ABSTRACT Name of work: Providing and strengthening power distribution arrangements to the new Library building at Government College

of engineering, Salem-11. Estimate Amount: S lno 1 1 Set Supply and erection of 315A capacity dust and made with vermin up of supply proof 16 cubical of panel sheet the with board steel HRC following SWG CRCA Qty Rs. 5.80 lakhs Description of work Rate Per Amount

and fixing

interior mounding fuse switches

fuses arranged in two horizontal rows with one switch over the other, with a central bus bar chamber and 2nos of horizontal cable chambers at the ends one on each side next to the fuse switch chamber and conforming to IE rules. i) fuse 1No: 315A TPN switch disconnector units interior only with HRC fuses

double break. ii) fuse 1No:200A TPN switch disconnector units interior only with HRC fuses

double break. iii) fuse 6Nos:63A TPN switch disconnector interior only with HRC fuses


double break. The bus bar chamber will consist of 4Nos phase of suitable size of copper flat for on epoxy bus and neutral buses

00 . approved by the site Engineer and also the danger board. This bus bar chamber should be segregated from the adjacent chambers by providing hylam sheet of suitable thickness as partisans. (Including less credit to the old scrap materials).00 69907.75 Set 69908.insulators at proper and sufficient spacing between the buses as per IE rules. The fuse switches should be connected with the phase and neutral buses with suitable size of rigid copper rod or flat and each switch should be connected with the earth bus with 2 runs of 25x3mm copper flats. The panel should be painted with one coat red oxide as primer coat and two coats of enable paint of approved colour. Suitable size of copper flats should be provided all round the panel for earth bus. Switches should be connected to the buses by suitable size of rigid copper rod / flat phase and neutral copper buses should be tinned properly.5mtr from the ground level. The whole arrangement should be erected on a masonry pedestal to be— --constructed with suitable foundation bolts and nuts such that the lowest switch handle is at a height of 0. The panel board should be mounded on 75mmx37mm MS channel provided all round at bottom of the 2 1 No panel.40 Each 17144. 3 910 Mtr (Data-1) 17144. The capacity of the fuse switches size of the incoming and out going cables the place to which the supply is fed shall be marked on switch chamber.

00 1119.00 Supply and laying of 3½x 240sqmm PVC 7 2 Nos LTUG cable in a trench to be excavated of PVC pipe for road crossing.Supply and fixing of 315A TPN switch disconnector fuse units in sheet steel 1183.15 Each 746. (Including less credit to the old scrap materials). (SD-224) 1265605.00 8 2 Nos Supply and laying of 3½x 240sqmm PVC LTUG cable in a existing trench.15mtr.00 .00 Supply and laying of 3½x 240sqmm PVC LTUG cable in a trench to be excavated at a 5 8 Mtr depth of 0.00 enclosure with HRC fuses double break on existing panel board with suitable copper bus bar to extended existing panel and with connection. 6 8 Mtr (SD-206) 1127. 4 60 Mtr (Data-2) 1367.95 Mtr 82077. (Data-3) 249.40 Mtr 9019.35 Mtr 8955. (Data-4) 373. Layer of sand and covering the cable completely with bricks and sand refilling the earth to make good.75mtr putting 0.00 Each 498.00 Supply and clamping of 3½ x 240sqmm 9 2 Nos PVC LTUG armored cable on wall with MS clamps.80 Mtr 1077258.

(SD-188) 1145.00 Supply armored cable cable and with by providing necessary crimping cable end termination of 31/2 x 240sqmm PVC LTUG aluminum etc. (SD-235) Earthing as per ISI specification with an earth electrode of 2.1mtr.00 Supply and fixing of brass cable gland for 3½ x 240sqmm PVC LTUG armored cable with earth connection. With sockets 1267895.00 electrical connection complete.1265605. (SD-227) Unforeseen items ( Rupees Eighty thousand only) .20 Each 2290. Class‘B’ GI pipe of dia not less than 40mm with copper earth plate of size 125mmx50mmx6mm with necessary funneling arrangements with necessary masonry work and with 38mm RCC cover slab for the brick masonry.

00/each 63A TPN switch disconnector fuses units Interior only with HRC fuses double break 14220.00/each .00 200A TPN switch disconnector fuses units Interior only with HRC fuses double break 6666.00 @ @ 11125.00/each 6nos: = 7m: = 6666.DATA SHEET Data-1 1no: = 1no: 315A TPN switch disconnector fuses units Interior only with HRC fuses double break 11125.00 36x6mm copper flat for 3 phases bus and @ 2370.

base channel 843.00/kg = @ 30.5mtr: = 22.00/kg = 25x6mm copper flat for and interconnection of 200A switch @ 350.00 3set: Epoxy moulded bus support insulator 525.00/sqm = 175.00 150kg 4.00/kg = 12sqmtr: 16SWG CRCA sheet steel 9750.00 2.5m: 2.00/kg = No.14. and interconnection of 315A switch @ 350.S.73 kg: 605.50 interconnection of 315A switch @ 350.00/set = = 3000. bending And welding etc Labour charges for erection and giving connection to switches and earth connection 1500.00/kg = 36x3mm copper flat for neutral bus.8 SWG copper wire for Earth connection of all switches @ 350.00 = .4kg 1sqmt: 525.00 1set: Ammeter.00/kg @ 525.90 @ 65.00 @ 6mm Thick hylam sheet 75mmx37mm M.00 = 2500.00 2m: 2. Voltmeter with selector switches with LED indicator etc Labour for fabrication work sheet cutting.7kg 5145.00 1.6kg 921.8kg 980.

Painting with one coat of primary and two Coats of enamel paint with lettering = 1500.2kg 5145.00 14934.00 1% Sundries 149.00/kg = @ 13354.00 2m: 4. such as Bolt & nuts 1246.00 62306.77 = .84 10% for mofussil 1558.00/each = 36x6mm copper flat for interconnection of 315A switch @ 350.00 For Tin coating of copper flats 500.7 5 Data-2 1 no: 315A TPN disconnector fuses units with HRC fuses double break 13354.12 63552.25 69907.00/each = 6355.00 1no: 110.40 2% Sundries.58 17144.50 15585.34 502.00 Masonry pedestal Labour charges for testing and commissioning etc = 1000.00 = = 1000.42 Labour charges cable entry box @ 110.52 10% for mofussil (Say) 69 907.

40 1243.95 @ 167.40 Data-3 As per SD Add: 1mtr: 4” PVC pipe 167.60 10% for mofussil 124.40/mtr = 206 = 1076.(Say) 17144.20 .36 1367.

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