: Crusader 9, warblade 9 P.:terequtsite! Four White Raven


InitiationActioI;J,: j full-n'Mid action Range: Melee attack: See text Target: Onectearure, see text

With n grem bnl11e cr}~ yOl1 lend ym~l' nUie, inll devllsl.n1 itlg charge. Fired by raurclllmnlll1dingprf5ftWl lind defll)' led by YOlirsUl'remegrasp aft.nctics, YOH n1lCl )'tIur ames form atl litiS topl'Jlbl e w.ulge.

Y{)U are lUI inspiring figure on rhe battlefield, allowing }~OU [0 lead others on artacks mat would strike fear and doubr inro even the stoure t warrior's hearr, Under your leadership, the group becomes much more man cite sum of its pans.

Af, part of this maneuvsr; you charge Qn opponent. In addition, all ailtes withill 30 feet of you at the begtnning ofyour rum can alsc charge this target as an funlllediate action, all and allied creatures do not block each other when determining if you can charge. Your charge attack deals an extra 50 P0i11tS

of damage, and chose of your allies each deal an extra 25 points of damage. For each ally who charges, counring yourself your charge arrack and those of your allies are made with a cumulative +2 bonus (in addition to rhe normal bonus provided by charging). An opponent struck by you and at least one other ally is stunned for 1 [0 undo

You and your allies do nor provoke attacks of opportunity for moving as pan of rhts cb,u;ge.

WHITE RAVEN HAMMER White ,Ravel'l' (Suike)

Level: Crusader 8, warblade 8 Prerequtsrte: Three White Raven


Initiation Action: I standard action Range: Melee arrack

Ta:rget: One c;reatJJ,re Dut:~tili?n: Lr iUli'd

You s1.a.n'l yO'iV' ,~PJlOI1,el'l,! wifll, n mlShl:y rlttath 1;0 d["rliprrl1!i'S~'I'~~s'llf1,d iqqvchfm 111'1 able fpc defel'l~, ki,I11Sdf ,tvhileyo "r.~ elo se tq fi'11 ish him off.

A crusader if Hextor uses a 7{1ar master's charge 10 coordinate his minion:

As part of this maneuver, you make a single, devastating strike againsr an opponent. The taw force of chis blow knocks hirn senseless. Your arrack dealsanexrra 6d6 points of damage and stuns y:ou~ opponent for 1 round.

WHITE RAVEN STRrKE White Raven (Strike)

Level Crusader +, warblade 4· Prereqntsite: One White Raven


InitiatIon Action: l.standard aetian

Range: M lee arrack Target: One creature

)(Oill' eyeftlrtn.dia~aJlalV5 yo I< to-tw:ti~eatl enemy's we~lqjO~111s rmd attac1tllt&111 wdh i1'111ight)' blol~i.

The WbJte Raven dis~ipliae fqcuses on tactics, teamwork. and the ability to make an.arrack proves your allies' abilities, Ibis srrike ruins a Ioe's defenses.

As part of this maneuver, you make a singlemeieeattack. If it hits, you deal an extra 4-d6 points of damage, an,d the tm'get is considered Hat-foored unnl me sra rt of his next rum.


Whire Raven (Boost)

Level: Crusader 3. warblade 3 Prerequisite: One WhiteE,aven maneuver

Initiation Action: 1 swilt actlon

Range: 'loft

Tru:geb One illy

Yor~ '1m impin: your IlUtBS to n stu u 11 d'i 11 g jcnl5 af-m CIrUlli WUWe5S. W1th rJ fcw shottordm you [ajah: them into seizmgthll initlatwe amI dnvl11g back the enemy.

Your knowledge of tactics can aid your allies' attacks, and ir also allows you to spar, pre-

dicr, and counter your enemies' actions, In the chaos ofbarrle, YOll i mpose the order needed fOI tighr, effective group tactics.

When you use this maneuver, select an ally within range. Her initiative count immediately equals your-initiadve counr-L She then aCES orrher new initiative couar as normal. If she hits a !ready acted in the current round, she can act again, If this maneuver would not change your ally's initiative ceunr, it has no effect. If she has nor yeracred during this roundyher Initdative count changes, and she acts on that ceuan as normal. She does not ad: again on her origin MiD ative count.

OllY are Hie paths t}latrompriret11!! SUbJTI'llC Way. Across!he widi! llinds of tilt! Ulorld, the ITlitleler mig~ltJil1d cmsader orden Aevoied to arty of 11 dozell diffrre-nt gods. wandering

sllloJ'(i$llgts 1,1111(1 fTllvc] alld feacl1 those wl1D lire l,uil.li1fg mill 'l.'I1d)\ II rid pllllld 1!1l11i>llldes by th<1 SCOrC1JI search aftheir j!~tfng.mOtnerltsofftnne. Orders, brotherhoods. sec ret societies, hlMHll temples, forgotten monas!eries, tlll1)l1 dans-eadl passes on it, own eKe.uws.fin'ms.storics, and techniques. J ImoLII of 0 few slIch marna! tnn1itiims, (Jud r wiI1 ,pellN oftlmnlTow. Doubtless you wiTT iUscover m a)1), more in ),0111' 01.\111 !mvel s, 111 y 5 lli.d.erl ts,

-Hanan Turiyeshor

The !ITUciy ofmarti!lliore 11i1tlll-aUy lendsftaelfto the pursuit' of varteus elite, o.bJscture, 01' hidden tradittons. RecilLstv,e swerdsage masterS" lnvem never-befsre-seenmaneuvers-ead teach these se\!'retSo.n!y till !I. few chosen s:ti'H:~ents; Lrusad1ilr orders teach tue,iJ; novices i!uS1e'ri~'(es and earechisras th!!1 or .. >15 powerful as divine pell ; and Cam liS' arblades-;u'f renowned for rhetr stgnature moves ur tactic

A lmos r a o}' sword sage rrad rrto n Of crusader order could be considered a pre~[lge class. because each one has its own parricnlar phtlosophy, history, teachings, and special moves. This ('~ter presents eight prestige classes. each representing a separate tradition of the Sublime Way.

Rlooddaw-MasteI: Th is: feral warrior is 3 master of me Tig~c Claw discipline. He rakes on bestial characteristics when he fighrs.

Bloodszorm Blade: Master of Uu-o\ v n weapons, a bloodstorm blade can execute devastating ranged attacks with his S\ .... ord, a:l{e', or hammer.

Deepstone Sentinel: Imbued wirh rhe pewer of elemental earth, i:his d~varf champion commands the very rock ro do his bitIdin~

Etexna!i Blade! A champion or the elf race, an eternal ~de'.llee.ks to fullGlw the path appai nted hLm by his b!-ll~e ~--,;the sprrir of-A Dligh t Y el r hero of old.

J-ttaeP]iOenixMJJ;ge: skltled In both arcane rnagic aael ~e I rnaneirvers, 0 Iade pllOt'nix magi! is r eborn tn l lfu ,Iller life i nlliulain.:m unending vigil again I e II.

Master q£ Nine: Rams! and 'tnosr reno\Wl'ed0 - mavli(itl sdeprs, a mtlSt~r of nine wie1(Qs the lore and PDWffl'iiili'alL n-4a:e

mania! disd~es: .

:Ruby Rrt.igl1tV:md.i:eator: Asecrmve-ayen~~ a:\~fu.d'±GaTOl' setves as, We-e·f~s:s haa! an!\,Vi'frto threats a_ga;ins'r rhecfairh:

- S4adow Sun Wnje: SPYl W;:u:ciOf, and ass,a$sil~/. a '~haclo:w' Su,nlrlnfu (l;es·:tb.e_powers CilEbm:hIighrand d:aIkn~~§ clerenr Ills ftl~s,


Mesr df_ thep'(;estige- Classes- pre,s,e.nte-n in this chapter offer some amoatit of Gcmtinl1i~1g_ prog:resSiQIl to a character's e,iisringmane1:lve'lS" lUiowu-,and ni'aheuvff_$j,ea"died. Martin 1 a1lili:cies iiegllkeri'thi0ugj:l pl:Ggtession in a :p"tesuge e18$~. simply.ada to, dle&iai:,aetet's--eW~Ii1·arualmli:ue~wt!Js.

11 YOlr _hav~ m8Itla1 irianeuvers _from_~ fEra!; i-athei: than £ram a Gl.ass, ~hings work ~ little diffgrentw. rhlii _prestige class griintS-YO' rnansusers as TIO,rill-a1. j¥..~11 s'j_llip~y aan them fotlfe!maneuvers YQtl . o\v'because_Q[feats you hl)ye. You alsa iiiitiateilnd recover these maneuvers i1\ U;U3 "siUOe mannebas, yOU" rnitia:re. and recover other opes. La.te:rpn, },qJ.l mighttak'tdeMe1Sin me cl1rS\lder, swords.age, 0): watlJlaE1e iOla~s. Mane14\7e-rs y"mu had p:ri6nQ entering 0n-eC)f~Be tl'its.s~s CQutinu-e tB Flt;UEnOn as, they ara -pre\<iot,ts1w :rt~ri'1f tl'telt:llse and mJ:lve.r:¥ s~1i'anftelrfr:o:b:r those .gr:ihted b'ttJinri'a:r:tti\l adept-clas·s.le.vels.


Ifyouhave leVlllsifi 'a martial.adept standard tJaS5 {cl'tlsader, swordsage, or \":Ya:Fblade); YOb retain the sam~-me¢ba £0,): readying- aira recovering maneuvers that yo.IJ-Pl:J!-V.ff{>usly u-s:ea. If yOu havelevelsin two. or IDoreniaL'ti_aL_adept st~\ld;jgd classes (fOr cxoain'Ple, you are a TI:mluc\as$os\vCirSsagehvar])lad-e), you m.ust decille t(:i"wruch of your ex:isti);Cg $anl~l adept classes rh-e new maneuvers known .or],l:\rers

readied apply.. .

'Ma-neuveiJfs Imown: When-ron gain additional rnaneuverS KD0wil,tbe~e simply add to the .maneuvers known of 6neID:lruaL adept standard class you already possess, YOi] migh-r be abldo pick new maneuvers ftam .only·~ 11.ani}tllL of disciplines;

Maneuvers Readied: Whel1indicated, you gain the._a~ility re reaay one.or more additional martial maneuvers, If you havemore:fbJI.J;1 one martial maneuver p"(Qgt"ession, t0U m:tlS! :cheose wlhQl :ptogressiontbe additionall:eadte'l"l mt'!:Q,I'1LtI{el' slot a_ppl1:est6, If YOllcnaQ'se to.add the;tn,?Jfe1.lyei-" rea!iLi~l'~1 to a mird$;l nnw-eave:t prqgress~en derived h_om-t~usa:g.¢i:' :d~ss levels, you alS;ti g'~tn. -OHIO, a"d'4~tional manotu:,"er ~lit~tLat1j;l'e 5eglnning ci:f1'ili!!~ncounter Jot-each aaqifipilaLnta;n:eu')'e,r you ern Jiea"9~.

Stan~.~;Kil_own: .i£-ac.hi~$ grants new~,,;:e~ lqA.ow;n, y"?tl em selest ~-rances~fi.:onl.-the.d±~ctplinesavail~1e 'basl.'.d'pn the

" .

pre-stig,e class,

ll1lcov~~ \'lli)uet~inrhe;satne.Iec.ovety¥lethoil O;LJj;lf~d).~ GaR you altea!4t use. If Y01!fc have levels W-.Il1m;e ~-aTh ~11e maq;lal ad~'~f.1lSS", y('Ju~!'I0,se which r<::mvffi!Y".rn,_evh0d·. YlPtL will U:S~ ba~et O~l wl'rimndept class ,he new-m"llne'tl~r. YO~I

are lilll'l.\tulll'!Wa;ppllcs te, 01'!C@ rlns J.1l<ade, ir cannot be> ch'ai1gm:r.


rfy.olll Cito TI,0U !h.aveany levels in a mrurtialadept s-candar<t class IS-nilsad'~lil. SWQr-cls:agej orwallblade) beforeg_ainiQl;?; lev€'ls in ;1 p):e~tige classthst improves.yonr:ma rtial maneHJ;I;e-pp.rGgr~ s_lon', .some ,S:Reciahule5 ~pp1y.

.Mancuvers Known. The number of maneuvers youkmow is determined by the number of rimes yo_usele-cr fueMaru:ll study feat, plus the number of new maneuvers 'known you gain from you~ prestige class advancemem.

Maneuvers Readied: The number of man-euvers you can ready is equal to the number of maneuvers rou hl1ve leauned by means of the .Martial Study-feat, plus t-he-number of-newmaneuvers reached YOl.). gail) from your p.res tige Glass adva ncenrerrt'Tfrhe number oEmaneuvers}'oukriow-exc;eeas [he number youal'e pemnitted to ready, you musr (dioDSe wlilch maneuvers to ready and which to leave m.ll-eadte~ just Eke a standard martial adept. 'You can Ch<illg~}'DU'l' selection of readied maneuvers with 5 minute-s_Clreio:;e.l!Cise and meditation.

Sfanees Known: lfa ela:ss,grants~new-staDc51wm"'fl, you c<l11IseleG[,SUlnCes from tbedfsdplliles'av:3il:able~aseH OJ:! tfie PJ:estig~.class; ..

. Recoy'n-Y:Y0u cannot-recover eXiJileilded manenverstn aTh enGOl1I11el'i_fyou do riot.have Le-vetsd:n a majj:lltlad~p1:dass, so each dEvour readied mm:ienversinisableonCe;per e.:nCQ.ootef. You can recover your expe.ndefl ma'iieuvers outslqe cem'hru. Wifh S:ulin11tes of exercise and Dleditation.

ffyollgaln access to a pliestfge cias.s by takillg; mec.MaidaJ Study feat.·andd1at class h-aslts own progressio,J;l_nfma:J1I~lJvers known, those new maneu'-lerS tan be used oftlyoncseip_er encounter- 10u retain the- recmrery method VOlllltev{ol!lSly hac1. If you then took martial adept levels, you could'teemrer maneuvers ysu gained as.a result of those Ievels-as a mem:oel' of thllt Glass, but the.maneuvers from your previous levels would stilJbNISahl(!! only once per errcourizer.


"My bJ.a:z:les,thii'sI fod!and."

. -Rhaskana, Bloodclaw Sectet:k!!e~r

A blocdclaw master embraces the animal within tell degree that it becomes external; partiallytransfol:rning lilin into tIle beast from wh:kll the: discipline was inspired, H-e emplays· small, light weapons almost like claws. He Iocuses on tll Tiget e1aw discipline, and His maneuveI~speakjG -rhetgWGks~rtkLnKnjjtlilIe oflrisdisclpline~s. f~.lhe· n'liri1esa1ce.



'This classfavOl:cS those- vi.hoc p_.r:efef ;ffghti:fig:'Wi:"r1) nvo.JjgM weapons, a.j:ld who ateJQrid of:ilie ;t:Q.aneuveI£"Pfth:e "M-get c1a¢ disCiph~k MIDst htoo~chhy Inasl~rs are 5«:1\11:&a-g$:O wa:rblad--esof,the rrigef Glawd~ciphnE;, S@me LnlJlgarfaus. clioos.e to {lmbXllcec~m inJ:l:ep he~[st, :6~aoming a; bloo illa-w $lst~~a"t_l!li~e)i F~lg a fe;W:::mi1' • al adept 4ass levels


Attack Foit Ref Will Level Bonus Save 5av·e. Save,

i sf -+0 '-tl ~ +2 T(:)

2nd +1 rr3 +3 ",(ll

3n! +2 4-3 ~ +~

4tn -l-;} +4 --1;~ +=1

~th -+3 *4 -1;4 +1 l'

Class Skil[s (2 + In, tnodiftel' per leve.l): Bal~ Ll!:lre"*, Mov~ Siler;lHy. Spot, Survival.

~New s'kill described on page 28.


R~a(jled Q




.orselecting:the Martial S tudy fe~tenoug;p. rimes to meet -dJe entry req;\j:i-tements .. A fe_w rogues also consi.der this pass, becanse sneak attacks made with TWO weapons are .esl!,eda11y deadly.

EN:rFIY REQ UI REM ENT5 skills: jum'p 9 ranks,

feats: Multiattack or Two-Weapon Fighting.

Martial Maneuvers: Must know three Tiger Claw maneuvers,


As you advance as a bloodclaw master, you become mote 'l:ike the tiger that inspired your chosen martial dlsciphne. Y-ou gain mastery.of more Tiger Claw maneuvers, while also gairring difrabi1ity to shift iDW a feral form,

Maneuvers; At eachodd.-numbered level, you gaiu a new maneuver knowrifrom the Tiger Claw aiscipliIf~. You must meet a maneuver's prerequisite to learn if. Youadd your f,ullcDlo.oOclaw master revels to YOUI initiator level to determine. yow: "[otal Initiator level and your B.ighesHevel maneuvers Kh'owb.

Ar 3r,n levEl, you gaiIi,an aadiTlonalm:meuv-e-r readfed per day.

Sh:i£tirig(8u);¥tJucm a tiger oyfml,Usin yourferah.ii.rur.e., you caa'enier asta1;e·i:haf is !iuperliciaHystWHar toa barha'tt2n's rage. While you ate S'bi£t:iiig, you,rapp:i:larance takes on ,aspecl:s::)(oU[ fingernhlffi-oeco.hlemore poinred andda.wlike, me iri..sesM yaw' e.yes Beccrae.narrow, 'catlike slits, youi:' ears grow more p.t)inred, and s6a.I1. Wh ile shifting, you gain a +2-bn..lJ,us t6 Srrength and,VQu grow claws that tim be used as o,at11.4.'a1 weapons: Thesedaws d'ealld4 points of damage with e'ath

accessful attack. Y-ou can attack with one claw as a standard actio:n orwitl:ftwo claws as afullattack action (as a primary Qanrral-weapbn).You.caru:idtattackmon~thanonce:perronnd widi a single claw, even lEymlI base attack bonus Is high <mPugILtogive you multiple attacks. You can arrack with a

claw as ~lligb:t o ff.h a nd weapon while Wielding a weallo1'l. 'bIl. yOUL-ptimary liana, birt doing so.ineurs the normalpilllalri-e'S

f()rnglittug with 1WQ weapons. __

shiftili:g is a£ree.:act1on- and lasts.for a l,lV.m. ber _ohQl;liJ.tls equal to you-r Con.-ffiodifiex + your blooddaw master class level. At 3rd level.and iigID]{at :£tb level, yougaiua.n additi-on4 dailv use of your shifting abilIty;

Claws of the Beast (Ex): W.he~;llittii:ddlig wirh two claw gets or Tiger Claw weapons (rlruk"i:i, leama, hab.daxe, un¥m~d strike.or claws), you add your full Strerf.Eili bonus tpcii:un!l>ge TOils made.for your eff-hand weapon.

SuperiorTwo-Weapon: fightIng (EX): Startin_g. at 2nd levet wnetr you attild{ with two daggers nr Tiger C]awVi<e@ons, yoo a6:nottak~ the-2 penalty on attack-tolls for·£ghttng with-t"Lbweapons. . '.

Tiger elawSyniirgy (Bx} Beginning in 2nd level, 'while you.:are:in ~ Tiger e[a~rsrance, you can chQ:6s-e rogainei:fuer a +1 dodge bonus to your Armor Class or ,":TiO-foot bonus to 10m base speed. Youmake, this choke when YOll enter the ranee.

AT. 4th level, you beroine -more at curate at dealiilg Tiger Gl~wc.Stri'kes. YQU g.ajn_a +Lbonus'0n-a.n_ytaH.acK.roUll-maq;e as--par o£a l;trike..trfum the,T'iger ClawdiSoipline.

PounGing-St:rike{Ex): ]"t.om3ldlevelOll, when \\fiel'dfug [WO weapons, you can-tm astandru:d action 'to.make <bSiiIlig!e melee. attack witli.each weapon. £ac;.1i-attaak is made at yoUrlilgfteSl:-'atcta!:k bOlm-s.. you·€~alsbi:nake an ,attack witl1.eadl weapon 'agrinSt 1l:ri. oj:fpoftetJ.t anhe e.i:td:ofa charge.

Wlie-u,),Q.u use p0liu~u:g-strrJ.{e, you lose die use of-one ll,ser Chlw:sn:-iJ<e¥ou have readied for the current encounteE>JU"St as 1£ you the-'strike (exEept yon do notal$o gam. me sbiwe's normal effeCT). Once yen use-this ability; fbll i5an- recover tEe maneuver you 'expended, and use it ri(!llnially.

Low.-L:i,glrt Yisi:oji (Bx): At 3rd level, your eyes function better m~ni:tn lIgJlt, as you adopt the-senses of the tiger. You gain £ciw"li~h:t'Vision.-


""THE B-LOOUCLAW MASTER and tne duratton of the character's recia] shifting a ility Is

A snifter d1arapt,ef, frQm the E8£~~ON camp,l'ig-n .settrtuff. ~itts intrea-s~(fj bX 1 ff)oUn~ fQr e;oj.G;h lev~1 he take;; 'in fms pfe-strg-l'!

,s.lightly different benefits from taking levels in tbis.EJlass. c1<15s. The,flG: is treated a.s ha.vingthe raaerclaw shifte-r ~r,ajt

The class's shi'ffin'g .abmty i~te'ad gl'jlnts-tfje shifter pn~ a~- fur the 8~,\,?()5e 0 T\'I\l'Etfti1f'i;lr,"]UJ$ite.s 6si:lEh as fer [}(f'ier dltional shift per /Jay at 'l at ans Bth levels (but Aelc3:rd I,el>'ei), shlfter feats),

_______ ,---_ _.../'.« ..... err..-.. _ ...---...-------

Retuii1il,~(i],laws (Ex}t ~Hm le:'ld, while f,01:jl-'!j!{'e sl$~gil' ~ nd Qll~dqDg:.?;(f,tlrlWO dagge~QF two T~ger,GlawW~_~1RP'~ .add you SU • CeliS!llUy hit an q~~,onenTwitE Doth we~l?_0~W~ the same 'o~4, t-he!>'ec0ud:w<'apon that bifs 4e.<11s, .an ,~xwa

ds pnints of a'am-agl§. Tlili'effedis_considemd a bpast~ttom

rll_e::nger Gllawdiscipline. ' -

When Y011 ~(s.e rending claws, youlo5e'the use0Eone'1'iger Clawh6o'st ¥QU navueadied for the currenT: encounter, jll/it 'liS ifyou nachThi:tiated the boost (except you @o not also gain "theboost'S'uarm:aleffect). Once you use this ability, you can Ie6QVeIillei[lJ:aneuveIyotTe~pended ana use it normally,

Stei1f(Bx1~ Once you l:raveteac'hedSth level, yom: heightened animalfstic senses also give -you tlie- ability to smellnsa rby creatures. YOU '~i1iD the SCeD t.specia] abtliry ciiM. 314j.-


Like the tiger, you are aloof CHnd proud, Irut q~Lkk to act when a sfhmtion demands it. Some mistake your demeanor fbr arrogance, bur you know your- attitude is .more Jil{~ pa" tieace. You seekte learn the aerails-arotmd q cir_cumS1!al1~e before offedng your input. When you speak, you

do so sag_cly, with confidence, even if you aren't certafn that you a-re actually correct. If is mote important rhaeorhers believe you are

right, that you acre ,infaJ-

Illite. Your p atience is not

infinire, however; and

you are always eager [Q

spring into action. Nothing bothers y:gu more than spending 'a long period of rime l-~ a small, encjosed room Wi!-B -nothing ro 'do, and no one tokUl Asyould_en_· my with yDl_l1; internal rig-ef, yon adopt external W~fS J)f di~p'Iaying y0UI bend, perhaps by srr~ping yourarras or face with blade soar or adorning yourself with jewekyfashio:L1~d froID

raoth and claw.

Blo0_dcJawJJ;l~sters are

heli in higl,,~s~ee~ by

-many followers of the frac-

tious TIgerqaw discipline, tho~ some Tiger Claw adepts barber jealousy or even.loathing for those who follow theblccdclaw master

path. Asa bloodclaw master, you fighrwith afemcityaDcT CUll.ningrhat ~<lsses '<!llbut the .mosr skilled masters oETig;er Claw: A few believe tlrar YOB r ferocity dilutes the purity of Tiger Claw, M.1d t:hat bloodClaw masters mark a J;e~tMsi6nln the advaI'Cce.menttUlJxo discipline; @rberScS1n:1plo/:Widetheir

rime, wa1iiiig[iJW ~ tfgex &_ry.'!!Jet wi drop ~tof'~'t'a1!d,Jave}L

COMBAT !'C<ime£ ~ b-~:tt1~ o!tctfrs before tHe ~p(tjegins. Q1UJXdel' to thqt'j_se .... yQuI''b~i1ttle_grQ:uud, tosfalk y6lw0pp6neu~inro re)!r.ain (harQest$1.I.rrs 'foun bili.t'ies.0 nee -b,itde'is joinea.i)'p1.T b@"GolllE \l frenzy of nrotion, strnting quicldy and at'the.most ~eva ble target available; hinderingyour:opp6nerits' iibilit;yto :reaGb\ '!lou lead with a charge, shifting aloiigthecway. to geryow:self in position where yom claws oryoui:_kukiis can dea1rhe most damage. TakiLlg advantage of your leaping skills. y01Ljump to any available.high ground td'~aiJ) 31i'u.pre:rJiand.


in yot!rhand1), small blades extenston 6fyo!;l."rQWU hands-lil{~ claws made of steel. The' strikes ana 'Go-ontl;!FS of the Tiger _CI;lW- discipline are natural extensiQus otY.i;i,l1lI own.combat a BUity. Pollowing the path ofbl06dClllw-mam;er speaks toyollrferal j:farure,jeJting VOlt become onewithtlie

beast in your heart. Masters of the Tiger {;:law see this spark within you] ana tb:tQllgh grom training you have learned etthe path of the ~east;ma whll_l'~J,t l1!liSt-d~ to lmlocld·,

As" bloodtj~w "Imlset, -yo:rlhave earned your way 111'1;o,an elite subs_e1:t rnf,(;he rig~rClaw scll€101. "Weur ab;ilities are Ieye'ted :by ~aILY, esp~dally- :th'dse .relartvely newzo the !ili:ScF pline. Older m~s:t~rs ".vhf) have not emb:V,3'£eU t!hl&ir own inner 1'igers"mi-hl view you-wirh cll.sdaiB.;lmr even they mus.txe,,-~gnize: the power you'wield.

To fully unllze soareof the best Tiger Claw.maneuvers, you will want 1:0 Jreep yourJ~p skillmaximizea. If youhaven't already"yol1 should take the Blade:Medlration fear. Tigel<Blooded is an Ideal-feat to take w¥ou haYE!.3 barbarian I~vd~ and yC'm 'can use Martial Study to- furiher expand your "F.igpI Claw maneuver, repe-r.tQ'i1:e. Many _Qfy()U~manel:lverskeif qf£ critkal :-hitlSl so ilinpl'ovei1 Cdnca-J ruin·

increase those. opportunities.

provide a demonstration of your abtliries, showing your hOST [be rrue narurenf,the tiger. Since The bloooclaw masters are nor a recognized gtoup.or aurhority, even within the Tiger Claw discipline, anyadi:liti0flal suppon is'l'l-Blikely. Mere often, a master nP;ght:pIOVlde a rask or quest that serves hls IDWn euds, bur YOu4re TIer \1l1derahy'particmlat obligation to accept ir.


"\'Qhaf' worse than a: n:1gillg werc1iger? A ragiJ1,gwerehger with a /luge uxe,"

-AubIen Starchaser, ranget of the nerrh

Blocdclawrnasrers are feral fighters that represent the purest. form of the Tiger Claw disci pline, at least in their own minds. Tbey a re a special ized extension of the martial classes, an example of how a character mighr embody the essence of a particular martial school In the case of Tiger Claw, thefollowers of the discipline itself are fragmented and disorganized, and a bloodclaw master could just as easily be a valuable ally er a memorable foe.


It l said rhar a mountain can be bome [Q only one tiger, In ages past, the Tiger Claw martial school had roauy monasteries and fighting colleges, but now the former order is 6:annred and in shambles afrer many of the masters met 'rheir end fellowing the destruction of the Temple of the Nine words and the death of the Tiger Lord. Now, masters !'lIthe Tiger Claw axe few and far between.Although they show each other.courtesy; many work against each other fur their own perry ends. Bloodclaw masters are seen by rbe discipline's masters as pawns they can use 10 gain personal POWeJ.·, and even while rhey provide training, they secretly plot to use their pupils against r heir rivals.


The sometimes outlandish appeaunce and marked standoffisbness ofblooddaw .masrers rends to intimidate most people. Those who have significanr knowledge of the martial paths give due respect ro a blood claw master, bur me reception by others depends on the venue. People in locales that adventurers freql1ent are more likely TO be indifferent to a blood claw master; while those in more upscale environs tend to be unfriendly.


Characters with ranks in Martia] Lore can research blooddaw masters (0 learn-more about them. When a character makes a skill check, read or paraphrase the following, including the inIormatj0n from lower DCs.

DC 10: omehow; these people can to igers.

DC 15: Bloodelaw masters are fiercetwo-weapon wielders ~n cornbar,

DC 20: They are:m.aste:r.s ofa marrialdisGi__p~>known as The TIger Claw; rhat:all0WS them [Q channel anlnner beast [0 briefly Iran. form. th.€m.sclves into 3 funD- DOt,'ttnlike a cpr.

DC 30~ CharnCteLS-W$ achieve this level of success can learn Important derails ebour a specific notable bll'lod-daw masrer,the areas where.he-o,perares. and rhe kinds ofactivities he undertakes.

A characterwith rhi'! Gathel' rnform stiOll skill em attem.p~ a DC 25 check to locate a bloodclaw master, pi:ovitl~d cue is ion t:b:e region. Altetnately,.he mlgb t atrempr to leeare a masteI ofthe Tiger Claw-disdpline-, who could at least provide information and background on the bloodcla'w rnaster and the"W'!y of the beast, Doing so requires the master}" aniruilt' -t.lJ be helpful.


Rloodclaw masrers epitomize the Tiger Claw discipline. A campaign rharincerporates multiple martial schools-can use bloodclaw masters to represent the more active members of the Tiger Claw school, Even a setting [hat is nor enrizely integrated with the martial classeseouldtnccrporarea bl~odclaw master as 11 lone warrior.

The class appeals greatly to players who want IO fOCllS a martial adept character in the Tigez Claw school, Players fond ofdual-weapon- wielding character will also.bedrawn to this class. The spectallsr.zarher than the generalist, will -Hhd me bloodclsw master appealing,


In the EBEllRQN setting] bloodclaw masters are rypically shifters who use the teachings of Tiger Claw and the way of the blood claw master to bring themselves closer to their animalistic heritage. Groups of Tiger Claw-adepts and bloodclaw masters share their martial knowledge in conclaves throughout the Eldeen Reaches.


"B100dclaw masters tend to-stay on the fringe of ciyiliz-arion. They are loners who tare1y seek out the comparry o(~others unless they have a compelling reason [0 do so.

n 9: lthaskana the bloodckw master is a scowling} foul[empered warrior. He. ta1es-~ minor slight, l!erceived or osherwtse, as 3Jl excuse to duel one of the pes.


Male human warblade 6fblooddaw master 3 NG Mec!.ium humanoid (human)

Init+3; Senses 10W.lightvl.sion; Listen +0, Spot+3 Languages Common, Elven

CR 9

AC 21, touch 14, flat-foote<f22~ Dodge

(+3 Dex .• +7 armor, +1 deflection, +1 natural) hp 73 (9 HD)

Fort +9, Ref 9, Will +]

Speed 30 ft. (6 squar-es)

Melee +1 kuk.r/ +12/+7 melee ('ld4+S/18-20) and

'f1 kukri +12/+7 melee (;) i!l4-t5Jl8~20) w1th TW0~Wea:p0n F-:fghtitlg or

Mete.e +1 kukr! +12/+7 melee (ld4+S118-20) or M alee- claws +1 0/+10 (ld4+2)

Base Atk 8: Grp +10

Atk OptIons Blood Meditatfon (TIger, battle ardor t1r tiger claw synergy (stance)

Special Al;f:ions shiftin~ l/day (+7Strength, 4 rounds) Combat Gear potior! of endlJram:e

Maneuvel'S and Stant:~es KhOwn (I L 9th):

StaM6cs-blood in the water (1st), punfshingstance (1 st) Striker-claw at tile mccrrr (2nd), death From above+ (4th). pouncmg-charge'] (5th), soaring raptor strike (3rd). steel wfnd (l st), wQJffang strikef (1 st) BQOsts-sudoen leap'i· (1s.t)

Coun'teT5-wall of blades (20d) Disciplines: Iron Heart, Tiger Claw t Readied manel:lYer

Abilities Str 14, Dex 17, Con 13, Int 12, Wis 10, Cha 8 SQ Improved uncanny dadge

Feats Blade Meditation (Tiger ClaW)*8, Dodge, Mobility, Two-Weapon Fighting, Weapon Focus (kukri), Weapon Speciafizatloh (kukri)

"New feat described on page28

skills Balance +U, Climb +8, Concentration +2. Intimidate +8, Jump +20, Martial Lore "'13. Spot +3., Tumble +11 Possessions cernbar gear plus +2 breastplate, two ,·1 ku~ris, ~mtJl'!t o!11atural a~mor 'f, 1, ring of protection +1, ring of Jumpmg .


";V1r (mglll'lS a blilldhtg storm. When it brcrl1ts1 my el10ir1i~~" H~prl will drench 111 grollnd like rsm,"

-Varand Thunderhand, bloodstcnn blade

Orher marrial mdep!Srightfully look with wonder upon these who learn the bloodsrorm style. Once a secret an jealously guarded by a sword-cnlr ofgtrhyanki warblades, bloodstonn techniques now find use in the hands of martia I adepts of many races=-mosr.norably, the.Informal ill~r.cen,m:y organizarton known as the Blcodsrorm Guild. The style takes knowledge from the Iren Heart discipline and applies it to atracks with rhrown weapons. A bloodstorm blade wno masters these methods efre11 becomes more-deadly when a weapon.leaves his hands than when be holds onto it.


Almost all bloodsrorm blades begin rhel r careers as warblades since rharclass offers the easiest and most obvious parh to masrery-aCme bloodstormstyle. A few bloodstorm blades Fllld their way rothe claa through other routes, usually bymeSl1$ o£tbe 1l,.fartialStu.dy feat. Other than warblades, Eghtets most often become blood rorm.blades, bur barbartans, rangers, rogues, and monks can also be counted .among rh,eir number,

Although the blcodstorm blade prestige class ?!'il1Jadly features abilities rhar augmenrranged attacks, a high.DexterIll' score is nnnecessary because a chnracrer can make use of the dnmdercus rhrow ability. Atternartvely, a character with a high Dexteriryscore and relatively b~,. $trellgth score can fO[_gD using mundew1.II; throw and instead optimize by mklDg Com bat Reflexes and using eye of the storm. Either rype ofcb~l'llcte, can take fears that increase prowess and "ullck -power Wi, h a single melee weapomthe beneftt$ of

uher i1~prollch apply-to hodl nngeJ and tneiee atrecks,

E'.NHW REQU' RE1I1EfIIT!i Sjtill'S:i3aiah.Gril: Ihi3nks. Feats: point Btank shot.

Martial Maneuver.s: Must know one Iron Heart strike and one: Iron Heart stance,


Attack Fort Ref Will

Level Bonus; Save Save Save Special

15 "·1 +2 +0 ~b lZetuming attacks,

Throw Anytl,ing, wea on a ptituEie

2nd +2 +3 +0 +0 MartiaTIhrowr

thunderous throw

3ifd +3 +3 +1 +l B0l111s f]ghterfeai.

4th +4 +4 +l +1 Liahti1ing ricochet

5th +5 +4 +1 +1 a1000 wind riCoGhet

6th ~·6 +5 +2 +2 Bonus fighter f~t

Z!fL.: -117 +5 +2. +2£y'e of the storm

8th +8 c+-6 +2 2 Blood rain

9th '3 +6 +3 +3 Bonus fighter feat

10th +10 +7 +1 +3 Blade storm

Class Skills (4 + Int modifier per level): Balance, Ccncentratlon, Craft, Intimidate, Jump. Ma.rtial l.ore=; spot, Tumble.

*Ne.w skill described on page 28.


_AI; a bloodsrorm blade, you gain extraordinary mastery over attacks with thrown weapons, and you learn to\V nea rly any weapon at your foes. These abilities lend themselves to 8 Str011g focus on a single weapon of choice thar you can then wield both in melee 311d at range, Some of the bloQdsrorm blade class fearures require you to expend 3 use of an Leon Heart strike for an encounter, Or subsume the effects of all I ron flea It stance.

Returning Attacks (Ex): You can hurl your weapon at a foe and command it to ricocheI back royon.Any \veaFlon YOll throw behaves as though it ha the rerurnrng special ilhiJity (DMG22S).

when YOll use ret u ruing attacks, you lose rbe use of one Iron Heart strike YOLI have readied for [he currenrencoun ter, just as if you had initiated the strike (except: you do not a lso gain the strike's normal effect). Once you use this ability; you can recover the maneuver you expended and use it normally.

Throw Anything: As an Initiate of the mysteries of rb • bloodsrorm technique, you learn to throw swords as fl~sily 9S others hurl daggers. You gain Throw Anyth fng (see the sidebar) as a bonus feilL

.Wea})on Aptitude (Ex): Ycur rraintngwtth It wide rang!.' of weaponry and. tactics allows you the opportnrrirv to gaijl great skill with particular weapons. You can qualify for fears requtrmg a trrinimum ntrmber offighrer levels (su.cb 35 Weapon Specialization) as tf you had a fighret level.eqnal re your combined warblade and bloodsrorm blad.e levds-l.

Furthermore, you have the flexibiHrytoadjusl yom;,weapoll training, Each morni ng. you can spend 1 hour practfring and-change the weRpo!lS;selected fot:lluy feal youMve rh~1 aPl'Ilies cmly to IJ sfngle chusen weapon. For examplp, Vall

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