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Engineering Ethics

Engineering Ethics

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Engineering ethics

By Dr. Nirmala Devi. B Sources from CSL Cartoon Stock, Environmental save.som

Senses, issues, inquiry, dilemmas autonomy, theories, consensus, Moral dilemmas, moral autonomy , Kohlberg theory, Gilligan's theory consensus and controversy 

Engineering Ethics  Moral issues faced by individuals and organisations involved in engineering  Questions with respect to moral ideals, character, policies adopted by individuals and organisation that are involved in technically

Image of a Tragedy for Sale 
Situation: A devoted photographer²an aspiring Situation: photographer² professional or passionate artist²always carries a artist² camera at the ready. The photographer happens to witness a horrific catastrophe, and is the only person to capture the event on film. A media company, eager to acquire the images for broadcast, offers the photographer $500,000 for the images and copyrights.  Question: Is it ethically wrong for the photographer to Question: accept the large sum, because it  would mean profiting from awful misfortune?  Discussion: The appearance of benefiting from Discussion: tragedy often gives rise to controversy.


Senses  Moral content  Approaches-Micro Approachesand Macro


Variety of issues issues-come to notice    Variety of issuesissuescome to notice and not come to notice Portrait of successful engineer infront of cooling towers issues-not come to notice Factory chimney emitting smoke to the air

Moral Issues/Problems occur in engineering

Intention  Under pressure  Ignorance
Under pressure ‡Ignorance

Types of enquiry 
 Normative: Morally required norms/values/standards should protect safety 

not sure what it is but it was in the sale so we thought we'd better get one before they sold out.'

Eg: 'I'm 

Conceptual:Conceptual:-what is meant by bribe? What is meaning of safety? Engineers should protect safety

U Do by Government    Factual : Business realities in engineering practice Procedures used in risk

U Not to do by management

Engineer who cant decide who to listen to

Moral Dilemmas 
Vagueness: Unclear to individuals for use of moral principles  Conflicting reasons  Disagreement
Villagers storming the castle as part of riot against god

Viewing with spy of competitors two politicians fighting

Identify the exact problem ±gather all moral factors

Collect the facts

Rank the moral consideration

List the alternate solutions to resolve moral dilemmas

Give weightage to moral factors

Moral autonomy 
Skill & habit of rational thinking that is necessary for individuals to deal with ethical issues.  Skills required  Ability to recognise & distinguish moral problems  Skilll to clarify & assess views of opposing sides of moral problems  Have the capability to think an alternative responses  Skill to express & defend  Capabiity to tolerate  Capability to maintain

Kohlberg Theory  Preconventional level-moral thinking from levelyoung age. Desire to avoid punishment.  Conventional level-an individual is motivated leveland adopts the norms that are set by his family or society.  Post conventions-adopts the standards of right conventionsand wrong strictly  Golden rule ³do unto others as U have them Unto to U´

Gilligan's theory 
Preconventional levellevela desire that is backed by self-centered selfreasoning.  Conventional levellevelstrong desires that they should not hurt others.  Post conventions-balancing ones own neds conventionswith those of others ³Ethics of Caring the family and others´

Consensus and controversy 

One should be understand the moral differences and disagreements that arise among autonomous persons  A balance is need in dilemmas between need of autonomy of an individual and the need generated by authority.

Ethical theories 
Profession means job  Profession applies certain jobs that meet following requirements  Knowledge  Organisation  Public good

Persons who practive engineering as a profession  Two criteria  Should attain standards of achievemnt in education and job perfomance  Be morally responsible towards the society, employer, clients, collegues and subordinates

Models of professional roles 
Saviour-eradicate poverty, inefficiency, waste, Saviourunwanted manual labour  Guardian-appropriate technologies that is safe and Guardianconvenient for the society as whole  Bureaucratic servant- loyal to the management which servanthas employed them  Social servant-analyse and collect the servantinterest/requirements of society and take steps along with the mgt and satisfy the interest of the society  Social enabler and catalyst- educate the society and catalystmgt

Theories of right action 
Theory based on Utilitarian Actions and plans should be evaluated by their consequences  Act based-purely on individual actions based Rule based-purely on moral rules not on basedindividuals

Theory based on duty 
Paying importance to duties more than that of good consequences  Being honest  Keeping promises  Not indulging in acts that bring suffering to others

To ourselves Respect for persons Universal principles Moral imperatives

Theory based on rights 
All people have basic rights ³rights for freedom of conscience and free speech´ Two types Liberty rights-negative rightsLiberty welfare rights-positive rights-

Theories about virtues 
Virtue and the golden mean
Excess Goldem Mean courage Deficiency

Fool hardiness


Revealing all truthfulness information in violating of confidentiality Wasting resources generosity

Not revealing any information

Bieng miserly

Virtues and practice 
Moral aim is built into the meaning of profesion itself  Profession Internal good  Medicine promotion of health  Law social justice  Teaching Learning and self development

Professional responsibilities  Self direction virtues-self respect, self discipline virtues Public spirited virtues-justice and respecting virtuesothers rights  Team work virtues-cooperativeness, respect virtuesfor authority, loyalty to employees  Proficiency virtues-competence, diligence, virtuescreativity

Self interest, customs and religion 
Self interest *Looking ones¶ own need. *maximizing own self-interest. self*preaches public interest in terms of safety, health and welfare

Customs Ethical relativism 

An action will be considered morally to be right if they are approved by customes or laws

Types of enquiry Normative-to what extent engineers should protect safety after they complete a project


Abanddonned oil drums banddonned

Rural village with smoke stack in distance

Portrait of engineer infront of cooling towers

Remnants of burnt down building


Factory chimney emitting smoke to the air

Overflowing bins

Ethical Dilemma

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