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Additional Mathematics Form 5

1. The probability that Siti qualifies for a 2. In a leadership course, 5 students are
college education is while the chosen to represent their school. These 5
students are chosen from 5 school
probability that Alex qualifies is . Find prefects, 8 class monitors and 4 dorm
the probability that leaders. Calculate the number of
(a) both of them qualify for the college different ways the students can be
education chosen if
(b) only one of them qualifies for the (a) there is no restriction
college education. [3 marks] (b) only 2 monitors and exactly 2 school
prefects are chosen. [4 marks]

(a) (b) (a)6188 (b) 1120

3. Calculate the number of arrangements 4. In SMK Bandar Sg Long, there are 15 form
that can be formed if all the letters from 5 prefects. 7 of them are boys and the
the word “S U K M A” are to be rest are girls. Two of them are chosen to
rearranged with the condition that it represent the school in a competition.
must begin with the letter ‘K’ and end Find the probability that
with the letter ‘S’ or ‘A’. [3 marks] (a) both are girls
(b) one boy and one girl are chosen
[4 marks]

(a) (b)
5. Diagram below shows the standard 6. A random variable has a normal
normal distribution graph. distribution with mean and variance
. Given that , find
the value of . [3 marks]

The probability represented by the area

of the shaded region is .
(a) Find the value of
(b) is a continuous random variable
which is normally distributed with a mean
of and standard deviation of . Find
the value of when z-score is

(a) -1.07 (b) 59.65

Additional Mathematics Form 5

7. Solve for 8. Solve the equation

[4 marks] for [4 marks]

9. Given that , 10. and are 3 points

and . Find on a Cartesian plane. Given
(a) and is a point such
(b) unit vector in the direction of that . Find
[3 marks] (a) the coordinates of
(b) [4 marks]

(a) (b) (a) M(6, 16) (b)

11. (a) Given that , find 12. Given that , find the value
of [3 marks]
(b) Given that
find the value of and . [4 marks]

(a) (b)