Amber Smith, Chelsea Robinson, Emily Perry, Kristy Hoch, Alissa Brower, Josh Ashcraft, James Ashcraft

‡ Main goal is prevention .facts ‡ Lead is a natural metal in our environment ‡ TOXIC! ‡ No obvious symptoms of lead poisoning.

000 children 1 to 5 years old require medical intervention relating to lead poisoning each issues ‡ ~ 250. ‡ If poisoning is suspected. a lead test can be done during doctor visit. .

lead sources ‡ Lead-based paint. water and soil ‡ Toys . used in homes built before 1978 ‡ Polluted air.

prevention ‡ Wash hands and toys regularly ‡ Have tap water tested ‡ Check for lead-based paint in your home ‡ Avoid items not proven to be lead free .

‡ Infants should be kept clean since they are unable to learn safe habits. .education ‡ Preschool children and toddlers should be taught proper hand washing and not putting toys in mouth.

low birth weight or mental disabilities ( .education ‡ Pregnant women need to take extra precautions as lead poisoning can lead to miscarriage.

(n.references ‡ CDC. Let¶s Make All Kids Lead-Free Kids. ( Retrieved from http://www.leadfreekids.). ‡ Leadfreekids. Retrieved from http://www.d.d.cdc.).html .

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