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7th Joint Meeting of AFERP, ASP, GA, PSE & SIF

Athenaeum Intercontinental
Athens Greece, 3-8 August 2008

Final Programme

Organisation 3

Prefaces 4

Acknowledgements 14

Venues, Registration and Instructions 16

Scientific Programme 17

Workshops 28

Social Programme 29

General Information 30

Meeting and Exhibition Areas 36

List of Posters 38

Topic A: Pharmacology, toxicology and clinical studies of natural products and herbal drugs 38
Topic B: Phytochemistry and structure elucidation of natural products 54
Topic C: Extraction, isolation, formulation and analysis of natural products and herbal drugs 62
Topic D: Natural Products with photoprotective (skin protective) activity and cosmetic interest 69
Topic E: Botanical/Natural Products with agrochemical interest/Natural Products in animal health care 70
Topic F: Traditional medicines/ethnopharmacology 72
Topic G: Synthesis and biosynthesis of natural products/drug discovery/biotechnology 74
Topic H: Nutraceuticals/bioactive compounds in food 79
Topic I: Essential oils 82
Topic K: Other related topics 85
AFERP and Local Organizing Committee
Chairmen: J. Boustie (Rennes) / A.L. Skaltsounis (Athens)
F. Bailleul (Lille) E. Melliou (Athens)
I. Chinou (Athens) S. Michel (Paris)
N. Fokialakis (Athens) S. Mitakou (Athens)
S. Haroutounian (Athens) V. Roussis (Athens)
E. Kalpoutzakis (Athens) E. Seguin (Rouen)
E. Kokkalou (Thessaloniki) H. Skaltsa (Athens)
P. Kordopatis (Patras) E. Tsitsa (Athens)
M. Kouladis (Athens) O. Tzakou (Athens)
A. Loukis (Athens) L. Voutquenne (Reims)

Scientific Committee

S. Alban (Kiel) A. Hensel (Munich)

M. Alexis (Athens) J. W. Kim (Seoul)
N. Aligiannis (Athens) D. Kinghom (Columbus)
R. Bauer (Graz) B. Kopp (Vienna)
A. R. Bilia (Florence) M. A. Lacaille-Dubois (Dijon)
W. Blaschek (Kiel) C. Lavaud (Reims)
B. Bodo (Paris) P. Magiatis (Athens)
L. Bohlin (Uppsala) E. Mikros (Athens)
V. Butterweck (Gainesville) N. Oberlies (Research Triangle Park)
G. Constantine (Albany) M. Petersen (Marburg)
M. Curini (Perugia) L. Pieters (Antwerp)
D. A. Guo (Shanghai) C. Pizza (Salerno)
B. Gehrmann (Hamburg) J. Quetin-Leclercq (Bruxelles)
S. Gibbons (London) H. Stuppner (Innsbruck)
K. Glowniak (Lublin) F. Tillequin (Paris)
M. Halabalaki (Athens) C. Vagias (Athens)
M. Hamburger (Basel) A. Vlietinck (Antwerp)
M. Heinrich (London) H. Vuorela (Helsinki)
Y. Yang (Shanghai) H. Yamada (Tokyo)

Patronage Organizing Secretariat

Ministry of Rural Development and Food AFEA SA
Ministry of Health 39-41 Lykavittou street
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens Athens 10672, Greece.
Tel:+302103668852/Fax: +302103643511.
Scientific items
Prof. Dr. Alexios-Leandros Skaltsounis
Laboratory of Pharmacognosy and Natural
Products Chemistry
Faculty of Pharmacy
University of Athens
Panepistimiopolis Zografou, Athens 15771, Greece
E mail:

Welcome from Prof. A.L. Skaltsounis and J. Boustie

Dear Participants
On behalf of AFERP, we are very pleased and honoured to welcome all of you
in Athens. This event is the major world-wide rendezvous of Natural Products
experts which takes place every 4 or 5 years with the support of their respective
Scientific Societies. At this time we acknowledge the participation of the
Italian Society of Pharmacognosy (SIF), which joined the American Society
of Pharmacognosy (ASP), the Society for Medicinal Plant Research (GA), the
Phytochemical Society of Europe (PSE) and AFERP for this meeting.
It is a great honour and opportunity for AFERP to be in charge of the main
organisation. AFERP is no longer the French Society of Pharmacognosy since
2001, but the Pharmacognosy Society of French speaking persons. In this
Prof. Leandros A. opening frame, we decided to organize this joint meeting in Greece for three
Skaltsounis reasons. The first is that Greece is considered to be at the basis of occidental
civilisation and medicine. In the historical city of Athens during the classical
period (500-300 B.C.) the Greek philosophers and physicians started to separate
the discipline of Medicine from religion, believing and arguing that disease was
not a punishment inflicted by the gods, but rather the product of environmental
factors, diet and style of life. Four centuries later, a Greek physician, Dioscorides
wrote his fundamental work “περι Ιατρικης υλης” De materia medica and put the
basis of Pharmacognosy. The name of our discipline “Pharmacognosy” derives
from two Greek words, “pharmakon” meaning drug and “gnosis” meaning
knowledge. Secondly, as a link between Europe and other Mediterranean
countries, Athens is the most suitable city as a world-wide checkpoint to bring
together African, American, Asian, Australian and European scientists. Thus,
about 1100 participants from 70 countries from all over the world are coming
to this congress to attend lectures, debate and initiate fruitful collaborations
issuing from the scientific presentations or from the social program. The third
reason that led to the choice of Athens as a venue for this congress is the
strong historical relationship that exists between the French natural products’
scientific community and the School of Pharmacy of the University of Athens,
Prof. Joël Boustie which dates back over 70 years.
The scientific program deals with all the possible applications of natural products
as pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic and agrochemical agents. A variety of
topics , focused on phytochemistry, bioactivity, new drug sources and drug discovery,
traditional medicines, new trends in extraction, separation and structural elucidation
processes, biosynthesis and synthesis, will be discussed during the meeting.
Many colleagues from the five scientific societies have contributed to the
preparation and organisation of this joint meeting. We specially want to thank
the organising and scientific committees and the BoD of the other four Scientific
Societies for their constant and active participation in the preparation of this
joint meeting. We also want to thank Thieme Publishers for printing the major
part of the abstracts in Planta Medica and all the sponsors for their generous
contributions. Last but not least, the full involvement and commitment of the
staff of the department of Pharmacognosy and Natural product Chemistry of
the University of Athens to this event is particularly acknowledged.
We wish you all to enjoy a fruitful and stimulating meeting.
Prof. Leandros A. Skaltsounis Prof. Joël Boustie
University of Athens University of Rennes

Chairman of the Congress Co-chairman and AFERP President

Message from the Minister of Health and Social Solidarity of the Hellenic Republic, Mr. Dimitris L. Avramopoulos

Greece is universally known as the birthplace of distinguished doctors, the

fathers of modern medical sciences. Ancient Greek scientists like Hippocrates,
Dioscorides and Theophrastos offered an invaluable contribution to Medicine,
Pharmacy and Pharmacognosy.

The Country’s long tradition in the study of natural sources for the discovery
of compounds with pharmaceutical interest is honored by the Faculties of
Pharmacy at Greek Universities. The Department of Pharmacognosy at the
University of Athens took the important initiative to organize the 7th Joint
Meeting of the Association Francophone pour l’ Enseignement et la Recherche
en Pharmacognosie (AFERP), of the American Society of Pharmacognosy
Dimitris L. Avramopoulos (ASP), of the Society for Medicinal Plant Research - Gesellschaft für
Arzneipflanzenforschung e.V. (GA), of the Phytochemical Society of Europe
(PSE) and of the Società Italiana di Fitochimica (SIF).

A large number of scientists are gathered in Athens to present their papers

and to describe current scientific trends in natural products with pharmaceutical,
nutraceutical, cosmetic and agrochemical interest, providing opportunities for
extensive discussions, exchange of knowledge and ideas and collaboration in
the field of research and development.

The Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity supports all efforts that promote
scientific research and projects in the vital area of pharmacognosy, pharmacology
and related fields.

I wish to all participants a productive and successful organization.

The conclusions of the Congress are expected with great interest.

With my warmest regards,

Dimitris L. Avramopoulos
Minister of Health and Social Solidarity

Greeting of Mr. Konstantinos Kiltidis, Deputy Minister of Rural Development and Food

The 7th Joint Meeting of AFERP, ASP, GA, PSE & SIF is an outstanding world
congress and the most important event in the field of natural products. The
Greek Ministry of Rural Development and Food expresses the Government’s
intention to support the research and its outcome on this scientific field.

This congress offers to the international scientific audience a closer look on

Greek medicinal plants and traditional agricultural products like olive oil, wine,
mastic, and crocus. In addition, Greece is a biodiversity hotspot with a flora
of more than 6000 plant species including more than 1000 endemic ones.
The preservation of biodiversity combined with the research on aromatic and
medicinal plants can lead to new opportunities for the development of high
Konstantinos Kiltidis added value products.

The balanced development of local societies, the protection of the environment

and the ecosystem, the quality of the products produced, the multi-functioning
and the creation of supplementary incomes constitute the principal political
directions to be followed in the forthcoming years.

It is a great honor for our country and especially for the University of Athens
to host distinguished experts from all over the world and give them the
opportunity to present their research work and describe the current scientific
mainstream in natural products with pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic
and agrochemical interest.

As Greeks that honour the hospitality from ancient years, we feel the need
to treat a foreigner as a guest. We look forward to welcoming you in Athens,
in hope that the 7th Joint Meeting of AFERP, ASP, GA, PSE & SIF, will be
a memorable experience.

Konstantinos Kiltidis
Deputy Minister of Rural Development and Food

Message from the Vice-Rector of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, founded in 1837, was

the first University not only in the Greek State but in all the Balkans and
the Eastern Mediterranean in general. Today, the National and Kapodistrian
University of Athens is the largest state institution of higher learning in
Greece, and one of the largest universities in Europe.

The University of Athens aims at excellence in both teaching and research

in a significantly varied range of disciplines and in this frame it is a great
honor for our university to organize an outstanding congress like the 7th
Joint Meeting of AFERP, ASP, GA, PSE & SIF.
D. Assimakopoulos
The Faculty of Pharmacy of our University and especially the Department of
Pharmacognosy and Natural Products Chemistry has a long tradition in the
study of natural products for the discovery of compounds with pharmaceutical
interest and today is one of the most active faculties of our university.

Natural products are an important source of new drugs and an exciting

research field.
Our university supports all the activities promoting the research and the
knowledge exchange.

I would like to welcome the numerous scientists from all over the world that
will be gathered in Athens to present their researches in natural products
with pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic and agrochemical interest.

I wish to all organizers and participants a successful meeting

D. Assimakopoulos
Vice Rector for Financial Affairs and Development
of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

10 11
Message de bienvenue de Son Excellence Monsieur l’Ambassadeur de France à Athènes,

C’est avec grand plaisir que je salue l’organisation à Athènes, cette année 2008, par les sociétés
américaine et européennes de pharmacognosie et de chimie des substances naturelles,
de leur congrès international placé cette année sous l’égide de l’Association Francophone
pour l’Enseignement et la Recherche en Pharmacognosie (AFERP), coordonnatrice de la

L’emploi des substances d’origine naturelle s’inscrit dans une tradition très ancienne. Transmis
de génération en génération, les savoir-faire traditionnels peuvent maintenant être étudiés
et exploités de manière rationnelle grâce aux avancées des sciences : ces produits à valeur
culturelle forte représentent aujourd’hui un marché en croissance exponentielle qui allie la
notion de patrimoine à l’innovation technologique.
Christophe Farnaud
Hier constitutives d’un socle de valeurs culturelles, ‘‘les saveurs, les senteurs et la médecine
par les plantes’’ ont fondé les échanges commerciaux, ont inspiré les poètes et légitimé le
développement des sciences.

Aujourd’hui, ces végétaux récoltés ou cultivés depuis si longtemps par l’homme constituent les
matières premières d’une industrie sophistiquée en termes de compétences, de technologies
employées et d’excellence sanitaire requise. Il s’y joint une recherche en phase avec l’époque
contemporaine où l’homme prend conscience de la nécessité d’entretenir dans sa vie, un
équilibre subtil, - social, environnemental et économique – , avec son écosystème. En un mot,
une industrie au développement durable si tant est que la biodiversité est bien protégée!

Je pense que la remarquable audience de votre colloque permettra d’excellents travaux,

fertiles et féconds.

Je remercie les organisateurs et les participants de cette manifestation et souhaite à tous de

fructueux échanges scientifiques ainsi qu’un excellent séjour chez nos amis en Grèce.

Welcoming message by his Excellency the Ambassador of France in Athens, Mr Christophe FARNAUD
It is a great pleasure for me to greet the organization in Athens of the joint meeting of the American and European societies of
pharmacognosy and natural products chemistry. This congress is held under the auspices of the French “Association Francophone
pour l’Enseignement et la Recherche en Pharmacognosie” (AFERP), which is responsible for the organization for the year 2008.

Historically, the use of natural products relies on very old traditions, which were transmitted at first orally and later in
a written form. The knowledge compiled by folk medicine and ancient civilisations can now be rationally explored and
exploited, thanks to the continuous progress of science. Consequently, these products of high cultural value also currently
represent a market of increasing value, which associates both cultural heritage and innovating technologies.

Naturally occurring drugs of vegetal origin, collected by Humans since the very beginning of history, are now the starting materials
used to obtain products which quality, safety and efficiency constantly improved because of sophisticated industrial processes and
methodologies. These products being one of the most important links between man and Nature, they stand as additional evidence
for the urgent need of a strong protection of the biodiversity.
I do hope that this meeting, which brings together eminent experts and scientists in the field of natural products,
will be a unique opportunity to develop fruitful collaborations and give stimulating ideas for future research.

I should thank the organizers and the audience for this wonderful meeting and wish you a very agreeable
stay with our friends in Greece.

Christophe Farnaud
Ambassador of France in Athens

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Congress Venue Sunday, August 3rd, 2008
Athenaeum Intercontinental Hotel University of Athens 12h00 – 14h00 Registration for Workshops Participants
University central
89-93 Syngrou Avenue Central Building building
117 45 Athens, Greece 30 Panepistimiou str. 15h00-20h00 REGISTRATION
WS 1: Workshop on Regulatory Affairs on Herbal Medicinal
Vlietinck A,
Products (HMPs)
Registration and information desk opening hours: 13h00 - 17h00 “Medicinal Herbs: drugs or dietary supplements? What
Knöss W,
Sievers H,
University central
are the legal consequences in terms of quality, safety and
Frankos V,
efficacy of each option?”
Sunday, August 3, 2008 15h00-20h00 Intercontinental McGuffin M
Monday, August 4, 2008 07h45-19h30 Intercontinental 13h00 - 17h00 Workshop for young researchers Chair: Bilia AR
University central
Tuesday, August 5, 2008 08h00-19h30 Intercontinental building
Wednesday, August 6, 2008 08h00-19h30 Intercontinental Roof Garden of
Thursday, August 7, 2008 08h00-19h30 Intercontinental 20h00-23h00 WELCOME PARTY “ETHNIKI ASFALISTIKI”
Conference Center

Instructions for …
…oral contributions Monday, August 4th, 2008
The duration of a lecture is 35 min, and of a short lecture 10 min. All oral presenations at the end will have 7h45-19h30 Registration
5 min for discussion. In the interest of smooth functioning of scientific meetings, it is very important to Hotel
keep to the allotted speaking times. Chairpersons are kindly requested to secure that time limits allotted 08h30 - 19h30 Exhibits open
to each speaker are kept. Hotel
For oral presentations basic audiovisual equipment, such as PC, Video data projector will be available. INTERCONTINENTAL
Please bring the ppt-file of your presentation (preferably in Windows XP format for PC use) the latest Opening ceremony Hotel
08h30 - 9h10 Presidents of
Chair: Skaltsounis L, Boustie J BALLROOM
at the morning of the day you have to give your lecture. You will not allowed to use your own laptop for Associations
your presentation. If you require a slide projector or overhead projector, please contact the Congress Award Session BALLROOM
Secretariat as soon as possible. 09h10-10h30
Chair: Baker B, Tillequin F. I-II-III
ASP Research achievement AWARD: Discovery of
09h10 Inspirational Marine Natural Products: Some Effective Crews P AWL2*
…poster contributions Paradigms and Significant Outcomes

The size of the posters should be 0.84m (33 inch) x 1.20m (47 inch) (width x height), equivalent to A0size. AFERP Joseph Pelletier AWARD: Diversity of plant
09h50 Bodo B AWL3
nitrogenous compounds: recent results from biodiversity
Posters presenters are kindly requested to follow the below instructions:
• All posters ending in an odd number e.g. PA1, PA3, PA5… will be presented on Monday 4th and Tuesday 10h30 - 11h00 COFFEE BREAK (SETTING Posters ODD numbers)
5th of August . The posters should be mounted on Monday morning and dismounted on Tuesday after
the end of the poster session I. You are requested to be present next to your poster during the poster Award Session BALLROOM
11h00 - 13h00
session Tuesday 5th of August from 17h10 to 18h45 Chair Kopp B, Kruger R, Pieters L, Roussis V I-II-III
• Subsequently, all posters ending in an even number e.g. PA2, PA4, PA6… will be presented on PSE AWARD Silver medal: New frontiers in the quality of
11h00 Vlietinck A AWL1
Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th of August. The posters should be mounted on Wednesday morning herbal medicinal products (HMPs)
and dismounted on Thursday after the end of the poster session II. You are requested to be present 11h40 GA Honory membership
next to your poster during the poster session Thursday 7th of August from 14h30 to 16h00.
11h50 AWARD ESA Gold
• Authors are kindly requested to affix their posters on the predetermined poster board which will be
numbered according to the code number of their abstract. 12h05 Travel Grants Announcement
• The code number of each abstract will have been placed on each poster board by the Organizer. 12h10 AWARD ESA Bronze
• All material needed for the poster affixing will be provided to authors by the Congress Secretariat which
will be operating at the Congress Venue. 12h20 Willmar Schwabe AWARD
• Poster area is Omikron, VIP-Lamda-Omega and Theta-Sigma-Delta Meeting Rooms (refer to floor plan 13h00 - 14h30 LUNCH
given in pages 36-37)
13h00-14h30 JNP Meeting KAPPA

*AWL: Award lecture, L: lecture, SL: Short lecture

16 17
Opening Lectures Examination of adaptogenic effect of infusions of Bergenia
Health improvement through dietary phytochemicals 18h00 crassifolia black and fermented leaves in the forced Shikov AN SL12
14h30 - 16h30 Cell cycle and natural products swimming test
Biosynthesis and biomimetic synthesis of natural products
Chair: Molinski T, Pieters L Triterpenoid saponins from the cytotoxic root extract
18h15 of Sideroxylon foetidissimum, an endemic Yucatecan SL13
Plant derived ligands of nuclear receptors and their biological Medina A
14h30 Gustafsson JA L1 medicinal plant
Andhira: from biodiversity to chemo diversity – the database
Cyclin-Dependent Kinases (CDKs) in human disease: the 18h30 Floris M SL14
15h10 Meijer L L2 of Sardinian endemic plants and their molecules
therapeutic potential of pharmacological inhibitors
Early antiviral activity of CYSTUS052 against H5N1 influenza
The isolation, structural assignment, and biological 18h45 Planz O SL108
virus is more efficient compared to oseltamivir
15h50 properties of (-)- oleocanthal: a natural NSAID found in extra Smith AB III L30
virgin olive oil Study of antihypertensive activity of Elaeocarpus ganitrus
19h00 Juvekar MR SL28
water extract in renal artery-occluded hypertensive rats
16h30 - 17h00 COFFEE BREAK Analysis of medicinal potions currently used in the Mayan
19h15 Vera-Ku M SL10
traditional medicine
Chair: David B, Wang Y Free radical scavenging activity of two medicinal plants used
19h30 Motlhanka DM SL 084
17h00- 19h45 From the field collections to clinical trials: Industrial and academic BALLROOM II by diabetic patients in Botswana
approaches. Examples of Drug Discovery from screening and PARALLEL SESSION 3
bioguided approaches. 17h00-19h45 Pharmacology of natural products and herbal drugs BALLROOM III
Chair Alexis M, Blaschek W
17h00 Natural product sources and the biodiversity convention David B L3
Molecular basis of Tocotrienols activity in modulating the
17h00 Virgili F L7
17h20 Alkaloid semisynthesis: searching for anticancer drugs Fahy J L4 growth and proliferation of breast cancer cells

Sustainable development of natural product research in drug 17h20 Phytochemicals as modulators of hormone physiology Vollmer G L8
17h40 Wang Y L5
Indirubin derivatives inhibit SFKs/Stat signalling with
17h40 Nam S L10
apoptosis in human cancer cells
18h00 Phylogeny and Chemography Backlund A SL64
Pro-apoptotic properties of vitamin E isomers and novel
18h00 Constantinou C L9
Screening of a natural compound library for potential protein derivatives in prostate cancer
18h15 Issinger OG SL1
kinase inhibitors
Hedgehog signalling inhibitors isolated from myxomycetes
18h15 Ishibashi M SL16
Discovery of new secondary metabolites mediating insect- and a Solanaceae plant
18h30 Oh DC SL2
microorganism symbioses
Modulation of innate immune cell activation and function by
18h30 Wenner CA SL17
Polysaccharide Krestin (PSK)
18h45 Automated natural product extract screening using H NMR 1
Colson KL SL3
Quercetin suppresses pro-inflammatory cytokine release in
Bioactivity-guided isolation of cytotoxic constituents of 18h45 human respiratory cells infected with rhinovirus and morbidity Gangemi JD SL18
19h00 Kinghorn AD SL4
Brucea javanica collected in Vietnam and mortality in mice infected with influenza virus
19h15 Anticancer drug discovery from filamentous fungi Oberlies NH SL5 Molecular Interactions of Artemisinin with DNA and Specific
19h00 Efferth T SL19
Target Proteins in Cancer Cells
The island Madagascar a megadiversity area, kingdom of
19h30 Andriantsiferana M SL15
novel leads for drug development 19h15 Discovery of a novel cannabinoid in food Gertsch J SL20
The impact of sesquiterpene lactones on the expression of
Traditional medicine, ethnopharmacology, Pharmacology 19h30 Gusenleitner S SL114
17h00-19h45 BALLROOM I NF-kB1 and inflammatory genes controlled by NF-kB
of natural products
Chair: Houghton P, Pizza C
20h30 - 23h15 SOCIAL EVENT DORA STRATOU Theater
17h00 The World Traditional Medicine Patent Database Liu Y SL7

TCM collaborative R&D of Traditional Chinese Medicine

17h15 Program for international cooperation in science and Liang X SL8
technology - Herbalome Project Tuesday, August 5th, 2008
Ethnomedical investigation of plants from Central America INTERCONTINENTAL
17h30 Mahady GB SL9 08h00-19h30 Registration
for women’s health Hotel
The genetic basis for bioactivity in the traditional medicine INTERCONTINENTAL
17h45 Ingrey SD SL11 08h30 - 19h30 Exhibits open
plants of Australia Hotel

18 19
New sources of bioactive natural products / Marine Spasmolytic effects of STW 5 and its components on ileal
BALLROOM 16h40 contractions induced by acetylcholine, prostaglandin F2α Wald K SL27
08h30 - 10h30 Pharmacognosy
I-II-III and substance P
Chair: Munro M, Blunt J
Clean recovery of flavonoids from citrus peel: studying
08h30 New antibiotics and antitumor agents from the deep oceans Fenical W 16h55 lipid-flavonoid interactions as a tool for understanding the Londoño J SL83
antioxidant activity
Wars in the sea: chemical weapons from microalgae,
09h10 Cimino G L11 PARALLEL SESSION 2
macroalgae and seagrasses
14h30 - 17h10 Drug discovery from Natural sources BALLROOM II
Chemistry and biology of bioactive natural products from Chair: Heinrich M, Oberlies N
09h50 Kobayashi J L12
marine and other sources
Antibacterials from plants – new templates to counter
14h30 Gibbons S L17
10h30-11h00 COFFEE BREAK bacterial resistance
A role for non-alkaloidal constitutes in the antibacterial
Drug discovery from natural sources BALLROOM 15h10 Cech NB SL29
activity of Hydrastis canadensis
Chair: Kinghorn AD I-II-III
Chemistry, ecological and biological activity of geranyllinalool SL121
Marchantiophyta and inedible mushrooms: marvellous 15h25 Jassbi AR
11h00 Asakawa Y L13 diterpene glycosides (BA)
sources of bioactive molecules
HPLC-based profiling for natural products leads – GABAA 15h40 Anti-infective compounds from South African plants Van Heerden FR SL31
11h40 Hamburger M L14
receptor modulators and PI3 kinase inhibitors
Use of Efflux Pump Inhibitors (EPIs) to overcome bacterial
Quality of Herbal Drugs BALLROOM Multi-Drug Resistance (MDR): plants as a source of
Chair: Quetin-Leclercq J I-II-III 15h55 Michalet S SL68
chemodiversity and their adaptive response toward
Methodologies for the quality assessment of medicinal bacterial stress
12h20 Hostettmann K L15
plants and phytopharmaceuticals Phytochemistry and chemotaxonomy of the Madagascan
16h10 Mulholland DA SL33
13h00 - 14h30 LUNCH
16h25 New anticancer drugs derived from plant hormones Strnad M SL34
Further study on the chemistry and standardization of
16h40 Yang CR SL75
Natural products with agrochemical interest Notoginseng
Chair: Wolfender JL
16h55 Studies on standardized extracts of Schisandra chinensis Yin J SL104
14h30 Phytochemicals for pest management Duke SO L16
Natural products with cosmetic interest New trends in extraction, separation processes and structure
Chair: Martin R elucidation
Chair: Bolzani VS, Mikros E
A multifactorial anti-acne extract for a multifactorial
15h10 Mandeau A SL21
pathogenesis Identification of an apple juice compound directly in the 1H-
Research for plant active ingredients of cosmetic interest: 14h30 spectrum of the mixture with hyphenated techniques and Humpfer E L18
15h25 Milesi S SL22 push button NMR: example fruit juice screening
Innovation process for a cosmetic company
Development of quantitative 31P NMR methods for the Argyropoulos
The effect of a highly purified betulin-based triterpene 14h50 SL35
trapping of phenoxy & ketyl free radicals DS
15h40 extract on human keratinocytes and epidermal Langerhans Wölfle U SL23
cells ex vivo and in vivo Isolation and characterization of complex oligomeric type-A
Tempesta MS SL122
15h05 proanthocyanidins from Cinnamon: Applications of high field
Pharmacology of Natural Products and Herbal drugs (BA)
BALLROOM I multidimensional NMR.
Chair: Bilia AR, Butterweck V
New options for the treatment of functional gastrointestinal Isolation and characterization of complex oligomeric
15h55 Kelber O SL24 15h20 proanthocyanidins from grape: applications of CCC and high Killday KB SL36
diseases with the phytomedicine STW 5
field multidimensional NMR methods.
Herbal medicine in bowel diseases: Mechanisms of action of
16h10 Abdel-Aziz H SL25 1
H nuclear magnetic resonance fingerprinting of the
STW 5 in colonic inflammation 15h35 Aliferis KA SL37
responses of Lemna minor L. to xenobiotics
The aqueous willow bark extract STW 33-I has anti-cancer Simultaneous monitored fractionation and structural
16h25 and anti-inflammatory properties comparable to Aspirin and Metz J SL26 identification of bioactive molecules from crude plant SL123
diclofenac 15h50 Toribio A
extracts using on-line preparative liquid chromatography (BA)
coupled to mass spectrometry
*BA: Book of abstracts (Not published in Planta Medica) Advanced Analytical Technology as Applied to Natural O’Neil-Johnson
16h05 SL38
Products for Drug Discovery: Segment Deux M

20 21
Quantification of Activin® grape seed extracts for procyanidin 15h10 Reversible adsorption of natural extract on polymeric resin Joron L SL43
16h20 Glinski JA SL39
composition with reverse phase and normal phase HPLC
Pharmacoproteomic and toxicoproteomic study of the A supercritical licorice (Glycyrrhiza uralensis) extract inhibits
16h35 natural product Ebenfuran III in DU-145 prostate cancer cells Garbis DS SL40 15h25 growth of oral pathogens and reduces LPS-induced cytokine Gafner S SL44
using iTRAQ with 2D LC and tandem mass spectrometry secretion by macrophages and whole blood
Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction of bioactive
Comparison of gene- and protein expression profiles of a 15h40 Md Salleh L SL45
Ulrich- flavonoids from Strobilanthes crispus
16h50 standardized willow bark extract with Quercetin and non- SL41
Merzenich G
steroidal antiinflammatory drugs in human chondrocytes Microwave-assisted extraction of volatile substances from
15h55 Bergamelli F SL47
natural sources
Effect of the extraction method on the lignan yield from
16h10 Willför S SL48
different plant materials
Microwave-assisted extraction of glucosinolates from Eruca SL124
18h45 16h25 Omirou M
AFERP MEETING BALLROOM I sativa seeds and soil (BA)
18h45 - 20h15 GA MEETING BALLROOM II 14h30 - 16h40 Biosynthesis and biomimetic synthesis of natural products BALLROOM II
Chair: Haroutounian SA, Walker L
14h30 Natural products: lessons from total synthesis Theodorakis EA
Natural product modulators of neurodegenerative disease SL125
15h10 Graziani E I
provide insights into mechanisms of neuroprotection (BA)
Wednesday, August 6th, 2008
15h25 Towards the biomimetic total synthesis of Meiogynine SL49
08h00- - 19h30 Registration
Hotel Topical anti-inflammatory activity of boropinic acid and of its
15h40 Epifano F SL51
INTERCONTINENTAL natural and semi-synthetic derivatives
08h30 - 19h30 Exhibits open
Hotel NMR Studies, Solid Phase Synthesis and MD/SA Simulation
New sources of bioactive natural products: from biodiversity to 15h55 as a Tool for Structural Elucidation of New bioactive Altei WF SL65
BALLROOM Peptides from the Latex of Jatropha curcas l.
Chair: Issinger OG, Michel S
16h10 Synthesis of the 13C labelled tryptophan catabolites Maschek JA
kynurenine, N′-formylkynurenine and 3-hydroxykynurenine (BA)
08h30 Chemical and biological diversity from the rain forest Kingston DGI L19
Rationally designed Tocotrienol analogues in order to
16h25 Orabi A SL50
Bioactive natural products from plant origin: 1) biological enhance their antiproliferative activity
09h10 Guéritte F L21
screening 2) rational design of antitubulin agents PARALLEL SESSION 3
14h30 - 16h30 BALLROOM III
In the footsteps of Linnaeus – an integrated view on Chair: Roth-Ehrang R
09h50 Bohlin L L23
WS2: Innovation by cooperation Panelists: Feistel
10h30 - 11h00 COFFEE BREAK (SETTING POSTERS EVEN NUMBERS) 14h30 - 15h55 Innovation by cooperation: An example for the development of a B, Hattesohl M,
refined Valerian extract with a new field of application Kennedy DO
Modern approaches to traditional medicines BALLROOM
Chair: Bauer R I-II-III Development of new phytopharmaceuticals
Chair: Lacaille-Dubois MA
Modern research of traditional chinese medicine-case L32
11h00 Guo De-an
studies of Salvia and Ganoderma (BA) A rapid HPTLC method for detecting 5 % of adulteration
Mexican copalchis (Rubiaceae): One hundred years of 15h55 of Cimicifuga racemosa (A. racemosa) with C. foetida, C. Ankli A SL42
11h40 Mata R L20 heracleifolia, C. dahurica, or C. americana
research of a medicinal plant complex
Health improvement through dietary phytochemicals BALLROOM Development of new phytopharmaceuticals – Bioassay
Berger Bueter K SL120
Chair: Virgili F I-II-III 16h10 guided medicinal plant breeding and extract development as
a tool for quality improvement
Translational investigations of turmeric supplements for
12h20 Timmermann BN L22
arthritis treatment: A review of lessons learned Phytoequivalence in the global marketplace for botanical
16h25 products: chemical and biological characterization of Lee S SL62
13h00 - 14h30 LUNCH Equisetum arvense extracts from America, Asia, and Europe
16h40 - 17h00 COFFEE BREAK
14h30 - 16h40 New trends in extraction, separation processes BALLROOM I
Chair: Marston A, Tempesta M PARALLEL SESSION 1
17h00 - 19h45 New trends in extraction, separation processes and BALLROOM I
14h30 New trends in extraction and separation processes Bombardelli E L24 structure elucidation
Chair: Tsarbopoulos A, Wright A

22 23
Structure elucidation of small molecules with subsequent SL128 PARALLEL SESSION 3
17h00 Katzlinger H
MSn and accurate mass (BA) 17h00-19h40 Pharmacology of natural products and herbal drugs BALLROOM III
Chair: Bucar F, Khan IA
Advanced mass spectrometry techniques for identification,
17h15 Volmer DA SL53
characterisation and structural elucidation of natural products Natural product based urease inhibitors for the
17h00 Choudhary MI L25
treatment of ulcers
UPLC-TOF-MS for high resolution plant metabolite profiling
17h30 Wolfender JL SL54
and metabolomics Effects of Hop (Humulus lupulus L.) and Sesame (Sesamum
17h40 indicum L.) enriched diet on xenobiotic-metabolizing Girard C SL76
Role of LC/UV/MS in the search for antiplasmodial
17h45 Marti G SL55 enzymes in female rat livers
Polycyclic Polyprenylated Acylphloroglucinols
Screening potential inhibitors against Alzheimer’s A pilot randomized placebo controlled trial of 2 Aloe vera
18h00 amyloidosis using electrospray ionization mass Bazoti FN SL56 17h55 supplements in patients with Devaraj S SL77
spectrometry pre-diabetes/metabolic syndrome

Negative ion ‘chip-based’ nanospray tandem mass Plants for diabetes: Identification of plant extracts and
18h15 spectrometry for the analysis of flavonoids in glandular Lopes NP SL57 18h10 metabolites as partial PPARγ agonists with potential anti- Christensen KB SL79
trichomes of Lychnophora ericoides Mart. diabetic effects
In vivo antioxidative activivty of a Pueraria lobata root
Novel LC-MS/MS approaches for metabolite identification 18h25 Pieters L SL80
extract in a diabetic rat model
18h30 of natural compounds, such as curcumin and analogues, Tamvakopoulos C SL58
with anticancer activity Uterine effects of the phytoestrogens 8-prenylnaringenin
18h40 Zierau O SL81
and 6-dimethylallylnaringenin in vivo
18h45 Bioavailability of Echinacea alkamides in human breast milk Matthias A SL59 Analysis of 1,3-cyclopentadiones from hops and
proanthocyanidins from Acacia nilotica and their
Metabolism of Echinacea alkamides by human recombinant 18h55 Carroll BJ SL82
19h00 Toselli F SL60 combined efficacy in treating metabolic syndrome and
P450 enzymes hypercholesterolemia
Chemotypic variations of the essential oils of Mentha taxa A novel standardized chromone extract (UP780) from Aloe
19h15 Baser KHC SL61
collected in the Marmara region of Turkey 19h10 regulated adiponectin production and improved insulin Yimam M SL78
Target fishing for constituents from Ruta graveolens using resistance
19h30 Rollinger JM SL63
a virtual parallel screening approach New Cucurbitane triterpenoids from bitter melon with potent
19h25 Ye Y SL30
PARALLEL SESSION 2 antidiabetic properties associated with activation of AMPK
17h00-19h45 Biosynthesis and biomimetic synthesis of natural products BALLROOM II
Chair: Marakos P, Poupon E 19h45-21h15 ASP MEETING BALLROOM II

Eco-compatible syntheses of pharmaceutical and natural

17h00 Besson T SL52
molecules via microwave-assisted chemistry
Semi-synthetic optimization of cinnabaramide-type Bitzer J SL127 Thursday, August 7th, 2008
proteasome inhibitors (BA)
Degradation and partial reconstruction (C3-C14) of 08h00-19h30 Registration
17h30 Lebar M SL67 Hotel
cytotoxic macrolide palmerolide A
08h30-18h30 Exhibits open INTERCONTINENTAL
The first enantiomeric discorhabdin alkaloids and
17h45 determination of absolute configuration using TDDFT Copp BR SL32 PARALLEL SESSION 1
calculations of electronic circular dichroism data 08h30-11h15 Health improvement through dietary phytochemicals BALLROOM I
Chair: Wenner C, Zierau O
Configuration of natural products: Liposomal circular
18h00 Molinski TF SL69 A review: Nutraceuticals as adjunctive therapy for the
dichroism (LCD) for acyclic stereocenters 08h30 Bhatti WH SL85
management of obesity
18h15 Microbial transformation of nerylacetone by fungal strains Gliszczyńska A SL70
Improvement of menopausal symptoms by soy isoflavones:
08h45 Schmidt M SL86
a randomized double-blind study
18h30 Stereochemistry in lignan biosynthesis Fuss E SL71
Clinical effect of phytosterol containing milk on serum
09h00 Wang CK SL87
Biosynthesis of Antimalarial Aryltetralone Lignans from cholesterol
18h45 Lopes LMX SL72
Holostylis reniformis
Mechanistic studies on anticancer benzophenones from
09h15 Kennelly EJ SL88
Pyrrolylpolyenes from Fungi: Biosynthesis and Analogue Clusiaceae fruits
19h00 Clark BR SL73
Cyanobacteria used as a dietary item in highland Peru
09h30 Johnson HE SL90
Bioconversion of deoxypodophyllotoxin into produce the non-protein amino acid BMAA
19h15 epipodophyllotoxin in E. coli using human cytochrome P450 Kayser O SL74 Improved cognitive performance and mood in healthy adults
3A4 09h45 Haskell CF SL91
following acute consumption of a cocoa flavanol-rich drink
Analysis of expressed sequence tags (EST) from Panax SL129 Antioxidant activities of phytochemicals from five flavonoid
19h30 Chen S 10h00 Vieira A SL92
quinquefolium root (BA) groups in a heme-amyloid b-enhanced oxidation reaction
24 25
Inhibition of the L-type calcium channel by a standardised Nitric oxide production by several cytotoxic sterols and Martinez-
09h45 SL113
10h15 Olea europaea leaf extract: A phytochemical and Rauwald HW SL93 triterpenes Vazquez M
electrophysiological examination Chemical evaluation of cimicifugic acids and serotonergic
10h00 Goedecke T SL115
Nutraceutical interest of phytoecdysteroid in Microsorum Raharivelomanana activity of Cimicifuga racemosa roots
10h30 SL94
species of French Polynesia P Tyrosinase inhibition by extracts and constituents of stem
10h15 Houghton PJ SL116
Determination of aneugenic 2,4-Dihydroxy-7-methoxy- bark of Sideroxylon inerme L.
1,4-benzoxazin-3-one (DIMBOA) and 2,4-dihydroxy-1,4- Atypical parkinsonism induced by Annonaceae:
10h45 Prinz S SL95 10h30 Champy P SL117
benzoxazin-3-one (DIBOA) contents in sprouts of various Where are we yet?
Triticum species
Salvia phytomedicines: from the “salvãre” properties to Fernandes-
10h45 SL118
SL131 demonstration of some pharmacological effects Ferreira M
11h00 Organic and herbal ingredient trends in North America Pontiakos G
Assessment of antioxidant activity of plant extracts by a SL130
11h00 Kouretas D
PARALLEL SESSION 2 (Marine & Fungi Compounds) combination of molecular methods (BA)
08h30-11h15 New sources of bioactive natural products BALLROOM II
Chair: Capon R, Ireland C 11h15-11h45 COFFEE BREAK

08h30 Australian marine biodiscovery Capon RJ SL96

Biosynthesis and biomimetic synthesis of natural products. BALLROOM
Bioactive natural products from marine cyanobacteria: new Chair: Verpoorte R I-II-III
08h45 Luesch H SL97
structures and modes of action
Unravelling polymeric proanthocyanidin structure via
Potential ecological role, chemistry and molecular modelling 11h45 Ferreira D L28
09h00 studies of secondary metabolites isolated from the tropical Wright A SL98
marine sponge Cymbastela hooperi The methylerythritol phosphate pathway, a novel metabolic
12h25 route towards the isoprene units in bacteria and plant Rohmer M L29
Marine-derived Penicillium sp.: fungal diversity as a plastids
09h15 Grovel O SL99
promising source of bioactive compounds
Cytotoxic macrolides from benthic Amphidinium 13h05-14h30 LUNCH
09h30 Tsuda M SL100
Salarins and Tulearins; new cytotoxic sponge derived 14h30-16h00 POSTER SESSION 2 (EVEN NUMBERS)
09h45 Kashman Y SL101
nitrogenous macrolides
Drug discovery from natural products BALLROOM
Biologically active cyanobacteria metabolites – Ecological Chair: Curini M I-II-III
10h00 Carmeli S SL102
and biomedical perspectives
Bioprospection of cytotoxic compounds in the Brazilian 16h00 Molecular targets of natural drug substances Imming P L26
10h15 Jimenez PC SL103
endemic tunicate Eudistoma vannamei
Innovative strategies for the discovery of lead structures
Investigations into the cytotoxic effects of Australian 16h40 Stuppner H L27
10h30 Tiralongo E SL105 from nature
indigenous mushrooms
Award session
Bioactive secondary metabolites from an Endolichenic 17h20-18h20
Chair: Baker B, Kopp B, Roussis V
10h45 Fungus, Corynespora sp. inhabiting the Cavern beard Paranagama PA SL106
Lichen, Usnea cavernosa ASP Matt Suffness Young Investigator Award Discovery and
17h20 Prisinzano TE AWL4
development of novel agents to treat drug abuse
Novel unusual alkaloids from the rare mushroom SL132
11h00 Quang DN PSE Apivita AWARD- Cyclotides – Circular plant peptides for
Pseudobaeospora pyrifera (Agaricales) (BA) 17h40 Göransson U AWL5
protein engineering
08h30-11h15 Pharmacology of Natural Products and Herbal drugs BALLROOM III 18h00 GA award ESA Bronze
Chair: Gafner S, Ishibasi M
Cholinesterase inhibiting Bisbenzylisoquinoline alkaloids Closing ceremony-Concluding remarks Presidents of
08h30 Atia-tul-Wahab SL107 18h20
from Cocculus pendulus Chair: Skaltsounis L, Boustie J Associations
A herbal preparation Imupret® inhibits LPS and IL-1β- GALA DINNER ISLAND club
08h45 induced release of IL-8 and human β-defensin 2 in lung Hostanska K SL109
epithelial A549 cells

09h00 Potential of St. John’s wort as antistress medication Butterweck V SL110

Friday, August 8th, 2008
Boswellic acids from the anti-inflammatory remedy
09h15 frankincense: Identification and functional analysis of novel Siemoneit U SL111
molecular targets within the arachidonic acid cascade Departure from
Piraeus port
Pharmacological and toxicological studies on anticancer
09h30 Costa-Lotufo LV SL112
properties of piplartine
26 27
Young Researcher and Regulatory Affairs on Herbal Medicinal Products workshops will be organized on WELCOME PARTY-Sunday August 3, 2008, 20h00-23h00
3rd August 2008 in the central University building (30 Panepistimiou str., metro station: Panepistimio). The welcome party takes place in the Roof Garden of “ETHNIKI ASFALISTIKI” Conference Center (just 5 min walk from
Athenaeum Intercontinental Hotel) which is the last work of the famous architect Mario Botta. The Roof Garden offers a
Young Scientists Workshop magnificent view to Acropolis. Finger food and drinks will be served with the companion of a musical duet.
Chairman: A.R.Bilia
This special workshop for young researchers is organized as a pre-symposium on Sunday 3rd of
Traditional Greek dance show (dinner included) – Monday August 4, 2008, 20h30-23h30
August, 2008.
The traditional Greek dance show takes place in the DORA STRATOU Theater. The show includes folklore dances and music from
Registration for this workshop is necessary for all participants. The workshop is restricted to diploma
several Greek regions. A famous dance group with impressive dresses will perform a unique programme.
and Phd students and serves as an opportunity for them to give an oral presentation and to discuss
The theatre is located in a 20 min walk distance from the metro station “Acropolis” and is highly recommended to take a walk.
special issues, problems and unclear results related to their work. The presentations (15 min) will
be commented upon by experienced panellists and time for general discussion will be provided. The When you get out of the metro station “Acropolis” turn left and follow the pedestrian road “Dionysiou Areopagitou” that leads
workshop will serve as a forum to share methodologies and knowledge of instruments, as well as to Acropolis (10-12 min). In that route you can enjoy Greek neoclassical architecture and some famous houses like the one of
means of expanding personal knowledge and to expand their studies by acquiring ideas in a constructive the music composer “Vangelis” and the ancient theatre of “Herodion”. When you arrive close to the entrance of Acropolis turn
and divers environment. The best oral presentation will be selected and awarded. A young researcher left uphill to “Filopapou hill” and follow the signs to “Dora Stratou” theatre (5-7 min). Transportation will be provided. Relevant
will also be selected and awarded for the most valuable involvement in the discussion. information on the transportation plan will be announced at the Congress Secretariat announcement board.
Upon arrival Greek food will be served in a beautiful surrounding at 20.30-21.30.
The traditional Greek dance show will start at 21.45
Workshop on Regulatory Affairs on Herbal Medicinal Products (HMPs) Τickets will be given to each participant upon registration
“Medicinal Herbs: drugs or dietary supplements? What are the legal consequences in terms of quality,
safety and efficacy of each option?”
Congress Dinner – Thursday August 7, 2008, 20h15
Chair: S. Alban
The congress dinner is organized at the seaside club “ISLAND”, a club with a magnificent view to the Saronic Gulf.
Panelists: A. Vlietinck, W. Knöss, H. Sievers, V. Frankos, M. McGuffin.
The place has a unique Greek style architecture and decoration. The menu will be mainly Mediterranean cuisine.
A DJ with a selection of music promises to make this dinner unforgettable.
Programme Access only with the special buses departing from Athenaeum Intercontinental Hotel or by taxi (around 45 min ride).
Vouchers to participants who have already paid will be given upon registration
13:00 Introduction (S. Alban) Departure: 20h15 Intercontinental hotel
13:05 A. Vlietinck, Member of the Committee of Herbal Medicinal Return: 23h30-24h00
Products (HMPC), European
Medicines Agency (EMEA) - Viewpoint of the European EXCURSION on 8 August, 2008
Regulatory Authorities One day cruise to Hydra, Poros, Aegina
13:30 W. Knöss, Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices In the morning the ship sails for the three beautiful islands of the Saronic Gulf.
(BfArM), Germany - Viewpoint of the German Regulatory
The order in which we shall visit the islands is either Poros – Hydra – Aegina or Aegina – Poros – Hydra which does not change
the duration of stay on any of the islands. Within 2 hours, we will arrive to the island of Poros, the smallest of the three islands,
13:55 H. Sievers, Phytolab GmbH & Co, KG, Germany - Viewpoints of
separated from the Peloponnese by a narrow strait and offering a most enchanting view of Poros Town. Your leisure time in
the Pharmaceutical Industry in Europe
14:20 Coffee break Poros will be about 50 minutes. An hour and 15 minutes later, we enter the port of Hydra, whose amphitheater shape once
14:50 V. Frankos, Director, Division of Dietary Supplement Programs, served as a safe shelter for Saronic Pirates. From the decks, you will be able to admire the very special architecture and dramatic
USA - Viewpoint of the US Regulatory Authorities landscapes of this island, whose old traditional stone houses and mansions silently stand witness to a long and turbulent
15:15 M. McGuffin, President of the American Herbal Products history. You will have about 1 hour and 30 minutes at leisure to enjoy the unique charms of Hydra and while returning back on
Association (AHPA), USA - Viewpoint of the US Industry board you will receive a homecoming welcome. After a two hour trip we shall arrive to our last port of call, the island of Aegina.
15:40 Panel discussion AEGINA is the largest of the three islands. Apart from its harbor there are numerous interesting sites to discover on the island.
16:50 Conclusions (S. Alban, A. Vlietinck). After such a full and enjoying day, the ship will depart for the port of Piraeus.
Registration for this workshop is necessary for all participants Participants who are already booked to the cruise will receive their vouchers at the Congress Secretariat.
Participants who wish to join us to the cruise are kindly requested to proceed to the Congress Secretariat.

28 29
• Athens sightseeing (daily in the morning)
This tour gives you an opportunity to observe the striking contrasts that make Athens such a fascinating city. Our expert
The city of Athens is an exciting and vibrant city of the 21st century, which along with the treasures of art, history and architecture
guides take you to see the center of the city, Constitution Square (Syntagma), the House of Parliament, the Memorial represents more than 3000 years of Hellenic and Byzantine culture, a city where a world of antiquity, myth and legends blends
to the Unknown Soldier and the National Library. Driving down Herod Atticus street, you will see the Evzones in their harmoniously with the modern way of life, is the ideal setting for such an important event. Athens is a city, which combines a rich
picturesque uniform and the Presidential Palace. On your way to the acropolis you will see the Hadrian’s Arch, visit the archeological past, and the modern infrastructure. Athens hosted the Olympic Games in 2004 and major projects have radically
Temple of Olympian Zeus and you will make a short stop at the Panathenaic Stadium where the first Olympic Games of transformed the city into an ultra modern capital of southeast Europe.
the modern era were held in 1896. On the Acropolis visit the architectural masterpieces of the Golden Age of Athens:
the Propylaea, the Temple of Athena Nike, the Erechtheion, and finally “the harmony between material and spirit“, the THE VENUE
monument that “puts order in the mind“, the Parthenon. You complete the visit with the Museum of Acropolis. No wonder the Athenaeum InterContinental has been named Greece’s leading hotel time and again. Athens’ largest guest
rooms, fine dining venues and a central location appeal to business and leisure travellers alike. Within a few kilometres are
• Athens by night (daily in the evening) the Acropolis, the Parthenon, the Temple of Apollo and the Plaka. Metro and tram stations are also nearby.
The tour starts with a visit to the main Greek port of Piraeus, passing by the most important points of the city (City Hall, The Athenaeum InterContinental is renowned as a top business hotel in Greece. Within the city of Athens it boasts the
picturesque yacht’s harbour of Microlimano etc). Following the principal avenues and passing by the Temple of Olympian best conference facilities, the largest ballroom accommodating up to1.800 persons, the most spacious guest rooms plus
Zeus, National Garden, Parliament, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Catholic Cathedral, Academy, University, National Club InterContinental floors providing the best Club product in the city with exclusive complimentary services. With its 543
Library, Old Parliament we arrive at Plaka. Short pleasant walk through the old unique Athens city to one of the popular rooms the Athenaeum InterContinental can satisfy the most demanding conference organisers and delegates. The award
winning Premiere is the hotel’s fine dining roof top restaurant with stunning views of the Acropolis. Cafezoe, designed by
taverns for dinner with live bouzouki music and Greek folk dances.
the renowned architect Tony Chi, offers all day dining. Adjacent to Cafezoe, is the outdoor pool which operates from May -
September, weather permitting. The ToBar is a contemporary and fashionably furnished bar. WiFi wireless internet connection
• Wine tasting and Ancient Corinth (open only on Friday)
is accessible throughout the hotel.
Driving along the coastal road, we reach Corinth canal (short stop). Drive to the Ancient Corinth where St. Paul lived and
preached. Ancient Corinth was one of the most important cities of ancient Greece. We will visit the Agora and One of OFFICIAL LANGUAGE
the most outstanding monuments of pre –Roman period, the temple of Apollo. Then we will continue to visit one of the The official language of the Congress will be English. There will be no provision for translation in other languages.
most famous vinery of NEMEA. Greece may well possess first place in the hierarchy of countries known for their tradition  
in viticulture. Not only is this due to Greeks producing wine since the Neolithic Age - 4000 B.C. - but also to the fact that INTERNET
wine has long been adored, praised and chanted in the name of god Dionyssos. Computers with internet access will be provided at the Internt corner next to Congress Secretariat (-1 level)
Nowadays, Greek wine production, abiding by tradition but invigorated by modem technology, offers a wide variety of
fine wines. NEMEA is one of the most popular vineyards in Greece. We will visit the state of the art winery facilities. We SPEAKERS READY DESK
will learn everything for the production of Greek quality red wine and then we will proceed to the underground cellars with Speakers Ready Desk will be located outside Ballroom Meeting room. Speakers and kindly requested to proceed to the
more than 1000 French oak barriques. Finally we will taste some of the best wines of the domain. Speakers Ready Desk in order to test their presentations and give them to the appointed staff. Please do not forget to mention
to the designated staff the time of your presentation and the name of the meeting room as well.
• One day excursion to Delphi
Drive through the fertile plain of Boeotia, crossing the towns of Thebes connected with the tragedy of King Oedipus BADGES
– Levadia and Arachova (short stop on the way back). Arrive at Delphi, the center of Ancient World – the “Omphalos Badges will be given to all registered participants upon registration at the Congress Secretariat. Please bear always visible your
“(Navel of Earth) – whose prestige extended far beyond the boundaries of the Hellenic World. On the slopes of Mount badge in order to gain access to the Conference and other events.
Parnassus, in a landscape of unparalleled beauty and majesty, lie the ruins of the Sanctuary of Apollo Pythios. Visit
the Treasury of the Athenians, the Temple of Apollo and the Museum containing such masterpieces of Ancient Greek
A Certificate of Attendance will be given to each registered participant at the last day of the conference.
sculpture as the bronze Charioteer and the famous athlete Aghias. Lunch in the modern village of Delphi, return to
Athens by the same route.
Banks in Greece operate daily except from Saturday and Sunday. The opening hours are as follows:
• One day excursion to Argolis Monday - Thursday 08.30h - 14.30h
Leave by the coastal road along the Saronic Gulf to the Corinth Canal, which connects the Aegean Sea with the Ionian Friday 08.30h - 13.30h
Sea, (short stop). Drive to Mycenae, the Homeric city of Atreides – the city “rich in gold “of the ancient’s poets. Visit the
Lion’s Gate, the Cyclopean Walls, and the Royal Tombs e.t.c. Depart for Nauplion through the fertile plain of Argolis, ELECTRICITY
the picturesque town nestling at the foot of a cliff crowned by the mighty ramparts of the Palamidi Fortress. Afternoon, Electricity current in Greece is 220/240 AC/50Hz. The plugs have 2 or 3 round pins similar to those in many European countries.
leave for Epidauros to visit the Theatre (4th century B. C.) famous for its astonishing acoustics. Return to Athens by the
National road connecting Epidauros with Corinth. Lunch in Mycenae or in Nauplion. GETTING TO ATHENS
Arrival by air
NOTE: All excursions include English speaking guide, bus transfer, entrance tickets (where applicable). At “Athens by night” Athens is connected by air directly with most European Countries. Direct flights are also available from New York on OA, DL and
excursion drinks are not included. CO and from Phliladelphia on US. From the other States of USA and from other continents you can reach Athens on connection
Partcipants who have already submitted participation to the above mentioned excursions are kindly requested flights through most European countries.
to proceed to the Social Events Desk in order to submit their preferable date for the excursion. Participants
Athens Airport
who wish to book one of the above excursions are kindly requested to proceed to the Social Event Desks.
The Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” is located in Spata (appr. 45 min drive from Athen’s city center)

30 31
From Airport to Athens City Center
By bus: Three express lines serve the Athens International Airport to Athens City Center and the port of Piraeus on 24 hour
basis. The ticket costs 3.20€. The bus line E95 (Direction Syntagma) serve Athens City Center (Syntagma Square).
By taxi: An average journey by taxi from Athens International Airport to Intercontinental Hotel or Syntagma Square
should cost approximately 30 to 35 € per way.
By metro: You can reach the Athens City Center by metro. The ticket cost 6€.
Transport to the venue
You can get to Athenaeum Intercontinental Hotel:
By metro:
Station Name: SYNGROU FIX, Distance 1km South to Hotel
Direction: Follow Syngrou Avenue towards Piraeus (10 min walk)
By tram:
Station name: KASOMOULI
Direction: station is just one block away from Hotel entrance (300m)
By Bus:
Station name: PANTEIOS (just opposite to the hotel)
Buses: 040 Piraeus - Syntagma / 550 P. Faliro - Kifissia
Athens public Transport
Athens greater area is covered by a vast network of transportation of all kind. The cost of the ticket is 0.80€ and it is valid for all
public transport (bus, metro, tram except the lines connecting Athens city and the airport) for 1,5hour.
Day ticket for all transport costs 3€ (except airport buses)
Weekly ticket costs 10€
Night buses are: 500 Pireaus – Kifisia, X14 Kifisia - Syntagma Square, 040 Pireaus - Syntagma Square. From Friday to Sunday
the tramway is operating a night service from Glyfada - Syntagma and Syntagma - Peace and Friendship Stadium.


Level -1 Ypsilon Room Level -2

Level -1 Level -2 Athenaeum Ballroom

36 37
PA26. Acute and subchronic toxicological assessment PA38. Adaptogenic and stamina improving activities of
Topic A: Pharmacology, toxicology and clinical studies of natural products and herbal drugs of Byrsocarpus coccineus Schum. and Thonn. Rubia peregrina and Asparagus acutifolius in mice
(Connaraceae) leaf aqueous extract Maxia A, Lancioni C, Kasture S
PA1. Antitumorigenic activity of Styela clava on DMH- PA13. Inhibition of HIV-1 protease and RNase H of HIV- Adeyemi OO, Akindele AJ, Nwumeh KI
induced colon carcinogenesis in male SD Rat 1 reverse transcriptase activities by long chain PA39. Suppression of testicular 17β-HSD3 and hepatic
Kim JM, Jeon GI, Lee SC, Park E phenols from the Sarcotestas of Ginkgo biloba PA27. Molecular cytotoxic mecanism of Dioscorealide B CYP1A2 by a bovine testes extract
Lee JS, Hattori M, Kim J on human breast cancer cells Jarukamjorn K, Chatuphonprasert W
PA2. In vitro antischistosomal activity of the
pimaradienoic acid against Schistosoma mansoni Itharat A, Saekoo J, Dechsukum C
PA14. The anti-staphylococcal activity of new diterpenes PA40. Effects of Yukmijihwang-tang derivatives (YMJd)
Da Silva Filho AA, Magalhães LG, Ambrósio SR, from Pycnostachys urticofolia
Simão MR, Severiano ME, Gonçalves UO, Moraes PA28. Isoquinoline alkaloid berberine inhibits IL-5- on ibotenic acid-induced amnesia in the rat
Bascombe K, Gibbons S dependent growth of pro-B Y16 cells through Kang M, Kim J, Kim G, Lee K, Kwon Y, Lee N, Kim
ACG, Rodrigues V, Da Costa FB, Cunha WR, Silva
MLA arresting cell cycle at G1 phase and inducing YE, Bae H
PA15. Cardiovascular action of Piper longum mitochondria-dependent apoptosis
PA3. Antimicrobial activities of Trichilia heudelotii Inchan A, Promma P, Chintana P, Chootip K. Lee IJ, Lee HK, Kwon SW, Lee MK, Han SB, Kim Y PA41. Potent inhibition of Prostaglandin D2 induced
(Meliaceae) Planch, a Nigerian medicinal plant inflammation by Hibiscus rosa-sinensis crude
Adeniyi CBA, Moody JO, Adagbasa OO, Ayelaagbe PA16. cancelled PA29. Inhibitory effects of compounds isolated from extract.
OO, Idowu PA, Idowu O Thuja orientalis on human recombinant aldose Nazrul Somchit M, Zuraini A, Tan WP, Cheema MS
PA17. Pharmacology study of Kalanchoe crenata (Andr) reductase and advanced glycation end-products
PA4. Powergrape®, a whole grape extract, increases the Haw. (Crassulacae) PA42. Evaluation of the anti-cancer potential of extracts
Lee EH, Song DG, Lee YJ, Pan CH, Um BH, Jung SH
antioxidant capacity in professional sportsmen Yimta F, Nguimatsia F, Mbenkum T, Penge A of the Australian native plant Haemodorum
during a competition period. spicatum R. Br (Mardja, bloodroot)
PA30. Inhibitory effects of constituents from
Nardon K, Lafay S PA18. Chemopreventive effect of Lawsonia inermis L. Savigni DL, Oates PS, Baker E, Evans L, Woodall G
Anemarrhena asphodeloides on the growth of
powder in the Epstein-Barr virus early antigen human cancer cells
PA5. Free radical scavenging activity of two Hylocereus PA43. Antioxidant and antimicrobial activity of willow
activation assay and the mouse skin two-stage Lee SK, Min HY, Kang YJ, Hong JY, Park EJ, Seo EK,
species (Cactaceae) and their effect on the herb (Epilobium angustifolium L.)
carcinogenesis Nam JW, Kim YS, Kang SS
proliferation of HeLa and MDA-MB-231 cancer Kosalec I, Zovko M, Sankovic K, Kremer D, Pepeljnjak S
Kapadia GJ, Azuine MA, Takayasu M, Konoshima T,
cell lines
Takayasu J, Tokuda H, PA31. Antimicrobial activities of the flower extract of
Asmah R, Nor Laili M, Mohd Fadzelly AB PA44. Mechanism for anti-inflammatory and cancer
Celosia cristata L. chemopreventive effect of the flower of
PA6. Cytopiloyne, a polyacetylenic glucoside from PA19. Induction of apoptosis and inhibition of Yun SM, Choi BH, Ku HO, Lee MH, Nam HM, Lee KJ,
proliferation in colon cancer cells by Salvia Chrysanthemum indicum
Bidens pilosa, modulates T cell differentiation Park SW, Jang HJ, Son SW
fruticosa, Salvia officinalis and rosmarinic acid Yoon T, Choi G, Cheon MS, Lee DY, Lee HW, Moon
through suppression of IL-12 expression in human
Xavier CPR, Lima CF, Fernandes-Ferreira M, Pereira- BC, Choo BK, Kim HK
dendritic cells PA32. α4β2 Receptors of ventral hippocampus and
Wei WC, Staniforth V, Yang WC, Sheu JH, Shyur LF, Wilson C memory consolidation PA45. Anti-inflammatory effects of Asparagus
Yang NS Garín-Aguilar ME, Martín FJA, Hernández R AG, cochinchinensis extract in acute and chronic
PA20. Antioxidant activity of some Mexican medicinal Valencia del T G, Soto-Hernández M, Prado-Alcalá RA
PA7. The effects of Siberian pine (Pinus sibirica Du Tour) cutaneous inflammation
plants extracts
extract on cell viability and its antioxidant activity Lee DY, Choo BK, Yoon T, Cheon MS, Choi G, Lee AY,
Bazaldúa GS, Goytia PS, Mendoza DS, Bonilla- PA33. Ferrous and ferric chelation activity of selected
Lantto TA, Dorman HJD, Shikov AN, Pozharitskaya Moon BC, Kim HK
Barbosa JR, Hernández-De Jesús ML, Rodríguez- natural flavonoids
ON, Makarov VG, Tikhonov VP, Hiltunen R, Raasmaja A López V Macakova K, Mladenka P, Rehakova Z, Zatloukalova PA46. MAO-A inhibitory activity of quercetin from Calluna
PA8. cancelled L, Hrdina R, Opletal L, Karlickova J, Jahodar L vulgaris Hull.
PA21. Phytochemical screening, antioxidant and Saaby L, Jäger AK, Rasmussen HB
PA9. Shikonin can enhance the efficiency of DNA antimicrobial activities of Berkheya bergiana PA34. Anti-influenza A virus activity of an acidic
vaccine via induction of Rantes and recruitment of leaves polysaccharide from a blue-green alga Nostoc PA47. KG-135 sensitizes human cervix carcinoma,
dendritic cells Odeleye OM, Oyedeji AO, Opoku AR flagelliforme HeLa cells to anti-cancer drugs via increasing
Chen HM, Yang NS Hayashi K, Kanekiyo K, Ohta Y, Lee JB , Takenaka H, expression level of p53 and Bax
PA22. In vivo antiplasmodial activity of a crude ethanolic Hayashi T Choi JS , Lee WH, Park JH, Lee SK
PA10. Antioxidant properties of some Turkish medicinal stem bark extract of Nauclea pobeguinii
plants Mesia K,Tona L, Cimanga K, Kuypers K, Pieters L, PA48. Antiproliferative and apoptotic activities of extracts
Tatli II, Sahpaz S, Martin-Nizard F, Sezgin A, Arısan O, PA35. Usefulness of algal polysaccharides for viral
Vlietinck A, Maes L infectious diseases from carob tree (Ceratonia siliqua L.) in MDA-MB-
Gressier B, Bailleul F, Ezer N 231 human breast cancer cells
PA23. Antimicrobial activity of Jatropha curcas L. and Ohta Y, Lee JB, Hayashi K, Takeshita A, Hayashi T
PA11. Ajuga iva treatment is more effective to improve Custódio L, Fernandes E, Escapa AL, López-Avilés S,
Jatropha multifida L. against bacteria and fungi Fajardo A, Aligué R, Alberício F Romano A
the antioxidant capacity of red blood cells than that s.t.d. organisms PA36. Prunella vulgaris extract and rosmarinic acid
of tissues in hypercholesterolemic rats Aiyelaagbe OO, Fatunsin OF, Oguntuase BJ, Adeniyi suppresse lipopolysaccharide-induced alteration
PA49. Evaluation of the antimalarial activity of extracts of
Bouderbala S, Lamri-Senhadji M, Prost J, Lacaille- BA, Gibbons S in human gingival fibroblasts.
carob tree (Ceratonia siliqua L.)
Dubois MA, Bouchenak M Zdařilová A, Svobodová A, Šimánek V, Ulrichová J
Custódio L, Marques L, Mayor A, Alonso P, Alberício F,
PA24. Bioassays in biodiscovery
PA12. Leaf and cortex extracts of Mikania scandens Romano A
Capon RJ, Fontaine F PA37. Analgesic activity of secondary metabolites from
(Asteraceae) exhibit cytotoxic effects against
two Centaurea species PA50. Antioxidant phenolics from Hypericum calycinum
Spironucleus meleagridis trophozoites from PA25. Synergism between Salvia officinalis extract and
Djeddi S, Chatter R, Karioti A, Argyropoulou C, Kharrat Kırmızıbekmez H, Bassarello C, Pizza C, Celep E, Atay
turkey-cock and antibacterial properties antibiotics against human pathogenic bacteria
R, Skaltsa H İ, Mercanoğlu G, Yeşilada E
Radtke OA, König W Stefanović O, Čomić L, Stanojević D
38 39
PA51. The anti-depressant effect of Nelumbinis semen PA63. Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity of PA76. The effect of peppermint (Mentha piperita) on PA89. Pro-apoptotic activity of ergosterol derivatives in
on the rats under chronic mild stress inducing Cotinus coggygria extracts ruminal physiological parameters in Lori sheep human prostate cancer cells
depression-like symptom Simić M, Vučićević D, Milenković M, Kovačević N Pourjafar M , Kojouri G, Mohammadnia A, Hayatifard M Russo A, Cardile V , Piovano M, Frasca G , Espinoza
Kang M, Kim J, Kim G, Lee K, Kwon Y, Lee N, Kim C L and Garbarino J
YE, Bae H PA64. Antifungal constituents of Curtisia dentata and PA77. Screening of plant extracts for antimicrobial and
Maytenus undata active against Cryptococcus anticancer activities PA90. Antifungal activity of a flavonoid-rich fraction from
PA52. Antioxidant activity of ethanolic extracts of neoformans and Candida albicans Laouirem S, Mathouet H, Sergent JA, Ngouala G, Costus spicatus leaves against dermatophytes
Lavandula species cultivated in Croatia McGaw LJ, Shai J, Mokoka TA, Eloff JN Lomri A, Lameiras P, Hulen C, Lomri N, Elomri A Silva DN, Gonçalves MJ, Amaral MT, Batista MT
Blažeković B, Vladimir-Knežević S
PA65. Alkaloids from Boophone disticha with affinity for PA78. Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities PA91. Antibacterial activity of the secondary metabolites
PA53. Protective effect of ferulic acid against carbon the serotonin transporter of Haplopappus taeda extracts. from in vitro cultures of Drosera aliciae
tetrachloride-induced hepatotoxicity in mice Neergaard JS, Andersen J, Pedersen ME, Stafford GI, Faini F, Labbé C, Delporte C, Backhouse N, Krolicka A, Szpitter A, Maciąg M, Biskup E, Gilgenast
Kim JK, Yun NR, Kim SH, Lee DU, Kim YS, Kang SS, van Staden J, Jäger AK Castro C, Torres R E, Romanik G, Kaminski M, Węgrzyn G , Lojkowska E
Lee SM
PA66. Evaluation of antioxidant activity of some plant PA79. The effect of garlic and garlic tablet on blood PA92. Inhibition of caspase-3 by isolates from
PA54. Antioxidant lignans from petroleum ether extract of extracts and their heat stability cholesterol and atherosclerosis in rats with Lonchocarpus haberi from Monteverde, Costa Rica
Schisandra chinensis Mišan A, Sakač M, Sedej I, Psodorov Đ, Mandić A, high cholesterol diet Cassidy C, Twigg PD, Holmes-Caudle T, Setzer WN
Slanina J, Březinová L, Paulová H, Humpa O Mimica-Dukić N Pourjafar M , Derakhshanfar A, Nowrooziasl A, Zarei M
PA93. Contribution of oenothein B in the anti-
PA55. Effects of Bixa orellana leaves extract on increased PA67. Xanthine oxidase inhibitory activity of medicinal inflammatory activity of Epilobium sp. extracts.
PA80. Antibacterial activity of herbal preparation to treat
paw volume and peritoneal vascular permeability plants and spices Kiss AK, Kiarszys U, Piwowarski J, Staszewska A,
sore throats
induced by 5-HT in rats Havlik J, Fernandez J, Rada V, Hejtmankova K, Flesar J Bazylko A
Reichling J, Suschke U, Suter A
Zuraini A, Somchit MN, Hamid RA, Sukardi S, Arifah
AK, Yong YK PA68. Antimicrobial evaluation of crude methanolic PA94. Biological activity of extracts of Cyrtocarpa
extracts and fractions of Prosopis africana stem bark PA81. Chios mastic gum neutral extract and isolated procera Kunth.
PA56. Bioassay-guided isolation of apigenin with Ezea SC, Inyanya SI Odukoya O, Okoye FBC tirucallol exhibit anti-inflammatory activity in Rosas-Acevedo H Garlin-Aguilar MG, Soto-Hernández
GABA-benzodiazepine activity from Tanacetum human aortic endothelial cells M, Martínez-Vázquez M
parthenium PA69. Antidiarrhea activity and preliminary Loizou S, Paraschos S, Mitaku S, Chrousos GP,
Jäger AK, Krydsfeldt K, Rasmussen HB phytochemical screening of Indigofera arrecta, Lekakis I, Moutsatsou P PA95. Phagocytic activity is related to total
Cyathula uncinulata, Persea americana and polysaccharide concentration and percent (1,3),
PA57. The anticoagulant and antithrombotic profile of Cupressus lusitanica PA82. Evaluation of hypoglycaemic and histopathological (1,4)-glucan in commercial mushroom extracts
a root methanolic extract from Strophioblachia Tomani JC, Nkurunziza JP, Mukazayire MJ, Kanezeza effects of “Diabetes 5” in rats Hamill FA, Hill A, Azadi P, Martzen MR, Donelson R,
fimbricalyx Boerl (Euphorbiaceae) R, Baziruwitonda E, Duez P Agunu A, Yusuf S, Ahmadu AA, Bisalla M Sweet E, Schildt S, Wenner CA
Almeida AP, Frattani FS, Zingali RB, Chaves DSA,
Costa SS, Pinto M, Naengchomnong W, Kijjoa A PA70. Antimicrobial and antioxidant properties of twelve PA83. Olive tree extracts with95 potential leishmanicidal PA96. Effects of organic and inorganic compounds
Congolese medicinal plants activity. isolated of Argemone mexicana on the perfusion
PA58. Mechanisms of action of antiosteoporotic effects Okusa PN, Charles C, Stévigny C, Ngoy E, Lumbu Kyriazis ID, Karagouni E, Soteriadou K, Skaltsounis pressure of the mesenteric vascular bed.
of a special Cimicifuga racemosa (CR) extract: Simbi JB, Devleeschouwer M, Duez P AL, Dotsika E Escobar JL, Cassani J, Reyes-Chilpa R, Magos GA
Inhibition of the RANK-RANKL-Osteoprotegerin
triad PA71. Lucidone inhibits iNOS and COX-2 expression in PA84. In vitro testing of biological action of Origanum PA97. Anti-angiogenic activity from the fruit latex of Ficus
Wuttke W, Jarry H, Seidlová-Wuttke D LPS-induced RAW 264.7 murine macrophage cells species from Greek flora in various cancer cell carica (Fig)
via NF-κB and MAPKs dual pathways lines Pawlus AD, Cartwright CA,Vijjeswarapu M, Liu
PA59. Effects of various phytoestrogens and of Kumar S, Jayabal K, Wang SY Loizou S, Papoutsi Z, Aligiannis N, Kalpoutzakis E, Z,Woltering E, Newman RA
Cimicifuga racemosa (CR) in the mammary gland Kleopas A, Moutsatsou P
PA72. The in vitro screening for hypoglycemic and PA98. Phytochemical analysis and antileishmanial
of ovariectomized (ovx) rats
antihypertensive activities of Dipsacus fullonum L. activity of Desmotes incomparabilis, an endemic
Seidlová-Wuttke D, Wuttke W PA85. Effects of lichen secondary metabolites on
Tillequin F, Tundis R, Deguin B, Loizzo MR, Bonesi M, plant from Panama
bacterial functions and biofilm formation
Menichini F, Conforti F, Marrelli M, Statti G, Menichini F Cubilla-Rios L, Chérigo L, Ríos C, Togna GD, Gerwick W
PA60. Evaluation of nootropic activity of Slimaluma, an Riedel K, Boustie J, Eberl L, Berg G, Grube M
enriched phytochemical composition of Caralluma PA99. Anxiolytic-like effects of sanjoinine A isolated
PA73. A comparative study of the anti-inflammatory
fimbriata in mice. PA86. Screening of glycemic attributes of Trichosanthes from Zizyphi spinosi semen: Involvement of GABA
properties of Allanblankia floribunda and Kigelia
Rajendran R, Vyawahare NS, Khandare RA, Ambikar dioica leaves in vivo receptors
africana fruits.
DB, Sannapuri VD Jaiswal D, Rai PK, Singh RK, Mehta S, Watal G Han H, Ma Y, Eun JS, Yun SR, Kim CS, Hong JT,
Ayoola GA, Akpanika GA, Sofidiya MO, Osunkalu VO ,
Coker HAB, Odugbemi T Oh KW
PA61. Antihyperglycaemic effect of Coreopsis tinctoria PA87. Salvinorin A modulates the neurotransmitters
aqueous extract in streptozotocin-induced PA74. In vitro hypoglycaemic effects of some Salvia release from different mouse brain areas through PA100. Antifungal effects of ligustilide and butylidene
glucose-intolerant rats. species from Iran presynaptic metabotropic receptors activation phthalide and its synergism with antibiotics
Dias T, Mota-Filipe H, Houghton PJ, Paulo A Nickavar B, Abolhasani L Marchi M, Grilli M, Neri E, Zappettini S, Sessarego M, Lee JY, Chung EY, Sim Y, Shin S
Romussi G, Bisio A, Pittaluga A
PA62. Antioxidant and cytotoxic activity of Ampelopsis PA75. Apoptosis pathway of triterpenoids from Tiarella PA101. Anti-inflammatory effects of schisandrin on
brevipedunculata and Parthenocissus tricuspidata polyphylla on HL-60 cells PA88. Acetylcholinesterase inhibition by Rosmarinic acid modulation of NF-κB, JNK and p38 MAP kinases
Kundaković T, Stanojković T, Grubin J, Juranić Z, Kwon OK, Ahn KS, Shen G, Oh SR, Lee HK from Plectranthus (Lamiaceae) species Guo LY, Shin EM, Zhou HY, Kang SS, Hung TM, Bae
Stevanović B, Kovačević N Falé PLV, Araújo MEM, Ascensão L, Serralheiro MLM K, Kim HP, Kim YS
40 41
PA102. Anti-inflammatory effects of glycyrol isolated PA114. Diosgenin protects diabetic neuropathy by PA127. Apoptotic effect of wheatgrass (Triticum aestivum PA139. Calcium-dependent effect of Tricolorin A on
from Glycyrrhiza uralensis (Leguminosae) in LPS- induction of nerve growth factor in animal model L.) extract on Baf3p210 and Baf3p210-T315I intestinal and arterial smooth muscle contractility
induced RAW264.7 macrophages Kang TH, Hong BN, Yi TH, Kim SY leukemia cell lines Hernández R, Vuelvas A, García A, Fragoso M, Pereda
Shin EM, Zhou HY, Guo LY, Kang SS, Kim JA, Lee SH, Altinok B, Ozkan T, Karadag A, Aydos S, Biyikli Z, R, Ibarra C, Rojas A
Merfort I, Kim HS, Kim S, Kim YS PA115. Curcuminoids possess acetylcholinesterase Sunguroglu A
inhibitory and memory enhancing activities PA140. Antipruritic effects of petals of Hibiscus syriacus L.
PA103. Investigations into the antibacterial activities of Touqeer A, Anwar HG PA128. Antidepressant effect of an alkaloid extract from Oku H. and Ishiguro K
herbal medicines against Helicobacter pylori and Annona cherimolia
Campylobacter jejuni PA116. Immunomodulative and anti-atopic properties Ubaldo SD , Araujo EAG , Ledesma VI , Estrada-Reyes PA141. Inhibitory activity of Cynara scolymus L. on
Cwikla C, Schmidt K, Matthias A, Bone KM, Lehmann of flavonoids from the roots of Rhododendron R, Gonzalez EAR , Martínez-Vázquez M inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS)
R, Tiralongo E mucronulatum Blunder M, Kunert O, Bauer R
Joo SS, Choi SE, Park KH, Kim YB, Lee DK, Lee MW PA129. Anti-diabetic potential of naturally-occurring
PA104. KD-501, a standardized extract of Scrophularia cinnamates PA142. Transport properties of Ginkgolides C, J and
buergeriana have both cognitive-enhancing and PA117. Development of a new anti-atopic agent using the Eid H, Martineau L , Vallerand D, Saleem A, Arnason J, Bilobalide in Caco-2 and MDR-MDCK monolayer
antioxidant activities in mice given scopolamine diarylheptanoid from the barks of Alnus japonica Haddad P models
Jeong EJ, Yang HJ, Lee KY, Kim SH, Sung SH, Kim YC and its role in immunological activity Khan SI, Madgula VLM, Avula B, Wang YH, Lou Y,
Joo SS, Choi SE, Kwon JH, Nam SY, Lee DK, Lee MW PA130. Bioassay-guided fractionation of the crude extract Khan IA
PA105. An aqueous extract of root/stem bark of Rhus derived from the marine sponge Monanchora
aromatica AIT. reveals antiviral activity against PA118. Effect of whey protein hydrolysates produced by arbuscula collected at Pedra da Risca do Meio PA143. Induction of apoptosis by the triterpene saponin
herpes simplex virus in cell culture various enzymes on H2O2 induced DNA damage in Marine State Park, Ceará, Brazil PX-6518 in promastigotes and amastigotes of
Schnitzler P, Neuner A, Reichling J human leukocytes Ferreira EG, Jimenez PC, Wilke DV, Oliveira JR, Hajdu Leishmania infantum
Jeon GI, Yoon YC, Paik HD, Park E E, Pessoa, CO, Moraes MO, Silveira ER, Pessoa ODL, Vermeersch M, Deschacht M, Kuypers K, Martinet W,
PA106. Timosaponin A3 and Sarsasapogenin inhibit Costa-Lotufo LV Maes L, Cos P
nuclear factor-kB and p38 signaling in TNF-a PA119. Evaluation of neuroprotective effect of Slimaluma
stimulated BV-2 microglia cells in cerebral ischemia reperfusion injury in rats PA131. Effects of ethanolic root and leaf extracts of PA144. Inhibitory activity of extracts and bioactive
Lee B, Jung K, Han SJ, Kim DH Rajendran R, Vyawahare NS, Harle UN, Ambikar D B, Cissampelos mucronata on length of gestation constituents of Centaurea phyllocephala Boiss.
Khandare RA, Gadkari MR period (Asteraceae) on aldose reductase in vitro
PA107. Combined Effect of Doxorubicin with MODEL26
Ndu OO, Akah PA, Ochiogu IS, Ezike AC, Mbaoji FN Lazari D, Tsioumela C, Pegklidou K, Karioti A,
PA120. Antifungal effects of Ellagitannin isolated from Demopoulos V, Skaltsa H, Arfan M
Shin WG, Lee BJ
leaves of Ocotea odorifera (Lauraceae) PA132. Histological and haematotoxic effects of
PA108. Development of yeast-based high-throughput Yamaguchi MU, Filho BPD, Cortez DAG, Ueda- Azadirachta indica (Neem) leaf extract in albino PA145. Biological activities of iridoids from Scutellaria
screening platform to screen for potential anti- Nakamura T, Nakamura CV rats rupestris ssp. adenotricha
HMG-CoA reductase compounds in Traditional Nwodo NJ, Awemu GA, Iweala C, Obonga W, Esimone Lazari D, Gabrieli C, Papi R, Tsoleridis K, Kyriakidis D
Chinese Herbal Medicine. PA121. Antioxidant properties of methanol extracts of wild CO
Tai WCS, Wong IMH, Hsiao WLW garlics (genus Allium L., sect. Allium) PA146. Phytoestrogenic activity from Iris songarica
Bozin B, Mimica-Dukic N, Anackov G, Zlatkovic B, Igic R PA133. Botanical characteristics, chemical constituents Schrenk.
PA109. Chemopreventative effect of familial adenomatous and clinical relevance of Lycium barbarum Moein MR, Ayatollahi SM, Kobarfard F, Nasim S, Ali Z,
polyposis and hyperlipidemia by Gynostemma PA122. Antitrypanosomal activity of Elatol isolated from Farnsworth NR, Amagase H, Sun B, Nance DM Choudhary MI, Khan IA.
pentaphyllum in ApcMin/+ mouse model red seaweed Laurencia obtusa
Tai WSC, Hsiao WLW Veiga-Santos P, Rocha KJP, Dos Santos AO , Ueda- PA134. Free-radical scavenging capacity and antioxidant PA147. PPARγ agonists identified in extracts of
Nakamura T , Filho BPD , Silva Lautenschlager SO, activity of Berberis croatica Horvat and B. vulgaris L. elderflowers (Sambucus nigra) by bioassay-guided
PA110. Anticancer activity of Dioscorea membranacea Sudati DB, Bianco EM, Pereira RC, Nakamura CV Zovko M, Sanković K, Kosalec I, Kremer D, Karlović K , fractionation
Pierre extract and its isolated compound Kalođera Z Christensen KB , Grevsen K , Petersen Rasmus K,
(Dioscorealide B) in non-small cell lung PA123. Reversible contraceptive effect of isolated fractions
Kristiansen K, Christensen LP
carcinoma cells of Cuminum cyminum (Linn.) seed extract on
PA135. Antioxidant and antidiabetic activity of leaves of
Hansakul P, Arunporn I, Watcharin P reproductive functions of male rats
Ipomoea batatas grown in continental Croatia PA148. Metabolites from purple coneflower (Echinacea
Gupta RS, Kachhawa JBS, Saxena P
PA111. Effect of a multi-herb mixture, HT042 on the Zovko M, Petlevski R, Kalođera Z, Plantak K purpurea) identified as PPARγ agonists
longitudinal bone growth in adolescent female rats PA124. Cell cycle regulation of emodin through p53, Christensen KB, Grevsen K, Petersen RK, Kristiansen
Kim MY, Park YM, Panditl NR, Jamarkattel N, Kim NT , p21, and cyclin D pathway in human lung PA136. Antifungal and multidrug resistance modulatory K, Christensen LP
Zin Z, Bu Y, Kim H adenocarcinoma A549 cells activities in extracts of medicinal plants
Lee CY, Cheng MH, Chen TR, Yang YC, Chung MI, Kołaczkowski M, Kołaczkowska A, Środa K, PA149. Hypoglycemic, anti-inflammatory and cytotoxicity
PA112. Effect of HTE001, a herbal formulation on elicitation Chiu HF Ramalhete C, Michalak K, Mulhovo S, Ferreira MJU evaluation of aqueous and organic extracts from
of penile erection and anti-fatigue effect in the rats Ibervillea lindheimeri (A. Gray) Greene
Lim DW, Lee D, Sagong J, Kim YT, Kim MY, Lee S, Bu PA125. Effects of ethanolic extracts of Nigerian Citrus PA137. Antibacterial activity of Vaccinium vitis-idaea L. Figueroa-Hernández JL, Figueroa-Espitia JL,
Y, Kim H peels on body weight, liver weight and serum fat Vucic D, Petkovic M, Comic L, Stefanovic O Fernández-Saavedra G, Jjardón A, Nieto A, Ramírez T,
contents in albino rats Martínez-Vázquez M
PA113. Neuroprotective effects of Sesame seed on in vitro Nebedum JO, Gwacham NC PA138. Role of PLA2 activity in the hemolytic and
and in vivo ischemia models histopathological effects induced by the venom of PA150. Anti-plasmodial activity of extracts of five species
Lee D, Jamarkattel N, Pandit NR, Kim J, Choi HY, Lim PA126. Anti-proliferative activity of Thai Noni (Morinda the “fire coral” Millepora complanata of Icelandic liverworts
DW, Sagong J, Kim YT, Kim M-Y, Kim H, Kim KS, Park citrifolia linn.) leaf extract García A, Rojas A, Ibarra C, Gallegos MA, García M, Jensen JSR, Palsdottir GM, Omarsdottir S, Olafsdottir
SH, Bu Y Thani W, Luanratana O, Siripong P, Ruangwises N Heimer E ES, Jaroszewski JW
42 43
PA151. In vitro antiproliferative activity of Xanthones and PA163. Synergism of lyoniside and triterpenic acids in PA176. Deoxypodophyllotoxin, naturally occurring PA188. Regulation of microglial activities by components
Guttiferones from Securidaca spp allelopathic potential of Vaccinium myrtillus L. flavolignan, inhibits lipopolysaccharide-induced from Schizandra chinensis
Meli AL, Castilho PC , Padrón JM Szakiel A, Henry M iNOS expression require inhibition of NF-B Jeon SJ, Choi MS, Shin CY, Ko KH
activation in RAW264.7 macrophage cells
PA152. Effect of Copaifera reticulata on amastigote forms PA164. Induction of differentiation and anti-proliferative Chang HW, Jin MH, Kim YK, Son KH, Kim HP, Lee SH PA189. The antioxidant properties of anthocyanins in
of Leishmania (L.) amazonensis effects of aqueous extract from the bark of different Aronia products
dos Santos AO, Ueda-Nakamura T, Filho BPD, da Quercus infectoria in the human promyelocytic PA177. HIV-1 reverse transcriptase and K562 cell Piasek A, Bartoszek A, Namieśnik J
Veiga Jr VF, Pinto AC, Nakamura CV leukemia HL-60 cells. replication inhibition by Ridolfia segetum (L.) Moris
Mroueh M, Assaf-Diab M, Boukarim C essential oil PA190. Antioxidant and aldose reductase inhibitory
PA153. Antitumor and antifungal activities from red algae Bicchi C, Matteodo M, Rubiolo P, Sanna C, Tramontano capacities of Tephrosia humilis aerial parts’
Bostrychia radicans and B. tenella (Rhodophyta) PA165. Antioxidant effect of Phlomis persica Boiss. in rats E, Esposito F, Piano A, Zinzula L , Ballero M extracts
de Oliveira ALL, de Felício R, Costa-Lotufo LV, de with streptozotocin-induced diabetes Plioukas M, Alexiou P, Demopoulos V, Kokkalou E
PA178. Pharmacological studies on Ephedra nebrodensis
Moraes MO, do Ó Pessoa C, Young MCM, Yokoya NS, Sarkhail P, Fadyevatan S, Abdollahi M
Debonsi HM PA191. Therapeutic effects of Aloe vera in experimental
Ballero M, Foddis C, Scartezzini P, Poli F, Serafini M,
PA166. Assessment of the anti-microbial and anti-viral sepsis
Stanzione A, Petitto V, Bianco A, Serrilli AM, Spina L,
PA154. Red Ginseng extract inhibits 3T3-L1 preadipocyte properties of extracts from Nepeta septemcrenata Lee KH, Kim HY, Kim TH, Lee SM
Longoni R , Kasture S
differentiation through the PPARγ pathway Soltan MM, Zaki AK
Lee DH, Won EK, Choi HK, Choung SY PA179. Three anti-inflammatory stigmastane steroids from PA192. Protective effect of mixture of Aloe and Silybum on
PA167. Chemical constituents and antimicrobial activity of Alchornea floribunda leaves carbon tetrachloride-induced acute hepatotoxicity
PA155. Osteoporosis-inhibitory properties of the hop Verbena tenuisecta Okoye FBC, Osadebe PO, Esimone CO, Proksch P, and liver fibrosis
special extract WS® 1242 Daboob AA, Abdulshafeek K Nworu CS Moon YJ, Lee WC, Kim SJ, Oh ST, Shin EJ, Shim KS,
Erdelmeier CAJ, Koch E Lee SM
PA168. In vitro genotoxic studies of Thai noni fruit juice PA180. Activity of coumarin extracts from leaves
PA156. Bioguided determination of the anti-inflammatory by chromosomal aberration and sister chromatid of Calophyllum brasiliense on Leishmania PA193. Bioactive constituents and antioxidant activity of
action of STW 5 and STW 6 exchange assays in human lymphocytes braziliensis some traditional medicinal herbs extracts
Nieber K, Michael S, Grötzinger K, Rauwald, J-W, Thitiorul S, Ratanavalachai T, Nandhasri P Brenzan AM, Ferreira CIP, Lonardoni VMC, Honda PA, Danila AO, Gatea F, Radu GL
Okpanyi, SN, Kelber O Edson RF, Nakamura CV, Filho BPD, Ueda-Nakamura
PA169. Antihyperlipidemic and antiobesity effect of PA194. Cotinus coggygria heartwood: a new source of
T, Cortez DAG
PA157. The effect of White Kwao Krua [Pueraria candollei defatted seeds of Irvingia gabonensis acetylcholinesterase inhibiting compounds
Grah. var. mirifica (Airy Shaw et Suvatabandhu) Ngondi JL, Oben J Antal DS, Schwaiger S, Hornick A, Rollinger JM, Prast
PA181. Caffeine withdrawal retains anticataleptic activity
Niyomdham] crude extract containing puerarin H, Stuppner H
but Withania somnifera withdrawal potentiates
on vascular relaxation in the White Rat (Rattus PA170. The in vitro inhibition of human neutrophil elastase haloperidol-induced catalepsy in mice PA195. Oral application of Thuja occidentalis
norvegicus) activity by some Yemeni medicinal plants Kasture S, Barhate S, Mohan M enhances immune parameters in rats and
Chaowiset W, Kupittayanant S, Manakasem Y Alasbahi R, Melzig MF
immunosuppressed mice
PA182. Stimulation of TNF- α secretion by Polysaccharide Bodinet C, Volk RB
PA158. In-vitro and in-vivo evidence for the anti- PA171. Efficacy and safety of Juniperus phoenicea
Krestin, a Trametes versicolor mushroom extract,
inflammatory activity of hop bitter acids in mouse extracts used as remedy for liver in Saudi Arabia
is toll-like receptor 4-dependent and dectin-1 PA196. NFκB inhibitors exhibiting rapid intracellular
Van Cleemput M, Heyerick A, Libert C, De Keukeleire Abdel-Kader MS, Alqasoumi SI
independent amplification of reactive oxygen species
D, Haegeman G, De Bosscher K Price L, Wenner C, Sloper D, Slaton J, Novack J Kim JA, Lau EKC, Pan L, Kinghorn AD, Carcache de
PA172. Potential anti-diabetic and anti-oxidant activity of
essential oil of Zataria multiflora leaves Blanco EJ
PA159. Protective activities of the aqueous root extract PA183. Antiproliferative activity of ent-abietane lactones
Kamrani YY, Amanlou M, Yazdanyar A,
of Harungana madagascariensis in acute and against resistant human cancer cell lines PA197. Screening for anti-diabetic activity of medicinal
AdliMoghaddam A, Ebrahimi SN
repeated acetaminophen hepatotoxic rats Duarte N, Lage H, Ferreira MJU plant extracts from the Canadian Boreal Forest
Adeneye AA, Olagunju JA, Elias SO, Olatunbosun PA173. Analysis of gene and protein expression of p53 and Harbilas D, Martineau LC, Harris CS, Adeyiwola-Spoor
OD, Mustafa AO, Adeshile OI, Ashaolu AO, Laoye TA, PA184. Comparative analysis of anti-microbial activity of DCA, Saleem A, Johns T, Cuerrier A, Arnason JT,
Bcl-2 in human breast cancer T47D cells treated
Bamigboye AO, Adeoye AO fresh extracts of certain species of genus Allium L. Bennett SAL, Haddad PS
with extracts of Astrodaucus persicus (Boiss.)
PA160. Cholinesterase inhibiting, antileishmanial and Redzic S, Pilipovic S, Pilav E PA198. Antidepressant activity and toxicity of Hypericum
Kamrani YY, Abdolmohammadi MH, Fouladdel Sh,
antiplasmodial steroidal alkaloids from Sarcococca foliosum aerial part
Shafiee A, Amin Gh, Ghaffari SM, Azizi E PA185. Genotoxic effects of aquatic extract of Dinaric’
hookeriana of Nepalese origin Ramalhete N, Filipe HM, Gomes ET, Silva O
populations of species Tussilago farfara L.
Devkota KP, Lenta BN, Wansi JD, Choudhary MI, PA174. Anti-cancer effects of malvidin-3,5-diglucoside
(Asteraceae) PA199. Methanolic extracts of Plantago species as 12-
Sewald N from Alcea longipedicellata, on gastric cancer cell
Redžić A, Redžić S, Gačanović M lipoxygenase inhibitors
line (AGS)
Beara I, Lesjak M, Ljubojević S, Orčić D, Jovin E,
PA161. The effect on angiogenesis of constituents of Kamrani YY, Esmaeelian B, Jabbari M, Tabaraei B, PA186. Phytochemical and antitrypanosomal study of a Mimica-Dukic N
Cajanus cajan leaves Yazdanyar A, Ebrahimi SN Libyan medicinal plant
Ashidi JS, Houghton PJ, Newman SP Ermeli NB, Seidel V, Clements CJ, Gray AI PA200. Extracts of Cynomorium songaricum protect SK-
PA175. South African traditional medicine inhibits the
N-SH human neuroblastoma cells against Aβ25-35
PA162. Investigations of cytotoxicity of Lippia dulcis Trev. spontaneous epileptiform discharges in slices of PA187. Phytochemical studies on Stemona plants: induced cytotoxicity potentially through their anti-
on the human hepatoma cell line HepG2 the mouse cerebral cortex biological activities of some stemofoline alkaloids apoptotic activity
Nayal R, Melzig MF Pedersen ME, Vestergaard HT, Stafford GI, van Staden Sastraruji T, Kotabin N, Jatisatienr C, Dheeranupattana Lu Y, Wang X, Jenett-Siems K, Wang Q
J, Jäger AK S, Pyne SG, Ung AT
44 45
PA201. Total phenolic and antioxidant capacity of the PA214. Inhibitory effects of bractelactone on superoxide PA226. Growth inhibiting activities of Dipsacus sylvestris PA238. Protective effect of Vitis amurensis against amyloid
Potentilla argentea and Potentilla tommasiniana anion and elastase release in human neutrophils Huds. against Borrelia burgdorferi sensu stricto β protein (25-35)-induced neurotoxicity
(Rosaceae) extracts Hwang TL, Wu YH, Chang FR, Wu YC (Bbss) in vitro Kim JY, Ju HS, Bae KH, Seong YH
Pilipović S, Šober M, Redžić S, Marjanović A, Ibrulj A Liebold T, Straubinger RK, Rauwald HW
PA215. A randomized double-blind placebo controlled PA239. Protective effects of Aralia cordata on oxidative
PA202. Inhibition of monoamine oxidase and clinical trial of topical herbal drug against recurrent PA227. Effects of Labisia Pumila var alata extracts and stress-induced brain damage
acetylcholinesterase by Rhodiola rosea L. Herpes Simplex estrogen replacement therapy on body weight Ju HS, Cho SO, Song KS, Bae KH, Seong YH
van Diermen D, Marston A, Bravo J, Reist M, Carrupt Zolfaghari B, Ghannadi A, Moshgel-gosha V, gain, adipokine levels and uterus weight in
PA, Hostettmann K Moniri-fard R, Dehghan M, Enshaeiyeh SH, ovariectomized rats. PA240. Antioxidant response of brain regions in adult mice
Nilforushzadeh MA Fazliana M, Wan Nazaioon WM, Gu HF, Östenson CG after daily consumption of herbal tea from Sideritis
PA203. Rosmarinus officinalis leaves water extract: a clandestina
possible anti-inflammatory and anti-ulcerogenic PA216. Crocetin alters the gene expression pattern of PA228. Antimicrobial activity of fumarprotocetraric acid, Linardaki Z, Papandreou MA, Iatrou G, Lamari FN,
remedy metalloproteinases and their inhibitors in breast lecanoric acid, protocetraric acid and stictic acid Margarity M
Daher CF, Kashour BM cancer cells MDA-MB-231 isolated from different species of lichen
Chryssanthi D, Dedes P, Lamari F, Karamanos Mišić M, Ranković B, Sukdolak S PA241. Triterpene derivatives and their reversing activity
PA204. Analysis of some Iranian Mentha species N, Cordopatis P against multidrug resistant cancer cells
PA229. Cytotoxic and NF-κB-modulating effects of
Hajimehdipoor H, Zahedi H, Kalantari N, Abedi Z, Kashiwada Y, Taniguchi M, Juan X, Yamagishi T,
cannabis constituents
Soleimani H, Pirali M, Ajani Y PA217. Immunomodulatory activities of n-hexane and Takaishi Y
Pesche Wl, Appendino G, Constant Ai, Heinrich M,
methanol extracts of Loranthus micranthus Linn.
Prieto Garcia JM
PA205. Modulation of metalloproteinases by parasitic on Parkia biglobosa. PA242. Equol and 6-bromoindirubin-3-oxime modulate
alkylphenols from Phagnalon rupestre Osadebe PO, Omeje EO PA230. Effects of Andrographis paniculata crude extract invasive activity of prostate cancer cell lines
Giner RM, El Alami M, Máñez S and Andrographolide on hepatic cytochrome P450 through inhibition of urokinase type plasminogen
PA218. Antiproliferative and cytotoxic activity of infusions mRNA expression and monooxygenase activities activator
PA206. Cytotoxic activity and antioxidative properties of from four Staphylea L. species Pekthong D, Blanchard N, Abadie C, Bonet A, Heyd Nicolaou KA, Skaltsounis AL, Constantinou AI
Sideritis scardica extracts Laciková Ľ, Mrižová M, Mašterová I, Grančai D, B, Mantion G, Berthelot A, Richert L, Martin H
Tadić VM, Djordjević S, Arsić I, Nikolić K, Gligorijevic N, Ficková, M PA243. Oleuropein’s anti-cancer effect on MDA-MB-231
Radulović S, Marković G PA231. Antioxidant activity of some lichen growing in breast cancer cells is mediated through DNA
PA219. Evaluation of antioxidant activity and the content Serbia damage and is independent of Estrogen Receptors
PA207. Modulation of the in vitro antimalarial effects of of phenolics in some Mentha species cultivated in Manojlovic N, Vasiljevic P, Bogdanovic-Dusanovic alpha and beta.
artemisinin by selected extracts: the case of olive South-West Slovakia G Manojlovic I Odiatou EM, Skaltsounis AL, Constantinou AI
leaf water extract Fialová S, Tekeľová D, Tóth J, Grančai D
Sannella AR, Ieri F, Romani A, Vincieri FF, Messori L , PA232. Antimycobacterial potential of an extract of PA244. Anti-stress, nootropic and anticonvulsant potential
Maiori G, Severini C, Bilia AR. PA220. Antibacterial activity of Celastrol against Bacillus the red alga Polysiphonia virgata C. Agardh of fruit extracts of Piper longum L.
subtilis (Rhodomelaceae) Juvekar MR, Kulkarni MP, Juvekar AR
PA208. Cardioactivity of 2 mg/ml Leonotis leonurus in the Padilla-Montaño N, Bazzocchi IL, Moujir L Saravanakumar DEM, Folb PI, Campbell BW, Smith P
Langendorf rat heart not due to [K+] and [Mg+]. PA245. Hypoglycemic effects of the aqueous seed extract
Burger A, Kabatembe J PA221. Antioxidant constituents from the rhizomes of PA233. Oroxylin A has an awakening effect, and it also of Hunteria umbellata in normoglycemic and
Cibotium barometz alleviates ADHD behavior in SHR glucose and nicotine induced hyperglycemic rats
PA209. Determination of antioxidant and radical Ryu M, Lee IS Cheong JH,Yoon SY , Ryu JH, Shin CY, Ko KH Adeneye AA, Adeyemi OO
scavenging activity of Inula helenium L. roots
PA234. Antioxidant properties of Juniperus excelsa M.- PA246. Effects of South Africa traditional medicine in
Armatu A, Colceru-Mihul S, Ocnaru D, Manaila N PA222. Antiprotozoal activity of sesquiterpenes from
Bieb. subsp. polycarpos animal models of depression
Warburgia ugandensis towards Trypanosoma
Moein S, Moein MR Pedersen ME, Szewczyk B, Stachowicz K, Wieronska
PA210. Syringin from Fraxinus rhynchophylla Hance inhibit brucei rhodesiense and Plasmodium falciparum in
the apoptotic neuronal cell death induced by Aβ25-35. vitro J, Andersen J, Stafford GI, van Staden J, Pilc A, Jäger AK
PA235. Elemental compositions, anti-anaemic, antimalarial
Yang EJ, Kim HJ, Park HJ, Ku HY, Lee DG, Seong YH, Wube AA, Bucar F, Gibbons S, Asres K, Rattray L, and anti-trichomonal properties of the extract, PA247. Biochemical evaluation of Mitragyna ciliata Aubrev
Song KS Croft SL fractions and some isolated compounds of & Pellegr (Rubiaceae)
Harungana madagascariensis stem bark. Ogbunugafor HA, Okochi VI, Okpuzor J, Odesanmi OS
PA211. Inhibition of human P450 enzymes by compounds PA223. Antioxidative properties of enzymatic hydrolysates Iwalewa EO, Omisore NO, Adewunmi CO, Daniyan
from Curcuma aromatica Salisb. rhizome extract from Mussel (Mytilus coruscus) OM, Taiwo BJ, Ngadjui BT, Kouam SF, Fatokun OA, PA248. In vitro cytotoxic and immunomodulative activities
Yun YS, Bamba YN, Kunugi A, Inoue H Kim EK, Sim EJ, Lee SJ, Hwang JW, Park PJ Oluborode IO, Yapna DB of low molecular weight ι-carageenans partially
methylated and pyruvated
PA212. Effect of Curculigo orchioides Gaertn on Compound PA224. Total content of phenols and anthocyanins in PA236. Cytotoxic and antioxidant activities of Thai Bondu S, Deslandes E, Fabre MS, Berthou C, Yu G
48/80 induced systemic anaphylaxis in mice leaves and flowers of some medicinal plants from medicinal plants for cancer treatment.
Venkatesh P, Mukherjee PK, Bandyopadhyay A Bosnia Itharat A PA249. In vitro antiplasmodial activity of five plants used in
Tahirovic I, Muradic S, Toromanovic J, Sapcanin A, Benin in traditional medicine to treat malaria
PA213. Tectoridin isolated from Belamcanda chinensis Rimpapa Z, Copra-Janicijevic A, Imamovic A, Sofic E PA237. The study of inflammatory cytokine-induced Bero J, Frédérich M, DeMol P, Quetin-Leclercq J
(L.) DC. exerts an estrogenic effect through pigmentation and antibacterial activity of
extracelullar signal-regulated kinase (ERK)- PA225. Antioxidant properties of thyme and lavender panduratin A isolated from Kaempferia pandurata PA250. Evaluation of medicinal plants from Reunion Island
dependent pathway botanical extracts Roxb. against Acne for antimalarial and cytotoxic activities
Kang K, Lee SB, Jung SH, Cha KH, Nho CW Whent M, Slavin M, Cheng Z, Yu L, Charles DJ Lee CW, Kim HS, Kauk IY, Kim JW, Kim HK, Sim JS, Jonville MC, Kodja H, Humeau L, Fournel J, Chariot A,
Hwnag JK De Mol P, Cao M, Angenot L, Frédérich M
46 47
PA251. Inhibition of lipid peroxidation by anti PA264. Screening of herb medicines for recovery of PA276. Potent anti-tumor promoting effects of Daucus PA288. Comparative evaluation of antioxidant potential of
hemorrhoid herbs acetaminophen-induced nephrotoxicity carota oil extract in mice Ashwagandha arishta and self generated alcoholic
Odukoya OA, Sofidiya MO, Gbededo MO, Ajadotuigwe Sohn SH, Lee JH, Ko E, Chung HS, Kim Y, Shin M, Abou Zeinab RM, Mroueh M, Daher CF preparation of Withania somnifera Dunal
JO, Olaleye OO Hong M, Bae H Mahadik KR, Gopu CL, Gilda SS, Paradkar AR,
PA277. Acute immune modulatory effects of bioavailable Mahadik KR
PA252. Aldose reductase inhibitors from Ganoderma PA265. Capsaicin and berberine inhibit the production of Echinacea alkamides
lucidum TNF-α, IL-1β and nitric oxide on LPS-stimulated Matthias A, Connellan P, Thompson D, Bone KM, PA289. Effects of Gardenia jasminoides Ellis ethanol
Fatmawati S, Liu J, Shimizu K, Kondo R mice Lehmann RP extract and its constituents on anti-gastritis and
Gutiérrez-Coronado O, Villalobos-Gutiérrez PT, anti-gastric cancer cells
PA253. The biological actions of alpha hederin on Miranda-Beltran ML, Viveros-Paredes JM PA278. In vitro anti-amoebic and anti-giardial activity of Lee JH, Kang KJ, Lee YM, Kim PN, Jeong CS
cancer cells some medicinal plants of the family Myrtaceae
PA290. The effect of Tridax procumbens treatment on
Lorent J, Mingeot-Leclercq MP, Quetin-Leclercq J PA266. Ficus sycomorus sap: a psoralene source with Bader A, Mosleh I
Trypanosoma brucei brucei infections in mice
potential for the treatment of psoriasis
Abubakar A, Shamaki, BU, Ogbadoyi EO
PA254. Antidopaminergic activity of isoflavone Mavromoustakos T , Petrou C, Kokkalou E, Roussis PA279. Retroselective study of STW 1 in diseases of the
isolated from Butea monosperma flowers V, Christofi V, Efthimiou G, Potamitis C, Durdagi S, locomotor system in a medical specialist practice PA291. Diuretic activities of a methanolic petal extract and
Velis H, Kasture A Mavromoustakos S Adler M, Müller J, Kelber O, Weiser D fractions of Hibiscus sabdariffa
Ndu OO, Aguwa CN, Nworu CS, Nwanma CC,
PA255. Bioactivity of Mentha cervina (Hortelã da Ribeira) PA267. Biflavonoids isolated from Selaginella PA280. Antidiabetic and antioxidant effect of Panax Ukpoma MI
from Southern Portugal tamariscina regulate the expression of matrix ginseng
Gouveia SC, Castilho PC, Póvoa O, Weinhold TS metalloproteinase in human skin fibroblasts El-Khayat Z, Hussein JS, Ramzy T, Farrag A PA292. Comparative functional genomic studies of
Lee CW, Kim HS, Choi HJ, Kim JW, Kim HK, Moon anti-inflammatory phytocompounds on immune
PA256. Equol and genistein enhance the apoptotic effects HT, Woo ER PA281. Antimicrobial activities of different extracts signaling mechanisms in human monocytes
of γ- and δ-tocotrienols in androgen receptor- of Lecanora atra, Lecanora muralis, Parmelia Chiu SC, Tsao SW, Hwang PI, Vanisree S, Chen YA,
positive prostate cancer cells PA268. Antitumor and antiviral activities of Magnolia saxatilis, Parmelia sulcata and Parmeliopsis Wen CC, Shyur LF, Yang NS
Vraka PS, Neophytou C, Constantinou C, Papas K, grandiflora L. leaves growing in Egypt ambigua
Constantinou AI Mohamed SM, Ibrahim N, Hassan EM Mišić M, Ranković B, Sukdolak S PA293. Bioactivity guided quantification of leaf extracts of
Psoralea corylifolia Linn.
PA257. Antimicrobial activities of Garcinia kola seeds PA269. Anti-inflammatory and antinociceptive effects of PA282. Regulation of the insulin resistance pathways Vidhu A, Tanvir A, Deepshikha P
extracts on dental caries-causing microorganisms Annona muricata L. (Annonaceae) leaves extract in 3T3-L1 adipocytes by Tangnaikang (a herbal
Ajayi TA, Moody JO, Adeyemi TA, Fakeye TO Ngere LO PA294. Prophylactic effect of STW 5 in acute reflux
Roslida AH, Zuraini A, Tay CE, Chan PF formula)-medicated serum esophagitis: Pharmacological evidence
Liu T, Wang Fen, L i Y, Jia S, Jiang N Khayyal MT, Abdel-Aziz H, Fahmy H, Kelber O, Vinson
PA258. Purification and identification of active compounds
PA270. Hypoglycaemic and hypolipidaemic effects B, Okpanyi SN, Weiser D
of Carpobrotus edulis against the reversal of
of Treculia africana Decne. Moraceae and PA283. Blood pressure lowering action of active principle
resistance of human mdr1 gene transfected mouse
Bryophyllum pinnatum Lam. Crassulaceae from Ocimum basilicum PA295. Anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects of the
lymphoma cells
ethanolic extracts on Streptozotocin (STZ)-induced Aftab K phytomedicine STW 5 and its components in vitro
Martins A, Vasas A, Schelz Z, Martins M, Viveiros M,
diabetic rats. Bonaterra GA, Kelber O, Kinscherf R, Traut U, Seitz S,
Molnár J, Hohmann J, Amaral L
Odimegwu JI, Ogbonnia SO PA284. Effect of wheatgrass (Triticum aestivum L.) on Weiser D, Metz J
PA259. Development of novel in situ Turmeric gel for the oxidant/antioxidant status in Baf 3p210 and T315i
treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease PA271. Tabebuia avellanedae and its constituents as cell lines PA296. Evaluation of antimycobacterial activity of some
Gilda SS, Baheti SS, Paradkar AR antagonists of human derived tumour cells Avci A, Gurleyik E , Ozkan T, Altinok B , Karadag A, Piper species
Tokuda H, Kaneko M, Yamashita M , Iida A Aydos S, Sunguroglu A Jachak S, Srivastava A, Lechner D, Bucar F
PA260. Anti-inflamatory effect of Bletilla striata through the
inhibition of inflammatory mediators expression in PA297. Antioxidant activity and anthocyanin content in
PA272. Chemopreventive effects of stevioside against PA285. Anti-inflammatory activity of 4-methoxyhonokiol
Raw 264.7 cells Vaccinium arctostaphylos L. from Iran
naturally occurring tumor promoter, Teleocidin is a function of the inhibition of iNOS and COX-2
Bang C, Oh J, Ham I, Choi H Hasanloo T, Sepehrifar R, Sedaghathoor SH
Konoshima T, Takasaki M, Takayasu J, Tokuda H expression in RAW 264.7 macrophages via NF-κB,
JNK and p38 MAPK inactivation PA298. Anti-platelet and anti-inflammatory activity of
PA261. Effect of Prunus yedoensis on free radical PA273. Efficacy of Panax ginseng against oxidative stress Zhou HY, Shin EM , Guo LY , Youn UJ, Bae KH,
scavenging activity and anti-inflammatory Plumbago zeylanicus (Pz), Phyllanthus emblica
induced by PCBs in rats KangSS, Zou LB, Kim YS (Pe) and their combination.
properties in Raw 264.7 cells Farrag AH, Abdel-Aal WE, El-Kady AA, Abedel-
Lee J, Ham I, Choi H Uchil DA, Kamat SK, Menon SS, Scindia AM, Dang
Wahhab MA PA286. Hepatoprotective and blood alcohol lowering GK, Rege NN
PA262. Effect of Betula platyphylla on LPS-induced effects of Korean Raisin Tree (Hovenia dulcis var.
inflammatory in 264.7 cells and free radical PA274. Trichosanthes dioica mediated biochemical Koreana Nakai) polar extracts PA299. Influence of biotic stress induction on the
scavenging activity alterations in STZ induced diabetic rats Kim SH, Chung HG, Han J antimicrobial and biochemical parameters of
Tae J, Yang S, Lee J, Ham I, Choi H Rai DK, Rai PK, Sharma B, Watal G Nigella sativa
PA287. Cognitive-enhancing and antioxidant activities of Shahid M, Nasir I, Jamil A
PA263. Comparison of anti-inflammatory activity of PA275. Effect of Slimaluma, an enriched phytochemical iridoid glycosides from Scrophularia buergeriana
Peucedanum praeruptorum Dunn, Angelica composition of Caralluma fimbriata in long term in scopolamine-treated mice PA300. Microbial activity of Larrea tridentata against
decursiva Franchet et Savatier and Anthriscus hypoperfusion injury in rats Jeong EJ, Yang HJ, Lee KY, Yang HK, Kim SH, Sung pathogen strain and potential effect whit chitosan
sylvestris Hoff Rajendran R, Vyawahare NS, Kshirsagar A, Ambikar SH, Kim YC and Agave lecheguilla stracts.
Lee J, Lee J, Ham I, Choi H DB, Khandare RA, Deshmukh V Joublanc EL, Martínez Hernández JL, Saldívar RHL

48 49
PA301. Antifungal activity of hydrosoluble extracts of PA313. Evaluation of antioxidant activity and ameliorative PA325. Anti-leukemic activity-guided fractionation of PA338. Gastrointestinal effects of Ocimum selloi essential
plants from Coahuila desert effect of Dactylorhiza hatagirea on sexual Mammea siamensis flowers oil is mediated by calcium channel blockade and
Cano-Cabrera JC, Alvarado-Espinosa J, Ilyina A, dysfunction in hyperglycemic male rats Noysang C, Kunert O, Efferth T, Luanratana O, Bauer R potassium channel activation
Aguilar-Gonzales CN, Martínez-Hernández JL Thakur M, Bhargava S, Dixit VK Souza SDF, Franca CS, Menezes FV, Costa LCB,
PA326. The antiarrhythmic effects of Leonurus cardiaca on Niculau ES, Alves PB, Pinto JEBP, Marçal RM
PA302. Analgesic and neuropsychological effects of PA314. The potential analgesic and anti-inflammatory cardiac electrophysiology
Echinacea N-alkylamides activities of Panax ginseng head BuOH Kuchta K, Melichar K, Ritter M, Dhein S, Rauwald HW PA339. Hepatoprotective effect of Pistacia lenticus var.
Gertsch J, Raduner S, Tytgat J, Peigneur S, Quednow fraction in vivo Chia total extract against carbon tetrachloride-
B, Bilkei-Gorzo A, Zimmer A, Altmann K-H Lee JH, Lee JH, Lee YM, Kim PN Jeong CS PA327. Anti-tumour activity and phytochemical induced liver damage in rats
constituents of the aerial parts of Dichrostachys Mavridis SK, Gortzi O, Lalas S, Paraschos S,
PA303. Developmental and reproductive outcome of F1 PA315. Phytochemical and pharmacological cinerea L. Skaltsounis AL, Pappas IS
generation of Wistar rats exposed to Acanthus characterization of plant extracts containing Abou Zeid AHS, Hifnawy MS , Mohamed RS
montanus aqueous extract during organogenesis. flavones with antidepressant activity. PA340. Inhibitory effect of Rhamnus alpinus and Rhamnus
Asongalem EA, Nana P, Foyet HS, Dimo T, Nöldner M, Schötz K PA328. cancelled- saxatilis extracts on chemokine secretion induced
Kamtchouing P by lipopolysaccharide in monocyte-derived
PA316. Analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of PA329. Toxicological properties of thymoquinone in macrophages
PA304. In vitro antigenotoxic studies of Thai noni fruit extracts from the bulbils of Dioscorea bulbifera L. primary rat hepatocyte cultures Epifano F, Menghini L, Chiavaroli A, Orlando G, La VD,
juice (Morinda citrifolia L., Rubiacecae) against a var sativa (Dioscoreaceae) in mice and rats Khader M, Bresgen N, Eckl P. Grenier D
chemotherapeutic agent, mitomycin c, in human Mbiantcha M, Teronno RB, Nguelefack TB, Tapondjou
PA341. Antimycobacterial activity of plant extracts and
lymphocytes AL, Watcho P, Kamanyi A PA330. Echinacea alkamides induce heme oxygenase-1
isolated compounds from plants of the Greek
Ratanavalachai T, Thitiorul S, Nandhasri P expression and prevent lipopolysaccharide / D-
island of Crete
PA317. The effects of orally administered lavender in galactosamine induced acute hepatic injury
Fokialakis N, Wan B, Kalpoutzakis E, Cantrell C,
PA305. Properties of concentrated Bio-extract of noni response to mood eliciting film clips on male and Hou CC, Huang CC, Shyur LF
Franzblau S, Skaltsounis AL
– Thai “yor” Morinda citrifolia female participants
Nandhasri P, Thamaree S, Punjanon T, Kietinun S Bradley BF, Brown SL, Chu S, Lea RW PA331. Pharmacokinetics and metabolism of PA342. Antimicrobial activity of Eurycoma longifolia and
Dihydroquercetin isolated from Larix Momordica charantia
PA306. The differential estrogenic activity of the PA318. Adaptogens exert a stress protective effect by sibirica Ledeb. Łos R, Skalicka-Wozniak K, Widelski J , Malm A,
phytoestrogen-rich herb, Pueraria mirifica modulation of expression of molecular chaperons Zherdev V, Kolyvanov G, Litvin A, Sariev A, Kolesnik Głowniak K
Cherdshewasart W, Patcharaporn S, Sriwatcharakul Panossian A, Wikman G, Andreeva L, Boykova A, Yu, Titova E, Tikhonov V, Shmatkov D, Appolonova S,
S, Malaivijitnond S Nikiforova D, Timonina N Baranov P PA343. Antiatheromatic and hypolipidemic activity of
Chios Mastic Gum in anesthetized rabbits
PA307. Protective effect of Apium graveolens against PA319. Cytotoxic and apoptogenic properties of the PA332. Evaluation of biological activity of lignans Paraschos S, Andreadou I, Iliodromitis E, Zoga A ,
experimental myocardial oxidative-stress induced hemocyanin derived from the marine mollusk extracted from tree knots Magiatis P, Mitaku S, Kaklamanis L, Skaltsounis AL,
injury in rats Rapana thomasiana in vitro Spilioti E, Holmbom B, Moutsatsou P Kremastinos DTh
Juvekar AR, Gunjal MA, Kulkarni MP, Wakade AS Genova-Kalou P, Idakieva K, Dundarova D, Argirova R,
Alexandrova R, Yotovska K, Mohmmed A PA333. Hepato and nephroprotective activities of Ruta PA344. Phytochemical and pharmacological studies of
PA308. Hypoglycemic and antidiabetic activity of leaves graveolens and Sophora japonica and their Crotalaria madurensis leaves
of Aegle marmelose in normoglycemic and PA320. Anti-inflammatory and cyclooxygenase (COX)-2 flavonoids in normal and carcinogenic rat model Hala SHM, Mohamed SAM, Magada TI, El Batran SA,
streptozotocin induced diabetic rats inhibitory activities of Rumex nepalensis Spreng. Rafaet H, Khayat Z Omayma DE
Juvekar AR, Bandawane DD, Kulkarni MP, Juvekar MR Gautam R, Jachak SM
PA334. Effects of protolichesterinic acid, a lichen PA345. In vitro investigation of estrogenic activity of
PA309. Optimizing lutein production from Spirulina PA321. Antidiabetic principle from Eclipta prostrata compound, on the ERK1/ERK2 signalling pathway extracts and pure compounds obtained from the
platensis ARN 740 by response surface Rashid AM, Rahman SM in cancer cells and normal endothelial cells. aerial parts of Glycyrrhiza glabra
methodology Bessadottir M, Bjornsdottir A, Omarsdottir S, Tsiripillou P, Alexi X, Aligiannis N, Alexis MN, Mitaku S
Juvekar AR, Shahare MB, Valte RD, Juvekar MR, PA322. Efficacy of an aqueous Pelargonium sidoides Ogmundsdottir HM
Kulkarni MP extract against herpesvirus PA346. In vitro investigation of estrogenic - antiestrogenicl
Schneider S, Reichling J, Stintzing FC, Carle R, PA335. Prevention of nephrolithiasis by an extract of Ammi activity of extracts obtained from Greek Legumes
PA310. Glycyrrhiza glabra as an adjuvant in treatment of Schnitzler P visnaga L. in stone forming rats Tsiapara A, Kassi E, Angelis A, Aligiannis N,
Parkinsonism and depression Vanachayangkul P, Khan S, Butterweck V Moutsatsou P
Kasture SB, Barhate SA, Mohan M PA323. CYSTUS052, a polyphenol rich plant extract, exerts
PA347. Antioxidant activity and total phenolic content of
potent anti-influenza virus activity in cell culture by PA336. The effects of extracts of some indigenous South
selected Greek Labiatae plant species. Methanolic
PA311. Deoxyelephantopin exhibits potent effects against blocking viral attachment to host cells African plants on in vitro cultures of Brucella
extract of Phlomis lanata as a source of natural
mammary tumor growth and metastasis in vitro Ehrhardt C, Eike R, Hrincius ER, Droebner K, Korte V, abortus
antioxidant compounds
and in vivo Mazur I, Pötter A, Schmolke M, Planz O, Ludwig S Luseba D
Koutsogiannopoulou A, Kalpoutzakis E, Aligiannis N,
Huang CC, Lo CP, Chiu CY, Hsieh MC, Shyur LF
Skaltsounis AL
PA324. Contraceptive evaluation of isolated fractions of PA337. Hypoglycemic and antihyperglycemic effects of
PA312. Possible mechanism of the uterotonic activity of Cressa cretica (L.) whole plant methanol extract in Haloxylon articulatum (Forssk) Moq. PA348. Antioxidant activity of proanthocyanidins from
the ethanolic leaf extract of Newbouldia leavis male albino rats Bouzidi N , Merah B, Derdour A, Bellahouel S, Adansonia digitata fruit.
(Bignoniaceae) I Gupta RS, Kachhawa JBS Benziane M, Younos C , Soulimani R Shahat AA, Ahmed HH, Hassan RA, Hussein AA
Bafor EE, Sanni U

50 51
PA349. Analysis of in vitro serotonergic activity of black PA361. Antimicrobial activity of Pentanema divaricatum PA373. Yuanhuadine induces cell cycle arrest and PA387. Antimicrobial effects of Plantago major L. and
cohosh (Cimicifuga racemosa) and identification of and its active constituent autophagy by inhibiting the AKT/mTOR pathway in Plantago lanceolata L.
a potential active constituent, N-methylserotonin Monsef-Esfehani HR, Moeme –Roknabadi N, Gohari non-small lung cancer cells Tavakolizadeh M, Haghighi S, Amjadi M, Asgari T,
Powell SL, Goedecke T, Chen SN, Nikolic D, Dietz B, AR, Shahverdi AR Hong JY, Lee SK Amin G
Farnsworth NR, van Breeman R, Pauli GF, Bolton JL
PA362. Antitumor activity and bio-active compounds PA374. Hypoglycaemic effect of Leandra lacunosa PA388. Screening of marine microbe, algae, and
PA350. Antidepressant effect of Eucalyptus globulus leaf identification of Hypericum perforatum L. extract (Melastomataceae) in normal and alloxan-induced invertebrate extracts for antagonism of human
extracts, neurochemical and pharmacological against urinary bladder tumor in mice diabetic rats trpm7 cation channels
evaluations, identification of the active ingredients Tsimaris IP, Stavropoulos NE, Gioti EM, Stalikas CD, Cunha WR, Arantes GM, Ferreira DS, Lucarini R, Silva Kuo WC, Poerzgen P, Yao G, Kivi B, Zierler S, Penner
Fiorini-Puybaret C Stefanou D, Skalkos DC MLA, Furtado NAJC, da Silva Filho AA, Crotti AEM, R, Fleig A, Horgen FD
Araújo ARB
PA351. Effect on bioactivity of crude extract of Jatropa PA363. Morphological and phytochemical evaluation and PA389. Parrotia persica Mey, as a rich source of natural
curcus leaves prepared from different drying biological activity of selected basidiomycetes from PA375. Antidepressant-like effect of total glycosides of radical scavengers
methods Yemen peony in mice Ebrahimzadeh MA, Nabavi SF, Nabavi SM, Poor MT ,
Mahor K, Kumar A, Vihan VS Al-Fatimi M, Kreisel H, Lindequist U Mao QQ, Huang Z, Ip SP, Tsai SH, Che CT Nabavi SS

PA364. Screening for antioxidant activity of Greek plant PA376. Anti-inflammatory activity of Quercetin derivatives PA390. Screening of the antioxidant activities of some
PA352. Anti-fertility effects of Plumbagin on male mice
extracts from Siegesbeckia glabrescens Mentha species from Iran
reproductive system
Kalpoutzakis E, Gortzi O, Aligiannis N, Lalas S, Kim DH, Kim JY, Lim HJ, Lee DY, Lee MS, Ryu JH Nickavar B, Alinaghi H, Kamalinejad M
Sukardi S, Yaakub H, Ganabadi S, Ahmad H, Hamid
AR, Zuraini A Skaltsounis AL PA391. The hypolipidemic effect of Lagenaria siceraria fruit
PA377. Alpha-viniferin and its moiety: NF-κB-targeted anti-
in Triton induced hyperlipidemia in rats
PA353. Curcuminoids as efflux pump inhibitors (EPIs) in PA365. Phytochemical analysis and biological evaluation of inflammation
Gulkari VD, Gurav SS, Duragkar NJ, Patil AT
Mycobacterium smegmatis mc²155 several extracts from roots of Glycyrrhiza uralensis Lee SH, Kim DC, Lee HS, Kim JA, Kim Y, Choi JY,
Lechner D, Gibbons S, Jachak S, Srivastava A, Bucar F Tsiripillou P, Alexi X, Aligiannis N, Alexis MN, Mitaku S Na MK PA392. Enhancement of the antibacterial activity of
ampicillin against Staphylococcus aureus by 1-
PA366. The effect of a polar extract obtained from Sideritis PA378. cancelled
PA354. A standardised Crataegus extract protects against Methyl malate from Berberis integerrima fruits
euboea on bone density of ovariectomized rats
endothelial hyperpermeability PA379. Proteasome inhibitory components from Psoraleae Shahverdi AR , Alimirzaee P, Gohari AR, Hajiaghaee R,
Dontas I, Lelovas P, Paliogianni A, Thoma S, Raptou P,
Fürst R, Bubik MF, Zahler S, Vollmar AM. semen and processed Psoraleae semen Monsef–Esfahani HR
Yiannakopoulos C, Aligiannis N, Mitakou S, Galanos A,
Lyritis GP, Skaltsounis AL Shim SH, Kim YJ, Lee H PA393. Role of glycemic elements in diabetes management
PA355. Antimalarial agents from marine sponge,
Ciocalapata sp. - an evidence based critical assessment
PA367. Antidiabetic and antihyperlipidemic activities of PA380. Antioxidant and chemopreventive properties of
Wattanapiromsakul C, Chanthathamrongsiri N, Rai PK, Jaiswal D, Watal G
methanolic seed extract of Citrus paradisi Macfad Vicia faba extract and its flavonoid fractions
Plubrukarn A in normal and alloxan induced diabetic rats Spanou C, Angelis A, Aligiannis N, Skaltsounis AL, PA394. Study of processing mechanism and allergenic
A.A. Adeneye Kouretas D substances of the root of Changium smyrnioides
PA356. Evaluation of the antimicrobial potential of three
Wolff (radix Changii)
Zanthoxylum species against sexually transmitted PA368. Digitization of the compulsive gnawing test and PA381. Anti-complementary activity of triterpenoides from Chen J, Li X, Xu H, Cai B, Zhu Q
pathogens its use in assessing various extracts of Salvia the whole plant of Aceriphyllum rossii
Oyedeji AO, Adeniyi BAO, Lawal A, Alaka SA, Tetede E divinorum. Min BS, Hung TM, Kim JH, Lee HK, Bae KH PA395. Study of anti allergy-inflammatory effects in natural
Phipps SM, Stoltenberg I, Butterweck V products
PA357. Magnolol and Honokiol: inhibitors against mouse PA382. Macelignan: A New Modulator of P-glycoprotein in Ra J, Kim J
passive cutaneous anaphylaxis reaction and PA369. 6-Br-indirubin-3’-oxime (6-BIO) induces G2/M arrest Multidrug-Resistant Cancer Cells
scratching behaviour and apoptosis-like death in Leishmania donovani Im YB, Ha I, Han HK PA396. Inhibitory activity on acetylcholineesterase in
Kim DH, Han SJ, Youn UJ, Bae KH promastigotes. vitro and memory enhancing effect in vivo of the
Xingi E, Smirlis D, Magiatis P, Skaltsounis AL, PA383. Bioactive compounds from medicinal plants and constituents from Gardeniae Fructus
PA358. In-vitro antimicrobial activity and preliminary Soteriadou K microbes of Bangladesh Lee DU, Kwak JH, Song KS
phytochemical screening of two Nigerian Mohammad AR, Choudhury MH
medicinal plants Distemonanthus benthamianus PA370. Nitric oxide producing effect and cytotoxicity PA397. Pre - clinical evaluation of Solamin, a herbal
(Caesalpiniaceae), and Anogiessus activity of six extracts from Harungana preparation for antisickling properties
PA384. Identification of cytoprotective principle from
leiocarpus(Verbenaceae). madagascariensis stem bark. Alaribe CSA, Coker HAB, Ajala OS, Anyakora C
Artemisia iwayomogi on chinese hamster lung
Odumosu BT, Adeniyi CBA, Ayelaagbe OO, Kolude BM Iwalewa EO , Naidoo V, Bagla V, Eloff JN. fibroblast cells against oxidative stress-induced PA398. Protective effect of Rosmarinus officinalis L in
apoptosis the cerebral cortex of rats with hepatic damage
PA359. Evaluation of memory-enhancing activity, PA371. Antidiabetic activity of Mallotus roxburghianus
Shin JS, Kang KA, Zhang R, Piao MJ, Ko DO, Wang induced by CCl4
identification of true source and isolation of Muell. leaves in diabetic rats induced by
ZH, Kim ES, Shin SW, Chung HS, Hyun JW Soria-Fregozo C, Pérez-Vega MI, Flores Soto ME.,
bio-active marker/s from a controversial Indian streptozocin
Lalhlenmawia H, Bhattacharjee BB, Kumarappan CT, Miranda-Beltran ML, Lopez Velazquez AL, Huacuja-
nootropic drug- ‘Shankhpushpi’ PA385. New anti-microbial agents for pandrug-resistant Ruiz L
Malik J, Karan M, Vasisht K Mandal SC
Acinetobacter baumanii
Chen HA, Wang HM PA399. A murine model for the evaluation of dietary
PA372. Studies on enhancing U937 cells phagocytosis
PA360. Mexican plants used in the treatment of liver supplementation of antioxidant compounds in
from the leaves of Chloranthus glabra (Tunb) Mak
diseases PA386. The anti-microbial and anti-oxidant activities of alleviating diabetic nephropathy
Lee MH, Yu HM, Huang SC
Miranda-Beltrán ML, López-Velázquez AL , Panduro A, Scottish algae Hadjivassiliou V, Constantinou C, Papas K, Papa KA,
Rosales Muñoz G, López Alvarado MA, Huacuja-Ruiz L Mutton R, Boyd K Neophytou C
52 53
PA400. Olive oil polyphenols and bone health PA402. Plants as potential pharmaceutical agents – the PB19. New Clerodane diterpene from the twigs of PB33. Novel cytotoxic heterocycles from southern
Puel C, Agalias A, Davicco MJ, Lebecque P, Horcajada future challenges: a decade of experience with Casearia obliqua (Salicaceae) Australian marine sponges
MN, Skaltsounis L, Coxam V clinical trials involving plant products Vieira GMJ, Gonçalves TO, Regasini LO, Ferreira PMP, Capon RJ, El-Naggar M, Zhang H
Kulkarni C Lotufo LV, do Ó Pessoa C, Bolzani VS, Cavalheiro AJ
PA401. Examination of PXR-dependent CYP3A4 induction PB34. Anti-infective pyrroloiminoquinone alkaloids
through the St. John’s Wort extract Ze 117 spiked PA403. Isolation of Tylocrebrine from Ruellia PB20. Contribution to the phytochemical study of from a deep-water Alaskan sponge of the genus
tuberosa through bioassay directed column
with increasing amounts of hyperforin Paronychia chionaea Boiss. Latrunculia
chromatography and elucidating its anti-cancer
Wildi E, Berger-Büter K, Brattström A, Gödtel-Armbrust Avunduk S, Lacaille-Dubois MA, Miyamoto T, Na MK, Schinazi RF, Kelly M, Stone R, Hamann MT
and anti-inflammatory potential.
U, Metzger A, Wojnowski L Arun S, Giridharan. P, Suthar A, Kulkarni-Almeida Çalışkan ÖA
A, Naik V, Velmurugan R, Ram V, Arun B, Vijay C, PB35. Serine protease inhibitors from the Floridian
Somesh S PB21. cancelled- marine cyanobacterium Lyngbya confervoides
Matthew S, Ross C, Paul V, Luesch H
Topic B: Phytochemistry and structure elucidation of natural products PB22. Diacylglycerol galactosides from Lycium barbarum
Gao Z, Ali Z, Khan IA PB36. Protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B triterpenoids from
PB1. Antihyperlipidimic, antihyperglycemic activity PB10. Phytochemical constituents of Opuntia ficus-indica the leaf of Diospyros kaki
and chemical composition of Cassia glauca Lam. var. saboten Makino and their hepatoprotective PB23. Steroidal saponins from the roots of Chlorophytum Thuong PT, Woo ER, Oh WK
Leaves effects against tert-butylhydroperoxide-induced borivilianum
El-Sawi SA, Sleem AA cytotoxicity in human HepG2 cells Acharya D, Mitaine-Offer AC, Kaushik N, Miyamoto T, PB37. Flavan-3-ols from the roots of Actinidia arguta
Lee YS, Kim HJ, Jung SY, Jin C Paululat T, Lacaille-Dubois MA inhibit the formation of advanced glycation end
PB2. Phenolic constituents and antimicrobial studies on products (AGEs) in vitro
the aqueous methanolic extract of the Plectranthus PB11. Chemical and biological evaluation of Lathyrus PB24. Steroidal saponins from the roots of Smilax aspera Lee GY, Jang DS, Yoo JL, Lee YM, Kim YS, Kim JS
ecklonii leaves odoratus L. flowers subsp. mauritanica
Hawas UW, El-Toumy SA, Meyer JJM Mohamed SM Belhouchet Z, Sautour M, Miyamoto T, Lacaille-Dubois MA PB38. Hydrolyzable tannins from the cores of Cornus
officinalis with inhibitory activity in vitro on the
PB3. Phytochemical and in-vitro antimicrobial activity PB12. Antioxidant properties and five new PB25. Antioxidant and cytotoxic activities of compounds formation of advanced glycation end products
of Zanthoxylum zanthoxyloides (Rutaceae), phenylpropanoid esters of apigenin from Sideritis isolated from stem bark of Garcinia oblongifolia (AGEs)
Terminalia glauscens (Combretaceae) and syriaca L. (Clusiaceae), a vietnamese medicinal plant Lee GY, Jang DS, Yoo JL, Lee YM, Kim YS, Kim JS
Pseudocedrela kotschyii (Meliaceae) three Nigerian Plioukas M, Gabrieli C, Zervou M , Kokkalou E Doan TN, Kim EK, Qui HJ, Son EM, Lee JE,
Chewing Sticks. Galaaraidii O, Lee BJ,Youn HJ, Koo KA PB39. New isobenzofurans and anti-inflammatory
Adeniyi CBA , Odumosu DO PB13. cancelled- constituents from the root of Pittosporum
PB26. Determination of coumarins and flavonoids in illicioides var. illicioides
PB4. Phenolic acids in fruits of Peucedanum alsaticum- PB14. Isolation, structure elucidation and biological activity fruits of Apiaceae Chou TH, Chen IS, Hwang TL, Liao SJ, Lin YW, Lin
Antioxidant activity of Virgineone from Lachnum virgineum using the Kovač-Besović E, Čeljo A, Mulabegović N, Durić K YC, Chen JJ
Skalicka-Wozniak K, Głowniak K, Ślusarczyk S, genome-wide Candida albicans fitness test.
Matkowski A, Szypowski J Ondeyka J, Harris G, Zink D, Ferguson K, Basilio A, PB27. Sesquiterpene lactones and other bioactive PB40. New dihydroagarofuranoid sesquiterpenes, a
Vicente F, Bills G, Platas G, Collado J, del Val A, Xu D, constituents from Schkuhria pinnata var. wislizeni lignan derivative, benzenoid, and antitubercular
PB5. Cytotoxic screening of selected Euphorbiaceae Jiang B, Kahn J, Galuska S, Giacobbe R, Abruzzo G, (Asteraceae) constituents from the stem of Microtropis japonica
species. Cytotoxic triterpenes from Garcia Roeme T, Singh S León A., Reyes B, Delgado G Chen JJ, Yang CS, Peng CF, Chen IS, Miaw CL,
parviflora Huang YM, Wang YS, Chen SH
Reyes B M, Delgado G PB15. New sesquiterpene esters and a saponin from PB28. Ellagitannins from Conocarpus erectus exhibit anti-
Ferula elaeochytris and their cytotoxic evaluation quorum sensing activity against Pseudomonas PB41. Isolation of new flavonol glycosides from the aerial
PB6. Two new triterpenes from the rhizome of Dryopteris aeruginosa parts of Lamium amplexicaule
crassirhizoma, and inhibitory activities of its against leukemia cell lines
Al Khatib R, Hennebelle T, Joha S, Idziorek T, Adonizio A, Dawlaty J, Ausubel FM, Clardy J, Mathee K Nugroho A, Choi JK, Park JH, Cha BC, Park HJ
constituents on Human Immunodeficiency Virus-1
protease Preudhomme C, Quesnel B, Sahpaz S, Bailleul F
PB29. Isolation and chemistry of the alkaloids from PB42. Secondary metabolites from the pericarps of
Lee JS, Miyashiro H, Nakamura N, Hattori M Papaver arachnoïdeum Juglans regia L. (Juglandaceae)
PB16. Structure and biological activity of coumaquinoline
PB7. Cytotoxicity and phytochemical investigation of A from Toddalia asiatica. First isolation of a Şerbetçi T, Sarıyar G, Michel S, Tillequin F Kavroulaki E, Karioti A, Bilia AR, Skaltsa H
Satureja atropatana Bunge naturally-occurring quinolone-coumarin dimer
Moradi F, Gohari AR, SaeidniaS, Gohari MR, Fouladi F, Furukawa H, Kato M, Ito C, Ju-ichi M PB30. New Prenylated Flavanones from Stem Bark of PB43. New jatrophane diterpenoids from Euphorbia esula L.
Malmir M, Yasa N, Hadjiakhoondi A Erythrina abyssinica Sulyok E, Vasas A, Forgo P, Molnár J, Hohmann J
PB17. Tyrosinase inhibitors and acylated sesquiterpene Cui L, Fomum ZT, Oh WK
PB8. Phytochemical study and CNS effects of Satureja diglycosides from Guioa crenulata and G. villosa PB44. New clerodane diterpenoids from Salvia miniata
mexicana Voutquenne-Nazabadioko L, Alabdul Magid A, Litaudon PB31. Immunomodulatory Indoloquinazoline and Fernald (Lamiaceae).
Estrada-Reyes R, Gallegos SA, Moreno AJ, Heinze M, Lavaud C Furoquinoline alkaloids from Oricia suaveolens Bisio A, Romussi G, Russo E, Cafaggi S, Fraternale D,
MG, Martínez-Vázquez M (Engl.) Verd. (Rutaceae) de Tommasi N
PB18. Antimycobacterial activity of sesquiterpenes Wansi JD, Mesaik MA, Devkota KP, Sewald N
PB9. Cytotoxic and anti-plasmodial activities of isolated from Celastrus vulcanicola (Celastraceae) PB45. Iriomoteolide-4a, a new 16-membered macrolide
constituents of Pentadesma butyracea Torres DF, Osorio AA, Jiménez IA, Rojas RD,Gilman PB32. Metabolites from Australian marine microbes from dinoflagellate Amphidinium species
Zelefack F, Dijoux-Franca MG, Guilet D, Ngouela S, RH, Bazzocchi IL Capon RJ, Ritesh R Oguchi K , Fukushi E, Tsuda M
Lenta B, Fabre N, Tsamo E

54 55
PB46. Antioxidant polyphenolic compounds from PB58. Alkaloid composition of Rauvolfia sachetiae PB71. Neolignans, a coumarinolignan, lignan ferivatives, PB84. Labdane diterpenes and phenylethanoid
Geranium lasiopus Boiss. et Heldr Forsberg from Marquesas islands and a chromene: Anti-inflammatory constituents glycosides from the Greek endemic species
Sohretoglu D , Atasayar Sabuncuoglu S, Sakar MK, Paetz C, Raharivelomanana P , Butaud JF , Bianchini from Zanthoxylum avicennae Marrubium thessalum (Lamiaceae)
Ozgunes H, Sterner O JP, Yamaguchi K, Asakawa Y Chen JJ, Wang TY, Hwang TL Argyropoulou C, Karioti A, Skaltsa H

PB47. Isolation and structure elucidation of new PB59. Secondary metabolites from anatolian endemic PB72. Cytotoxic and anti-oxidative constituents from PB85. Flavonoids of Retama raetam Webb. from Algeria
polyketides from the marine-derived fungus Centaurea ensiformis Garcinia subelliptica Djeddi S, Karioti A, Skaltsa H
Phaeosphaeria spartinae Baykan Erel Ş, Demir S, Karaalp C, Khan I, Bedir E Zhang LJ, Kuo LMY, Liao CC, Kuo YH
Elsebai MF, Eguereva K, Almeida C, Kehraus S, PB86. New acyl-glucosylsterol with unusual fatty acids
König GM PB60. Antimalarial and cytotoxic activities of schizogane PB73. Benzoic acid derivatives, acetophenones, and from Ficus exasperata
alkaloids isolated from Schizozygia coffaeoides anti-inflammatory constituents from Melicope Dongfack MDJ, Wandji J, Lallemand MC, Tillequin F
PB48. New polyisoprenyl benzophenone derivatives Le Lamer AC, Marty R, Chevalley S, Beourou S, Chalo semecarpifolia
Chen JJ, Cho JY, Hwang TL, Chen IS PB87. Extraction, structural characterisation and
and antitubercular constituents from Garcinia Mutiso PB, Moulis C, Fabre N evaluation of hydroxycinnamate esters of orchard
PB74. New triterpenoids from Drypetes species grass (Dactylis glomerata) as substrates for
Chen JJ, Ting CW, Chen IS, Peng CF, Huang WT, Su PB61. Antioxidant activities of polyphenols isolated from
Wandji J, Dongfack MDJ, Chiozem DD, Dufat H, polyphenol oxidase
YC, Lin SC Mallotus metcalfianus Croizat
Tillequin F Parveen I, Winters A , Threadgill MD, Hauck B, Morris P
Rivière C, Hong VNT, Minh CV, Heyden YV, Quetin-
PB49. New seco-abietane diterpenoids, phenylethanoid, Leclercq J PB88. Chemical composition of the leaf and fruit oils from
and anti-inflammatory constituents from Callicarpa PB75. A new prenylated flavanone, Edikinone, from Grammosciadium platycarpum
pilosissima PB62. Phenolic compound isolated from Struthanthus Millettia duchesnei De Wild. (Leguminosae) Nickavar B, Mojab F, kamalinejad M
Chen JJ, Wu HM, Hwang TL, Chu SD, Chen IS venetus (HBK) Blume whith hypotensive effect in Ngandeu F, Dufat H, Tillequin F
normotensive anesthetized rats PB89. Flavonoids from Bupleurum montanum Coss.
PB50. Isolation and identification of six tropane alkaloid Lorenzana-Jiménez M, García X, Gijón E, Cassani J, PB76. Rotenoid derivatives and other constituents of the (Apiaceae)
derivatives from Schizanthus tricolor, a chilean Magos GA twigs of Millettia duchesnei De Wild. Benahmed M, Elomri A, Akkal S, Laouar H, Vérité P,
Solanaceae species Ngandeu F, Bezabih M, Ngamga D, Tchinda AT, Seguin E
Cretton S, Glauser G, Humam M, Muñoz O, Christen PB63. Secondary metabolites and cytotoxic activities Ngadjui BT, Abegaz BM, Dufat H,Tillequin F
P, Hostettmann K from the stem bark of Zanthoxylum nitidum PB90. New results on the phytochemistry and
Yang CH, Cheng MJ, Lee SJ, Yang CW, Chang HS, PB77. New sesquiterpenoid metabolites from the tropical pharmacology of Doronicum austriacum Jaqc.
PB51. New alkaloid, benzenoid, and anti-inflammatory Chen IS coral Pseudopterogorgia rigida Schwaiger S, Reisenzein S, Rollinger JM, Antal DS,
constituents from Zanthoxylum ailanthoides Georgantea P, Vagias C, Tegos G, Moreau D, Ellmerer EP, Bernhard D, Stuppner H
Chen JJ, Chung CY, Hwang TL, Chen JF, Chang WH, PB64. Cytotoxic activity and structural aspects of Roussakis C, Roussis V
Ho YH, Lin CW iridoids isolated from Veronica thymoides subsp. PB91. Tajixanthones analogs from a new Emericella sp.
pseudocinerea PB78. Alkaloids and phenolic compounds from strain 25379
PB52. Flavonoid, phenylethanoid and iridoid glycosides Saracoglu I, Harput-Hudaverdi US, Nagatsu A, Varel M Acronychia laurifolia Figueroa M, Cerda-García-Rojas C, Mata R
from Globularia aphyllanthes Kouloura E, Halabalaki M, Lallemand MC, Tillequin F,
Kırmızıbekmez H, Bassarello C, Piacente S, Akaydın PB65. Chemical composition and antioxidant capacity of Skaltsounis AL PB92. Malbrancheamides B and C, novel alkaloids from
G, Çalış İ Marrubium peregrinum L. from Vojvodina (Serbia) the fungus Malbranchea aurantiaca
Jovin E, Toth A, Beara I, Balog K, Orčić D, Mimica- PB79. A novel complex phenolic constituent from Figueroa M, González M, Mata R
PB53. Alkaloid content of the Icelandic club moss Dukić N medium matured Sorbus domestica (Rosaceae)
Lycopodium annotinum - acetylcholinesterase fruits. PB93. Two new bioactive metabolites produced by
inhibitory activity in vitro PB66. Anti-staphylococcal activity of novel diterpenes Termentzi A, Zervou M, Kokkalou E Colletotrichum gloeosporioides, an endophytic
Halldorsdottir ES, Olafsdottir ES, Jaroszewski JW isolated from Pycnostachys reticulata fungus of Michelia champaca L.
Bascombe K, Gibbons S PB80. New cytochalasan alkaloids and neuroactive Leptokarydis IH, Silva GH, Bolzani VS, Young MCM,
PB54. Diterpenes from Euphorbia mellifera Ait – Search communesins from marine-derived Penicillium Silva DHS, Araújo ÂR, Lopes MN
for multidrug resistance modulators in cancer cells PB67. Antileishmanial constituents of the panamanian expansum Link.
Valente I, Schelz Z, Molnár J, Ferreira MJU Kerzaon I, GrovelO, Robiou du Pont T, Pouchus YF PB94. Two new metabolites of an undescribed
endophytic fungus Phoma herbarum strain M16
endophytic fungus belonging to the order
Martínez-Luis S, Della-Togna G, Gerwick WH, Cubilla-
PB55. Indole alkaloids from a traditional medicinal plant: PB81. Antimicrobial activity of 7α-acetoxy-6β- pleosporales isolated from Alibertia macrophylla
Rios L
Tabernaemontana elegans Staph. hydroxyroyleanone 12-O-benzoyl esters (Rubiaceae)
Mansoor TA, Mulhovo S, Ferreira MJU Rijo P, Esteves M, Simões MF, Silva A, Duarte A, Oliveira CM, Silva GH, Bolzani VS, Young MCM,
PB68. Chemical and biological investigations of Taxillus
Rodriguez B Silva DHS, Lopes MN, Araújo AR
lonicerifolius var. lonicerifolius (Hayata) S.T.Chiu
PB56. Chemical structure of hyoscyamosides D and Wang YL, Leu YL PB95. Inhibitors of bacterial multidrug efflux pumps from
D1 - spirostanol glycosides from the seeds of PB82. New dolabellanes from the brown alga Dilophus
the resin glycosides of Ipomoea species
Hyoscyamus niger L. PB69. Constituents of Neohyptis paniculata and their anti- spiralis
Pereda-Miranda R, Chérigo L, Fragoso-Serrano M,
Lunga I, Kintia P , Shvets S, Bassarello C, Piacente staphylococcal activity Ioannou E, Vagias C, Rahman MM, Gibbons S ,
Jacobo-Herrera N, Kaatz GW, Gibbons S
S, Pizza C Rahman MM, Gibbons S Roussis V
PB96. Further investigations into abeohyousterone,
PB57. Steroidal glycosides from the seeds of Nicotiana PB70. Antimicrobial activity of withanolides from the PB83. A new sesquiterpene lactone from the aerial parts a new ecdysteroid from the Antarctic tunicate
rustica. Structure of rusticoside G. leaves of Withania aristata of Anthemis melanolepis L. Synoicum adareanum
Shvets S, Kintia P, Lunga I, Bassarello C, Piacente S, Araujo L, Padilla N, Llanos G, Bazzocchi IL, Moujir L Saroglou V, Karioti A, Skaltsa H Wheeler K, Miyata Y, Valeriote F, Baker B
Pizza C
56 57
PB97. Diterpenoids of the oidiolactone family and other PB109. Prodelphinidins from Gingko biloba leaves PB123. Prenylated xanthones and other constituents from PB136. New indolic compounds from the stem bark of
metabolites from a hawaiian fungicolous fungal Qa’dan F the wood of Garcinia merguensis Isolona hexaloba (Annonaceae)
isolate Kijjoa A, Pinto M, Gonzalez MJ, Nascimento MSJ, Sénéjoux F, Bajin I, Akendengué B, Champy P
Jordan AM, Gloer JB, Wicklow DT PB110. Chemical constituents of Plumeria acutifolia leaves Mondranondra IO
Hassan EM, Shahat AA, Ibrahim NA, Apers S, Vlietinck PB137. Novel cytotoxic natural products from Papulaspora
PB98. Sporulenes, three new polycyclic terpenoids from A, Pieters L PB124. Cyclopeptides from Gypsophila arabica immersa, an endophyte in Smallanthus
Bacillus subtilis spores (Caryophyllaceae) sonchifolius (Asteraceae)
Kontnik R, Bosak T, Butcher R, Brocks J, Losick R, PB111. Dalandaone, a new polyketide from Harrisonia Bruzual De Abreu M, Dal Piaz F, Temraz A, Bader A, Gallo MBC, Cavalcanti BC, Barros FWA, de Moraes
Pearson A,Clardy J abyssinica De Tommasi N, Braca A MO, Costa-Lotufo LV, Pessoa C, Bastos JK, Pupo MT
Baldé AM, Pieters L, Apers S, Vlietinck A
PB99. δ-Lactam from soil’s fungus Humicola grisea var. PB125. Sinulodurin A and B, anticancer diterpenes from PB138. Relative and absolute configurations of
thermoidea PB112. Alkaloids and saponins from twigs and leaves of the soft coral Sinularia dura azaphilones isolated from the Brazilian endophytic
Andrioli WJ, Jorge JA, Furtado NAJC, Pupo MT, Abuta grandifolia (Mart.) Sandw. Radwan M, Manly S, El Sayed K, Wali V, Sylvester P, fungus Chaetomium globosum
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PB113. Novel triterpenoids from South African Bersama PB126. New diterpenoids from PB139. Phytochemical study from the roots of Ferula lutea L.
PB100. Antiproliferative constituents isolated from
species Croton sylvaticus and Jabrane A, Ben jannet H, Skhiri FH, Miyamoto T,
Dendrobium nobile stem on hepatic stellate cells
Koorbanally NA, Makatini M, Crouch NR Croton pseudopulchellus Lacaille-Dubois MA
Yang H, Yang YJ, Sung SH, Kim YC
(Euphorbiaceae) and
PB114. Identification of a free base form Manzamine A antiplasmodial screening of ent- PB140. Triterpene saponins from Cussonia arborea
PB101. New Saponins from the roots of Tocoyena Formosa Kougan GB, Miyamoto T, Sondengam BL, Lacaille
(Rubiaceae) from a marine sponge, Acanthostrongylophora aff. kaurenoic acid
ingens (Thiele, 1899), and its neuritogenic activity Langat M, Mulholland D , Crouch N Dubois MA
Harmesky L, Carbonizi C, Cavalheiro AJ, Young MCM,
Cardoso-Lopes EM, Torres LB, Bolzani VS Zhang B, Higuchi R, Miyamoto T, van Soest RWM
PB141. Two cycloartane-type glycosides from the roots of
PB127. New phenylethanoid glycosides from Jacaranda
Astragalus glycyphyllos
PB102. Studies on the constituents of Chloranthus PB115. Three new biphenyl constituents from Colocasia caucana (Bignoniaceae)
Linnek J, Mitaine-Offer AC, Miyamoto T, Lacaille-
spicatus(Thunb.) Makino antiquorum var. esculenta Martin F, Quinteros V, Hay AE, Gupta MP, Hostettmann K
Dubois MA
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Murakami K, Li SL Kim SY, Lee KR PB128. Identification and chemical study of plants used in PB142. Two new acylated triterpenoid saponins from
the traditional treatment of Buruli Ulcer in Benin. Tetrapleura tetraptera.
PB103. Chemical constituents from a cytotoxic root extract PB116. Three new tyramine and two new phenolic Yemoa AL, Gbenou JD, Johnson RC, Djego JG, Noté OP, Mitaine-Offer AC, Miyamoto T, Paululat T,
of Anneslea lanceolata constituents from Limonia acidissima Zinsou C,Martin A, Moudachirou M, Bigot A, Portaels F, Pegnyemb DE, Lacaille-Dubois MA
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Bae W, Kim SY, Lee KR PB143. New triterpene glycosides from the Roots of
PB104. Isolation and characterization of erythramide PB129. Non-cannabinoid constituents from a high potency Securidaca longepedunculata
from Hyperbaena prioriana: Nicotinic receptor PB117. Separation and structural analysis of lignan Cannabis sativa variety Pénez N, Mitaine-Offer A-C, Miyamoto T, Delaude C,
pharmacology of erythramide and erythroculines glycoside isolated from Vaccinium myrtillus L. Radwan MM, ElSohly MA, Slade D, Ahmed SA, Wilson Lacaille-Dubois MA
Fitch R, Menachery M, Sikora A, Shari AF, Freyer A rhizomes L, Al-Alfy AT, Ross SA
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PB130. Hydroxylated Sclerosporin derivatives from a parnassica
PB105. A new cytotoxic 2-amino-n-alkyl-carboxylic acid
PB118. Bioactive sulfated sesterterpene alkaloids from the cytotoxic Wardomyces inflatus extract Gkinis G, Ioannou E, Vagias C, Tzakou Ο, Roussis V
mixture obtained from the zoanthid Protopalythoa
variabilis collected at Paracuru beach, Ceará State, marine sponge Fasciospongia sp. Almeida C, Kehraus S, König GM
Yao GM, Kondratyuk TP, Pezzuto JM, Chang LC PB145. New terpenoids from Thymus teucrioides subsp.
Brazil candilicus
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Wilke DV, Jimenez PC, Araújo RM, Pessoa ODL, Pitarokili D, Ioannou E, Tzakou O, Vagias C, Roussis V
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Silveira ER, Pessoa C, Moraes MO, Lopes NP, Costa-
Lotufo LV keayana and Microdesmis puberula
PB132. Bacterial resistance modifying tetrasaccharides PB146. Calmodulin-inhibitor activity of tajixanthone
Roumy V, Hennebelle T, Zamblé A, Quarré S, Sahpaz
from the flowers of Ipomoea murucoides Roemer & analogues from the fungus Emericella sp strain
PB106. Antimicrobial, antimalarial and cytotoxic spermine S, Bailleul F
Schultes 25379
alkaloids from Albizia schimperiana Chérigo L, Gibbons S, Pereda-Miranda R Figueroa M, González M, Rodríguez-Sotres R, Mata R
Samoylenko V, Jacob M, Khan S, Tekwani B, Midiwo J, PB120. Trans-4-methoxy-β-prolinebetaine, a new betaine
Walker L, Muhammad I from the red alga Solieria chordalis and its PB147. New linear meroditerpenoids from the Aegean
PB133. CYP3A4 inhibitory compounds from Echinacea
occurrence in some purified peptides brown alga Taonia atomaria
extract (Echinaforce®)
PB107. Phytotoxic tetranorditerpenoids from the fungus Bondu S, Cerantola S, Kervarec N, Deslandes E Abatis D, Vagias C, Roussis V
Modarai M, Suter A, Kortenkamp A, Heinrich M
Sclerotinia homoeocarpa, causal agent of dollar
spot in turfgrass PB121. Phytochemical investigation of Acmella ciliata PB134. Chemical constituents and cytotoxic activity of the PB148. Secondary metabolites of the genus Marrubium:
Herath HMT, Herath WHMW, Duke OS, Tomaso- (H.B.K.) Cass. root wood of Magnolia kachirachirai Strategies of isolation and structure elucidation
Peterson M, Nanayakkara NPD Jenett-Siems K, Kasper J, Melzig MF Chang HS, Lee SJ, Tsai IL, Chen IS Argyropoulou C , Karioti A, Skaltsa H

PB108. New vismione from berries of Vismia reichardtiana PB122. Preliminary phytochemical screening on Potentilla PB135. Secondary metabolites and cytotoxic activity of the PB149. Isolation and characterization of novel
(O.Ktze) Ewan detommasii Ten. (Rosaceae) stem bark of Litsea akoensis antiplasmodial compounds from Siphonochilus
Torres LMB, Pereira SG, Guerra RNM Curini M, Epifano F, Luzzi R, Marcotullio MC, Pagiotti Chen IS, Chang SY, Cheng MJ, Kuo YH, Lee SJ, aethiopicus
R, Menghini A, Tammaro F, Menghini L Chang HS Lategan C, Smith P, Campbell W
58 59
PB150. Characterization of white cabbages from different PB163. Phytochemical investigation of Raputia simulans PB176. Flavonoid glycosides from the leaves of Impatiens PB190. Novel adducts of flavone glycosides and
cultivations by isothiocyanates and antioxidant Kallunki bicolor butanolides from the leaves of Machilus japonica
activities Vougogiannopoulou K, Fokialakis N, Aligiannis N, Hasan A, Tahir MN Sieb. & Zucc. var. kusanoi
Śmiechowska A, Kusznierewicz B, Bartoszek A, Cantrell C, Skaltsounis AL Lin YS, Chen CK, Lam SH, Lee SS
Szumska A, Kawecka A, Namieśnik J PB177. Phloroglucinols with prooxidant activity from
PB164. Constituents of Euphorbia acanthothamnos and Garcinia subelliptica PB191. Glionitrin A, new antimicrobial diketopiperazine
PB151. Chemical constituents and cytotoxic activity of the evaluation of their antileishmanial activity Wu CC, Lu YH, Wei BL, Yang SC, Won SJ, Lin CN derived from abandoned mine M microbial
root of Antidesma hiiranense Myrianthopoulos V, Fokialakis N, Magiatis P , Aligiannis competition
PB178. The Lodopyridones, modified peptides from a
Lin CH, Chang HS, Lee SJ, Chen IS, Tsai IL N, Tekwani B, Skaltsounis AL Park HB, Yang HO, Kwon HC
marine-derived Saccharomonospora sp.
PB165. Isolation of bioactive compounds from Genista Maloney KN, MacMillan JB, Kauffman CA, Jensen PR,
PB152. Pimarane-type diterpene analogues from Nigella Fenical W PB192. Aldgamycins I and J, antibacterial 16-membered
halacsyi (Leguminosae) and evaluation of their
sativa macrolides from abandoned mine bacterium,
estrogenic activity.
Ali Z, Khan IA PB179. New isobenzofurans and anti-inflammatory Streptomyces sp. KMA001
Fokialakis N, Aligiannis N, Alexi X, Alexis MN, Pratsinis
constituents from the root of Pittosporum Park JS, Yang HO, Kwon HC
H, Kalpoutzakis E, Skaltsounis AL
PB153. Chemical and biological studies on sesterterpenes illicioides var. illicioides
from Salvia dominica PB166. Identification of Indirubin as a metabolite of Chou TH, Chen IS, Hwang TL, Liao SJ, Lin YW, Lin PB193. Meroterphenols A-D, plastoquinones from
Dal Piaz F, Vassallo A, Bader A, Lepore L, Eletto D, De Malassezia furfur strains isolated from YC, Chen JJ Sargassum yezoense; their chemical structures
Tommasi N diseased skin and effects on the activation of peroxisome
PB180. Comparative analysis of sterols and fatty acids,
Giakoumaki D, Stathopoulou K, Melliou E, Magiatis P, proliferators activated receptor gamma
between two brown algae Cystoseira crinita and
PB154. Mono-tetrahydrofuran annonaceous acetogenins Gaitanis G, Velegraki A, Bassukas I, Skaltsounis AL Kim MC, Kang SW, Kwon HC, Kim SN, Kim HS, Um BH
Cystoseira compressa from Aegina island (Greece)
from Annona squamosa as cytotoxic agents and
Tsitsa E
calcium ion chelators PB167. Polygonophenone, a naturally MEM-substituted PB194. Cycloartane-type glycosides from Astragalus
Liaw CC, Yang YL, Chen M, Chang FR, Chen SL, Wu acetophenone from Polygonum maritimum PB181. Phytochemical investigation of Drypis spinosa amblolepis
SH, Wu YC Kazantzoglou G, Magiatis P, Skaltsounis AL subsp. spinosa Polat E, Bedir E, Bassarello C, Piacente S, Alankuş-
Kounadi S, Tsioumani E, Fokialakis N, Alligiannis N, Çalişkan Ö
PB155. - cancelled PB168. New iridoid derivatives from table olives cv Skaltsounis AL
Throuba Thassos and olive mill waste waters. PB195. Iridoids from Anatolian endemic Linaria kurdica
PB156. Phytochemical and biological studies on Acanthus Zoidou E, Agalias A, Magiatis Ρ, Skaltsounis ΑL PB182. Phytochemical analysis of Lathyrus ochrus subsp. eriocalyx
hirsutus Boiss. (Fabaceae): a fuse for the discovery of compounds Aydoğdu I, Bedir E, Karayildirim T, Şenol SG, Alankuş-
Harput-Hudaverdi US, Nagatsu A, Saracoglu I PB169. Studies on separation, purification and bioactivity with estrogenic activity Çalişkan Ö
of polyprenols from Ginkgo biloba L (GP) Tsiripillou P, Alexi X, Aligiannis N, Alexis MN, Mitaku S,
PB157. New peltogynoids from Acacia nilotica Wang CZ, Sheng ZB, Zheng GY, Zhou H, Cheng XZ Skaltsounis AL PB196. Constituents of Pterocephalus pinardii Boiss.
Ahmadu AA, Agunu A, Grougnet R, Magiatis P, PB183. New diterpenoids and other constituents from Gülcemal D, Bedir E, Karayildirim T, Şenol SG,
Skaltsounis AL, Tillequin F PB170. Lichen-derived compounds, lichesterinic and Alankuş-Çalişkan Ö
protolichesterinic, mediate pigmentation in B16 Erythropheleum fordii
melanoma cells Tsao CC, Su CR, Wu TS
PB158. Isolation of Puupehenone analogs and further PB197. Identification of phytochemical constituents of the
development of the structure activity relationship Abrahams A, Lohézic-Le Dévéhat F, Rouaud I, Primot PB184. Syagrusins A and B, two new stilbenoids against roots of Angelica tenuissima
within this compound class A, Galibert MD, Boustie J α-glucosidases from the seeds of Syagrus Nam JW, Lee J, LeeYJ, Won YS, Youn UJ, Seo EK
Robinson SJ, Riener M, Tenney K, Loveridge ST, romanzoffiana
PB171. Scopularides A and B, two new cyclodepsipeptides
Mooberry SL, Valeriote FA, Crews P Lam SH , Lee SS PB198. Biologically active brominated diterpenes from the
from the marine sponge-derived fungus
red alga Sphaerococcus coronopifolius
Scopulariopsis brevicaulis PB185. Bolivianine, a new sesterpene with an unusual
PB159. Polysaccharides and oligosaccharides Smyrniotopoulos V, Vagias C, Roussis V
Kajahn I, Yu Z, Lang G, Schmaljohann R, Imhoff JF skeleton from Hedyosmum angustifolium, and its
designing: Development of new families of
pharmaceutical drug isomer, isobolivianine. PB199. Radical scavenging activity and
PB172. Ammosamides A and B new cytotoxic alkaloids Acebey L , Sauvain M , Beck S , Moulis C , Gimenez
Delattre C, Michaud P, Berthon JY, Rios L isolated from a marine Streptomyces sp. acetylcholineasterase inhibition of phenolic
A , Jullian V compounds from Dioscorea opposita Thunb.
Gaudêncio SP, MacMillan JB, Jensen PR, Fenical W
PB160. New heteroatomatic compounds from the deep PB186. Neolignans from the roots of Bupleurum chinensis Yang MH, Yoon KD, Park JH, Kim J
Abdel-Mageed MW, Jaspars M, Goodfellow M, Bull A, PB173. Lignans and sesquiterpenoids from Lactuca attenuates hepatic stellate cell migration
Horikoshi K, Milne BF sibirica Lin YL, Lee TF, Chen WP, Huang YT PB200. Rhusonoside A, a new megastigmane glycoside
Michalska K, Kisiel W from Rhus sylvestris, increases the function of
PB161. Onobrychis species: a source of novel C- PB187. Cancelled osteoblastic MC3T3-E1 cells
prenylated cytotoxic 3-formyl-2-arylbenzofurans PB174. Phytochemical analysis of yellow flower petals Ding Y, Choi EM, Bae KH, Kim YH
Halabalaki M, Alexi X, Aligiannis N, Kalpoutzakis E, of Iceland poppy (Papaver nudicaule) and other PB188. Steroidal glycosides from the roots of Solanum
Alexis NM, Skaltsounis AL papaver species with yellow petal flowers. melongena. Structure of somelangoside F. PB201. Multi-Drug Resistance modulation activity of
Tatsis E, Schneider B Shvets S, Kintia P, Lunga I, Bassarello C, Piacente S, sesquiterpenes isolated from Ferula vesceritensis
PB162. Phytochemical investigation of Leguminosae Pizza C Oughlissi-Dehak K, Michalet S, Lawton P, Bayet C,
plants originated from Cameroon PB175. Two new Nyasol derivatives from Anemarrhena Hadj-Mahammed M, Badjah-Hadj-Ahmed YA, Matera
asphodeloides with inhibitory activity against PB189. A new oxindole alkaloid from propagated plantlets
Djiogue S, Halabalaki M, Njamen D, Tanee Fomum Z, EL, Macalou S, Dumontet C, Di Pietro A, Dijoux-Franca
Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) of Hamelia patens
Skaltsounis AL MG, Guilet D
Lee J, Yu JR, Bae G, Nam JW, Youn UJ, Lee YJ, Won Paniagua-Vega D, Cerda-García-Rojas CM, Ramos-
YS, Chang J, Seo EK Valdivia AC
60 61
PB202. Structural and biological studies on novel natural PB208. Study on anti-viral activity of constituents of the PC13. Qualitative and quantitative analysis of PC25. Using Accelerated Solvent Extraction (ASE)
anti-MRSA agent, mansonone F roots of Isatis indigotica Fort. (Radix Isatidis) pharmacological active triterpenes in birch bark followed by parallel chromatography to
Suh YG, Shin D, Lee S, Kim NJ, Jang J Li X, He L, Sun D, Chen J, Wang M, Cai B, Wang H Kovač-Bešović EE, Durić K, Kalođera Z, Čeljo A rapidly pinpoint new chemistry and scale-up the
isolation of bioactive marine natural products for in
PB203. Interleukin-5 bioactivity inhibitory effect of 21- PB209. Isoflavonoids from the bark extract of Erythrina PC14. Screening method for detecting proteases in plant vivo evaluation.
methylmelianodiols isolated from Poncirus mildbraedii latices Johnson TA, Morgan M, Aratow N, Tenney K, Loveridge S,
trifoliata in Pro-B cells Tchokouaha RF, Chosson E, Alexi X, Skaltsounis AL, Domsalla A, Melzig MF Valeriote FA , Crews P
Xu GH, Choi JY, Na MK, Han SB, Kim Y, Lee SH Alexis MN, Wandji J, Seguin E
PC15. Quercetin and rutin contents in Siamese neem PC26. Tronchuda cabbage (Brassica oleracea L. var.
PB204. Anti-tumor effect of Glionitrin A, new PB210. Triclisia sacleuxii (Pierre) Diels: A potential source flower extracts prepared by different extraction costata DC) leaf free amino acid profile
diketopiperazine derived from co-culture of two of acetylcholinesterase inhibitors methods Silva BM, Oliveira AP, Pereira DM, Sousa C, Seabra
different microorganisms Murebwayire S, Ingkaninan K, Changwijit K, Frédérich Chaisawangwong W, Gritsanapan W RM, Andrade PB
Yoo JH, Park HB, Kwon HC, Yang HO M, Duez P
PC16. Determination of furanocoumarins in Citrus hystrix PC27. Screening of antioxidant phenolic compounds
PB205. A new flavonol triglycoside from Fagonia PB211. Pharmaco-chemical investigation of Diospyros by HPLC photodiode array produced by in vitro shoots of Brassica oleracea L.
taeckholmiana and the cytotoxic activity of its lotus leaves Paramapojn S, Gritsanapan W, Ganzera M, Stuppner H var. costata DC
extracts Said A, Huefner A, Hawas U, Nofal S, Valentão P, Ferreres F, Sousa C, Pereira DM, Martins A,
Nassar M I, Ibrahim LF, Kawashty SA, Mabry TJ Rashed K PC17. Volatile profile of Catharanthus roseus (L.) G. Don Gomes D, Pereira JA, Taveira M, Seabra RM, Andrade PB
plant determined by Solid-phase microextraction
PB206. Chemical constituents and biological activities PB212. Constituents from Achronychia octandra and Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry PC28. Phenolics and organic acids with potential
from Coccoloba mollis (Rutaceae) de Pinho PG, Gonçalves R, Pereira DM,Valentão P, bioactivity in Pieris brassicae L. reared on Brassica
Barros IB, Faccione M, Pinto JP, Fidelis QC, Rezende Girard C, Amiot C, Waterman PG, Muyard F Seabra RM, Andrade PB, Sottomayor M rapa var. rapa L.
MI, Daniel JFS, Tsuboy MSF, Mantovani MS, Lonni Pereira DM, Noites A, Valentão P, Vale-Silva L, Pinto E,
AASG, Ribeiro GS, Braz-Filho R, Ferreira DT PB213. Isolation and structure elucidation of novel PC18. Identification and characterization of phenolic Ferreres F, Pereira JA, Seabra RM, Andrade PB
antimalarial compounds from the Cameroonian antioxidants in water extract of Orthosiphon
grandiflorus tea by LC-ESI-MS/MS coupled to PC29. Rumex induratus leaves: phytochemical profiling
PB207. Identification of some compound of biological spice Scleria striatonux De Wild (Cyperaceae).
DPPH assay and antioxidant activity
interest in muicle mayotli Jacobinia spicigera Nyongbela K, Ndjoko K, Reto B. Wittlin S, Akam
Nuengchamnong N, Krittasilp K, Ingkaninan K Guerra L, Pereira C, Rodrigues MÂ, Andrade PB ,
(Schldl.) l. Baley. (Acanthaceae) M, Mbah J, Makolo F, Wirmum C, Efange S,
Gonçalves RF, Seabra RM, Valentão P
Blanca BM, Cedillo FD, Ortega JC. Hostettmann K
PC19. Metabolomic analysis of Echinacea sp. by H
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectrometry and PC30. Differentiation of Thymus vulgaris L. sample lots
Topic C: Extraction, isolation, formulation and analysis of natural products and herbal drugs multivariate analysis techniques by NMR based metabolic profiling
Frédérich M, Jansen C, de Tullio P, Demoulin V, Tits M, Pieri V, Sturm S, Seger C, Stuppner H
PC1. Discovery of metallo-β-lactamase inhibitors in Angenot L
extracts via an enzyme assay with HPLC/ES PC7. NMR metabolic profiling of biomass and PC31. Desorption/ionization on self-assembled
detection medium extracts of Jasmonate or Pectin PC20. Molecular authentication of Thai medicinal plant monolayer surfaces (DIAMS): a new matrix-free
Berger J, Sanchez P, Toney J treated Cannabis sativa L. cell Khamin khruea by PCR-RFLP analysis laser desorption/ionization promising for the
suspension cultures Rojsanga P , Gritsanapan W , Leelamanit W , Sukrong S analysis of vegetal extracts
PC2. Optimal conditions of ramentaceone and Peč J, Flores-Sanchez IJ, Choi YH, Martin J, Bounichou M, Sanguinet L, Elouarzaki K, Alévêque
plumbagin separation and isolation from Dušek J, Verpoorte R PC21. Genomics-guided isolation of cryptic secondary O, Dias M, Derbré S, Séraphin D, Richomme P,
carnivorous plants extracts using normal phase– metabolites from Pseudomonas syringae pv. Rondeau D, Levillain L
high performance liquid chromatography (NP-HPLC). PC8. LC-MS analysis of 13,28-epoxy-oleanane saponins syringae
in Maesa spp. extracts with antileishmanial activity Smid N, Gross H PC32. Protein kinase inhibitors from the New Caledonian
Gilgenast E, Żuk Ł, Skrzypczak A, Królicka A,
Foubert K, Vermeersch M, Apers S, Pieters L, Maes L rainforest
Łojkowska E, Kamiński M
PC22. New methods using High Performance Liquid Litaudon M, Morleo B, Apel C, Dumontet V, Lozach O,
PC9. Metabolic profiling of saponins in methyl Chromatography, group type separation and back Blairvacq M, Meijer L, Guéritte F
PC3. Variation of anthraquinone content in the leaves
jasmonate treated Medicago truncatula aerial parts flush in a column for determination of cosmetics
and pods of Cassia fistula PC33. Multivariate data analysis using magnetic
using HPLC-ESI/MS/MS. and pharmaceuticals compounds.
Gritsanapan W, Nualkaew S resonance spectroscopy for the in silico analysis
Theunis M, Kapusta I, Oleszek W, Foubert K, Pieters L, Romanik G, Kamiński M
Apers S of the Mexican anxiolytic and sedative plant
PC4. Validation of an HPLC method for the determination PC23. Optimal conditions of ramentaceone and Galphimia glauca
of alkaloids in a stem bark extract of Nauclea PC10. New usage of fluorometric method to assay plumbagin separation and isolation Cardoso-Taketa AT, Pereda-Miranda R, Choi YH,
pobeguinii antioxidant activity in plant extract from carnivorous plants extracts using
Verpoorte R , Villarreal ML
Dhooghe L, Mesia K, Pieters L, Vlietinck A, Apers S Moein S, Moein M, Farzami B revers phase–high performance liquid
chromatography (RP-HPLC). PC34. Characterization of Echinacea fractions obtained
PC5. Application of a selective method in the search for PC11. Enhancement of bioavailability of phytomolecules Skrzypczak A, Gilgenast E, Romanik G, Królicka A, by an ultrafiltration process
new bioactive natural products from fungi with value added formulation Łojkowska E, Kamiński M Gatea F, Paun G, Danila AO, Ichim M
Chamyuang S, Cole A, Munro M, Blunt J, Lin S Venkatesh M, Mukherjee K, Maiti K, Mukherjee PK
PC24. Quantitative HPLC determination of PC35. Chromatographic fingerprinting of Berberis
PC6. Bioassay-guided isolation of African PC12. Total phenolic and flavonoid contents of selected naphthoquinones in Impatiens balsamina leaves croatica vs. B. vulgaris (Common and Croatian
ethnobotanical anthelmintics parts of Mangifera pajang (bambangan) and Sakunphueak A, Panichayupakaranant P barberry) using HPLC
Waterman C, Smith R, Der Marderoisan A, Beutler J Artocarpus odoratissimus (tarap) fruits Zovko M, Kremer D, Schühly W, Brantner A, Karlović K,
Mohd Fadzelly AB, Maryati M, Asmah R, Fry J Kalođera Z
62 63
PC36. Antioxidant evaluation and liposome formulation of PC49. Phytochemical characterization of artichoke leaf PC62. Large-scale purification of glucosinolates by PC74. Pharmacokinetic profiling of dodeca-2E,4E,8E,10E/
Phyllanthus emblica extract extract and assessment of its protective effects strong ion-exchange centrifugal partition Z-tetraenoic acid isobutylamides in rats using
Ingkatawornwong S, Sakdiset P, Kaew-on P, Nobnob N, from alcohol and chemically-induced damage in chromatography. From lab-scale CPC to 5L-pilot- liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry
Pinsuwan S human liver cells. scale FCPC Woelkart K, Frye R, Galloway C, Marchand S,
Ikonte C, Hacker C, Chandra A, Trexler L Renault JH, Boudesocque L, Nuzillard JM, Toribio A, Derendorf H, Bauer R, Butterweck V
PC37. Encapsulation of Hypericum perforatum Lafosse M, Pinel B, De la Poype F
(St John’s wort) methanolic extract in β- PC75. Antioxidant appraisal and LC-MS characterization
PC50. Microencapsulation of shikonin in Pistacia of some freshwater and marine macrophytes and
cyclodextrin PC63. Chemical investigation of Pinguicula lusitanica by
lentiscus oleoresin matrix algae
Kalogeropoulos N, Mourtzinos I,Yannakopoulou K, HPLC-MS and HPLC-SPE-NMR
Kravva MT, Assimopoulou AN, Papageorgiou VP Orhan I, Kartal M, Abou-Asaker M, Şenol FS, Atici T,
Gioxari A, Chiou A, Karathanos VT Grevenstuk T, van der Hooft JJJ, Vervoort J, Romano A
Şener B
PC51. Preparative isolation of Alkannin/Shikonin PC64. Chemical analysis and anti-aging properties of
PC38. Spectroscopic and structural approach to search PC76. Comparative study of the effect of a herbal
derivatives by High-Speed Counter-Current Greek pollen
smallest active analogue of an antimicrobial preparation (Imupret®) dissolved in different
Chromatography Graikou K, Aligiannis N, Chondrogianni N, Kapeta S,
peptide from frog solvents on LPS-primed type II-like human lung
Assimopoulou AN, Sturm S, Stuppner H, Papageorgiou VP Gonos ES, Chinou I
Lee BJ epithelial A549 cells
PC52. Phenolic variations in mite infected leaves of PC65. Saffron spice (Crocus sativus, L.): effect of Hostanska K, Melzer J, Amon A, Saller R
PC39. Chemical composition of the water extract of
Quercus ilex L. (Fagaceae) parabens on the degradation of crocetin esters in
Gnaphalium uliginosum. Part 1. PC77. Quantification of characteristic marker substances
Karioti A, Tooulakou G, Karabourniotis G, Bilia AR, aqueous extracts
Kolesnik Yu, Chertkov V, Tashlitsky V, Titova E, in various Cimicifuga racemosa products and
Skaltsa H Maggi L, Sanchez AM, del Campo CP, Carmona M,
Tichohov V, Shestakova A, Shmatkov D evaluation of their effects on MCF-7 cell
Alonso GL proliferation
PC40. Optimization of qualitative determination of PC53. Phytochemical analysis of Anchusa arvensis roots PC66. Development of an automated HPLC- DAD- Omer-Adam M-A, Zieg H, Volk R-B, Bodinet C, Liske E
Gratiola homeopathic tinctures by applying rapid Tsermentseli SK, Assimopoulou AN, Gianovits- radical scavenging detection system with on-line
Argyriadou N, Kanaze FI, Papageorgiou VP PC78. Simultaneous determination of polyphenolics in
horizontal TLC sample enrichment extracts of Potentilla species
Gehrmann B, Melzig MF Zhang Q, Janssen HG, van der Klift EJC, van Beek TA
PC54. Isolation and on-line identification of marcfortines Tomczyk M, Bazylko A, Staszewska A
PC41. Urushiol congeners of Rhus sp. Mother tincture by HPLC-DAD-MS/MS PC67. Identification of medicinal plants in pharmaceutical PC79. Simultaneous determination of lignans,
Bertrand C, Bellvert F, Boisroux A, Comte G, Taoubi K Momesso LS, Carollo CA, Lopes NP , Pupo MT products using ITS sequences and metabolomic aristolactam alkaloids and flavonoids in the
fingerprinting Saururus chinensis by validated HPLC-DAD-MS/MS
PC42. LC-MS analysis of alkaloids in bulbs and in vitro PC55. Purification of commercial Alkannin and Shikonin Daniel C, Kersten T, Kehraus S, König GM, Knöß W Lee KY, Park JH, Cho EJi, Kim SH, Kim YC, Sung SH
cultures of Leucojum aestivum (Amaryllidaceae) samples
Assimopoulou AN, Karapanagiotis I, Papageorgiou VP PC68. Purification of hydroxystilbenes from vine stalks PC80. Optimization of the extraction procedures and
Ptak A, Tahchy AE, Dupire F, Boisbrun M, Henry M,
cv. Chardonnay by centrifugal partition HPLC characterization of Helichrysum plicatum DC
Moś M , Chapleur Y, Laurain-Mattar D
PC56. Mapping of small cysteine rich defense proteins chromatography flower extracts
PC43. Purification of antioxidative peptides from in Violaceae: A novel suite of cyclotides from the Zga N, Waffo-Téguo P, Papastamoulis Y, Toribio A, Jankovic T, Bigovic D, Zdunic G, Savikin K, Menkovic N
enzymatic hydrolysates of venison protein genus Gloeospermum. Richard T, Renault J-H, Monti J-P, Mérillon J-M
PC81. Use of FCPC (Fast Centrifugal Partition
Kim EK, Lee SJ, Hwang JW, Park PJ Burman R, Göransson U PC69. Combination of botanical and APCI-LC-MSn Chromatography) for the purification of a crude
analyses to assess the quality of a homoeopathic methanolic extract of the marine lichen Lichina
PC44. Purification and characterization of an antioxidative PC57. Development of a high-throughput LC-APCI- herbal drug: Chondodendron tomentosum Ruiz et pygmaea
peptide from enzymatic hydrolysates of duck MS method for the determination of 13 Pavon. Roullier C, Chollet-Krügler M , Bernard A, Boustie J
processing by-products phytoestrogens (including gut microbial
Lee SJ, Kim EK, Hwang JW, Park PJ Le Lamer AC, Fabre N, Boucaud B, de la Roque O,
metabolites) in human urine and serum PC82. Microwave - assisted extraction and ionic liquids
Fourasté I, Moulis C, Taoubi K
Wyns C , Bolca S, De Keukeleire D, Heyerick A used to obtain lichen metabolites from Pertusaria &
PC45. Phytochemical investigation on Gentian roots from Aspicilia species
PC70. The rapid identification of radical scavenging
populations of Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga Bonny S, Tomasi S, Articus K, Bernard A, BoustieJ
PC58. Phythochemical analysis of Uncaria products constituents from the root of Belamcanda
National Park
commercially available in Hungary chinensis by the HPLC coupled to an on-line ABTS+
Menghini L, Epifano F, Orlando G, Leporini L, Luzzi R, PC83. Hyptis suaveolens, an alternative source of
Csapi B, Csupor D, Veres K, Szendrei K, Hohmann J based assay and LC-NMR/MS
Genovese S, Marcotullio MC, Tirillini B podophyllotoxin?
Kang SW, Kim CY, Um BH
PC46. Pressurized liquid extraction of lignans with PC59. Liposome formulations of shikonin Lautié E, Villarreal ML, Fliniaux MA
PC71. The rapid analysis and identification of
quinone reductase inducing activity from the fruits Kontogiannopoulos KN, Assimopoulou AN,
prenylflavonoids in Sophora flavescens roots by PC84. Qualitative and quantitative analyses of some
of Schisandra chinensis Papageorgiou VP
on flow LC-NMR/MS Plantago species from Serbia and Montenegro
Lee HJ, Lee SB, Nho CW, Kim CY Kim MC , Kang SW, Kim SJ , Um BH
PC60. Chemical composition of 10 selected samples of Jankovic T, Zdunic G, Savikin K, Beara I, Mimica-Dukic N
PC47. High performance liquid chromatographic Mediterranean propolis PC72. Determination of four major flavonoids in the
separation of undeclared corticosteroids in topical Popova M, Graikou K, Bankova V, Chinou I methanolic extract of Hypericum perforatum by PC85. High-resolution bioguided screening of Ganoderma
herbal products capense for P-GP modulating activity
Uzunovic A, Mehmedagic A, Sofic E PC61. Utilisation of photolysis of neutral red for analysis Ta HP, Maciuk A, Vautier S, Milane A, Welti S, Champy P,
Kırmızıbekmez H, Atay İ, Yeşilada E
of antioxidant capacity in various flowers of Wainer IW, Fernandez C, Figadère B
PC48. HPLC - fingerprint analysis and quantification of PC73. Hydroxycinnamic derivatives in Ilex aquifolium
medicinal plants from Bosnia PC86. Screening of Colombian plants for antimalarials
phenolic compounds in Leonurus cardiaca L. (Ph. mother tincture.
Rimpapa Z, Korac F, Toromanovic J, Pleho-Kapic A, using LC-Bio-MS
Eur.) and in an antiarrhythmic refined extract Bellvert F, Coulerie P, Goncalves F,Taoubi K, Comte G,
Tahirovic I, Sofic E Muñoz K, Maciuk A, Bravo K, Londoño J, Osorio E, Figadère B
Strahler S, Çaliş I, Dhein S, Rauwald HW Bertrand C
64 65
PC87. The influence of extraction tehniques on PC100. Simultaneous determination of atropine and PC113. New sources of Taxol and taxanes to be used as PC126. Stability studies of saponins from Bacopa monnieri
polyphenol content and Artemisia vulgaris L. and scopolamine in Hyoscyamus arachnoideus by antimitotic compounds dried ethanolic extracts
Artemisia campestris L. methanolic extracts’ HPLC Miele M, Bestoso F, Balbi A, Mazzei M , Piras D, Phrompittayarat W, Wittaya-areekul S, Jetiyanon K,
antioxidative activity Hosseini N, Ebrahimi SN, Salehi P, Asghari B, Ahmadi M, Ottaggio L Putalun W, Tanaka H, Ingkaninan K
Stanisavljević I, Nikolova M, Veličković D, Stojičević S, Salhi Arjmand H
Lazić M, Veljković V PC114. Comparative study of the anti-inflammatory PC127. Classification of resinous plants based on the
PC101. Determination of rosmarinic acid content in some LC-MS and the LC-UV finger-prints: Similarities
effect of two polyphenol preparations of Perilla
PC88. Comparative phytochemical and biological studies Iranian Satureja species by HPTLC and differences between the plants chemical
seed manufactured by different processes
on Veronica cuneifolia subsp. cuneifolia and V. Ebrahimi SN, Kiyanpour V, Hadian J, Salehi P, Asghari B compositions using ACP and CAH.
Su JD, Li YS, Peng CC, Chang CH, Chyau CC
cymbalaria Rhourri-Frih B, Chaimbault P, Lamy C, Andre P,
PC102. Effects of pH and temperature on the stability of
Harput-Hudaverdi US, Oztunca FH, Saracoglu I PC115. Relation between the podophyllotoxin derivatives Lafosse M
sesquiterpene lactones
PC89. Preparative isolation of six platycosides Saroglou V, Demetzos C, Skaltsa H and the cytotoxic activity in Linum scabrellum PC128. Glycosidically bound volatile constituents of the
from Platycodi Radix by high-speed counter- extracts leaves of Morus alba L. – a new approach
PC103. Study on the comparison of bioactive components
current chromatography with evaporative light Lautié E, Villarreal ML, Fliniaux MA concerning the antidiabetic activity of the drug
by drying methods of Rehmannia glutinosa
scattering detection Kim ES, Shin JS, Rhim JW, Chung HS Hunyadi A, Veres K, Liktor-Busa E, Báthori M
Ha YW, Kim YS PC116. Colchicinoids from Colchicum crocifolium Boiss.:
PC104. Isolation of acetylcholinesterase inhibitors from A case study in dereplication strategies for (-)- PC129. Analysis of Coptis sp., for the purpose of
PC90. Optimization of a rapid luminescence bioassay for plants using centrifugal countercurrent Colchicine and related analogs using LC-MS and establishing a monograph draft proposal for the
the assessment of toxicity of contaminants in chromatography LC-PDA techniques German Pharmacopoeia
XTC’s pills Marston A, Fan P, Urbain A, Hostettmann K Alali FQ, Gharaibeh A, Ghawanmeh A , Tawaha K, Brem T, Ankli A, Klier B , Heilmann J, Franz G
Gosset S, Duez P, Devleeschouwer M, Dutillieux K, Oberlies NH
Bandella A, Stévigny C, Noël E PC105. High throughput semi-automated extraction PC130. Extraction and characterization of gum from
method for the creation of a collection from PC117. Determination of selected phytochemicals in Lepidium sativum Linn. for its film forming
PC91. Discrimination between Forsythia viridissima and microbial fermentations of fungi and different variety of salak (Salacca zalacca) properties
Forsythia suspensa using SCAR marker Actinomycetes Sitti A, Maryati M, Mohd Fadzelly AB Pachpor MP, Gulkari VD, Patil VR, Nayak SH
Ryuk JA, Lee MY, Kim YW, Lee JW, Oh SE, Lee JH, Tormo JR, Tabanera N, Conway D, Ramos P, Redondo
Ko BS PC118. Reference substances for plant materials of PC131. Formulation development of film coated tablets of
A, Fillola A, Gregorio MJ, Rojas V, Salazar O, Collado J,
toxicological interest Malvastrum coromandelianum (Linn.) Garcke
PC92. A phylogenetic analysis of Lonicera japonica using Bills G, Genilloud O, Peláez F
Ketteler C, Treble R spray-dried extract
nuclear ITS and chloroplast trnL-F sequence PC106. Antimicrobial activity of essential oil from Prasertwaree P, Jesadanont S, Pongsamart S, Ritthidej GC
Ryuk JA, Lee MY, Kim YH, Lee JW, Oh SE , Ko BS PC119. New approach to study metabolite profiling of plant
Oregano (Lippia graveolens) encapsulated in
extracts PC132. Carbon-13 CP-MAS NMR studies of some lichens
PC93. Variation of mineral content in different cultivars of cyclodextrins of the Genus Cladonia section Cladina
Novák O, Hauserová E, Swaczynová J, Hradecká V,
bitter melon collected from Japan and The Lugo-Cervantes E , Arana A, Padilla-Camberos E,
Dolezal K, Strnad M Chollet-Krugler M, Le-Floch M, Articus K, Millot M ,
Philippines Obledo-Vazquez N, Estarron-Espinoza Boustie J
KimYK, Xu H, Kwak HC, Park SU PC120. The synephrine content of Shiikuwasha (Citrus
PC107. Introducing investigations of a herb extract of
depressa HAYATA) fruit: Analytical method and PC133. Tandem mass spectrometric studies of
PC94. Development of Multiplexed PCR marker the Zhi Mu plant Anemarrhena asphodeloides
change during fruit growth polyphenolic metabolites from Olea europaea
to discriminate between Saposhnikovia divaricata, containing steroid saponins
Miyagi K, Fujise T, Koga N, Wada K, Yano M, Ohta H Bazoti FN, Gikas E, Tsarbopoulos A
Peucedaum japonicum and Glehnia littoralis Radtke OA
Kim YH, Ryuk JA, Ko BS, Lee JW, Oh SE, Lee JH, Lee MY PC121. A new HPLC method for the analysis of Crocus PC134. Elicitor-enhanced Silymarin production in hairy
PC108. DNA barcoding the Polygonaceae in Chinese
sativus styles root cultures of Silybum marianum L. Gaertn
PC95. Quantitative determination by reversed phase high pharmacopoeia
Koulakiotis NS, Gikas E, Chryssanthi DG, Lamari FN, Hasanloo T , Rahnama H , Sepehrifar R , Shams MR
performance liquid chromatography of novel Song J, Chen S, Yao H, Lin Y, Li Y, Li X, Wu Q , Jia X,
Cordopatis P, Tsarbopoulos A
biflavonoids in Selaginella lepidophylla Han J, Suo F, Shi L, Ma X
PC122. Method development for the determination of PC135. Annotation and analysis of ESTs from leaves’
Aguilar MI, Romero MG, Mejía IA, Chávez MI , PC109. Novel immunoaffinity purification approach for
oleuropein and hydroxytyrosol - the major trichomes of Salvia fruticosa
Navarrete A isolation of new cytokinin based anticancer drug
bioactive components of Olea europaea - in milk Chatzopoulou FM, Makris AM, Degenhardt J, Kanellis AK
PC96. Ginsenoside content in berry and root of three and its identification in plant tissues
Gikas E, Bazoti FN, Tsarbopoulos A PC136. Development of HPTLC method for quantification
typical Korean Ginseng (Panax ginseng) cultivars Hauserová E, Swaczynová J, Novák O, Zatloukal M,
Hajduch M, Dolezal K, Strnad M of vasicine in marketed Herbal formulations
Kim YK, Xu H, Park SU PC123. Comparative study development of extraction
containing Adhatoda vasica
PC110. Automation of solid phase extraction processes and stability of Dioscorea membranacea
PC97. Pattern recognition analysis of Angelicae Radix Kasture V, Aurangabadkar VM, Kadlag V
Krieg C, Feuerstein I, Stecher G, Abel G , Popp M , for cancer treatment
Piao XL, Yoo HH, Park SY, Park JH Sukkarn B, Itharat A PC137. Triterpenes from natural sources for parenteral and
Bonn G
PC98. Quality specifications of identity and composition topical application
PC111. Evaluation of different analytical methodologies for PC124. Novel extraction technique for L-DOPA from seeds
for the medicinal plant Heliopsis longipes Jäger S, Laszczyk MN, Strüh CM, Martin SF, Schempp
the analysis of amino acids in plant extracts of Mucuna pruriens
Aguilar MI, Castillo N, Aguilar-Guadarrama AB, Rios MY CM, Scheffler A
Nasimullah Qureshi M, Stecher G , Hashir MA, Gopu CL, Ketkar SS, Paradkar A, Mahadik KR
Sultana T, Abel G , Pop M, Bonn GK PC138. Encapsulation of complex extracts in β-
PC99. Variations in gingerols and chromatographic PC125. Solubilization of piperine from pepper fruit powder cyclodextrin: an application to propolis ethanolic
fingerprints of ginger root extracts from different PC112. Study on the isolation of bioactive components with hydrophilic lipid treatment: An alternative extract
preparation methods may account for bioactivity and the identification of biomarker genes from approach for traditional extraction methods Karathanos VT, Kalogeropoulos N, Konteles S,
discrepancies among investigations Ostericum koreanum Maximowicz Aher S, Gopu CL, Biradar S, Paradkar A Troulidou E, Mourtzinos I
Liu Z, Liu D, Chou G, Xu S, Zuberi A, Ye J Choung SY, Hong JK, Lee KW, Lee CK , Kwon YS, Shin S
66 67
PC139. Compositional analysis and acetyl-cholinesterase PC152. Quantification of anti-oxidative constituents PC166. Analytical and dyeing techniques used for the PC174. Quality assessment of Mori Folium by HPTLC and
inhibitory screening of Melissa officinalis isolated from Diospyros kaki calyces evaluation of natural yellow dyes for textiles HPLC analysis
Dastmalchi K, Ollilainen V, Dorman HJD, Oinonen PO , Qui HJ, Kim EK, Doan TN, Son EM, Hong YJ, Villela A, Derksen DCH, van Beek TA Lim S, Kim EH
Laakso I, Hiltunen R Trinh DH, Lee BJ, Youn HJ, Koo KA
PC167. Determination of naphthazarin derivatives in PC175. Pharmacokinetics of icariin in rats using
PC140. LC-ESI-MS with monolithic stationary phase and
PC153. Differential bioactivities and metabolic profiles of Turkish Alkanna species by reverse phase HPLC microdialysis and tissue distribution
ESI-MS/MS characterization of proanthocyanidins
Lychnophora ericoides from diverse provenances Akgün IH, Ganzera M, Sevimli C, Şenol S, Korkmaz KS, Lin CW, Lin LC, Tsai TH
from selected antinflammatory plants.
Gobbo-Neto L, Guaratini T, Pessoa C, de Moraes MO, Bedir E
Maldini M, Montoro P, Pizza C
Costa-Lotufo LV, Vieira RF, Colepicolo P, Lopes NP PC176. Free radical scavenging activity of Garcinia
PC141. Variation in concentration of oenothein B in PC168. HPLC-PDA analysis for the identification and mangostana fruit hull extracts: the effect of pH
different samples of cultivated Epilobium PC154. Characterization and purification of quantification of styryllactones in Goniothalamus during aqueous extraction
angustifolium L. proanthocyanidins from cranberry fruits by modern amuyon Sittisombut C, Chaidedgumjorn A, Opanasopit P,
Shikov AN, Pozharitskaya ON, Ivanova SA, Makarov planar chromatography (TLC, AMD, OPLC) Lan YH, Chang FR, Tang HH, Wu YC Ngawhirunpat T
VG, Tikhonov VP, Galambosi B Pothier J, Dorat J, Dollet J
PC169. Detection of bioactive compounds on TLC by PC177. TLC seperation of certain medicinal and aromatic
PC142. Reference materials and the quality of a product
PC155. Alkaloid Profile of leaves of horticultural cultivar of DART-MS plants
Hoekstra B, Ketteler C, Schaneberg B
Catharanthus roseus Kim HJ, Suh YT, Jung JB, Jang YP Bahtiyarca Bağdat R
PC143. Investigation into the presence of Monatin in Kapadia GJ, Udiak E, Ma Y, Ito Y
related plant species PC170. etermination of iridoid glycosides in PC 178. Standardization of anti-cancer phytoactives in
PC156. Identification of minor components of Cotinus
Moodley N, Maharaj V micropropagated plantlets and hairy roots of selected varieties of Piper betle (Betel) leaves
coggygria Scop. in archaeological textiles of Mount
Gentiana cruciata by reverse phase HPLC Tewari N, Mane T, Jadhav P, Suthar A, Chauhan VS,
PC144. Validated HPTLC method for the Athos
Akgün IH, Hayta S, Ganzera M, Bedir E, Gürel A Sharma S
identification of Hoodia gordonii Valianou L , Karapanagiotis I, Stathopoulou K, Magiatis P,
Widmer V, Reich E, DeBatt A, Ankli A Chryssoulakis Y
PC171. Evaluation of effiency, release and oxidation PC179. H NMR- based metabonomics for the classification
PC145. Furanocoumarins can affect oral bioavailability of PC157. Reconstruction of the wool dyeing process using stability of seabuckthorn encapsulated oil using of Greek wines according to variety and region
drugs to both directions Hexaplex trunculus L. – HPLC-PDA-MS analysis of FTIR spectroscopy Anastasiadi M, Zira A, Magiatis P, Haroutounian SA,
Vertzoni M, Kourafalos V , Kostakis I, Paterakis P, the dyed wool fibers Trif M, Socaciu C, Diehl H Skaltsounis AL, Mikros E
Rekkas D, Dallas P, Fokialakis N, Reppas C Valianou L , Karapanagiotis I, Mantzouris D,
Stathopoulou K, Magiatis P, Chryssoulakis Y PC172. Plant pigments in some medical plants of family
PC146. Recovery of bioactive compounds from roots of Lamiaceae (Bosnia and Herzegovina, W. Balkans)
Glycyrrhiza glabra by novel techniques of PC158. Extraction and determination of major bioactive Redzic S, Sejdic N, Palic A.
extraction flavonoids in mint (Mentha spicata)
Tsiripillou P, Haita E, Aligiannis N, Mitaku S, Bimakr M , Rahman RA, Ganjloo A, Salleh LMd, PC173. Epithelial transport of cohumulone across caco-2
Skaltsounis AL Taip FS, Chuan LT cell monolayers
PC147. Comparative study of accelerated solvent Cattoor K, De Keukeleire D, Bracke M, Heyerick A
PC159. NMR chromoprints: A tool for herbal validation
extraction and supercritical fluid extraction of total Menghani E, Jain SC
phenolics and flavonoids from Sideritis raeseri
subsp. attica and study of antioxidant activity PC160. Dermination of benzo[a]pyrene in herbal medicinal Topic D: Natural Products with photoprotective (skin protective) activity and cosmetic interest
Papaefstathiou G, Polychronopoulos P, Aligiannis N, products containing the steamed root of
Skaltsounis AL, Mitaku S Rehmannia glutinosa by HPLC/FLD
Lim S, Ze K, Kim D, Park J, Soung R, Kim J, Lee J, PD1. Inhibition of ICAM-1 expression and elastase by an PD6. Natural preservative, Purinol™
PC148. Profile of taxanes in Taxus globosa Schelectendal ShinJ, Ahn J, Kim I, Chang S extract and fractions from the roots of Ruscus Kim DS, Kim JH, Lee BS, Son EJ, Ko JS, Lee KW,
(Mexican yew) and in pure cultures of endophytic aculeatus Woo SS
fungi PC161. Chemical investigation of Sageretia thea by general Barbič M, Heilmann J, Melzig M, Jürgenliemk G
methods and HPLC-SPE-NMR PD7. Tyrosinase inhibitory effect and antioxidant activity
Arroyo OAG, Escamilla SE, Marsh MR, XoconostleCB,
Shen CJ, Chen CK, Lee SS PD2. Structure elucidation of components with inhibitory of Formosan Phyla nodiflora for cosmetic use
Esparza GF, Flores CLB
activities of atopic dermatitis from Actinidia arguta Shue YJ, Chen PC, Wang MC, Ko HH
PC149. Purification of novel stilbene oligomers from vine PC162. Rapid analysis of phenolic acids by UPLC-MS/MS Park HM, Ha SK, Kim MC, Son MW, Jin M, Kwon HC,
Gruz J, Novák O, Strnad M PD8. Photoprotective compounds from the lichen
stalks by centrifugal partition chromatography Kim SY
Diploicia canescens.
guided by mass spectrometry
PC163. Characterization of the co-pigmentary diversity PD3. Protective effect of phenolics from Lonicera Millot M, Sdudzinska E, Lohézic- Le Dévéhat F,
Papastamoulis Y, Waffo-Teguo P, Richard T, Zga N,
of the genus Hydrangea caerulea fruits against UVB-induced damage to Tomasi S, Boustie J
Schmitter JM, Merillon JM
Dulac A, Gonnet JF, Lambert C, Richomme P HaCaT keratinocytes.
PD9. Wound healing and antioxidant activities of
PC150. Search for Protease-inhibiting compounds from Svobodová A, Rambousková J, Zdařilová A, Vostálová J
PC164. Dicentrine metabolites characterized in miniature extracts from Musa paradisiaca L. peel
Cerrado and Atlantic plant species.
pig urine by HPLC-SPE-NMR PD4. The scratch assay: A suitable in vitro tool for Canales-Aguirre A, Carvallo-Aceves A, Manzano-
Bolzani VS, Flausino OJ; Batista JMJ; Lopes AA,
Lai YC, Kuo TF, Chen CK, Lee SS studying wound healing effects Chávez L, Padilla-Camberos E, Lugo-Cervantes E
Altei W, Furlan M, Castro-Gamboa I, Silva DHS
PC165. Geographical origin of Saffron spice by Mid- Fronza M, Geller F, Bittencourt C, Flores E,
PC151. Dracontium loretense Engl.: A rich source of novel Heinzmann B, Laufer S, Merfort I PD10. UV-protecting potential of clay minerals and
Infrared spectroscopy (MIR)
lipids Ganoderma pfeifferi
Anastasaki EG, Kanakis CD, Pappas CS, Tarantilis PA, PD5. Relief from atopic dermatitis by Uniflavon™
Benavides A, Napolitano A, Bassarello C, Carbone V, Harms M, Wende K, Landsberg K, Lindequist U,
Polissiou MG Kim DS, Son EJ, Kim MR, Nam JB, Oh MS, Do SG,
Saggese P, Piacente S, and Pizza C Jülich WD
Lee YC, Cha J, Woo SS
68 69
PD11. Activity of Garcinia mangostana fruit rind extracts PD22. Solubilized triterpenes from mistletoe show anti- PE3. The effect of different levels of vermicompost and PE16. Cane toad chemical ecology: controlling
from various locations of Thailand against acne- tumor effects on skin-derived cell lines irrigation on morphological properties and an invasive pest
inducing bacteria Strüh CM, Jäger S, Schempp CM, Scheffler A, Martin SF essential oil content of German chamomile Capon RJ, Hayes RA, Hagman M, Shine R
Pothitirat W, Chomnawang MT, Gritsanapan W (Matricaria recutita) C.V. Goral ”
PD23. Stability of papain - pectin system under high Azizi M, Rezwanee F, Hassanzadeh Khayyat M, PE17. Natural compounds and extract for the control of
PD12. Photoprotective activity of extracts obtained from pressure and its application for treatment of skin Lackzian A American foulbrood
Arrabidaea chica injury Flesar J, Havlik J, Cermak T, Kloucek P, Rada V,
Siraichi JTG, Pedrochi F, Baesso ML, Bento AC, Ueda- Gregorio-Jáuregui KM, Cano-Cabrera JC, Segura- PE4. Effects of irrigation frequencies and planting Kokoska L, Titera D
Nakamura T, Filho BPD, Cortez DAG, Nakamura CV Ceniceros EP, Martínez-Hernández JL, Ilyina A density on herbage biomass and oil production
of Thyme (Thymus vulgaris) and Hyssop PE18. Herbicidal properties of Peganum harmala under
PD13. Photoreactive substances in homoeopathic mother PD24. Effectivity of a novel betulin-based oleogel in the (Hyssopus officinalis) laboratory condition
tinctures: analysis and risk assessment treatment of actinic keratoses. A prospective, Khazaie HR, Nadjafi F, Bannayan M SodaeiZadeh H , Van Damme P
Barbosa J, Goncalves F, Paphassarang S, Toure H, randomised, comparative pilot study with histology
Taoubi K Huyke C, Reuter R, Rödig M, Simon-Haarhaus B, PE5. An acetonic extract of Nicotiana tabacum leafs PE19. Stimulatory effects of smoke and smoke-derived
Kersten A, Laszczyk M, Scheffler A, Nashan D, against pseudococcinide insects as pests on butenolide on crop plants
PD14. Development of lipsticks containing rice bran oil Schempp CM coffee shrubs in horticulture Van Staden J, Kulkarni MG, Ascough GD, Light ME
liposome Radtke OA
Amnuaikit T, Pinsuwan S, Ingkatawornwong S, PD25. Gemoderivates with protective and regenerative PE20. Evidence of natural hybridization on Portuguese
Worachotekamjorn K action for hair PE6. cancelled Digitalis thapsi L.: morphological and chemical
Manea S, Raiciu AD, Vatafu M, Mihele D, Pop A characterization
PD15. Cosmetic formulations containing volatile PE7. Phytotoxic activity of Calia secundiflora (Ortega) Frazão S, Serrano R, Maciag M, Szlգzak A, Gomes ET,
constituents of Artemisia annua L. PD26. Determining the antioxidant activity of certain Yakovlev Silva O
Bilia AR, Bergonzi MC, Isacchi B, Morgenni F, gemoderivates Pérez Laínez D, García-Mateos R, Soto-Hernández M,
Flamini G, Vincieri FF Raiciu AD, Giurginca M, Mihele D, Manea S, Pop A Rodríguez-Pérez E, Kite G PE21. Impact of different extracts of Rhamnus
dispermus Ehrenb. on apterous adults of woolly
PD16. Beneficial effect of curcumin on epidermal
PD27. Treatment of striae gravidarum in postpartum by PE8. Exploring the potential of natural substances from apple aphid
permeability barrier function
applying a natural product containing yogurt with olive and grape pomace in phytoprotection Ateyyat MA, Abu-Darwish MS
Jeon HY, Kim JK, Lee JE, KimWG, Lee SJ
ripe tamarind extract. Mavrakis T, Agalias A, Skandalis N, Skaltsounis AL
PD17. Formulation and skin permeation behaviour of a Tumukdakorn K, Preeprame S Panopoulos N Goumas D, Ververidis F PE22. The alkaloid Berberine from Coscinium
commercial standardised bilberry extract fenestratum is an inhibitor of phytopathogenic
Bilia AR, Fierini E, Isacchi B, Bergonzi MC , Vincieri FF PD28. Lightening effect of Lindera obtusiloba BL. leaf PE9. Effect of Olea europaea L and Salvia officinalis organisms
extract from UVB-induced pigmentation in C57BL/6 leaves phenolics extracts on potato tubers soft rot Singburaudom N, Hannarong N, Kijjoa A
PD18. Characterization of a cosmetic raw material
mice disease.
“Tamanu Oil” from French Polynesia: physical and
Bang CY, Won EK, Choung SY Zaidi-Yahiaoui R, Zaidi F, Bechar S PE23. Antimicrobial properties of resinous plant extracts
chemical properties, chemical composition and
from Mexico with agrochemical and pharmaceutical
PD29. The efficacy of natural mask powder made from PE10. Identification of Frangula azorica bark a potential
Leu T, Soulet S, Teai T, Gicquel A, Bianchini JP,
Centella asiatica, Curcuma longa and Thai white Portuguese Medicinal Drug Lira-Saldivar RH, Hernández M, León E, Barajas N,
Raharivelomanana P
mud on acne occurrence in teen-age female Curica C, Serrano R, Gomes ET, Silva O Villarreal S, Medina JG
PD19. Penetration of a biologically active triterpene volunteers.
extract (TE) through the stratum corneum of Boonarch R, Preeprame S PE11. Allelopathic potential of Avena sativa L. (oat) var. PE24. Microbial production of potent antioxidants from
human epidermis Argentina: bioassay-guided isolation of fungal fermentation of tannin-rich plants
Laszczyk MN, Jäger S, Martin SF, Scheffler A, PD30. The increasing effect on heels cracked therapy by allelochemicals Aguilar CN, Aguilera A, Mercado D, Belmares R,
Schempp CM Carica papaya latex, case study of customers at De Leo M, De Bertoldi C, Braca A, Ercoli L. Martínez JL, Rodríguez R
Aree Drug store, Khon Kaen province.
PD20. Benzyladenine and kinetin influence on skin PE12. Evaluation of several cultivars (Tagetes sp.) as a PE25. High quality bergamot oil from Cephallonia
Suktalea P, Preeprame S
fibroblasts proliferation and morphology proper source for bioactive products (Greece): chemical analysis using enantiomeric
Jabłońska-Trypuć A, Czerpak R PD31. The antimicrobial efficacy of natural ingredients for Duda M.M., Vârban D.I., Muntean S., Banga D. GC-MS and larvicidal activity against mosquitoes
the production of self-preserving cosmetics Melliou E, Magiatis P, Michaelakis A, Koliopoulos G,
PD21. Cosmetic assessment of triterpenoids in Ilex rotunda PE13. From allelopathy to agrochemistry: a new
Papageorgiou S, Varvaresou A, Tsirivas E Skaltsounis AL
Sawabe A, Sakatani K, Suzuki F, Shimada N, Chiba Y, approach for the valorisation of invasive plants
Komemushi S Bertrand C, Cochinaire A, Chanut A, Bellvert F, PE26. Anatomical study of Argania spinosa (L.) Skeels
Popovici J, Comte G, Piola F and its antimalarial activity and cytotoxicity
El Babili F, Fouraste I, Maurel S, Valentin A, Moulis C
Topic E: Botanical/Natural Products with agrochemical interest/Natural Products in animal health care PE14. Acaricidal efficiency of some local plants from
Thailand PE27. Activity of essential oils in vapour phase against
Chaiyong S, Jatisatienr C, Dheeranupatana S, Paenibacillus larvae
PE1. Botanical characterization of Maytenus PE2. Acute, subacute and dermal toxicology of the Jatisatienr A Kloucek P, Flesar J, Kokoska L, Nedorostova L, Titera D
senegalensis leaf an African medicinal plant bioinsecticide from Stemona curtisii Hook. F.
Serrano R, Gomes ET, Silva O Wongcome T, Khonsung P, Jatisatien A, PE15. Allelopathic effects of extracts from several plant PE28. The influence of a plant extract on the quality of
Dheeranupatana S, Panthong A. species on seed germination and seedlings growth Hisex braun layers’ eggs
of Lactuca sativa L. Poráčová J, Blaščáková M, Šalamon I,
Gonçalves S, Franco J, Romano A Zahatňanská M, Šutiaková I

70 71
PE37. Insecticidal activity against Myzus persicae and PF11. The Thai medicinal plants used in traditional PF23. Biodiversity and the search for new medicines -
PE29. Feasibility of utilising natural products in animal chemical composition of three Lamiaceae essential rejuvenating medicines exhibit potent antioxidant medicinal plants popularly used in Caueira village,
production for the control of animal diseases and oils obtained by microwave-assisted
food pathogens activity a coast location in the Sergipe state, Brazil
Wong YYS, Ngwoke KG, Grant I, Friedman M, hydrodistillation: Comparison with traditional Santos CS, Ribeiro AS, Gomes LJ, Marçal RM
Panriansaen R, Cherdshewasart W, Subtang S
Elliott CT, Situ C hydrodistillation
Petrakis EA, Kimbaris AC, Perdikis DC, Lykouressis DP, PF24. Molecular biology interpretation of the traditional
PE30. Use of species of order Veratrum L. in ethno- Tarantilis PA, Polissiou MG PF12. Therapeutic effects of extracts of some African
veterinarian medicine in Bosnia and Herzegovina Chinese medicine
Redzic S medicinal plants in experimental African
PE38. Repellent properties of hydrosols derived from three Xu J, Liu H, Zhou J
PE31. Identification of Euclea natalensis root as an Lamiaceae species against the insect pest Myzus
herbal drug persicae Ogbadoyi EO, Kabiru AY, Salako AA, Okogun JI PF25. New approach for TCM quality control in China
Filipe M, Gomes ET, Serrano R, Silva O Petrakis EA, Perdikis DC, Kimbaris AC, Lykouressis DP, Qian ZZ
PE32. Adaptation effect on the natural silymarin content Tarantilis PA, Polissiou MG PF13. The stimulation of insulin secretion in a β-cell
and seven quantitative characters of wild milk assay of Momordica charantia, an antidiabetic PF26. An ethnobotanical survey of medicinal herbs used
PE39. Isolation and identification of phytoanticipins from
thistle genotypes plant in traditional Dominican medicine by the ethnic community of Chaharmahal and
Ottai MES Musa acuminata cv. Grande Naine.
Keller AC, Brillantes AMB, Kennelly EJ Bakhtyari, Iran
Ramírez-Tec G, Garcia-Sosa K, Escalante-Erosa F,
PE33. Micropropagation of Nepeta binaludensis a highly
Hill L, Osbourn A, Mayo-Mosqueda A, Peña-Rodriguez L Ghasemi Pirbalouti A, Golparvarand AR, Kohpayeh A
threatened ethnomedicinal plant of Iran
Nadjafi F, Koocheki A, Rezvani Moghaddam P, PE40. Consequences of changing plant density and PF14. In vitro antiplasmodial activity of ethnobotanically
PF27. Contribution of the ethnopharmacological survey in
Honermeier B, Ghahremanzadeh R nitrogen rates on yield and essential oil of German selected plants from Burkina Faso Nde division (Cameroon)
PE34. Bioassay-guided isolation of hydrophilic phytotoxic Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla L.) Jansen O , Angenot L, Tits M , Nicolas JP , De Mol P , Yimta F, Nguimatsia F, Mbenkum T, Penge A 
metabolites produced by Mycosphaerella fijiensis Hosseini NM, Hamzehei R, Afshari RT, Abadi NISA Sacré PY , Jonville MC , Frederich M
Cruz-Cruz C, Garcia-Sosa K, Escalante-Erosa, Mayo- PE41. Some phytochemical and anatomical characters of PF28. Herbal therapy in women’s healthcare amongst
Mosqueda A, and Peña-Rodriguez L Opuntia spp. in semiarid lands of Jalisco, Mexico. PF15. Evaluation of the anti-cancer potential of extracts Ijebus of Ogun state south western Nigeria
Loza-Cornejo S, Aparicio-Fernández X, Miranda- of desert plants traditionally used as medicines by Odukoya OA, Sofidiya MO
PE35. cancelled
Beltrán ML, Gutiérrez-Coronado O, Frausto-Reyes C aboriginal people
PE36. Activity of non-oxygenated versus oxygenated Savigni DL, Oates PS, Evans L, Baker E PF29. Survay of traditional medicine, phytochemical and
monoterpenes against mosquitoes. An attempt to cytotoxic effects of Tussilago farfara L.
correlate toxicity with chemical structure
Michaelakis A, Koliopoulos G, Milonas P, Kontodimas D, Asgari T, Azizi E, Fouladdel S, Jabbari A, Amin G
PF16. Investigations into the cytotoxic effects of
Polissiou M, Kimbaris A, Papachristos D Bangladeshi medicinal plants PF30. Principles of Iranian traditional medicine
Uddin SJ, Grice D, Tiralongo E Zolfaghari B

Topic F: Traditional medicines/ethnopharmacology PF17. Treatment of memory disorders in historical texts PF31. Traditional medicine as an instrument for health,
– A potential source for new memory drugs development and equity
PF1. Anticancer, NF-κB inhibitory and antioxidant PF7. Screening for antimalarial activity of crude extracts Paavilainen H Osunderu OA, Oluwalana S
properties of Thai traditional anti-inflammatory from African medicinal plants
plants PF18. Medical uses of Heracleum sp. in historical sources PF32. Survey of plants used by traditional birth attendants
Ramalhete C, Lopes D, Mulhovo S, Rosário V,
Siriwatanametanon N, Prieto JM, Efferth T, Heinrich M (TBAS) in southwest Nigeria
Ferreira MJU – An ethnopharmacological approach
Osunderu OA, Neighmogha T
PF2. Screening of traditional Saudi plants for Paavilainen H
hepatoprotective effect PF8. Serotonin modulating activities of plants used for PF33. Bioprospecting for endophyte related natural
Alqasoumi SI, Abdel-Kader MS menopause in Guatemala PF19. Flavonoid contents of some Sumatran medicinal products in Traditional Chinese Medicine anti-
plants cancer herbs
PF3. Acute toxicity study on artifacts from Prasaplai
Mahady GB, Michel J , Caceres A, Veliz M, Perez A, Bakhtiar A, Putra DP, Arbain D Miller K, Ingrey S, Sze DM, Neilan B
preparation, a Thai traditional medicine.
Tangyuenyongwatana P, Gritsanapan W Locklear T, Doyle B, Orjala J
PF20. Evaluation of Ayurvedic plants for anti- PF34. Development and current situation of traditional
PF4. An overview on Hypericum species of Turkey atherosclerotic and anti-hyperlipidemic effects medicine in Mongolia
PF9. The iatrosophia of Cyprus: a valid resource in the
Eroglu E, Aksu B, Mat A Uchil DA, Kamat SK, Vaideeswar P, Soman AD, Altantsetseg A, Chimedragchaa Ch.
search for new drugs? The example of resins,
PF5. Traditional medicine in the Pomak community, gums and balms Dhuri SA, Scindia AM, Rege NN
PF35. Study of herb using in Thailand and anti-cancer
Western Thrace, Greece – Current role and future Lardos A, Prieto-Garcia J, Heinrich M activity screening of Thai medicinal plant recipes
trends PF21. Endemic species from Dinarides (W.Balkan) of Manosroi J, Phianrungrueang A, Manosroi A
Patsoura A, Heinrich M interest for phytochemical investigations
PF10. Screening of Yemeni medicinal plants for
antioxidant and cytotoxic activities Redzic S PF36. Anti-inflammatory activity of medicinal plant
PF6. In vitro evaluation of antiplasmodial activity of
plant samples used in traditional medicine in Benin Harms M, Kriegisch S, Mothana R, Lindequist U, recipes from Thai Lanna medicinal plant recipe
Ganfon H, Gbaguidi F, Frederich M, Moudachirou M, Wende K PF22. Medicinal plants: use in antiquity and current database
Quetin-Leclercq J experimental proofs Manosroi J, Sinchai S, Manosroi A
Rhizopoulou S, Katsarou A, Oikonomou S
72 73
PG21. An insight into the recognition mechanisms of PG31. Purification hemisynthesis of xanthatin
Topic G: Synthesis and biosynthesis of natural products/drug discovery/biotechnology Molecularly Imprinted Polymers (MIPs) for derivates and in vitro evaluation of their activity
flavonoids quercetin, kaempferol and towards farnesyltransferase (PFTase).
PG1. Peptides – A source of acrylamide? PG11. Combretastatin anlogues: synthesis and biological
hydroxytyrosol Pinel B, Landreau A, Dubois J, Au do G, De la Poype F,
Buhlert J, Carle R, Majer Z, Spitzner D evaluation of new disubstituted analogues of
Steiakaki MA, Chatzidakis G, Kefalopoulos D, Seraphin D, Richomme P
Ververidis F
PG2. Enantiodifferentiated derivatization of natural (BPR0L075), as potential antivascular agents
bioactive dimeric phtalides rac-diligustilide and Ty N, Dupeyre G, Chabot GG, Seguin J, Tillequin F, PG32. Immunobiological properties of sesquiterpene
PG22. Total synthesis of melleumins A and B and their lactones with specific active diol moiety
rac-tokinolide B Scherman D, Michel S, Cachet X
analogs: Determination of stereochemistry and Harmatha J, Vokáč K, Kmoníčková E, Zídek Z
León A, Delgado G Wnt signal inhibitory activity
PG12. Novel potential antitumor analogues of fagaronine Ishibashi M, Hanazawa S, Uchino Y, Li X , Arai MA
PG3. Semisynthesis and cytotoxicity of some guaiacyl and nitidine in the Benzo[c]phenanthroline series PG33. Potent inhibition of human phosphodiesterase-5
type 9-norlignans Genès C, Prado S, Porée FH, Michel S, Tillequin F by icariin derivatives in an enzyme assay
PG23. In silico discovery of natural chemosensitizers
Eklund P, Sjöholm R Galli GV, Dell’Agli M, Dal Cero E, Belluti F, Matera R,
from Eriobotrya japonica
Zironi E, Pagliuca G, Bosisio E
PG13. Synthesis, cytotoxic activity, and DNA binding Pfisterer PH, Rollinger JM, Schyschka L, Vollmar AM,
PG4. Biomimetic synthesis of polycyclic alkaloids from properties of antitumor cis-1,2-dihydroxy-1,2- Stuppner H
the Nitraria and Myrioneuron genus PG34. Cinnamamides from Piper capense with affinity to
dihydrobenzo[b]acronycine cinnamoyl esters
Salame R, Gravel E, Poupon E the benzodiazepine site on the GABAA receptor
Yougnia R, Do Q, Tian W, Gaslonde T, Pfeiffer B, PG24. PPARα – In silico screening for activators from
natural sources Pedersen ME, Rasmussen HB, Metzler B, Stafford GI,
Pierré A, Léonce S, Kraus-Berthier L, David-Cordonnier MH,
PG5. Pentacyclic triterpenes, inhibitors of glycogen Baumgartner LT, Markt P, Rollinger JM, Schwaiger S, van Staden J, Jäger AK
Lansiaux A, Koch M, Tillequin F, Michel S, Dufat H
phosphorylase, as potential drugs for type 2 Langer T, Stuppner H
diabetes: X-ray crystallographic studies PG35. Recent advances in the chemistry and biological
PG14. Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of activities of canthin-6-one analogs
Zographos SE, Leonidas DD, Alexacou KM, Gimisis T, PG25. Salicylic acid elicitation induces erythrinane
13-aza derivatives of benzo[b]acronycine Cebrían G, Fournet A. and Poupon E.
Hayes JM, Oikonomakos NG, Wen X, Sun H, Liu J, alkaloids accumulation in suspension culture of
Tian W, Pfeiffer B, Kraus-Berthier L, Léonce S, Erythrina americana Miller.

Cheng K, Zhang P, Zhang L, Hao J, Zhang L, Ni P
Pierré A, Koch M, Tillequin F, Michel S San Miguel-Chávez R Soto-Hernández M PG36. Antiplasmodial and cytotoxic activities of synthetic
PG6. An usnic acid derivative as new tweezer for non- Ramos-Valdivia AC, Kite G alkaloids
PG15. Natural products as privileged structures for the Haddad M, Sobarzo-Sánchez E, Maurel S, Valentin A,
covalent aromatic interaction complex
conception of novel antimycobacterial agents PG26. In vitro antimycobacterial activity evaluation of Quetin-Leclercq J
Legouin B, Chollet-Krugler M, Tomasi S, Uriac P,
Nguyen M, Serbetci T, Gaslonde T, Prado, S, Janin Y, (-)-Cubebin and its semi-synthetic derivatives
van de Weghe P
Michel S, Tillequin F against three species of Mycobacteria PG37. Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS)
Martins CHG, Sato DN, Pavan FG, Andrade LN, a powerful biophysic method for drug discovery:
PG7. Pyrimido[4,5-c]quinolin-1(2H)-ones as a novel
PG16. An approach to the biosynthesis of the polyketide Pereira AC, Bianco TNC, Carvalho TC, Bastos JK, study of Alexa532-endothelin 1 binding on the
class of antimitotic agents: Synthesis and in vitro
Vinholis AHC, Silva R; Cunha, WR, Da Silva Filho AA, endothelin ETA receptor on living cells
cytotoxic activity toxins excreted by the phytophagen fungus
Silva MLA Caballero-George C, Sorkalla T, Bermingham E,
Botrytis cinerea
Metwally K, Pratsinis H, Kletsas D Häberlein H
Rámirez-Fernández J, Hernández-Galán R, Collado IG
PG8. Structure-activity relationships in the PG27. Dual Specificity, Tyrosine phosphorylation
acronycine and benzo[b]acronycine series: Regulated Kinases (DYRKs) in human disease: the PG38. New N9-substituted cytokinin derivatives for affinity
PG17. Evaluation of antioxidant activities of synthesized therapeutic potential of pharmacological inhibitors
Role of the pyran ring chromatography and proteomic analyses
iminochalcones Lozach O, Ferandin Y, Baratte B, Le Sourd F, Meijer L
Do Q, Doan Thi Mai H, Gaslonde T, Pfeiffer B, Mik V, Szüčová L, Zatloukal M, Doležal K, Spíchal L,
Rasheed L, Lohezic-Le Devehat F, Hasan A, Rouaud I, Lenobel R, Strnad M
Léonce S, Pierré A, Michel S, Tillequin F, Dufat H
Boustie J PG28. Structure-activity relationship of (-) mammea A/BB
derivatives against Leishmania amazonensis PG39. A biomimetic approach to manadomanzamine A
PG9. Chemistry of aucubin Brenzan MA , Nakamura CV , Filho BPD ,
PG18. Stereospecificity of Daidzein metabolism leading Yan LH, Nuhant P, Marazano C, Poupon E
Rakotondramasy VC, Loury N, El Mourabet M, Lemus to S-Equol by human intestinal bacterium Ueda- Nakamura T, Young MCM , Júnior JA ,
C, Negrhra A, Mouriès C, Cachet X, Koch M, Kim MH, Han JH, Kim SI, Kim SU Corrêa AG , Cortez DAG
PG40. Synthesis, cytotoxic activity and mechanism of
Tillequin F, Deguin B. action of new Psorospermin-Acronycine analogs
PG29. A novel bicyclic hexapeptide from Rubia cordifolia
PG19. Cruzain inhibition by terpenoids Gaboriaud-Kolar N, Boutefnouchet S, Lallemand MC,
L.: structure, semi-synthesis, and cytotoxicity
PG10. Trihydroxylated 5-cyano-8a-oxazolopiperidine: Agius BR, Stokes SL, Richter LR, Setzer WN Michel S, Tillequin F
Takeya K, Lee JE, Hitotsuyanagi Y, Hasuda T, Kim IH,
a new building block towards the synthesis of
Hasuda T
natural polyhydroxypiperidine analogs. PG20. Rearrangements of Germacrane sesquiterpenoids PG41. Design and synthesis of pentacyclic triterpenoid
Tite T, Tsimilaza A, Boutefnouchet S, Tillequin F, – An ab initio investigation PG30. Design and synthesis of azaisoflavones Lantadene A analogues as antitumor agents
Lallemand MC Setzer W Kang B, Jung YJ, Jeon R Sharma M, Sharma PD, Bansal MP, Singh J

74 75
PG42. Synthesis and folding of the circular cystine PG53. cancelled López SN, Lopes AA, Batista Junior JM, Bolzani VS, PG76. Molecular docking studies on the alkaloid (+)-
knotted cyclotide cycloviolacin O2 Kato MJ, Furlan M buxabenzamidienine from Buxus sempervirens L.
Leta Aboye T, Clark RJ, Craik DJ, Göransson U PG54. Establishment of Rindera graeca transgenic root PG65. Galanthamine production by Leucojum aestivum in with anticholinesterase effect
PG43. Anti-senescence effect of naturally occurring culture as a source of shikonin derivatives vitro shoot cultures Orhan I, Khan MTH, Aslan S, Kartal M, Şener B, Sylte I
cytokinins and their 6,9-di-substituted derivatives Sykłowska-Baranek K, Pietrosiuk A, Kuźma Ł, Georgiev V, Ivanov I, Pavlov A, Georgiev M, Ilieva M
as potent anti-aging substances Chinou I, Kongel M, Jeziorek M PG77. Target fishing for constituents from Ruta
Szüčová L, Zatloukal M, Doležal K, Spíchal L, Voller J, PG66. Pseudojujubogenin glycosides from in vitro graveolens using a virtual parallel screening
Strnad M PG55. Biotransformation of lupeol by Penicillium regenerated Bacopa monnieri (L.) Wettst. approach
roqueforti Kamonwannasit S, Putalun W, Phrompittayarat W, Rollinger JM, Schuster D, Danzl B, Schmidtke M,
Severiano ME, Simão MR, Ambrósio SR, Crotti AEM, Ingkaninan K, Tanaka H
PG44. The use of hairy root cultures to screen for bio- Gertsch J, Radurner S, Schwaiger S, Langer T,
Lopes NP, Turatti ICC, de Figueiredo US,
active principles in Cichorium intybus Stuppner H
Furtado NAJC
Lienert N, Rogg-Le Claire E, Gafner F, Meyer AD, PG67. Isoflavonoids production in cell suspension
Hamburger M, Corbière-Divialle H cultures of Pueraria tuberosa grown in shake PG78. Structure-Activity relationship of sesquiterpenes
PG56. Genetic transformation of buckwheat (Fagopyrum
PG45. Targeting secondary metabolite biosynthetic genes esculentum M.) with Agrobacterium rhizogenes flasks and bioreactor dihydro-β-agarofuran as chemopreventive agents
from the metagenome of the sponge Mycale sp. Kim YK, Xu H, Park SU Goyal S, Ramawat KG Perestelo NR, Jiménez IA, Tokuda H, Bazzocchi IL
Van der Sar SA, Fisch KM, Gurgui C, Nguyen TA,
Piel J, Webb V PG57. Developmental expression of gene transcripts PG68. Biotechnological approaches for the production PG79. Synthesis and antioxidant activity of 3-(3,4-
involved in ginsenoside biosynthesis in ginseng of guggulsterones through organised and dihydroxyphenyl)glyceric acid. Monomer of a
PG46. Use of [C-methyl]Tropinone to follow the fate of the flower. unorganised cultures of Commiphora wightii in biologically active polyether isolated from
Kim YK, Kim SU, Park SU shake flask and bioreactor
methyl group during calystegine formation in root Symphytum asperum and S. caucasicum.
cultures of Solanum dulcamara (Solanaceae) Dass S, Suthar S, Ramawat KG Merlani M, Barbakadze V, Gogilashvili L, Amiranashvili
PG58. Rosmarinic acid biosynthesis: Investigations
Bartholomeusz TA, Molinié R, Roscher A, L, Mulkijanyan K, Yannakopoulou E, Papadopoulos K,
of enzyme activity and genes in cell cultures of PG69. Induction of Pyridine alkaloid formation in
Freydank AC, Dräger B, RobinsRJ, Mesnard F Christodouleas D
Melissa officinalis transformed root cultures of Nicotiana tabacum
Weitzel C, Petersen M Zayed R
PG47. Accumulation of Lignans in in vitro cultures of PG80. Microbial metabolism of Yohimbine
three Linum species. Orabi KY, Sary HG
PG59. Effects of methyl jasmonate on alkaloid production PG70. Microbial metabolism of kava lactones from Piper
Mohagheghzade A, Dehshahri S
in callus culture of Stemona curtisii Hook.f. methysticum PG81. Biosynthesis of justicidin B and diphyllin in cell
Palee J, Dheeranupattana S, Jatisatienr A, Kim JH, Hong MK, Lee IS
PG48. Methyl jasmonate influences secondary cultures of Linum perenne L. Himmelszelt
Jatisatienr C, Pyne SG, Ung AT, Sastraruji T PG71. Biosynthesis of bromopyrrole alkaloids in Agelas
metabolism and protein expression in Scoparia dulcis Hemmati S, Schneider B, Schmidt T, Federolf K,
Lee JB, Suzuki S, Nkembo MK, Kayagi K, Hayashi T oroides Alfermann AW, Fuss E
PG60. Biosynthetic origin of medicarpin in elicited Cachet N, Thomas OP, Al-Mourabit A, Oberhänsli F,
fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum L.) Teyssié JL, Jeffree R
PG49. Effects of calcium and W-7 on flavonoid PG82. Ag+ -induced silymarin production in cell
accumulation in cell cultures of Hypericum suspension culture of Silybum marianum L. Gaertn
Tsiri D, Halabalaki M, Spyropoulos CG, PG72. High –yield production of antifungal saponins
androsaemum L. Ashtiani SR , Hasanloo T, Bihamta MR
Haralampidis K, Chinou I using transformed cell suspension cultures of the
Paranhos A
Mexican species Solanum chrysotrichum PG83. Characterization and detection of major
PG61. Influence of elicitation on the lignan biosynthesis Nava E, Dávila Y, Arellano J, Álvarez L, Herrera Y,
PG50. Cloning and characterization of pinene synthase micromolecular constituents from species of
in cell cultures of Linum album L. Ortiz A, Villarreal ML
from Chamaecyparis formosensis Matsum Brazilian Cerrado and Atlantic rainforest using in
Fuhrmann HG, Boland W, Alfermann AW, Fuss E
Chu FH, Kuo PM, Chen YR, Wang SY silico and hyphenated techniques
PG73. Biotransformation of onopordopicrin, a Castro-Gamboa I, Pauletti PM, Zucarelli ME,
PG62. Increasing chemical diversity through sesquiterpene lactone, by Aspergillus niger
PG51. Use development of functional materials in the de Matos ATS, Ropero DR, Silva DHS, Bolzani VS.
biotransformation of terpenoids by fungi Esmaeili A , Rustaiyan A, Moazami N
leaves of Perilla frutescens (L.) Britton var. acuta
Arakawa NS, Gobbo-Neto L, Carollo CA,
Kudo (red perilla) with Japanese dietary pickled PG84. Antifungal piperolides, coumarins, pyrones and
Antonucci GA, Sampaio SV, Pupo MT, Said S, PG74. Secondary compound production in root cultures
plum (Umeboshi) amides from Piper species and synthetic analogs
Da Costa FB of Stemona curtisii Hook. f.
Sawabe A, Satake T, Aizawa R, Ozeki C, Hamada Y, Marques JV, de Oliveira A, Young MCM, Kato MJ
Komemushi S Chotikadachanarong K, Dheeranupattana S ,
PG63. Heterologous biosynthesis of resveratrol, genistein Jatisatienr A, Jatisatienr C, Pyne SG , Ung AT, Sastraruji T PG85. Gallic acid from Alchornea glandulosa as a
and kaempferol from Saccharomyces cerevisiae
PG52. Production of shikonin derivatives in transgenic prototype for antifungal semi-synthetic
Trantas Em, Panopoulos N, Ververidis F PG75. Identification of molecular targets in anti-cancer
roots of Lithospermum canescens (Michx.) Lehm. alkyl-gallates
cultivated in mist bioreactor therapy using protein-ligand docking Petrônio MS, Regasini LO, Benaducci T,
PG64. Bioactive C-geranylated metabolites from Piper Sousa I, Kairys V, Padrón JM, Fernandes MX
Sykłowska-Baranek K, Pietrosiuk A, Furmanowa M, Gianinni MJSM, Lopes EMC, Young MCM,
crassinervium: biological and biosynthetic studies
Szypuła W, Jeziorek M Torres LMB, Castro-Gamboa I,Bolzani VS, Silva DHS
76 77
PG86. Hinokinin biosynthesis in Linum corymbulosum PG97. Stereostructural determination of Oxazinins based PG108. Agrobacterium rhizogenes-mediated
Reichenb. on a combination of synthetic and NMR studies transformation of Uncaria tomentosa root cultures PG110. Search for natural products as inhibitors of
Bayindir Ü, Mohagheghzadeh A, Alfermann AW, Fuss E Ciminiello P, Dell’Aversano C, Fattorusso E, Forino M , for monoterpenoid oxindole alkaloid production cathepsins L and V
Grauso L, Santelia FU, Tartaglione L, Moutsos VI, Garrido-Gutiérrez MI, Cerda-García-Rojas C.M, Vieira P, Severino R, Fernandes J, da Silva MFGF,
PG87. Enhancing phenylpropanoid secondary Pitsinos EN, Couladouros EA Orozco-Cárdenas ML, Ramos-Valdivia AC Brömme D
metabolites in Nicotiana tabacum and Salvia
sclarea by overexpression of a rice myb4 PG98. Synthetic studies towards Laurenditerpenol, a novel PG109. Fungal enzymes production induced with fucoidan PG111. Alkoxyalkyl esters of asiatic acid as asiaticoside
transcription factor. HIF-1 inhibitor from brown seaweed Laminaria jap__onica mimetics
Docimo T, Coraggio I, De Tommasi N, Leone A Pitsinos EN, Athinaios N, Kazantzis A Rodriguez-Jasso RM, Teixeira JA, Aguilar CN, Pastrana L Kim HD, Park EH, Cho WJ

PG88. Structure-based identification of ER and ACAT as PG99. Design and synthesis of some new
Topic H: Nutraceuticals/bioactive compounds in food
molecular targets involved in the chemopreventive aminosubstituted benzofurans as potential
activity of the citrus auraptene inhibitors of TNF-α.
PH1. Grape seeds – a waste product as source for PH9. Saponin content of sprouts from Chenopodium
De Medina P, Genovese S, Pailasse M, Daniilides K , Kolokythas G , Skaltsounis AL , Pouli N ,
antibacterial agents nuttalliae Saff., Cucurbita pepo L., Brassica
Silvente-Poirot S, Curini M, Epifano F, Poirot M Marakos P
Stecher G, Mayer R, Wuerzner R, Colonia Silva R, napus L. and Amaranthus leucocarpus S.
Abel G, Popp M, Bonn GK Watson syn. hypochondriacus L.
PG89. Marine habitats – promising sources of PG100. Synthesis and biological activity evaluation of new
Barrón-Yánez M, Villanueva-Verduzco C,
novel microoganisms and new natural products spiropyranocoumarins and
PH2. Principle component analysis of isoflavone content García-Mateos R, Colinas-León T
with biotechnological applications spiropyranoquinolinones
in hybrid soybean genotypes
Wiese J, Gärtner A, Heindl H, Kajahn I, Lang G, Kostakis IK, Panteleon V, Marakos P, Pouli N, Mikros E,
Mitova M, Nagel K, Schmaljohann R, Schneemann I, Andreadou I Tepavčević V, Cvejić J, Popović J PH10. Medicinal Zingiberaceae in the prevention of
Imhoff JF menopausal bone loss
PG101. The synthesis of novel 2’,3’-dideoxy-C-nucleosides PH3. Garlic extracts protects from genetic damage by Wright LE, Beischel Frye J, Timmermann BN, Funk JL
PG90. Lessons learned from the optimization of natural as potential antiviral agents hydrogen peroxide and 4-Hydroxy-2-Nonenal in PH11. The effect of steaming on the free amino acid
product based kinase inhibitors through molecular Tite T, Lougiakis N , Pouli N , Marakos P , Balzarini J human leukocytes contents and antioxidant activity of ginseng
calculations Jeon GI, Kim JM, Lee YJ, Yoon JA, Park E Cho EJ, Piao XL, Jang MH, Park SY, Kwon SW, Park JH
Myrianthopoulos V, Magiatis P,Skaltsounis AL, PG102. Cytotoxicity evaluation of some cobalt and copper
Meijer L, Mikros E amino acids complexes using Saccharomyces PH12. Identification and quantitative determination of
PH4. Inhibition of vascular endothelial growth factor
cerevisiae culture as in vitro model blood lowering sugar amino acid in Fenugreek
by highbush blueberry fruit (Vaccinium
PG91. Quantum mechanical studies of indirubin derived Stanila A, Braicu C, Ranga F, Fetea F Hajimehdipoor H, Sadat-Ebrahimi SE, Izaddoost M,
corymbosum v bluecrop) in Eahy 926 and U937
CDK and GSK3b inhibitors Amin GhR, Givi E
cell lines.
Gikas E, Myrianthopoulos V, Mikros E PG103. New contrast agents exploiting natural products for
Der Marderosian A, Kota R, Porter J, Morel D,
targeted magnetic resonance imaging PH13. Effect of storage humidity on quality of green tea
Mckee J, Howell A
PG92. Total synthesis of Hermannioside A, a novel Efthimiadou E, Katsarou M, Fardis M, Zikos C, Lee JM, Cho SH, Choi SG, Heo HJ, Lee SC
flavonoid triglycoside from Anthyllis hermanniae Pitsinos E.N, Kazantzis A, Leondiadis L, Vourloumis D
PH5. Immune modulation by a standardized Lycium PH14. Antioxidant activities of non-astringent persimmon
Paschali A, Halabalaki M, Tsiripillou P , Skaltsounis AL
PG104. Effects of hydroxyl and prenyl groups on oxidative barbarum fruit (Goji) juice in randomized, fruit in different parts
PG93. The production of catalpol using hairy root culture DNA damage inhibition by isoflavones and their double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical studies Bae MS, Jang IC, Ahn GH, Lee SC
of Rehmannia glutinosa L. HOMO electron density distribution Amagase H, Sun B, Nance DM
Lu WC, Wu YH, Lin WN, Lee MS, Chang WT Hanawa F PH15. Variation in the carotenoid composition during
PH6. Antioxidant activity and principle constituents of storage and cooking in carrots
PG94. Development of Indonesian medicinal plants: the PG105. Synthesis of long chain phosphinic peptides as Vietnam bitter tea Ilex kudingcha Lim CJ, Ha JL, Lee H, Shin YW, Chun HS,
use of biotechnological approach zinc metalloproteases inhibitors Thuong PT, Thuan ND, Bae KH, Oh WK Lee CH, Kim JW, Chun MS, Lee SW, Ahn MJ
Elfahmi Cheilari M, Matziari M, Dive V, Nagase H, Yiotakis A
PG95. Effect of synthetic Bastadins and analogues on PH7. Assessment of antioxidant activities and phenolic PH16. Clinical studies of improving general well-being by
the activity of ryanodine receptors in cultured PG106. Effect of S fertilization on the glucosinolate content contents of some edible plants a standardized Lycium barbarum fruit juice
cerebellar granule cells and biosynthesis of Eruca sativa Orhan I, Kartal M, Şenol FS, Abou-Asaker M, Şener B Amagase H, Sun B, Nance DM
Zieminska E, Stafiej A, Pitsinos EN, Couladouros EA, Omirou M, Zampounis A, Katsarou D, Delis C,
Moutsos VI, Kozlowska H, Toczylowska B, Lazarewicz J Ehaliotis C, Karpouzas D, Papadopoulou KK PH8. Chemical composition of strawberries and PH17. Benzophenones and biflavonoids antioxidants
blueberries from Rheedia edulis fruits (Clusiaceae)
PG96. Novel Scyphostatin analogues: Synthesis PG107. Transformed cell suspension cultures of Galphimia Acuña UM, Basile MJ, Kennelly EJ
Sofic E, Uzunovic A, Duric K, Muradic S, Huseinovic S,
and biological evaluation as inhibitors of neutral glauca producing triterpenes
Toromanovic J, Lischner N
sphingomyelinase (N-SMase) Ortíz A, Monroy MR, Cardoso-Taketa A, Arellano J,
Pitsinos EN, Leontiadis L, Giannis A, Wascholowski V Villarreal ML
78 79
PH18. Improvement of sleep quality by a standardized senescent accelerated OXYS rats metalloprotease-9 expression in monocytes PH49. Novel pharmacological approach to medicinal
Lycium barbarum fruit juice shown in a Kolosova NG, Fursova AZh, Stefanova NA Dell’Agli M, Fagnani R, Galli G, Maschi O, effects of Allium vegetables: The interactions of
randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled de Fabiani E, Caruso D, Bosisio E organosulfur and flavonoid constituents with
human clinical study PH28. Antiradical efficiency and aldose reductase membrane lipids
Amagase H, Nance DM inhibitory capacity of Cornelian cherry (Cornus PH39. The ANTIATERO-ALIM Study: Effects of functional Tsuchiya H
mas L.) fruits’ extracts. foods with vegetal bioactive ingredients in the
PH19. Determination of biologically interesting Tsatalas P, Alexiou P, Demopoulos V, Kokkalou E metabolic syndrome PH50. Comparative studies regarding the influence of the
polyphenols from grapes, wines and vinification Dragan S, Ursoniu S, Kaycsa D, Samoila C, Rada M, esters and the ethanol amides of the fatty acids
byproducts of Greek origin—assessment of their in PH29. Mucoadhesive and antioxidant activity of Socaciu C from extra-virgin Oleum Olivae on the experimental
vitro antioxidant activity low-thiosulfinate Allium extracts ulcers and on the gastric activity on rat
Anastasiadi M, Pratsinis H, Kletsas D, Skaltsounis AL, Zovko M, Jug M PH40. The laxative effect of fresh pulp aqueous extracts Mihele D, Pop A, Dărmănescu D, Cocu F
Haroutounian SA of Thai Tamarind cultivars
PH30. Anti-inflammatory activities of new succinic and Panthong A, Khonsung P, Kunanusorn P, Wongcome T, PH51. Changes during ripening in the content of the
PH20. Determination and quantitative analysis of the maleic acid derivatives from the fruiting body of Pongsamart S principal bioactive polyphenols in five Greek native
principal polyphenolic compounds present in Antordia camphorata Vitis vinifera cultivars
stem extracts of native Greek islands grape Kuo YH PH41. Turmeric reduces cardiovascular disease risk Anastasiadi M, Pratsinis H, Kletsas D, Papras A,
varieties-assessment of their antioxidant activity in Vitro factors in rheumatoid arthritis Panagiotou A, Haroutounian SA
Anastasiadi M, Pratsinis H, Kletsas D, Theotokatos SA, PH31. Effect of Montepulciano d’Abruzzo red wine and Frye JB, Timmermann BN, Funk JL
Haroutounian SA main phenols on mouse skeletal muscle cells PH52. Antioxidative properties of buckwheat grain, hull
PH21. Quantitation of polyphenolic content and Fulle S, Pietrangelo T, Epifano F, Leporini L, Menghini L PH42. In vivo antidiabetic activity of Greek propolis and and flours
determination of antilisterial activities of grapes Royal Jelly Sedej I, Mišan A, Sakač M, Mandić A, Pestorić M
and vinification byproducts PH32. Anti-inflammatory activity of the soybean Dania F, Bazelidze N, Chinou I, Melliou E, Rallis M,
Anastasiadi M, Chorianopoulos NG, Theotokatos SA, methanolic fraction containing isoflavones Papaioannou G PH53. Exploiting olive leaves for herbal preparations rich
Nychas GJE, Haroutounian SA Carrara VS, Melo JO, Filho BPD, Bersani-Amado CA, in bioactive radical scavengers
Nakamura CV , Mandarino JMG , Cortez LER, PH43. Vegetarian fecal water inhibits COX-2 in colon Papoti VT, Tsimidou MZ
PH22. Total polyphenols and phytoestrogens Cortez DAG cancer cells
concentration and DPPH-radical scavenging PH33. Effect of a soybean methanolic fraction containing Pettersson J, Huss U, Karlsson PC, Choi YH, PH54. Effects of dietary phytoestrogens on bone markers
activity in soybean of different origin isoflavones on beta/delta peroxisome proliferator- Verpoorte R, Rafter JJ, Bohlin L in senile female rats
Malenčić Dj, Cvejić J, Ćeran-Tepavčević V, Popović M activated receptors (PPAR) Manaa F, Ahmad HH, Estefan SF
da Silva Carrara V, Bazotte RB, Neves FAR, Amato A, PH44. Antibacterial activity of Pleurotus spp. hexanic
PH23. Total polyphenols and tannin concentration and Filho BPD, Nakamura CV, Mandarino JMG, extracts PH55. Statistical methods for optimization of xylanase
DPPH-radical scavenging activity in olive varieties Cortez LER, Cortez DAG Valencia del Toro G, Téllez Jaimes MÁ, production by solid state fermentation from
from Montenegro Garín Aguilar ME, Durán Páramo E Aspergillus foetidus mtcc 4898
Malenčić Dj, Lazović B, Popović M PH34. Five novels oligosaccharides from sweet potato PH45. Antioxidant capacity of various medicinal plants, Sakat SS, Valte RD, Juvekar AR
(Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam ) fruits and vegetables
PH24. Effect of drying on anthocyanins and polyphenol Rosas-Ramírez D, Escalante-Sánchez E, Pereda- Sapcanin A, Imamovic A, Kovac-Besovic E, Duric K, PH56. Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Probiotic bacteria
oxidase (PPO) enzyme in pomegranate (Punica Miranda R. Tahirovic I, Toromanovic J, Sofic E potentially inhibit aflatoxins production in vitro
granatum L.) arils -Study of their ptotective activity in rats
Jaiswal V, Der Marderosian A, Porter J, Morel D, PH35. Table olives as a source of natural antimicrobials PH46. Geographical differentiation of saffron according to Omara EA, Nada SA, Amra HA, EL –Damaty EM ,
Moyna G Romero C, Medina E, García A, De Castro A, Brenes M amino acids and ammonium content Rowayshed GH, Deabes MM
del Campo PC, Garde T, Sánchez A M, Carmona M,
PH25. Estrogenic effects of pomegranate extracts in PH36. Effects of the pickled fruit and the constituents of Alonso GL PH57. Effect of polyphenol rich blueberry extract on
ovariectomized rats the fruit of Prunus mume for relieving tension in cognitive performance of mice; concominant
Promprom W, Lijuan W, Munglue P, Kupittayanant P, man and rats PH47. Effects of Oenothera paradoxa defatted seed changes of brain antioxidant markers and
Indrapichate K, Kupittayanant S Yamada K, Ina H, Matsumoto K, Miyazaki T extracts on metallopeptidase activity acetylcholinesterase
Kiss AK, Derwińska M, Naruszewicz M Papandreou MA, Dimakopoulou A, Cordopatis P,
PH26. Effects of noni fruit extract on intestinal PH37. Total content of phenols and anthocyanins in fruits Klimis-Zacas D, Margarity M, Lamari FN
contractility in rats from Bosnia PH48. The Australian desert shrub Eremophila longifolia
Buddhakala N, Khat-Bhet N, Lijuan W, Kupittayanant S, Toromanovic J, Tahirovic I, Toromanovic E, Sapcanin A, (R.Br.) F.Muell. (Schrophulariaceae), as a potential PH58. Identification of volatile components of
Kupittayanant P Uzunovic A, Selman S, Sofic E source of karahanaenone and other terpenoids. Greek distillates (Tsipouro)
Smith J, Tucker D, Watson K, Jones G. Lelis K, Melliou E , Magiatis P, Papras A, Panagiotou A,
PH27. Dietary supplementation with bilberry extract PH38. Inflammatory process and virgin olive oil phenols: Skaltsounis AL, Haroutounian S
prevents macular degeneration and cataracts in modulation of platelet aggregation and
80 81
PH59. Sesamolinol glucoside and other lignans PH65. Comparison of head-space analysis (HSA) and solid- PI11. Chemical Constituents of the Headspace and PI21. Chemical composition of the essential oils of three
from Sesame seeds with antimutagenic and phase microextraction (SPME) for assessment of Essential oil of Thymus balcanus Borbàs Mexican oreganos species
lipid peroxidation inhibitory activities edible oils oxidation stability. Vidic D, Ćavar S, Maksimović M Rivero I, Duarte G, Bye R, Linares E, Mata R
Grougnet R, Magiatis P, Laborie H, Lazarou D, Gromadzka J, Wardencki W
Papadopoulos A ,Skaltsounis AL PI12. Composition and antiradical capacity of Achillea PI22. Composition and antifungal activity of the essential
PH66. Determination of total flavonoid contents in eight grandifolia essential oil from Serbia oil of the root of Ferula hermonis
PH60. Application of chiral GC-MS analysis in the Cousinia species Pavlović M, Petrović S, Milenković M, Kukić J, Al-Ja’fari AH, Vila R, Freixa B, Costa J, Tomi F,
detection of natural products adulteration – The Khanavi M, Shahverdi AR, Attar F, Sadeghi E Couladis M, Tzakou O, Niketić M Cañigueral S
example of Chios mastic gum essential oil PI13. Menthol and geraniol biotransformation and PI23. Chemical composition and antimicrobial activity of
Paraschos S, Magiatis P, Skaltsounis AL PH67. Antioxidant properties of methanolic extracts from glycosylation capacity of Levisticum officinale the essential oils of flowers, leaves and stems of
peels of different pomegranate varieties cultivated hairy roots Cotinus coggygria
PH61. Quantitation of oleuropein and hydroxytyrosol in in Pakistan Nunes IS, Figueiredo AC, Trindade H, Barroso JB, Milošević T, Nićiforović N, Mihailović V, Solujić S,
Bhanger MI
Greek edible olives Pedro LG Vuković N
Zoidou E, Melliou E, Magiatis P
PH68. Antioxidant and antitumorous properties of in vitro
PI14. Biotransformation of menthol and geraniol by hairy PI24. Cytotoxicity, antimicrobial activity and composition
cultivated broccoli (Brassica oleracea L. var. italica
PH62. Oleuropein as a bioactive constituent of functional root cultures of Anethum graveolens: effect on of essential oil from Tanacetum balsamita L.subsp.
milk and yogurt growth and volatile components balsamita
Čakar J, Parić A, Maksimović M, Bajrović K
Zoidou E, Magiatis Ρ, Constantinou Μ ,Skaltsounis ΑL Faria JMS, Figueiredo AC, Trindade H, Barroso JB, Ebrahimi SN, Yousefzadi M, Sonboli A, Miraghasi F,
PH69. Wild edible plants of Aegean Coast (Turkey) Pedro LG Ghiasi S, Mosaffa N
PH63. Antioxidant activity of olive leaves extracts from Durmuşkahya C
Greek cultivars PH70. Effect of γ-irradiation on antioxidant properties of PI15. Essential oil composition of different parts of PI25. Comparison of chemical composition from Thymus
Kiritsakis K, Kontogiorgis C, Hadjipavlou-Litina D, soybean Greek Foeniculum vulgare and larvicidal activity of vulgaris L. cultivated in different locations of Iran
Moustakas A, Kiritsakis A Popović B, Štajner D, Mandić A, Mašić S the stem oil Nazari F, Shaabani Sh, Kazemizadeh Z, Nejad
Manolakou S, Pitarokili D, Koliopoulos G, Ebrahimi S
PH64. Xanthine oxidase inhibition and antioxidant activity PH71. Triterpenoid biosynthesis in legumes Michaelakis A, Tzakou O
of some plant foods Delis C, Georgiou S, Krokida A, Kavroulakis N, PI26. Antioxidant activities of Carum carvi L. and
Al-Okbi SY, Mohamed DA Osbourn A, Papadopoulou KP PI16. Chemical composition and evaluation of Coriandrum sativum L., Apiaceae essential oils
antioxidant and antimicrobial properties Samojlik I, Mimica-Dukic N, Lakic N, Nikolic A,
Topic I: Essential oils of Ocimum lamiifolium and Crassocephalum Bogavac M, Bozin B
vitellinum essential oils
PI1. Essential oil composition of Cachrys libanotis PI6. Comparison of antimicrobial properties of Mukazayire MJ , Tomani JC , Okusa NP, Chalchat JC, PI27. Composition of essential oil from Salvia officinalis
growing in Algeria (Apiaceae) essential oils in vapour and liquid phase against Stévigny C, Duez P L. of Iran
Bouderdara N, Elomri A, Djarri L, Medjroubi K, foodborne pathogens Nazari F, Shaabani S, Kazemizadeh Z, Jafari E
Seguin E, Vérité P Nedorostova L, Kloucek P, Kokoska L, Stolcova M PI17. Chemical composition and antibacterial activity of
essential oils of 3 Helichrysum species PI28. Chemical constituent of the essential oil and
PI2. Organ and season dependent variation of the PI7. Pastinaca hirsuta essential oils: composition and Kajangwe V, Tomani JC, Mukazayire MJ, antioxidant activity of various extracts of Anthemis
Hypericum undulatum essential oils composition antimicrobial activity Chalchat JC,Duez P haussknechtii (Asteraceae) from Iran
Guedes AP, Fernandes-Ferreira M Petrović S, Pavlović M, Milenković M, Vučićević D, Salehi P, Sonboli A, Barami Z, Mazraati F
Couladis M, Tzakou O, Niketić M PI18. In vivo investigation on antifungal activity of cream
PI3. Hypericum androsaemum L. essential oils: with Carlina acanthifolia essential oil PI29. Antiparasitic activity of carvacrol obtained from
characterization of their variation profiles PI8. Laser trilobum essential oils: composition, Djordjevic S, Arsic I, Petrovic S, Tadic V, Milenkovic M, Thymus caramanicus Jalas
Guedes AP, Fernandes-Ferreira M antimicrobial and antiradical properties Isailovic G, Adamovic A Yazdanyar A , Zavareh SH, Zangeneh M
Petrović S, Pavlović M, Milenković M, Kukić J, Couladis M,
PI4. Repellent activity of essential oils on Triatoma Tzakou O, Niketić M PI19. Chemical composition and antibacterial activity PI30. Volatile constituents of three Salvia species: S.
infestans of the essential oil of Callistemon speciosus (Sims) sclareopsis, S. brachysiphon and S. verbascifolia
Vilaseca LA, Laurent D, Ballivian C, Chantraine JM, PI9. Composition of the essential oils of three DC. growing in Rwanda growing wild in Iran.
Ibañez R Hypericum species from Florida Kajangwe V, Chalchat JC, Rutayisire J, Ndagijimana A, Rustaiyan A, Jamzad M
Couladis M , Siavelis S, Tzakou O, Pilarinou E, Mukazayire MJ, Duez P
PI5. Investigation of essential oil of Gholson A, Loukis A PI31. Use of essential oil treatments to control
Triumfetta flavescens Hochst growin PI20. Comparison of essential oils of endemic Satureja the Listeria monocytogenes growth in various food
wild in the egyptian desert PI10. Volatile Constituents of Thymus moesiacus Velen. visianii Šilić with other Satureja species of Croatia commodities
Ibrahim ME, Ahmed SS from Bosnia Dunkić V, Bezić N Chorianopoulos NG, Skandamis PN, Nychas GJE,
Ćavar S, Vidic D, Maksimovic M Haroutounian SA
82 83
PI32. Chemical composition of essential oil of Nepeta PI43. Chemical composition and antimicrobial activity PI55. Antimicrobial activity and composition of the PI62. Mosquito repellents from essential oils
nuda L. 1753 (Syn. Nepeta pannonica L. 1753) from of the essential oil from Bidens segetum Mart. Ex essential oils of Echinacea species cultivated and crude extracts of plants of French Polynesia
the Pannonian plain Colla leaves, flowers and fruits. under organic farming conditions in Turkey Adam F, Deslandes E, Bernier U, Menut C,
Malenčić Dj, Máthé I, Veres K, Boža P Nascimento AL, Souza A, Lima MEL, Moreno PRH, Kan Y, Kartal M, Ucan U.S, Gulpinar AR, Kan R Vahirua-Lechat I
Young MCM
PI56. Antimicrobial activity and composition of essential
PI33. Variation in the yield and composition of essential PI63. Analysis of volatile oil from Nepeta glomerata
oils of Mentha spicata cultivated under organic
oils in German chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla) PI44. Antimicrobial activity of dragonhead, sage, Montbret et Aucher ex Bentham from Lebanon
farming conditions in Turkey
according to flower development stage oregano, hyssop and mint essential oils Piozzi F, Rosselli S, Apostolides Arnold N,
Kartal M, Ucan US, Kan Y, Aslan S, Atalay T
Rafieiolhossaini M , Adams A, De Kimpe N, Bäcks H, Holm Y Formisano C, Rigano D, Senatore F
Van Damme P PI57. In situ volatile organic compound analyses to
PI45. Growth inhibiting activity of volatile terpenoids provide a new dimension to the evaluation of host PI 64. Mastic oil from Pistacia lentiscus var. chia
PI34. Activities of the essential oil fraction of Artemisia from Cistus creticus L. against Borrelia burgdorferi plant specificity of prospective biological control suppresses metastasis of mouse B16
capillaris and its main component, vulgarone B sensu stricto (Bbss) in vitro agents melanoma cells
against antibiotic-resistant pathogenic bacteria Rauwald HW, Hutschenreuther A, Rusch C, Beck JJ, Smith L, Merrill GB Magkouta S, Papapetropoulos A, Kolisis FN,
Chung EY, Lee JY, Chung HS, Lee YH, Shin S Birkemeyer C, Straubinger RK PI58. A seasonal study of volatile production of Prunus Roussos C, Loutrari H
PI35. Antimalarial effect of essential volatile oils from dulcis, Nonpareil cultivar
Nigerian medicinal plants on Plasmodium yoelii PI46. Influence of soil nitrogen level and plant spacing Beck JJ, Merrill GB, Higbee BS, Gee WS, Bettiga J PI 65. Potential use of essential oils for
nigeriensis (in-vivo) and Plasmodiun falciparum on essential oil content and composition of beef preservation
(in-vitro). German chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla) PI59. Activity of a microencapsulated mixture of Doulgeraki A, Argyri A, Blana V, Nychas GJ
Iwalewa EO , Gbolade AA, Ademowo OG, Rafieiolhossaini M , Adams A, De Kimpe N, constituents of essential oils against grey mould
Omisore NO, Nneji CM Van Damme P and powdery mildew in grapes and vegetables PI 66. Myrica gale fruit essential oil:
Markellou E, Vloutoglou I, Mavroeidi VI, Kalamarakis A, Chemical composition and antifungal
PI47. Inhibitory effect of essential oils from Lavandula Skaltsounis AL, Fokialakis N
PI36. Synergistic antibacterial activity of Bunium activity for a conservative use
viridis and Eucalyptus globulus on
persicum and Cuminum cyminum essential oils Popovici J, Bertrand C, Comte G
acetylcholinesterase and PI60. Chemical analysis of high quality rose oil, rose
Oroojalian F, Kasra- Kermanshahi R , Azizi M
butyrylcholinesterase water and rose vinegar from Greece using PI 67. Biological activity and composition
enzymes enantiomeric gas chromatography-mass
PI37. Chemical composition and acetylcholinesterase of the essential oil of
Gonçalves S, Romano A spectrometry
inhibition of volatile oils from Marlierea racemosa Nepeta menthoides from Iran
(Vell.) Kiaersk. (Myrtaceae) collected in two Magiatis P, Paraschos S, Melliou E, Kasapidis G, Sonboli A, Gholipour A, Mojarrad M
PI48. Effect of drying conditions on antioxidant activities
different areas of the Brazilian Atlantic Rain Forest. Skaltsounis AL
and volatile compounds of chrysanthemum
Souza A, Silva MC, Cardoso-Lopes EM, Cordeiro I, Seo HK, Bae SM, Lee SC PI 68. Antibacterial coactions between
PI61. A comparative qualitative and quantitative
Sobral MEG, Young MCM, Moreno PRH Lavandulae aetheroleum
analysis of the essential oils of 159 cultivated
PI49. Transformations of Mentha spicata essential oil in and selected antibiotics
aromatic plant samples of seven
PI38. Analysis of the volatile constituents of Cornus mas the soil environment Hancianu M, Poiata A, Gille E, Aprotosoaie C,
different species from six areas
(Cornaceae) fruits. Karamanoli K, Kadoglidou K, Tananaki C, Tuchilus C, Cioanca O, Stanescu U
of Northern Greece
Tsatalas P, Spanakis M, Kokkalou E Thrasyvoulou A, Constantinidou HIA, Vokou D Paraschos S, Magiatis P, Skaltsounis AL

PI39. Molecular characterization and analysis of the PI50. The effects of different level of nitrogen and plant
volatile oils of two endemic Portuguese species: density on flower yield and essential oils content of Topic K: Other related topics
Angelica lignescens and Melanoselinum decipiens two improved chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla)
Mendes MD, Trindade H, Figueiredo AC, Pedro LG, cultivars: “Bodegold” and “Germania” PK1. Euphorbia antysyphilitica wax extraction and study PK5. Mercury as an important contaminant of
Barroso JG, Fontinha SS Rahmati M, Azizi M, Hasanzadeh khayyat M, Neamati H of its application as edible nutraceutical film on environment and its occurrence in the blackcurrant
avocados to improve their shelf life quality (Ribes nigrum) in Sovakia
PI51. Antimicrobial activity of Santolina Saucedo-Pompa S, Jasso-Cantu D, Kimáková T, Bernasovská K
PI40. Molecular polymorphism and volatile oil chamaecyparissus L. volatile oil Rodríguez-Herrera R, Sáenz-Galindo A, Aguilar CN.
composition of the endemic Azorean species, PK6. In vitro antibacterial activity of Antennaria dioica
Djeddi S, Djebil K, Hadjbourega G, Achour Z,
Juniperus brevifolia PK2. Establishment of the micronucleus assay in the L. and evaluation of synergism between plant
Argyropoulou C, Skaltsa H
Lima AS, Costa MM, Trindade H, Figueiredo AC, human hepatoma cell line HepG2 to identify extract and preservatives
Barroso JB, Pedro LG PI52. Chemical composition of the essential oil of the genotoxic natural products Dragana S, Čomic L, Stefanović O, Solujić- Sukdolak S
Greek endemic species Marrubium thessalum Nitzsche D, Melzig MF
PK7. Conformational analysis of Hyptolide by DFT
PI41. Chemodiversity studies on Mentha cervina L. (Lamiaceae) PK3. Phytochemical and pharmacognostical study of molecular modeling calculations and theoretical
populations from Portugal Argyropoulou C, Karioti A, Skaltsa H Cimicifuga racemosa L. Nutt. and standardization versus experimental NMR coupling
Rodrigues L, Monteiro P, Póvoa O, Teixeira G, of plant raw material and homoeopathic mother constants analysis
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PI42. Isolation of essential oils of Allium ursinum
L from Bosnia PI54. The chemical composition and antibacterial activity PK4. Disinfectant test in biofilms: natural against PK8. An assessment of nrITS sequence for use in
Copra-Janicijevic A, Muradic S, Huseinovic S, of the volatile oil from Micromeria rupestris L. chemical sanitizers barcoding traditional Chinese medicinal herbs
Tahirovic I, Toromanovic J, Sapcanin A, Sofic E (Lamiaceae) Chorianopoulos NG, Giaouris ED, Skandamis PN, Guo H, Zhang S, Yang N, Yang R, Sun Q, Yu J
Hasan Agha MI, Khaiat A Nychas GJE, Haroutounian SA
84 85
PK9. Production of polyclonal antibodies Prieto P, Ramos P, Redondo A, Tormo JR, Peláez F
against dioscin
Phrompittayarat W, Ingkaninan K, Putalun W PK25. In vitro propagation of Piper nigrum L.
(Black pepper)
PK10. DNA sequence and chemical assessment of Thai Dharmadasa RM, Yapabandara YMHB, Hettiarachchi PL
tamarind cultivars with laxative activity
Pongsamart S, Sukrong S, Khanthapok P, Bhusawang P PK26. Evaluation effect of media formulation, pH and
temperature on “shiitake” mycelium growth on
PK11. Permeability studies of coumarins with new solid and liquid culture conditions
accelerated Caco-2 cell model Azizi M, Razeghee L , Farsee M
Galkin A, Vuorela P
PK27. Green synthesis of gold nanoparticles using
PK12. Genetic diversity of Peucedanum japonicum using Camellia sinensis ethanol extract
Internal Transcribed Spacer (ITS) sequence Shahverdi AR , Banoee M, Akhavani A
Kim YH, Ryuk JA, Ko BS, Lee JW, Oh SE, Lee MY
PK28. Induction of nutritive corms through in vitro culture
PK13. Fermentative production of glucose of Gastrodia elata immature tubers
oxidase from Aspergillus niger NCIM 545 Ahn JK, Lee WY, Kim ST, Lee EK
Sakat SS, Valte RD, Juvekar AR
PK29. The effect of simulated gastrointestinal conditions
PK14. Arsenic test kit in medicinal plant products on the antimicrobial activity and chemical stability
Leuprasert L, Chawengrattanachot W of extracts of two indigenous South African plants
Vermaak I, Viljoen AM, Hamman JH
PK15. Study of the effect of hormones, medium and
explant on the callugenesis of PK30. Drug absorption enhancing properties of Aloe vera
Foeniculum vulgare Mill across intestinal epithelial cells
Sarkheil P, Omidi M, Peyghambari SA Chen W, Hamman JH, Lu Z, Viljoen AM

PK16. Characterization of the mechanical, chemical and PK31. Natural coumarins and PLS analysis for
thermal properties of antimicrobial (AM) antibacterial activity using VolSurf descriptors
starch-based films Koukoulitsa C, Tsantili-Kakoulidou A,
Eraricar S, Ida Idayu M, Nozieana K Mavromoustakos T, Chinou I

PK17. Sclerotia of the plant pathogen Rhizoctonia solani PK32. Selective and rapid liquid chromatography/ positive-
Kühn as a new source of bioactive compounds ion electrospray ionization mass spectrometry
Aliferis KA, Jabaji S method for the quantification of methotrexate,
folinic acid and folic acid in human serum
PK18. Identification of genes involved in trichome Koufopantelis P, Georgakakou S, Margeli A, Panderi I
specific metabolism in Nicotiana tabacum
Goepfert S, Rösti S, Ivanov N, Bovet L, Ross J PK33. Traditional remedies validation in scientific frame
Devi V
PK19. The challenges of high quality to supply the
demands of the US mass-market PK34. Chemical composition, toxicity study, antioxidant
Pontiakos G and anticancer activities of essential oil of Citrus
sinensis fruit peels grown under
PK20. Release of heavy metals (cadmium, mercury) from Egyptian condition
human blood and urine by Cystus-Sud (Cistus Youssef AA, Abd El-Hamid SR
incanus ssp. tauricus)
Ali SFA, Träder JM, Vollbrandt T, Siegers CP PK35. Effect of matrix pretreatment on microwave
assisted extraction of curcumin as an alternative
PK21. Measurement of thiocyanate and COHb in the human to conventional solid liquid extraction
blood as a function of smoke Mandal V, Maity S, Dewanjee S, Mandal SC
Ali SFA, Johannisson R, Siegers CP

PK22. Okra Gum: A novel natural film forming polymer

Gulkari VD, Pachpor MP, Patil VR, Nayak SH

PK23. A systems biology approach to develop assay

systems for maturity-onset diabetes of the young
Han K, Kang H, Choi MY, Suh YG, Kim J
PK24. Automated Cherry Picking Process of natural
products extracts by using remote data
on a robotic platform
Tabanera N, García JB, Asensio F, Robles A, Mateos G,
88 89

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