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Strategies of Colors - the new channel in the general entertainment space
Strategies of Colors - the new channel in the general entertainment space

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Published by: vishnihalani on Sep 21, 2010
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COLORS A New kid in General Entertainment Segment

What happened to Indian women suddenly????

They all Started watching Colors!!!!

What about Star plus????

What about Kyunki Kahani ghar ghar ki And Kasauti Zindagi ki .????

What about our own .

Tulsi Virani

Parvati Agarwal

It seems that they have had enough of .. Changing Mihir Virani s

Or Its that .. Yeh kahani hai is ghar ki Yeh kahani hai us ghar ki Ab to Yehi kahani hai Star Plus ke serials ke har ghar ki
(All serials have more or less the same story to say)

Do you know what the Reality is????

The answer to all these questions is:

Colors is a Hindi language Indian general entertainment channel  A part of the Viacom 18 family.  About Viacom and Network 18  It was launched on July 21, 2008.  Curtain raised for COLORS with a multi-celeb reality show Khatron ka khiladi  Huge popularity just after its launch 

Currently, the channel is featuring a number of successful shows, such as Balika Vadhu, Na Aana Is Des Laado, Uttaran.  Balika Vadhu was ranked in the TOP 5 shows of Indian television's TRPs charts, within 3 months of its launch.  Colors has launched in U.S. on the Dish Network in February 2010, where it is called Aapka Colors.

Product Line
Reality shows Mythology

Balika Vadhu, Uttaran, Na aana iss des laado

Khatron ke Khiladi, Big boss, National Bingo night

Jai shri Krishna, Mahavir hanuman

Porter s 5 force model
Low Low High High



The Scenario Pre-Launch 
11th Entrant  Market Leader Star Plus  New comers NDTV imagine and 9xm failed to make a mark.  High Costs involved  The sector was dominated by the saas-bahu soaps  Fall in viewership share from 24.2% share in 2004 to 23.2% share in 2008.

Launching colors
‡ Cutting the clutter ‡ Launching with a multi-celeb reality show ‡ Soaps with a social message

Key Strategies
‡ Disruptive Programming ‡ Broad Differentiation Strategy ‡ Innovative and fresh content ‡ Promoting Cohesive Viewing

Positioned as a GEC ( General Entertainment Channel) with a difference  A channel that was not only rich in color but rich in life  The tagline of the channel is Jasbaat Ke Rang signifying the universal appeal of its programmes. Promoted cohesive viewing

Perceptual mapping
High Innovative content



Consumer acceptance low

DD national

Star plus,NDTV Imagine,SAB tv,Sahara one,Zee tv,

Consumer acceptance high

low Innovative content

Scheduling Strategies 
Colors divided the scheduling slots based on viewers  Considered Bharat and India a separate identity. -7 pm-9 pm slot which was focused on Bharat -9 pm-10 pm slot was focused both on the rural as well as the urban segment -10 pm-11:30 pm slot focused on the urban parts of India  Schedule reality shows on the weekend  Different shows for its afternoon slot  Sunday morning slot  Screening of blockbuster movies on weekends.

Promotional Strategies 
Colors left no stone unturned in its Promotion of its various shows & the channel itself Launch marketing and promotion budget of Rs 350-450 million. Promotion plan included a high profile coverage in top 90 cities and towns.

It placed 1300 hoardings and launched road shows across the country 

Promotional Strategies 
65000 ad spots booked on TV while 15 million SMSs sent across all telecom operators  3000 taxis in Mumbai and 2000 auto rickshaws in small towns along with local trains and school buses painted with Colors brand. The efficient dabba service in Mumbai used to disburse the channel message Flavour of the marketing campaign was differentiation and innovation

Promotional Strategies
Programme Specific Marketing Colors tied up with ISKCON for promoting its mythological show Jai Sri Krishna at all ISKCON temples. For the show Mohe Rang De, Colors chose Punjab and Delhi to organize street plays as these plays were the maximum witness to freedom struggle.

Promotional Strategies 
The channel teamed up with around 2 lakh dabbawalas, who wore masks with Akshay's face printed on them, while delivering food. Foot over bridges were branded with messages such as 'Crossing railway tracks is unwise, for real stunts watch FearFactor'. Tied up with coffee outlet chain Barista to launch a Fear Factor special edition coffee, called F2.

Promotional Strategies 
Colors also partnered with Barista for special Bigg Boss meals and Big Bazaar outlets for different promotional offers. In Mumbai, some announcements adorning the Bigg Boss voice were made on railway platforms 35 million SMSs sent across operators, announcing the start of Bigg Boss.

Journey to No. 1
‡ High expenditure on marketing and distribution ‡ Paid high carriage fee ‡ It broke the monopoly and monotony of family dramas. ‡ Launched shows for all kind of viewers grabbing maximum eye-balls ‡ Understood the viewers requirements well ‡ Lured men to watch General Entertainment channels

Presented by: Vishal Nihalani

STRENGTHS Shows from all walks of life A fresh outlook on everything New themes and Ideas

WEAKNESS Strong competitors A new channel with teething problems Late Entry

OPPORTUNITY A lot of untapped market A new generation with different taste in TV Brand Loyalty in Indians THREATS Failure Difficulty in looking for new grounds Copy Cats

Will Colors Sustain???
‡ Colors Launch in U.S. and plans to launch in other countries ‡ Earning revenue a big challenge for Colors ‡ Competitor s are giving a tough fight by reacting on every move. ‡ Is Colors also getting caught up in a theme like star plus? ‡ Will their experimentation further work?

‡ Colors success is a cautionary tale for all media ‡ Indian media consumers are willing to try out new products and even embrace them.

There are very few examples in the history of business, where a new player enters a highly competitive market and defeats the established players ..and COLORS just proves this!

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