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˜ Introduction
˜ Problem definition
˜ Objectives
˜ Data analysis
˜ Findings
˜ Conclusion

 TVS Motor is the third largest two-

manufacturer in India and ranks among the top ten
globally. TVS Scooty Pep is spreading its success
wings all over the market due to its sleek dual tone
body with complementary colored mirrors, appealing
body lining and 5 different types of metallic colors.
The main stand too now includes an extended lever
which effectively helps in placing the Pep Plus on the
main stand without a fuss.
Problem definition

ï To know complete details about scooty pep

ï To understand the customer decision making
ï To know the satisfaction level

In this study I come to know the scooty pep

users are satisfied the scooty pep service.
Compare to other scooty users feels comfort
with the scooty pep cost.
Customer need more service centers.
Customer demand for charge battery.

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