History of Allied Bank of Pakistan Allied Bank Limited was the first bank to be established in Pakistan.

It started out in Lahore by the name Australasia Bank before independence in 1942, and then it was renamed Allied Bank of Pakistan Limited in 1974 and then Allied Bank Limited in 2005. In August 2004, because of capital reconstruction, the Bank¶s ownership was transferred to a consortium comprising Ibrahim Leasing Limited and Ibrahim Group. ABL was established in Lahore before independence in 1942 Allied Bank Limited is one of the largest banks in Pakistan with more than 700 Branches connected to an online network. In August 2004 the Bank was restructured and the ownership was transferred to Ibrahim Group. Overview Allied Bank was the first Muslim bank to have been established in Pakistan. Established in December 1942 as the Australasia Bank in Lahore with a paid-up share capital of Rs. 0.12 million under the Chairmanship of Khawaja Bashir Bux, the Bank attracted deposits equivalent to Rs. 0.431 million in its first eighteen months of business. At the time, the Bank¶s total assets amounted to Rs. 0.572 million. Today, Allied Bank's paid up Capital & Reserves amount to Rs. 10.5 billion, deposits exceed Rs. 143 billion and total assets equal Rs. 170 billion. The Bank¶s journey has been about dedication, commitment, professionalism and adapting to environmental changes, leading to its immense growth and stability. It is these factors that have made it a Bank the rest look up to. A view of Khawaja Bashir Bux's Residence. The first branch of Australasia Bank. Khawaja Bashir Bux¶s Residence >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>



The Pre Freedom History In the early 1940s the Muslim community was beginning to realize the need for the active participation in the field of trade and industry. The Hindus had since the late 1880s established a commanding presence in industry, trade and commerce in the undivided Sub-continent. Banking, in particular, was an exclusive enclave of the Hindus and it was widely believed, and wrongly so, that Muslims were temperamentally unsuited for this profession. It was particularly a hard thing to swallow for Khawaja Bashir Bux to hear that ³Muslims could not be successful bankers´. He decided to respond to the challenge and took lead in establishing this first Muslim bank on the soil of Punjab that was to become Pakistan in December 1918; by the name of Australasia Bank Limited. The initial equity of the Bank amounted to Rs 0.12 million, which was raised to Rs 0.5 million by the end of first full year of operation, and by the end of 30th June 1947 capital increased to Rs. 0.673 million and deposits raised to Rs 7.728 million. Australasia Bank Australasia Bank was the only fully functional Muslim Bank on Pakistan territory on August 14, 1947.It was severely hit by the riots in East Punjab. The bank was identified with the Pakistan Movement. At the time of independence all the branches in India, (Amritsar, Batala, Jalandhar, Ludhaina, Delhi and Agra) were closed down. New Branches were opened in Karachi, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Sialkot, Sargodha, Jhang, Gujranwala and Kasur. Later its network spread to Multan & Quetta. The Bank financed trade in cloth and food grains and thus played an important role in maintaining consumer supplies during riot affected early months of 1948. Despite the difficult conditions prevailing and the substantial set back in the Bank¶s business in India, Australasia Bank made a profit of Rs 50,000 during 1947-48.



By the end of 1970 it had 101 branches. Unfortunately it lost 51 branches in the separation of East Pakistan. The bank did well despite losing lot of its assets. By the end of 1973 the bank had 186 branches in West Pakistan. Allied Bank (1974 to 1991) In 1974, the Board of Directors of Australasia Bank was dissolved and with the union of Lahore Commercial Bank and Sarhad Bank it was renamed as Allied Bank. The first year was highly successful one: profit exceeded the Rs 10 million mark; deposits rose by over 50 percent and approached Rs 1460 million. Investments rose by 72 percent and advances exceeded Rs 1080 million for the first time in bank history. 116 new branches were opened during 1974 and the Bank started participation in the spot procurement agriculture program of the Government. Those seventeen years of the Bank saw a rapid growth. Branches increased from 353 in 1974 to 748 in 1991. Deposits rose from Rs 1.46 billion, and Advances and investments from Rs 1.34 billion to Rs 22 billion during this period. It also opened three branches in UK. Allied Bank (1991 to 2004) As a result of privatization in September 1991, Allied Bank entered in a new phase of its history, as the world¶s first bank to be owned and managed by its employees. In 1993 the ³First Allied Bank Modaraba (FABM)´ was floated. After privatization, Allied Bank registered an unprecedented growth to become one of the premier financial institutions of Pakistan. Allied Bank¶s capital and reserves were Rs. 1.525 (Billion), assets amounted to Rs. 87.536 (Billion) and deposits were Rs 76.038 (Billion). Allied Bank enjoyed an enviable position in the financial sector of Pakistan and was recognized as one of the best amongst the major banks of the country. In August 2004 as a result of capital reconstruction, the Bank¶s ownership was transferred to a consortium comprising Ibrahim Leasing Limited and Ibrahim Group.



the following dates. 81. ILL shareholders were issued ABL shares in lieu of the ILL shares held by them.67<2)7+(381-$% 4 . 2005 to Onward In May 2005 Ibrahim Leasing Limited (ILL) was amalgamated and vested in Allied Bank Limited. ABL was formally listed and trading of the shares of the Bank commenced W.Today the Bank stands on a solid foundation of over 88 years of its existence having a strong equity.9(5. Application for the listing of ABL shares in all the Stock Exchange Companies of Pakistan was made.F.E. Stock Exchange Islamabad Stock Exchange Lahore Stock Exchange Karachi. assets and deposits base offering universal banking services with higher focus on retail banking. The bank has the largest network of online branches in Pakistan and offers various technology-based products and services to its diversified clientele through its network of more than 700 branches. Stock Exchange Date 8th August 2005 10th August 2005 17th August 2005 Now all shareholders of Allied Bank Limited can trade in the shares of the Bank at their free will.

67<2)7+(381-$% 5 . efficiency and diversity for all stakeholders y To provide a challenging work environment and reward dedicated team members according to their abilities and performance y To play a proactive role in contributing towards the society Values y y y y Integrity Excellence in service High performance Innovation and growth 81. Mission y y y To provide value added services to our customers To provide high tech innovative solutions to meet customers¶ requirements To create sustainable value through growth.VISION.9(5. MISSION & VALUES Vision y To become a dynamic and efficient bank providing integrated solutions In order to be the first choice bank for the customers.

Akhtar (Director) Khalid A.9(5.67<2)7+(381-$% 6 . Sherwani (Chief Executive Officer) Pervaiz Iqbal Butt (Director) Muhammad Raffat (Company Secretary) 81.Board of Director Mohammad Naeem Mukhtar (Chairman) Sheikh Mukhtar Ahmed (Director) Mohammad Waseem Mukhtar (Director) Abdul Aziz Khan (Director) Sheikh Jalees Ahmed (Director) Mubashir A.

Management KhalidA. Information Technology) Tahir Hassan Qureshi (Chief Financial Officer) Zia Ijaz (Group Chief.67<2)7+(381-$% 7 .Sherwani (Chief Executive Officer) FareedVardag (Chief Risk Officer) Khawaja Mohammad Almas (Head. Human Resources) Muhammad Jawaid Iqbal (Group Chief. Compliance) Mujahid Ali (Group Chief. Audit & CRR) Waheed-ur-Rehman (Group Chief. Treasury) Mohammad Abbas Sheikh (Group Chief. Operations) Muhammad Shahzad Sadiq (Group Chief.9(5. Core Banking Projects) MuhammadYaseen (Group Chief. Special Assets Management) Shafique Ahmed Uqaili (Group Chief. Commercial & Retail Banking) Muhammad Raffat (Company Secretary) 81. Corporate & Investment Banking) Tariq Mehmood (Group Chief.


2009 81.9(5. ABL (Consolidated Balance Sheet) For the year ended December 31.67<2)7+(381-$% 9 .Ratio Analysis & Interpretation of Financial Ratios Important Balance Sheet Ratios measure liquidity and solvency (a business's ability to pay its bills as they come due) and leverage (the extent to which the business is dependent on creditors' funding).

9(5.81.67<2)7+(381-$% 10 .

Current Ratio A generally acceptable current ratio is 2 to 1. The Current Ratio is one of the best known measures of financial strength. Quick Ratio.0322 2009 C. It is figured as shown below: Current Assets Current Ratio = -----------------------Current Liabilities Table Year 2008 Formula C. They include the Current Ratio. Assets/ C. Liabilities 405881266/388421058 = 1. and Working Capital. Liabilities Ratio 355433792/344348022 = 1.67<2)7+(381-$% 11 .Comprehensive Income Statement Ratio include the following ratios: Liquidity Ratios These ratios indicate the ease of turning assets into cash.9(5. Assets/ C.04495 81. But whether or not a specific ratio is satisfactory depends on the nature of the business and the characteristics of its current assets and liabilities.

The higher the figure the better. which would indicate that there are sufficient assets available to pay liabilities.9(5. For those industries such as transport where the majority of assets are tangible fixed assets. The minimum acceptable current ratio is obviously 1:1.035 1.05 Interpretation The main question this ratio addresses is: "Does your business have enough current assets to meet the payment schedule of its current debts with a margin of safety for possible losses in current assets. One of the most universally known ratios. such as inventory shrinkage or collectable accounts?" A generally acceptable current ratio is 2 to 1. indicates the ability of a company to pay its short-term creditors from the realisation of its current assets and without having to resort to selling its fixed assets to do so. which reflect the Working Capital situation. But whether or not a specific ratio is satisfactory depends on the nature of the business and the characteristics of its current assets and liabilities. then a figure of 0.67<2)7+(381-$% 12 . should the need arise.045 1.6 would be acceptable.Bar Chart Current Ratio 2009 Current Ratio 2008 1.03 1. Ideally the figure should always be greater than 1. In retail and manufacturing 81. but that relationship is usually playing it too close for comfort.025 1.04 1.

could my business meet its current obligations with the readily convertible `quick' funds on hand?" It is figured as shown below: Current Assets ± Inventory Quick Ratio = -----------------------------------Current Liabilities 81.6.we would expect figures between 1. Increasing your current assets from new equity contributions. ‡ To check liquidity ± ability to pay short-term debts ‡ The norm is 2 : 1 ‡ Compare with previous year If you decide your business's current ratio is too low.2 to 1.9(5.67<2)7+(381-$% 13 . you may be able to raise it by: y y Paying some debts.1 to 1. Putting profits back into the business. in wholesale and construction 1. y y y Converting non-current assets into current assets.5 and motor vehicles 1.6. Increasing your current assets from loans or other borrowings with a maturity of more than one year. Quick Ratio The Quick Ratio is sometimes called the "acid-test" ratio and is one of the best measures of liquidity. It helps answer the question: "If all sales revenues should disappear.1 to 1.

04 1. By excluding inventories. Assets . 81.035 1.025 1.05 Interpretation The Quick Ratio is a much more exacting measure than the Current Ratio.03 1. 355433792/344348022 = Liabilities 1.0322 2009 C.9(5. 405881266/388421058 = Liabilities 1. it concentrates on the really liquid assets.67<2)7+(381-$% 14 . and the pattern of accounts receivable collection lags behind the schedule for paying current liabilities.Inventory/ C.04495 Bar Chart Quick Ratio 2009 Quick Ratio 2008 1.045 1.Table Year 2008 Formula Ratio C. It helps answer the question: "If all sales revenues should disappear. Assets . with value that is fairly certain. could my business meet its current obligations with the readily convertible `quick' funds on hand?" An acid-test of 1:1 is considered satisfactory unless the majority of your "quick assets" are in accounts receivable.Inventory/ C.

04 1.Total Current Liabilities Table Year 2008 Formula C.035 1. The result of this calculation must be a positive number.03 1.05 81.04495 Bar Chart Working Capital 2009 Working Capital 2008 1.‡ To check investment in stock ‡ To check liquidity ± ability to pay short-term debts Working Capital Working Capital is more a measure of cash flow than a ratio. It is calculated as shown below: Working Capital = Total Current Assets .0322 2009 C.67<2)7+(381-$% 15 .C.9(5.025 1. Liabilities 405881266/388421058 = 1.C. Assets . Liabilities Ratio 355433792/344348022 = 1. Assets .045 1.

A general observation about these three Liquidity Ratios is that the higher they are the better. It is calculated as Profit Before Tax Net Working Capital Ratio = -------------------------. Loans are often tied to minimum working capital requirements.9(5.67<2)7+(381-$% 16 .Interpretation Bankers look at Net Working Capital over time to determine a company's ability to weather financial crises.43% 2009 PBT/ Gross Income* 100 10571622/18723449*100 = 56. This measure deducts all expenses from revenue including interest expenses and operating expenses. Also referred to as "earnings before tax ". but it leaves out the payment of tax.* 100 Gross Income Table Year 2008 Formula PBT/ Gross Income* 100 Ratio 6056922/13331501*100 = 45.46% 81. especially if you are relying to any significant extent on creditor money to finance assets. Profit before tax Ratio A profitability measure that looks at a company's profits before the company has to pay corporate income tax.

00% 50.00% 10. Return on Assets Ratio The Return on Assets Ratio is calculated as follows: Net Income Return on Assets (ROA) = ---------------------------------.Bar Chart Profit Before Tax Ratio 2009 Profit Before Tax Ratio 2008 0. non-operating. continuing operations and non-continuing operations.00% 60.00% Interpretation This measure combines all of the company's profits before tax.00% 30.00% 40.* 100 Average Total Assets 81.67<2)7+(381-$% 17 .00% 20. PBT exists because tax expense is constantly changing and taking it out helps to give an investor a good idea of changes in a company's profits or earnings from year to year. including operating.9(5.

9(5.67<2)7+(381-$% 18 .50% 2.50% 1. Total Debt to Assets Ratio Total liabilities divided by total assets. Total Assets* 100 Bar Chart Return on Assets Ratio 2009 Return on Assets Ratio 2008 0.00% 0.Table Year 2008 Ratio Formula Net Income/Avg. A low ratio in comparison with industry averages indicates an inefficient use of business assets. Total Assets* 100 Calculation 4093861/392462386 = 1. most of the company's assets are financed through equity.8216% 2009 Net Income/Avg.00% 1. If the ratio is less than one.0431% 7149310/392462386 = 1. The debt/asset ratio shows the proportion of a company's assets which are financed through debt. If the ratio is 81.00% Interpretation This measures how efficiently profits are being generated from the assets employed in the business when compared with the ratios of firms in a similar business.

It is calculated as Total Debt Total Debt to Assets Ratio = -----------------Total Assets Table Year 2008 Ratio Formula Total Debt/ Total Assets Calculation 22235899/366583921= 6.00% 7.50% 6.50% Interpretation It indicates the proportion of the assets that are financed with debt." and could be in danger if creditors start to demand repayment of debt.00% 6.9(5. Remember from the study of the accounting 81. Debt includes both short-term and long-term debts. most of the company's assets are financed through debt.greater than one.1520% Bar Chart Debt to Assets Ratio 2009 Debt to Assets Ratio 2008 5.67<2)7+(381-$% 19 .0657% 2009 Total Debt/ Total Assets 29919794/418340852 = 7. Companies with high debt/asset ratios are said to be "highly leveraged.50% 7.

6095% 2009 Advances/ Deposits 237382522/328872559 = 72. Asset= liabilities + equity.9(5. This is the familiar accounting identity. Advances to Deposits Ratio It is calculated as Advances Advances to Deposits Ratio = ----------------------------------.67<2)7+(381-$% 20 .* 100 Deposits & other accounts Table Year 2008 Ratio Formula Advances/ Deposits Calculation 213020108/297474543= 71.that total assets are equal to the sum of the total debt and total equity.1807% Bar Chart Advances to Deposits 2009 Advances to Deposits 2008 0 1 2 3 4 5 81.

000.9(5.093.76 2009 PAT/ Ordinary Shares 7.Earning Per Share It is calcualted as follows: Profit After Tax Earnings Per Share = ---------------------------------------Ordinary Shares Outstanding Table Year 2008 Ratio Formula PAT/ Ordinary Shares Calculation 4.000.758 = 5.67<2)7+(381-$% 21 .758 = 10.310 / 711.06 Bar Chart EPS 2009 EPS 2008 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 81.861 / 711.149.

6% 0.4% 1.0% 78.4% 58.7% 56.8% 4.8% 1.8% 3.3% 6.6% Cash and balance with 7.0% on revaluation 0.1% 7.0% 100.5% 0.Vertical Analysis of Balance Sheet ASSETS 2008 2009 6.9% 1.1% 3.0% to Financial 4.3% 22.9(5.7% 3.6% 9.0% 4.4% 81.0% 81.0% treausry and other banks Lending institutions Investment-net Advances-net Operating Fixed assets Other assets Total assets LIABILITIES & EQUITY Customer deposits Inter bank borrowing Bills payable Other liabilities Share capital Reserves Un-appropriated (Loss) Surplus (asset Total Liabilities 100.67<2)7+(381-$% 22 .9% 1.6% 2.7% 1.3% 100.7% 22.6% profit 2.0% 5.0% 100.

2% 317.9% 169.9% 564.4% 220.6% 261.% 22.3% 696.9% 161.2% 503.3% 260.4% 221.9(5.4% 81.0% Cash and balance with 209.4% 15.7% 741.Horizontal Analysis of Balance sheet ASSETS 2008 2009 225.7% 436.2% 1467.7% 319.0% profit 253.8% 235.6% 124.0% treausry and other banks Lending institutions Investment-net Advances-net Operating Fixed assets Other assets Total assets LIABILITIES & EUITY Customer deposits Inter bank borrowing Bills payable Other liabilities Share capital Reserves Un-appropriated (Loss) Surplus (asset on revaluation 191.2% 487.5% 516.9% 293.67<2)7+(381-$% 23 .2% 146.2% 357.9% to Financial 97.5% 116.6% 173.

67<2)7+(381-$% 24 .Number of Branches in Pakistan Allied Bank is operating in all over the Pakistan. Whereas the new branches are allocated in the different regions as below 81.9(5.

10.2% in previous year.121 million in 2008. Your Bank effectively pursued its strategy of consolidation and remained focused on the improvement in quality of assets and achievement of a more favorable deposit mix.Performance Highlights Under the current circumstances. Meanwhile.157 million in 2008. a YoY increase of 72. In line with this strategy.1%. the Bank continued to align its risk management framework to effectively respond to changing dynamics.81% and 30.9(5.5% as compared with 1.122 million in 2009 as against Rs.3%. GDP Growth in % Consequently. The EPS of the Bank stands at Rs.85 in previous year. the ROA and ROE of the Bank increased to 1. 5. showing an increase of 71. efforts to enhance customer¶s satisfaction continued during the year through strengthening delivery capabilities by leveraging technology platform and the Bank¶s extensive outreach and developing innovative products and solutions. 4. 7.02 for 2009 compared to Rs.67<2)7+(381-$% 25 .536 million during 2009 as compared to Rs 6. 81. 10. Allied Bank¶s Profit Before Tax increased to Rs.21% and 21. Profit After Tax also rose to Rs.

2008.67<2)7+(381-$% 26 .9(5.418. Return on Asset & Equity Consequently.90%.1%. a YoY rise of 14.The balance sheet size of Your Bank increased to Rs.47 %. 81. 2009. the financial leverage reduced to 13. The Bank¶s CAR at December 31. 2009 was worked out to at 13.40 as on December 31.960 million as at December 31. The equity of the Bank increased by 34% to Rs. 2009. 29.374 million as at December 31.96 times as at December 31. improving from previous year¶s 10. 2009 compared to 16.

328.875 million as at December 31.9(5.475 as at December 31. Profit and Loss Composition in Rs.249.298 million in the previous year. 2009 compared to Rs. 223.958 million showing a YoY increase of 21. 297. 13. Billion Net Mark-up/Interest Income of the Bank increased by 40. 2008.6% to Rs. Deposits grew by 10.6% to Rs. 5. 2009 compared to Rs. 2008. 81.887 million at December 31. Non-Mark up income rose to Rs.640 million at December 31.74%. a YoY rise of 11.7%.700 million as compared to Rs.67<2)7+(381-$% 27 . Gross advances increased to Rs.This shows Bank¶s focus on balance sheet strengthening while also ensuring regulatory compliance. 18.

04 times in 2008.67<2)7+(381-$% 28 .609 million during 2009. 9.9(5.The Bank¶s operating expenses increased by 13.9% to Rs.57 times during 2009 from 2. 81. The Gross Income to Expense ratio has improved to 2.

housewives. Running Finance. Allied Bank uses KYC (Know your customer) forms to have complete acquaintance with their new customers. These products serve multiple purposes to bank.9(5. Import Export Business/Trade Finance. These services are not merely meant to earn profit. retired individuals and anyone who has the potential of providing legal deposits to the bank. Services are the main tool through which the bank acquires new customers and retain them. Services as Competitive tools Same is the case with the services offered by Allied Bank. The bank¶s main source of revenue earning is also the corporate sector customers. In the retail banking they target salaried individuals. Hajj Services. Target Market Allied Bank¶s main focus is not on the retail banking but on the corporate banking rather. 81.Competitive Strategy Allied Bank strongly believes that the customers can be attained and retained only by providing them the services they want. The products include Agricultural Finance. but also to keep pace with the changing needs of the customers and modern day¶s banking trends. Corporate customers being the main target of the bank get handsome packages of loan and other financial services.67<2)7+(381-$% 29 . and Demand Finance. Allied bank¶s competitive strategies are focused on making their existing customers loyal because they believe that it is their existing customers who attract new customers. Remittances. Variety in Products Allied bank has skillfully crafted their products to use them as their core competencies and also as their tools for competitive strategy. Utility Bills. These services include Home Remittances.

comprising the debit card. These products and services are mainly directed towards customer satisfaction and ABL uses it for the customer satisfaction as their competitive strategy. auto loans. consumer analytics. online banking and Internet banking serve as supplementary services. The consumer portfolio. credit cards. call centers and service quality departments. credit policy.9(5. Products & Services Consumer In line with the Bank¶s aim to provide a host of products and services to its customers. together with our largest network of online branches.67<2)7+(381-$% 30 . to achieve this objective. we are confident that our strengths. Some of the many benefits availed by the customers are mentioned as follow in bank¶s own style. will take the Bank¶s profitability to new heights Visa Credit Cards Visa Debit Card 81. Furthermore. sales. personal loans and mortgages will be established phase by phase. research. substantial ground work has been done to establish a strong consumer banking business. However. professionals from across the industry have been recruited into areas of product development. Along with these core services provided by the bank.Lockers and Commodity Operations. a superior technology platform and a big customer base.

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Types of Concierge Services that can be availed internationally are: Travel Assistance Car Rental & Limousine Service Sports & Entertainment Assistance Pre-Trip Assistance Business Services Assistance Flower & Gift Assistance Concierge Online This facility provides an alternative to the conventional telephony Concierge Service. With a simple click of the mouse, you can easily request for trip planning assistance, hotel reservations, flight reservations, car rentals, restaurant



the VPCC is operational 24 hours a day. emergency lost/stolen card services.reservations and performance ticket bookings . telephone translation services.all from the comfort of your home. which I have to pay under these Terms and Conditions. and is easily accessible by Cardholders via a comprehensive network of international toll-free numbers. lower than any other existing credit card today. I will not let the card account go over the assigned credit limit or use my card account if it is already over the 81.67<2)7+(381-$% 37 .It carries the lowest service charge in the market.. Visa Platinum Customer Center (VPCC) The Visa Platinum Customer Center (VPCC) is a one-stop shop to handle all your needs. Allied Bank may also change this credit limit without notice and without assigning any reason. So use your Allied Visa Platinum Credit Card at your favorite places and enjoy savings like never before. Allied Bank will charge to this account any amount arising under transactions which I make on the Card and any other amounts. throughout the Asia-Pacific region. etc. Credit Limit Allied Bank at its sole discretion shall decide the credit limit that will be ascribed to me in connection with the Card.9(5. Staffed by highly trained professionals who provide a wide range of travel and entertainment Concierge Services. Terms and Conditions Credit Card Account I authorize Allied Bank to open an Allied Visa Credit Card Account (card account) in my name. The Lowest Service Charge Your Allied Visa Platinum Credit Card helps you save money where it counts.

I agree to make such payment to Allied Bank within the time period specified by Allied Bank in such manner as Allied Bank may specify. at the counters of the Bank. fees. levies and other expenses (collectively ³charges´) will be charged by Allied Bank for the issuance and usage of the Card. I agree to pay and reimburse Allied Bank all or any of such levies immediately upon demand. My card account will not be used for illegal transactions. Foreign Transactions If I use my Card for a transaction in a currency that is not Pakistani Rupees.9(5. I agree that Allied Bank will convert all such amounts into Pakistani Rupees for the purpose of reimbursement from me at the rate of exchange applied by Allied Bank for such purpose in accordance with the applicable rules of business practice of Allied Bank on the date Allied Bank debits my account with such charge. Charges I acknowledge and agree that charges. Allied Bank will only accept that I have paid any money I owe to Allied Bank when Allied Bank receives my payment at its processing center.credit limit. Statement of Account Allied Bank will send me a statement of account every calendar month on which there will be a date stipulated by which I will be required to make the payment that is also stipulated in such statement of account. Such levies will change from time to time at the discretion of the Bank and it is my responsibility to obtain the prevailing rates of such levies from the Bank. duties. Cash Advance Allied Bank may permit me to use the Card to obtain cash advance up to the limit decided by Allied Bank.67<2)7+(381-$% 38 . other participating bank 81.

81. PIN/TIN Allied Bank will issue me a Personal Identification Number (PIN) and a Telephone Identification Number (TIN) for the usage of the Card and for Allied Phone Banking.9(5. or accrued upon. Security I will sign the Card as soon as I get it and shall not permit any person other than myself to use the Card. I hereby indemnify and release Allied Bank from any and all liability arising as a consequence of Allied Bank honoring or allowing any actions or transactions where the person giving such instruction provides the PIN or TIN assigned to me. theft or misplacement to Allied Bank. stolen or misplaced.counters.67<2)7+(381-$% 39 . PIN. I agree that I will be solely liable for all transactions made on my Card until such time as I report the loss. financial institutions or ATMs that accept the Card. Credit Balance I will not be entitled to withdrawals of any credit balance in respect of the card account but any such credit balance will be applied to offset my outstanding during subsequent billing periods. I shall immediately inform the Bank. No profit or return of any type will be paid. Allied Bank has no obligation for establishing/verifying the identity/authority of any person or determining the validity of any transaction as long as where the person giving such instructions is purportedly me and provides Allied Bank with the PIN or TIN. as the case may be. TIN or other security information under any circumstances whatsoever. and Allied Bank shall not be liable for any acts done in pursuance of such transactions or telephonic instructions. any credit balances maintained in the card account at any time. Lost Card If my Card is lost.

loss or damage suffered or sustained as a consequence of Allied Bank issuing a Card to me.No Liability Allied Bank will not be responsible for any loss to me if a merchant refuses or declines to accept the Card for any reason or if Allied Bank declines or fails to give the merchant the requisite authorization. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Allied Bank from all claims. my usage of the Card.67<2)7+(381-$% 40 . 365 days a year. a breach by me of these Terms and Conditions or due to negligence on my part.9(5. Online Facility Now the bank gives you the absolute convenience of instant access to a host of banking facilities and personalized services 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. 1 2 Check your account balances Transfer funds between your own accounts and to a third party account 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 You can use your card for loan account payments Check transaction history of your accounts Get your account statement through fax Receive information on various Allied bank products and services Find out status of your card or loan application Request balance or reference certificate Get currency exchange rates 10 Issue stop payment instructions 11 Report loss of your cheque book 81. Simplify the way you bank and experience a higher level of convenience. Online Features By Allied bank Online you can.

This helps the bank to keep pace with growing needs of its customers and anticipate their future needs and manage them accordingly in time thus to make sure that the quality is not compromised and the customers get what they want. Toll Free Number Connect to Allied bank ONLINE by dialing from anywhere within Pakistan. our special discounted charges also offer you substantial savings.Dial now to discover just how Allied bank can make you¶re banking experience even more enjoyable and rewarding.Give yourself the advantage of breakthrough innovation and cutting edge and get time on your side. Your call costs you nothing because it is toll free.67<2)7+(381-$% 41 .Convenience Why visit the bank when you can better use your precious time to meet other commitments? With ONLINE. By offering all of the above ABL makes its way through the tough competition of the day. 81.9(5. This just goes to show that we at Allied bank always put your interests first.

Business Process Analysis Products of Allied bank Allied bank offers a wide range of products geared towards the customers. 81. The following products are available for customers: y y y y y y y y Rupees Deposit Accounts Foreign Currency Accounts Allied Cash+ Card Online Banking Internet Banking Credit Card Advances/Financing Service ACCOUNTS Rupees Deposits Account The following accounts are the parts of rupee deposits accounts: y y y y Current Account Saving Account Allied Term Deposit Account Allied Monthly Income Scheme Current Account Allied Bank offers Current Account facility for individuals as well as for institutions and commercial customers. There are free services for the depositors who maintain minimum balance of Rs. 0.1 (M) in previous month.67<2)7+(381-$% 42 .9(5.

00% 81. 0.5 (M) in the previous month.00% per annum No service charges on active accounts Complementary ATM cards For depositors maintaining a minimum balance of Rs.Benefits y y y Free Online Transactions Free issuance of Payment Orders Free issuance of Demand Drafts Saving Account Allied Bank offers PLS Savings Account facility to its customers with the following attractive features.50% 7.67<2)7+(381-$% 43 . The estimated rate of profit is given below.9(5. Rs 0. y y y Attractive return up to 5.50% 8. Benefits y y y y Free Online Transactions Free issuance of Payment Orders Free issuance of Demand Drafts Free Issuance of Deposit at Call Receipts Allied term Deposit Account Allied Term Deposit Account is a profit bearing checking account with the payment of profit on a fixed term basis.5(M) to less than Rs 1 (M) Rs 1 (M) to less than Rs 5 (M) Rs 5(M) & above 6.

The period of deposit under this scheme is 3 years.67<2)7+(381-$% 44 .Salient Features y The applicable profit rate would be based on slab of amounts maintained on average term basis y There is no restriction for maintenance of any minimum balance in the account y Individuals.000/-) Profit Projected profit rates Payable on monthly basis Rs 850 per month on a deposit of Rs 100. Minimum Amount Rs 100.000/. Hospitals. are free to open their account in this scheme Allied Monthly Income Scheme Allied Monthly Income Scheme is a unique product with attractive returns. Companies. Schools.9(5. Charitable Organization etc.20% per annum Eligibility All individuals & institutions other than Financial Institutions Period Special Benefits The Scheme Provides The Following Special Benefits: y y Complementary ATM card for depositor and spouse Profit to be credited in the depositor¶s PLS saving A/C and can be withdrawn through ATM free of charge y y Complementary credit card with approved credit limit Free transfer of monthly profit to any branch of ABL all over the Pakistan 3 years 81.000 (with increments of Rs 10.@ 10. It provides an opportunity for a regular monthly income.

No matter where you are in the country and in which branch your account is maintained. Through Allied Online. efficient and convenient facility for making payments to beneficiary accounts from any of our branches countrywide. your account is available to you from any of our branch countrywide. Corporate customers requiring funds collection or disbursement facility can use it for cash management services. can also be used as a debit card at merchant locations/service outlets having ORIX POS Terminals and displaying the ORIX logo. Internet Banking Banking at consumer fingertips! Allied Direct Internet Banking offers the customers convenience to manage and control his banking and finances . Other services available to accountholders are Balance Enquiry and Account Statement at remote branches.5 (MILLION) & ABOVE y y y y Free online transaction Free Issuance of Pay Orders Free Issuance of Demand Drafts Free Issuance of Deposit at Call Receipts Allied Cash+ CARD Allied Bank ATM Card also referred to as "Allied Cash+".67<2)7+(381-$% 45 . Similarly account-to-account Funds Transfer facility is also available for instant remittance. you can have your cheque enchased at any of our over 735 branches located in 250 cities. Online Banking Allied Online is a unique service offering by Allied Bank Limited. Allied Online provides a secure.when 81.9(5.y Loan facility against deposit Additional benefits for Depositors of Rs 0.

Credit Cards The customer can now become the holder of a true Credit Card here in Pakistan. Convenient. They can transfer funds or even pay bills even if it's a holiday. With Allied Direct convenience is just a click away. To use Allied Direct Internet Banking. y Secure and Faster Secured & encrypted with latest tools and technologies.he wants. where he wants! It's Simple. Allied Bank under license from Master Card International. consumers should be a registered Allied Bank Account holder with a valid ATM Card.67<2)7+(381-$% 46 . he may visit any of the nearest branches and open his account and obtain an ATM Card.A issues it's Master Card to anyone meeting the eligibility criteria. Our friendly branch staff will help him open his account quickly. With the Allied Bank Master Card the consumers will be assured of a service meeting the highest international standards maintained by Master Card. just by clicking one can enjoy this facility. So. 7 days a week. Being a successful individual. so the customers can have most out of this service. Allied Direct is the choice for secure and fast Internet Banking.9(5. customer 81. Secure and Faster. The new Allied Bank Master Card Allied Bank is of the view that the time has come to bring about a radical change in the Pakistani credit card industry. U. Features of Allied Direct y Simple and Convenient Easier navigation and help provided at every step. y 24x7 Access The customers now have access to your account 24 hours a day. If someone does not have an account.S.

the clients can easily deposit or withdraw money from any of the branch of ABL. which gives the facility to businessman to have transaction there where his business takes him. Business Account It¶s the easiest current account.67<2)7+(381-$% 47 . prestige and convenience await him with the Allied Bank-MasterCard .at no extra cost. the Allied Bank-Master Card is the ticket to financial independence. business account holder can easily get the pay order and demand draft from any of the Allied Bank branch. a simple application procedure and the fastest processing time! Accepted at 16. That¶s why the Allied BankMasterCard is now available for customers ± with a set of unique features. 81. he deserves a reliable credit line. Business Account presents you the safe way to transact amount because of which the businessman have no problem to take cash and travelers cheques with him. and funds transfer work so fast that it never happened before. Easy to deposit & Withdraw Because of online real time technology all over Pakistan.deserves a life unrestricted by cash limitations. Pay Order & Demand Draft In Pakistan where ever the customer is. Luxury. status. deserves the best.000+ establishments in Pakistan and over 17 million retailers across the world.9(5. Clearing Procedure Because of online real time technology cheques process.

Agricultural Finance Bank under Agricultural Financing Scheme envisaged by the State Bank Of Pakistan extends short. medium and long term. Non-farm credits are allowed for livestock (goats. farm and non-farm credits.9(5. he can get any information about his account. Trade Finance Allied Bank provides highly efficient trade finance services for import/export business to his clients through large number of authorized branches where 81. The information may be about accounts balance and account statements. y y y y US Dollars Great Britain Pound Euro Japanese Yen Advances/Credit Seasonable Finance Seasonal Finance facility is allowed against pledge of produced Crops harvested in that particular crop season. Foreign Currency Account Allied bank deals in following foreign currencies. poultry. The delivery of pledged stocks/goods is made against appropriate cash payment.67<2)7+(381-$% 48 . sheep and cattle). factory including social forestry and fisheries (inland and marine excluding deep sea fishing). The farm credits are extended for production (inputs) and development purposes.Account Information Wherever the customer is in Pakistan.

67<2)7+(381-$% 49 . The mark-up is recovered on the products of daily outstanding balance. The Bank provides lease facilities for balancing. The running finance is suitable for meeting day-to-day financial needs of the business Demand Finance It is disbursed in lump sum or in accordance with the agreed disbursement schedule and it is repayable as per the agreed installments. Facilities include leasing for machinery. preserve working capital. Allied Bank offers the following services to its customers: Remittances y Hajj Services 81.9(5. commercial vehicles and equipments. Leasing is a popular mode of financing due to its distinctive features like tax shield.trained and motivated staff is available to handle the business on behalf of customer. which could be monthly. replacement and expansion schemes to corporate and commercial clients in all industrial enterprises. Corporate Finance Allied Bank Limited commenced lease operations upon amalgamation with Ibrahim Leasing Limited. Lease applications are entertained at all Bank branches in Pakistan. Running Finance It is a short-term loan allowed by the bank for a period of one year. biannual or annual. The running finance account can be operated on daily basis. quarterly. modernization. easy documentation and less processing time. Services Anyone can rely on Allied banks friendly staff that is eager to assist their customers as best as possible.

Telegraphic transfers can also be made abroad in Foreign Currency HAJJ Services The Bank serves the intending pilgrims by helping them in performing this religious obligation.9(5. the terms and conditions for accepting the Hajj forms from intending pilgrims are in accordance with the Hajj Policy announced by the government. The bank provides the forms and other related services. each year.y y y y y y Utility Bills Lockers Remittances 1-Link ATM Business Account Foreign Currency Account Utility Bills All branches of the Bank collect utility bills of electricity. For convenience of the customers. Consumers may drop bills with crossed Cheques into a drop box available at the branches under "Cheque Drop-in" system. However.67<2)7+(381-$% 50 . Utility Bill payment facility ± can also be availed through any of the ATMs without having to wait in long queues outside the branch. the branches collect Utility Bills during banking hours and also in the evening banking on all working days. Bills can be paid through Cash or Cheques. gas and telephones. Remittances Allied Bank can transfer funds to the remote part of the country for payment/credit to the customer himself or a third party. through Telegram/Telex/Tele fax for payment/credit on the same/next day. Hajj applications are available with all branches during Hajj season. immediately after the Government of Pakistan announces the Hajj policy 81.

81. Locker holders need not have an account in the Bank. The cardholder's member banks will access our bank ATMs.Lockers Allied Bank Lockers are available in three different sizes Small.67<2)7+(381-$% 51 .9(5. ABL has enhanced ATM services by joining the "1-Link Switch" which has following member Banks: y y y y y y y y y y y y ABN Amro Bank Allied Bank Bank Alfalah Habib Bank Limited Askari Bank Bank Al Habib National Bank PICIC Commercial Bank Union Bank United Bank Soneri Bank Meezan Bank The cardholders of our bank will thus be able to access member banks ATMs for balance inquiry and cash withdrawal simultaneously. Link Network In continuation of ALL TIME BANKING services. Medium and Large on a yearly fee. with the country wide network of 735 branches.

How we can resolve the problems or handle the stressed customers? D. How we can manage the work within time? Cheque Book issuing Process If someone opens a new account and become the client of the Allied bank of certain branch then he gets the requisition slip on which cheque book is issued Normally people use two types of accounts 1 2 3 Current Account Profit and loss account or PLS Account Term Deposit Account y y Current account cheque book has 50 leaves and it cost RS.67<2)7+(381-$% 52 . What¶s going here? B. A.100 Profit and loss account or PLS account cheque book has 25 leaves and it cost RS. operation manager Miss Shama Gulzar assigned the responsibility to observe that.New Skills Acquired My duties at the bank during my internship were of the diversified nature. How to deal with the customers? C.125 y Term deposit account cheque book has also 25 leaves and it also cost RS. They gave me some assignments as well to give me the true exposure of practical work environment. So my duties can be categorized department wise as under: On my first day. I was also assigned with some responsibilities of the minor level.50 81. I was rotated in the different departments of the bank.9(5.

Procedures The cheques and drafts come to branch from different banks. his account number.In every cheque book there is also a requisition slip available for the purpose of reissue of a cheque book. in which cheques and other negotiable instruments are brought by each local bank representative and the claims of each bank on other is offset and a settlement is made by the payment of difference. through whom branches forward/receive-clearing cheques along with a schedule conducts clearing. The clerk of forwarding branch prepares the schedule and vouchers of all the clearing cheques. the stamp of Allied bank and the signatures of the authorized person on every page of cheque book and also on the requisition slip. NIFT has a clearing house. if the first cheque book has no more leaves.9(5. Checking officer passes these cheques and vouchers by 81. There is written the title of account holder. Clearing system is helpful for both the customers and bank in saving money. The clearinghouse of SBP (NIFT). After this process the balance with total drafts and total amount are given to the representative. ABL works under the rules and regulations prescribed byf State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) and have an account with SBP. which he receives by the clerk on that day and sends these cheques to the checking officer.67<2)7+(381-$% 53 . time and labor. Clearing & Collection There are two types of clearing/collection cheques 1 2 Inward clearing/collection Outward clearing/collection OBCs Clearing Cheques This department receives the cheques and other negotiable instruments drawn on local branches of other banks. They enter the particulars of the cheques on a register.

The NIFT will send a consolidated debit/credit advice to the branches in respect of clearing cheques delivered to or received from the branches. Inter Branch Collection & Clearing Branch receives the cheques and other negotiable instrument drawn on other branches of the same bank. which are drawn on their banks. It will be essential for the branch to advise pak account of each transaction so that they may also pass the necessary entries in their books. Clerk posts the contra entries of these vouchers in the clearing register. The same clearing cheque procedure will be adopted in the transfer deliveries except in case when the facility of SBP is not availed. Main branch of ABL handles the transfer and delivery of cheques. endorsement stamp and branch special crossing stamp. Representatives¶ banks collect these cheques. Copies of all advices will be sent to the head office.g. the branch delivering the cheques will send a consolidated 81. In case of cheques drawn on one branch and collected by another branch for the credit of its constituents. if ABL is to give Rs. 2 Million to UBL and UBL has to give Rs. The head office will similarly send advice to the branches of the returns. The settlement of book entries e. In this way mutual cross debiting and crediting in the books of SBP settle obligation of banks. The amount of the advice will agree with the total amount appearing in the schedule of cheque delivered/received.M. if any. PAK Account All the inter-bank adjustments will be affected through head office account called Pak account..67<2)7+(381-$% 54 . representatives of all local banks and foreign banks exchange their cheques. SBP will debit this amount from ABL account and credit of UBL account.his initials. Next day at 8:30 A.9(5.1 million to ABL then ABL will draw a cheque of 1 Million in favor of UBL. The clearinghouse debits/credits the payee/receipt branch with the total amount of the cheques paid on their behalf.

If OBC is not cleared due to whatever fault. These types of cheques are known as collection cheques or the other name we gave them is OBC Procedure of Collection On the cheque there is written that the person To Whom It May Concern can cash it from the certain branch of the bank in favor of which it¶s drawn.9(5. The customer presents the cheque to his branch. Maintaining Register for OBCs We have a register in which we have the serial no for OBCs with other details like amount. Every OBC is entered in that register on daily basis. 81. which we have cleared for our customers when some of our customers receive the cheque that is of some other city. which sends a document called ³OBC´ to the bank that has to make the payment. a credit advice will be sent to the branch returning the cheque.debit advice. The clearing department of the receiving bank follows a prescribed procedure and credits the amount to sending bank through a central account maintained by each bank with SBP.67<2)7+(381-$% 55 . we take it back as a return but after that we call the concerned person and we also write name of the person. sending and receiving branches¶ codes. Collection cheques OR OBCs The collection cheques/OBCs are the cheques. date. ABL sends the cheque to its own branch if available for collection from the payer¶s banks otherwise the OBC is directly sent to other bank. If any cheque is returned unpaid.

it will require her to provide impressions of her both thumbs. In case of a Pardah Observing lady. He will also have to provide two samples of his specimen signatures for any withdrawal of amount. bank requires introduction of an already existing account holder of the same bank but preferably of the same branch. Matter of ZAKAAT The deductions of Zakaat from the account of Muslims are made on the 1st Ramadan according to the Islamic rate.67<2)7+(381-$% 56 . Along with the information given by the person himself.Account Opening I learnt how to open a new account. The bank makes sure that all the information provided by the person is authentic. The bank also informs its head office about the new accounts and also charges nominal amount at first time. Bank also requires a copy of the NIC from account opening person. But the people who do not want the bank to deduct Zakaat and want to disburse it at their own. 81. which has several particulars pertaining to personal information of the person. In case of illiterate person. The person willing to open an account has to complete the account opening forms. and copy of the introducer¶s NIC. After all this formality. the bank after a few days sends a letter of thanks to the address of the person disclosed in the AOF. they have to provide an affidavit on a prescribed format provided by the bank. the person may come to bank and collect his cheque book. When the letter is received. the bank prefers not to open an account but if so. he will provide the bank with his left thumb impression along with two photographs.9(5. The bank also requires account no.

Based on my observation and briefing from the staff I was asked to prepare advices for collection of demand draft amount. and cheque or cash. account status and about other queries available online. I also informed the customers of their account balance. who then enters the data in the computer. Clearing Department In this department I spent about 3-4 days. If the person is not an account holder of the bank then he has to attach his NIC copy with the slip for his identification. Outward Bill for Collection (OBC). I observed the basics of the department.9(5. I learnt the process of online transfer. fill in the deposit slips presented by the customers.67<2)7+(381-$% 57 .Online Transfer The department providing online facility to the customers. I observed the procedure carried down here. which is the central account of the bank and all the inter branch transactions has to go through this process. 81. In this way the money is transferred to an account through PAK account. The person availing this facility submits the cash on the cash counter and then gives the slip to the host person at the department. I learnt different procedures regarding this department. and enter the proceedings in concerned registers. I liked the most. I prepared online transfer slips foe the customers. I didn¶t have the opportunity to seek the details because the online department is a sensitive area and also electronic based. The whole this process need is filling of a slip. This department mainly performs the basic operation of fund transfer and other functions facilitating the transfer and enquiries. Online facility provider Department Online banking is a wide spreading concept in banking sector. In the slip the name of remote branch and account number of the remote person must be entered.

I also had to maintain the register maintained to record the receipt of new account opening forms along with the register kept for recording those ATM cards. Mostly import and export business takes place through foreign exchange department. The bank lends money against some guarantee or pledges some property for this purpose. 81. Foreign Exchange Department This is the department with a very vast scope and a variety of dimensions. Now a day. I maintained the sundry account register. I was asked to enter the particulars of I-form (Import form) and E-form (Export form) in their respective registers. I had to maintain the record of some Letters of Credit (LCs). Multiple tasks are executed in this department. I was asked to observe different complaints received by the bank by its customers. Advances/Credit department is equally important. both of these departments are considered to be the backbone of any bank.67<2)7+(381-$% 58 . which have been delivered. I put the applications received for the ATM cards in the register.Customer Care Department This department serves as the front representative of the bank. the bank can meet overcome its expenditures. This department gives the bank a real business. Foreign exchange department brings foreign reserves. suspense account register. The remaining few include the processes involved in the foreign exchange and advances department. The bank gives money to the borrowers on interest and earns a lot in this way. So that in case the customer cannot pay back money. I also made the entries of incoming SWIFT messages in the register. There. I was liable for making drafts of outgoing SWIFT messages. Advances & Credit Department As an internee I learnt many things some of which I have described above.9(5.

67<2)7+(381-$% 59 . In this department.In this department I was given some files to study. I didn¶t have an opportunity to practically handle the work due to the sensitive nature of the work. which were about the applications of credit to be approved.9(5. like the online department. In case of Firm. Partnership deed and sole proprietorship normally before giving the advances following documents should be collected from the customer.  CNIC (Each Director)  E-CIB Report (Each Director)  E-CIB Report (Each Firm)  Visiting Card  Letter Head Pap with same address as per Form A. Form-29  Form-29  Form-A  Article of Association & Memorandum  Partnership Deed  Search Report  Legal Opinion  Evaluation Report  Financial Statement ( 3 Years)  Stock Report  Detail of Receivables  Detail of payables  List of Buyers  Account Statement  List of Suppliers  In Hand Orders  NTN-(Firm + Director)  Employee¶s Detail 81. The person in charge of their briefed me about the term and conditions on which the bank accepts or rejects an application for the credit.

However. Personal Networths  Property Documents o Transfer Letter/ Sale Deed/ Register o Fard (in favor of owner) o Fard (in favor of loan) o Previous Title Document o AKS-SHATRA o Approved map o PT-1 o PT-10 o Detail of Fixed Assets (Machinery) o N-E-C Problems Encountered New Environment Initially I had difficult time in mixing with organization members and felt uncomfortable in that new place with new people. which I overcame by the cooperation of the staff.67<2)7+(381-$% 60 . The real problem I faced in the bank was the difference between what I had learnt from the books and what was being practiced. 81. after some time. It made me uneasy at first but with the passage of time I became used it. The other major problem was the hectic routine of the bank. I had to face a great difficulty in understanding bank¶s terminology by the knowledgeable guidance of the staff I was able to overcome the problem to a satisfactory level.9(5. I became a part of it just like everyone else and felt completely comfortable. Practical application of the theories learnt during academic sessions was a great challenge.

and I also know how good it feels to having accomplished something and being appreciated for it. So in a nutshell. which would no doubt boost my confidence to work in future.9(5. this internship gave me the experience. The overall experience of my internship was very good. I have come to know and been appreciated by a number of professionals who are lending their services to the banking sector for more than a decade. Each task I performed was a different experience in itself. and not to forget time. which will impact my career and my character. I have realized that practical life is not so easy after all. I must say I realize my potentials.How experience impacts on my Career My internship experience has given me a realistic preview of practical life. I am now capable of dealing with different sort of customers. and how to be patient while doing so. By the end of it. it takes a lot of hard work and devotion. I definitely have learnt things. 81.67<2)7+(381-$% 61 . I feel honored that I have worked with such experienced professionals. I must admit that such interaction in this respectable professional community will help me in seeking out good job opportunities in the near future. Now I feel that I am better prepared to enter the world of professional work. I have learnt the sense of responsibility in its literal meaning. Besides this I also gained knowledge about banking which I previously lacked and many more products being offered by the bank. And I now know that if I want I can make things possible.

It has more than 735 branches connected to each other through an online network and most of the branches are working at the main business points. Whenever the organizations come into a form.SWOT Analysis SWOT is the abbreviation of four words these are ³S´ stands for strength ³W´ stand for weaknesses ³O´ stands for opportunities and ³T´ stand for threats. it depends on the customer that which product he likes and in which sector he wants to 81. Micro factors are the controllable factors but the macro factors are uncontrollable. first of all the organizations know their weaknesses.9(5. Strength and weaknesses are the internal factors of the organization and these are also known as the micro factors but the opportunities and threats are the external factors and these are known as the macro factors.67<2)7+(381-$% 62 . So. Then they have to find out their opportunities and then they come to know about their threats but according to the latest theory the word SWOT is known as WOTS. It is not the SWOT analysis of ABL as a whole but only of the branch where I worked. then they get knowledge of their opportunities that they have in the particular sector and then they have come to know about their competitors and at the last they think about their strengths. So to reveal the hidden factors I did a SWOT analysis of the Allied bank. STRENGTHS Large No. they have to know about their strength and weaknesses. The easiest way to know about any organization is the SWOT analysis. Variety in Products Allied Bank has many products for almost all type of customers. According to this theory. of Branches Allied bank has maximum number of branches in all over Pakistan. Many aspects are same almost in every branch of the Allied bank.

DD. It also gives the companies the facilities of collection accounts. online transfer. Customer Care Center Allied bank has customer care center for its customers.invest depending on whether a person is salaried one or a businessman. the person who transfers any amount submits his copy of NIC to the bank. Because whenever some transactions take place.67<2)7+(381-$% 63 . they can be checked any time and their receipts are receipts are given to the customers. ATM and Credit cards. It also gives the facility of balance inquiry and cash with drawl from a certain account of any other branch of ABL through cheques. TT. They have toll free numbers on which customers can dial and they have not to pay anything for it. Online Facility Allied bank is providing the facility of online banking. Secure Banking The online banking feature provides less chances of fraud. This center also provides the facility to the customers on spot and helps them whatever the matter is.9(5. to prevent illegal acts. 81. This facility allows a customer to send or deposit money through cash or cheques to an account of any other branch of ABL. Lockers Facility Many banks provide the facility of lockers but not in their all branches but Allied bank is the only bank that provides the lockers facility to their customers at their all branches. Rupee Traveler cheques are the main products available for customers. Moreover.

9(5. These cameras are switched on all the time. This facility provides the customer with easy remembering of the account number. The customers may get the facility of money exchange on the current rates.67<2)7+(381-$% 64 .Foreign Exchange Allied bank provides the facility of foreign exchange to its customer. Paid Leaves For employees the relaxation is that the employees may get the 36 medical leaves and 1 month vacation in one year with their pay in case of some emergency. Secure Environment Cameras are installed in all the branches of the bank to ensure security of its customers and employees. If something goes wrong then the manager can buzz the security alarm immediately. To get the latest rates. The customers may also open their accounts in foreign currency. Also security guards are available throughout the day. The branch manager can see all the activities while sitting in his office on a display monitor. The bank provides the facility of letter of credit and other export/import facilities to its customers. the head office provides them with the fax facility of daily rates of foreign currency. Same Account Number Facility At Allied bank the customers the person who has more than one account can have the facility of the same account number only the suffix is changed. Cameras are installed in front of the cash counters. Account Opening an Easy Process At Allied bank it¶s very easy to open an account just an introducer and a copy of NIC is required. Customer just needs to fill up account opening forms and can 81.

permanent staff is not given any performance related incentives. Moreover.67<2)7+(381-$% 65 . some other person will back him up. Low rate of Interest Allied bank offers loans to its customers on very low rates.enjoy the facilities of any type of account the want. an inefficient manager or employee is earning the same as an efficient employee who is the real asset for the organization 81. WEAKNESSES Incentive Systems Most of the staff in the Allied Bank is not completely satisfied with the inducements. As a result of this. That person is always well familiar with the responsibilities of that officer. This dissatisfaction sometimes leads to less motivated employees in banking which in turn can affect its business efficiency. This thing invites the customers to do a business with ABL. Supportive Environment The staff of the ABL is very much cooperative.9(5. This thing enhances its performance very much by facilitating its customers and also by helping colleagues and sharing workload. Employee¶s Replacement In every branch of Allied bank the back up of every employee is there in case of emergency if some officer is not available at the bank. This is the strength of Allied bank facilitates all of its customers.

This thing leads to the dissatisfaction of employees.9(5. 81. OPPORTUNITIES The Allied Bank is having a great opportunity to emerge as the best bank of the country by giving best possible services to its customers.67<2)7+(381-$% 66 . Late Promotions The other thing that for the employee¶s point of view is a weakness in Allied bank is that the employees are promoted after a big period against the schedules specified by the bank.Increment in Workforce¶s Pay The other main weakness of the Allied bank is that there are mostly no annual increments to their employees¶ salary. If it enters this market then this bank can become the biggest and the most efficient bank of Pakistan. The point is. most customers do not even know the points behind the term ³interest free days´. Allied Bank is still working in the corporate sector and it¶s missing a big market share of consumer banking. The banking sector is improving day by day and consumer banking is making great revolutions in the banking sector. Mostly customers become its customers out of no reason than request from a personal banker. Low Product Credibility Allied Bank has still not got the edge where the consumers become loyal to its products and services. though credit cards awareness in our middle class society has gradually improved but not up to the point where they can compare the features that one Bank is offering and other is not. And talking about consumer banking. consumers do not know of the product being offered so how can they rely on the product. Truth must be said.

Political Circumstances Political conditions in Pakistan have been unstable since a very long period. Prime Commercial Bank etc Due to the tough competition the bank is forced to sanction the loans at the reduced rates and other services at minimized cost This reduces the profit margin which is a big hurdle in the way of innovation and extended customer services. Unemployment. unfavorable balance of trade. Muslim Commercial Bank.67<2)7+(381-$% 67 . recession and boom are the source to the handicapped progress of banking sector.THREATS Competitors Allied Bank has the threats from their competitors in the banking sector. decreased per capita income. Faysal Bank.9(5. from the Govt. revenue authorities and other concerned authorities are also a big threat to the bank. inflation and deflation. 81. Continuous changes of regimes in the political affairs are great threat towards the healthy growth of the whole industry. Government Policies Other threat which ABL: faces is the policies of the government. The strict regulations issued by the central bank. policies and from the current economic conditions of the country: The main competitors in the banking sector are the Bank-Alfalah. Tax charged on the income of banking companies is much higher than on the income of other companies. Trade and Industry Conditions Sudden rise and fall in the trade and industry conditions and stock exchange business of the country also adversely affect the growth of banking sector.

Bank is not concentrating on improving its overall process. ABL does the time to time monitoring the loan to the lawyers. ABL is not enhancing the new conducted on annual bases to identify obligors. politicians and over its different wings and groups to the female having no blood relative. innovation and delivering technology many jobs are done value to its customers. So ABL should reconsider their policies so that the bank may remain in the race. training gaps. The bank is passionate about high 3.Policies of ABL Another threat to the bank¶s progress is its own policy. ABL did not introduce any Islamic product. established in Pakistan. 81. And the employees are given promotions on reference basis. Successfully launching new Product less so it creates more work burden on the existing one. 2. ABL was the first Muslim bank to be 2. extending quality services. throughout the nation. 7. In back offices the employees are 7. ABL credit group do not sanction 6. Brand name: earned a reputation for 1. In spite of the presence of performance. There is still lack of highly qualified staff in the bank. be 4.67<2)7+(381-$% 68 . ABL has the large network of ATM compared to the branches. Fewer incentives in back office as 5. Lines. The controls of Heads are not effective. 5. which causes frustration among employees and overall graph of the performance comes down.9(5. 4. SWOT Analysis in Tabular Form Strength Weaknesses 1. increase efficiency. 6. Training needs analysis to manually. 3.

Sudden rise and fall in the trade borrowers are attracted to get the and industry conditions and stock financing and start business. As a result of different steps taken by the government of the regarding economy.67<2)7+(381-$% 69 . abroad through online banking. betterment small 3. As the situation of Frontier Province of Pakistan is not sound and ratio of dacoity cases in branches is high so it is the big threat to the Bank. 3. Also the threat of new entrants cover the major market of Pakistan exists there. 4. So.8. 2. it can 5. The policies of the new government 1. is much than the income of other companies. which still is capturing by ³Hundi´. They have wide area network in all over the Pakistan. if ABL can made it possible the fast delivery of funds from exchange business of the country also adversely affect the growth of banking sector. The biggest threat in the banking to uplift the economy and pursue sector is the continuous downfall of financial sector reforms are expected to the country economy since the last yield positive results in the banking few years. tax The ABL is well praised to avail policies promising opportunities.9(5. the charged on the income of banking co. A centralized Special has Asset been Management Division established for expeditious recovery and settlement of non-performing loans. Other treat which ABL faces is the of the Government. industry of the country. the ABL has an opportunity to attract the customers by giving them more attracted schemes. 2. Opportunities Threats 1. 81.

A1+ (Short Term) Maintained by PACRA June. A1 + denotes obligations supported by the highest capacity for timely repayment.9(5. ABL good performance prospects emanating from its extensive outreach sound capital structure and an improving asset quality. While seeking to strengthen its infrastructure and control environment the management intends to withstand in an increasingly competitive environment through achieving diversification in loan book and leveraging the extensive outreach to expand its retail universe both for credit expansion and low cost deposit mobilization. The capacity for timely payment of financial commitments. 81.Credit Rating Entity Rating AA (Long Term). AA Rating denotes a very low expectation of credit risk.67<2)7+(381-$% 70 . This capacity is not significantly vulnerable to foreseeable events. 2010: The Pakistan Credit Rating Agency PACRA has maintained the long-term rating of AA (Double A) and the short term rating of A1+ (A one plus) of Allied Bank Limited ABL.

The TFC Issue is rated AA(Double A Minus) by PACRA. 2009) of Rs . 81. TFCs Issue II During the year. 20 06).(Double A Minus) assigned to your Bank¶s 1st TFC Issue (issue date: December 06 . The rating denotes a very s trong capacity for timely payment of financial commitments. your Bank raised funds though a second TFC Issue (Issue date: August 28.67<2)7+(381-$% 71 .9(5. 3 . This rating denotes high credit quality.TFCs Issue I JCR-VIS Credit Rating Company has maintained rating of AA.0 0 0 million.

The bank working beside this branch was attracting more customers due to this factor also. favoritism in appraisals and lack of sufficient incentives are some problems that are arising dissatisfaction among employees. So the administration of the bank should think on this aspect also and make these conditions better. y Outlook of the branch I worked for was not good enough.9(5. 81. Late promotions.67<2)7+(381-$% 72 . I found some problems that were creating problems in achieving targets and objectives y The bank is still depending on manual work to a great deal which causes slow performance and increases the chances of mistakes. It should convert their system to an automated one to better achieve its targets and also to take the advantage over its competitors. shortage of training and development facilities.Recommendations and Suggestions During my stay at ABL. In the new era this feature counts a lot to any organization. I tried to observe the environment profoundly. y Approach towards employees is still bureaucratic and a lot is to be done in this regard. Due to this overall performance of the bank also decreases.

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