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Poetry In Motion

For Your Love

“A Woman !”

A woman as part of your soul,

A woman to make you whole,
A woman to love each day,
A woman in every way.
If this is the way to be,
Then you are the one for me.
Your Thoughts.
“Sweets for My Sweet !”

Two candles burning bright,

For my lady on this night,
Oh she's the one I miss,
To hold, love and to kiss.
One candle burning bright,
Thinking 'bout my love tonight,
Two sweets one in the drawer,
The other I adore…..
Full moon shining bright,
Thinking of my love tonight,
She will ease my sorrow,
When I see her tomorrow.
“A Beautiful Woman”

Behold the sight in front of me,

A beautiful woman I do see,
Lips so sweet and eyes so brown,
Hair as soft as eiderdown,
Eyes that sparkle with great mirth,
She's been like this,
Since birth.
“The Beauty of You!”

A gorgeous lady I do espy,

You’re the apple of my eye,
Such great beauty from within,
Soft as velvet is your skin,
You’re the one my heart beats for,
As every day my love grows more .

The Never End.

A little bit about the Author.....

And the Witch it

was written for....