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iPhone and iPad Development

Read all your news in one place • Create a newspaper any time you
want • Add your faviourite websites to Indicate • Browse previous
newspaper editions • Read your news in a visually appealing newspa-
per layout • Read full articles directly inside Indicate

Mobility Assessment

Measure mobility in Human.Technology Sty-
Groupticketer people who are able to ria: find cluster partners Bookfinder
walk on their own and and make new contacts
Buy group tickets for Find books and their
process the collected or simply keep up with
the Austrian federal location in the univer-
data cluster news and events
railway (ÖBB) sity library

Martin Ebner +43-316-873-8540

Josef Kolbitsch +43-316-873-5960
iPhone and iPad Development

TU Graz on iTunes U – and in the App Store

Download lecture content, talks, and presentations of research projects
from TU Graz on iTunes U • Download iPhone and iPad Apps by Graz
University of Technology from the App Store • Learn iPhone and iPad
development with us!

iBubbleMath KiddyPaint eAppSuite GeoAustria

iBubbles is a Math- surprise – suspense – The eAppSuite is a coll- GeoAustria is a learning game
Trainer especially de- fun ection of several helpful for children. This game should
veloped and designed exciting motives, sui- tools, used in the fields give them a playful and easy
for kids from about 6 table for children • fun of electrical engenee- access to Austrian geography.
to 10. Simple multipli- animations • easy to ring. They make it easier,
cation (all tables up to use • intuitive icons • to understand the basics
ten) can be exercised specifically designed of electronics.
in a playful way. for kids

Martin Ebner +43-316-873-8540

Josef Kolbitsch +43-316-873-5960

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