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Mission The Gnostic Institute of Anthropology seeks to advance public understanding and realisation of human potential for spiritual and practical living by means of the study of the teachings of Samael Aun Weor, to be accomplished by: • Promoting and assisting in the dissemination of said teachings to members of the general public throughout the world. • Establishing, organising and holding classes, lectures, courses, schools, seminars and study groups for the exploration of such teachings. • Publishing and associating in the publication of papers, periodicals, pamphlets, books, tape recordings and recordings of all other kinds promulgating said teachings. • Providing facilities for the study of comparative religion, philosophy, esoteric science and art to the general public throughout the world. What is Gnosis Gnosis is Greek for “knowledge.” Gnosis refers to experiential knowledge, rather than intellectual or conceptual knowledge. The venerable science of Gnosis is the universal and essential “knowing” that arises from the experience of objective reality, universally experienced by all those who fully awaken and develop their consciousness. The science or path to arrive at knowing that reality for oneself, in ones own experience, is also called Gnosis, because it leads to the acquisition of one’s own Gnosis of fundamental truth. “Gnosis is a very natural expression of the awakened consciousness, a perennial and universal philosophy.” - Samael Aun Weor

Issue 32 - Gnosis Magazine


The Human Personality
By V.M. Samael Aun Weor
Each day is a wave of time, each month is another wave of time, each year is also another wave of time; consequently, all of the waves linked together as a chain make up the great wave of life. So, time is circular, and the life of the human personality is a closed curve. The human personality is born in its time, develops in its time, and dies in its time: it can never exist beyond its time. This issue about time is a problem that has been studied by many sages. Undoubtedly, time is the fourth dimension. So, Euclid’s geometry is only applicable to the tridimensional world, given that the world has seven dimensions and the fourth dimension is time. The human mind conceives that eternity is the prolongation of time as a straight line; nothing can be more mistaken than this concept, because eternity is the fifth dimension. Thus, each moment of existence occurs within time, and is repeated eternally. Death and life are two extremes that cyclically unite. Death concludes a man’s cycle of life in order to begin another; that is, his time concludes in order to begin another. Thus, death is intimately
Issue 32 - Gnosis Magazine

A certain man was born in 1900, lived
sixty-five years, then died; where was he before 1900, and where will he be after 1965? Conventional science does not know anything about this, and generally does not know how to approach any of the questions of life and death. We can axiomatically affirm that “the man died because his time has concluded, and that a potential tomorrow does not exist for the personality of any dead man.”


if the human personality terminates with death. serve as absurd examples that give to the personality of the child that peculiar. the multitudes return. adds to the human personality its unique. Yes. the pluralized “I” returns. Unfortunately. the crowds. the infant personality in formation learns more from example. those who already possess sacred individuality reincarnate. only the heroes. so. adulterated by “reformers. This concept about the returning of things and phenomena.” In the authentic. than from precept. adultery has become more common than fried-onions and fried-potatoes. original doctrine taught by Krishna. The Doctrine of Eternal Return and of the wheel of successive lives has also been very wisely taught by Gautama Buddha. the “I” returns. The Hindu doctrine is invariably associated in an intimate manner to the Pythagorean wisdom and to the Law of Eternal Return and Recurrence. Thus. this is not reincarnation. the degenerated customs of adults. characteristic tinge. then who or what returns? It is necessary to clarify once and for all that it is the ego which continues after death. However. and the example of adults is decisive in the formation of the infant’s personality. It is necessary for our readers to not mistake the Law of Return for the theory of reincarnation taught by modern Theosophy. but this process is not reincarnation. the psychological “I” comes back to this valley of tears. yes. the guides. skeptical. as well as in the ancient cosmogony of the Hindus with the eternal return of the days and nights of Brahma. Therefore. every new human personality is fashioned during the first seven years of childhood.Gnosis Magazine 4 . the incessant repetition of Kalpas. we have to come back to this world in order to repeat the same drama of our existence. a new human personality has to be created in every return. In these modern times. the family environment. comes back. Yes. This means that we have to return after our death.associated with the eternal return. The Theosophical theory of reincarnation had its origins in the doctrine of Krishna. is not so ancient: we can find it in the Pythagorean wisdom. this idea of the eternal repetition. the mistaken way of life. yet. but his followers greatly adulterated his teaching. nevertheless. and as is logical Issue 32 . Naturally. etc. his doctrine was regrettably modified. which is a Hindu religion of a Vedic type. and perverse tinge of the era in which we live. the life in the street and at the school.

Yes. in this day and age. but these can be counted on the fingers of one hand with one finger still left over. or the Dantesque scenes of Al Capone. the crying and laments of the afflicted mother or of the oppressed. pistols. “Other people’s children smell awful everywhere. thus the outcome is often catastrophic for the child’s for the child’s forming personality. because she looks like a somnambulist watching yesterday’s movie. and desperate husband. there are also exceptions. The disputes between the father and mother caused by jealousy. or to give sublime teachings to the people-then this invention would be a blessing for humanity. mother. In other times. in order to imitate and re-live in their own way all the Dantesque scenes of crime. A child who sees all these infamous scenes-whether supporting the interests of his proud and haughty mother. the father. just as they have seen them on the television screen.Gnosis Magazine 5 . the woman no longer welcomes her husband at the door because she is busy watching television. when the husband arrived home from work.consequently results in Dantesque scenes inside homes. rancor. It is a shame that the marvelous invention of television is used with destructive purposes. have to endure the lashes and beatings of their stepfather or stepmother. the unity of the family has been lost. and toy machine guns. within modern homes. or the latest fashionable dance of this modern age. Issue 32 . If humanity would use this invention in a dignifying manner-for the study of natural sciences. Since the invention of television. Now the husband cannot talk with his wife about any of the problems of the day. etc. or to teach the true royal art of Mother Nature. about work etc. It is obvious that in this manner the forming personality of an infant develops within a frame of pain. In elegant houses when the maids go to a beauty salon or put on make-up. and will not be forgotten during his entire life. Children who grow up in these new ultramodern homes think only of cannons. many children filled with pain and resentment. and hate.” Naturally. he was welcomed by his wife with much happiness. yet. ruined. vain. Thus. because the pride of these ladies is mortally wounded. they are very badly mistreated by the proud ladies. and children look like zombies before the television screen. leave a permanent mark of profound pain and melancholy on the child’s personality. and humiliated maid-feels profoundly hurt. in this day and age. or those of the wretched.. and it could be intelligently used in order to cultivate the human personality. There exists a vulgar saying.

To nourish the personality of a child with arrhythmic. and screams became vulgar people filled with loutishness and with a lack of every sense of respect and veneration. robbers against police. that they beat them. It is essential to comprehend the necessity of establishing a true equilibrium within homes. vulgar music is by all means an absurdity.Gnosis Magazine 6 . makes an in-depth difference between the ego and the essence. It is indispensable to know that sweetness and severity must be mutually balanced on the two pans of the scale of justice. The mother symbolizes love. It is regrettable that mothers whip their children. etc. pornography. it is stupid to nourish the personality of children with stories of thieves and policemen. in a clear and precise manner. with scenes of vice and prostitution. movies. hate. lashes. Parents must mutually balance each other for the good of their home. It is lamentable that modern children no longer possess the sense of veneration. are mutually balanced on the two pans of the cosmic scale. the television. the loss of love. for all parents to comprehend the necessity of sowing the eternal values of the spirit within their child’s brain. Likewise. the personality Issue 32 . when the ego begins to control the tender personality of the child. etc. Nevertheless. Only the beauty of the essence manifests through the child during the first three or four years of life. The revolutionary psychology of the Gnostic movements. etc. Then. The father represents severity. it is necessary. The outcome of such a procedure can be seen within the “rebels without a cause. the child is tender. It is essential. We must distinguish between the ego and the Essence in much the same way as we distinguish between the personality and the Essence. inharmonious._ Wisdom and love. The mother represents sweetness. that they insult them with cruel and indecent words. and beautiful in all his psychological aspects. We have been able to practically verify that those children who grew up amidst beatings. thus.” or the juvenile murderers. they lost it due to the stories of cowboys. However. sweet. Understand: the human being is born with an Essence but not with a personality. The father personifies wisdom. dramas of adultery. then all the beauty of the Essence begins to disappear and the characteristic psychological defects of every human being bloom in its place. it is necessary to create the personality.. all of this has perverted the minds of children. severity and sweetness. The outcome of such a conduct is resentment.

The Essence is nourished with tenderness. and others mistake the ego or “I” for the Essence. then the outcome is a mystic without intellect. music. and actionmust be cared for in a very special manner from kindergarten (“garden for children”). the personality contains everything that is borrowed. and happy for them. is a very serious responsibility for parents and schoolteachers. and in the personality we have the example of our elders. many are the pseudoesoteric or pseudo-occultist schools that have the impersonal life as a goal of their studies. without personality-of noble heart. at school. movement. The observation and the experience of many years have allowed us to comprehend that when the Essence is somehow developed without attending in the least to the harmonious cultivation of the personality. The harmonious development of personality and Essence bresults in brilliant men and women. the Essence and the ego. what we have learned at home. and in the streets. we have everything that is innate. but inadaptable and incapable. It is essential for children to receive nourishment for their Essence and nourishment for their personality. the Essence contains all our innate qualities. That is. then the outcome is a swindler. delightful.and the Essence must be developed in a harmonious and balanced manner. beauty. We have been able to verify in practice that when the personality is developed in an exaggerated manner at the expense of the Essence. and that the Issue 32 . flowers. It is necessary to clarify for them that the personality is not what we have to dissolve.” and reduce it to cosmic dust. Children must learn their first letters through playing. etc. The personality must be nourished with the good examples of our elders. some mistake the personality for the Essence. so that studying becomes attractive. after having passed through kindergarten. thus. There is a lot of confusion among the students of psychology regarding personality. since the quality of the human personality depends exclusively on the type of psychological material with which it was created and nourished. In the Essence. etc. harmony. with wise teaching at school. this is how the personality of the child develops in an harmonious and balanced manner. love. the “myself.Gnosis Magazine 7 . limitless affection. It is essential to know that we need to disintegrate the ego. This issue of the formation and development of the of a child’s personality. A fundamental education teaches that the three aspects of the human personalityknown as thought. It is indispensable that children enter into primary school at the age of seven years.Thus.

it is unpostponable. Therefore. and a revolutionary ethics constitute the basis of a fundamental education. a harmonious development of thought. is the same Being. the divine Monad.” Listen: superior or inferior are always two sections of the same thing. hates. Many are those who affirm in a stupid manner that within us exist a superior or divine “I” and an inferior “I. Excerpted from Fundamental Education by Samael Aun Weor.personality is merely a vehicle of action. This issue about the dissolution of the ego or “I” confuses and annoys the pseudoesotericists. resentments. thus. nations. passions. Hitler. the Innermost. In this world exist the various Caligula. to fabricate. etc. a vehicle that was necessary to create. and that is all. yes. the superior “I” and the inferior “I” are two sections of the same ego. concupiscence. It is indispensable that educators completely understand the necessity of harmoniously cultivating the three aspects of the human personality. it is urgent to dissolve the ego. it is necessary. the Monad. since they are convinced that the ego is divine. adulteries. and movement.” The Being is the Being. A perfect equilibrium between personality and Essence. yet any type of personality (as perverse as it might be) can be radically altered when the ego or “I” is totally dissolved. either the ego or the Being can manifest through the personality: everything depends on us. emotion. The personality in itself is only a vehicle and nothing else. etc. they think that the ego or “I” is the Being.. desires. therefore.Gnosis Magazine 8 . to comprehend that the ego or “I” is anything but divine. The divine Being. Thus. so that only the psychological Essence of our true Being can manifests itself through our personality. The reason for the existence of the Being. Issue 32 . has nothing to do with any form of “I. etc. The ego is the Satan of the Bible: a bunch of memories. types of personalities. it is essential. and inheritance of family. race. Yet. Attila.

and those designed for or understood by the specially initiated alone. Flavius Josephus entitled "The Jewish War" written about 73-75 AD and his shorter description in his "Antiquities of the Jews". That is. the son of the Greek god Zeus. messianic. As with all things Essene however. The only other known contemporary accounts about the Essenes A-U-SH-YE Yeshua written in Hebrew Yeshua written in Aramaic Yeshua written in Arabic wich later became Isa in the Qur'an Today’s tradition of pronouncing the completely hellenized name as “Jesus” has indeed obscured His true name. alongside the Pharisees and the Sadducees. there is always the exoteric and the esoteric philosophy and function.” and has shifted its perceived meaning much like most of the original teachings. but related groups. Issue 32 . The main source of information about the life and belief of the Essenes is the detailed account contained in a work of the 1st century Jewish historiographer.Jesus and the Essenes By a Gnostic Instructor A fragment of parchemnet from the Dead Sea Scrolls Yeshua Yeshua is the original Aramaic proper name for Jesus the Nazarene. The word “Jesus” is actually a incorrect translation of a Greek mis-translation. eschatological. Many scholars of separate.Gnosis Magazine 9 . and ascetic beliefs were referred to as the “Essenes”. Claiming first hand knowledge. finished some 20 years later. The Emperor Constatine even mistook Jesus for Apollo. The Hebrew translation for Yeshua is "Salvation" while the name Jesus has no intrinsic translation in English whatsoever. those ideas and teachings suitable to be imparted to the public. to the 1st century AD. that had in common mystic. The Essenes Jesus or Yeshua belonged to the Essenes who were a Judaic religious group that flourished from the 2nd century BC. he refers to them by the name Essenoi and lists them as the followers of one of the three sects in “Jewish Philosophy". “Yeshua.

also a geographer and explorer. highest degree of holiness. the brief reference to them by the Roman equestrian Pliny the Elder (fl. and who condemned slavery. c. 54 CE. The Essenes conformed to the most rigid rules of Levitical purity while aspiring to the Issue 32 . however. Praep. Pliny (l.75-87.79 CE. were found in caves at Qumran in 1947 by Bedouin sshepherds. speaking of the Essene community in the neighborhood of the Dead Sea. The scrolls are widely believed to be the work of Essenes or to reflect Essene beliefs. living in a commune as tillers of the soil or as mechanics according to common rules of simplicity and abstinence. who lived as farmers and artisans apart from the cities and in a perfect state of communion. who calls the Essenes “the holy ones. avoided sacrifice.” 12 et seq. calls it the marvel of the world.1-18 preserved by Eusebius.).are two. 11) that ten thousand of them had been initiated by Moses into the mysteries of the sect. where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in 1947.” viii. In another passage (“Quod Omnis Probus Liber. abstained from swearing. in order to be initiated into the highest mysteries of heaven and cause the expected Messianic time to come.” says in one place (as quoted by Eusebius. Natural History. consisting of men of advanced years having neither wives nor children. 23 CE . and refrained as far as feasible from sensual pleasures. and describes it as a race continuing its existence for thousands of centuries without either wives and children. or money for support. The ruins of Qumran on the Dead Sea in Israel. Quod Omnis Probus Liber Sit XII. The Dead Sea Scrolls The Dead Sea Scrolls. similarly detailed.They Inhabit many cities and villages of Judea. and with only the palm-trees for companions in its retreat from the storms of the world. Philo.Gnosis Magazine 10 . which. The strangest reports were spread about this mysterious cast of Jews. who. Bk 5. and the excerpt from his Hypothetica 11. located them in the desert near the northwestern shore of the Dead Sea.c. Pliny.73). “Præparatio Evangelica.c. by the Jewish philosopher Philo (fl. 20 CE . They lived solely by the work of their hands and in a state of communion. admits to not being quite certain of the Greek form of their name that he recalls as Essaioi. practise the virtues of love and holiness.) he speaks of only four thousand Essenes. Evang. Bk VIII). devoted their time to study and devotion and to the practise of benevolence.

in the wisdom of the Aztec.. and were particularly scrupulous regarding the Sabbath. and he was known to be virtuous.Excerpt from Tarot and Kabbalah..Gnosis Magazine 11 . These are the rituals of the Essenes. Zapotec Araucanian. These are the primitive rituals of the ancient Christians. of Mithras.. And many people from among the Jews and the other nations became his disciples.All the drama of the life.. Eleusis..” “.The Maithuna was known as part of the Templar Mysteries.strove for holiness. and one of whose most exalted members was Jesus.. in the teachings of Pythagoras. in the Mysteries of Egypt. the Maya etc. within the Mysteries of Eleusis. and his conduct was good.. within the Celtic Mysteries.” .” . and that he was alive. in the School of Alexandria. Egyptian. In AD93. Tyre. They reported that he had appeared to them three days after his crucifixion.. These were the rituals of the Christians who met in the catacombs of Rome during the epoch of the Caesar Nero. one of which reads: "At this time there was a wise man who was called Jesus. the Mysteries of Rome. Carthage. within the Mysteries of the Aztec. Accordingly they believed that he was the Messiah. Maya. Containes two passages about Jesus. Josephus describes them partly as a philosophical school like the Pythagoreans. Carthage. This drama comes from the ancient archaic religions of the past and is known in every corner of the world. and in general to all Issue 32 . the Divine Rabbi of Galilee. a day was devoted to the reading and allegorical interpretation of the Law. Troy..Excerpts from The Perfect Matriomony. the Jewish historian Josephus published his work "Antiquities of the Jews". And those who had become his disciples did not abandon their loyalty to him. This drama is applicable to Jesus.The Primitive Holy Gnostic Christian Church. concerning whom the Prophets have recounted wonders” rituals used by the Apostles. a humble caste of great Initiates among whom was counted Jesus Christ.. Passion and Death of Jesus is as ancient as the world..The philosophy of Sexual Alchemy has its beginning in the School of the Essenes.. and mystifies the reader by representing them as a kind of monastic order with semi-pagan rites. Rome. Pilate condemned him to be crucified and to die. Druidic. conserves in secret the primitive “. Toltec. and all of the primitive Christian sects such as the Essenes who had their convent on the banks of the Dead Sea. Inca. to which we have the privilege of belonging. Some excerpts from the writings of Samael Aun Weor about Jesus and the Essenes: “... “. Chibcha. Phoenician.

Jewish type of nose.. the drama of the life.thai-gnostic.com.com/ egnosticas/gnosis.Excerpts from The Perfect Matriomony. as was demonstrated as she traveled with the Nazarene through the countries of the Mediterranean in the lands of Europe. His father was a Roman soldier.Gnosis Magazine 12 . Gnostic Editions Books by V. Jesus was only Jewish on the side of the Hebrew Maria.htm United Kingdom Spain www. just as to any other Christified Initiate. The priestess wife of the Master Jesus was also of white race and had great esoteric powers.certificadossl.it/opera.igasl.. . The Great Hierophant was of medium stature and with fair skin.those who traverse the Path of the Razor’s Edge. Actually.samael-gnostic-books.mx Mexico Brazil Italy www. That drama is the esoteric life of all those who follow the Secret Path. The word Nazarene comes from Nazar.com www. This is typical of the white European race. That drama is not the personal life of one man.edicoesgnosticas.. His eyes were like two ineffable nights. That drama can be applied to Jesus.br www.” “Jesus was the son of a Roman soldier and a Hebrew woman. That drama is known in all worlds of infinite space. The Great Master had a straight nose. Passion. Samael Aun Weor Current English Publications • The Perfect Matrimony • The Great Rebellion • Tarot and Kabbalah • Revolutionary Psychology • Buddha’s Necklace • Yes There is a Hell a Devil & Karma • Lamasary Exercises • Secret Doctrine of Anahuac • Treatise of Alchemy • The Igneous Rose • The Revolution of the Dialectic • Egyptian Tarot Deck • Technique for the Dissolution of the I • Introduction to Gnosis • The Virgin of Carmel • The Book of the Dead • Book of the Virgin of Carmel • For the Few • Magnum Opus • The Message of Aquarius www.com Thailand Issue 32 . meaning “man with a straight nose”. but on his father’s side he was of the white Celtic race. Death and Resurrection of Jesus is a cosmic drama that existed before the existence of the world.edicionesgnosticas.M..com. The Great Master had black hair and a beard of the same color. Jesus did not have the curved. lightly tanned by the rays of the Sun.html www.

and as a fact he receives a physical body in a gratuitous form. maybe a little more clearly. Its reasoning processes are subjective. they move within a vicious circle: the circle of external sensorial perceptions. It has about 15. and it cost him nothing. what subjective reasoning is in itself.Gnosis Magazine Let us start our discussion that we could denominate “Intuition. Where did we come from? Where are we going? What is the reason for our existence? What do we exist for? Why do we exist? Behold. and university. we have here a lot of questions that we must clarify and resolve. youth. It is obvious that the child has to go through all the educational processes: kindergarten. This physical body is marvelous. 13 .The Organisation of the Psyche Lecture by Samael Aun Weor The Sensual Mind While the child is growing. This sensual mind in itself and by itself gives the child information through external sensorial perceptions and it is precisely with the information granted through such perceptions that the sensual mind always elaborates the contents of its concepts. But truly no educational institute can give to a child. his sensual mind is opening little by little. The subjective reasoning is nourished with all the data that these distinct scholastic institutions grant unto it. elementary.“ First of all. high school. this is obvious. or teenager Issue 32 .000 x a million neurons that are in the service of the child. our present mind can never know anything about reality. this is obvious. Now you will comprehend for yourselves. because of this. we must begin from the foundation: the human being. but a complete differentiation between subjective reasoning and objective reasoning must be made. A child is born.

Therefore. All data. and educational centers only serves to nourish the sensual mind. are merely empirical and subjective. towards simple opinions of a subjective type. It is very convenient Issue 32 . but never to the experience of the truth. Towards the beginning. Obviously the child looks in wonder on any phenomena: a beautiful toy awakens in him this astonishment. schools. In the name of truth. Finally. the only thing that we can really achieve is to make for ourselves an artificial personality. the data that one receives in collages. This capacity of wonder disappears as the child grows. in the best cases. Undoubtedly. never to experience that which is not from time. for him. the speculations of subjective reasoning always arrive at intellectualism. and nothing else. these topics serve only to: First: Falsify the knowledge of the five cylinders of the organic machine.existing data about that which is not of time. academies. remains abandoned. the instant in which the child becomes a youth arrives and complete loss of this capacity of astonishment. and with this toy the child plays.Gnosis Magazine 14 . with these educational systems of schools. all scholastic matters. as his sensual mind receives data from school and collage. Third: Develop the sensual mind. objective reasoning processes obviously conduct us towards exact and perfect postulates. about that which is Reality. and this is pitiful. In this way. Therefore. Truly. Second: Take the capacity of astonishment away from us. Fourth: Form a false personality within us. in reality. objective reasoning. that the senses grant to the subjective mind of the teenager. the child has still not lost the capacity of astonishment. that disgracefully does not receive any instruction because there is no school that teaches it. and universities. etc. Unfortunately. we have to say clearly that the topics that are currently studied in educational institutes do not have any real relationship with the distinct parts of our Being. all family matters. The child is always subjectively educated from place to place. no form of superior instruction exists. it should be clearly understood that the sensual mind cannot produce any radical transformation in any way within ourselves. at the absurd field of utopianism or. truly. the knowledge that is studied in Humanities will never serve to form the Psychological Human Being. To give an account of this. On the other hand.

I have to strongly disagree with him on this matter. A psychology really exists within any organic machine that we mistakenly call “man. and the true and authentic Psychological Man. We do not need to work upon Issue 32 . then it is urgent.“ The fact is that this machine is very disorganized. who is the Psychological Man. there is a struggle within us because the sensual mind is the clear enemy of the superior mind. But this must be clearly understood. The Psychological Man and Woman ourselves in order to form a physical body. mistakenly called Man. Nonetheless.to understand that the sensual mind can never take us from the autonomism and mechanicity. but to form is a Psychological Man is very difficult. then we need to work upon ourselves. To form a physical body is not difficult. but really we truly need to make something more. If it is true that we want to create the true Man. unpostponable. The sensual mind is identified with any circumstance. Let us then see the difference between the intellectual animal. because we inherit it. If we want to create such a Man within. we need to organize the psyche which is disorganized.“ I also mean Woman. We were born with a marvelous physical body. but it is very obvious that we need to work upon ourselves in order to form a Psychological Man. when I use the word “Man. even if they appear to be people of a very cultured mind. Naturally. The Master Gurdjieff said that the organic machine does not have a psychology.Gnosis Magazine 15 . in order to create a Psychological Man. for example. who is a true Man in the most complete sense of the word. in which we find the people of all the world. an intellectual animal. if suddenly we find ourselves at a sumptuous banquet and we identify ourselves a great deal with the food. It is one thing to be an animalistic human being. and undeferable that we organize this psychology within the intellectual animal. As a matter of fact. while it is certainly quite another thing to be a true Psychological Man.

religions. orders. a demonstrative annunciation. or simply. true work on ourselves. a maxim that is structured with superior logic. we end up drunk. from moment to moment. or even worse. it is convenient that we should reflect upon many ethical catalogs and moral codes that are held as golden maxims. Accordingly. neither a new nature. other than through many sacred sayings.we will convert ourselves into gluttons. in this way. The fact of the matter is to organize the interior psyche. To create the Psychological Man in these circumstances. there is a lot that needs to be analyzed before entering into the work of the organization of the psyche. It is urgent that we analyze all of this. I am not saying to become selfish: this must be understood. is not possible. in a more independent and perfect way. through aphorisms that all the world considers perfect. through many golden maxims. We must learn to think better. we will become very identified with that person and end up fornicating. we have to become a little more individualistic. or if we get identified with the wine. we are changed into adulterers. If in some way we have to start the work of creating the Psychological Man. For example. intentionally false. even if very wise and perfect. Some communities pretend to achieve something that they call “purifications“ or “sanctity“ by means of such maxims. without ever getting identified with any circumstance. sects. which pretend to organize the human psyche by means of certain golden maxims. It is obvious that any type of ethical or religious maxim can never serve as a pattern for the distinct events of life. and we have to leave behind all subjective rationalism in order to get to the root of the matter. lodges. There are societies. schools. Obviously this would signify the conversion of ourselves into slaves. For example. could still be unquestionably false. like the logic of Ouspensky. To strictly subordinate ourselves to a maxim with the purpose of organizing our psyche would be absurd. These maxims will never serve as patterns of measurement in order to achieve the authentic transformation and in order to achieve the organization of the psyche within ourselves. in order to anticipate a transformation within ourselves. and as already mentioned. If we see a person of the opposite sex in front of us who is fascinating and interesting. To confront our own errors as they are without justifying them does not Issue 32 . this will come from real. Moreover. will never truly create a new cosmos. Therefore.Gnosis Magazine 16 . There are some people who are mistaken about the path. while observing ourselves from instant to instant.

wisdom@gmail. We must be more judicious. they must be discovered in the field of action. by directly and judiciously observing them. This is absurd. Free Guided Meditation MP3's A series of guided meditation MP3's are now available. to make up speculations. is necessary. then. begin with their mind. then we can work on ourselves in order to achieve the organization of the Psychological Man and stop being intellectual animals. There is a need to become more serious in the analysis. and only then. as we are at this very moment.com Issue 32 .Gnosis Magazine 17 . from second to second. Once we have integrally comprehended any psychological defect in all of the levels of the mind. can we comprehend it. Psychological Self-observation is basic. Only like this. this is obvious. we must. Truly. There are some little Gnostic brothers and sisters who. or try to hide it from themselves. they justify it or evade it.mean that we must flee from them. then one can have the luxury of breaking and disintegrating it. But. to observe ourselves from instant to instant. Once a defect has been discovered. their theoretical mind. and in order for them to be eliminated. be severe with ourselves. and when we attempt to comprehend it. Do not intend to excuse them.speculations of the merely subjective mind forcibly dump themselves into the field of utopianism. then mere subjective speculations must be eliminated. If we truly do not search for evasiveness.as I already said and I repeat again in this moment . This is very grave because . it is necessary to have been directly observing the error. is it possible to correct the tendency towards speculation. without any type of escape. to cosmic dust. without evasion. if an error is what we want to understand. Therefore. For a list of MP3's available or to order a copy contact by email gnosis. as we will say. when discovering this or that defect in themselves. reducing it to ashes. I repeat. without justification. Many. File sizes are between 3-5mb. What is the purpose of Selfobservation? The discovery of our different types of psychological defects. through the means of correct observation. more comprehensive. when they attempt to comprehend an error.

then obviously we will possess fifty percent of objective. But if we attain the destruction of a hundred percent of our undesirable elements. while we are breaking these psychic aggregates.“ some Essence or animated consciousness exists. others Tonantzin. something is liberated:this is what is called Essence.Nevertheless. If we just break fifty percent of the inhuman undesirable elements. others Diana. the percentage of Essence which has been placed or embottled there is liberated. She is a derivative of our Being. then we will be assisted and the defect in question can be reduced to cosmic dust. that force that some civilizations denominated as Isis..Gnosis Magazine 18 . we must never forget that the mind by itself cannot radically alter any defect at all. the percentage of Consciousness increases as a fact. It is clear that within any of those bottles which are known as “psychic aggregates. to hide them from itself or to hide them from other defects. Many times I have taught here that we need a power superior to the mind. I am clearly referring to Stella Maris. but it can never disintegrate a defect. pass defects from one level to the other. Fortunately. we will attain -as a fact and for our own right . So when breaking this or that error. has been disintegrated. likewise the consciousness will awaken in its totality. the percentage of awakened consciousness will multiply. the Virgin of the Sea. Each time a percentage of Buddhic Essence is liberated. and when the totality of the psychic aggregates is reduced to ashes. If we concentrate ourselves on this variant force that exists within our psyche. bottled up. Once any psychological aggregate. a power that can truly reduce to ashes any defect of a psychological type. awakened consciousness. a variation of our own Being. The mind by itself can label any defect with different names. this power exists in the depth of our psyche. Likewise. the vivid personification of this or that error. etc.one hundred Issue 32 .

there are many that feel themselves to be bitter. This word “Buddhist Annihilation“ bothers very much other determined organizations of a pseudoesoteric. one cannot achieve radical illumination. our consciousness will shine each time more and more. based on incessant multiplications. If we do not sacrifice ourselves for humanity. This word of Sanskrit origin sounds very strange to the ears of the people present here. It Issue 32 . but illumination has to have a reason to be. Thus. distinct siddhis or luminous faculties will bloom within our psyche. Dharmadatu comes from the root word “Dharma. who suffer within darkness. truly then we will achieve the most absolute Illumination. who suffer through the bitter circumstances of life.Gnosis Magazine 19 . the reason for illumination to be is the Dharmadatu. then to attain this will be impossible. pseudo-occult type. If we do the contrary. the reason for illumination is the Dharmadatu. in the same way that we are diminishing the undesirable psychic elements that we carry in our interior. it really pleases us. because something else enters into the game here: the Third Factor for the revolution of the consciousness: Sacrifice for Humanity. For us.percent Objective consciousness. There are many that would like to achieve illumination. It is obvious that if we disintegrate the ego we will receive our payment. In any case. because I repeat. but nevertheless. this is obvious. based on this alone. and this is possible if we march on the correct path. To attain absolute awakening is what we want. Illumination is something that we long for. and when the Buddhist Annihilation has been achieved. to attain absolute illumination will not be possible. instead of this word sickening us. This is clear. because to attain one hundred percent consciousness is what we long for.“ The Three Factors Someone can disintegrate the undesirable psychic elements that we carry in our interior.

For example.Gnosis Magazine 20 . superior vehicles of the Being. if we liberate ourselves from the sensual mind. we need to work with the three factors for the revolution of the consciousness: TO BE BORN. then it is obvious that we will create or we will build.is true. denominated Eidolon. With such energies we can nourish the third psychological body or individual mind. and he is born in us when the psyche is organized. before we achieve the absolute illumination. meaning the disintegration of the ego in its entirety. When I pronounce myself against the sensual mind. give form. we need to know how to work upon ourselves. and the SACRIFICE FOR HUMANITY. Undoubtedly. as I was telling you. or the energies of the motor/instinctive/sexual brain. All of this is undoubtable. we will organize the psyche. We need to organize the Psychological Man within each one of us. TO DIE. We cannot deny that if we sacrifice ourselves for our fellow men we will be paid. Anyway. Energy & the Creation of the Superior Bodies If we work correctly. meaning the creation of the existential. if we do not waste the energies of the emotional center. I want the brothers and sisters to clearly understand that I am not putting aside my recognition of the usefulness of the sensual mind. really true. There is a need to organize the psyche within ourselves here and now. we will be paid. we need to live in perfect equilibrium Issue 32 . if we do not waste the energies of the mind. existential bodies of the Being. to the second psychological body with the savings of such energies in ourselves: this is the body of emotions. Behold the three factors for the revolution of the consciousness. the Psychological Man must be born in us. that if we create the superior. Therefore in order to achieve absolute illumination. then in reality we will achieve the savings of the intellectual energies. First of all.

There is a need Issue 32 . “Satan. certain hermits that live in the caverns of the Himalayas forget that they have a sensual mind. or when it is identified with a Some people only preoccupy themselves with the sensual mind. The superior mind answers. but there is a need to know how to intelligently drive it with equilibrium.“ Jesus never let the sensual mind dominate him.whilst knowing how to drive the superior mind. meaning: the superior mind and the sensual mind must be equilibrated in life. To simply disregard this mind just like that is absurd. if thou kneel and worship before me.“ In other words.Gnosis Magazine 21 . it just happens that there is a need to have it under control. Identification The struggle between the superior mind and the sensual mind is frightful. there exists a need to eat in order to exist. the sensual mind is necessary. and the sensual one. it is the sensual mind tempting him. Let us remember the Christ when he was fasting in the wilderness. When striving for the organization of the Psychological Man. It must march in perfect equilibrium with the superior mind. obviously a frightful struggle will happen between the two minds. The sensual mind does not want to be involved in anything related with the superior mind. The sensual mind enjoys when it is identified with a scene of lust or when it is identified with a painful event of the street. one forgets there is a need to get dressed and not wander on the streets completely negligent. between the superior. Therefore. not accomplishing his duties in life. For example. for the sensual mind to function in a equilibrated form in order for one to accomplish his duties of life. “All of the kingdoms of the world will be granted unto thee. then one forgets that there is a need to pay the rent. which is the psychological one. A demon was presented in front of him and told him. saying. If one does not know how to drive the sensual mind. it is written you must obey and worship the Lord your God. Satan. but the meaning of this is not that the sensual mind is useless.

We waited because the insurance agent was not showing up. you should Issue 32 . and even if any of them could have paid her. time was passing by. on my part. “Sir. and truly it was not his fault. The occupants of the car that I was in and the driver were definitely angry in a very big way. since I am wasting my time . If the supermarket was on the right side. and possibly many more.very respectably . if you would give me at least 300 pesos then we could be finished with this discussion. all of us are wasting our time. and this lady insisted that she should receive payment of 300 pesos. because our psychological discipline. she insisted on calling the insurance company in order to arrange the problem. they were not in any position to do it. teaches us that in such cases one must not identify. the insurance company did not arrive. that was more or less the cost for the repair of her vehicle that she herself destroyed. Absolutely not caring a bit about this situation.“ “But if you observe the positions of the two cars. Such was the anger that they were having. After a couple of hours. not to identify with this circumstance. then she would have turned right with no problem. I am going to illustrate this with an example I was traveling in a car. The damages for her car were not so grave. etc. they were minimal. However. because she saw that I was the only one that was serene: the rest of the occupants were all very vociferous. two hours. But this lady was insisting that she was right. Naturally. this lady . this lady then turned left: this of course ended up with her crashing into the car that we were riding in. he presented his allegation to the lady in question. our psychological judo. someone else was driving that car. he was not guilty of crashing into this other vehicle that suddenly appeared in front of him. But here comes the interesting part of the story: the car in which my insignificant person was riding was being driven by someone who recognized that this was not his fault. and the psychological mind is violently against it. any traffic officer would have disqualified her claims immediately. Of course this was manifestly absurd.glass of wine.Gnosis Magazine 22 .actually. I decided. you will see that you were coming from the right lane and if you wanted to turn left. suddenly she changed direction intent on going to a supermarket which was on the left side of the street. Nevertheless. At the end. It is obvious that I remained serene in accordance with our psychological judo. It is obvious that driving in the right lane she should have turned in a more correct way in order to go to the supermarket. and in the right lane a lady was driving another vehicle. We were driving in the left lane of the street.approached me. She said.

take your 300 pesos and leave in holy peace. Therefore.have been in the left lane. and Issue 32 . and those irritations that do not have a reason for being? And all of this because we identify with circumstances. Possibly I even saved them from going to court. completely absurd. and then the car was lost on the streets of the city.“ Well. bitter deeds. although the occupants of the other car had money.“ “But sir. Really. leave in holy peace and do not pay attention to their insults.“ “O.. truly. It is absurd to identify oneself with circumstances. With which forces can one give oneself the luxury of creating an individual mind. since the insurance agent is not coming. there was not a grave problem. Go on your way. etc. They were absolutely identified with the event and of course they judged me as a fool. like the event that I have been talking about? The creation of the second body invites us to save the emotional energies.Gnosis Magazine 23 . and arguments. I certainly saved them from a great deal of problems and obnoxious details. as is said. etc. We could have kept waiting for three. my dear friends. This is how people are. and they could not do anything but protest. With which energies will we organize the Astral Body if we allow ourselves to be driven by explosions of anger. because the energies are wasted.“ It is obvious that there was a general protest from the others. what are we doing by wasting our time. the one that was driving and her acquaintances. Any traffic officer would disqualify you. It is not possible to try to enter in this way. if truly one squanders the intellectual energies wasting them on foolishness. I approached and said to this lady “Go ahead. one of the occupants directly approached the ladies with the purpose of insulting them because there were many. you must understand that to identify oneself with circumstances always brings problems. they were in no way prepared to pay her.K. you intended to enter the supermarket from the right lane when the left was already occupied. even the whole afternoon. The damages of her car were minimal. six hours. But they were so identified with this event that they didn‘t realize the good that I did for them. explosions of frightful rage. I averted for them fifty thousand foolish deeds.. however. They were so identified with the scene that obviously they didn‘t have any desire. etc. and quite possibly until that night we could have waited until the insurance agent finally arrived in order to get to some foolish arrangement. but also against me. in reality. they were very indignant not only against this lady. four. Such was the state in which they were. Of course. this woman left very happy and from afar gave me a last salutation. to twist their arm. there is no problem anymore. and other sorts of names.

vital. can give himself the luxury of receiving the animated principles in order to convert oneself into a Man. the Body of Conscious Will. They are indispensable in order for the Man to appear within each one of them. To understand this is urgent. when I am speaking of the organization of the psyche. We should not to identify ourselves. then it is obvious that he will never organize the psychological bodies. 24 . emotional. nor forget ourselves. Therefore. and volitive energies by identifying himself with all the circumstances of life. When one forgets the self. a third body of an individual mental type. Therefore. if we truly do not learn to leave aside the mechanical antipathies. a true Man or Woman is one that has saved his energies and that has built the superior existential bodies of the Being by means of the same energies. if we are always full of evil will towards our fellow man. and finally a fourth body of a conscious volitive type. this is undoubtable. then one cannot give form to the psyche: one cannot make the psyche become intelligently structured within itself because one squanders the energies foolishly. But truly.Gnosis Magazine Now then. it must be understood that we must know how to handle and utilize these energies. We know well that someone who possesses the physical body. A true Man is one that has received his animated and spiritual principles. There is a need to create all of these superior vehicles if we truly want to create the Psychological Man within ourselves.the creation of a third body (which can be called the intellectual body or individual mind) makes us comprehend the necessity to save our mental energy. and when one is identified. then one identifies oneself. a second body of an emotional/psychological type. with which energies will we create the fourth psychological body. mental. a Issue 32 . if one squanders his motor. in order not to waste our energies foolishly. or to give form to it or to build it within ourselves. my dear brothers and sisters.

This definition is used by all of the little pseudoesoteric and pseudo-occult schools which are around. This definition is correct. it is better to give form to the psyche. A real Man is the one who has formed the interior Man inside himself instead of those undesirable elements (ego).Gnosis Magazine 25 . it is what is fundamental.perfect Man is one that has disintegrated all of the psychic inhuman elements. judicious in our longings. But what is important is to explain what its functions are. This is the real. what counts is the interior Man. Instead of searching for inferior siddhis or inferior powers as we said. then the real Man. Obviously. Therefore. this is a good definition. yet she did not understand. and this is really absurd. Analysis invites us to go much deeper in this matter. Then the wise man brought her a lit Issue 32 . A wise man explained unto her that it was the faculty of Interpretation. But many preoccupy themselves exclusively with the development of powers or inferior siddhis instead of dedicating themselves towards organizing their own intimate psyche. How are we going to define Intuition? It is a direct perception of the truth without the depressing process of options. true Man who sacrifices himself for his fellowmen. then you will be able to give form to the psyche. but I‘ve found it very incipient. A Chinese Empress did not understand this matter of Intuition very well. and it is achieved by organizing the psyche. Possibly Hegal with his dialectic tried to define it based on the Chinese philosophy of the yellow race. Intuition You must understand this. What is Intuition? It is the faculty of interpretation. I believe that what is fundamental is the organization of our inferior psyche. Well. we are just wasting our time miserably. This interior Man receives his payment. If it is powers that we looking for. So to create the Man is a beginning. If you understand this in yourselves and work on yourselves. and I mention this so that you will stop coveting powers. I want in an emphatic form to refer to Intuition. A transcendental power exists that is born within any human being that truly has worked upon himself. the Great Law pays him. because this interior Man is awakened and because he has disintegrated the ego. I do not deny this. this is how he attains illumination. this is basic. Where are we going to start? With the organization of the psyche? Or the development of inferior powers? What is it that we want? We have to be judicious in the analysis. the true Man will be born within you. But what is this faculty? It has been said to us that this faculty is related to the pineal gland.

I said that one is part of the whole. nevertheless the totality of oneself is nothing but one part of the whole. that within the Ayocosmos. the solar system is contained. were mutually projecting the light one to another. Much exists within the microcosmic man. Likewise within the Mesocosmos is the Microcosmos man contained. the Tritocosmos. Thus they noticed that these ten mirrors Being. the Mesocosmos. Within the Macrocosmos. within ourselves there is an inferior cosmos (it is clear that it is the Tritocosmos) and a superior cosmos (and it is now clear that it is the Mesocosmos). Then the Empress understood. We are between a superior cosmos and an inferior cosmos. a play with interpretation. if somebody has achieved the construction of the superior existential bodies of the Issue 32 . the cosmic sun is contained. this flame was in turn projecting a flame onto another mirror. the Milky Way.candle and placed it in the center of the hall. if he is really a true Man in the most transcendental sense of the word. and within this cosmos. and these are contained one within another. and this other mirror was projecting it onto another. It is clear that the flame of that candle was reflected in one mirror. the Macrocosmos is contained. the cosmos Earth. is contained. there is another one. Within the Deuterocosmos. We already know for example. and within this cosmic sun. and in totality we have seven cosmos. and around it he placed ten mirrors as well. meaning the Infinite. then the faculty of Interpretation will be a fact within him.Gnosis Magazine 26 . and this one to another. A marvelous play of lights was formed. We are also very related with our parents since they originated us. Let us take into account that one is contained within the cosmos. Behold the faculty of Intuition. likewise from ourselves. the Deuterocosmos. Within one cosmos. there is another cosmos. Therefore. If somebody has achieved the Buddhist Annihilation. and within the Microcosmos man is contained the life of the infinitely small.

my dear friends. If all circumstances can be reflected upon within the psyche of a Buddha of Contemplation.Samael Aun Weor Issue 32 . Therefore this Man can say. that Illumination has its laws. To attain Illumination is possible. “I know the history of this planet. but do not forget. because this one no longer has any inhuman psychic aggregates to disintegrate. remains reflecting itself as well within the true Man that has attained the Buddhist Annihilation. just as the candle in the example that I gave you. with such detail. Therefore deduce for yourselves and infer into what I have said about what Intuition is: the faculty of Interpretation. Undoubtedly. If all circumstances can be reflected upon within the psyche of a Buddha of Contemplation. If we achieve the reflection of the history of this Galaxy within ourselves. To attain Illumination is possible. can we ignore something related with it? Of course not. that is to say. as a fact. with such precision. The reason for Illumination is the Dharmadatu. then this one achieves. my dear brothers and sisters. in other words: Dharma. The galaxy with all of its processes can be reflected within our psyche so naturally. as a fact. The galaxy with all of its processes can be reflected within our psyche so naturally. its development. because this one no longer has any inhuman psychic aggregates to disintegrate. that this one would not ignore even the most insignificant event. Everything that could happen within an entire nation could reflect itself in the psyche of a Man or Woman that has passed through the Buddhist Annihilation: it would reflect itself with such exactitude. existence in any way. . through the means of Intuition. All of us are interpreting each other mutually.our children and grandchildren come. but do not forget. in other words: Dharma. what we would define as consciousness. then this one achieves.Gnosis Magazine 27 . If we achieve the reflection of the history of this Galaxy within ourselves. The reason for Illumination is the Dharmadatu. can we ignore something related with it? Of course not. that Illumination has its laws. what we would define as consciousness. its death. through the means of Intuition. related with the ten mirrors that served to illustrate the story of the Empress. its birth.“ The whole Mahamanvantara can reflect itself in the fingernail of an authentic Man and it would be reflected with such exactitude that this Buddha would not ignore anything. my dear friends. related with the ten mirrors that served to illustrate the story of the Empress. just as the candle in the example that I gave you. Therefore deduce for yourselves and infer into what I have said about what Intuition is: the faculty of Interpretation. my dear friends. my dear brothers and sisters. not ignore even the most insignificant event.

desires. does not mean that we are observing the negative state. perhaps with a problem. Serene reflection is clear consciousness in the tranquility of non-thinking. MO .. one achieves true. is not sufficient because the Essence continues bottled up within the submerged.” in this context. can be translated as serene reflection or serene observation. Mo-Chao. Likewise. but rather a kind of clear and reflexive objective Consciousness. the terms serenity and reflection have much more profound meanings and hence should be comprehended within their special connotations. is the serenity of non-thinking and “reflection” means intense and clear consciousness. this. infra-conscious and unconscious dualism. the meaning of reflection is beyond what is understood as contemplation of a problem or idea. it implies a superlative state which is beyond reasoning. Here it does not imply mental activity or contemplative thinking. Do you feel antipathy towards someone? Do you dislike a certain person? Why? You may say that you know that person. empty and intellectual. always enlightened in its own experience. “serene. to know is not the same as to observe! Do not confuse knowing with observing. Excerpt from Revolutionary Psychology.Meditation From the writings of Samael Aun Weor Excerpt from the Revolution of the Dialectic. We need serene reflection if we truly want to achieve the absolute stillness and silence of the mind. or in a state of distress or uncertainty. contradictions and words. Issue 32 . etc. When perfect serenity reigns. This. A blank mind is something too superficial. We know that at a given moment we are in a negative state. However. does not signify that we are observing the chair. For example. “Chao” means to reflect or to observe.. Please observe that person. therefore. laborious. To reach stillness and silence in the mere superficial intellectual level or in a few subconscious departments. The feeling of serene transcends that which is normally understood by calm or tranquility. Many confuse the observation of oneself with knowing. Therefore. however..Gnosis Magazine 28 . To know and to observe are different.. worried about this or that matter. The difficult. profound enlightenment. however. it is clear to comprehend that in pure Gnosticism. OBSERVATION OF ONESELF Internal self-observation is a practical means to achieve a radical transformation.CHAO The Chinese word “Mo” means silent or serene. even though we know that we are seated in a living room. it designates a situation which is beyond worldly noise. arduous and painful thing is to achieve absolute mental silence in all the levels of the subconscious.

. we need attention intentionally directed towards the interior of our own selves. in evident contrast with the observation of the self which is a conscious act. Only when we liberate ourselves from the mind can we have the living experience of the Truth. the world. is something positive. is a way to change oneself. Opinions. Erudition is not experimentation. of that which is the Reality. nor integral.. which is one hundred percent active. etc. active. Essays. dynamic attention proceeds from the side of the observer.. Mind exists in everything. Excerpt from Runic Magic. capable of granting us knowledge and direct experience of any phenomena. Indeed. We will also notice the group of voices that speak and scream in a disorderly manner and that say many things within our mind.Gnosis Magazine 29 . knowing is not an act of attention. is not a way to change oneself. All of this causes us to comprehend that knowing is something completely passive and mechanical. Indeed.But. unquestionably. Obviously. just because we feel like it and many times for no particular reason. tests. The seven cosmos. in order to see all of this. or of that which is found behind any phenomena in a potential state. which are exclusively three-dimensional. Yet. we may feel antipathy towards a person. If we observe ourselves in such a moment we will notice the multitude of thoughts that accumulate in our mind. A faculty superior to the mind has to exist which must be independent from the intellect. For instance. the attention directed into oneself. the suns are nothing Issue 32 . This is not a passive attention. experimentation and complete consciousness of this or that phenomena. which is passive. which is observed. demonstrations. However. are not unitotal. theories. knowing. MEDITATION Intellectual information is not a living experience. towards what is happening in our interior. in such a state we also realize that internally we are badly mistreating the person for whom we feel antipathy towards. The observation of oneself. the moons. concepts. hypothesis do not signify verification. as well as the unpleasant emotions that surge in our interior and the unpleasant taste that all this leaves in our psyche.. while thoughts and emotions belong to the side.

Myself your body. The Truth must be directly experienced while in absence of the ‘I’ beyond the mind. to the termination of automatism. etc. are (in their depth) what the Hindustani name Maya (illusion). although more refined. animal and human kingdoms. emancipating ourselves from the mind. the uncreated eternal space. That which is Reality is not a matter of suppositions but of direct experience. the donkey rides on us. that which has no name. can feel an element which radically transforms.. I tell you that truth is not a matter of affirmation or negation.” However. vain mental forms that sooner or later must be reduced to cosmic dust.. etc. My affections. The world is nothing else but a mental illusory form which inevitably will be dissolved at the end of the Great Cosmic Day. Superior logic invites us to think that liberating. Mental substances exist in the mineral. When we liberate ourselves from the mind. That which is beyond the mind is Brahma. then this mind is converted into a ductile. my family. plant. The unique existing difference between the intellectual animal and the irrational beast is what is called intellect.else but crystallized and condensed mental substances. your things. Issue 32 . and this will set you free. They do not have real existence. The human biped gave intellectual form to the mind. the Great Kabir said. No one can know the Truth while being a slave to the mind. my most beloved beings that surround me. Jesus. The mind is also matter. my friends. “Know the Truth. releasing ourselves from all mechanism is equivalent in fact to the awakening of the consciousness. are simple forms of the cosmic mind. the Reality. Disgracefully.. can vividly verify. of belief or doubt. nowadays. To ride on the donkey (the mind) in order to enter into the heavenly Jerusalem on Palm Sunday is urgent. elastic and useful vehicle with which we express ourselves in this conscious world.. Whosoever liberates the self from the intellect can experience. the miserable mortals of the mud of the earth.Gnosis Magazine 30 .

Samael Aun Weor worked tirelessly for humanity. in spite of his wisdom and generosity towards humanity. meditation. esoteric scientist. alchemy.M. I am just a signpost.M. Esoteric Buddhism and Christianity. he disincarnate on the Christmas of 1977 on December 24th. psychology. Samael Aun Weor acquired his knowledge from metaphysical dimensions of reality and nature which are hidden to most people . (pronounced sam-ayel a-on vay-ohr) was born in Colombia during the middle of a earthquake on March 6th 1917. These Gnostic groups study art. anthropology. neither are they based on theory or intellectual speculation. occult science and medicine. The origin of the stream of Gnosis runs from the Ancient Mystery Schools and now this stream flows again throughout the world. and made it his life’s purpose to investigate and unveil the mysteries of the cosmos and human nature. reach your own self-realisation”. together with his wife Litelantes founded the first Gnostic Anthropological school in the early 1950’s with the sole aim of bringing to humanity the wisdom of Gnosis and the keys to attaining self-knowledge. sexology. meditation. educate and unveil these ageless systems of wisdom that are so vital for our culture and the enrichment of humanity. science. philosophy and the religions of the world. His writings include topics on. Samael Aun Weor. It is the mission and purpose of contemporary Gnosticism to explain. Today there are Gnostic groups and schools worldwide. he always said: “Do not follow me. The wisdom contained in his books is not derived via the usual methods of scholarly and historical research. anthropologist and teacher of the Gnostic Esoteric Mysteries. philosopher. Though his accomplishments are certainly impressive by any standard. However with the help of a small but dedicated group of students he was able to accomplish a grandiose work leaving to humanity a masterpiece of esoteric writings. they are merely the pale material reflection of the work he accomplished internally and spiritually. in Mexico City. Samael Aun Weor wrote over sixty books and gave hundreds of lectures on the Gnostic path to self-knowledge. Samael Aun Weor V. Yet. mythology. Aztec and Mayan cultures. He renounced personal income from the sale of his books and the giving of lectures. founded on the principles of universal charity and wisdom. kabbalah. He was a prolific writer.About Samael Aun Weor Samael Aun Weor. Litelantes . V. the future and past epochs of humanity and an unveiling of the worlds mystery teachings. where he spent most of his life.but visible to those who choose to work on themselves to prepare and develop spiritual means of perception.

com www.“Lack of meditation leaves ignorance.wisdom@gmail.gnosiswisdom." . and choose the path that leads to wisdom.Buddha The Gnostic Institute of Anthropology . Know well what leads you forward and what hold you back.org .Magazine gnosis.