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Cambridge - How to Use a Computer is Ed Telescope

Cambridge - How to Use a Computer is Ed Telescope

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Table 4.1 sums up the advantages and disadvantages of equatorial and altaz-
imuth mounts.

There are two main reasons for using an equatorial mount (such as the one
in Figure 4.1): to eliminate field rotation (Figure 4.2) in long-exposure photog-
raphy, and to establish which way is north in the sky so that you can use charts
and measure double-star position angles. Apart from that, altazimuth mode is
almost always preferable. Setup is simpler and quicker, and you don’t need an
equatorial wedge to tilt the base.
There is one situation in which an equatorial mount is easier to set up than
an altazimuth one. That is when you have a permanent telescope stand that
is accurately aligned with the Earth’s axis. In that case, all you have to do is
attach the telescope and sync on one star. That’s all – the telescope is aligned,
calibrated, and ready for both visual observing and photography.

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