Customer complaints are the schoolbooks from which we learn.

The customer is the most important person on our premises. He is not dependent on us we are dependent on him. He is not interruption to our work he is the purpose of it .He is not an outsider to our business he is a part of it. We are not doing favour by serving him. He is doing a favour by giving an opportunity to do so.



and retaining customers” “Integrating the firm’s value chain to create enhanced customer value at every step” “An integrated cross-functional focus on improving customer retention and profitability for the . differentiating. do everything.” where.Customer Relationship Management “Process of creating and maintaining relationships with business customers or consumers” “A holistic process of identifying.a2zmba. and never fail to astonish the custom Motto www. attracting.

Customer Relationship Management Bottom-line: The use of information-enabled systems for enhancing individual customer relationship to ensure long-term customer loyalty and retention . and customer service.Changing Business Scenario Need for CRM Common sense if of paramount importance in business www. .

com . fears and aspirations. as compared to those for existing customers (50%) 70% of the complaining customers will remain loyal if problem is solved 90% of companies do not have the sales and service integration to support e-commerce Customer service is awareness of needs. www. A typical dissatisfied customer will tell 8-10 people By increasing the customer retention rate by 5%.Why CRM? It costs six times more to sell to new customer than to sell to an existing one. problems.a2zmba. profits could increase by by 85% Odds of selling to new customers = 15%.

Importance of CRM Scope Depth Customer Management Process Sellin MarketingThreads Servicing Are we making Customer Relationshipthe right level g and type of Strategies Broadcast marketing.a2zmba. and Mail service Field Personnel investments in Are we taking a each of Customer Relationshipholistic our Agents/Distributors customer Structure approach to segments? Call Center our customers Retail across processes and Internet channels? Customer RelationshipHave we implemented Performance best practices Back Office Process/Systems and technology in process/channe Customer Interaction Channels . sales.

Aspects of CRM Operational CRM Analytical CRM Collaborative CRM Customer .

www.a2zmba.CRM Principles • Customer Acquisition Gain the greatest number of new “Best” customers as early in their “lifespan” as possible. • Customer Retention Retain and expand your business and relationships with your customers through up . cross selling and servicing.

P.a2zmba. • Cost Reduction Reduce costs related to marketing. customer service and support. British Airways . They do expect you to fix things when they go wrong.) • Customer Loyalty Offer programs to ensure that your customers happily buy what you offer only from you.CRM Principles (Contd. www.. Customers don’t expect you to be Donald Porter V.. • Improve Productivity • Enhance your e-business strategies. sales. .Data Capture Customer Touch Point Integration Market Research External Databases Data Warehousing Knowledge Management Enabling Technologies EIS OLAP Data Cleansing MetaData Segmentation Customer Profitability Data Mining Statistical Modeling Call Centres Sales Process Automation e-Business Organization People Deployment and Support The building blocks of CRM are the things that need to be in place for an effective Customer Relationship management program www.

Maximize your return.  Increases revenue and hence profitability.  Decreases customer’s complaints.  Increases customer loyalty stomers are an investment. Increases creativity and hence makes a path for innovation. opleSoft Ad www.  Increases effectiveness.Benefits of CRM  Increases customer acquisition  Decreases cost and internal .  Increases morale of the employees.  Increases customer satisfaction  Decreases errors and time loss. Burak Goraglu .Benefits of CRM www.

Ways to avoid CRM Pitfalls • CRM software should mould to company’s best practices. • It should be kept in mind any CRM project that takes more than 90 days to implement. runs the risk of . rather than forcing to use the best practices of the CRM vendor. • CRM technology is useless if the employees are unwilling or untrained to use CRM product.a2zmba. organizations should examine how easy or difficult it will be to integrate the product into organizations new systems. • CRM vendor only provides 20 percent of the total CRM solution. Hence organization should gain internal support by communicating the benefits of CRM and provide relevant training. www. .a2zmba.Areas of CRM Activity  Sales Force Automation (SFA) Customer Service and Support (CSS) Help Desk Field Service Marketing Automation     Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.

a2zmba.high customer satisfaction and reduced cost through improved efficiency.eCRM eCRM is the customer–facing internet portion of interact with the business through their preferred communication channel and it allows the business to offset expensive customer service agent with technology. Good leaders must first become good servants. Robert Greenleaf . . eCRM .

.a2zmba. it's important to remember your competitor is only one mouse click www.0)  Talisma (Talisma CRM)  Commence (Commence RM)  Microsoft (Microsoft CRM) In the world of Internet Customer Service.Some CRM Vendors &Products  Applix (iCRM)  Siebel (Siebel 7)  Oracle (CRM 11i)  PeopleSoft (PeopleSoft 8.4 CRM)  Firstwave (eCRM away.

Facing international competition TATA MOTORS took up the challenges by focusing on CUSTOMERS Tata Motors realized that Globalization has changed the business environment in the .a2zmba.ENGINEERING / AUTO SECTOR CRM IMPLEMENTATION TATA MOTORS  Tata Motors India’s largest integrated automaker with market share approaching 60 % in Commercial vehicles and 20% in passenger car market is known well for technology strategies.   www.CRM .

6. 4. Competitive “ Business challenges Include Need for a Standardized world class Business process Need for Centralized Customer Data Base Better and improved communications with 1600 dealers / stockist Better and faster response for customer request Better feedback on product quality Effective training of employees More effective measurement of marketing campaign program Improved throughput in customer services Better Cost management in Sales and administration www. 3. 5. 9.ENGINEERING / AUTO  Many Business challenges needed solution to stay CASE STUDY OF TATA MOTORS SECTOR  1. .CRM . 2. 7.a2zmba.

com .CRM . Was deployed throughout TATA MOTORS www.ENGINEERING / AUTO SECTOR IMPLEMENTATION AT TATA MOTORS  TATA MOTORS deployed Siebel CRM applications throughout Tata Motors organization to overcome above challenges  Siebel Automotive.a2zmba. a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) solution designed specifically for companies in the automotive industry.

 Phase 1  Phase 2  Phase 3 . with the goal of achieving success in each phase before moving forward.ENGINEERING / AUTO SECTOR CASE STUDY OF TATA MOTORS  Deploying Solution in Three Phases Tata Motors has taken a phased approach to the implementation.CRM .a2zmba.

. The customer. not efficiency or control-oriented simply by spending his money somewhere else. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down.a2zmba.Conclusion Companies that are not improving their relationships with customers are gambling with the future of their businesses. There is only one boss. If it weren’t for the Internet. there wouldn’t be CRM as we know it today. Focus on adding value to customers. www.

Bwnes www.G Shainesh 2.CRM – AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT Paul Greenberg 4.SECRETS OF CRM James G.THE NEW FACE OF MARKETING ICFAI 1.CRM.References Editors: Jagdish N Sheth .com .CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT Kristin Aderson Carol Kerr 5.Atur pavatiyar.a2zmba.CRM-EMERGING TOOLS AND APPLICATIONS 3.

com www. CRM - Graham Robert Phelps www. .References 6.crm2day. CRM – R. Sugandhi 8. CRM www.daffodildb. www. 13. 12. www.eweek. 17.Burak Gorakglu www.businesslink. 15.

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