Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Book 2) Reading Comprehension (Pages 1-13)
Write them in your OWN words!

DO NOT copy your answers from the book.

1. Why did Greg s history teacher make him sit next to his desk?

2. How did Greg get out of having to swim during swim team practice?

3. Jeremy Pindle did Greg a great favor, what was it?

4. How much faster did Greg swim when you compare his first race to his last?

5. True or False, Greg s swim team practice was every morning at 7:00? 6. Why does Greg have to sit in the back of Rodrick s van ? A. His swim trunks are wet and would ruin the seats B. The front is for Rodrick s drums C. Greg smells bad and makes it hard for Rodrick to drive D. Because Greg has the cheese touch
By D. Edwards


Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Book 2) Reading Comprehension (Pages 1-13) p. 2

7. Why did Peter Uteger go from the top of the class to a C student?

8. Why do you think Greg s dad wouldn t let him join the Water Jazz class?

9. True or False, it was colder in the boy s bathroom than it was in the pool? 10. If you were Greg and had to join the swim team, would you be happy or sad? Why?

By D. Edwards

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