How to Study for Sunday School

Things To Know About Sunday School @ NHBC -Youth class & College class study the same Scripture every week (ask each other about it) -Sunday School is our MAIN opportunity for small group, discipleship & accountability -You will NEVER grow beyond your need for other Christians & Bible study -Stop fooling yourself, simply attending and not being changed SERVES NO PURPOSE!!!! Reasons We Aren’t Preparing/Expecting Much from Sunday School -Motivation-We don’t have the energy or see the necessity of why we should study -Priorities-Get too busy, lack of time -Technique-We don’t know how (I understand this might be a big deal) -Preoccupation-We just don’t get around to it Importance of Studying Your Bible 1 Peter 2:2-Scripture is our primary means of spiritual growth 2 Tim 3:16-17-God breathed. Important. Special. (Got anything else from above?) Study is a NECESSARY means of being able to serve Studying Your Sunday School Lesson (The Spiritual Side) Approach the Text in Prayer Read the Text as Text that Points to Jesus Meditate on Key Verses for the Week

Sin has corrupted EVERY aspect of our lives…Pray God to give you His eyes & His thoughts on His words…Pray verses from Psalm 119:10,12, 17-20, 34-37 Jesus came to fulfill the law & God’s promise to call up His ppl…Must read the verses knowing they point to Christ…Luke 24:25-27 Get saturated w/ the gospel. I find that I can preach best when I can manage to lie soaked in my text. I like to get a text, and find out its meanings & bearings. Then after I have bathed in it, I delight to lie down in it, and let it soak into me…..Spurgeon Scripture teaches us how to live. We don’t know how to live bc we don’t read Scripture. Even when we do, we don’t allow it to change us. Then why even bother?

Approach the Word in Faith & Obedience

Commentaries, Dictionaries, Study Notes Bible can help you understand & enjoy reading because then you are in the know You wouldn’t start a love letter or any letter for that matter in the middle. Without context your text will either not make sense or be misunderstood There is a reason the church is a BODY. No such thing as lone ranger Christianity. God has given us ppl smarter than us to help us look more like His son.

Studying Your Sunday School Lesson (The Physical Side) Be Aware of Cultural/Background Issues

Read Chapter(s) Before It So You Know What’s Going On Read In A Community

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