Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Book 2) Reading Comprehension (Pages 138-151)
Write them in your OWN words!

DO NOT copy your answers from the book.

1. What happened at 10:00 on Tuesday evening?

2. Where did Greg find the $100,000 in Mom Bucks ?

3. What was wrong with Rodrick s history paper? A. He never completed it B. It was hand-written and really bad C. It was for High School, not the Junior High class D. It was too short and the wrong topic 4. How did Greg discover that his mom couldn t tell the difference between his old Mom Bucks and the ones he found?

5. True or False, Greg couldn t finish the history paper on the computer because he was too tired and his father was angry at him?
By D. Edwards


Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Book 2) Reading Comprehension (Pages 138-151) p. 2

6. Why did Mrs. Heffley know that something was wrong when Rodrick tried to cash in all of the Mom Bucks ?

7. True or False, Greg s punishment for cheating on his history paper and using the fake Mom Bucks was he had to clean the garage ? 8. What two reasons did Greg have for wanting to use Rodrick s history paper? out to be not true? Which one turned

9. Where was Greg when he discovered that Rodrick has written the history paper w ithout his dad s help? A. In his bedroom B. On his computer C. In Rodrick s bedroom D. On the bus Would you take

10. If you found the Mom Bucks like Greg did, would you do the same thing? them and try to use them? Explain your answer.

By D. Edwards

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