Berimbau Care and Set-up Sheet Thank you for purchasing a berimbau from Lark in the Morning. If your berimbau is not assembled, you may put it together in the following manner: The gourd with rope attaches by being placed over the top of the stick and pulled down the length until it is only a short distance from the handle end. The gourd is on the back side of the stick, with the wire on the opposite side. You can adjust the wire’s pitch slightly by moving the rope up or down a bit. It is played by holding the bow with left hand so that the left hand is positioned above the looped string at the bottom end of the wire, with the little finger under the string and supporting the weight; the first and second finger of the left had hold a coin, washer or round flat stone that contacts the wire above the looped string; the right hand holds a dowel stick and a caxixi shaker and strikes the wire to play rhythms as the left hand changes the pitch of the wire with the coin or washer. When not using your berimbau for long periods it is best to move the gourd so that the tension on the wire is lessened.

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