i) B.Com.(Two years degree course) will consist of Part-I and Part-II ii) Part-I will have Six papers of 100 Marks each. iii) Part-II will have Six papers (including one optional) of 100 Marks each. iv) The compulsory subject of Islamic Studies and Pakistan studies shall be of 100 Marks with the following distributions. a) Islamic Studies/(Ethics for Non Muslims) ………………………………………….. 60 Marks b) Pakistan Studies ………………………………………….. 40 Marks Total 100 Marks Both sections (a and b) to be passed separately: The marks of both section shall not be included in the division. v) Pass Marks Minimum passing marks shall be 40 percent in each subject but the aggregate shall be 45%. Students securing less than 45 percent in aggregate shall be declared failed. vi) Class a. Students securing 60 percent or more shall be placed in the First Division. b. More than 45% but less than 60% shall be placed in the Second Division. c. There will be no Third Division.


B. COM. PART-II 1.Paper I 2.Paper II 3.Paper III 4. Paper IV 5.Paper V 6.Paper VI a) b) Business c) d) e) Business Communication Principles of Management Economic Development of Pakistan 100 100 100 100

Advanced Accounting and Cost Accounting Business and Industrial Law Optional any one: 100 100

Auditing and Income Tax Law Introduction to Computer Application in Principles of Marketing Principles of Insurance Banking and Finance


Non-verbal Communication. ORGANIZATIONAL PLANS OPENING AND CLOSING LEGAL ASPECTS OF BUSINESS COMMUNICATION BUSINESS LETTERS Formats of Business letters Kinds: Inquiry (product.COM. BUSINESS REPORT Definition. PART-II PAPER – I: BUSINESS COMMUNICATION 1. COMMUNICATION Definition. 6.B. Formal and Informal languages. INTER-OFFICE MEMOS 7. preparation steps. Claim and Adjustment (Positive and Negative). Importance. Candidate). 4. Preparation of: 1) Memorandum Report. 3. functions. Sales Letter. and (2) Letter Report 9. Credit Application and Collection Letters. Business Writing Principles. Sales Promotion Letter. Status. ADVERTISEMENTS Job advertisement. Classification. Sales Discount Advertisement 8. Planning steps. Order letter. 2. importance. Refusal to and cancellation of an order. Replies to Inquiries. MARKET REPORT 28 . 5. Job Letter. Process/Factors.

Karachi. Jhon V. Similarities and differences of oral and written communication. ii) Responsibilities of interviewer and interviewee.Commodity and Capital Markets. ii) Reasons for poor listening. Reproduction of Technical Reports in non-technical language. Herta A. ii) Kinds of Leadership. Mc-Graw Hill Inc. Thill Effective Business Communication.1999 Model Business Letters and other Business Documents. Business Communication. 5th Ed. 4th Ed. 10. B) Listening: I) Definition. Herbert W. D) Interviewing: i) Definition. Hildebrandt. Muhammad Amin Khalid . iii) Delivery techniques. 7th Ed. Murphy. Difference between hearing and listening. Bovee. Market Terms. iii) Interview evaluation Recommended Books 1. Thomas 2. Shirley Taylor 4. Court Land L.). ii) Steps for oral presentation.Be Book Bank. Executive in Business Communication. Jene P. iii) Responsibilities of a leader during Problem solving conference. iii)Responsibilities of a good listener. C) Leading and Participating: I) Definition of Leadership. iii) Planning Steps of Problem-solving Conference. 2004 (latest Edition) 29 3. (Mc-Graw Hill Inc. K. NON-WRITTEN COMMUNICATION A) Speaking: i.

Razzaqui Business Communication Academic Commerce Publications 30 .5. W.A.

Motivations: Concepts and Applications in Organization. Solving the problem. Basic elements of organizing. qualities of a good manager.B. Establish policies. Personality. Span of Control. Decide standards. 6. Group ideas in decision making personal decisions. The Planning Process: Activities involved in the process of planning. Two factor Theory. 2. Organization structure.II PAPER – II: PRINCIPLES OF MANAGEMENT 1. Universal functions of a Manager. COM. X & Y Theory. Need Theory. Organization: Organization and Organization bureaucracy. Centralized Vs Decentralized. Procedures and rules. Rational of Decision Making. Establish budgets. Survey resources. Identify premises. Division of Labour. Guideline for effective decision-making. preventing the problem. The Emergence of Business and Management Thought: Concept of scientific management. 5. Staffing: 31 . Japanese Decision Making. 3. 4. Effective Decision Making: Process of Decision Making. PART. Human Relations Theory and Money and Motivation Theory. Choosing objectives. Delegation of Authority. Common reasons for failure of plans. Human Relation and Administration. Behavior and Motivation.

The Questions of Authority. Process. Types and control.I. Line. Robert M. RECOMMENDED BOOKS: 1.Staffing activities. Concept of Authority in Management: Sources of Authority.O. McGraw Hill. 10. Humanistic approach. Characteristics of a good control system. New York. Fulmer. Promotion. Control as a Feedback. determining needs in advance. Selection and Recruiting. Management Mc-Graw Hill. Orientation and training. 8. An elementary introduction to leadership theories. Media’s Philosophies or Theories of communication... 7. Direct control through Key Results areas. Concept of Control: Control process. Self actualizing person. New York latest edition. Leadership: Manager as a leader. Beins. Types. Group Dynamics: Characteristics of a group. MBO as a technique for appraisal. year 32 . Break-even analysis and Control through Ratios. Staff and Functional Authority. 2.2003 The New Management. Noise. Termination. 11. Reasons. 9. 12. Koontz Harald Weihrich. Communications: Factors. Importance of Self Acceptance and Accurate Self Image. Phases. Budgetary Control. Know Thyself (Understanding Human Psychology) Basic Motives. Control through R. Compensation. performance appraisal.

4th Ed. Dapt. K. Introduction to New Management. Syed Shoukat Ali 33 . Richad L. New Management. Siddiqui 5. 2. REFERENCE BOOKS: 1.2005 Management.2003. 3.E Book Bank Karachi. Fort Worth. Amin Khalid New Management. . An Introduction View of Management Hamper’s College Press New York. The Dryden.B. 4. 2003. Khursheed H. Karachi. Peter Druckerr F. Rehbar Publisher’s Urdu Bazar Karachi. 2nd Edition Ghazanfar Academy.

Small Scale and Cottage Industries Industrial Finance Industrial Policies Land-Tenure System and Land Reforms. COM. 34 . PART – II PAPER – III: ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT OF PAKISTAN 1. Economic 3) AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT: a) b) c) d) e) f) Agricultural Sector and its role Co-operative Farming Agricultural Marketing Agricultural Finance Agricultural Taxation Land-Tenure System and Land Reforms. c) Characteristics of a Developing Economy d) Pre-requisites of Economic Development. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT a) Definition of Economic Development b) Distinction between Economic Growth and Development.B. Human Resources Capital Resources. 2) RESOURCES OF PAKISTAN AND THEIR ROLE: a) b) c) Natural Resources. 4) INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT: a) b) c) d) e) f) Development and Prospects Localization of Industries and Public Investment Large Scale.

b) Money and Capital Markets and their Instruments. 6) FOREIGN AID AND ECONOMIC ASSISTANCE: Sources. Cost and benefits of Economic assistance 7) TRANSPORT AND COMMUNICATION: Means and their role in the Economic Development of Pakistan. 35 . forms and instruments of Economic Planning with special reference to current plan in Pakistan. d) Role and Functions of State Bank in the economic development of Pakistan. 9) BUDGETING: a) b) c) Sources of Public Revenue and Heads of expenditure. 10) ECONOMIC PLANNING IN PAKISTAN: a Objective. Deficit financing. c) Capital Formulation – Sources and Problems. RECOMMENDED BOOKS 1) Khawaja Amjad ECONOMY OF PAKISTAN.5) FOREIGN TRADE: a) Main Exports and Imports b) Volume. Import Substitution and Export Promotion Strategies c) Regional and International Organizations – their Role towards developing Economies with Special reference to Pakistan. Budget formulation with special reference to Pakistan. Value and Trends in foreign Trade. Forms. Balance of Payments. 8) BANKING AND FINANCE: a) Role of Commercial Banks in Economic Development.

Akbar Zaidi REFERENCE BOOKS: 1) M. ECONOMICS OF PAKISTAN . Economy. Aslam 5) Govt. Oxford University Pres. Pakistan Economic Survey (Latest) Development Planning in Pakistan. of Pakistan 4) M. year 2003 ECONOMIC EVELOPMENT OF PAKISTAN Khawaja & Khawaja Publishing House. 36 . Saeed Nasir. The Five years Plan (Latest) 2) Abdul Haleem Khawaja 3) Govt. Lahore: Imtiaz Syed Kamal Hyder Publisher. 194782. Latest Edition.Saeed Institute of Business anagement. of Pakistan NOTE: Latest Edition of the recommended books. ISSUES IN PAKISTANS. Lahore THE MANAGEMENT OF PAKISTAN ECONOMY Oxford University Press. year 2003 2) Waqar Ahmed & Rashid Amjad 3) S. Islamabad.

Financial Statement. Appropriation of Retained Earnings. 4th Edition. Reporting of Relevant Accounts on Financial Statement. Recognition of Realized Gross Profit. Accounting for Companies: Issuance of Shares and Bonds.B. Reconciliation. Accounting for Companies: Absorption. Interpretation. periodic adjustments. Financial Statements in accordance with International Accounting Standards. Trend percentage.Simon and Kerrenbrock: Advanced Accounting. Accounting for Installment sales under Perpetual Systems.Tools of Analysis. 5. Billing of Merchandise at Cost and Above Cost. South Western 37 . Amalgamation and Reconstruction. Head Office and Branch Accounting: Recording of Reciprocal Transaction. RECOMMENDED BOOKS: 1. Fund/Cash Flow and Financial Statement Analysis: Fund Flow Analysis. Component Percentage. Cash Flow Statement (Indirect Method): Financial Statement Analysis . 2. COM. PART. Closing Process. Dollar/Rupees and percentage Change. Common Size Financial Statements and Ratios. Defaults and Repossessions. 4. Declaration and Payment of Dividends.II PAPER IV: ADVANCED ACCOUNTING AND COST ACCOUNTING PART I: ADVANCED ACCOUNTING -60% 1. 3.

Meigs and Meigs: 4. Accounting the Basis for Business Decisions.Meigs Ealter B. latest edition 3. McGraw-Hill Toronto. Latest Edition. New York McGraw-Hill Book Company 12th Edition. 38 . & Jhonson: . New York McGraw-Hill Book Company 9th Edition. Meigs and Meigs.Publishing Company. Advanced Accounting. Canada.1993 Accounting the Basis for Business Decisions. 2003. 2.

Nasiruddin. Closing Entries. Job Order Costing under Perpetual System. South Western Publishing Co. Cost Accounting (latest Edition). Jams A. 2. latest edition. Aziz Publishers Urdu Bazar Lahore. & Hamer Cost Accounting. RECOMMENDED BOOKS: 1. Qavi Ahmed. Cost of Production Report. 9th Ed. 3. Income Statement. Labour Time (Efficiency) and Wage Variances. Matz. Cost Accounting. Latest edition. Latest Year. Meigs & Johnson Accounting: Decision. Statement of Cost of Goods Manufactured. 2002-2003 5. Latest Year. 4. Auckland McGraw Hill. Planning & Control. Classification of Cost. 3. Ohio. 39 . S.40% 1. Standard Costing: Computing and Recording Materials quantity and Price Variances. Factory Overhead (One Way) Variance. 9th Ed. Ralph S. Cashin. Process Costing: Procedure of Process Costing (FIFO Method) Cost by Department. 1981. 4. Polimeni. The Basis for Business 2. Cost Accounting. Sixth Edition.PART II: COST ACCOUNTING . Accounting for Manufacturing Concern: Cost Accounting Concepts.Usry. Product Flow.

Discharge from liability. Bailment and Pledge. Essentials of a valid contract. Definition and Distinction of Promissory notes. Bill of Exchange and cheque. A brief introduction of endorsement. Dissolution of Partnership. Agency. THE PARTNERSHIP ACT Definition of partnership & Determination at will. Quasi contracts. conditions and warranties. IV. price. void agreements. V.70 MARKS I. II THE SALE OF GOODS ACT Define goods and its classification. Transfer of property. contingent of the contract.B. presentment. Acceptance and Dishonor. THE NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENTS ACT Introduction. Discharge of contract. requirements characteristics of negotiable instruments. LAW OF CONTRACT Introduction and definition of contract. Delivery and its rules. Transfer of title. Indemnity and Guarantee. Rights and duties of Partner(s) implied authority of a partner. Auction sale. Distinction between sale and agreement to sell. position of a Minor Partner. Crossing – object and kinds. III.COM.PART-II PAPER-V: BUSINESS AND INDUSTRIAL LAW BUSINESS LAW. meaning. Negotiation. SECURITIES 40 . Registration and effect of non-registration of the firm. unpaid seller and his rights.

and Duties of a common Carrier. Restricted Liability of Railway Carriage as common carriage and by Sea. changes and Hypothecation. Essentials of a Common Carrier. CARRIAGE OF GOODS. 41 . Common Carrier. VI. Rights.A brief Introduction of Mortgages.

of Pakistan. Ghazanfar Academy Pakistan. (Latest Ed. Relevant Acts and Ordinances (Latest Ed.. III. Chand and Co. 42 . Mercantile Law of Pakistan Accountancy& Taxation Services Institute.C.30 MARKS I. 11th revised edition S. Mercantile Law in Pakistan. 1989.) I. Business Law. THE FACTORIES ACT Definitions.R.) M. Trade union and its registration. (Pvt) Ltd. (Latest Ed. certifying surgeon and inspector. A Manual of Mercantile Law. WORKMEN’S COMPENSATION ACT Meaning of the terms Accident and arising out of and in the course of Disablement. Luqman Baig. method of settlement of Industrial disputes labour courts. strike and lockout.) Khalid Mahmud Cheema. Khawaja Amjad Saeed. their powers and duties. Govt. G. unfair labour practices. Latest Edition. Lahore. Shukla. Hashmi. II. Lahore. special provisions regarding employment of women and children/Adolescent. Pakistan Publishing House. when Employer is not liable to pay compensation. Karachi. Employer’s liability. Karachi 1995. Syed Mobin Mahmud Co. hours of work and holidays. collective Bargaining agent. INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS ORDINANCE Definitions.INDUSTRIAL LAW. provisions relating to Health. A manual of Mercantile Law. Business Law. REFERENCE BOOKS: Chaudhry A. safety and welfare.

1999.Razzaqui Commerce Publications Business and Industrial Law Academic RECOMMENDED BOOKS: 1.A. A manual of Mercantile Law including Industrial Law. Karachi.W. Mercantile and Industrial Law of Pakistan Lahore. Khawaja Amjad Saeed. Hashmi I. & Rafiq Ahmed. 1968. 43 .R. Union Book Stall. Institute of Business Management. 2.

FINANCE: Definition. advantages and disadvantages. kind and importance of Finance. ISLAMIC MODES OF FINANCING: 51 . overdraft. PART – II (Optional (e) PAPER – VI: BANKING AND FINANCE BANKING: Definitions and kinds of Bank. ISLAMIC BANKING: Nature of Riba. discounting of Bills. usury and interest. prohibition of Riba. CENTRAL BANKING: Nature objects and functions of a central Bank. their characteristics. NIT. principles of lending. Distinction between Islamic and international based Banks. COM. ICP. Features of current. Saving and Fixed accounts credit instruments. cash credit.B. BANK LOANS ADVANCES: Loans. Intermediate and Long term finance and specialized financial institutions (PICIC. ADBP). rationale of current Saving and investment accounts. mortgage. The constitutions and functions of STATE BANK OF PAKISTAN as Government Banking Agent and Controller of Credit. sources of business funds creditor’s funds and owner’s funds. sources of Funds. Importance and functions of a commercial Bank. Loans at call and short notice Letter of credit. Short.

trade Finance. WORKING CAPITAL: Definition. RECOMMENDED BOOKS: 1. Bal Salam. (latest year) Islamic Banking. Siddiqi.1985 Money and Banking in Islam. Purchase of Trade Bills. King 52 2. An Introduction to Banking and Finance. 6th edition Royal Book Co. importance. Ziauddin Ahmed . International Centre for Research in Islamic Economics. Modern Money and Banking 3rd Ed. Mudaraba and Rent Sharing. Hire purchases. Shahid Siddiqui 5. Khurshid H. Mc-Graw Hill 16th Ed.A. Masharika. Vanhoose Graw Hill. Israr H. Samuelson P. Imtiaz Publishers Lahore. N. Money Banking and Credit. kinds. Musharika. Roger LeRoy Miller 7.Consumer finance: Qarz-e-Hasna.Y. Siddiqi Practice and Law of Banking in Pakistan. 1998. 3. Leasing. Ghanzafar Academy Karachi year 2004. Karachi 1994. (Relevant Part) Mc David D. Royal Book. 6. Markup. factors governing the working capital and sources of working capital. 1998 Economics. Saeed Nasir 4. investment Finance. Karachi.

Banking and Finance. Jeddah. K-Be Book Bank Karachi.K. M. Najatullah Siddiqi Issues in Islamic Banking. U.2004 9. 1983. The Islamic Foundation London Road Leicester. 53 . Muhammad Amin Khalid. (latest year) 8.Abdul Aziz University.

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