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Lehigh valley Project 9-12/Tea Party group

September 21, 2010

Ron Shegda
The Rose House
1328 Easton Road
Organizer Hellertown, PA 18055
Kim Schmidtner

Assistant Organizer
Mathew Benol Dear Mr. Shegda,

Due to recent events during our regularly scheduled membership
meeting on September 10, 2010. The board of organizers has decided
Candidates that it is best we terminate your membership in the organization.
Tom McFadden

Education As you know, The 9/12 Project of the Lehigh Valley, Inc. is a non-
Donald Hoffman profit organization, and as such, we can not endorse any candidate or
political party. On several occasions, most recently at our last
Energy Reform meeting, you have been asked not to campaign, hand out any
Paul Saunders
material, or politic at our meetings or during our events. You
Event Coordinator continually ignore these warnings, thus endangering our organization
Bryan Eichfeld and our relationship with the Charles Chrin Community Center (who
Healthcare Reform also is a non-profit organization).
Donna Baver-Rovito
As a political candidate, you will be allowed to participate in our
Immigration Reform "Meet the Candidate" night, which is tentatively scheduled for
Angela Wambaugh
October. Any other participation with our group or attendance at any
Media Relations
Lehigh Valley 9-12 sponsored event, without a specific written
Michael Lordi invitation, will not be allowed and you will be promptly asked to
leave. If you refuse, further appropriate actions will be taken to
Membership protect the interests of our organization.
Joan Campbell
We thank you for your past contributions and wish you luck in the
2nd Amendment
Bill Jackson future,

Taxes/Spending/Debt The Organizing Committee

Joe Hilliard Lehigh Valley 9/12 Project

10th Amendment
Dann Hall CC: Charles Chrin Community Center/File
Youth jlc
Taryn Gilbert P.O. Box 734, Fogelsville, PA 18051-0734 484-241-9718